Frank Herbert's Dune Messiah
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Frank Herbert's Dune Messiah

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Volume two in Frank Herbert's magnificint Dune chronicle leads us through the adventures of Paul Atreides and his rule on Arrakis. Paul is married to the Princess Irulan, a spy for the Bene Gesserit sisterhood, and Chani is trying, seemingly in vain, to become pregnant with an heir to Paul's throne.
This part of the Dune series isn't as good as the first volume, however, it still manages to outdistance most other fantasy/sci-fi works in pure quality and importance. Paul has become a vicous ruler of the galaxy. He studies history and discovers Hitler. Hitler, Paul feels, was amatuerish in his anniliation of 6 million people. This book is strange in its study of politics, conspiracy and government.
Little can be said about this work without revealing the plot. It is a good book and an excellent series. I give it the highest recommendation to anyone who likes to read.

As a side note. The Dune CCG has been successfully completed and relased. It's in stores now and a very good game. You can find out more about it at Last Unicorn Games.

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