Piece of Cake--Gabrielle's Scroll

When Cyrene told me it was Xena’s idea to have a surprise birthday party for me, it didn’t surprise me. Nor had it surprised me when Xena tried to shrug that news off, saying she merely mentioned to the others what day my birthday was on. She would have never admitted in front of her mother that she had gone to a lot of trouble just to surprise me.

Now that Cyrene had left us alone in her dining room, I could see Xena’s demeanor change before my eyes. The public façade she had been maintaining disappeared, and she became my sweet warrior in an instant.

“Did you really have a good birthday, Love?” she asked, giving me a warm smile.

I told her it was the best ever, and thanked her.

That caused her smile to widen, and she pushed back her chair a little inviting me to sit in her lap and get my birthday kiss. Yes!

I relaxed in her firm, loving embrace and accepted her talented mouth on mine. This was the present I had desired most, and I loved the coziness of just sitting here on Xena’s lap, feeling her hands roam over my body, while I held onto her by her hair and concentrated on making love to her mouth with mine.

The heat factor escalated quickly, and it wasn’t long before I felt the temperature increasing in other parts of my body in response. It was with great regret that I ended the kiss, and tried to pull back a little.

Predictably, she didn’t like that, and tried to keep my head close to her, without getting rough. “Where ya goin?” I heard her purr at me. “You taste great…like cake and alcohol.”

My head was starting to swim from my desire for her, so I tried to change the subject. “Why didn’t you eat any cake, Xena?” I asked her.

She said something about not being in the mood and wanting to taste it second hand, which made me start thinking immediately about how I could show her my gratitude for the party. Somehow, my mouth ended up pressed against hers again, tasting the alcohol that inhabited the corners of her own mouth.

“You keep that up and you’re going to find yourself spread out naked on this table and devoured like a feast in no time,” she told me in that sexy low timber of hers.

I think that was supposed to be some sort of warning to me, but my pussy watered at the thought of her doing just that to me. I had to grin at her, remembering a similar situation the last time we were here. . “I seem to recall having done that very thing to you and I remember you enjoying it very much. I’m sure I’d love to be on the receiving end this time.”

I knew she was right however, when she reminded me that the inn was way too inhabited for us to be so careless in the kitchen. I don’t think I could handle Minya or Joxer walking in on us.

I was thinking about suggesting to Xena that we sneak away from the inn, and find some time alone, but she was talking about going to bed, once again, reminding me of the situation. If we were going to be able to spend the kind of quality time I wanted, we were going to have to figure out a way to get away from the inn.

Because of some guests who had shown up late last night, I was now sharing a room with Lila, while Xena was in the same room as Minya. I would have much rather been staying with Xena, of course, but I have to admit, I found it a little funny that she would be spending the night with one of her greatest, most enthusiastic fans.

We walked up the stairs together, and once we were outside our rooms, I thought I’d give it one more shot. “This reminds me of the last time we stayed here,” I told her softly. I gave her a kiss, and then smiled up into her beautiful blue eyes. The last time we had stayed in Cyrene’s inn, I hadn’t been able to sleep in a room by myself, and had gone to Xena’s bedroom a couple hours into the night. She had seemed glad to see me, and after making love, we had cuddled up for the rest of the night. That was the night that Cyrene had come into the room and learned first hand that Xena and me were lovers, and it was also the night we learned she easily accepted it.

Xena teased me about making a midnight visit and finding myself tripping over Minya, which was enough to convince me not to try.. I gave her another kiss, and then promised her after Minya left tomorrow, that we WERE going to find a spot for ourselves.

Finally, we went into our respective bedrooms. I’m glad Lila was already sound asleep in our room, as having to separate from Xena had left me feeling a little melancholy and not in the mood for a late night chat.

The rest of the group seemed to be in basically an equal frame of mind the next morning, but I suspect it was the overindulgence of the night before that was responsible for that. Since Lila had been asleep last night when I went to bed, I asked her what time she was going to be leaving.

“I don’t know…I’m thinking of staying another day…I’m having too much fun catching up with you and the others.”

Minya and Joxer liked that news, of course, and they agreed to all leave tomorrow instead. Even Autolycus said he was going to travel at least part of the way with my sister and the others.

Now, don’t get me wrong…I love my sister very much, but I still couldn’t resist leaning toward Xena and whispering, “Do you think we could talk them into leaving early?” She smiled and shook her head at me, but I know she appreciated the thought.

No one was too energetic that morning, but they decided on having a picnic that afternoon, and even Xena’s mom was going to join us. However, I was keenly disappointed when I found out that Xena wasn’t going to be with us. She instead asked her mom if she could run some errands for her, and Cyrene gave her a whole list of items she needed for the inn.

I know why she volunteered for the job. It wasn’t that she didn’t like our visitors…no, I know Xena even had a certain deal of affection for Minya. Moderation was the key, though. She liked them all as long as she didn’t have to spend too much time with them.

I tried to give her a hard time about not staying for the picnic, but she knew any threats I made were idle. I let her know that I was feeling rather…frisky…and that she might just miss out on taking advantage of that, but, once again, she knew I’d wait until she was back. I wasn’t fooling anyone.

She got her revenge before she left on her errands. She got me alone in the barn, and started a fire between my legs that would smolder the rest of the day. She admitted her goal was to get me hot and bothered, and by the gods, but did she do it well!

“You’re a woman of words…I’m a woman of action…” she reminded me, before releasing me. “You tease me with words…I tease you with my body.”

Actually, she was known to tease me with both, but today, it had been her body that had been her main instrument of torture. “That was mean!” I told her, trying to look like I was really put out. It didn’t work.

She just responded with an easy, “I suppose, but I got your attention, didn’t I?”

I had to admit my whole body was standing at attention at the moment.

She leered at me. She was on Argo’s back by now. “Looks good…You gonna stay like that all day?”

I’m sure the swelling in my nipples would go down eventually, but my thoughts would keep me aroused the rest of the day. I opened the door of the barn, and decided to fight back a little bit.

“No, I won’t stay like this…I’ll leave it up to you to figure out what relieved me.”

I walked away from her, wishing it would be enough to entice her to stay, but knowing it wouldn’t be.

I have to admit that I had a pretty good time at the picnic. We waited till afternoon, when everyone was feeling much better, and with Autolycus’s keen wit there, we had a lot of laughs over the afternoon. I missed Xena, though, and I honestly think she would have had a good time if she’d come along, but oh well.

As the day drew to a close, I started thinking about what Xena had started in the barn. We had been separated a couple days before coming here to Amphipolis, and if I knew her, she was just as eager as me to have some time alone. I decided to take it on myself to arrange the time.

Everyone had already headed back to the inn, but I lagged behind, making plans. I thought about all the ways I wanted to seduce Xena. The most important thing would be to get her away from everyone at the inn. A plan quickly began to form.

I just about had it all worked out when I suddenly realized Lila was standing in front of me. She startled me for a second, especially with the weird look she was giving me.

“What’s wrong?” I asked her, noting her goofy grin.

“Nothing,” she replied. She looked around nervously for a second…”Uh…Gabrielle…I kinda have the feeling that all of us being here have cramped yours and Xena’s style.”

Lila was one of the few who had actually witnessed Xena and I making love, when we couldn’t resist touching each other when I was sleeping in my old bed in Potodeia. She had been very at ease with it, and had confided in me since then that she someday hoped to share the same degree of love that we did.

I gave my younger sister a wry grin. “I’m making plans to sneak off with her,” I admitted.

“I knew it!” Lila shrieked. “I just had the feeling…is there anything I can do to help?”

I thought about it. “As a matter of fact,” I said, slipping an arm around her shoulder. “There is…”

After some careful arrangement, and help from both Lila and Cyrene, I was ready to spring my surprise. I had to hide myself very carefully in the forest when Xena returned, so she wouldn’t see me. And then it was a matter of being patient until the time was right.

Lila played her part well, and Xena was soon stepping out on the back porch of the inn. She seemed surprised to see I was riding Argo, especially since she had just finished unsaddling her, but it wasn’t long before she was on her horse’s back again, willing to let me take her wherever I wanted to.

She ran her hands up and down my biceps as Argo lumbered out into the woods, knowing exactly where we were heading. She kept trying to get me to tell her where we were headed, but I wasn’t talking…not yet.

It took a while to get to the place I had chosen earlier, but when I told her we were there, she got off Argo, and I jumped down straight on top of her. It was just an excuse to get her to kiss me.

She knew where we were…deep in the Amphipolis forest….and I knew her curiosity was driving her crazy, but she was trying to be patient as I revealed what I was up to. I decided to tease her a bit, reminding her how she had left me…excited…before the picnic with the others.

I told her that I had felt cheated, but this was going to more than make up for it. She just grinned and watched my movements.

I brought out the bag of food that Cyrene had contributed for our meal, after spreading out the blanket she loaned us. Xena was hungry after her long trip, and I wanted to build up my strength, so we made quick work of the food.

I had dessert, but I wasn’t ready to reveal that yet.

I undressed her first…starting with the armor on her arms, followed by her breastplate. It was always very sexy to watch Xena undress herself, especially when we were about to make love, but sometimes, I could only be satisfied by taking it off her myself. I made sure to lightly touch each area of skin I uncovered, watching the goosebumps rise on her. Next were her boots, and I knew she was feeling much more comfortable once the heavy armor and footwear was off her.

She asked me if I wanted her to repay the favor, and of course I did. She was in a playful mood though, and tickled me mercilessly while she was undoing my boots and shirt. I found myself having to struggle to catch my breath, and finally had to push her away before I embarrassed myself with an accident.

I made her promise to behave, and she did so, but didn’t look very happy about it. I could see the sparkle in her eye that told me it was all part of the game, and I told her not to pout before closing the distance between the two of us.

I then sat back and undid my shirt the rest of the way, showing her how much I was desiring her.

I told her to take her leathers off, and reveled in watching her do so. She wanted to take her shift off, but I wanted her to push it down below her breasts. Gods, it excited me when she did that! Her breasts were so full and firm anyway, and when she did this, they seemed to swell even more. My mouth was watering!

Gods, what an erotic evening it was! I started it all, covering my nipples with icing from leftover birthday cake, but Xena soon took over the work, and after licking the icing off just one of my nipples, proceeded to dollop it on my clit. Gods, it seemed like it took forever for her to clean all the sticky stuff from me, but maybe that was because I was adding so much of my own juices to the recipe.

When she had licked every crevice between my legs clean, she strapped herself into our favorite phallus, and resumed the teasing with her talented fucking skills. My body was crying out for a hard pounding, but she insisted on tormenting me, giving me a more focused stroke that made my whole body vibrate with the sensations. I was beginning to think she wasn’t going to relent until I grabbed hold of her nipples, and she responded by going faster…finally giving me what I needed to spill over the top.

Towards the end though, she wrapped her arms around my legs bending them so she could really bear down on me. Her hips returned to that short brisk movement that sent her flying over the top. I saw the look of pleasure melt her expression, and my own eyes rolled shut as I felt another orgasm overtaking me. My overworked clit surged with relief, and then retreated into its hood, needing a rest. I loved it when that happened. It gave me an excuse to concentrate on her.

“Wow,” was all I could say, but she concurred. She gave me a sweet kiss, and while I was working my mouth against hers, I was reaching for the little bit of cake that was left at the same time.

“Lie down, Xena,” I told her, moving so I was on my knees beside her.. “I just worked up one Tartarus of an appetite.”

She grinned at me, and made herself comfortable, her hands resting behind her head. Jutting from her midriff was the phallus, still gleaming with my juices.

I leaned in to give her lips a sucking kiss, then began to lick my way down her body. I paused at all her most sensitive spots…the hollow at the base of her neck, the spot where her breasts met her underarm, her nipples, and I gave an especially long nibble to the soft flesh under her breasts, leaving behind the sign that I had been there. Her orgasm while fucking me had obviously just been the beginning, because she was groaning out her need almost constantly to me. She knew better than to hurry me though, and I caught a glimpse of her fingers grabbing at the blanket on either side of her hips.

Eventually, I continued along the path I had been using, and licked my way over each individual abdominal before circling the indention of her belly button a couple of times, then dipping within with my tongue.

“Ah, gods,” I heard her moan, and I felt her lower half buck slightly towards me. A few inches lower, and my chin was brushing against the phallus.

“Mmmm…” I hummed, letting my tongue trace a path through her pubic hair, then starting at the base of the phallus, I licked every last bit of the wooden cock, greedily taking in my own fluids and using the excuse to push the phallus into her clit a few times. When I had licked my way down the other side, I lifted my head slightly.

“I want you to watch me, Xena,” I crooned up at her.

“I will…” she answered, licking over her upper lip, her eyes burrowing into mine.

“Make sure you do,” I told her, then I reached my cake-filled hand up, and abruptly rubbed it up and down the shaft of the phallus, coating it with the crummy mess.

“Gods, yes,” I heard her whisper, as I surveyed my handiwork. I was laying on my stomach between her outspread thighs, and I continued to hold the phallus in my hand, as I sucked the head of it into my mouth.

“Gods, don’t stop…”

I was slurping my mouth aggressively along her cock now. The cake was long gone, but the fragrance of Xena’s arousal was more than enough to spur on further actions on my part. Xena’s palms were resting firmly on the ground, and she was working her hips up toward my mouth, allowing me to hold my head still and let her fuck my mouth.

I began to tighten my mouth around the erection, knowing it would press the nub at the end of it tighter into Xena’s own hardon. She gasped, and then her hips began to spasm irregularly.

With a final groan, she grasped the back of my head with one of her hands, and began to relax eventually. “Oh gods, I needed that,” I heard her say breathlessly.

I sat up on my legs between her thighs, and licked my fingers pointedly. “So did I,” I told her, in between licks. Then I reached down and unfastened the harness, pulling the phallus free from her. She reached her arms up toward me, but I shook my head.

“I’m still hungry,” I told her, before burying my mouth into my favorite sweet.

COMING NEXT WEEK: Xena and Gabrielle help Eve with her conversion to good, not leaving time out for each other.

Also, please look for an important announcement next week, concerning the scrolls and future plans.

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