Sorting Out the Enemy --Xena's Scroll

“Again! Keep it up until you did it right every fuckin’ time!”

I was going to scream myself hoarse getting this done, but at least, they were making progress. I walked among those men I had selected to lead the others. They had paired off and were sparring with each other using wooden swords. We coated the edges with red pain made from berries, and every time a sword hit clothing or flesh, it left a tale-tell mark. Each mark meant two hours of watch, and usually, the man with the fewest marks earned himself a special reward with me.

“What’s the matter with you?” I snapped, walking among the panting, sweating soldiers. “Yesterday, there were fewer than twenty marks total. Today, I’ll bet not one of you has fewer than twenty marks! What’s the problem?”

No one could answer. They were too busy gasping and grunting and trying to keep from getting hit even more. “All right, that’s enough!” I barked finally. The men sheathed their swords quickly, and waited for the hand signal that it was all right for them to get a drink from the water basin. They lined up on either side, all twenty-two of them keeping a wary eye on me as I walked up the line, looking at each one in turn.

“Staminus? Cham? Claudio?” I continued to pace, lookin at each one individually. They stared back with a mixture of blank looks, shrugs, and silence. A lot of silence.

“All right,” I said crossing my arms. “After supper tonight, you are going to spar for an additional two hours. Then…in the morning, I expect each of you to do three circles of the woods before breakfast.” I could feel the collective sigh of disappointment, but the men knew better than to make any audible sound. That was the sort of thing that would get them killed.

I stopped near Isachar who was just holding the water ladle. “I know that tonight was the night you visit the whorehouse,” I said putting a hand on his red-stained shoulder, and turning to face the rest of the men,” but you can blame yourselves. We are going to be fighting real people in less that a week, and if you don’t get your shit together, not one of you will make it back.”

There were several nods after that, and that pleased me. I had been extremely selective in my choices of who was to lead my army, and these few were to be the core members. Some had more strength than others, of course, but they all had enough mental ability to handle extra responsibility.

But if they couldn’t keep from getting sliced up in a simple sword fight, there was no point in having them along. I sighed as I gave one last look to them. I shook my head, and walked off the practice field, knowing without a doubt, the men would follow my orders.

I walked by her cage on the way back to my tent, but made it a point not to glance at it. Out of my peripheral vision, I saw Gabrielle was in the far corner of her cell, sitting on her bent knees. That was about the only way she could sit comfortably without letting everyone know she no longer wore underwear. The first night she had come to my tent, I had torn them from her. The tent and the cage were the only two places I allowed her. Since then, there had been no point in giving her any underwear. It kept her less likely to try fleeing.

What was it about this little blonde that found me drawn to her night after night? Several times a day, I would tell myself that in the evening, I was going to ignore her this time, and then a cold wind would blow up, or it would rain, or the scouts would see wolf packs, or my clit would feel as though it had caught on fire…and I would end up having her brought to my tent once again.

Four nights ago was the first time she had been brought to me, and after eating me out that night, she told me she’d like to stay in the tent with me. She had managed to do that every single night. Granted, she hadn’t shared my bed, and had been restrained on the floor each night, but still, she’d slept where it was warm and dry and where she’d wanted to stay.

I wanted to discuss some things with Ralston, so before heading to my tent, I changed directions and made my way to the south side of camp. Ralston was in top physical condition, and after the first day of training, he had given me a run for my dinars, so I used him as my second trainer, as well as my second-in-command..

I stood in the doorway of his tent, blocking out sunlight. He looked up from a scroll that seemed to have him enraptured. “My Lord!” he said, caught off-guard, and he began to scramble to his feet, but I waved him to remain seated. He flipped the scroll he was reading over as I approached, but I didn’t pressure him. With his various interests, it could be anything from Agamemnon’s battle tactics to Centaur pornography.

I sat down on the chair, across from his desk. “The men were horrible today,” I told him. “They acted like they’ve never held a sword before. I gave them two hours practice tonight and three laps in the morning. I want you to make sure it happens.”

He nodded his handsome head in his solemn manner. “It will be done, My Lord,” he vowed.

I gave him a single nod. “They’re going to have to make some tremendous improvements; if we are going to go on the offense next week. At the rate they are going, they won’t be setting an example for everyone. They’ll be dead.”

Ralston frowned. “That reflects badly on me,” he said. “Since I’ve been training them.”

I gave him a wry look. “I’ve been teaching them too,” I said. “No, it’s not the training, and I don’t really think it’s the skills. They need real battle experience. These drills can never prepare you for the adrenalin thrill of real combat.”

Ralston nodded. “You’re right, My Lord. But how do we get them real combat?”

“I think I know a way,” I said thoughtfully. “I’ll get back with you later.”

“Yes, My Lord.”

I left Ralston’s tent with a smile on my face. I walked to the center of the camp.

Anson and Hirsch were on duty, guarding the hostages. They gave me a salute, and Anson spoke. “What can I do for you, My Lord?”

“Grab the first person you see when you enter the tent,” I answered. “And bring them out here.”

He retuned a moment later with a young woman in tow. Her hair was cropped in a tumble of blonde curls, and her eyes were huge and brown. She couldn’t have been more than sixteen or seventeen.

“What’s your name girl?” I asked, noting that she kept her eyes cast to the ground.

“Astrid, My Lord,” she answered, in a low voice.

“And where are you from, Astrid?”

“Barthins…” she answered after a slight pause.

“Thank you, Astrid,” I replied. “You can return to the tent now.”

She half-curtsied, looking extremely relieved, and rushed back inside the tent.

“My Lord, Xena!” I heard a feminine voice call my name from within the tent. I knew who it was immediately.

I nodded and indicated for Anson to fetch the owner of the voice. I looked over at the cage, and saw the blonde pointedly looking away from me. I turned back to the hostage tent.

“My Lord…” Iman was on her knees the moment she stepped outside. She reached up and took my left hand, pressing it to her forehead.

“What is it, Iman?” I asked, trying to be patient.

“Please, Lord Xena…I need a word in private with you…could we please go to your tent?”

I narrowed my eyes at her. “Is the subject you need to discuss the same as the other day?” I asked.

She gave me a dung-eating grin. “Yes…there are still some things I need to…discuss with you.”

The grin she was giving me was now of pure lust. The fucking we had done the other day had been okay, but nothing I couldn’t live without. It was like comparing a sprinkling of rain to the tempestuous storm that fucking Gabrielle was. But now, I could see out of the corner of my eyes that the storm was staring at me. Could she be watching with a hint of jealousy?

I leaned over and whispered in Iman’s ear. “I’ll send for you when the moon is high…” I told her, and sent he back into the tent with a slap on her ass. Then I called three of my men over and told them I wanted the ladies to be allowed to bathed that afternoon, and was putting them in charge of water detail. The two old men would be escorted out of the ten while the ladies bathed.

I don’t know why I spent so much time trying to piss Gabrielle off, but it seemed that way. Even though she’d come every time we’d had sex, it had been through stressful circumstances. As I’ve said before, I like sex to be a challenge.

I had Gabrielle brought to the command tent, as the sun was dipping below the horizon. She no longer fought the guards when she was brought in, although I still had her tied as a precaution. In truth, she really hadn’t tried to escape, but I never forgot that she was very clever. I wouldn’t put it past her to be plotting something.

Tonight, I told her I wanted to tell me one of the stories she had offered me the other night. She was understandably surprised by that, but she also immediately agreed to it. I told her, while she was telling the story, she could skip calling me My Lord.

She told me some made-up bullshit about me and her traveling throughout the world doing good. I just about spit my ale out when she first mentioned the good part. I’m not always sure what I was feeling, but it was never good.

The story she told me was about me dying in a cabin in the woods, and everything Gabrielle went through to get me back. She told me of my appearing to her in a spirit form, and giving her a kiss in the forest. And then she opened up her eyes, however, and it was some guy named Autolycus kissing her. At least he felt up that tight little ass of hers.

The story was very entertaining, I’ll give her that. I asked her if I got to fuck any of the Amazons in the story, but she said no.

We lapsed into silence for a few minutes, then I heard her say in a tentative voice. “My Lord, may I speak?”

“Go ahead,” I replied.

“I know you seemed to find the story funny, My Lord. But did any of it sound familiar to you at all?”

I thought back to the story of ambrosia bringing me back, with the help of Autolycus, and of Gabrielle’s run-ins with some bitch named Velasca. “Nope,” I said, happily.

She looked disappointed, but she often did with me. I faked a yawn then, and told her to undress and lay down beside the bed so I could chain her up. I told her I was going to bed early.

Her jaw dropped, but she knew by now not to argue with me, and she quickly stripped off her clothes, and stretched out on the floor by the bed. I was really amazed the second night when I had offered her the choice to sleep on the floor or the cage, and she had chosen the floor without any thought. Since then, I didn’t bother asking her where she wanted to sleep.

I watched her lay down, and she held her hands out to me, waiting for me to put the cuffs on her. Unfucking believable, but I did so. “Sleep good, you little cunt guzzler,” I said, watching her shiver under the power of my words.

I waited until she had dozed off, then sent for Iman.

I had the night watchman, Lantis, tie Iman’s hands behind her back before bringing her to the tent, letting the men think I was going to be interrogating her.

Of course, interrogations included a full body cavity search.

“Get inside, you fuckin’ ho,” I said, with a mock growl, as I shoved Iman through the doorway of my tent.

She milked it a couple of steps, and fell down backward on the bed, on her still tied hands. She lowered her dark head, and batted her smoky gray eyes at me. From my vantage point, all I could see of the blonde slave was the top of her hair, and but I could see all of Iman. It created a conflict of desire in me. Part of me wanted to lift Iman by her face and toss her out into the night, while I ravaged Gabrielle.

“Come to me, My Lord. Fuck me senseless…Please.”

Gods…Iman’s voice was so much like a purr, I expected her to meow at any time. Like a puppet…I moved toward her.

“Xena…” she was shaking her lower half against the bed, her thighs spread wide and her feet flat on the covers. “Please baby, I want your pussy so bad…”

She was the cat and she wanted my pussy? Chuckling at the irony, I moved to stand beside the bed.

Bending over, I grabbed a handful of cunt, feeling the heat factor rise considerably. “You are such a whore, Iman,” I told her in my own lowered voice. “Do you spread your legs for just any Lord who happens along?”

“Oh no, Lord Xena,” she assured me. “You are the only one who can turn my pussy into a volcano.”

I had given her permission to use my name, in the bedroom, as I did with most of my lovers. It just didn’t have the same effect to be called “My Lord” when my partner was so…willing.

“Rollover,” I told her, and as soon as she did, I was untying her. I pulled the rope free of her body, and she rolled back over, her arms reaching out to me. Resting my weight on one knee, I returned her hug, accepting the pressure of her mouth against mine. She pressed her tongue between my lips, and I began sucking on it. It was reflex reaction; and let my brain concentrate on other things.

I was concentrating on her hands, which had already removed my armor, and were now unfastening the front of my shirt. When it was unfastened, she slid her arms underneath the material, giving my breasts a hearty massage. I pulled my shirt off the rest of the way, and then pulled her head to the nearest nipple. She gave an enthusiastic moan, and then began sucking hard at me, making loud slurping noises. I took one of her hands, which was now free, and pushed it down the front of my pants.

“Mmm…yeah…your pussy is sooo wet for me, Xena…” she murmured, while making her way from one breast to the other.

I found my eyes riveted to Gabrielle’s bed again. “Just shut up and keep sucking my tits,” I told Iman, trying not to sound too irritated.

“Oh, fuck yeah…ride me Xena…harder!” A half hour later, I had Iman on her hands and knees, while I plunged in and out of her cunt from behind. She had a little meat on her bones, which allowed me to go at her with most of my strength, my upper thighs smacking loudly into the back of hers and her buttocks. She was supporting herself up on one hand, while the other pawed at her own clit.

I thrust even harder, just to knock her off balance so she couldn’t come so fast. I don’t know why I was feeling the urge to be so mean, but I wasn’t too concerned about Iman reaching fulfillment. She told me she’s made herself come every the night just thinking about our last encounter, so I wasn’t worried about getting a poor performance rating.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Gabrielle’s head move slightly. Lifting my own head a little, I could see, even though she was facing away from me, that her eyes were open and she was hearing exactly what was going on. I wished I could see more of her face, so I could gauge her reaction. For a brief second, I imagined her rising up in a jealous rage, pulling me off Iman, and demanding I fuck her instead. I grinned at that image, and pumped even harder.

“Fuck, Xena!” Iman squeaked it out with her face pushed into the bed. I was pumping so arm, her arms had given away, and I was now pushing her whole upper body into the mattress.

“Whatsa matter, Baby?” I asked, leaning in so my head was the on the side with Gabrielle. “I thought you wanted me to give it to you hard,” I managed to taunt between thrusts.

”Yeah, hard, fuck me hard, Xena…” Iman was babbling, but I tuned her out and concentrated on my little slave beside the bed. Realizing my fantasy couldn’t come true unless she was unbound, I shoved my palm underneath Iman’s squirming cunt.

“Come on my hand, you filthy whore. I wanna feel your pussy juice gushing all over it.”

As if on cue, she began screeching out unintelligibly as she came. I let her finish, then rolled off her.

“Xena, you didn’t come,” she was saying, half accusing, as she rolled back half on me. That was about the time she noticed we weren’t alone.

Hello…” she said in surprised, then looked back at me. “It’s the slut you’ve been keeping in the cage.”

“Uh huh,” was all I could manage.

Iman looked at Gabrielle again. “She’s very pretty, Xena.”

“Yeah,” I reached down and yanked the quilt from Gabrielle, revealing her bound state and naked body. Gabrielle gasped and stared at me, as if she didn’t really think I would do it.

“Oh, she must be a wild one since you keep her chained up,” Iman squealed.

Gabrielle’s eyes were shooting daggers at me. “She is,” I replied, my eyes not leaving hers.

“Xena…” Iman whined, as though the idea had suddenly occurred to her. “Why is she here?”

I grinned ferally. “Just like you, Iman, she’s here for my pleasure.”

Iman’s look was half-lustful, half-outraged, while Gabrielle’s was all outraged. I placed a hand on Iman’s shoulder. “Sit on her face,” I told her.

Iman looked hesitantly at me, and I gave a raised eyebrow that would tell her that she was pushing me toward annoyance. As relaxed as we had been a minute ago, the tension had taken over the room now.

“Xena…” she raised her protest tentatively, just loud enough to set me off.

“Get your fucking pussy down there on that cuntlicker’s face!” I roared, backhanding her cheek hard.

Instantly, Iman was scrambling to do my bidding.

“Face the wall,” I told her when she looked questioningly at me. She nodded, and straddled Gabrielle’s face.

I leaned over the bed, so my own face was inches from Gabrielle. She was still staring up at me with horror-filled eyes, and I could see the silent begging that I didn’t ask her to do this. “Eat her like you did me, Slut,” I told her then I slipped off the bed and positioned myself between her spread thighs. “And don’t get any ideas about not doing your best or even trying to hurt her. I’m going to be chewing on your cunt, and I wouldn’t think twice about taking a bite right out of it.”

I heard her choke back a sob as Iman settled her sloppy pussy down on Gabrielle’s face, and then I saw her beautiful pink tongue extending outward. I grinned to myself. She wasn’t wasting any time!

“Good girl, Slut,” I hissed, before settling myself on my stomach. I wasn’t surprised to find Gabrielle’s cunt bubbling with juices. It seemed as if every time she was near me, no matter what I did to her, she was always wet.

“Mmm…” I couldn’t help but let the sound form in the back of my throat, as I licked my tongue up over the length of her. I wasn’t surprised to find she was delectable, but was rather taken aback when I heard the sound echoed from her throat, and then another moan come from Iman. I leaned in and began to repeatedly lap my tongue over Gabrielle’s labia, watching her tongue increase its speed against Iman’s crotch. It wasn’t long before Iman had gotten over her hesitance and had both hands wound through Gabrielle’s short hair, her hips thrusting busily toward the blonde’s face.

She may not admit it, but Gabrielle was enjoying what was happening. Her pussy was getting wetter and wetter with each passing moment, and her lower half began to writhe in erotic circles, allowing me to easily suck more of her arousal into my mouth. Her hard little clit pressed against my chin as I thrust my tongue deeply into her vagina. Above, I could hear Iman’s sounds of pleasure growing louder and more imminent.

I felt a bit of discomfort at my midriff, and realized I still wore the phallus, and my hips were involuntarily working against the floor as I continued to lick Gabrielle’s cunt. I lifted my face from her dripping snatch, and reached down to unfasten the harness, then pulled it free. I heard Gabrielle murmur a sound of protest when my mouth left her, and when I bent to start working on her again, I heard the screech that told me that Iman was on the verge of a climax.

I slurped up some more of Gabrielle’s juices, then began rubbing the head of the phallus over her opening. She couldn’t see what it was, and probably thought it was just my fingers, but her hips raised again, and the tip of the wooden dick had socketed itself into her tunnel. When Iman spilled over the top, I began thrusting the phallus in and out, hearing a muffled shriek from Gabrielle.

I glanced up and saw Iman riding her face hard, even as Gabrielle’s body was bucking in a climax of its own. The sounds of panic that were escaping her as she struggled to take a breath around Iman’s pulsating flesh caused my own clit to throb harder, and my left hand released her thigh to dive beneath my own body, so I could rub my clit to my own state of completion.

“Oh gods…that was…intense…” I heard Iman gasp, as she finally raised her pussy off Gabrielle’s face and continued to hover on all fours above it. “Your sucking the slave’s pussy made her suck me harder…and gods…that was great!”

I could hear Gabrielle still gasping for breath, but I just gave another languid lick up the valley of her cunt. Her clitoris had tightened and hardened in an effort to escape my hungry mouth. I left the phallus buried in Gabrielle’s pussy for now, and sat up, slapping Iman’s ass.

“I knew you’d like it,” I told her, leaning in to give a nip to the nearest ass cheek.

“Mmmm, yeah…” she was purring. I could see she was still looking down at Gabrielle. “How about I fuck her now, Xena? Or you fuck her while I lick both of your pussies?”

Something in the easy intimate tones she spoke set me off, and I grabbed Iman by her hair, yanking her head back hard. Since she still had her hands tangled in Gabrielle’s hair, Gabrielle’s head was drawn upward sharply too.

“Let her go,” I hissed in Iman’s ear. She did so, and Gabrielle’s head hit the floor with a thump.

“I’ve let you get by with a lot of things…” I snarled at Iman…”Just because I thought your enthusiasm was…refreshing. But you’ve overstepped your boundaries for the last time. It’s time I remind you who’s in charge here.”

She babbled some protests while I slipped my black robe on, but didn’t move from the position I had thrown her on the bed. The tears flowing down her cheeks were very real, and tears of sheer terror.

That said, I stood and continuing to hold her by her long dark tresses, I dragged a squirming gasping Iman out of my tent. I hauled her to the practice field, where the men were continuing their sword practice under Ralston’s watchful eye. He bowed toward me. “My Lord.”

“How are they doing tonight, Ralston?” I asked.

“Very well, My Lord, especially considering the sunlight is gone. I think you will find that no man has more than three red marks so far.”

“Good.” I stood there watching for a minute, neither of us acting like nothing was out of the usual, despite the fact there was a beautiful naked woman shivering and cowering at my knees.

The men didn’t even pause when I made my appearance, and I could see Ralston was right. They looked much more professional than they had earlier that day. I nudged Ralston with my elbow. “They must be rechanneling all their whorehouse energy into their sword fighting. I should have tried this a long time ago.”

Ralston smiled and nodded, and I saw him glancing down at Iman. I followed his gaze, almost wishing he had the capability to take part in my wicked idea. “Here,” I said, reaching out with the reins of her hair. Ralston took it immediately.

“Whoever has the fewest marks gets first crack at her. Second fewest is second, and so on.”

I heard the dull sound of wooden swords hitting flesh as that statement got the attention of several men, and they forgot what they were doing.

“It will be done as you wish, My Lord,” Ralston said.

“No, Lord Xena!” Iman wailed, and I felt her clutching for my legs again, despite the fact that Ralston still had a hold on her. “Please…”

I shook her off my leg, and took a step back, sneering at her. “My men are going to fuck you to death, Iman,” I told her clearly. “You’re whorish behavior is going to be what brings your life to an end.”

I heard her scream in fear as I walked away, but I didn’t care. She had fulfilled her purpose well.

I returned to my tent, and walked directly around the bed to sit on the edge of it. Gabrielle was lying there, her thighs glistening with her own wetness and her chin and neck shiny with Iman’s juices. Between her tied legs was the phallus, still gleaming wetly, half imbedded in her depths..

“Iman seemed rather impressed by your oral talents, Little Whore,” I said to her in an even voice.

The now familiar blush colored her delicate features, but she didn’t answer. I stretched out a leg, and ran a foot up through her swollen pussy lips. She shivered and her back arched, but I couldn’t tell if she was trying to draw out more contact or trying to escape me.

“Did you enjoy your time with Iman, Slut?” I asked her then, nudging her slippery clit with my big toe.

“I enjoyed your attentions to me, Mistress,” she answered honestly.

I chuckled. “I didn’t think Iman was your type,” I replied. “Don’t worry…she won’t ever come between us again.”

“My Lord?”

The look she was giving me told me she was thinking along the right lines.

“I gave her over to my men,” I answered, enjoying the look of horror and confirmation that quickly spread across her features. “By morning, they will have fucked her to death.”

Her voice was barely more than a whisper. “You ordered them to rape her?”

I shrugged, and pushed my toes a little deeper into her cunt. “They have orders to fuck her,” I replied. “She could really enjoy herself if she allowed it, but she won’t. She thinks I’m the only one who should fuck her. By morning, she’ll have given up, and more than likely, will be dead, or at least near death..”

She continued to stare at me, her eyes full of some sort of inexplicable emotion. It was more than just disgust at what I had done…it almost looked like disgust at herself, although I couldn’t imagine why.

“What are you thinking, Whore?” I asked her, curiously.

She shook her head, and answered. “I’m just wondering if that fate is in store for me as well, My Lord.”

I doubted that was what was on her mind, but let it slide for now. “It could be,” I answered. “I don’t play favorites.” In truth, the last thing I could think of desiring for her would be to see her turned loose at the hands of my men, but she didn’t have to know that.

She shivered again, and I pulled my foot from her crotch with a wet sexy sound, and then threw the quilt over her again.

“Get some sleep, Slave,” I told her. “I’ve got some matters to attend to tomorrow, and you’re going to be back in your cage early.”

I lay there in the darkness for some time…listening to her cry softly. I don’t know if her tears were out of fear or from something else, but they caused another part of my body to water for a decidedly happier reason Her emotional pain excited me, and despite the action I had seen earlier tonight. I decided to push her one step further.

“Oh yeah…” the feeling of my fingers between my own thighs was as exciting to me as I could ever remember it being. I planted my feet flat on the bed, and spread my thighs wide, pushing the covers down so they pooled at my feet. I wanted Gabrielle to be able to hear the sounds of my fingers squishing around in my own wetness, and maybe her nose would catch the scent of my passion.

“Mmm…that feels sooo good…” I continued, not really having to put on an act. “Gods, my clit is so swollen, it’s stretching out toward my fingers…yeah…I know it’s wishing it had my beautiful blonde little slave’s soft lips wrapped around it, but unghhh…I don’t think I could stop even if you begged me.”

I heard her holding her breath beside the bed, and heard the clanking of the chains, as if she were stretching her head as far as she could upwards to try and see what if I was really masturbating.

I was, and just the thought of her being so close to me allowed my pleasure to escalate quickly and strongly. “Gods,” I groaned, as I plunged three, then four fingers into my clutching tunnel, using my other hand to manipulate my clit in rough, harsh movements. I heard her whimper, and recognized the sound. It was one of sexual frustration, and knowing that she was feeling that way did it for me.

I moaned long and loud as my pussy poured juices onto my hand, and over the bed. My heart pounded and my breath came in ragged intervals, as the orgasm sent warmth pouring through my extremities.

“That’s much better,” I said, relaxing my leg and rolling to my side, facing where she was on the floor. I held my hand out and pressed it to her lips, rubbing my cum-covered fingers over them. I didn’t even have to tell her to lick them clean. Her tongue swabbed over them quickly, lapping up all the fluids my body had produced.

“Good work, Slut,” I said coldly, and yanked my fingers from her mouth. I rolled over facing away from her, and was asleep within minutes.

The next morning was cold and overcast, and as much as I would have liked to lay in bed for a while longer, I got up as soon as the sun did. Gabrielle was asleep, her head turned away from me, and for some reason, I let her continued to sleep as I got dressed.

I became aware about halfway through that she was awake and watching me, but didn’t make any comments. I finished buttoning up the black shirt I wore, and then slipped into the body armor, before stepping outside the tent.

There wasn’t much activity in the camp so early, but I could see the guards posted around the hostage tent were alert and at the ready. That pleased me, and I called Todias, the youngest man in my army over. “Yes, My Lord?” he asked, after giving me a slight bow.

“Go get Ralston,” I replied.

He saluted, then ran off to do my bidding. It was only a matter of a couple of minutes, when I saw Ralston approaching me.

I told him my plans for that morning, and made sure he would be prepared for what was going to happen. He assured me he would, and I nodded, giving him clearance to leave. I reentered my tent.

I slid into my scabbard, and slid my boot dagger into place. Once I was totally dressed, I opened the desk drawer and took out the key to Gabrielle’s manacles. Within a moment, she was freed from her bondage.

I gave her a minute for the blood to partially return to her limbs, then hauled her to her feet. “Get dressed,” I barked, pitching her clothes at her.

She did so, but her bloodless fingers fumbled quite a bit. As I thought about what I would be doing that day, I realized this was the longest I had let her out of my sight since she had come to be my captive. I turned to a chest of drawers, and rifled through one of the drawers, finally coming up with a cream-colored pair of breeches.

“Put these on too,” I told her. They were big enough to fit me, which made them way to big for her, but I handed her a pin to help hold them in place. She smiled slightly, gratefully, and did as I asked.

When she was totally dressed, I told her, “Time to head back to your cage, Slave.” I noticed the way her shoulders bent as she started walking.

I followed her the short distance. “I’m going to be gone until after dark,” I told her as we walked. “You behave yourself while I’m gone, and I’ll give you a reward for it. If I hear of you giving my men a hard time, you’ll meet the same fate as Iman.”

As if on cue, I saw her head turn toward the center of the village. Although we were several paces away, the prone body of Iman was lying face down in the dirt. Streaks of semen covered her lifeless body. I couldn’t have planned it any better.

She went back into her cage without a fuss, and I picked the two men I wanted to guard her for the day. They took their place, and as I nodded my approval, I heard the sound of horse hooves approaching. It wasn’t long before Levius, one of my groomsman was bringing my favorite horse to me.

I patted the chestnut steed’s neck, before swinging up into the saddle. Ralston was approaching. “You’re in command,” I told him with a nod.

“I will do as you say, My Lord,” he answered with a slight bow.

I clucked my tongue at the horse, and galloped off.

It felt good to take off across the open countryside, breathing in the crisp morning air and letting the weight of responsibility slide from my shoulders for a while. I was planning on going to Barthins, Astrid’s home village, and making my ransom demands. Once that was done, I planned on riding back to the camp, leaving a sloppy trail, in hopes that the villagers would follow me in a rescue attempt for Astrid. It would be the first real chance my men had to try out their sword skills in battle, and I think it would be good for the morale of the whole camp. Ralston would make sure the men were ready.

I had been only riding about a half an hour, when something began nagging at me. I wasn’t sure what it was at first, but as I slowed the horse down to a trot, I began to get clearer in my image. I only rode a little further, and then I was wheeling the horse around, and riding back to camp as fast as the horse would carry me.

Thank the gods I had turned around when I did! I was still a distance away when I saw what was going on, and not pausing to wonder how I had been made aware of the trouble, I rode closer, then flipped off the horse’s back. My sword was drawn immediately, and the men never even had a chance to react. I killed both of the bastards with one fell swoop of my sword.

The blood splattered everywhere, including on Gabrielle, who was laying on her back, her eyes closed shaking violently. Her skirt was twisted up around her waist, and her shirt was torn open, revealing her beautiful breasts to the cold morning air. I stared for a minute, and then was reaching down to grab her by one bicep, lifting her halfway toward me.

Her eyes wrenched open, and I watched amazed as she caught sight of me, then burst out into tears. “Oh Xena…I mean…My Lord…, is it really you?”

Something just wasn’t settling with me right in regards to all this, but I nodded. “Did they hurt you?” I asked.

“No…no…I’m okay.”

I pulled her to her feet, pulling her skirt down and pulling the two halves of her shirt together, taking her hands and having her hold them in place. My temper was boiling, and despite the fact that she hadn’t been fighting back, I wasn’t feeling that much anger directed toward her. I saw her glancing around us, and when I looked, most of my men had formed a large half circle, watching what was going on. No doubt they had known I was going to be away, and had suddenly returned, and were curious to see what was going on.

“Stay here,” I told Gabrielle, noting she was hanging on to the edge of the cage, her legs very shaky.

I stalked toward the men, who collectively took a step back. “What the fuck happened here?” I demanded. “What made Malcolm and Andtidus think they had the right to touch the blonde when I had given express, repeated orders not to?”

Some of the men shook their heads, others shrugged, but most of them just looked on in shock, and I could tell that this was as much a surprise to them as it had been to me.

“Anyone?” I snapped, hoping maybe at least someone would have the balls to step forward and tell me what had gotten into the two dead men.

After a moment of silence, I bellowed for Ralston. He stepped forward, looking as perplexed as the rest of the men, and was strangely silent.

“What do you have to say for yourself?” I asked him tersely, circling him.

His eyes were lowered. “I was making sure the men completed their laps of the forest, My Lord,” he said, his voice truthful, but shaky. “When I heard the slave scream, I rushed back here as fast as I could, but you had already arrived.”

I saw several of the men nodding to corroborate his story, but I was suddenly filled with a vision of what had almost happened.

“Kneel before me,” I told Ralston, holding my sword aloft again.

I saw him take a deep swallow, and he did so, his head bowed.

I took my time looking at my men, and even glancing back at Gabrielle, who was watching all this with huge eyes. “You have been a good faithful soldier, Ralston,” I said finally. “For the most part... But you know that I cannot tolerate negligence in the ranks, especially when something like this is concerned. I have said on more than one occasion that the slave was not to be touched by anyone but me, and you have failed to make sure that happened.”

“Yes, My Lor—“ He didn’t even get to complete his statement, as I lowered my sword swiftly, beheading my most faithful and capable soldier.

Behind me, I heard Gabrielle heaving with sudden nausea, but I was more interested in my men’s reactions. Not one of them would meet my eye, and I’m sure I had made my point.

“Anson!” I shouted then.

The man was in front of me in a few seconds, his knees shivering slightly. “My Lord?”

“You’re in charge of getting this mess cleaned up…all of it. Take all the men you need.”

“Yes, My Lord.”

I gave him a curt nod, and turned on my heel. Gabrielle was just straightening up from her vomiting, and I took her elbow, forcing her to come along with me.

I led her to my tent, and indicated for her to sit on the bed once we were inside. She sat there trembling, her eyes not raising to meet mine.

I took a deep breath, trying to control my emotions. I hated to see Ralston die, but had to kill him in order to keep my command. Somewhere in the back of my mind, a small voice was hoping that I wouldn’t have to kill the little slut for the same reasons.

On a whim, I sat down on the bed next to her. I slipped a hand under her chin, and lifted her eyes to mine. I could see she was very troubled, possibly about more than what had just happened.

“What is it, my beautiful little slave?”

She paused then spoke, “You killed Ralston, My Lord…because of me?”

“Because he didn’t do his job,” I corrected.

Her eyes continued to search mine, the expression hauntingly familiar. Where had I seen that before?

“I know it’s harsh,” I finally said. “But we are on the brink of beginning a major undertaking that leaves absolutely no room for disobedience or negligence. The men have to know that, and so do you.”

I wondered if she realized there was a future for us in that statement. Her expression didn’t change.

“I understand, My Lord.”

I nodded. “Good…now…let’s talk about what happened when I returned to camp. Tell me what went on.”

“Yes, My Lord…” her voice was so soft, I had to strain my ears to hear every word. “You hadn’t been gone very long, and most of your men were going about their duties. Some of them had just left for the laps around the woods, and Ralston had taken the rest of the men to the practice field. The only ones who were left were the two guards watching the hostage tent, and the two watching my cage.”

I nodded. She continued.

“I had my head laid against the side of the cage, and was half asleep, when I noticed the two who were guarding the hostage tent called the two guarding my cage over and began to talk to them. They disappeared behind the hostage tent, and when they returned, there was only the two who had been looking after the hostages.”

“Two more of my men will die today,” I mused, “Go on…”

She was wringing her hands. “The two men…approached my cage, leering and making well…crude comments to me. Within a matter of moments, the tall light haired one was opening the door, and they were dragging me out of the cage.”

I listened to what she said, and tried to maintain my calm. “Ralston said the day they captured you, you put up a hell of a fight. It took four of my best men to finally bring you down. I know you’ve not been getting a lot of exercise here, but couldn’t you have at least tried to fight back?”

I was amazed to see confusion and tears build in her eyes yet again. She was such an emotional little slave. “I wanted to, My Lord…” she said finally, “but…”

“But what?”

“But they told me you had ordered it,” she finally said. “They told me it was your orders that they take me. I thought I was following orders.”

A thousand thoughts rushed through my brain. After what I had forced her to participate in with Iman last night, and then later, my orders to my men concerning Iman, I could understand why she had believed my men when they had said it was my order that they rape her. I had given her no indication that she meant anything different to me than Iman, and I realized then that eventually, she expected to meet the same fate.

“You were going to submit to them, because you thought I wanted it?” I asked finally. I had released her chin in surprise, and she immediately lowered her head again.

“Yes, My Lord. You asked me the first night if I liked sex with men, and I told you the truth, that I preferred it with women. I just thought that you were punishing me by having your men take me.”

“And you were willing to submit…” I repeated, staring at her in amazement. “I’m amazed by this, but must admit, I’m pleased as well. Not many can submit as fully as you have.”

Her eyes met mine voluntarily. “Thank you, My Lord,” she said. I know the look of relief on her features were for various reasons, but I didn’t let it affect me.

I nodded, then stood abruptly “I have a needle and thread in here somewhere”, I said, turning to my desk. “Let’s get your clothes sewn up…I’ve still got some matters to tend to among my men.”

She told me she could sew her own clothes, and didn’t object when I cuffed one of her hands to the center tent pole, so I could leave her there, while I checked out the two guards who were supposed to be watching her.

Not surprisingly, they were nowhere to be found, so I gathered together a dozen of the men, and told them to look at this as a tracking exercise. I didn’t care if the guards were brought back alive or dead, just as long as they were brought back.

After Gabrielle had repaired her clothes, I sent her back to the cage while I held an impromptu meeting with all of my men. They were mostly still in a state of shock from my killing of Ralston, but I wanted to make it absolutely clear why I had done it. There were a couple who tried to argue with me, which made today’s death toll in my own camp seven, counting Iman. It was bound to happen, but with my second in command dead and three of my group leaders dead, I knew we wouldn’t be ready to go on the offensive next week.

The sun was just beginning to dip below the horizon when I heard my scouts shout from west of the camp. I quickly stripped the weapons from the three men I had been sparring with, and went to find out what was going on.

Into the camp rode one of the newest members of the army, and one of the most promising ones, Raab. I smiled when I saw what he had behind him. Not only had he captured the two guards, but he had tied their hands behind their back, and then stripped them of their pants and shoes. He had tied ropes around the cocks of the two men, and was leading them into camp in that manner.

“My Lord,” he dismounted right in front of me, and lowered his red head.

I held out my hand, and he dutifully placed the leashes that held the guards in mine. I glanced up and down his stocky build, and then nodded slowly. “You may name your reward,” I told him.

The twinkle in his eye told me what he wanted.

I gave him a nod. “Later,” I said quietly, and I jerked the two prisoners forward by their restraints. They both grunted in understandable pain.

Later, they both died in considerably more pain.

The sun had been down for a while when I finally had Gabrielle brought to my tent. It had taken some time to figure out how to restructure the men, and I had several of them brought to the tent for questioning, as I tried to determine who should be given what position. The only one left to find a position for was Raab, and I would need his input on that.

I didn’t say anything to Gabrielle as she shuffled into the tent. She stood at the end of the bed, facing it, as I had trained her to do. I turned at my desk and looked at her carefully. Most of the bruises from her capture had long since faded, and I noticed some new ones on the back of her thighs from where she had been yanked out of the cage. I ran my hand over the darkest one, and she groaned.

“I thought you said they didn’t hurt you,” I said finally.

“They didn’t really, My Lord,” she replied, her voice sounding very tired. “I mean, they were rough with me, but it wasn’t enough to qualify as being hurt.”

“Look at me, Slut…”

She turned so she was facing me, and slowly lifted her eyes.

“Would you really have let those two have you, just because you believed that’s what I ordered?”

“I want to obey you always, My Lord.”

I nodded thoughtfully. “Very good, Whore. I like a slave who knows her place. And as you saw today, many more of my men are faithful to me than unfaithful. So if you ever did try anything against me, they would be on you in no time at all.”

“I understand, My Lord.”

I crossed my arms, and sat back in the chair. “Undress for me now, Bitch.”

She did so quickly, soon standing before me in the dim lantern’s light of the tent. I continued to watch as her nipples hardened before my eyes, tightening into rosy pink buds that made my mouth water. “Spread your thighs, Cunt,” I told her, and her legs snapped open before the words had even left my mouth. That made me smile. She had learned quickly from our session the other day.

I stood up, and closed the distance between us, sitting down on the end of the bed and pulled her hips back, so my face was resting against her left butt cheek. I ran the fingers of my right hand lightly between her legs. She was wet, as usual, but I detected something else.

“You’ll find that I reward for good behavior as well as punishing for bad behavior,” I told her, muffling my voice in the dimple in her lower back. “And you’ve been showing nothing but good behavior the last few days. Are you ready for your reward?”

“Yes, Mistress,” she replied with a quaver in her voice.

The change from Lord to Mistress let me know she expected her reward to be another of my sexual gifts, but I had other plans tonight.

“You’re very tired, Slave…I know you haven’t slept very well since you arrived here. Why don’t you go to bed early, and try to get caught up on some of your sleep?”

Her body stiffened in surprise, but I gave that sweet little ass of hers a little nudge. “Go on, lie down…Get some rest…I won’t disturb you.”

“Thank you , My Lord,” she said quietly, and she went to lay beside the bed, on the thick rug that served as her mattress. When I stood and walked round the edge of the bed, she held up her wrists toward me, waiting for the chains.

I smiled down at her. “If I leave you unchained, will you be a good slave and not try anything stupid?”

“Yes, My Lord,” she blurted so quickly, I knew she was telling me the truth.

I nodded. “Sleep well, My Little Whore…tomorrow, we’ll be starting anew.”

“Thank you, My Lord.”

I lowered the lantern closest to her, then crossed the room to sit at the desk again. Gabrielle lay there for a while, wearily watching me, no doubt expecting a trick, but gradually, the yawns overtook her, and she was nodding off. Within a half hour, she had curled up on her side, and looked dead to the world.

I turned back to the desk, but no longer wanted to think about my army or upcoming plans. Too many other thoughts tumbled through my head. My pussy was pounding out a need to be touched, but for some reason, I had felt the need to be KIND to the little blonde and let her get some sleep. Even with Raab soon to be there, it was still unheard of for me to show mercy. I told myself it was because I liked Gabrielle’s spirited attitude, and she was too worn out to offer much along the lines of what I needed to satisfy me. A good night’s sleep would make a world of difference in her…and tomorrow night, it would be right back to my taking her in whatever way excited me most.

Whatever excited me most. I concentrated on that. In truth, the sexual acts that excited me most were often the ones that she didn’t like. I was infuriated by the thought of my men trying to rape her, but at the same time, I thought the idea of watching her and a man together in bed was beginning to appeal to me very much. Especially knowing she didn’t like men that much. After today, I’m sure she’d submit, but what would her reaction be? Would she get excited by it, with me there? Would she let herself go, or try to hold off the inevitable, her climax as long as possible?

My thoughts wandered to Raab. I hadn’t been with him before, but he had the kind of build that attracted me, stocky and powerful. He wasn’t genuinely handsome, but had a certain amount of charisma with his short-cut red hair and that devilish goatee. He was a capable fighter, and seemed to be in full control of his body at all times. I certainly hope he is in more control than Wiran was.

Gabrielle made a soft sigh in her sleep, and I smiled to myself as I turned to look at her for the millionth time. I envisioned pulling her up from the floor, and laying her out flat on the bed, straddling her face on all fours and letting that incredible tongue of hers lick me out while Raab fucked her good and hard.

Even better, I’d let Raab fuck me first, then when I sat on her face, I’d make her eat his sperm out of my cunt. Yes, that would be sure to disgust her, and I’d lay odds, at the same time, if she’d be honest, it would excite her.

I continued to fantasize. I would make Gabrielle suck Raab off, while I lay beneath her, nibbling her tasty little clit and fucking her with my fingers. I’d urge Raab to hold her by the sides of her head, and pump his cock into her until he shot his load down her throat. She’d suck him till he hardened again, and then he’d move between my thighs, fucking me, while I’d continue to suck her cunt until she could produce no more moisture. I pressed my pussy into the edge of my chair, imagining all the possibilities.

As we had prearranged, Raab came to my tent when the moon was at its highest point. I heard his low voice call, “My Lord?” from outside, and I opened the tent flap, beckoning he enter. Behind him, I could see several of my men had gathered to see if he was really invited into my tent. I let the tent flap fall closed, and tied it from the inside.

When I turned back, Raab was on one knee, kneeling before me, his head bowed. “What’s this?” I asked.

“I am truly honored, My Lord,” he replied then.

Something in his calm manner pleased me. “Stand up,” I told him gently. And when he did, he was a good three inches shorter than me. “I appreciate your showing me the proper respect,” I told him. “That’s very good. But until you leave my tent, you may refer to me as Xena, and don’t have to refer to me as your Lord.” I wrapped my fingers around the back of his neck, and pulled him closer to me. “Unless that gets you harder,” I whispered before sinking my teeth into his earlobe and sucking it into my mouth.

Raab made a low growl in the back of his throat, and then his arms were coming around me, pulling me urgently against his mouth and body. It was obvious he understood the ground rules very well.

“Yeah…shit yeah…Xena…that’s good.” I held onto his cock around the base and peered up at him around him, before plunging my mouth back down around the length of his fat cock. I milked Raab’s dick with my hand, as I worked my tongue round and round the head, watching his stomach dance in an effort not to come.

I nursed him to the edge several times, and then pulled off his cock one more time. His eyes were clenched shut, and I saw his face had tightened into the grimace that told me ejaculation was imminent. When I stopped all movements though, he looked down at me, his face contorting in a different way.

“How long will it take you to get it up again?” I asked him pointblank.

He glanced further down at my body, where my unbuttoned shirt was revealing a great deal of flesh. “With those tits of yours? No time at all, I assure you.”

I smiled wickedly, and plunged my mouth back on the length of him, sucking him to completion this time.

“Haven’t you had enough?” I asked him some time later.

He ran his hands up over my thighs that were resting over his shoulders. “Gods, Xena, I could live on your pussy juices the rest of my life…”

I bucked my crotch into his face one more time, and then pulled my legs apart further, so my thighs slid off his shoulders. “Come up here,” I said, grabbing him by the ears and pulling. “I wanna taste too.”

He grinned at me, and then pushed his body up, planting his mouth on mine for a long tongue-sucking kiss. I wrapped my legs around his upper thighs, and felt the beat of his cock tattooing its need out against my clit.

“Don’t you think it’s time we do some good hard fucking?” I asked him, when our mouths had parted to grab a breath of air.

“Mmm yeah…” came his groaned reply, and I felt his erection probing my entrance, and then he was sinking deep inside me.

“Shit,” I moaned with him. His cock was possibly the fattest I’d ever encountered, stretching my vaginal opening wide, and creating an immediate pressure on my clit from being stuffed so full.

“Just lay there and relax, Xena,” he said with a smile, before bending to kiss me briefly. “And let me bring you pleasure. I’ve thought about this ever since the first time I laid eyes on you.”

I did as he suggested, not fighting him when he took my hands and pressed them into the pillow above my head. I let them rest there, while his own hands began to work on my breasts, pinching and stroking and squeezing in times with his hip movements.

It usually took a fairly brisk fucking to bring me over, but the sheer girth of him allowed him to go slower, his lower half bucking into me in long lingering strokes. I closed my eyes as the pressure in my clit began to build to almost unbearable proportions.

“You are so fuckin’ gorgeous, Xena,” I heard him whispering…”I wanna see you come just for me…come on, Baby…I can feel your pussy muscles squeezing me so hard…Come for me.”

Something in his confident nature really got to me, and I felt my body responding to his commands, as my clit swelled and exploded, making me shriek out from the sudden sensation. He never even stopped moving, but kept his hips moving in that same incessant rhythm, a sweat breaking out on his body as his own pleasure rapidly began to escalate.

“If I had known you could fuck like this, I would have had you in my bed a long time ago,” I smiled at him, watching him work himself to a frenzy. “Yeah, come on…” I began to use my vaginal muscles to squeeze him in rhythm with his thrusts, listening to his grunts of pleasure get louder and louder.

I was so caught up in the pleasure he was bringing me, I momentarily forgot about Gabrielle, laying beside the bed. Suddenly though, I heard a frustrated scream, and I caught a flash of gold, and she was instantly on the bed beside me. I turned my head in amazement, my recent climax dulling my reflexes, and I watched in shock as she suddenly thrust upward with two fingers, catching Raab right in the pressure point of his neck. He froze in mid-arch, and then collapsed on top of me, as she had pinched the nerves that would paralyze all his movements. I gave a push, rolling him off me, and struggled to sit up.

“What in the fuck do you think you’re doing?” I demanded, finally finding my voice again.

“Gods, Xena, I couldn’t stand it anymore,” she snapped back. She followed the movements of Raab, and I made a grab for her hand, but it was too fast. The heel of her right hand slammed hard into his nose, and I heard the crunching sound of his nose being driven into his brain. He twitched once, and then stopped moving.

For long minutes, I stared at him, dumbfounded. When I finally looked at Gabrielle again, she was still on her knees, between my spread thighs, her breathing coming in rough pants. She looked up at me, a combination of fear and triumph in her eyes.

I lunged forward, and grabbed her by the shoulders, pressing her down into the opposite end of the bed.

“How did you know how to do that?” I demanded.

COMING NEXT WEEK: Gabrielle considers changing her own way of life, instead of trying to change Xena’s.

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