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GATUN . . . My Home Town

The top picture is a view of the section of Gatun that I was raised in, it was called New Town. Following, are some other shots of Gatun in the '60s, compliments of Lance Terrell, CHS '58 and Gatun as she looks now, in the 90s . . . these were taken for me by my friend, who still lives in Panama, Tom Green Moore.

Jadwin Road, comming into Gatun.

A view of the Fire Station.

School House Road.

Bolivar Hwy

Another view of Bolivar Hwy

San Lorenzo Place, view from sidewalk on Bolivar Hwy.

Bolivar Hwy, where it passes over the train tracks.

The train station, looking down the track towards the Aids to Navigation bldg., and the Gatun Lake.

Looking over Gatun Lake towards Navy Island.

"Two Gatun Brats" . . .My mom, Hope Hollowell Hirons and her youngest brother, David Cooper Hollowell at a West Coast Reunion.

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