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Part 51--Making Amends
Part 52-Helicon Bent for Leather
Part 53-Amazon Vows
Part 54-The Warrior Bard (After FIN Scroll 1)
Part 55- My Lord (After FIN Scroll 2)
Part 56- Sorting Out the Enemy (After FIN Scroll 3)
Part 57-Choosing A Side (After FIN Scroll 4)
Part 58-Reunited (After FIN Scroll 5)
Part 59-X Marks the G Spot
Part 60-Piece of Cake
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September 18th, 2002

We've been officially reviewed by another site. The Amazon Sweat Hut reviewed Scroll 44, Manipulations this past week. I wrote the reviewer, Heather, and laughingly told her that the review made me want to read the scroll again, just to see it from her point of view. Heather's reviews are based on the...shall we say more erotic aspects of fan fiction, and we seemed to pass the test! Please go to her site and check out her review for Manipulations, as well as other fan fiction.


I thought I'd give a message board a try, to see if anyone has something to say about our scrolls or anything else on the website, but doesn't want to go the email route. Please feel free to make comments, questions, suggestions, etc. or start discussions!

New topics posted July 10th


May 21st, 2002

Hard to believe but we're up to Scroll 41 of the Xena and Gabrielle XXX Scrolls! It's been a whole lot of work, but Kye and I have to agree, that the reader's response to our efforts have made them very worthwhile! We have lots more planned for Xena and Gabrielle, and hope you enjoy reading them half as much as we enjoy writing them.


Top Five Poll

I asked for Top Five Lists from the first 30 scrolls, and here they are. There were a few surprises in the bunch, and no two lists whre the same, although there were some that were quite similar. Thank you to all those who participated, and if you'd like to add your list to the group, just send it along!

Here they are, the Top Five Lists:

For a complete list of all thirty scrolls, along with a brief summary and the number of votes each has so far, just

The Xena and Gabrielle XXX Scrolls is a series of writings which cover the same issues from both the Warrior Princess and her Bard's point of view. Each part is a story unto itself, and some will follow along with various episodes of the series, while others may not. Most, if not all, of the scrolls will feature explicit sex, and each will contain its own specific disclaimer. These scrolls are not necessarily written to be realistic, as most of them seem more fantastic than real life, but we have done our best to remain in character as Xena and Gabrielle, as we perceive them. If the reader perceives their characters differently, that's understandable, but please refrain from writing and telling us. We all see the characters differently, and that's part of the fun. . Enjoy! And please, send feedback to the address on the main page. We are really curious as to how our readers feel about our interpretations.

Shana and Kye

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