Save Pacey and Andie's Relationship!

The count so far:

WE HIT 100!!!

Letters to Kevin Williamson (before he quit writing fo DC) : 68
Letters to the WB Network: 71
140 letters!

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Due to the fact that Kevin Williamson will no longer be writing for Dawson's Creek I took down his address. So just write to the WB. Thanks!

Please, if you love the adorable and hilarious relationship of Pacey and Andie on Dawson's Creek just follow the few short steps below. It just costs a couple of stamps and a bit of your time.

Here's the deal. You write to the WB Network at the address given and tell them what you feel about this soon-to-be breakup. Several of you have told me that you will no longer watch the show. Well tell them that! I'm going to! There's only 3 short steps to fighting for our beloved couple!

Step 1: we can have lots of fun
Sorry New Kids on the Block moment! :-) Write to the address below truely stating how you feel about the events that are coming about.

The Wb Network
4000 Warner Blvd., Bldg. #34R
Burbank, CA 91522

Step 2:
Then send your letter in the mail. I wouldn't expect a response but who knows? If we get enough letters sent in then maybe they'll take this seriously!

Step 3:
Fill out this form and send it to me and it will let me know how many people sent letters to eithe place. I'll keep it posted on this page how many letters. If ya'll want this as much as me you're going to have to help out! Please! You're already on your computer...pull up Word or ClarisWorks or whatever you have really quickly and type it up! Until I find an e-mail address for the WB TV Network (not the WB all together, just TV) then this will have to do. Please let's save this awesome TV couple!