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Drugs and Alcohol

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Reference: AR 600-85

The 13th Corps Support Command's current guidance is for the units to conduct 10% of authorized testing each month. These soldiers being tested must be picked randomly. The COSCOM Unit Alcohol and Drug Coordinator (UADC) must ensure that the Drug and Alcohol program is run smoothly and effectively.

COSCOM UADC's Responsibilities:

The COSCOM UADC must ensure that all memorandums requesting appointments are turned in by the 18th of each month. The COSCOM UADC will coordinate with the Drug Lab to arrange for urinalysis dates for the COSCOM and times for the samples to be turned in. He/She will then prepare the appointment slips and labels for pick up by the units. The units must sign the COSCOM UADC's pick up book when they pick up the labels and appointment slips.

The COSCOM UADC must check in with the Drug and Alcohol Lab at least twice a week to pick up any positives that COSCOM may have. Then the COSCOM UADC will notify the commander of that unit that he or she has a positive and that he must send an authorized representative to pick up a copy of the positive report. The COSCOM UADC will maintain a copy in the HRD file cabinet. The COSCOM UADC needs to make periodical checks on the units to ensure that they are conducting testing correctly. He/She will also keep the units informed on when classes are being held to train unit UADCs.

Monthly Reports:

The COSCOM UADC will turn in a monthly report once a month. This report will contain the previous month's statistics (missed appointments, shortfalls, and positives. Units that had missed the appointment must provide the COSCOM UADC with a memorandum explaining why the unit missed the appointment and have the memorandum signed by the company commander. The report matrix is currently saved on the HRD computer in MS Excel.

Quarterly Meetings:

The COSCOM UADC is responsible for conducting quarterly meetings with all the unit UADCs. These meetings provide the UADCs a chance to discuss problems they are having and enable new solutions to be derived. The COSCOM UADC chairs the meeting and ensures the meeting is kept on track. This is a great opportunity to put out changes in policy or point out deficiencies the COSCOM UADC had notice on how the units conduct their testings.

Drug and Alcohol Memorandum

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