Choosing a Side--Gabrielle's Scroll

The blood covering my hands was the evidence of my love for her, and although I didn’t know what awaited me when she returned from dragging Raab’s lifeless body out of our tent, I had no regrets about killing him. I couldn’t stand what he was doing to her one more second.

Just as I finished that thought she returned inside and quickly removed her robe and joined me on the bed, sitting across from me exactly as she did the day I learned the pinch—the day of her murder. She reached for a cloth and handed it to me so that I could clean my hands, demanding to know where I had learned that move. Of course, she didn’t believe me. Jappa to her was unknown territory. I wish it had been for me.

Then she asked the inevitable question of what motivated me to kill Raab, because he had never done anything to me. There was nothing to say but the truth: “He was fucking you, My Lord.”

She looked astonished that I would say such a thing. She asked if I had a problem with her receiving pleasure, and I told her it wasn’t that.

“Then, what is it?” she asked, her eyes revealing that she was intent on receiving my answer.

“I want to be the one to bring you the pleasure, Mistress. I don’t want anyone else touching you.”

She suddenly vaulted forward and pushed me back on the bed. “You’ve got a lot of guts, you little slut, being jealous of a body part that you don’t even have. I’ve licked every inch of that cunt of yours, and I’m sure I’d remember if you had a dick growing out of you.”

I fought back a huge grin from her selection of words and began explaining what I wanted to offer her…my services in her ranks and also in her bed. And I ended by telling her I could make her scream, seeming to prompt some interest in those gorgeous eyes.

“You can fuck me till I scream, huh?” she said, moving her body back and reclining against the headboard of the bed, seductively parting her thighs to show the wet hair covering the place I had waited so long to visit.

“Yes, I can…will you allow me, My Lord?” This was something I felt very confident about.

She agreed, but insisted that I fuck her like a man. Gods, never had she given a command that I was so eager to fulfill. I told her that I needed to borrow the equipment, and also asked that she strap it on me, finding it extremely exciting that she was going to allow me to touch her the way I had only dreamed of since her death.

I began crawling toward her sprawled body, telling her, “I laid there on the floor and listened to you slurping and sucking that man’s hardon until he came in your mouth. Now, I want you to do the same to me.” Gods, I could feel the slick secretions dripping from my cunt onto my legs. I wanted to see her suck me in and watch her hands on my body. It was a luxury I was ready to enjoy again.

I remained on my knees, watching as she took hold of my erection and pulled me into her mouth, letting me hear how much she got off on it. I felt her hand snake its way beneath the base of the phallus and begin touching my pussy…making me melt in her hand. With my fingers laced in her silky hair, she let me thrust in her mouth, creating plenty of visual stimulation for a quick cum.

Just before letting me come, she used the same question she had earlier this evening. “How long before you will be able to get it up again?”

I licked the ends of my fingers and reached down to one of her very erect nipples, feeling it harden even more between the tips of my fingers. “With those tits of yours? No time at all, I assure you.”

Thanks to the skill of her mouth on my cock, I could soon feel bursts of pleasure exploding throughout my body until I felt every ounce of my orgasm.

“That was great, Baby,” I said, backing off the bed. “Now it’s time for that fucking I promised you.”

I grabbed her thighs and pulled her body at an angle so that her legs were soon resting on the floor. I leaned in between them, letting my cock rub up the length of her slit, feeling it slide easily through her very wet pussy. Her back arched upward in an attempt to rub herself harder against me. We both exerted moans fueling each other’s excitement even more.

The longer I moved against her, the more I felt her cunt opening and urging me to fill her inside. I stretched my body over hers and captured her mouth with mine for the first time since our reunion. Breathtaking is hardly sufficient to describe the feelings it sent through me. I basked in the warmth, the taste, and the ultimate desire that feeling her mouth moving against mine shot throughout my body. Tears stung my eyes from the intensity of the moment, but I never let her see my weakness. Night after night I had longed to just kiss her, if nothing else. Even now, in this perfect moment, I had little hope that she would recognize any old feelings from our kiss, but I certainly wished to create within her at least a spark. I had her back in my arms and never would let her go again. Not as long as I had life in my body.

Soon I made my way to her luscious breasts, making love to her chest with my mouth on fire. I could taste her essence through her nipples and knew from many past experiences that she was very aroused at this point, making me want to give it to her hard.

Our moans of pleasure filled the tent as I slid the length of my cock inside her again and again. I had to refrain myself from saying how much I had missed her. There was no doubt that this was my Warrior. I knew her body and every detail thereof better than my own.

When we had exhausted our bodies after coming several different times, it was time for sleep. I had started to take my place on the rug beside her bed, but she grabbed my arm before I stood and asked, “Where are you going?”

I didn’t know why she would ask, and then she said, “You can sleep here with me…provided you keep your hands out of my crotch.”

It surprised me completely and I was thrilled beyond words, but I knew that I had to play it cool. Maybe she would let me take my rightful place from here on out…in the bed of my Warrior Princess. We awoke the next morning with me snuggled warmly in the crook of her shoulder, her chest serving as the perfect headrest. I don’t think she was quite so comfortable with my closeness to her, but she didn’t punish me for doing what was just natural for me.

The following day I was promoted from slave girl to her second in command since Ralston’s career had unexpectedly ended. But first I was prompted to fight two of her men to see who would gain the title. It was my first trip out to the field, and I was determined not to disappoint her with my fighting skill. I no longer battled within myself over fighting and killing, especially since I was forced to learn true hatred and bitterness. All I would have to do in any fight would be to picture the bastard’s face that was responsible for Xena’s brutal death. There would be nothing that could hold me back.

The memory of that terrible time was enhanced by my trip to the Weapons Hut. She allowed me to choose my weapons for the fight, and urged me to use the sword that she had been carrying. I told her I was much more comfortable with my sais. When I saw her chakram, I immediately fastened it to my side. It was strange that she had no recollection of what the weapon was called. Even if I never used the chakram during the fight, it would serve the purpose of reminding me of all that I was left with for so many weeks, giving me all the certainty I needed to accomplish the task at hand. If I didn’t succeed, then I would end up ashes in the little black pot

Two of her men would receive the attitude adjustment of their lives when they thought they could keep me from taking my place at Xena’s side as their second in command. Being deceived by my looks as a fighter, their arrogance and lack of concentration cost them dearly. I looked through the eyes of each man, planning my attack and letting myself see them as Samurai warriors.

Xena’s commanding voice startled me from my thoughts. “The fight will continue until only one of you is left. That is the only rule. Any questions?” Spoken with complete authority, she set the tone of the match.

All I focused on was my future with Xena, no matter what her walk in life. Whether she battled for good or followed the path of a warlord, I refused to be separated from her again. Realizing it was time to fight for what mattered most to me, I ended it all as quickly as possible, taking out both her men and never looking back. At first the other men stood around us in a large circle, cheering on their fellow soldiers, but as I quickly and effortlessly sliced Ned’s throat with Xena’s chakram, silence fell all around the camp. The adrenalin rush from such quick, easy kills and for winning my Love empowered me completely. I could have made love to her right then and there, even with all the onlookers. Gods, I loved that woman.

With my new position in Xena’s army, I was also granted my own personal quarters. After the fight, she took me to Ralston’s tent and told me it was now mine. My heart sank at her words, because I had to keep reminding myself that she didn’t feel for me what I felt for her, and sex between us was just sex. She didn’t comprehend the satisfaction of just sleeping in the same bed and holding each other all night. I needed to wake up in her bed each and every morning, or wake up during the night and just admire her beauty as she sleeps. But if I had to sleep away from her in a separate tent, I would not trade it for the alternative.

Clearly, she saw the disappointment in my face.

“What?” she barked, irritated that I wasn’t thrilled with her gift. She crossed her arms and glared down at me.

“But I don’t want a place of my own,” I squeaked. I know I sounded like a pathetic school girl.

We had a brief discussion and she explained that the men didn’t need to think I was her right hand just because I shared her bed. I understood that. But I also had to convince her to let me spend as much time as possible with her. I had to have the opportunity to make her fall in love with me.

We settled by saying I would use the tent for my writing, and she was gracious enough to say she would send for new parchment and quills for me. That alone touched me almost as much as anything she had done or said since we had been back together.

We settled into a comfortable routine over the next few days. As part of my daily duties, I would provide one-on-one training with her men in fighting technique and strategy. Somehow I had earned respect from her men, and I enjoyed my work very much. It was always nice to look and see Xena observing me working in the field, especially when she let a small smile escape her lips from time to time.

But trouble was inevitable. How was it that every time things started improving, something made the table turn?

I was scheduled to leave early the next morning to a nearby town for some on-the-job training with our men. Xena was setting Dilinus’ broken leg and I told her I was going to the stables to brush down Argo and get my equipment ready. When I heard the door open the first time, I figured it was Xena entering to tell me she was finished with her healing, or perhaps she could use my help after all. It wasn’t, and my visitor had news for me that upset and confused me. Before I had entered the stable, I had been so sure…

While I was still recovering, I heard the door to the stable swing open again and slam shut hard enough that I jumped from the noise. I whirled around to see Xena standing there, her nostrils flaring and flames practically coming from her eyes.

“Xena!” I threw down the brush and starting walking toward her. “Do you need some help with Dilinus?” I was hoping she wasn’t nearly as angry as she looked. She made me very nervous with the vibes she was sending out.

“No.” She took a few steps forward and as I walked within swinging distance, she threw a right hook that felt like it broke my jaw.

”What are you doing?” I asked, feeling if my face was still in one piece and walking backwards to try and get away from her. What had made her mood change so quickly?

“What am I doing, You Conniving Little Cunt? I should ask you the same thing. What were you doing with the little blonde that snuck out the back of the stables?”

I stood in her shadow, looking at my possible death right here, right now. How could she know? She was furious. “Well, Bitch?”

I swallowed hard and told her, “I don’t know what you’re talking about, Xena.”

The back of her hand caught the other side of my face, threatening to knock me off balance. “You are so full of shit, Slut!” she yelled, and then hit me with her fist one more time in the cheek.

This time she sent me rolling backwards and luckily landing in some hay. I brought my hand up to wipe blood pouring out of my nose.

Before I could get up, she was on top of me, invading my cunt by ripping my underwear away as she buried her fingers deep inside me. “Xena, please….”, I whimpered.

“Let’s just check the condition of your pussy, you little ho. I should be able to tell by looking if you’ve recently cum…” She made it rough and painful, as intended I’m sure. Never had Xena touched me that way. Again, I thought of Kira’s pleading as I had violated her that terrible night. I hated myself for that part of my life now. But Xena had to know I would never let myself be touched by another.

“Gods be damned, Xena,” I yelled, managing somehow to break free from her grasp and then standing to my feet. The blood was drying on my top lip and my legs shook with anger. How could she think I would betray her confidence?

“I’m telling you the truth, Xena,” I said, fighting back the tears. I was humiliated, but I was afraid of losing her.

“I don’t believe you,” she growled, and when she approached me again, I drew back and hit her hard across the mouth. She might kill me, but I had to fight back or she would for sure. I had to stand my ground.

This time she was wiping blood away, and looking at me with a grin of enthusiasm, seeming to like the spunk she saw in her beloved second.

We fought a bit more, both of us receiving a few more bruises and hard hits. I finally told her, “Go ahead…do what you want with me…it doesn’t matter if you believe me anyway.”

“What do you mean it doesn’t matter?” she asked her. She was sitting beside me in the hay.

“It’s only a matter of time before I do something that makes you angry, and you kill me like you did Ralston. I know that.”

She looked at me with softness in both her eyes and her voice. “I killed Ralston because of you. A lot of my men have died because I’ve put my faith in you.”

“Then why don’t you believe me now?”

She seemed to consider that for a few seconds, and I stood and got a cloth to wipe her lip. She finally said, “Let’s go clean up.” I followed behind her to the tent, feeling like I was living a dream. She could have killed me with her bare hands back there in the stables, but it seemed to work something good between us instead of creating a wedge.

It was amusing the watch the men try not to look at us as we walked through them going to Xena’s tent. There was no way any of them was going to breathe a word as we walked by, knowing it would mean receiving the same fate that so many had received in the past few days. The blood on our faces and clothes proved that we had not been enjoying some love session.

When we got inside the tent, I had her sit on the edge of the bed and I knelt on my knees between her legs, gently wiping and cleaning her lip and then the rest of her face. We exchanged no words, and after a few minutes she seemed to relax and let me touch her more freely. I could feel my pussy throbbing for her touch, and I asked what I was desperate to know.

“May I touch you, Mistress?” I placed my hands on both of her knees and sat there looking up into her beautiful eyes.

“You may.”

She allowed me to begin undressing her, and I quickly did the same. It was a night of several screams of pleasure. We came in various ways, but my favorite time was when she gave me complete control, and I think I made her glad for her surrender.

After one of our climax sessions we were lying on the bed catching our breath. I got up and brought her a drink, and then told her, “Xena…I want to touch you more.”

“I thought that’s what you’ve been doing,” she said, smiling and looking as beautiful as ever. I walked to the table beside her bed and got the phallus out of its hiding place, and walked over to the bed. “I want you to lie beside the bed on the rug.”

She had a puzzled and amused look on her face. “On the rug? Why? Besides, I thought you didn’t want to use the phallus tonight.”

“Just do it. I promise, I’ll make you glad you did.”

She surprisingly did as I asked, and I laid the phallus to the side. Climbing on top of her, I sat on her mound and rested my hands on each of breasts, starting to slowly grind my cunt into hers. She closed her eyes and moaned with the sensation, and I rubbed my hands up her arms, taking them and holding them over her head.

I leaned my upper half down on hers and let my nipples scrape against her chest, taking her mouth in mine and feeling her return the very heated kiss. In a very quick move, I caught her off guard and restrained one wrist in one of the manacles she had used on me, feeling her free hand immediately coming up to grab my throat.

“Xena…please…trust me,” I said as calmly as possible. “I just want to make you feel good.”

She looked up at me conveying the silent message that my life was in the grip of her hand. As if I didn’t know.

“Trust me…please,” I begged.

She removed her hand from my throat and I slowly took the other hand and restrained it as well. “Now it’s your turn to wear the phallus…” I said, strapping it on her. “Don’t you want to fill my cunt with your huge cock?”

“Oh yeah…gimme, gimme,” she said, making me giggle at her sudden eagerness.

I started climbing on top of her once more, but before lowering myself onto her erection, I instead straddled her stomach, rubbing my wet cunt up her body, moving my hips back and forth and leaving the evidence of my arousal on her skin.

I saw her wrists straining at the chains. “You like that, don’t you Warrior?”


“Can you come with me touching your breasts?” I asked, taking her wrists and squeezing my hands around them as I continually slid my pussy back and forth on her stomach. “Because I think I can…”

I moved forward a little more until I was covering one of her breasts with my cunt, her erect nipple seeming to reach forward as my clit rubbed over it, making us both gasp with the incredible feeling of ultimate pleasure. “Gods…that feels so good…”, I rasped. “Is it making your dick hard just thinking how it’s going to feel fucking me this way?” I reached around behind me and pressed the phallus firmly into her cunt, feeling her hips already at work.

“Oh yeah, you little slut…you’re good…”

It was such a turn on to see her letting go this way. I started pressing my pussy down harder on her nipple, moving back and forth and picking up the speed until I could feel myself starting to come. “Xena…I’m so close…”

“Come for me, Gabrielle…come all over my tits…”

That did it for me. Hearing my name from her mouth was enough to send me over the edge. I fell forward on my hands and humped my pussy over her breast again and again, and once I regained my breath, I started moving back down her body. “I’m ready for you to fuck me, My Lord…but first let me clean up this mess.”

As seductively and vocally as possible, I licked slowly over her entire breasts, because I had pumped out so many juices during my glorious cum. Sucking her nipple into my mouth, I reached down and grabbed her cock once more, taking my hand lower and feeling how wet she had gotten. Thrusting two fingers inside her cunt, she jolted her head backwards and opened her mouth, gasping and silently begging for more.

Before letting her come, I straddled her body again. Barely letting the head of the phallus enter the opening of my pussy, I let my nipples lightly scrape against her chest, leaning down to whisper, “Are you hard yet? Are you ready to fuck me? It’s your pussy…it will never be anyone else’s.”

“Please…” she said, pushing her hips forward as I let her slide slowly inside me. I sat up, bracing myself by placing my hands on her ribs. I let her fill me down to the base. With her arms restrained and spread apart, she raised her head and looked down at her cock filling me, and I began lifting myself up and then back down slowly, watching as she never took her eyes off herself fucking me.

“Mmmmm, Xena…you feel so good inside me,” I panted. Feeling her strength beneath me, it was even more or a turn on as I realized she had control of my body even though she was the one restrained. I reached down and pushed her breasts together, leaning down occasionally to lick over her nipples and feel her thrust even harder into me whenever my upper body was lying on top of hers. We moved perfectly together, both finding incredible glitter shows as the pleasure overtook our bodies. “So good…” she said, her voice dripping with lust, as I let her thrust inside me for as long as she wanted. I did my share of grinding against her as well, telling her the whole time how much I loved it.

Finally, with my body limp on top of her, we rested for a moment. I suddenly shivered when the cool night air blew across our naked bodies, and the chill bumps covered me.

“Cold? she asked.

“Yeah, a little. Let me get the fur off the bed.” I pulled myself off her cock and stood to retrieve the cover.

“You can unchain me now, you know.”

“I know.”

“Gabrielle…” she growled.

I couldn’t help but laugh, but our humor would be short-lived. There were other thoughts prompting serious attention, and I followed what came to mind. Leaning down, I unstrapped the phallus from her and then put it on myself.

Taking her legs and spreading them apart, I leaned forward on my knees and rubbed the head of my cock along her drenched center. “I want to be inside you, Xena,” I said, kissing her neck and feeling her hips move against mine.

“Do it…” she said, letting me know she was as eager as I when it came to me fucking her.

Reaching for the key to unlock her wrists, I asked, “Will you get on your knees for me?” She rendered complete obedience, knowing I wanted to give it to her from behind. Covering us both with the sleeping fur to keep us warm from the night chill, I let my cock lie against her ass, taking my hands and rubbing my fingers through her wetness, spreading her open and feeling the heat radiating from between her legs.

Pumping two fingers inside her, I reached around and found her clit, holding her lips apart and simply touching her…feeling her slick juices coat my fingers. I didn’t want her to come this way, but I knew she was ready to get down to some serious fucking.

I held onto her hips and pulled her back as I pushed forward, both of us emitting moans as the excitement was brand new once again. I soon began driving into her pussy from behind, hearing her command, “Harder! Fuck me harder...”

She finally held her upper body weight on her elbows, giving me even better access to her cunt from behind. I plowed into her with all my strength, giving it to her a little faster and a little harder the longer we went at it. She was meeting my thrusts with her own, rocking back against my cock and letting her pleasure be heard.

We were soon falling forward after experiencing one of the most intense orgasms, timed perfectly so that we exploded together. We both went to sleep on the rug and thunder woke us up a short time later.

“Come on…let’s get into bed…” she whispered, pulling me up into the bed and covering us up as we stretched out on the soft, comfortable mattress.

We took a short nap and the thunder seemed to be moving closer. I was watching her face when the lightning lit our tent, noting the unsettled look on her face. I was afraid she regretted making me her second.

“What are you thinking about, Mistress?” She didn’t respond immediately, but I was relieved when she did.

“I’d like to do something, but I’m not sure how.”

Oh gods. Was this going to be good news or bad? “What is it?” she asked.

“I don’t know how to make love.”

Her hands were holding the back of her head as she lay on her pillow, and she refused to look at me as she confessed her weakness, almost seeming ashamed.

“I’d like to show you…will you trust me?” Had I heard her correctly? That meant she must have started developing feelings for me. My heart was leaping.


I gave her a soft kiss and got up to light a couple of candles. She watched my every step, and I told her, “Don’t move…just stay as you are.”

I got on the bed and straddled her once again, but this time facing away from her. I felt her hands come up to cup my ass, raising no protests from me. I loved feeling her touch my body. I inched my way down a bit further and told her, “Spread your legs for me.”

She did exactly as I asked, and then I moved one of my legs so that I was able to place my pussy against hers. “Perfect,” I said, anxious to see what this was going to be like for Xena. I already knew what it would be like for me. Heaven…

I reached down and parted her lips, feeling her very wet already. I backed up a little and let my cunt slide along her slit, hearing her suck in her breath and then felt her hands massaging my ass as I humped and rolled my hips against her, pressing into her cunt with mine. We were both drenched and it was no effort to slide against each other. My clit was standing firmly at attention, but I wanted to make this intimacy last as long as possible.

I turned around and faced her, once again lying my body in the same position but so that I could kiss her and feel my nipples grind into hers. “Hold yourself open, Baby,” I told her, and as I did the same, I let my cunt land perfectly against hers once again, our bodies started moving, developing a perfect rhythm so that the wetness between our cunts smacked audibly along with our moans of ecstasy.

I felt her hands pressing my ass harder into her, and soon she started fingering me from behind as I still rubbed against her. Gods, it was paradise, and there’s no other way to describe it.

Outside the rain was now pouring, and the thunder only aided in letting us be as wild and loud as we wanted to be. There was no holding back. “You feel so good against me, Xena…Your pussy is pumping out so many juices…Gods…can you smell the combination of our passion?”

I will have to document that it was one of the best orgasms either of us had ever experienced. When I let my body collapse against hers after our incredible cum, I was still panting. “That was mind-blowing…you’re incredible.”

“So are you,” she said, pulling me perfectly between her legs and then gripping her long thighs securely on each side of me. I just lay my head on her chest and relished being held by my Warrior. I was almost asleep when I heard her say my name. Gods, what a small thing to matter so much.


“Mm hm?”

“Thanks for teaching me.”

I never moved my head off her chest or moved my body. I only smiled to myself and said, “You’re welcome, Xena.”

Drifting away, I never wanted this moment to end.

But as so often in our life together, that sensation was soon ended. I awoke to hear Xena thrashing in her sleep, moaning uncomfortably, obviously affected inadversely from something she was dreaming.

She was shaking and whimpering, and I tried to soothe her, and suddenly, I saw her eyes pop open, and awareness return. She gently told me she was okay, and then rolled away from my embrace.

I stared at her back, still shivering, aching to hold her in my arms wanting to know what dream had haunted her. I couldn’t help but think she was dreaming of something from our past, something that caused her to realize that our relationship now did not contain all of those elements they had before. Aching within to take her in my arms, I rolled against her back, spooning my body to hers, hoping I wouldn’t overstep my boundaries.

After she didn’t try to pull away, I took one more step. I made sure she knew I was there for her, and I didn’t just mean my body. She told me she knew that, and a minute later, began to tell me about her dream.

Oh gods, all the things my first visitor to the stable had told me coupled with the dream Xena had brought the guilt and shame crashing over me in waves. Xena had dreamed about being a young girl, traveling with a warrior, and at first, I thought she was dreaming about myself, when I had pretty well thrust myself into her life, and she had grudgingly accepted my companionship, only to slowly let her feelings develop for me. But after a moment of her speaking, I quickly realized this vision was something else. She had dreamed of herself being the young girl, brutally raped by the warrior she had worshipped.

She had dreamed she was Kira.

I listened in shock as she continued to talk about how the experience had hardened her. Her relationship with the warrior had left her when she fell unconscious from the attack, and she didn’t even remember who the warrior had been. But the experience had left her bent on revenge against the world, and so hardened she wouldn’t tolerate betrayal in the slightest form. She demanded complete compliance, or death. There was no other choice.

I told her I understood, and I did…more than she knew. I had gone far beyond affecting her life here in the camp…I now realized what I had been denying. I had created this Xena. I was the one responsible for her being here. The thought of that brought the tears to me, and I couldn’t stop them from flowing.

She heard me crying, and turned back to draw me into her arms, telling me I didn’t have to be sad for her. I wanted so badly to tell her I was sorry for US, but knew I couldn’t do that. My mind was made up, and I had to do the only thing I could to heal her…and me.

Just before the sun rose, I took her face in mine and tenderly gave her lips one last kiss. I was trusting my friend to help me do this…and said a silent prayer as I looked one more time at the beauty of my love.

Then I slipped from her arms, her bed, her tent, and quite possibly, her life for the last time.

COMING NEXT WEEK: In the conclusion to the Friend in Need Scrolls, Xena is bent on hunting down and killing Gabrielle for betraying her, only to find Gabrielle’s escaping was all part of an elaborate trap.

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