Piece of Cake--Xena's Scroll

“Cake and ale do not mix,” Autolycus groaned, leaning back in his chair. The rest of the people at the table grumbled their agreement. I glanced around and the most comfortable looking besides Gabrielle and myself looked like a bloated fish that had gotten washed ashore.

“That was good cake though, wasn’t I?” Minya asked, scooping up the last morsel from Autolycus’s plate and swallowing it.

Once again, there was a general consensus, probably mainly because no one had the energy to disagree.

“Mmm…and even better ale.” That was my mother who had already imbibed more than her share. She tipped the jug over her glass, and looked very let down when only a drop or two came out.

“All gone,” my mom said, dejected.

“Awww…” the quartet of Autolycus, Minya, Joxer, and Lila chimed in as one.

I looked at each of my glassy-eyed compatriots in turn. Besides Gabrielle and myself, Autolycus was definitely the perkiest of the bunch. He was sitting upright, twirling a butter knife on the table. He had a scruffy half-day’s beard, but still looked fairly alert.

Next to him were Joxer and Lila, who were just about gone. They were still upright, but only because both of their heads were tilted to lean against the other. Joxer’s eyes had been closed for a good fifteen minutes, and Lila’s would close for a few seconds, pop open for a few, then close again.

On the other side of Lila sat Minya. Even as I watched, her head dropped to hit the table with an alarmingly hollow sounding thud. Gabrielle and I both jumped and winced in sympathy, but Minya’s mouth opened and she let out a rather obnoxious snore. Mother reached over and pinched the bridge of Minya’s nose. She snorted and gasped, then began to breath through her nose, much more quietly.

“Thanks,” Autolycus muttered. Mother just grinned at him.

I narrowed my eyes at Gabrielle. She was looking back at me amused. I know we were both thinking the same thing. Since when was my mother so chummy with the King of Thieves?

Regardless, Mom let out a big sigh. “I guess it’s time for bed,” she said. She pushed her chair back, then gave Minya a nudge.

“It’s my turn to be on top!” she mumbled, before rolling her eyes open. She glanced around, having the grace to look embarrassed, then stood.

One by one, Mom get them all to their feet, and they gradually shuffled off to bed after a muttered good night.

Finally, Gabrielle, Mom, and I were the only ones left in the inn’s dining room.

“Xena, lock up when you go to bed,” Mom said, and then she leaned down to give me a kiss on the cheek.

“Okay, Mom.”

She bent over and kissed Gabrielle’s cheek next. “Did you have a good birthday, Sweetheart?” she asked.

Gabrielle’s eyelids were heavy, but she managed a smile and a nod. “Mmm hmmm…thanks. It was wonderful!”

“I’m glad.” Mom laid her cheek beside Gabrielle, and smiled at me. “You know, it was all Xena’s idea,” she added, giving me a wink.

I heard my love chuckled. “I figured as much,” she said dreamily.

I gave her an embarrassed smile, and what I hoped was an innocent shrug.

“I just told them which day it was,” I said flashing some teeth.

“I’ll bet,” Gabrielle grinned back, accepting another kiss from Mom.

“Thanks, Cyrene,” she said, beaming.

Finally, Mom left and we were alone at last. We gave out simultaneous sighs.

Gabrielle had her head propped up on her left hand. She cocked her head to look at me sleepily.

“Did you really have a good birthday, Love?” I asked, scooting back my chair.

“Yes, the best ever,” she answered. “Thank you.”

I gave her a smile and patted my lap. “Why don’t you come over here and let me give you your birthday kiss?”

“Mmm, yeah,” she grinned. In a matter of seconds, I found my lap full of soft, warm bard.

“This is so much more comfortable,” she crooned, wrapping her arms around my neck.

“I thought so,” I agreed.

She was sitting so her legs were across my thighs, hanging off the side of me. Reaching down, I slipped my hands around her waist and slid her in even closer to me. Her head lowered to mine, and our lips sought the other’s out.

It seems like we don’t often get the chance to do such leisurely kissing. Often times, we’d start like this, but would quickly escalate into a frantic attempt to undress each other, and then we’d lose ourselves in the pleasures of each other’s bodies. Being on the road all the time limited our minutes together even more, so we learned to steal every moment we could.

But now, I think in the back of our minds, we both knew we were in a situation where we couldn’t take the liberty of just stripping each other down, exactly where we were. There were way too many people here that knew us, and way too many that would think it was nothing to just walk in on us, no matter what Gabrielle and I were doing.

Of the five others at the inn, my mother and Lila both definitely knew Gabrielle and I were in love. Neither of them had any problems with that, but at the same time, I’m sure Gabrielle nor I could trust them not to go around advertising their knowledge, should they catch us in the act..

Autolycus probably had a good idea, but Many and Joxer were almost surely clueless, and I was equally sure that it would be best for all involved if they stayed that way.

The kisses gradually deepened and our touches grew more inflammatory as the time passed. I continued to hold her by her backside, massaging and squeezing the firm globes in rhythm with my tongue moving in and out of her mouth.

She had me by the fine hairs at the back of my neck, which had become her favorite way to control me lately. Her own tongue was licking across mine and slipping into my moth to caress my inner cheeks and the back of my teeth. I moaned the pleasure at the combination of her mouth on mine and her fingers digging into my neck.

A few seconds later, she pulled her head back slightly. “Where ya goin’?” I mock-growled pulling her close again. “You taste great…like cake and alcohol.”

“Why didn’t you eat any cake, Xena?” she asked me, not allowing me to pull her head back as close as it had been.

I shrugged. “Just wasn’t in the mood,” I answered. “I thought it would taste better second hand.” I stole another kiss and licked my tongue along the inside of her mouth again, tasting the sweet vanilla flavor.

She giggled, and her own mouth began to nibble feverishly on my lips. Her hands worked their way beneath the armor on my shoulders, the nails lightly scratching the flesh there.

“You keep that up,” I husked into her mouth, “and you’re going to find yourself spread out naked on this table and devoured like a feast in no time.”

It was supposed to be a threat, but it certainly didn’t seem to have that effect on her. In fact, it made her grin at me, causing that nose of hers to wrinkle up in the most adorable way. “I seem to recall having done that very thing to you,” she said, “And I remember you enjoying it very much. I’m sure I’d love to be on the receiving end.”

I clucked my tongue at her. “I’m sure you would…” she replied. “Right up until the time someone like Joxer or Minya walks in here, wanting a midnight snack. Then what would you do?”

“Ewww…” the nose wrinkle this time was due to something else, far less pleasant. “I never thought of that.”

I quirked a grin at her. “You should have,” I told her.

She pulled herself slightly more away from my upper half. “I suppose I should be getting to bed now,” she said regretfully. “Lila said she wanted to get up early so we’d have time to visit before she headed back to Potodeia.”

I gave her a slight nod. I wasn’t likely to go to sleep for hours, especially with the storm blowing up, but I knew the birthday cake and ale was weighing heavily on Gabrielle’s stomach.

“I’ll walk you to your room,” I said, reluctantly letting her slide off my lap. Mom hadn’t been thinking clearly when she got some unexpected guests at the inn last night during Gabrielle’s party. She had hastily rearranged the rooms, and had put Gabrielle and Lila in one room, Minya and myself in another. I’m sure Lila wouldn’t have minded switching with us, but Minya was another story.

“This’ll be great, Xena!” she had beamed. “We can spend the night swapping tips on swordplay.”

I had looked at Gabrielle who was doing her best to force down a smile. She looked she was very much enjoying my torment. Later, I bent over her and whispered in her ear. “You’ll get yours, Little Bard. I’ll make sure of it.” I had seen her shiver, which was the whole purpose of the statement.

Now, she took my hand, and we climbed the stairs silently. This was the first time we had been able to have two minutes alone with each other since she had arrived in Amphipolis, and we both hated to see it end.

We were at the top of the steps now, and standing outside the door to Gabrielle’s room. “This reminds me of the last time we stayed here,” Gabrielle whispered, standing on her tiptoes to kiss me.

“Yes, it does,” I agreed. Only this time, if you try to sneak into my room, you’re liable to trip very a big ol’ lump of Minya. Be careful that you end up in the right bed.”

She smiled at me. “G’night, Xena…as soon as Lila leaves tomorrow, we’re going to sneak off somewhere.”

“Y’ got it,” I nodded. I wouldn’t even think about the other visitors who would be staying for another day. I’m sure I could figure out something to keep them occupied.

Gabrielle went inside her room, and I entered my own stealthily, silently shutting the door. There was only a single bed in the room, and Minya was sprawled out on her stomach, taking up most of it. It made me shake my head. When Gabrielle and I had stayed here last time we had shared a bed of the same size, but there was no way I’d do that with Minya. There was a large rocking chair by the window, so I sat down in it, trying to get comfortable.

I might have slept an hour or so, but the wind and the rain woke me up. I sat in the chair for a few minutes, but it wasn’t long before I was too restless. I got up, and left the room as silently as I had entered it.

It occurred to me that Minya would have never known if I had slept in the room or not. She was dead to the world the entire time I had been there. I couldn’t help but wonder if Lila slept as soundly.

I made my way to the stable and sat down in the straw by Argo’s stall. She didn’t seem too surprised to see me, and before long, I was sound asleep.

“You’re sure a quiet sleeper…” Minya commented the next morning over breakfast. “I didn’t hear a peep out of you all night.”

“How could you hear anything over the sound of your own snoring?” Autolycus asked dryly.

I bit back a smile. He was a grouch this morning, but his sense of humor was still scathing.

Everyone was nursing hangover headaches except for Gabrielle and me, and they were a pretty dull lot at breakfast. Even Mom had overslept, and we were having a cold meal of fruit and bread and cheese.

“What time are you leaving?” Gabrielle asked Lila after breakfast.

Her sister shrugged. “I don’t know…I’m thinking of staying another day…I’m having too much fun catching up with you and the others.”

“Hey, that’s great!” Minya said, and Joxer heartily nodded his agreement. “I’m leaving tomorrow, so we could travel at least part of the way together.”

“That sounds like a good idea to me,” Joxer piped in. “I’ll go along with you.” The three of them looked expectantly at Autolycus.

For a minute, the King of Thieves just blinked back at them. Beside me, I could hear Gabrielle had sucked in her breath and was holding it.

“Sure, why not?” he said finally.

I gave Gabrielle a gentle elbow, letting her know it was okay to exhale now.

I noticed she was leaning in toward me, and cocked an ear at her. “Now, do you think we could talk them into leaving early?” she asked me. I just grinned and shook my head.

With their travel plans made, and with already having told Mother we didn’t have anyplace to go right away (I know, I know), we were kind of stuck. However, that doesn’t mean I had to be totally miserable. While the rest of them were planning a picnic and some other “together” activities, I got a list of supplies Mom needed, and volunteered to locate them. It would take the better part of the day and get me out of most of the reunion.

Gabrielle acted as though she was angered at first, but she seemed to have a twinkle in her eye as she complained. At first, she tried convincing me that I was going to miss out on a lot of fun, but I wasn’t about to buy that. Then she tried to convince me that I was going to miss out on a lot of fun with just her. That was a lot more disconcerting. I made sure the others were already headed off toward the forest before grabbing Gabrielle’s arm and dragging her into the barn with me.

The minute we were inside, I pushed her against the nearest wall, and pressed a thigh between her legs. It made her lift upwards a bit, to relieve the pressure. I wasn’t hurting her though…no…on the contrary. It was the kind of pressure that was very pleasant. And hard to get away from.

“No fair, Xena,” she protested, even as her bottom half began wiggling instinctively against me.

“No fair?” I echoed, moving a little closer so she could feel my body armor pressing into her nipples. “Like your threatening to hold out on me because I’m being a good daughter and offering to run some errands for my mother?”

Gabrielle laughed. “Oh please, Xena, you practically had to beg Cyrene for a list of things to do. You’re not fooling anyone.”

Hmmm…this wasn’t working the way I had intended. I decided I was doing better with the straight forward approach again.

I leaned in and took her earlobe between my teeth. I sucked it in, noting the way it caused her to shudder. Her hips pressed more instinctively against my thigh. I let my tongue lick the inner shell of her ear, and then blew my breath over it.

“Gods, Xena…what are you doing to me?” she groaned, grabbing me by the shoulders and humping against me.

I clucked in her ear. “I’m getting you all hot and bothered,” I replied.

“Oh gods…it’s working…” came her panted words.

I quirked an evil grin at her. “Good,” I purred. I gave one more firm rub against her pussy, then I pulled my leg back, watching her whole body drop an inch or so back to the ground.

“What-?” she asked, sounding dazed.

“You’re a woman of words…I’m a woman of action…” I told her lightly. “You tease me with words…I tease you with my body.” I was on Argo’s back before she could protest anymore.

“Ooo…that was mean!” she said, putting her hands on her hips and glaring at me.

I nodded. “I suppose,” I responded, “But I got your attention, didn’t I?”

She ran a shaky hand down over her spiked nipples. “You certainly did…” she answered with a very shy grin. “My whole body seems to be standing at attention.”

“Yeah, I noticed…” I winked down at her from Argo’s back. “Looks good…You gonna stay like that all day?”

She pointedly turned and opened the barn door for me. I walked Argo out of her stall, and stopped at Gabrielle’s side.

“No, I won’t stay like this…” she answered with a wicked smile. “I’ll be up to you to figure out what relieved me.” She turned on her heel and left the barn.

I grinned after her, loving the tone in her voice. I knew I could trust her not to do anything too outrageous. No, with the way things had been going, I had the feeling I would be involved in whatever it took to get her relieved of her problem.

Argo and I traveled briskly the rest of the day. We had several places we had to go to, for Mom was known for her cooking and was constantly using different kinds of ingredients in her new recipes. There were several herbs on her list that I would get myself from the forest, and I saved that part for last. I could do that when I got back to Amphipolis, and if the picnickers were still there, I could have some fun in the meantime.

I didn’t see them though, when I returned to the forest of Amphipolis. The sun was getting ready to go down, and I didn’t really expect them to find them out that late. I quickly found the herbs I was after, then rode back to my mother’s inn.

Joxer and Lila were sitting on the front porch as I approached. They were holding hands, but the second they caught sight of me, they dropped them.

“Hey, Xena?” Joxer called nervously. “How was your trip?”

“Successful,” I answered. With Joxer sniffing around Lila instead of Gabrielle, I found I could tolerate him a lot better. “You’d better take her hand again, before somebody else grabs it,” I warned him.

Joxer turned twelve colors of red, then grabbed up Lila’s hand again. She just smiled at me gratefully.

I took Argo into the stable, and brushed her down, then fed her. It was almost completely dark when I walked back to the inn.

Mother was washing up the supper dishes when I entered the kitchen. “There you are, Xena,” she said with a smile. “We didn’t expect you to be gone so long.”

I grinned at her and handed her the bag full of supplies. “You sent me for a lot of stuff,” I told her.

“And I appreciate you going for me,” she answered. “Did you have much luck?”

“I got it all,” I told her. “Even the length of lambskin…although I don’t think I want to know what you want to do with it.”

The look she gave me was disconcerting. “It’s probably exactly what you’re thinking,” she told me.

“Great…” I said, giving a fake shiver at this revelation. Then I asked, “Do you have anything left over from supper?”

She gave me an odd, nervous look. “Well, they pretty well cleaned me out, Xena, between the guests that arrived last night and all of your and Gabrielle’s friends.”

“It figures,” I sighed.

“I can make something for you if you give me a few minutes,” she offered.

“No, that’s okay,” I answered. “I ate some fruit while I was in the forest. It should be enough to hold me until breakfast.”

“I don’t mind…” Mom said.

I put up a hand. “No, it’s okay…thanks anyway. Do you know where Gabrielle is?” I had sort of been hoping she’d meet me in the barn.

“She disappeared after dinner,” Mom replied after a beat. “Sorry, Dear, but she didn’t say where she was going.”

I was getting ready to question that, when Lila entered the kitchen. She gave an odd little giggle, then said, “Xena, you’re wanted out back.”

“By whom?” I asked, not in the mood for games.

Lila shrugged, the smile still not quite gone from her face. “I’m not sure, but I think it’s important.”

Her actions told me she was up to something, and I certainly hoped it wasn’t one of Joxer’s idiotic plans. Mom had an innocent look on her face, and was absolutely no help, so I got up and left through the back door.

I looked left and right, and didn’t see anything amiss. Stepping down off the back porch, I head the familiar sound of my horse approaching. When I looked, Gabrielle was riding up on Argo.

“What’s going on?” I asked. “I just got finished unsaddling her.”

“I wasn’t going to take her, I promise,” she replied. “But when she heard the plan, she insisted.”

I gave a half-grin. That sounded like Argo. If she thought there was a slight chance of adventure, she had to be a part of it.

“Come on,” Gabrielle was saying. She held out a hand toward me.

I didn’t hesitate to swing up onto Argo behind her, and was kind of surprised when she didn’t hand over the reins. I didn’t argue though, and just held onto her waist. Like Argo, I was always up for an adventure.

We traveled for a half an hour or so into the woods. “This looks very familiar,” I quipped, but she ignored me. She had obviously planned this out very well.

“We’re here.”

It was about five minutes more, and we were still deep in the woods. I slid down off Argo, and Gabrielle hopped down into my arms. I pretended to stagger under her weight, then stole a quick kiss before releasing her.

“Do you recognize the spot?” she asked me as I looked around.

“Yeah, I know it,” I answered. “We’re as deep in these woods as you can get.”

“Right,” she smiled.

I cocked my head at her. “So why are we here?”

She stood there with her hands on her hips, leering at me for a minute, then struck a flint to light the campfire she had obviously set up earlier.

“Remember this morning when you left so abruptly so you wouldn’t have to go on the picnic?”

I tapped my temple in mock thinking. “Hmmm…let me see if I can remember back that far.”

She tapped her foot as she waited.

“Oh yeah, I think I can remember something like that,” I said finally.

Gabrielle turned and took her saddlebag from Argo’s saddle.

I felt cheated,” she said. Kneeling on the small patch of ground between the trees. She opened the saddlebag and pulled out a good sized thin blanket. she had to have borrowed from my mother. She lifted it with a flourish, and it floated down to cover the ground. “I want my picnic with you,” she said, then crawling forward on her knees, till she was completely on the blanket.

She was standing upright on her knees, smiling up at me in that winsome expression I was always a sucker for.

“Well?” she said, holding out her hand toward me.

I returned her grin. “All right…I know you won’t give in till I say yes.” I let her take my hand and pull me down beside her.

She must have had some help from Mom, for the saddlebag was full of her roasted lamb, cooked carrots and onions, and fresh bread and butter. We washed it down with fresh apple cider.

“That was terrific,” I moaned, laying back on my elbows, not wanting to move. “I hope you don’t mind sleeping out here, cause I’m not moving for a while.”

I noticed her eyeballing me as she put the dishes away. She brought out something wrapped in a small white cloth. “I’ll bet I can get you to move,” she said in a low voice.

I had to smile. “Yeah, you probably could,” I admitted.

“Well, I’m glad to see you will finally state the truth,” she said triumphantly. She set the bundle aside, and crawled onto the blanket again.

“Let’s get you out of your armor,” she crooned, reaching for the nearest arm.

I submissively held each arm up in turn toward her, so she could slide my gauntlets and armbands off. Next was my breastplate, and it took her only a few seconds to snap it free from me. She made a neat stack just at the edge of the blanket.

“Foot, please,” she said, holding out a hand for me to lay one of my ankles across. I did so, and she unlaced and pulled off first one boot, then the other.

“Better?” she asked me.

I wiggled my toes. “Yeah, much,” I replied. “Thanks.” I stared at her. “You want me to repay the favor?”

“If you think you’re up to it,” she purred in that same low voice.

“Oh, I’m up to it,” I growled, and lunged forward, pulling her down on the blanket with me.

I tickled and she giggled and wiggled, but eventually, I had her boots off and her shirt half-undone. She finally managed to push me off of her. “Behave yourself,” she told me, pulling herself from my clutches.

I sate back and grinned at her. I love it when she goes to all this trouble for me.

“Are you going to be good?” she asked me, her eyes twinkling.

“Yeah, I’ll be good,” I sighed.

“Don’t pout.” She crawled the few feet to me and lifted her lips toward me. I gave her a quick hard kiss. “It’ll be worth it…I promise.”

I watched curiously as she backed up again, and then sank down on her haunches. She reached for the laces of her shirt, and finished unfastening them. She pulled it off, revealing her tightened, hard nipples to me and all of nature.

I licked my lips, but didn’t do anything else. I had promised to be good, didn’t I?

“Your turn…”

She had said something…it took a second for it to sink in…then I realized what it was.

“You want me to undress?” I asked her.

“I want you to take your leathers off,” she answered.

It was a start. I reached for the fastening in back, undid them, and then pulled down the shoulder straps. Within minutes, my battledress was totally off my body.

“My shift too?” I asked hopefully, my fingers moving toward the straps.

“Yes…” she answered. “But not all the way…I just want you to pull the lower half down.”

She wanted me to show the same amount she was. Okay…I could handle that, and unfastened the top of my shift, pushing it down below my breasts.

“You look hot like that,” Gabrielle said, almost immediately.

I glanced down at myself. My nipples were hard enough to rival hers, and with the material of my shift pushing up on the underside of my breasts, it pushed them up and outward, making them look almost obscenely plumb. Gabrielle’s eyes were watching them hungrily, though, so I arched my back, pushing them out even further.

Gabrielle was watching my movement, as though hypnotized, but suddenly she blinked. “No fair,” she laughed. “I’m supposed to be the one tormenting you.”

“Sorry,” I said with a shrug that caused my breasts to bob up and down.

“Watch it,” she said, wagging a finger at me. “Or you won’t get your dessert.”

“I’m being good,” I protested. “I can’t help it if my nipples have a mind of their own.”

She narrowed my eyes at me, as though she thought I was doing it on purpose. I sat rigidly, waiting for her to get on with it.

She didn’t take long. She turned her back on me, and I saw her bending toward the cloth-covered parcel. She tuned back, holding it in her left hand. With her right, she pulled the cloth away, revealing what she had.

“Is that birthday cake?” I asked.

“Yes, it is,” she answered with a smile. “More specifically, it’s my birthday cake. Even more specifically, it’s the piece of my birthday cake I cut for you last night.”

I shook my head at her. “Everything I do or don’t do comes back to haunt me.”

“Mmm…but in the best ways.” She continued to eye the cake, then reached out with her right index finger and dug a furrow through the cake’s icing. Show was left with an index finger with a dollop of white icing on it.


“Yes, Xena?”

“What are you going to do with that icing?”

Her nose wrinkle made my stomach jump in anticipation. “This icing? Technically, Xena, it’s your icing…I just wanted to give you something better to eat it off of than cake.”

“Like what?”

“Like this.” A simple movement transferred the icing to her left nipple.

“Looks delicious,” I said, my eyes riveted to the spot.

“Well, Xena? What are you waiting for?”

I tired to give her an innocent shrug. “You told me to be a good girl,” I replied.

“I want you to be very good,” she purred, taking another heap of icing and applying it to the other nipple.

“Oh yeah, very good…” I surged forward on my hands and knees, causing her to squeal in her haste to set the piece of cake in a safe place.

I pressed her to her back so I was on all fours above her. I pointedly reached above her head, and got my own fingerful of icing from the cake. Holding it between our mouths, I whispered, “I want you to have some too.”

She pressed her mouth forward and her creative little pink tongue was sweeping out to lick over the icing without actually eating it. Then her fingers were reaching for the back of my neck. She got a firm hold, and pulled my mouth down on hers. My tongue came out automatically to meet with hers, and encountered hers already busy working on the icing.

I chuckled and fought her for the remaining vestiges of the sweet frosting, but lost the fight when she sucked my whole digit into her mouth.

Gods, she could tug so hard on my finger with her mouth! I swear I could feel the blood being confused as to whether it should go to my clit or that finger.

She nipped at it with her sharp little teeth, then released it, only to go for my tongue again. She sucked it in too, and I could taste the icing she saved for me. Gods, but it was good! And it made me hungry for more!

She started to protest when I pulled my mouth away, but I was sliding it toward the next area mapped out with icing.

I found a spot at the top of her breast, and sucked it in, making sure I caught her with my teeth every once in a while. I wanted to leave a mark that would show whenever she moved in a certain way.

The longer I sucked at her breast, the greater the scent of her arousal became. She was making that mewling sound in her throat that caused my own clit to pulsate with desperation. I released her flesh with a loud popping noise, and began making my way south.

“Oh gods, Xena!” she cried out when I suddenly pounced on her obscured nipple, swallowing the icing in one fell swoop, and then continuing my work on her delectable teat.

“Oh, Xena…I like that.” Her fingers were wrapped in my hair again, but she didn’t try to direct me. I had hold of her breast with my hand, and pinched the aureole so only her swollen nipple was poking forward. I vibrated my tongue across it as fast as I could, loving the response I was getting from her.

My other hand was compulsively rubbing one of my own nipples which throbbed in sympathy with hers. I left my left hand tweaking and pleasuring the now cleaned nipple, and began lightly licking my way toward the other. The icing covered her like the snowcap on a mountain.

My left hand deserted my breast to take hold of her other one, holding it around the base of its mound. I figured she was expecting me to be as aggressive with this side as I had been the other. Especially since I was using such a firm touch on the base of her breast.

Instead, I gently brushed my tongue over every inch of her sweet flesh, touching everything but the nipple. I let my tongue brush against the halo surrounding it a few times, but avoided the contact she was craving.

“Xena…” I heard her voice float to me from somewhere.

“Mmm…yes, My Love?”

“Don’t you think you uh…should try to eat some more cake?”

I loved the look of dismay on her face. When I nodded her agreement and reached for the cake on the cloth, I broke off a piece of it. I then split that part in half. One part of it I pushed into Gabrielle’s mouth. The other half, I ate.

“Xena…that’s not what I had in mind,” she told me.

I smiled sweetly at her. “I know,” I winked, reaching for the top of her skirt. “I want to eat the rest of it from down lower.”

She obligingly lifted her hips so I could pull her skirt and panties off, leaving her totally naked. I scooped my finger through the icing and held it straight up in the air

Gabrielle was staring at the finger. “What are you going to do with that?” she asked me finally.

I leered at her. “Spread your legs, Baby.”

She did so quickly, revealing a river of juices flowing between her legs. “Oh gods, that’s so gorgeous,” I told her. I moved onto my stomach so I was laying between her legs.

“You want this on your clit?” I asked her, still holding the finger up in the air.

“Oh yes, please…yes.”

I grinned at her heartfelt tone, and rubbed my finger along the shaft of her clit, coating it with the sticky icing. I heard Gabrielle suck her breath in as I did so. I don’t know if it was because I was touching her, or because of the texture of the frosting.

I peered up at her over her plump mons veneris. “Now what should I do?” I asked her, trying my best to sound innocent.

She blinked at me, then realized I was teasing her. “It’s your cake, Xena,” she answered winsomely. “I think you should eat it.”

I grinned at her, and licked my lips. “But what about the cake?” I asked her, with a growl.

It took a second to sink in, and then she giggled at me. The giggle quickly turned into a moan however, when I lowered my mouth to her center.

I did much as she had a minute before, just licking over the icing without actually scooping it up, I used my fingers to part her delicate vaginal lips, just pausing to inhale the wonderful fragrance of sweet Gabrielle mingled with sweet vanilla.. I closed my eyes and breathed deeply for a minute.


Her groan was heartfelt and I opened my eyes in time to see her rolling her hips upwards in an effort to get my mouth closer to her. I gave her another light lick over her icing-covered clit, and pulled back, wanting to tease her a bit more.

“Gods, I want your mouth on me,” I heard her whisper, and I beamed with pride. I licked my tongue sideways across her labia, and then sucked the right one into my mouth. I sucked it in and out a few times, knowing she would feel it tug on her clit.

I repeated the action on her other lip, and then my tongue came out to lick her clit from underneath. I felt a mushy sensation under my tongue, and drew my head back to see what it was.

Gabrielle was producing so much heat between her thighs that she the icing had started to melt, and had become a sappy white liquid that was trickling down the length of her slit to mingle with her own juices. She was going to be a sticky mess before this was over with, if I didn’t do something about it.

I opened my mouth and pressed it to her outer labia, forming a seal. I felt her jerk her hips in response to the sensation, and she was soon wiggling them in rhythm with my tongue, which darted in and out to press repeatedly into her clit. Bit by bit, I was licking up the softened icing, and my tongue was beginning to taste the real thing I desired, my bard’s aroused, musky flavor.

I sucked firmly on her labia, as I continued to vibrate her clit with my tongue, the whole time riding out her fervent response. Above me, I could hear her making guttural sounds of pleasure, unable to speak in coherent words. That was always a good sign. Her pussy was flooding my taste buds in the tangy perfection of her desire, and my hands were getting their joy by caressing and stimulating the back of her thighs.

Her sounds were becoming more staccato and louder as I continued to apply suction to her whole sex, and I could feel her clit grow even harder beneath my probing. I loved these times alone in the woods, when we didn’t have to censor our noise and could express our climaxes in whatever way struck us. Gabrielle demonstrated that very thing a moment later, when her upper body arched upward, and she howled out her release into the night air. I watched the goosebumps break out on her thighs and abdomen when her orgasm rushed through her.

When it was over, she lay on her back, breathing deeply, still moaning occasionally. I raised myself onto my hands, and straddled her upper body, leaning down so I could give her a deep kiss, letting her taste her own excitement in my mouth. She drank of it eagerly.

“Happy Belated Birthday,” I told her, when the kiss had finally ended.

She laughed at me. “That’s the best birthday present I’ve ever gotten,” she told me.

“It’s the gift that keeps on giving too,” I winked at her. “You can collect as often as you like.”

“Oh yeah?” She wrapped her arms around my neck. “”I’ll be taking you up on that just about every day.”

“Perfect,” I purred, and then I reached above her for the saddlebag. As I dug through it for the phallus, I felt her hot breath, then her tongue licking over a nipple. I located what I was looking for, but her mouth felt too good to vacate this position right away.

When she had finished ravishing the right side, I slipped the left nipple into her mouth. She didn’t protest and went to work on it with renewed vigor.

I could only let her do this a few minutes though, before my lower half began to demand she pay attention to it as well. With regret, I pulled my nipple from her mouth.

Leaning back on my heels, I strapped the harness into place on my body, making sure I teased my erect clit a little bit as I did so. I knew she was watching me closely, her eyes glowing with pleasure and the aftermath of her first climax.

I skootched in closer between her widespread thighs, and holding the phallus by the base, moved it around in her wetness, getting it well-lubricated. “Uh…Xena?” I heard her say.

“Yes?” I asked, quirking an eyebrow as I noticed she was looking rather hesitant.

“Aren’t you uh…forgetting something?” She indicated with her chin in the direction of her breast, which still had a gob of icing covering it. “It’s starting to dry and it makes my skin itch.”

I grinned at her. “You mean that nipple was for me too? I figured one was for me and one was for you.”

I watched her face darken in the blush I loved to cause. She could reach her nipple with her own mouth, but it was rarely that I could convince her to do it for me, and I didn’t feel like embarrassing her too much right now.

The phallus was dripping by now, and I slid it easily into her depths, groaning at the pressure it put on my clit. Wiggling my hips a bit, I leaned down, and nipped sharply at the covered nipple, removing the icing in one fell swoop. She yelped and wriggled, but I swallowed the icing down, and continued to work on her nipple, not moving my hips in and out of her, but rather from side to side in a gentle circling movement. I formed a suctioning on her aureole similar to what I had done earlier on her cunt.

Gabrielle’s hands wrapped in my hair at first, holding me tighter against the firm flesh of her breast, but it wasn’t long before she released my head, and I felt her hands reaching lower down my body, her fingers grazing over my ticklish lower back.

That made me wiggle harder, but still not in the direction she obviously wanted. My clit was being well stimulated just from my movements, and although I had no intention of reaching my climax this way, I was enjoying it for now.

She spread her legs a little further, and bent her knees, so she could thrust her lower body up at me. I know it was difficult for her with my weight resting on her, but she did an admirable job of it.

“Gods, Xena, it isn’t enough,” I heard her moan.

I slightly lifted my mouth from her throbbing nipple. “What’s that?” I asked her.

“I need you to fuck me,” she told me, her eyes pleading with me. “Please, Xena, stop teasing me and fuck me.”

I tried to give her an innocent look. “You mean I’m not?” I asked her.

“Not the way I need it,” she answered. Her nails dug into my back, making me hiss and arch into the touch. “I need you to fuck me harder.”

The truth was, I couldn’t hold back much longer. The thrumming against my clit was inspiring, but at the same time it was building my need for a more firm touch. “Harder, huh?” I asked.


I straightened up my back. “Put your legs against my shoulders,” I told her, and immediately, she did so. My body was so upright, her feet hovered in the air just above my shoulders. In this position, I couldn’t get to her nipples anymore. I rested my weight on my hands, and straightened my own legs, so I was angling down into her. I wiggled my ass a few more times just to see if I could get another rise out of her, then raised my hips to stroke almost all the way out and then back in her.

“Yes,” she groaned, her eyes rolling shut. I began to slowly thrust into her, using long, even strokes.

“Oh, yes, Xena,” she sighed, and she began to rub and down my biceps, in time with my strokes. I continued to give her the wiggle on the downstroke, which pushed the phallus into both of our clits, and although this wasn’t the hardest fucking I had ever given her, it was quickly becoming very intense.

“Gabrielle, open your eyes,” I panted at her.

It took her a second, and her green eyes were fluttering open and focusing on me. They were darker than usual with her passion, and I locked my gaze with hers. It was often hard to keep our eyes open when we were making love, but sometimes, one or the other of us has to have that connection.

She moved her hands from my biceps to my breasts, palming them in her grasp, and then giving them a firm squeeze. Her fingers took hold of my nipples then, and she began to twist them rhythmically, hypnotically.

“Oh gods!” the exclamation was wrenched from me, as my nipples sent messages shooting down to my clit. My hips began to move faster, and I began to stroke into her harder.

“Mm…that’s it…” she murmured at me, a slow seductive smile forming on her face. “That’s what I’ve been waiting for.”

“Yesss…” I hissed as a sweat broke out over me. Our bodies began to make wet, slapping noises as we moved in tandem, and as always, that just milked the sensations even more. I was pressing so hard into her, the blanket was moving underneath her.

“Oh gods, Xena, my clit is on fire…” she moaned, and I had to groan with her. My orgasm was approaching fast though, and the groan rapidly deepened into more of a growl. Her fingers had left my breasts and were on my ass cheeks, digging in tight as her own body prepared for release.

I felt the warmth start in my toes, and I lurched forward, nearly bending her legs back so her knees were touching her own shoulders. My hips made the short quick hunching motions that were common for me to extend my orgasm in this position. It also would conveniently set a tremendous vibration in her clit that would ensure she would be following me over the edge in no time.

I tried to keep my eyes open, but couldn’t do it as the waves of rapture spread through me, and when I was finally able to force them open again, I could see she had lost the fight as well. She opened her own eyes a few seconds later, and she grinned at me. “Wow…” she said.

I matched her grin with one of my own. “Wow is right,” I replied, as she slid her legs off my shoulders. I bent down and gave her a warm kiss.

When I came up, she was holding the rest of the cake in her hand. “Lie down, Xena,” she said with a glint in her eye. “I just worked up one Tartarus of an appetite.”

COMING NEXT WEEK: Xena and Gabrielle help Eve with her conversion to good, not leaving time out for each other.

Also, please look for an important announcement next week, concerning the scrolls and future plans.

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