X Marks the G Spot--Gabrielle's Scroll

Xena seemed to be enjoying herself at Claudius’s party, and every time I had looked at her, there was an added spark of amusement in her eye that I suspected didn’t have anything to do with the fine liquor we had been served. I tried to watch her expression frequently, but there was so much going on at the celebration that I only caught a glimpse of her from time to time. She grinned at me often, but as the evening progressed, I just convinced myself that she was having an exceptionally good time in the unexpected place of Rome, and was making the most of it.

We finally left the party, and returned to our room which was both lovely and very comfortable. I had been looking forward to spending some time alone with Xena ever since I first saw the quarters provided for us. I was a sucker for fluffy couches and balconies.

Xena had told me she wanted to go visit with Eve briefly, and I offered to join her, even though my body was still sore from the strain it had been under the last couple of days. I was almost relived when she told me she wouldn’t be gone long, and preferred that I relaxed while she was gone.

I thought about taking a dip in the heated bathtub that was more of the size of a pool while she was gone, but then thought better of it. I’d rather have Xena join me when she returned. So I pulled off my shoes, and reclined by the edge of the pool. If I had stretched out like that in the bed or on the couch, I probably would have drifted off to sleep, and knowing Xena, she wouldn’t have awakened me for a while. Though my eyelids felt scratchy and I was sleepy, there were other parts of my body that were wide awake.

As hard as I tried, I couldn’t help but dozing off, and I was startled abruptly from my slumber when I felt the weight of someone suddenly land on my back. I tired my best to wriggle free, but the weight wasn’t moving, and it was only a few minutes before I found myself blindfolded and my hands tied together. They were tied in front of me, but whoever was on top of me possessed great strength , and I couldn’t get free.

There were moments of panic over the next little while, as whoever had grabbed me made a couple of things clear…they were intent on getting my clothes off, and they didn’t care that Xena would be infuriated by their actions. It was a long period of time before I could even tell if it was a man or a woman on top of me…I could feel cloth brushing against me, telling me my assailant wore a thick cloak and gloves.

I tried to offered a verbal protest, but soon found a gag shoved into my mouth, leaving me speechless. My heart started to pound even faster when I felt myself being forced to go to the steps on the far side of the room, but I was laid down in a far gentler manner, and realized my attacker had put down something soft so the stairs wouldn’t hurt so much.

I felt a little slack in the rope tying my hands, and was getting ready to go on the offensive, when my arms were suddenly being pulled up above my head. It was a matter of seconds before I felt my hands being separated, and tied firmly to some structure above me.

I was growing more confused by the minute. Whoever was with me, was being very gentle with their touch, just teasing the surface of first my arms and then my sides, toward my skirt. I tried to hold still and concentrate on the touch, trying to determine what the gloves were made of, and perhaps get an idea of what the purpose of this was, but I wasn’t having much luck. I silently cursed my body for responding the way it did, but I couldn’t control it.

I felt the hands toying around with the waistband of my skirt, and then a finger was gently touching my lip…I figured it meant I would be ungagged if I would behave myself, and I gave a slight nod. I felt the fingers stroking over my cheek, and then the gag was being pulled out of my mouth.

Despite the fact that my assailant didn’t seem to want to hurt me, I still felt it necessary to give them fair warming about how Xena would react if she caught the person in the act. “Xena will be back soon, and when she sees what you’ve done, the results won’t be pleasant for you. If you tell me what you want from me and let me go, I might be able to convince her not to tear your lungs out.”

Whoever the person was, they didn’t seem impressed by what I told them, and soon, I felt their touch growing even more intimate. I felt my shirt being pulled loose, and then the cloth-covered fingers began squeezing and pinching my nipples in a way that caused my body to respond and me to moan,” Gods, please stop…you’re signing your death warrant…”

Once again, the person didn’t seem to hear, and if anything, their hands grew even bolder against my breasts. I wish I could say my nipples didn’t respond, but it was beyond my control. And I couldn’t help but gasp when I felt a mouth close in on one of the hardening tips.

Somewhere in the back of my mind, I had been trying to convince myself that this whole time, it was Xena who was tormenting me. I wouldn’t have put it past her to get dressed up, restrain me, and tease me beyond mercy, just to get my juices flowing. When I felt the mouth close in on me, I thought I’d be able to detect the warm suction of Xena’s mouth, the incredible tongue movements she used, the very feeling of her breath on my skin.

It didn’t take long for me to realize the feeling of the mouth on me was foreign, and indeed, very strange. Where Xena’s mouth was hot and moist, this mouth was cool and tingling. I have to admit it felt really nice, but at the same time, seemed to be having a numbing effect on my flesh.

I begged the person again to please stop when I felt the actions being repeated on my other breast, but I don’t think the person was listening. I hated the way my body was responding to the incredible sensations it was being inundated with, and was beginning to smell the alarming scent of my own arousal. How could I be responding to someone I didn’t even know…someone who was forcing me to lie still for their touch?

I asked again who it was doing this, and then, on a wild hunch, asked, “Did Xena put you up to this?”

Again, there was no verbal response, and I yelped when I felt my skirt being torn abruptly from me. My first instinct was to kick out and after making contact with some flesh, I was dismayed to feel my leg being grabbed in a very strong grip.

Then I did an even stupider thing. I kicked with my other leg, hitting the attacker in the back, and immediately, I felt this leg being pinned as well. I had lost the use of both arms and both legs now.

I nearly screamed when I felt the intimacy of a mouth pressing against the sodden part of my underwear. I cried out in only a slightly less vocal tone, “Oh gods, where are you, Xena?” I tried to wriggle free of the vice-like grip on me, and my clit sparked when it came up against something hard…very hard. Feeling the assailant laying between my thighs, I realized from the position that whoever was working on me was wearing some sort of helmet.

I had only a few seconds to process that thought, when I felt the last barrier of my clothing being abruptly ripped from my body. Since the person held my legs with their arms, I knew it was their teeth they had used to rip the material away. “Sweet Mother of Zeus!” I called out, truly terrified now.

And then, I felt the most blessed sensation. The sensation of a warm tongue slipping into my vagina, and the warm breath I had wanted to feel earlier against my breast. At the same time, my nose caught a very familiar fragrance. The fragrance of my lover when she was extremely aroused.

“Thank the gods it’s you, Xena,” I moaned, not even bothering to wonder how she had pulled off the charade up to this point. She made me laugh when she pulled her face from me long enough to tell me, she wasn’t Xena. I’d know that sexy voice of hers anywhere.

Oh yes, you are,” I giggled at her, very sure of myself now. “You had me going forever, but I’d know that mouth of yours anywhere.”

I heard her repeat that she wasn’t Xena, and when I started to argue again, she added, “I’m Sabah…the charioteer.”

Oh gods…Sabah…Xena was sexy enough just breathing, but when she had donned the haughty attributed and golden mask of a mysterious charioteer in order to get close to Caligula, she had kept my cunt in a state of constant arousal. Confidence was never a problem with her anyway, but as Sabah, she had oozed self-assurance, sex appeal, and strength.

When I felt Xena’s mouth dive into my wetness again, I felt the coolness of her mask rubbing against my clit. I asked her to take it off, but she refused.

Okay…that was that. I was kind of getting into the sensation of metal against me, and was just beginning to settle into a rhythm when I felt her moving. Seconds later, I could tell she had moved so she was lounging on her back just below me, facing the same direction I was.

Gods, but this was wonderful! My entire pussy was being overrun with conflicting sensations…the warm suctioning of her working mouth coupled with the unyielding material of the mask that covered her from the nose up. I couldn’t help but work my lower half strongly against her, feeling the intensity grow by the minute.

The relief that it was Xena and the pleasure of her skilled lovemaking made my body soar in no time. “I’m going to cum for you, Sabah…” I told her, and if she heard me, she never gave any indication, except perhaps to work her tongue and chin more feverishly against me.

The climax rumbled through me almost immediately, and again, I was crying out from the bliss it brought me. Xena continued to stab her tongue up inside me, aiding me in lasting as long as I could, and I could feel the floodgates of my pussy let loose, only to be followed by the sensation of her drinking them down.

My body still gave little quivers of aftershock when I felt her full lips pressing to mine. I loved the taste of my own excitement, especially when sucking it off her, and responded enthusiastically to her mouth. When I felt her fingers sweep through my labia again, and smelled my own scent in front of me, I opened my mouth to feel one of her nipples being pressed inside. Gods!

I sucked and nibbled at the tightened flesh for a long time, doing my best to tease her to the point she demanded me make her come, but she was being very stubborn tonight. Finally, I asked her to untie me, being sure to call her Sabah. I told her I wanted to return the favor she had just bestowed on me.

But she wouldn’t allow it…at least not yet. I tried again, asking her to remove the blindfold, but again was denied. I thought about pouting over it, but there was suddenly the fresh taste of her other nipple, liberally coated in my pussy juice pressed into my tongue, and I forgot I was supposed to get mad.

I did let out a brief protest when she abandoned me completely a few seconds later, but she wasn’t gone long.

“You look so gorgeous all stretched out like this,” she growled right beside my ear. I got goosebumps when she bit my earlobe lightly. “Do you have any idea how hot you get me?”

All I could respond me with was “Show me”, and she wasted no time at all in doing just that. I felt her nose rubbing against my skin, letting me know she had removed the mask, and then her ungloved fingers were touching me as well.

My, but she worked me over good! She showed a great deals of restraint, remaining focused on my upper half for an unbearably long time, teasing and sucking, marking and seducing. I could smell her pussy’s scent, combined with mine, and knew she was on fire for me, but she managed to maintain the teasing for a very long time. I gave up on trying to hurry her, and did my best to lay back and just relish the sensations she was bringing to me.

My pussy was awash in a constant tide of moisture as she worked her talented mouth and fingers all over my breasts, acting like she had all the time in the world to make love to me. Perhaps she did. My breath would catch in my throat as I would feel her mouth move slightly, and I knew her eyes would occasionally drift upward to meet look at my face as she worked. Gods, the bluest ocean…the bluest sky…none of them had the depth to compare to Xena’s electric blue eyes, and I was only able to see them in my imagination..

I groaned when she left my side again, but it was only to retrieve a pillow from the bed and slide it underneath me. My fingers clutched at the air as I looked down at her, wondering what she was going to do now.

Finally! I felt the familiar texture of the phallus rubbing softly against my nether regions, and I moaned my approval.

She asked me if the wooden cock was what I wanted, and I wasn’t shy about letting my desires be known. I wanted the phallus working inside me, while her mouth worked on my clit.

It was an honest answer, but she teased me a bit longer, until I was finally begging her to fuck me. I think I slipped and called her Xena then, instead of Sabah, but if she noticed, she didn’t bring it up. I suspected her own excitement was rapidly escalating.

At last I felt the phallus barely penetrating my depths, my tunnel tried to collapse around it, trying to draw it further into my body. Instead of cooperating with that desire, I felt Xena’s mouth pursing around my clit, sucking insistently.

I cried out to the gods and Xena as she finally began to go to work on me the way I had been desiring, the phallus pumping in and about of me while her teeth and lips tugged at my clitoris in the same rhythm. She made humming sounds in her throats as she made love to me, telling me she was enjoying this nearly as much as I was.

I would have loved to let her fuck me like this for much longer, but I could feel my orgasm approaching very fast. She was too good, especially the pull of her mouth on the most sensitive area of flesh on my whole body.

My lower half convulsed as the strong waves of warm pleasure swept through me in tandem with the rhythm of her mouth and fingers. I felt like my pussy was turning inside out as I strained to hold her within me as tightly as possible. She mumbled something, and continued her sweet torment, until my body dropped back down onto the pillow, my chest panting for breath.

I let her know how fantastic she had been, and Xena agreed it was pretty intense to witness. When I heard the sucking sound the wooden cock made as it left my cunt, I shivered, and then she was placing the phallus near my mouth, so I could suck my own flavor from it. After a few seconds, she was joining in.

I became more interested in Xena’s mouth than the phallus, and we shared our breaths for a few moments, as our tongues fought a duel with each other. When she broke the kiss finally, it was to ask, “Do you want me to take the blindfold off you now?”

I knew it was always a risk that she might be teasing me, but I answered yes, and she was untying it shortly. It only took a minute before my eyes had adjusted, and I was filling my eyes with the sight of Xena. “Gods, Sabah, you’re too hot not to look at. It just adds to the experience.”

She gave me a smile in return. “You’re pretty hot yourself…With or without your blindfold.”

I asked her to untie me again, letting her know I wanted to take charge of her pleasure for a while, and I really excepted her to at least consider it, but she just looked amused.

“Not yet,” she replied. “I’m still hungry for that sweet little pussy of yours.”

I took in the condition of her body, wondering why she was bent on denying herself still. It was obvious her pussy was crying out for relief, I could see the juices coating her inner thighs, and her hips were making small fucking movements without her volition. Her breasts, which she had allowed me to suck, but only briefly, looked tight and hard, and her nipples had elongated into points that I could easily imagine have drilling into my clit. My own cunt was pouring out moisture, but I had already come twice…it really should be her turn.

But she had slid between my legs again, once again, resting her ass on the floor so she could lay back and look upward into my sex. She began licking and sucking at my cunt again, stirring up even more arousal and excitement.

As exquisite as it felt, I still didn’t feel complete until I knew she had peaked, and looking down, I saw she had spread her thighs and was working her fingers toward her own center. It looked fantastic, but my mouth was aching to taste her and I begged her to let me eat her pussy.

She refused though, and continued to lick me, touching my entire cunt with the exception of my clit. I watched her tweak and pinch her own nipples, increasing her pleasure as she worked at me.

My body began to wiggle in earnest when I saw her own fingers disappear inside her vagina.

I honestly don’t know how she was able to do so many things at once, but she was working her teeth on my labia, which tugged delightfully on my clit, while one of her hands continued to torment her breast and the other hand was reaching for the phallus by her thigh. My eyes were riveted to the sheer sexuality dripping from her as she made love to us both.

“Oh, Xena, are you going to fuck yourself with it?” I knew she was, and it excited me beyond relief. I watched her press the dick up inside her need. “Yes, you are…” I continued “You’re fucking yourself with the phallus that’s still wet from my juices…yeah…fuck yourself with my dick, Baby…”

She liked what I was saying, obviously, and she began to pound the wooden object in and out of herself harder, at the same time, began to touch my throbbing clit with her tongue as she continued to lick me out. “Gods, you’re going so deep…and hard…you really needed to be fucked, didn’t you? I can see your nipples sticking out like quill points…I’ll bet your clit is doing the same…” There were few things I could even come close to comparing to Xena in regards too, but she claimed I ran the best dialogue when it came to our sex talk, and right now I was determined to add to her level of desire with my mental pictures.

“Ooo…fuck yeah…I can see your clit, Xena…it’s so big and hard…gods…my mouth is watering to suck it…nurse on it…nibble it…don’t you wish I was chewing on you right now?”

Oh yeah, she was listening all right, and her hips were eagerly fucking the air now, as she plunged into herself hard and fast with the phallus. Gods, it was a sexy sight, and I almost felt proud of myself when she began to cum, despite the fact that she was doing all the real work.

My own desire had rapidly escalated in turn with her performance with me, and I told her something about feeling like I was burning up just from watching her. My pussy hole gratefully sucked up her fingers into its depth, loving the sensation of her filling me yet again.

She had buried her fingers deep inside me many times before, but something about this night was different. Perhaps it was the angle she was entering me from, or maybe it was the amount of lubrication I had already produced, but I felt an intense pressure inside my cunt that took me by surprise. It’s difficult to explain, but rather than radiating from my clit and outer pussy, there was a deep wave of pleasure coming from deep inside my vagina.

Xena noticed my response to that spot, and I could feel her talented digits zeroing in on the area now, stroking over and over it in a repeated motion. I felt like every inch of my cunt was swelling quickly, and I had to squeeze my muscles to keep from suddenly losing control of my bladder.

The sensations continued to build until I couldn’t take it anymore, and then my cunt exploded. I called out Xena’s name, and my hips bucked furiously, an intense feeling of relief flowing through me in its stead. I collapsed against the pillow, panting for air, marveling at the shooting stars behind my clenched eyelids. And I was aware of a splashing sound, as an incredible stream of some.. liquid shot from my body onto her hand.

I must have peed on her, and I felt the heat flood from my lower extremities to fill my face. I was mortified at my own loss of control.

Finally, I worked up the courage to look her in the eye. She was smiling wickedly, and then she lifted her fingers to her mouth, and began to work her tongue over her wet fingers. This was too much!

She laughed then, “Don’t worry…it’s not what you’re thinking.”

I didn’t notice any unusual odor on her fingers, and as Xena continued to happily lick them clean, I remembered something that had happened to her a while back.

“This happened to you before too, didn’t it?” I asked.

I felt reassured when she nodded, and finished licking her fingers with a smack of her lips. Then she was leaning over me, working her lips against mine while she untied my hands at the same time. Believe it or not, I had almost forgotten they were restrained, but now that I was free, I felt the need to touch her grow even stronger. I pushed her over onto the step next to me, and straddled her thighs, so I could palm her breasts. The phallus clattered to the floor, slipping out of her depths, and I picked it up. I smiled at her slyly.


“Hmmm?” Xena had made herself comfortable in this position, her eyes closed and her back arched, so her breasts pressed into my hands.

I paused, my mouth hovering just above her ear, and sure enough, in a few seconds, she was opening her eyes, to see what I had wanted. “I want to make love to you on the bed,” I whispered.

She grinned at me. “Carry me there?” she asked, holding an arm up toward me.

I laughed with her. “I’ll make it worth your while,” I sing-songed, and her eyes opened the rest of the way.

“You’d better,” she replied in the same whimsical notes.

Semi-reluctantly, she climbed to her feet, but she made the trip across the room to the bed quickly. Once she was standing by it, she turned to face me. “How do you want me?” she asked with a smirk.

Oh what a loaded question, and of course, I wanted her in a whole variety of ways, but I had to make up my mind. “Flat on your back,” I told her.

She smiled a dung-eating grin, and hopped backwards on the bed, stretching out her body along the length of it. “How’s this?” she asked, folding her hands under her head.

I stood at the foot of the bed, and slowly looked her up and down. Putting my hands on my hips, I grinned.

“Perfect…” I said. I leaned down and picked up one of the gloves Xena had discarded earlier, and slid it on my arm. It went halfway to my elbow, and I looked rather silly wearing only it, but Xena wouldn’t be laughing at me when I started using it to touch her..

Sabah the charioteer had teased and tantalized and brought me intense pleasure. Now it was Cinda from Thrace’s turn to repay the favor.

COMING NEXT WEEK: After Gabrielle’s surprise birthday at Cyrene’s inn, she finds herself scheming to get some time alone with Xena. Follows the events in Takes One to Know One.

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