Choosing A Side --Xena's Scroll

“How did you know how to do that?”

I stared at Gabrielle who was looking back and forth between her own hands and the bloody mess that just a moment ago had been Raab’s face.

“You taught me,” she said finally.

I laughed at her; I couldn’t help it. “I most certainly did not,” I told her.

She was half-nodding. “Yes, you did,” she replied. “Even though you can’t remember it. You wanted to teach me everything that you knew, and that included the pinch.”

I looked at her, amazed at her audacity…again. “Stay right there,” I told her.

I got up from the bed, and slid into a robe before dragging Raab’s dead body out of the doorway of the tent. I pitched him out into the camp, barking at the nearest man to get rid of the body.

Gabrielle was sitting on her knees near the foot of the bed when I reentered. I got back on the bed, and sat on my knees opposite her.

She was still looking at her hands, but finally, she looked up at me. Her eyes were brimming with sincerity.

“You say I taught you the pressure points,” I finally spoke.

“Yes, My Lord.”

“When did I manage to do that?”

She shrugged. “It wasn’t that long ago,” she answered finally. “We were in Jappa, and you knew you were about to face a battle which you probably weren’t going to survive. You took me aside and told me you wanted me to know everything that you knew. That included pressure points.”

She sounded so convincing, for a minute, I thought she might be telling me the truth. After all, I didn’t know anything that happened over a month ago, did I? Somehow, I knew pressure points, and I knew it was an unusual skill to have. And seeing her know them as well…

I shook my head at her again, deciding not to pursuer this subject any further. Time for another tactic.

“All right, never mind about that,” I said, shaking my head. “I have another question for you.”

“All right, My Lord.”

I leaned in a bit toward her. “I suppose that it doesn’t really matter how you learned the pinch. The question is…what made you kill Raab like that? What did he ever do to you?”

Predictably, I saw a light pink blush swept up over her features. “I uh…”

“Tell me, Bitch!”

I snapped it at her, my patience and attempts at gentleness wearing thin. She jumped a bit, then replied, “He was fucking you, My Lord.”

“Well, that was obvious,” I said, trying to look disgusted.

“Yes, My Lord, and…it sounded like you were both enjoying yourselves.”

“We were,” I replied. “Very much.” I realized I should be really angry with her for what she had done, but my curiosity was getting the best of me. “Why wouldn’t you want your Lord to enjoy herself?”

“It’s not that, My Lord,” she answered, right away.

“Then, what is it?”

She sighed, then answered, “I want to be the one to bring you the pleasure, Mistress. I hate the idea of someone him being intimate with you…being the one to bring you the pleasure.”

Then it all dawned on me. I stared at her, I’m sure my expression incredulous. “You were jealous,” I suggested.

The blush darkened even further. “Yeah, I suppose I was, Mistress,” she answered finally.

I suddenly lunged forward, causing her to fall backward on her hands. “You were jealous,” I sneered derisively.

“Yes, Mistress. I’m sorry…I couldn’t help it.”

I nodded, thinking about it. “You’ve got a lot of guts, you little slut, being jealous of a body part that you don’t even have. I’ve licked every inch of that cunt of yours, and I’m sure I’d remember if you had a dick growing out of you.”

“No, I don’t, My Lord,” she affirmed, not backing down.

“So what did you think you could offer me that Raab couldn’t?”

“There is one difference, My Lord,” she said quietly.

“Which is?”

She smiled slightly. “I care about more than just your sexual satisfaction. I want more than to just make you come…My Lord.”

I quirked an eyebrow. “You don’t want to make me come?” I asked her.

She looked at me worried, then broke out into a giggle. “Of course, I wanna make you come,” she answered. “I wanna make you come every chance I get. But more than that, I want to serve you in all capacities. I want to fight beside you; I want to lend you my intelligence; I want to take care of you. I can help you heal; I can record your travels and battles; I can help you negotiate.” She took a deep breath. “And yes, I want to share your bed…” she crawled forward so she had a finger under my chin. “Because, I can make you scream, Xena…like no one else can.”

I blinked calmly, staring into her incredible green eyes. The speech she’d just given was ballsy and ridiculous, but I found myself intrigued just the same. Every single thing about the little blonde slave had been very different from any other person I’d ever had, male or female. I had heard every single part of her speech, but here, right now, when we were both sitting in my darkened bedroom naked, my cunt still tingling from the enthusiastic fucking Raab was in the middle of when he died…right now…only the last part made any sense to me.

“You can fuck me till I scream, huh?” I said, leaning back again, against the headboard of the bed.

“Yes, I can,” she replied. Her eyes blatantly raked over my naked form. “Will you allow me, My Lord?”

Something in the way she looked at me caused another demanding pulsation in my pussy. “Well, since you killed the man who was well on his way to satisfying me, I think I’ll give you a chance. But…” I narrowed my eyes at her…”I expect you to fuck me like a man.”

“With pleasure, My Lord. I…uh…do need to borrow the equipment though…”

I reached over and pulled open my bedside table, pulling out a harness and a mid-sized phallus. No sense in giving her an advantage like Raab had with his massive cock. The phallus had a textured nub on the wearer’s end of it that would give Gabrielle a bit of pleasure too. Silently, I handed the apparatus to Gabrielle.

She took the equipment, looked it over briefly, and then her features melted into an incredibly seductive, confident smile. “Will you let me have freedom tonight, My Lord?” she asked. “Will you allow me to as I wish, rather than submitting to your own demands?”

“If you’re going to fuck me like I asked.”

She tossed her head in a nod. “Deal,” she answered.

I bent one of my legs, still lounging against the headboard, giving her an eyeful of my still very swollen center. I watched as she straightened up on her knees, and crawled the couple feet to me.

“Put the harness on me,” she said, her voice not holding any doubt at all.

I took the leather item dangling from her fingertips, and strapped the harness to her, making sure the straps fit snugly around the bottom of her ass cheeks. In the front, the straps met in an X that held the phallus firmly in place against her clitoris.

The moment she was strapped in, she was pushing me back even further against the wall, her crotch thrust forward. “I laid there on the floor and listened to you slurping and sucking that man’s hardon until he came in your mouth. Now, I want you to do the same to me.”

I dutifully lowered myself down onto the bed, so she was on her knees looking down at me. Turning slightly onto my side, I grasped the wooden cock in my hand, pressing it against her clit a few times. She wiggled her hips in response, and then I was sucking her in.

“Oh yeah…” she got into the movements immediately, thrusting her hips forward repeatedly, pressing her cock deeper into my throat. I curled my right hand around the base of it in case she got over-zealous, and let her fuck my mouth. Her fingers found their ways to my temples, where she massaged and caressed the sides of my face as she continued to hump against me.

“Yeah, suck me good, Xena. Get me good and wet. Your mouth is so hot…”

I sucked away, making as much noise as I could as my head bobbed up and down along the length of her. I began holding the shaft increasingly tighter between my teeth, knowing it would push the base of it harder into her own erection.

“Gods yes, but you ARE good at this,” I heard her moaning. “You are going to make me cum just by sucking my cock.”

I fought back a grin, knowing she had gotten pretty worked up just listening to Raab and I in the throes of passion. I reached up with my free hand, and dipped it between her labia, and then into her vaginal opening. I assaulted her clit from the outside and her vagina from the inside, watching her closely the whole time. The muscles tightened as her movements got rougher.

Not being able to resist, I let her cock plop out of my mouth for a second. “How long before you will be able to get it up again?” I asked her, knowing she’d recognize the same thing I had asked Raab.

She reached down and tweaked one of my nipples. “With those tits of yours?” she grinned mindlessly. “No time at all, I assure you.”

I loved that response, and lowered my head to her prick yet again.

“Yesss…”I heard her hiss, as her head rolled back, and her hands left my chest to grab onto the headboard. I felt her breathing stop for an instant as her body soared, and then she groaned out her completion as she came.

Watching someone else reach their orgasm can be a learning experience, and I learned that Gabriel tightened up her neck muscles and gritted her teeth when she came. The infuse of blood to her head caused her face and neck to darken in a deep blush.

“Ungh!” She let out a loud gasp as her head finally shot forward in relief. Her hips unconsciously pulled back a little and then the phallus was being stripped from my teeth abruptly.

“That was great, Baby,” she said, backing up a bit more. “Now it’s time for that fucking I promised you.”

I nodded, ready to continue, and parted my thighs, propping both feet up on the bed.

“Unh huh,” I heard her say, shaking her head, and she backed completely off the bed, then reached for my right thigh, pulling it in her direction. The left one had to follow to a certain point, and then both legs were hanging off the side of the bed. The she stepped closer, and reached for a thigh again, bringing it around her waist. She repeated the action on the other leg, and I skootched in a little more comfortably.

Gabrielle was staring down at me, her eyes sparkling and she reached her hands out to brush up over my ribs and then take a firm hold on each breast. She began pressing and massaging them, moving the entire mounds on my upper body. I shut my eyes and just enjoyed the sensation for a minute. I loved a firm touch on my tits, and I found most people were afraid to give it to me. She seemed to know what I wanted. My tightened nipples scraped against her palms, causing shivers to course through my body. I gave a soft moan, to let her know I appreciated her efforts.

A second later, I felt the soft touch of her lips against mine.

I realized a couple of things immediately. This was the first kiss we had shared, and she was an incredible kisser. Her lips pressed firmly against mine, sucking my bottom lip slightly while her upper lip gently worked its way between mine. I opened my mouth first, wanting more of a taste of her.

Her tongue licked my inner lips, and then stroked my gums in short, even strokes. She made little sounds in her throat, her hands not moving so broadly now, until she was concentrating her fingertips across my areolas and nipples. I plunged my own tongue into her mouth, and began to explore the inner recesses of her oral cavity. She tasted clean and smooth and…feminine…and I rubbed my hands over her upper shoulders, unable to keep them still.

She wrenched her mouth away, and bent down to take one of my nipples in her mouth, nipping and suckling, and driving me crazy. My thighs tightened involuntarily, and she echoed that by swallowing the other nipple. The torment she created was spurring my pussy to release juices in abundance on her mons veneris.

When she released the nipple with an erotic popping sound, she grinned saucily up at me. “Are you ready to have my prick plundering that squirmy pussy of yours?”

“Very ready,” I admitted, and the wave of desired warmed me from my brain downward at her words.

She straightened her back a bit, and I could feel the tip of the phallus teasing over my mound, then the hood of my clitoris. The teasing was too much, and I dug my nails into her firm ass cheeks.

“Blondie…” I said through clenched teeth. “I know I agreed to…be agreeable tonight…but there is such a thing as pushing me too fucking much.”

She didn’t look too worried by my threat, and the next thing I knew, I felt the length of the cock sliding deep inside my pussy. We both took a deep breath to gain our composure, and then I felt her hips begin to move.

She began to fuck me in long slow strokes, her hips barely brushing against mine on the downstroke. It felt wonderful from the beginning , this leisurely, yet insistent pace, and I felt my cunt walls begin to grab onto the phallus when it was inside me. It offered resistance to her, making her work her hips a little bit harder each time, which made her hips slap harder against me. Before long, she was grunting with effort each time she thrust.

“That’s good,” I told her, as my hips began to move to meet her own. From the position she was standing in, the phallus was moving at a slight declining angle, giving a delicious amount of contact to my own erection. My body picked up steam unconsciously, and I was digging my nails in even further, urging her to increase her pace.

She moaned in her throat, and did as I bid, her body moving faster and faster. This was when her incredible strength was coming in handy. She released her handle on my breasts, and held onto my hips instead. Her upper half was being held rigid, as her bottom half pistoned in and out of me like some sort of machine. The pace set up an unbelievable vibration throughout my whole cunt, making me clench my inner muscles in an effort to hold my labia from tugging at my clit. I didn’t want to come too soon, when I was enjoying this as much as I was!

“Oh shit, Xena,” she suddenly doubled over, before pressing her mouth into mine for a hot, sloppy, open-mouthed kiss. I had to jerk my head back to gasp after only a few seconds though, because my orgasm was fast approaching and I needed a great draught of air. I managed to suck it in, and then my body convulsed in a crashing wave of ecstasy that started in my toes and raced through my body at top speed.

“Are you coming?” I head her ask, her voice sounding as though it were far away from me.

“Mmm yeah,” I answered, my cunt gushing out a fresh torrent of liquid.

“Good…cause so am I.” She gave a few more thrusts, and then she abruptly collapsed on me, gasping for air.

For a few seconds, she lay heavy and motionless on top of me. I had my hands on those wonderfully taut biceps again, squeezing and massaging the muscles.

She finally lifted her head, and looked into my eyes. “Wow,” she said softly, with a wondrous laugh.

I chuckled back. “Wow, indeed.”

“Better than Raab?”

I pretended to consider it. “I’m not sure,” I replied. “I think I need a little more of the experience.”

“Good thing I got my second wind,” she quipped. She pushed herself up off on me and was stepping out of the circle of my legs still clasped around her waist. I let my feet rest on the floor, while I waited to see what she had in mind.

“Flip over,” she was saying, urging me with her hands to do just that. I rolled to my side, and felt her hands clasping on my ass, as I had done with her earlier. “Up on the bed, Xena. I want you on all fours up on the bed.”

I scrambled to do as she wanted as quickly as I could. “Oh gods, you are so gorgeous,” I heard her gasp from behind me, and then there was the blissful sensation of a hungry mouth licking from the top of my ass crack to the opening of my vagina. She poked her tongue in and out a few times, and then licked her way back up.

I felt the bed give slightly under her weight, and then felt the front of her legs brushing the back of mine. A hand reached underneath me to wrap around my stomach.

“Here we go…” I heard her whispering, and the phallus was entering me again already.

“Yeah…fuck my cock, Xena…”

I was easily rocking back and forth in this position, enjoying the sensation of my breasts swaying freely beneath me, making as much noise as I felt like. Behind me, she had straightened up again, and she had two hands on either side of my butt, not needing to guide it, but just hanging on while her lower half once again thrust nonstop.

“What an ass…” I heard her click her tongue. She gave my right butt cheek a firm smack, which just made me shudder. A minute later, she spanked the other side. I was expecting it that time, and I jerked forward a bit in response, before settling back into the rhythm.

A few scant seconds later, I felt her hands reaching underneath me. Her hands cupped underneath my breast, and my nipples were caught between the webbing of two of her fingers. When she pulled her hips back, she squeezed her fingers, sending sparks of both pain and desire shooting from my chest down to my clit. I couldn’t resist throwing my head back, offering my neck to her. She took the hint and her mouth attached itself to me, sucking and nibbling me at the same time.

Gabrielle was so very good, and far more aggressive than I could have imagined or indeed, could have wished for. She was leaning over me now, and I could feel her picking up the speed, her cunt slapping against my ass with every thrust. Her mouth slid from my neck, but I could still feel her breath blowing hot on the back of my neck as she hunched over me and moved with blistering fast strokes.

The sounds of heavy panting in the room were drowned out by the harsh, sexy smacking sounds of wet flesh meeting wet flesh. I closed my eyes and flared my nostrils, inhaling the heady scent of her cunt juices mixing in with mine. I was soaring among the clouds, way above the Earth…

“I’m going to cum…”

She surprised me by saying it first, but she never lost her pace fucking me, and I felt her fingers grabbing hold of my clit, giving it a firm squeeze, then keeping at least two fingers pressed hard against it so with each thrust, it received even more friction.

I heard her breath grow even more ragged, and then she began to moan. Her nails suddenly dug into my clit, and the sharp pain sent me over the edge, at the same time she was spasming to her own peak.

It felt so damn near perfect, I was very tempted to let loose the scream she had bragged about bringing out in me. It would have been easy, but I just couldn’t give her the victory if I was still capable of denying it.

My orgasm was very strong though, and despite the fact that I had already come numerous times tonight, it took me off-guard with the way it went from mild to intense so quickly. Gabrielle was nearly shrieking with her own experience, and then was gradually slowing her own movements.

She released me, and pulled the phallus from me. As I started to move from my current position, she grabbed hold of me again.

“Oh no you don’t…I’m not done with you…”

I don’t know what I was expecting, but it certainly wasn’t what she did. She dove underneath me, and was pulling me down so my over-stimulated cunt was pressed right against her mouth.

“Oh, no,” I said, immediately trying to pull away. I had experienced a huge orgasm not more than a minutes ago, and my clit was in dire need of a rest. The last thing I needed was a hot little mouth like hers giving me a working over.

“Oh, yes,” I heard her mumble, and she used her incredible strength to pull me down on her mouth. Yeah, I could have easily escaped had I really tried, but she obviously had a plan in mind.

“Hold on tight,” she told me, and immediately, she sent me grabbing for the nearest solid thing, which happened to be her upper body.

“Oh yes, let me take a closer look at that beautiful pussy,” I heard her croon, her finger stroking over my pubic hair. She was using both hands and presently I felt her fingers easy my swollen outer lips apart. I felt her blow her cool breath on me, and for just a second, I thought she might actually at least catch my own breath before she moved in on me.

Then I heard her murmur, “Come out, come out…” and I almost managed a smile. No doubt the words were spoken to my clit, which had shrunk and reduced itself to hiding under its hood, feeling it couldn’t take any more. “I’ve got to have some of that,” I heard, and her mouth suddenly found the head of it, and she easily sucked my clit right back out of its hiding place. She grabbed onto it firmly with her lips, and began nursing on it strongly.

“By the gods!” The sensitivity made it painful when she continued to suck me. I wiggled my hips, very tempted once again to escape, but even though the pain was there, there was also an exquisite pleasure making itself known. I dug my fingers deeper into her shoulders, and moved my hips just a bit more in an effort to get her to relieve the pressure somewhat. The talented little bitch just moved her mouth in whatever direction I moved my hips.

Her fingers, which HAD been just holding me open, were now beginning to move, scratching their way up and down the valley between my inner labor, occasionally tweaking one of my lips or pressing a little harder into areas that drew the most response from me.

She lifted her mouth an inch from me. “You taste so heavenly, Xena…Cum in my mouth…I want you to squirt your passion into my mouth…”

My eyes rolled back in my head with the sounds of her words. Gods, my clit felt like it was absolutely raw, able to stand the pressure of her mouth for only a couple of seconds before it tried to dart away again. Her fingers made their way inside my vagina, and she began to wiggle and twist them inside me. Even the ring of muscle surrounding the entrance to my cove was tender, but it wasn’t long before it was accommodating her questing fingers with no difficulty.

My clit was a different story. It felt like it was swollen to immense proportions, and occasionally, she added even more fuel to the fire by scraping her teeth directly over the head of it. The sensations increased exponentionally, until every thought in my brain was directed at that small column of flesh between my legs.

I buried my head in the quilt, as my hips took on a life of their own, beginning to grind out of control into the stimulation. Finally, all semblances to pain were gone, and I was left feeling on the verge of the most incredible climax of my life.

I sucked in my breath and every function in my body came to a screeching halt. Gabrielle ceased the fucking of her fingers, but didn’t remove them from me. She continued to nurse my hardon for all she was worth.

“Ah fuck, here it comes,” I managed, and then my release was finally there.

There was a complete onrush of all my fluids to fill my clit as it felt like it suddenly split wide open. I saw stars behind my clenched eyelids, and every muscle in my body went rigid, then relaxed simultaneously.

The complete release of tension was so powerful, I had no choice. I lifted my head upwards, and screamed at the top of my lungs. Even that had a cleansing effect on me somehow.

Finally, I collapsed bonelessly on Gabrielle, then realizing I was probably hurting her, I forced myself to use enough energy to roll off her.

The moment my shoulder blades hit the pillow, my hands came down to cover my overworked pussy. Gabrielle laughed, and then propped herself up on an elbow.

“Told you I’d make you scream,” she winked, still grinning at me.

“You sure did.” It took a second, then I gave her a slow nod in acknowledgement of what she had brought about, realizing she had been absolutely correct.

“I must say,” I told her in all honesty, “that you have proven yourself to be honest. You have yet to lie to me.”

She smiled and nodded, as if to say, “What did you expect?”

“Of course,” I continued. “If I find out that you have lied to me about anything, you’ll be dead.”

She continued to nod, but didn’t look quite as comfortable as she did a minute ago. “I won’t ever lie to you,” she said, looking very convincing.

Now, I was the one who was nodding, a look of amusement on my face. “That may be right, but you make up some of the wildest stories I’ve ever heard.”

“But I…” I shut her up with two fingers pressed to her lips.

“It’s okay,” I told her. “I don’t mind that kind of storytelling. It’s too farfetched for me to even begin to think you’re lying.”

Despite the comfort she’s been showing moment ago, she suddenly looked downtrodden again. For some reason, that bothered me.

“Quit yer worrying,” I told her. “Get some sleep knowing you’ve fucked your Lord better than else ever has, man or woman.”

It worked. I saw another smile slide across her features. “Really?” she asked. “Thank you, My Lord.”

I nodded, then said, “Get some sleep, Slave. I want to discuss something important with you in the morning.”

I saw her look around nervously. She was stretched out on the bed opposite the side where she usually slept chained up. She started to move, but I reached a hand over quickly, to stop her.

“Where are you going?”

She glanced toward the far side of the room again. “Where do you want me to sleep?” she asked finally.

“You can sleep here with me,” I answered. “Provided you keep your hands out of my crotch.” I gave her a pained warning look.

She stared back at me, trying to figure out what I was saying. When she realized, she smiled. “I promise,” she said.

I nodded back, and bent up enough to reach down and pull the covers up over us the both of us.

After a moment, I heard her speak again. “Thank you, My Lord.”

“You’re welcome, Whore,” I replied without heat. I was asleep within a couple of minutes.

I didn’t realize how poorly I’d been sleeping, until I managed to get a good night’s rest that night. I felt so different the next morning. The sun had been up a half hour or so when I awoke, feeling ready to take on anything.

It took me a few seconds to get my bearings. I was sleeping flat on my back, the pillow laying above my head. And there was a slight, but significant weight one my chest. When I looked down, I saw it had blonde hair.

Sometime, during the night, the little slave must have gravitated toward me. She had her head resting on the top of one of my breasts, and one arm was wrapped around my waist. She looked for all the world as if she had slept in that position a thousand times before. That thought puzzled me

Training my ears to listen, I didn’t hear much activity outside in the camp. It was still too early. However, I realized the men were expecting me to pick someone to take Ralston’s place today. I already had my mind made up, and it was going to shake the men up quite a bit.

I nudged Gabrielle a little. She wiggled tighter to me, and mumbled something, but didn’t wake up. I had to smile a little as I gave her a more firm push.

“Come on, Xena…lemma sleep just another hour…please?”

I looked down at her, half amused and half-annoyed. She spoke with an endearing familiarity. Once again, it sounded like she had done it many times before.

I leaned my head down so my mouth was right next to her ear. In my lowest conqueror’s voice, I said, “You have thirty seconds to get your ass out of my bed, or I’ll turn you over to my men dressed the way you are right now.”

I couldn’t help it. I chuckled. “Well, that sure worked,” I quipped. “I’ll have to remember that little trick.”

She offered me a sheepish half-smile. “Good morning, My Lord,” she said.

I nodded at her. “Get dressed,” I told her. “I want you to go out with me to the practice field today.”

I knew that would pique her curiosity, and she dressed quickly. I gave her a few more pins to hold up her borrowed breeches, but other than that, paid no attention to her. She didn’t seem surprised or bothered by that at all.

When we were dressed, I turned to look at her. “Do you think you could hold off on breakfast for a little while?”

“Yes, My Lord,” she answered.

“Okay, good. Follow me, then.”

I had Anson blow the signal horn, to let my group leaders know I wanted to meet with them on the practice field.

They were all there within a couple of minutes, many of them bare-footed and bare-chested from having been awakened so early. They all eyed Gabrielle, no doubt very curious why she was there with me.

“All right, listen up,” I said, beginning my usual routine of walking amidst the men as I spoke. “As you well know, Ralston made a costly mistake yesterday, as did four of you who were put on guard. You all may not know yet, but Raab made a similar mistake last night, and now he’s gone too.”

That put a murmur up from the crowd, as most of them probably though Raab was going to be my new second-in-command. “The point is, and I’m sure you’re all smart enough to realize this, but not one of you is special enough to get preferential treatment. If you piss me off, you’re gonna die, it’s as simple as that.”

No one seemed too surprised by that.

I nodded my approval. “Very good,” I mused, continuing to pace. “Now, I’m sure you’ve all been wondering who’s going to take over Ralston’s duties. He had an important job here, and because he handled it so well for the most part, he was well treated.”

I could see the men perking up at that…They envied Ralston for having his own tent and being allowed to come and go as he pleased. I allowed him other certain fringe benefits as well.

“I’m also sure that some of you think you are the perfect choice to replace Ralston,” I continued. “And I know some of you have the potential to do so. But none of you are ready yet, to handle the huge responsibilities the job entails.”

As expected, that brought some angry looks from my men. It was about to get worse.

“I want you to meet Gabrielle,” I said, reaching behind me and taking her by the arm. I pulled her forward to stand beside me. “I’m sure you’ll recognize her from her time spent…in the cage…” The men were staring dumbfounded, and I could feel the tension in Gabrielle’s body. I continued, “What you don’t know, is that time in the cage, along with my tent was all a test. I was tasting her faithfulness, her strength, and her resolve. And she passed them all with top marks.”

It was the truth in a round about way. I hadn’t necessarily been testing her, but she had managed to prove herself repeatedly, and the men and Gabrielle didn’t have to know I hadn’t planned it all along.

I dropped that piece of news, and watched carefully. The reaction of my group leaders ranged from shock to anger to curiosity.

Ned was one of the one who was exhibiting anger. “Are you saying you picked her to be your second?” he sneered. “Your little fuck slave?”

I felt white hot anger sear through me, and simultaneously, felt the muscle in Gabrielle’s arm flex, probably from the same emotion.

“Anyone else feel the same way?” I asked through clenched teeth.

The men looked uneasily at each other, and another one, Hosidius stepped forward. Ned glanced at him and gave a small smile of gratitude.

“Is that it?” No one else came forward.

“All right…you two have one hour to get ready. You will take on Gabrielle in a fight to the death. If one of you two should happen to win, the fight will continue until only one is left. That person will be allowed to live.”

The men shared glances, as they realized I hadn’t promised the winner would take Ralston’s position. But they both knew it was too late to back out now, even if they wanted to.

“One hour,” I said, and never releasing Gabrielle, I turned on my heel and led her away.

I led her to the weapons tent. Once inside, I said. “Arm yourself with whatever you are most comfortable and skilled with. I can assure you that Ned and Hosidius will be doing the same.”

For a minute she looked around the tent, and then she turned to face me. “This is quite impressive,” she told me.

I nodded. “We were lucky to come by a weapons cache when we were traveling here,” I told her. “I initiated several of my men by having them raid it.”

She nodded and continued to wander around the collection of swords, daggers, bows, spears, and other assorted weapons.

“See anything you like?” I asked.

“Yes, all sorts of things,” she replied. “It’s hard to choose.”

I led her to one of the weapons racks in particular. “Here are the weapons you were brought in with,” I told her, pointing to the sai and the round metallic object.

I saw a slight grin shine on her face. “May I?” she asked me, gesturing toward them.

“Sure,” I shrugged.

I watched her lovingly lift and look at the sai, and after another nod from me, she was slipping them into their holders in her boots. Then she held up the circular object. She looked past it straight at me.

Despite the curious look she gave me, I spoke. “You are going to want more than that, aren’t you? Take a look at our selection of swords…you’re bound to find something you’re comfortable with.”

Her gaze shifted to the sword I had mounted in the scabbard at my side. I put my hand on the hilt of it, and looked back up at her.

“Is this the sword you want?” I asked her. The sword was incredibly heavy, but the moment I had held it in my hand, I had felt like it was made to fit my grasp.

She shook her head. “No, My Lord, I can fight with a sword, but I prefer not to use one.”

“Are you sure?” I asked her. “They aren’t all as hard to handle as this one…I think maybe you just picked one that wasn’t right for you. And I know that will be the main weapon of your opponents.”

Her dark green eyes filled with that look of extreme sadness I’ve gotten used to seeing in her. I never knew what caused it though.

“It’s not my sword,” she said finally.

“Not your sword? Who does it belong to?” I was curious to see why her statement caused her to look so unhappy.

“Someone I loved very much,” she finally answered, her gaze never flinching. “Someone who’s gone now.”

“They must have been remarkable to carry so heavy a sword,” I responded. I found the balance of the blade perfect for me, but didn’t think anyone else would be that comfortable with it.

“She was,” I heard the voice barely more than a whisper.

I crossed my arms and looked at her, trying to ascertain if she was angry that I was now carrying the sword. I couldn’t tell.

“Do you want it back?” I asked, menacingly.

Her eyes traveled slowly from the bottom of the scabbard to the hilt of the sword, and then made their way up to meet mine again. “No, it’s right were it belongs,” she said slowly, enigmatically.

I narrowed my eyes, trying to figure out what she meant by that, and then turned back to the sword display, determined to have her arm herself better. If she died fighting the two rebels, it would make me look like an idiot. I couldn’t have that.

The two challengers were at the field at the appointed time, along with every other man I had recruited in the last few weeks. Both Ned and Hosidius were armed with swords, as I had told Gabrielle, and Ned carried a battle axe while Hosidius was armed with a hooked spear. Gabrielle stepped forward, the round circular object attached to her waistband, the sais in her boots, and a wooden staff in her hands. Some of the men snickered at her choice of arms, but she had given me a brief demonstration which proved to me she was more than formidable with the staff.

The two men and Gabrielle formed a triangle, and I stepped in the middle. I looked at each of them in turn. “The fight will continue until only one of you is left,” I said stiffly. “That is the only rule. Any questions?”

All three shook their heads no, and I stepped back out of the triangle. I gave the signal to begin, and the fight was on.

It wasn’t much of a fight. The men were mainly cheering for Ned or Hosidius, but they soon fell silent, as Gabrielle methodically beat the life out of them with her staff. She was lightning quick with her movements, knocking half the teeth from Ned’s mouth and sending a crashing blow to Hosidius’s kneecap near the beginning of the fight. Ned was battling with the pain, blood pouring from his mouth, when Gabrielle delivered a staunch blow to the back of his neck, breaking it with brute strength. Hosidius was trying to crawl out of her line of sight, but she pounced on him, taking the round weapon from her belt. She drew it across his throat, slitting it efficiently. In less than two minutes, she had defeated her challengers.

The men were stunned silent for a moment or two, and then a slow cheer began to form. Before long, they were crowding around Gabrielle congratulating her, and welcoming her with all due respect. A few of them introduced themselves, but mostly, I think they were just taking a closer look at her.

I allowed it for a couple of minutes, then called the men to attention. They arranged themselves quickly.

I held a quick meeting, letting the men know that with all the changes in the upper ranks, I was going to push back the invasion another few days. I wanted Gabrielle to get settled into her new role, and allow them a chance to get used to her command. She was second in command only to me, and I expected the same loyalty to her than I demanded. I outlined some training plans for the rest of the day, and then dismissed the men to go about their duties.

Turning to my new second, I said, “Come with me,” and headed off to the far side of the camp.

“This was Ralston’s tent,” I told her, urging her to step inside the structure. It wasn’t as big as my tent, of course, but was still a fair-sized establishment set off a little distance from most of the other living tents. It had afforded him a decent amount of privacy.

“It’s very nice,” Gabrielle said after a beat.

“I’m glad you think so,” I answered. “Because it’s yours.”

“Mine?” She blinked at me in surprise.

“Yeah, yours. This is my second-in-commands quarters, and since that’s you…it’s yours.”

She glanced around the tent briefly. “But…”

“But what?” I growled, crossing my arms impatiently.

“I don’t want a place of my own,” she finally said.

I tired to look surprised, but it was hard. I feigned amazement. “You want to bunk with the rest of the men?” I asked her.

She shook her head with a half-grin, knowing I knew full well what she meant.

“Then what?” I asked, wanting to hear her say it.

“Why can’t I stay in your tent?” she asked. “I’ve been spending a lot of my time there anyway, and it would be easier to discuss…battle strategies if I were close at hand.”

“Battle strategies,” I repeated vaguely. She nodded. Putting a finger under her chin, I pushed my face right up into hers. “What about fucking strategies?” I asked her.

She pinked a bit, but nodded. “Yeah, those too,” she answered.

I took a step back. “I’ll have to think about it,” I replied. “I don’t want the men to get the idea that you are my second just because you share my bed. And you’ll need someplace to go to when I need my privacy…so plan on staying here at least part of the time.”

She nodded, not looking very happy about it.

“Didn’t you say you were a bard?” I asked then.


“Well, wouldn’t this be a great place to write?”

She seemed to consider that, and then nodded. “Yes, it would.”

“There you go. I’ll arrange to have parchment and quills brought in as soon as possible. “

Her smile lit the room. “Oh thank you, Xena…I mean…My Lord,” she said hesitantly.

I held up my hand. “No reason…you said you were going to record my travels, didn’t you?”

Her smile brightened the whole tent. “I sure did, My Lord.”

“Harder!” Gabrielle snapped at Cham, as he came after her for the hundredth time, his sword raised. Sweat was pouring off his slender face, despite the coolness of the day. “And louder!” I heard her yell, as he ran toward her.

In response, his war cry grew louder as he rushed toward her, from the back, and despite the fact that he was approaching from the left but swung at her from the right, she was still easily able to deflect the blow easily. Within seconds, he had dropped his sword once again. He bent over at the waist, hands on his knees, breathing hard, as he waited for Gabrielle’s response.

She wasn’t even breathing hard, as she surveyed the young man’s condition. I watched from the side of the practice field, as she said, “You’ve worked very hard today, Cham…and I HAVE seen improvement, but you need to keep the approach to one side coming until a split second before attacking…you’re still giving me about three seconds warning of what side you’re attacking from .”

“Yes, My Liege,” he managed between pants.

“All right…you’re excused for now...You’re doing a fine job,” she said gently, and I watched Cham grin at her, then trot off the field, as though he had been spending a leisurely afternoon having a picnic.

Next up was Eschalu. He took his place behind Gabrielle, and waited for her to tell him when it was time for him to begin.

I didn’t discuss how I felt about her teaching until that night, when we sat by the river to eat our supper. We had a mess hall, but it was small and noisy, and Gabrielle had been the one to suggest we take our supper to the privacy of the woods to eat. She had packed our food in a cloth bag, and we carried it to the river.

We ate the roast duck that Endon had prepared, and discussed the various men she had been working with. For the most part, we pretty well agreed on each man’s capabilities, but she had more confidence in Cham than I did, and I felt Isachar was a far better soldier than she was giving him credit for. We both agreed that the tall lanky Anson was the most likely to perform above and beyond the call of duty, and he was definitely the most talented swordsman of them all.

After a little while, Gabrielle asked me what my plans for conquering were. I looked at her carefully, trying to ascertain her reason for asking. I DID trust her, but there was such a thing of being too loose-lipped with one’s plans.

Eventually, I told her most of my plans, leaving out some of the key details. She listened carefully, nodding often, as I explained what I wanted to do. She suggested to me some different cities to travel through, rather than the ones I had already decided on, and gave me some very sound reasons for choosing them.

After a period of time, we lapsed into silence for a while, both of us watching the course of the river flowing. It was funny how peaceful I felt at that moment. I did not think peace could be a part of my life, but right now, I felt no desire to stir up trouble. A question came to me then, so I asked it.

“Have you killed many times, My Second?”

She sighed, and then answered. “More times than I would like to think of, It’s become something I’m accustomed to, even though I feel horrible every time I do it.”

“Have you killed innocent people?”

She sighed and paused even longer. “Yes…” she said finally.

“And how did you react to that?”

“It’s a lot harder, My Lord. I’ve dealt with a lot of guilt and sorrow because of it.”

I threw a rock into the river. “Perhaps you aren’t meant to travel with me after all,” I said finally.

She turned to look at me. “My Lord?”

“Yeah, if you have that much trouble killing the innocent, you might not be the right person for the job of second in command. Killing innocents is a big part of the intimidation tactics I will be using.”

She didn’t say anything for a minute, and then, she turned to look me straight in the eye. “I’ve changed a lot since I first killed someone who was innocent. I’ve seen a lot and I’ve been through a lot. I’ve found that no matter how good you try to be…how much you love someone…how much you give of yourself to another person…you still have no control over what happens to you or them. If I kill someone who hasn’t done anything, there is still a reason for it, no matter who ordains it. Therefore, I’m not hesitant at all anymore to kill, no matter who.”

I thought about what she had said. It didn’t make a whole lot of sense to me, but that haunted empty look that was ever present in her face seemed more pronounced than ever. She certainly didn’t seem to have any problem killing Raab last night, and he was technically an innocent. I’d arrange a test to make sure she was good for her word by having her kill one of the hostages before we took the battlefield. If she could kill one of them, I’d have no doubts she’d kill anyone I told her to.

Over the next few days, we settled into a routine. During the mornings, I would take some of the individual soldiers out for training on hunting, tracking, and eluding being tracked. Meanwhile, Gabrielle would stay at the camp and work one on one with individual men. Then, in the afternoons, we would stage mock battles on the practice field. Gabrielle’s imagination came in handy as she would come up with all kinds of scenarios for the men to practice. Dividing the men up into different groups, some would take the offensive and some would have defense. It seemed to work quite well.

After a few days though, I began to think about the mission I had been on my way to complete when Gabrielle had been attacked by my guards. After discussing it with Gabrielle, we decided that she would go to Barthins, and lead the militia back to camp. Then, when it came time for the afternoon exercise, it would be the real deal. Gabrielle’s had excellent hunting and tracking skills, but there was some room for improvement. This mission would let her get some practice in.

Dilinus had fallen from a tree while on watch that evening, and his shin bone was sticking straight out of the skin. I went about setting the leg in the healing tent, when Gabs approached me. “Do you need any help, My Lord?” she asked me.

She always used the proper title when around any of the men, although I didn’t require her to do so when we were in private anymore.

“No, I’ve got it,” I told her. “Grit your teeth, Dilinus,” I said. Even though I had shut off the flow of blood and nerve impulses to the leg, just the sounds of the bones scraping together would be enough to make him feel ill.

She watched me work on his wound for a couple of minutes, then said, “Since I’ll be leaving at first light in the morning, I’m going to go ahead and get the saddlebags and bedroll on Argo’s saddle. I’ll be in the horse tent if you need me.”

I nodded absently, concentrating on the task at hand.

I sewed up and set Dilinus’ leg, and then helped him get back to his tent. I told him he’d be helping Endon with the cooking until the leg had healed.

When I got back to my tent, there was no sign of Gabrielle. She must have gotten held up in the stables, and since we had a mare that was ready to throw a foal, I figured maybe she was helping the delivery. I washed the blood off my hands and arms, and then decided to head toward the stable myself.

I had just stepped out of my tent, when I saw two men, Anson and Cham, approaching me fast. They bowed once they were standing before me. I could see they were shaking with nervousness.

“What is it, Boys?”

Anson glanced at Cham, then spoke. “Uh, My Lord, we are sort of in a difficult situation, but we feel it’s our duty to tell you this, since we are on watch tonight.”

“Tell me what?”

He took a deep breath. “We are supposed to report anyone we don’t recognize in the camp, right, My Lord?”

I tried to be patient. “Yes, that’s right. Did you see someone?”

“Yes, My Lord.” Cham spoke up.


They exchanged glances again, and then Anson finally blurted out, “We saw a blonde woman leaving the stables. She headed off into to the woods, and uh…disappeared.”

“The stables,” I mused. “You sure it wasn’t Gabrielle?”

“Yes, My Lord,” Cham replied. “She had long blonde hair…and was…uh…dressed in a fancy looking gown of some kind. She went out the back of the stable, and hurried off into the forest.”

“So what do you think is going on?” I asked, already forming my own opinion.

“I don’t know, My Lord,” Anson answered, “But since she didn’t belong here, so we thought we should report it right away.”

I nodded. “You did the right thing,” I replied. “Thank you.”

They bowed again, then left to head back to their watch.

I thought about who the woman might be as I walked toward the horse tent, and the closer I got, the more my anger began to peak. Gabrielle was in the stable, and obviously, didn’t see any reason to notify me of the stranger’s presence. That meant one of two things. Either she had dismissed the woman’s presence as something insignificant that I didn’t need to be bothered about. Either that…or…she knew the woman personally.

I made up my mind which it was as I stood outside the stable door…unless Gabrielle was laying on her back unconscious inside, she was fucking around on me. My rage boiled over as I flung open the door.

“Xena!” She was startled, standing by her horse, brushing her coat. She set down the curry comb and started to walk toward me. “Do you need some help with Dilinus?”

“No.” I took in her nervous gait, her uneasy smile, and the guilty expression on her face. I counted to five, giving her time to confess, and it didn’t come.

“No, Xena!” She screamed and her hand came up to ward off the punch I sent at her. She deflected it somewhat, but I still connected with her chin, knocking her backward a few steps.

”What are you doing?” she asked, feeling her jaw, and trying to back away as I approached her.

“What am I doing, you Conniving Little Cunt?” I sneered. “I should ask you the same thing. What were you doing with the little blonde that snuck out the back of the stables?”

Her eyes grew wide when I said it, and I knew I had caught her red-handed. “Well, Bitch?”

She paused a second, then said, “I don’t know what you’re talking about, Xena.”

I stood there with my hands on my hips, amazed by her. Her bottom lip looked like it was on the verge of quivering, and I swear, she looked offended and hurt all at the same time. I might be tempted to believe her, except Anson and Cham were two of my best men, and they both really liked Gabrielle. They would never make up something to get her in trouble.

I reached up and backhanded her hard. “You are so full of shit, Slut!” I said, doubling up my fist, and catching her square in the cheek. She flew backward and landed limbs akimbo amongst the hay bales behind her. Blood trickled out of her nose, and she wiped it off, looking at her hand.

“Xena, please…” she began, but I was on top of her, my fingers digging beneath her skirt.

“Let’s just check the condition of your pussy, you little ho. I should be able to tell by looking if you’ve recently cum…”

I wrapped an arm around her stomach, and ripped off her breeches with the other hand. She squirmed and fought me, but my anger knew no bounds. I tightened my hold on her and jammed three fingers into her slit all in one movement.

She was wet, but the truth was, her cunt wasn’t swollen like it usually was after an orgasm Of course, her fear of my wrath could have caused her arousal to dissipate quicker than usual.

“Gods be damned, Xena,” she roared suddenly, and she galvanized her entire body simultaneously, causing me to loosen my hold on her just enough that she could escape. She rolled to her feet, and stood a few feet away from me, glaring angrily at me.

“I’m telling you the truth, Xena,” she said her voice calm and even. Her eyes were tear-filled.

“I don’t believe you,” I sneered, and I took a couple steps closer to her. I was ready to grab her again, but she threw a right jab that caught me right on my mouth. I felt the skin split over my teeth. I put my hand up to check the damage, and found it was swelling rapidly, blood trickling down my chin.

I gave her a feral grin. This was getting interesting now.

She screamed and charged her way toward me, trying to head butt me off my feet, but I used leverage, and instead flipped her over my shoulder. She landed hard on her back, but when I reached down for her, she grabbed me and flipped me up and over her body in a similar move. I landed partially on a wooden gate, and it knocked the wind out of me.

She was sitting astraddle my chest in an instant, her fist drawn back to give me another punch to the mouth. And then I watched in amazement as her bottom lip DID quiver this time, and she relaxed her hand.

“Go ahead…do what you want with me…it doesn’t matter if you believe me anyway,” she said, rolling off of me and sitting beside me on the hay.

I rolled to my feet and squatted on my haunches looking her right in the eye. Tears were shining in the emerald depths again.

“What do you mean it doesn’t matter?” I asked her.

She sniffed, and answered, “It’s only a matter of time before I do something that makes you angry, and you kill me like you did Ralston. I know that.”

“I killed Ralston because of you,” I said quietly. “A lot of my men have died because I’ve put my faith in you.”

“Then why don’t you believe me now?” she asked, before lowering her head.

Gods be damned, but my head hurt! I found it hard to believe Cham and Anson would make up their story, but at the same time, I found it even harder to believe Gabrielle would lie to me. I began to think of possible scenarios…of perhaps it just LOOKING like the woman had come from the stables. She might have been visiting one of the living tents, and my two watchmen just saw her come from the direction of the stable.

Her nose had already stopped bleeding, but my lip was another story. “I’m trying to believe you,” I replied. “Like I told you before, you’ve not given me any reason to doubt you. But I have no reason to doubt Cham and Anson either.”

She drew in a deep breath. “I understand,” she replied. “But you above all people should know that sometimes, appearances can be deceiving.”

I thought about the fact that she was living proof of that. To the untrained eye, she would appear beautiful and sexy, but no one would suspect her of being the kind of warrior that she was. “I know,” I said finally. “I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt…until I can prove it otherwise.”

She nodded, seeming to accept that. She got up then, and walked to her horse’s stall. I saw her digging through a saddlebag, and then she was approaching me with a white cloth. “Sorry about your lip,” she said, dabbing at it.

“I think I deserved it,” I said quietly. It was as close to a verbal apology as she would get from me, and I’m sure she knew it. I took the cloth from her, and using a different corner of the cloth, wiped the trickle of blood underneath her nose.

“Let’s go clean up,” I said, finally, standing back up She nodded and followed a couple of paces behind me.

I’m sure the men wondered what was going on when I walked through the center of the camp, my chest covered in blood, while Gabrielle followed a few steps behind me. They knew better than to get involved though, and not a word was spoken in our direction.

Once we were inside the tent, Gabrielle took my hands and told me to sit at the edge of the bed. I did as she said, and let her wipe my lip gently until the bleeding had stopped. Then she reached for the fasteners of my shirt, and I didn’t resist when she unfastened it and pulled it off my body.

Since the night she had fucked me so completely, I had settled into a less commanding role during the night. Most nights, I wore the phallus and fucked her, but I didn’t feel the need to tie her up or bring anyone else into our sex. Just the sight and sound of her being caught up in the throes of an orgasm was an experience in itself, and that combined with the clitoral stimulation of the phallus would soon bring me over.

She cleaned the rest of the blood from me, and then her eyelids grew heavy. “May I touch you, Mistress?” she asked me in that purring voice that turned my cunt to liquid every time.

“You may,” I answered solemnly, and my breath caught in my throat when she went down on her knees between my splayed thighs, and reached up with her hands to cup both of my breasts. She lifted them, squeezing them gently individually, and then pressed them together. I shut my eyes from the sensation, then groaned in the back of my throat when I felt her breath tickling over my nipples. I felt the warm brushing sensation of her tongue licking over them both of them at the same time, and then she was sucking me in.

Her skilled mouth worked its magic on me, running over and over my nipples, even as her lips sucked wetly at my hardened buds. I groaned and arched my back, spreading my thighs even further. My fingers came round to dip beneath the shoulder straps of her shirt, massaging the muscles there. Finally, she released my breasts gently, and reached down for the fastenings at the front of my pants. In a matter of seconds, she had them undone, and was pushing me back on the bed. Her mouth pressed down hotly into mine in an urgent meeting of tongues and lips.

When she came up for air, I gestured toward the bedside table. “Get the phallus,” I told her.

“Mistress Xena,” she said, not moving from her position. “I would like to make a suggestion.”

I shimmied out of the pants, and sat up on my bent elbows. “What is it?” I asked with an arched eyebrow. Sometimes, I really liked her suggestions.

“Why don’t we skip the phallus tonight?”

I thought about it for a split second. “All right,” I agreed, and was then I was stripping her clothes off her. When she was completely naked, I pulled her down on the bed with me, and urged her to lay back. The moment she did, I was half on top of her, my fingers seeking out her clit. I half laid on my side so I could watch her face as I teased her cunt to a rapid orgasm, my lips nursing at the closest breast. It took very little time for her to soar into her climax, once I had two fingers working in and out of her. “Is that what you had in mind?” I asked her.

“That’ll do for starters,” she smiled up at me, once she had regained her breath. I didn’t resist when her own fingers began to inch its way through my labia.

Later, we were both stretched out on our backs, still naked, our bodies covered with the perspiration caused by being sated. I was almost completely asleep when I heard her soft voice say, “Thank you.”

I ran my fingers through her bangs, ruffling them. “It was nice for a change,” I admitted.

It began to thunder sometime during the night, and Gabrielle moved restlessly against me. I slid an arm around her to pull her tighter, and she quieted almost immediately. Laying there in the dark, I stroked her golden hair as an occasional flash of lightning lit up the inside of the tent. After a few minutes, I saw that her eyes were open, and she was watching me.

“What are you thinking about, Mistress?” I heard her ask quietly. She still often used my title, even though it wasn’t necessary.

I shrugged, not sure I wanted to share my thoughts with her. Another flash lit her features, and I could see she was studying me, her expression wistful and open. Finally, when the thunder had died down, I spoke.

“I’d like to do something, but I’m not sure how.”

She paused, no doubt letting that sink in. “What is it?” she asked.

This was hard for me…very hard…but I felt the need to say it. “I don’t know how to make love,” I finally said, just as the thunder crashed. I hope she heard me, because I did NOT want to repeat it.

She was giving me an open mouthed stare, that told me she had heard me all right.

“I’d like to show you,” I heard her whisper a minute later. “Will you trust me?”


I heard her take a deep breath and then she was pulling herself from me and the bed. I heard a flare and she lit a couple of candles on either side of the bed. I started to sit up, but she waved her hand. “No, stay just as you are,” she told me.

I was too stubborn to admit that I didn’t really even know what making love between two women entailed. I figured if it involved the phallus, she knew where I kept it.

She didn’t reach for the phallus, or any other accessory, and instead, she straddled my midriff. I was waiting for her to slide her pussy up to my mouth or to slide down so she could tongue my own, but she surprised me by sliding downward partway and then stopping.

“Spread your legs and bend your knees bit,” she told me. I did as she told me.

“Perfect,” she murmured, and then she stretched out so one of her legs was laying outside my right thigh.

She pressed her body intimately to mine, and wiggled her lower half against me erotically. I was definitely already enjoying the merits of this position, but she was kissing me now, and I worked my mouth hungrily against hers. Gods, she tasted so good. She took my breath away with the sweetness of her lips. Along the corners of her mouth, I could taste the remnants of my own juices, and I licked them thoroughly. My hands took on a mind of their own, and began the now familiar trek from her shoulder blades downward until they were resting firmly on her velvety ass cheeks.

She pulled her mouth from mine, and smiled down into my eyes. “I want to make love with you, Xena,” she said softly. “Do you want to make love with me?”

“Yes,” I whispered back. She kissed me one more time, and then was pulling her upper half upwards just a bit.

I felt her fingers gently work their way down my body, until she was reaching between the place where our bodies were pressed tightest together. She lifted her hips, and then I felt her fingers slipping between my labia. She spread me wide open, and then she was pressing her own heated cunt down into mine.

Oh gods, I didn’t know what to expect, but surely it wasn’t this! I felt intense liquid heat pouring from her center into mine, and my own cunt began producing abundant juices to mingle with hers.

She started an easy thrusting motion against me, actually more of an erotic rubbing, and the sensation of it took my breath away at first. I never would have thought this touching of two similar body parts could create this kind of spark in me. I found that I could aid her movements by slightly moving my hips up and down in time with her rhythmic wiggling.

As she continued to hold my labia open, I felt like I was getting the brunt of the contact, so my fingers, which were still on her ass cheeks slid lower to reach between her thighs. From underneath, I was able to hold her open as well, and her little moans quickly turned into gasps of pleasure. They quickly grew to reach the same level as mine.

I swear my clit was extending itself as far as possible, in an effort to feel hers burrow harder into it. Feeling her erect bud pressing into mine, while her labia engulfed mine, was an experience unlike any I had ever felt before. I arched my back a little more, and her swaying nipples brushed against mine, completing the incredible circuit.

“You feel so good against me, Xena,” she whispered then, her words coming in staccato form. “Your pussy is pumping out so many juices…Gods…can you smell the combination of our passion?”

I grunted out an affirmative, unable to do much more than that. My clit was near the bursting point, and I wanted her to come at the same time I did, to complete the experience. I slipped three fingers in her vagina from behind, and moved them in synch with our hips. “Oh yeah, Baby…oh, gods!” That drew an immediate response from her, and within seconds, I could feel her movements lose their strong cadence. I let my own desire go, and I came hard, continuing to rub my clit against her for all I was worth. She shrieked out her climax then, and I echoed her, not even trying to hold back this time. It felt too good.

She collapsed her body against mine finally, and I could feel the tremors wrack her form. “That was mind-blowing,” she told me, her voice very near my ear. “You’re incredible.”

“So are you,” I answered honestly. She had finally released my labia, and I drew her tightly against me, wrapping my thighs around her hips.

“Oh no, not again so soon…at least not yet,” she moaned, and I chuckled. I couldn’t agree more, but just felt the need to let my body express my gratitude for what she had taught me.

She hadn’t moved for a few minutes, and I knew she was rapidly heading back toward slumber, her body beyond exhausted now. “Gabrielle?” I said hesitantly.

“Mm hm?”

“Thanks for teaching me.”

“You’re welcome, Xena.” I was grateful she didn’t make a big deal out of it, and was soon drifting off to sleep myself.

I’m not sure what time it was, but after a while, I found myself being shaken awake by Gabrielle. I was shivering as though I was freezing, but the temperature wasn’t that cold. It took me a second to realize what was going on, but then the images from the dream assaulted me again.

“It’s okay,” I told her. “Sorry I woke you.”

She looked concerned, but didn’t protest when I rolled over on my side facing away from her. The visions of the dream were vividly presented every time I shut my eyes, and I decided to stay awake the rest of the night. I didn’t want to face the embarrassment of her having to wake me again.

After a while, she rolled over and cuddled up against my back. I think it was a reflex with her…she always seemed to gravitate to me whenever we were in bed. I found it comforting having her warmth at my back, and drew a deep breath of comfort.


“Yeah?” It was only a couple minutes later.

“You’re still trembling…are you getting sick?”

“Nah, I’m fine.”

She wrapped her arms around me a little more firmly. “Okay…but you know I’m here, right?”


I couldn’t stand it. I had to speak.

“I had this vision…it was more than a dream. I think it was more of a memory I had…of a very long time ago.”

When she didn’t speak, I continued.

“I must have been in my mid-teens, and I was eager to strike out into the world. The funny thing is, I think I might actually have wanted to do good. Like you said…at least, I don’t remember having any malicious thoughts.

“I was traveling with a great warrior…I don’t remember her name or even what she looked like, but she had blonde hair…kinda like yours. It was a great opportunity to learn from someone with experience, and I worked hard to be just like her. I idolized her…I trusted her to take care of me…and I think…I was even feeling love for her. I’m pretty sure I was a virgin.”

I fought back another shiver, as the mental pictures overran me again. “I don’t have any idea why, but one night, when we were camping in the woods, she went crazy. She grabbed me and had me tied on the ground before I even had time to react. I pleaded with her…begged her…offered her everything, if she would just not do it, but she didn’t care. She beat the shit out of me, until I was half dead, and then she jammed her fingers up inside me, taking my virginity.”

I heard a gasp from behind me, and felt Gabrielle do some shivering of her own. “I’m not telling you this because I want you to feel sorry for me,” I continued. “I mean, yeah, the memories were horrible. And painful. But I learned a very important lesson that day.”

“What was that?” she whispered.

“I would never again let someone betray me and live. The warrior left me there, and was long gone before I was healed enough so I could seek revenge. I would never again let someone catch me so off-guard, that I wouldn’t be able to make them pay for their betrayal.”

“I understand,” I heard her say.

I nodded, suddenly feeling like I could get some more sleep. I felt much better having told her what I was thinking. “I died that day,” I concluded. “I died, and a new Xena was born…the Xena you’re here with today. The Xena that won’t take shit off anybody”

“I understand,” she repeated. I heard her let out a shaky breath, and realized she was crying. I rolled over and took her in my arms. She buried her face in my collarbone immediately.

“It’s okay,” I told her. “You don’t have to worry…The dream didn’t really bother me that much.”

A while later, I was able to drop back asleep.

The sun had been up a while when I finally awoke the next morning. I rolled over, and noticed Gabrielle had already left the bed. It was unusual, but not unheard of for her to awaken before me. I stood and stretched leisurely, before going outside to find out where she had gone to.

COMING NEXT WEEK: In the conclusion to the Friend in Need Scrolls, Xena is bent on hunting down and killing Gabrielle for betraying her, only to find Gabrielle’s escaping was all part of an elaborate trap.

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