Pacey: "Just remember your promise okay? You and me. Together again. Happy. Healthy. And more in love than ever."

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Welcome to the #1 Pacey and Andie page on the net! Pacey and Andie are the new most popular couple on Dawson's Creek. Their fighting or 'sparring' is so cute and web page worthy! It's great to see a mature couple on Dawson's Creek. So keep coming back! There's always new things to do!

3/1/00 - New 'Soon to Come' and new poll! Enjoy...although right now there seems to be no point to this site...hopefully there will be soon though!

2/10/00 - 'Soon to Come' updated...all for now! And isn't it great that they actaully resolved a few issues last night? (i.e. Andie's cheating on the PSAT)

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