X Marks the G Spot--Xena's Scroll

“You don’t have to go, Mother.”

I couldn’t help but give Eve a small smile. I might be able to hide my true thoughts from her sometimes, but obviously not today. I glanced out of the corner of my eye, and saw Gabrielle was more than smiling at the exchange between my daughter and I…she was grinning outright at the two of us.

“I want Gabrielle and I to go, Eve,” I finally said. “I think it’s important that we go…but…”

Eve reached out and put a hand on my arm. “I understand…” she said softly. “I’ve got some supplies to buy…why don’t you and Gabrielle talk about it and I’ll see you in the morning?”

“That sounds like a good idea…” I heard Gabrielle say from behind me, and I nodded lamely.

“Okay, see you at first light.” Eve gave us a little wave, bundled her sparse cloak around her a little tighter, and started off down the street in the opposite direction from us.

I stood watching her, until I felt Gabrielle tug at my arm. “Come on, Xena…you promised me a hot bath and an even hotter massage.”

We had met up with Eve in the small village of Andus quite by accident, and it was always wonderful to see her. She seemed exceptionally happy to see us, telling us excitedly that Claudius, the new emperor of Rome had requested her appearance before him. He was chosen to replace Caligula, and was busy asserting himself as ruler of the vast empire. Apparently, he knew Eve’s influence over a great deal of his people, and wanted her to be a spokesman for him to the people.

“We really need to go with her,” I said later, while gently washing over Gabrielle’s shoulders. We had found a room with a tub barely big enough for the two of us, and now my bard was sitting back against me, between my bent legs. Her head was lolled back against my shoulder, and from my vantage point, I could see through the mist that her eyes had fallen closed.

She blinked them open, looking a little startled. “It would probably be a good idea, but we all know how you feel about Rome. Maybe we could just escort her there, and camp close by. Eve can get with some of the Elijans, and they can report to us if there’s any trouble.”

I considered that. It was true that once Caligula’s reign had ended, the people of Eli seemed to have more say in their own destiny…Claudius’s first few months had been marked by an attempt to unite the Roman citizens, despite their religious beliefs. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I suspected it was because he planned on using the people to further Roman territory, but I wasn’t ready to let anyone else except Gabrielle know that until I was more sure of it.

“Maybe,” I mused, becoming even more interested in what was in front of me. I know Gabrielle was purposely being short-spoken on the subject, letting me make the final decision on my own, and I also knew that she was very sleepy. If I wanted any…real relaxation… with her, I’d better get busy soon, or she’d be sound asleep.

I pressed my face over and gave her a nip on her glistening shoulder. “This water feels great, huh?” I husked in her ear.

Despite the heat, I caught the shiver in her shoulders. “Mmm, yeah…it worked all the kinks out of my back, and suddenly…I’m feeling really good.”

I grinned, and let my caressing fingers work themselves lower, beneath the level of the water. I found a tightened nipple, and gave it a gentle squeeze.

“Yess..” her response was immediate and instantaneously stirred my own desires. Gabrielle’s back arched and out of the water came her upward thrust breasts, taking my breath away with their perfection. “I’m all clean, Xena…” she told me, letting the rest of her body stand, the water sluicing off of her. “Take me to bed and put me to sleep.”

I chuckled at her own eagerness to continue what I had started, and stood behind her, reaching for one of the thick towels the inn had provided. Wrapping it around her, I led her to the fireplace to keep her warm as I dried her body and mine at the same time. She turned into my arms, and reached up behind my neck, releasing the fastenings that held my hair up out of the water. Running her fingers through the strands of my hair, I felt a shiver build in my own body.

I took her hand in mine and led her to the big bed. She had already pulled back the covers and the quilt, and within seconds, we were snuggled under them, our bodies pressed tightly together.

“Your feet are cold, “ she protested, but I kept them rubbing against her lower legs.

“They’ll warm up,” I told her, before seeking out her mouth with mine in a long deep kiss. She tasted of cinnamon and sugar…the results of the pastry we had shared for dessert.

“Mmm…I love this,” she declared a moment later, as we rubbed our bodies together, her nipples drilling into my own breasts, occasionally sparking against one of my hardened nubs. I had wrapped my thighs around her own, and the wet heat of her crotch was firmly pressed into my lower mound, soaking it as much as I was soaking myself down lower.

“This IS nice,” I whispered back, but I know she was fading fast. “How do you want me to make love to you, my sleepy little bard,” I asked. “How about I get the phallus?”

“You’ll have to get out of bed and your feet will get cold again…and I just got them warmed up…” She twisted her legs so she could spread my thighs a little wider. “It’s not going to take much, Xena. Just touch me with your fingers. I want to do the same to you.”

As if on cue, I felt her fingers tangling through my pubic hair, and then reaching down lower, sliding against my clit in the rhythm that was identical to the tune my hardon had built up on its own. She began to press a bit, her fingers effectively building up the passion in no time at all.

I bent my legs and gave her more access, but she wasn’t allowing me the same luxury. She was keeping her thighs pressed together, creating a small crevice for me to work in. I smiled at her ruse, and then flattened my hand, turning it sideways. I was soon able to saw my hand back and forth, taking in the whole of her pussy against it.

“Unnggh!” she grunted in approval, and her fingers began to fly against me as her own body began to rock more insistently against me.

“Yeah…you’re so wet…” I crooned, enjoying this contact as well. She demonstrated her dexterous skill by continuing to torment my clit with her first and second fingers, while the third and fourth finger slipped inside me, all at the same time she was working her own cunt against my hand.

I was rapidly racing toward the top, but she reached orgasm first, her thighs tightening up even further, despite my strength plowing through her slick folds. I concentrated on watching her face, and her tensed features relaxing into a sweet smile was enough for my own pussy to galvanize around her hand, and the tension immediately flowed from me to be replaced by blissful exhaustion. Our movements against each other gradually ceased, and then she was pulling her hands from my sex. I felt her soaked hand plant itself on my butt, but when I tried to pull my hand from her pussy, she tightened her thighs so much, I couldn’t remove it without doing some potential damage.

“Leave it there, please, Xena,” I heard her whisper, her breath still shallow in my ear. “It’ll keep your hand warm, and I love the way it feels there.”

I wanted to tell her I liked the feel of her hand where it had been as well, but deciding its being sprawled out on my ass was almost as good, I just gave her a kiss and let the slumber overtake me.

I was almost completely dressed early the next morning, when the quiet knock came at the door. It was Eve, and I gave her a little wave, and told her I’d be downstairs in a minute. I know she caught sight of a blonde head in the single bed in the room, and smiled patiently with a nod. Thank the remaining gods for understanding, nonjudgmental daughters!

I kissed Gabrielle awake, told her Eve was there, and that we would wait fifteen minutes before ordering breakfast, knowing if ANYTHING would get her downstairs, it would be the promise of food. When I was sure she was awake to stay, I went down the stairs to meet with Eve.

My mind was made up by the time Gabrielle joined us, and we made our final plans over breakfast. I certainly wasn’t afraid of anyone in Rome, but didn’t relish the idea of marching in to the city, and making my presence known for just any reason. Despite everything that had happened and all that I had done, I still had many enemies in Rome, and I didn’t want to stir up any trouble for Eve, not if she was truly going to be able to befriend the new leader.

We left soon after breakfast, and with Eve riding behind me on Argo, we were on the outskirts of the palace before nightfall. Our arrival was a far cry from the last time we had been to Rome. The streets were full of people, but they seemed to be conducting normal business, their expressions varying from casual to peaceful. Last time, the air had been full of fear and discomfort. Eve hopped down from Argo, and went to locate some of her friends, leaving Gabrielle and I to stable our horses, and find a place to stay for the night.

We certainly didn’t expect to meet up with Antonius, one of Octavius’ leading generals and an old friend, but when we saw him approaching it was a welcome sight. He had just returned from a campaign, and encouraged us to stay in the palace with him. When we showed our hesitancy, he understood, and assured us he and his family would keep our identity a secret. There were many new faces here, and a couple more wouldn’t alarm anyone.

One look at Gabrielle’s excited face told me it was the right thing to do. Claudius apparently wasn’t as big on pomp and ceremony as Caligula had been, so we allowed Antonius to escort us right through the front doors of the palace, and down several long corridors until we were in a suite near the back of the huge sprawling structure. He and his family were nearby, and once the door was shut and locked, Gabrielle and I felt relatively free from unwanted intruders.

“You sure get first class treatment,” I clucked my tongue at Gabrielle as I took a good long look at our surroundings. Not only did the suite have a huge sumptuous bed, but there was luxurious overstuffed furniture, and a gloriously large bathing pool in the adjoining room. No doubt it was a remnant of Caligula’s design, that each suite be so spectacularly opulent, but the running aqueducts Rome had built made the pools easy to maintain, and no doubt, here to stay.

“I think it was the tall gorgeous woman with me who just screams ‘I deserve the best’,” Gabrielle smiled in return, standing on tiptoes to reach her arms around me. “Antonius always had an eye for you.”

“That’s centaur dung and you know it,” I replied evenly. “His oldest boy is totally in love with you, and I saw him elbowing his father to get him to invite us here.”

She giggled then, for both situations were true. But at the same time, there was a gentle respect Antonius and his offspring had for us that might be considered unusual here. They knew Gabrielle and I were devoted to each other, and would never try to interfere. Still, if they felt like being generous…

The long day of travel had taken its toll, and with little more than a goodnight kiss, we welcomed the warmth and comfort of the soft bed.

The following day, after sharing breakfast with Antonius and his family, Gabrielle and I made our way to the courtyard to find Eve. We finally discovered her with a group of the followers of Eli. They were sitting just outside the palace grounds, and Eve was speaking to them of what Eli had taught her. For a few minutes, I just watched and listened, drinking in the sight of my daughter so completely at peace with the words she spoke. She had overcome her darkness in the best possible way…by laying down her sword and truly ONLY helping people by her speech, rather than her actions. Despite my best efforts, I could never walk that same path, but Eve and Gabrielle constantly reassured me I was attaining the same goal in my own ways.

After a while, Eve spotted us. She gave us a gentle nod, and we waited until she had dismissed her attentive audience. They all stopped to give her a hug and a kiss on the cheek, before leaving her with us.

Eve happily told us of Claudius’ allowing the Elijans to build their own communal houses near the palace, and his promises to not disturb them and in fact, protect them from outside enemies. Their commitment to peace was one he respected, as long as none of their actions directly defied Roman mandates. I celebrated along with her as much as I could, although I can’t say there wasn’t a certain amount of skepticism within me. I had never been able to fully trust Romans.

Claudius had heard of Eve’s arrival, and wanted an audience with her in the next couple of days, but had other matters to attend to first. There was to be a festival that night, to celebrate Antonius and his men’s successful return, and Eve was invited to that, but not surprisingly, she had declined. Gabrielle and I, however, decided it might be a good idea for us to attend.

Back in our quarters, Gabrielle and I discussed it, and we both decided it would be best to dress as Roman citizens, attracting less attention to ourselves. A quick trip to the market, combined with the clothing we carried in our saddlebags, and our outfits were complete.

Gabrielle got dressed in the bathing room, and I used the bedroom, and when we finally saw each other, we both broke into a laugh. “Great minds think alike,” Gabrielle quipped.

I nodded my agreement, not really surprised that we were both dressed very similarly to the manner we had used the last time we had been in Rome. The last time, our mission had been too dangerous and time-pressed to really take advantage of our surroundings and our clothing, but this time…was going to be different.

Gabrielle went to check with Antonius to see if he was close to being ready, which was the perfect excuse for me to do a little accessorizing to the suite. Seeing her dressed in her golden tunic, and feeling very dashing in my own black sheer outfit and cloak, I couldn’t help but thinking of a little wild lovemaking in this beautiful setting. I had no doubt that Gabrielle would enjoy it, once she realized what was going on, and felt the warmth filling my crotch, threatening to spoil the silk of my undergarments.

She returned a while later, and I was sitting in a soft armchair, trying to appear as casual as I could under the circumstances. If Gabrielle was curious, she didn’t let on, and before long, we were being escorted by Antonius, his wife, and two oldest children to the celebration.

Claudius’ idea of a party was far less sexual in nature than Caligula’s had been, but no less spectacular. Gabrielle and I soon found ourselves seated on some large cushions in the corner of the huge room, while performance was heaped upon performance. There were dance troupes, jugglers, acrobats, jesters, and entertainment of all sorts, most of the time with several acts going on simultaneously.

Not surprisingly, there were several women performing a similar show to the platform acrobatics Gabrielle had performed our night before Caligula. I had missed most of her dance, as I had been trying to assess the situation in the dungeon with Ares, but stories of it had been told to me several times since then. I teased Gabrielle about all the wannabes tonight, particularly a cute little redhead with an erotic swivel in her hips, but Gabrielle knew it was all to get a rise out of her. She assured me in that lowered voice of hers that none of what was seeing could even begin to compare with the private showing she’d be giving me later.

Claudius looked over the festivities, a benevolent smile on his face, and I spent a good deal of time watching him. I noticed some things I didn’t expect…weak eyes…a slight palsy, and I saw his lips shake when he spoke, telling me he had a stutter. I could see that Claudius didn’t portray the extreme strength the normal emperor did, and suspected his reign would be shortened because of it. It was beyond me why he had been exalted to such a high title when he obviously suffered from several infirmities.

A serving girl bent down before us, offering us goblets of wine, and Gabrielle and I each took one. When the girl continued to bend, offering us both an eyeful of her…charms…I gave a wave of my hand, letting her politely know I wasn’t interested. She finally moved from the front of us, and I realized the emperor of Rome was watching us, his own goblet, raised in salute to us. His eyes were twinkling.

Gabrielle noted it too, and we both raised our glasses to him, then took cautious sips of the delicious drink. “What was that all about?” she asked, when Claudius’ head had finally turned in another direction.

“No doubt Antonius has filled him in on some centaur dung story of who we are,” I replied, noting the tall, handsome soldier was dancing with his wife, but kept glancing at us with merriment. I flashed Gabrielle some teeth. “He probably told Claudius we were on the prowl for some fresh meat.”

“He wouldn’t do that, would he?” she replied, looking squarely at Antonius, who seemed to be edging his wife in the direction opposite us.

I chuckled. “I do believe he would,” I answered. I raised my glass toward HIM this time, and saw him grin at me, before turning his attention back to his lovely dance partner. “And I think he might be right.”

“Right?” Gabrielle echoed.

“Uh huh.” I pointedly licked my lips and glanced in the direction of the serving girl, who was halfway across the room now. “Fresh meat is definitely on the menu tonight…” I rasped.

It had the desired effect on Gabrielle, making her curious and dubious, but I wasn’t about to relent. I had been waiting too long to get her in a room such as the one we were staying in, and wasn’t about to tip my hand before I had been able to act on my desires. We stayed at the celebration a while longer, with me watching Gabrielle more than the entertainment, and then we excused ourselves, after saying a good night and a thanks to Antonius.

When we were back in our rooms, I told Gabrielle I wanted to talk to Eve for a minute, letting her know what my impressions of Claudius were. She offered to go with me, but I told her to relax in the pool, maybe get some rest, and just take it easy while I made the short trip to the home Eve was staying in. She nodded her agreement, and didn’t put up any more of an argument. She probably had a feeling I was up to something., but wasn’t going to push me to tell her. She was a very curious person, but at the same time, loved to be surprised.

I DID meet with Eve, and it didn’t take long to let her know my thoughts, but I didn’t come back to our rooms using the same path as before. I found Antonius, and he told me all the information I needed to know. Within minutes, I was looking in at Gabrielle from the entrance the servants used, on the far side of the bathroom. The door was lockable on either side, which seemed rather odd, but I had spotted the door earlier, and made sure it was unlocked from our side of it. Now, I undid the latch, and cracked the door open enough to see what was going on.

I couldn’t have planned it any better if I had tried. Gabrielle had apparently decided to wait for me to return before taking her own bath, and was stretched out along side the pool, laying on her stomach, her chin on her crossed hands. She was barefoot. Going into stealth mode, I made my way around the outside of the wall, so I could assess her position better. Perfect.

The next step was to catch her off guard, and hopefully, unaware of who her pursuer was…at least for a while. I slipped into the additional articles of clothing and picked up the rope and black cloths from where I had secured them earlier, took a deep breath, and then pounced.

“What the-“ was all she got out before the breath rushed from her as I landed on her back in a straddle. I pressed my body tightly onto her lower half, keeping her legs from thrashing in an effort to defend herself, and tangled with a wildcat as I tried to tie the blindfold in place while keeping her flailing arms from ripping it free before I could have her hands restrained as well. “What’s going on?” she demanded, but I remained silent as I finally got her trussed.

She opened her mouth to protest further, and I shoved the other black cloth in, gagging her for the present time. She continued to struggle against the rope, but I had tied it securely enough where she wasn’t going anywhere for a while, not unless I allowed it.

There was a steep set of four steps leading up to the window with the balcony, and I jerked Gabrielle up by the ropes holding her, and urged her forward. Holding her struggling form with one hand against the thick scratchy cloak I was now wearing, I stripped the quilt from the bed and draped it over the two bottom steps. Once again…perfect.

Much more gently this time, I pushed her so she was sitting on the bottom step, and had the trailing ropes tied to the frame of the window in no time. Her arms were now secured, and despite the defense she could put up with her feet, she wasn’t going to be going anywhere.

I stood above her for a moment, making sure to breathe softly, and just watching her. Gods, she was so beautiful. Her hair was slightly tousled from her struggles, and the damp heat at the edge of the pool had coaxed it to wave a little at the shortened tips. Her face, obscured by the blindfold and gag was tilted upward in my direction, and I could see her head was cocked slightly in an effort to get an audio clue who her captor was. I was hoping my line about “fresh meat” would be replaying in her mind, making her wonder if I had the nerve to send someone ahead of me to…play.

I knelt beside her on the bottom step…and reached out a hand. Barely touching her skin, I started at the wrist, right below where the rope held her, and tickled my way down the length of her arm, ending at the soft underside where the limb met her body.

This move caused her body to grow rigid, and I grinned as I knew she was trying to figure out whether or not it was my touch. The thin textured gloves I wore would keep her from being able to tell.

A whimper escaped her when I did the same thing with her other arm, deliberately making the touch feather light.

I constantly had to tell myself not to speak, knowing that my voice would give me away, as I withdrew my hand again, and observed the aftershocks. Despite her fear, I could see Gabrielle’s nipples had begun to harden, protruding slightly against the golden material covering her breasts. Her breath was hitched, her fingers grasping at nothing. I hoped the cloak would hide the scent of my arousal…knowing my body’s unconscious response to her would give me away as quickly as anything.

My fingers sought out her body again, this time starting at the area under her left arm, and slowly working their way down to the area where her skirt’s waist band touched her lower abdomen. After a few seconds, I repeated the action on her right side, loving the way her flesh unconsciously swelled and pushed its way toward me, trying to deepen the touch and gain more knowledge to my identity.

I tapped a finger to her upper lip, and then gave it a slight pinch, letting her know I would take the gag off of her if she didn’t insist on screaming. I saw her head movements stop, as though she was thinking about what I wanted, and then she gave a hesitant nod. That earned a stroke on the cheek from me, and then I was releasing the black cloth from her mouth.

She immediately licked her tongue over her lips, regaining some of her natural moisture, and then she spoke in a soft voice. “Xena will be back soon, and when she sees what you’ve done, the results won’t be pleasant for you. If you tell me what you want from me and let me go, I might be able to convince her not to tear your lungs out.”

I grinned at that. She knew me very well, for if I even suspected someone was even thinking about doing what I was in the process of doing, they wouldn’t see the light of day again. I didn’t let her think that her statement had reached me though, and just pressed a finger into her lips again, letting her know I didn’t want any more of this kind of talk.

“Oh, please, no…” was the heartfelt moan she gave when I ran my hand softly over her breasts, letting my hand move across her chest in a leisurely manner. Despite her protests, I could see her nipples swelling even more, poking through the material abruptly. Of course, a whole number of feelings could cause that, fear, coldness, nervousness, but just seeing the tips reaching toward me made my mouth water. The gloves were thick at my fingertips, and I fumbled a little as I unfastened the lacings holding her top in place, but that would just add to the ruse.

“Gods, please stop…you’re signing your death warrant…” she moaned, her upper half trying desperately to twist away from my fingers. I ignored her though, and gave her right nipple a little squeeze.

She sucked in her breath, as I did so, and then she began fighting in earnest again, as both of my hands settled on her breasts, massaging them hard in a firm circular motion. I kneaded and squeezed them, occasionally tugging at a nipple, the whole time watching her face and the conflict of emotions on it. When I felt it was time, I slipped the piece of mint I had secured into my mouth, and chewed it rapidly and quietly, letting the icy coolness coat my mouth. Then I leaned forward, and sucked a nipple in.

“Oh!” It took a second for the sensation to seep through her skin, but when it did, her response was uncensored and pulse-pounding. The coolness of the mint would leave her nipple tingling, her flesh ultra-sensitive, and for a minute, she forgot to fight me as I swirled my tongue round and round the hard peak. The mint would confuse her senses, deceiving the way my tongue felt against her, further disguising me.

“Gods, please stop…” she tried again, when I tugged upward on her nipple with my teeth, and then let go abruptly, watching the flesh spring back into place. Once again, I didn’t respond, only moved to take the other nipple in my mouth, giving it the same working over as the first. When I lifted my head, the flesh at the tip of both breasts glistened enticingly.

“Who are you?” I heard her ask again, her voice sounding more plaintive than before. “Why are you doing this?” When I didn’t answer, she added suspiciously. “Did Xena put you up to this?”

I didn’t bother answering, only reached lower to take the bottom of her skirt in my hand. With a sudden movement, I ripped the sheer material from her body, leaving her clad only in a pair of skimpy white panties.

In reflex, her right leg flew upward directed in a kick aimed at my face. I instinctively caught it, and held it by the calf, letting it sink in to her that she had just made herself even more vulnerable.

I waited just a few seconds, then ran the back of a hand down over her leg, starting where my right hand held it down, to the point where it met her torso. She strained and pushed hard against me, but I just tightened my grip on her, effectively holding her legs wide open.

“No…please no…” she spoke in a strangled voice that was far more powerful in its quietness than all her pleading of a moment before. Continuing to hold her right leg, I moved so I was lying between her sprawled legs, making sure my shoulders brushed against her inner thighs so she’d know what I was doing.

I bit back a chuckle as my nose caught the fragrance of her pussy. No doubt it was a remnant of her laying there, waiting for my return from visiting Eve, but enough remained to entice me further. I tucked her right thigh under my arm, and reached up with my left to dance over her stomach.

I nearly grunted in pain as her still free left foot came down hard, and scored a direct hit in my kidney. I should have known she wouldn’t give up without more of a fight, and under any other circumstances, this would have angered me. Now, though, I felt strangely proud of her resistance, and definitely more encouraged.

Without a thought, I grabbed hold of her flailing left leg with my other hand, and soon had it trapped beneath my body as well.

I was on my knees, my arms being occupied by holding her lower limbs in place, my mouth suddenly inches from the crotch of her underwear. Not able to resist it anymore, I nudged my head forward.

I don’t know if she could tell it wasn’t human flesh touching her through the cloth of her panties, but her movements froze, poised for an instant, as though she was trying to determine what wag going on. I pressed my nose a little harder toward her, and then let my tongue slip out, to softly lick over the wettest part of her only remaining, woefully inadequate, defense.

“Oh gods, where are you, Xena?” she called out, her head thrashing in her despair. Her hips bucked upward, meeting the brass mask I was wearing abruptly, and this time, I KNOW she realized it was a foreign object. No longer willing to continue tormenting her with this guessing game, I grasped the nearest mouthful of underwear, and gave a firm tug. It ripped aside easily, and I was able to plunge my tongue up inside her constricted tunnel.

“Sweet Mother of Zeus!” I heard the familiar epithet, and felt her heated cunt pressing down harder onto my face, the upper half of it on the mask, the lower half settling against my mouth and tongue. “Thank the gods it’s you, Xena,” she exclaimed, taking me aback with the note of confidence and recognition in her tone. How she determined at that point it was me was beyond my comprehension at the present time, but I had better things to deal with.

“I’m not Xena,” I growled up at her, before letting my tongue slip in and out of her depths again.

“Oh yes, you are,” she replied, her voice laughing in its relief. “You had me going forever, but I’d know that mouth of yours anywhere.”

“I’m not Xena,” I repeated, and when she began to shake her head in protest, I added, “I’m Sabah, the charioteer.”

I caught a flash of white teeth as she smiled for the first time since I had entered the room. “Oooo…Sabah…” she echoed, her head nodding in rapt agreement. “Sexy Sabah…”

I had to give a grin at her voice and words, before turning my attention back to her sodden cunt.

“Won’t you take your mask off, Sabah?” she whispered a couple seconds later, after she had rubbed against the cool metal a few more times. “I want to come all over your beautiful face.”

“No,” I growled, after pausing to lick her tangy essence off my chin. There was something to be said for having my vision obscured as she humped my partially covered face. It seemed to heighten my other senses, and right now, my taste buds were tingling. I stripped the cloak from my shoulders, suddenly feeling very warm, and then immediately turned so my back was against the bottom step her ass was resting on. I took hold of her thighs and pulled forward.

We both groaned simultaneously as her pussy settled against my face again. Judging from the position of her vaginal opening against my lower lip, I knew her clit was now pressed firmly into the top of the nosepiece of the mask, and her slight scrubbing movements with her hips pretty well verified it. Now that she knew I planned on leaving the mask on, she was going to exploit it for all its worth.

“Mmm, Sabah...you do this sooo well…” I heard her gasp. Her cunt was a little more juicy every time it pressed into my mouth, and her movements dictated that it wasn’t going to be long before she was spasming on me. With my inverted head, I was able to open my mouth and let her secretions flow directly into it. Gods…ambrosia couldn’t even come close to comparing!

“I’m going to cum for you, Sabah…” I heard her voice float down from above me, but I was too busy guzzling her arousal to offer more than a grunt of response. I don’t know if I have ever seen her producing so many fluids! She was threatening to drown me with them, but I could think of no better way to die.

“Oh gods!” I heard her give a short scream above me, and her cunt slammed down onto the mask, wiggling her hips furiously as she climaxed on my face. Her vaginal tunnel pulsated around my tongue, tugging at it till I felt the pull to the roots. Her movements slowly calmed over the few minutes, and I continued to drink the results of her excitement.

Her body eventually stopped moving altogether, and I felt her thighs relax against my shoulders. Glancing up at her, I saw her mouth was open, and she was breathing through it, a slight smile on her face.

I gave a smile of my own, as I turned so I was straddling her on the step, and pressed my mouth to hers. Immediately, her tongue came out to meet me, first licking over my lips, then my chin, gathering up as many of her escaped fluids as she could. I reached down and gathered up more of her lubrication, and smeared it across both of my nipples. The second I lifted myself so one of my breasts hovered above her mouth, her lips closed eagerly on it. I closed my eyes as she made yummy noises in the back of her throat and sucked strongly against me.

I lifted my nipple from her mouth after a bit, and she spoke. “Why don’t you untie me, Sabah? I’d like to make you feel as good as you made me.”

It was a promise I was very tempted to take her up on, but I had other plans for her first. I loved the way she looked all stretched out over the steps, her upper half thrust out toward me, partly because of her position on the steps, and partly because of the way her hands were restrained. Her legs were braced against the floor, holding her weight half in the air, giving me a lovely view of her pink womanhood. Yes, I decided to keep her in this position for a while.

“I don’t think so,” I told her, leaning over so my voice would tickle the inside of her ear. “I want to make you feel even better first.”

She squirmed against the step. “Will you at least take off my blindfold so I can see you?”

“Not yet,” I told her, before introducing my other nipple to her mouth.

I don’t think she was very surprised, nor distressed by my words. If I had intended to dominate her tonight, she would know by now. She opened her mouth wide, taking in as much of my breast as she could, using her teeth and tongue to bring it to as heightened a state as the other one. I enjoyed the pleasure, at the same time, taking in the condition of her body. Fresh juices continued to slide down her leg, letting me know she was far from ready to end this night.

A moment later, I pulled my breast from her mouth. “Hey!” she exclaimed, put off by this, but I didn’t answer, instead getting up to move across the room to my saddlebag. I dug out the items I wanted, and returned to Gabrielle’s side.

“You look so gorgeous all stretched out like this,” I whispered in her ear, before licking my tongue across the inner shell. I grabbed hold of her earlobe with my teeth and tugged slightly. “Do you have any idea how hot you get me?”

“Show me…” she husked in return. It made me laugh, and as my face was buried in the crook of her neck, it tickled her. She shivered and goosebumps suddenly broke out all over her body.

Stripping off the mask, the cloak, and the gloves, eager to touch her, I lifted my mouth, so I was clear of her by an inch or two. “Don’t get pushy,” I chastised, and nipped her neck sharply, before sucking her skin into my mouth once again.

I caressed her slender neck and upper chest with my mouth for a very long time, enjoying the little mewling sounds she made from time to time. I made it a point to let my breath blow on the top of a nipple occasionally, but didn’t allow her anymore contact than that as I teased her. She would whimper a “please” from time to time, but I did my best to ignore her pleas. I would make it worth the wait for her.

Finally, I pulled my head back from hers. Sitting up next to her on the steps, I quickly stripped out of the rest of my clothes.

Then, I stretched my body out on the steps next to Gabrielle, leaning on one elbow. She was remaining strangely quiet during all this, and I suspected she finally realized that no matter how much pleading she did, it wasn’t going to make me move any faster.

I closed my lips around a nipple, giving it a firm suck. Gabrielle hissed her approval at the sensation, and wriggled her hips against the steps Her legs parted even more, and I inhaled deeply of the fragrance from her aroused groin.

“Mmmm…” I worked my tongue over and over the erect tip of her breast; then sucked again, loving the textures it rewarded my mouth with.

I lifted my body enough so my mouth could take a turn at her other teat. My fingers maintained the state of excitement in her first peak at the same time.

Nursing at her nipple for a considerable amount of time, I glanced up at Gabrielle from time to time, taking in her reactions.

At first, she left her head relaxed, a very slight smile hinting at the corners of her mouth. Then, as the moans began to build in her, she began nervously licking over her lips, the sucking the lower one between her teeth, which I found extremely alluring. Soon, as her passion built higher, her mouth gaped open as she began to pant for breath.

I held her nipple between my teeth as I had before, and then let it fall free, loving the way she jerked when I released her abruptly. Both of her nipples were shiny from my saliva, an entrancing sight.

She held her breath as I licked lightly on the underside of one breast. I sucked the flesh into my mouth for a minute, then released it with an audible pop. I repeated the action on its twin, then started moving southward.

Gabrielle whimpered pitiably when I left her side again, but I wasn’t gone long. I just wanted to grab one of the huge pillows off the bed. I slipped a hand under her ass and lifted, while I slipped the pillow under her.

“Comfy?” I asked her, right in into her ear.

“Unbelievably so,” she replied, “for the most part.”

“For the most part?” I echoed, pulling back a bit to take in her expression.

“Mm, yeah,” she replied, giving me her most mischievous giggle. “I’m afraid certain parts of me are rather…tense right now.”

I chuckled at that statement. “I’ll see what I can do about that,” I promised her before giving her a lingering kiss on her sweet lips.

I laid back against the step again, taking advantage of the lower part of the pillow. I rather liked this vantage point last time, and wanted to take advantage of it again.

“Oh, yes…” I heard her sigh in pleasure, as I held the phallus up, roiling it gently across her mound and then just barely pressing into her clit with it.

“Is that what you want?” I asked Gabrielle. “You want a hard cock up inside you?”

“Yes…I want YOUR hard cock up inside me.”

“Oh yeah?” I socketed the head of the phallus between her vaginal lips, and gave a lick up over her clit.

“Oh yeah…that’s what I want…your hard cock inside me while your tongue works its magic on my clit.”

I laughed and gave her tiny pink lollipop another lick, before purring, “I wish you’d make up your mind.”

“Ohhh…that’s all I want, Sabah…that’s all I’ll need. Just your tongue and your cock.”

Gods, but how I did love her! She was such a willing participant…such an enthusiastic lover. She had no idea that being tied up and blindfolded would be on the menu tonight, but had adapted to it immediately, not complaining that she wanted something else. No, she was perfectly content with the way things have developed.

“You’ve got it,” I said, and I began to move the phallus back and forth, plowing through the length of her engorged pussy lips. Her slick lubricants coated the tip of our wooden dick, and soon formed a glaze, dripping down the sides of it. It made my mouth water.

“Fuck me, Xena…please, fuck me…you’re driving me insane!”

I loved the needy sound of her tone, and the fact that she forgot I was supposed to be Sabah. It made me feel as if I had done my work well. I inched the phallus down and penetrated her shallowly with it, thrilling to the sound of it squishing in her sopping cunt.

Out of pure instinct, her hips moved toward me, trying to take more of the phallus in her. I pulled back an equal amount of distance, and grabbed onto her clit with my lips at the same time.

I quickly set up a rhythm were I thrust the phallus into her on one stroke, and pulled on her clit with my mouth on the other. I probed her a little deeper with each passing moment.

“Oh gods, Xena,” I heard her shriek. “Oh gods!” Her lower half was thrashing wildly against me, and I caught sight of her biceps straining and twisting against the ropes that held her.

Her pussy was pumping out an incredible torrent of thick juices, soaking my hand as I continued to piston the phallus into her. The tip of her clitoris swelled suddenly in my mouth, and I heard her suck in a great breath. Then she was cumming hard, crying out with the intensity of the sensations.

Her cunt muscles tightened around the phallus, despite the lubrication she had coated it with, and I left it inside her as I continued to nibble and nuzzle at her clit, letting her ride the wave of pleasure as long as she could.

Finally, her backside dropped back down to the cushion, as her lower half relaxed a bit. Her mouth was still wide open and I could see the perspiration that had formed on her chest from her efforts. I couldn’t resist licking my tongue up over it. I loved the salty taste. It tasted so different from, yet so much like her juices down lower.

“Oh gods, that was fantastic, Xena,” I heard her say then. “That was so intense, I felt it go all the way through me.”

“It was pretty intense to watch too,” I replied, finally able to pull the wooden shaft from her. I put the phallus to her lips, and she opened them immediately, her tongue coming out to lick up over the surface of it. I wanted some too, and approached the phallus from the other side. The second Gabrielle’s tongue touched mine, she was trying to get hers inside my mouth, rather than licking up her own taste. I acquiesced, and pressed my mouth fully to hers, rubbing the phallus on the sides of our faces and necks..

My own clit had been enjoying the show she had put on, but it was beginning to become a little too demanding in its throbbing. I considered the various ways I could satisfy it, and it didn’t take long for me to make up my mind.

I pulled the phallus from her mouth and dove in to her mouth with my own tongue, loving the way her smooth inner cheeks felt against me. When we parted for air, I asked her, “Do you want me to take the blindfold off you now?”

“Yes, please,” she answered eagerly.

I reached up and untied the black cloth from her eyes. She blinked a few times, until her eyes could grow used to the light. Then she looked me over, before giving me a sweet smile. “Gods, Sabah, you’re too hot not to look at. It just adds to the experience.”

I smiled back at her. “You’re pretty hot yourself,” I told her. “With or without your blindfold.”

“How about untying me now?” she asked. “So I can fuck that beautiful body of yours? I wanna make you come, Sabah.”

My smile widened into a grin. I wondered how long she was going to keep calling me Sabah. “Not yet,” I told her. “I’m still hungry for that sweet little pussy of yours.”

I watched her eyes grow even larger at that. She had obviously been expecting to pleasure me now.

How could I tell her there was something about the position she was sprawled out in that brought me excitement beyond belief….that just having her draped out over the bottom two steps in such a seductive pose made my own juices run down my legs? My nipples had hardened into spikes and every nerve ending between them and my clit was itching with tingling sensations. I gave Gabrielle another kiss, and then slid back down the steps. This time I turned so I was facing the same direction she was.

Her labia were so swollen, they hid the rest of her womanly parts from me at the moment. I stuck my tongue out, and licked the excess moisture that clung to them, then gave her a more firm lick. My left arm came up to hold her around her waist, to keep her from moving away from me too much, and my right hand, grabbed hold of one of my own nipples, giving it a hard tweak. It felt so delicious I groaned against her, creating a vibration in her clit.

“Oh gods, Xena…” I could tell by the husky tone in her voice that she could see me from her position. I planted my feet on the floor, and spread my thighs wide, revealing my own need to her. “Please Xena, bring it up here to me…I want to eat your pussy.”

“Un huh,” I said it with my mouth pressed against her cunt, but I’m sure she could feel me shake my head. My hand had found my other nipple, and I pinched it sharply as well, causing it to stand out as far as the other. True, it would have been nice to have her teeth bringing them to that state, but this would have to do.

I extended my tongue, flattening it, and let it work its way up and down her slit, stopping just short of her clit on the upward trip. I did let my tongue penetrate her vagina, before licking outward, and as the seconds passed, found myself having to hold on tighter to her to keep her in place.

At the same time this was going on, my other hand had finally made its way to my burning cunt. I tilted my pelvis upward so she could see as much as possible, and using three fingers, wasted no time in burying them deep inside my vagina, thrusting them vigorously in and out. If I so much as touched my clit right now, I knew I’d be coming, and I didn’t want to orgasm that soon. I wanted to build her level of desire up more first.

I worked my mouth along her pussy, drawing a labia into my mouth and chewing lightly on it, making her moan and yelp. It made me widen my thighs even more, and the right one brushed across the still wet surface of the phallus. I picked it up.

“Oh, Xena, are you going to fuck yourself with it?” She had her answer when I pressed the head of it into my crotch, and it partially disappeared up inside me.

“Yes, you are…” she answered, “You’re fucking yourself with the phallus that’s still wet from my juices…yeah…fuck yourself with my dick, Baby…”

I loved it when she talked to me like this, and as a reward, I widened the strokes of my tongue, so I could catch the underside of her clit. Her juices were so copious, they were running down my chin to splash on my upper chest, but I kept licking her and masturbating with the phallus for all I was worth.

“Gods, you’re going so deep…and hard…you really needed to be fucked, didn’t you?” she moaned, in between shortened breaths. “I can see your nipples sticking out like quill points…I’ll bet your clit is doing the same…”

I listened to her words and the sounds of both of our juices being worked to a frenzy, and my hips began to hump the air as the rapture escalated rapidly.

“Ooo…fuck yeah…I can see your clit, Xena…it’s so big and hard…gods…my mouth is watering to suck it…nurse on it…nibble it…don’t you wish I was chewing on you right now?”

Her words incensed me, and I miscalculated, as I began to come almost before I was ready. I just held her cunt against my face, as my own lower body froze in mid-arch, my pussy muscles clenching the phallus tightly. It stuck straight up in the air as my hand released it and my cunt held it, and I rubbed two fingers hard into my clit which was caught up in a frantic seizure. I growled long and hard into her folds, as I milked the bliss for as long as I could.

“By the gods, Xena, but you set me on fire when you play with yourself like that,” I heard her husk. Vaguely, I wondered how she could be burning when she was so wet…but now wasn’t the time to be funny. Now was the time to take her over the edge again.

I left the phallus still buried in my tunnel, as my soaked fingers pressed upward, inside her contracting pussy. Wrapping my lips around her clit, I began pumping her, turning my hand this way and that to vary the sensations within her.

“Oh yeah, Xena…that’s sooo good,” I heard her purr…”Your fingers are going sooo deep.” I loosened my lips on her clit just a bit, and concentrated more on my fingers, feeling her internal reaction respond to me in a pulsating motion. The inside of her pussy was slippery and warm, but textured at the same time. Nothing else could compare to it. I twisted my hand again, and felt a different contour along one of the walls.

It almost felt like a button inside her, and I know I have a similar feature as she has pressed it on numerous occasions while making love to me. She was so slippery, I usually couldn’t concentrate on hers, but from this angle, I was in the perfect position to curve my fingers slightly, and work back and forth over the hidden spot.

I heard her breathing intensify in great gasping gulps above me, and her thigh muscles became hard as rocks as I continued my onslaught. She was probably feeling a great throbbing warmth from deep within her body, as that’s what this kind of stimulation did for me. She was on the verge of a breath-stealer…

“Xee-nn-aa.!” My name came out in the form of a scream as she careened to her pinnacle, and her hips nearly bucked me off of her. I held on tight though, and felt a wetness jet out of her, coating my hand and wrist in a steady stream of hot fluids. I drew my head away in surprise, surprised by what she had just demonstrated.

I lifted my body up on the step next to her, and waited for her eyes to open. Her face was dark red, in what I assumed a sexual blush, but when she looked at me, I saw it was from embarrassment.

“Gods, I’m so sorry, Xena…”

It took me a second to figure out what she was talking about, then I remembered a similar experience I had when I was very pregnant with Eve. At first, I hadn’t realized it was my vagina that gushed the fluid, and assumed it was something else.

Her jaw gaped open when I lifted my hand to my mouth, and began to lick the wetness from my fingers, but I laughed and let her off the hook. “Don’t worry…it’s not what you’re thinking.”

She sniffed my fingers cautiously, a bemused expression on her face. “This happened to you before too, didn’t it?” she asked, and I could see she was remembering that rather intense love session just before Eve’s birth.

I nodded, and finished my scrumptious task. Licking my tongue over my lips, I bent down and gave her a tender kiss, then reached up to untie her hands. I massaged the feeling back into her wrists, and then she was straddling me, pushing me on my back, her hands reaching for my breasts to take over the massaging with much more urgency.

COMING NEXT WEEK: After Gabrielle’s surprise birthday at Cyrene’s inn, she finds herself scheming to get some time alone with Xena. Follows the events in Takes One to Know One.

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