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Reader, this is a note to you. If it seems to you elementary, if it seems after all this time elementary. . .If it is elementary and seems to you at this late date to be pathetically elementary, like picking up some torn bits of cloth and tearing them again. . . If it is that elementary, then reader, I am reading you. And together we may rend our clothes in mourning."

-E.L.Doctorow, The Book of Daniel

Here is my confession. I haven't written any reviews in awhile. Most of the books that were listed on this page I read last summer and can't remember most of the details about them. I will update eventually with new reviews of different books, but don't rush. If there is a book you'd like me to review, email me, and I'll read it.

The writing. All writing is copyright the author unless otherwise noted.
Failed Inspiration

The reviews: Green is good, Red is bad.
All images used in reviews come from Amazon Books unless specially noted.
Justin Achilli/Robert Hatch Eds.Dark Tyrants
Don DeLilloUnderworld
E. L. DoctorowThe Book of Daniel
David EddingsThe Hidden City
Frank HerbertDune Messiah
Fritz LeiberIll Met in Lankhmar
Kurt VonnegutTimequake

more reveiws on the way

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