Welcome to the hot spot for all of your favorite Pacey and Andie fan fiction! A long time in the making....finally opening. All fan fictions are categorized under author considering it'd be kind of dumb to do it by any other category since it is all Pacey and Andie.

If you'd like to see your Pacey and Andie fan fiction posted here, all it has to do is follow a few simple rules and guidelines and instructions...

1. This is a public site, so let's keep the rating to a maximum PG-13. I wav the right to turn down any fan fiction that I think is a little too risque for public viewing on Angelfire. So I think everyone knows what appropriate would be considered.
2. If you know how please add in the right HTML page breaks that you want in your fan fiction. If you don't know how to do that then don't worry about it. But in the long run it really helps out a lot!
3. All fan fiction entries should be sent to me at PaceyAndie@netscape.net and I'll let you know when you fan fiction is published. 4. Keep in mind that this is a Pacey and Andie only web site. Therefore the main plotline to your fan fiction needs to be about Pacey and Andie. Otherwise your fan fiction will be turned down.

I think that's about it. Unless I think of something else. But anyways, you can also suggest someone that you saw write exceptionally well on antoher website. Send me the web site address where their fan fiction is posted and I'll check it out. But in the meantime....

Onto the Pacey and Andie Fan Fiction...!!!