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     AFZF-CA-HSD-PSB  (600-85b)                                    26 June 1998

     MEMORANDUM FOR Major Subordinate Command Alcohol and Drug

     SUBJECT:  Unit Alcohol and Drug Coordinator (UADC) Class
     Schedule for Fiscal Year (FY) 1999

     1.  The UADC Course schedule for FY 1999 is as follows:

         26-28 Oct                    26-28 Apr
         23-25 Nov                    24-26 May

         21-23 Dec                    28-30 Jun

         25-27 Jan                    26-28 Jul

         22-24 Feb                    30 Aug-1 Sep

         29-31 Mar                    27-29 Sep

     2.  Appointees must have on the first day their FH Form 550-4 
     (Local Files Check) and duty appointment memorandum signed by the unit

     3.  Contact the Alcohol and Drug Control Office to reserve a seat.

     4.  The POC is SGT Bailey or SPC Stevenson at 287-2501.

                                         /originally signed/
                                         CLARENCE B. WARD
                                         SFC, USA
                                         Education Coordinator