Justin Achilli's and Robert Hatch's Dark Tyrants
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Justin Achilli's Robert Hatch's Dark Tyrants

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Image from White Wolf Online.

White Wolf, with the release of the Vampire: the Dark Ages rulebook/setting expansion made a questionable move. They released a revised edition of their Vampire: the Masquerade game set in the period of the dark ages. This risky endeavor succeeded for the company due exclusively to the fact that the revised Dark Ages game was good. As a follow-up to the release of the game, White Wolf released this story collection.
This collection begins with a six-page comic involving the actions of various Dark Ages vampires. The comic in and of itself is not bad. However, it is the same comic printed in the Dark Ages Companion. For that reason, the first story in this collection is a waste of both the reader's time and money. Fortunately for White Wolf, the collection improves from this point.
Authors from different parts of the fantasy/sci-fi field contributed to this collection. I never heard of any of the authors listed in this collection. The book does not carry name recognition for me. I bought it because I was on a huge Dark Ages supplement kick. I was, however, not disappointed.
Dark Tyrants is a good collection. It is not a classic book nor is it a quality book. If you are a fan of White Wolf, vampires or any of the authors in this collection, I strongly recommend it. I enjoyed reading it even though I was off my Dark Ages kick. It is an enjoyable, well-organized collection with stories spanning all potential dark ages oddities. The best story by far is the tale of the baby born with wings. That, however, must be read. I suggest this to all fans. Without the beginning fandom, this book won't entertain the reader.

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