Sorting Out the Enemy--Gabrielle's Scroll

She had me returned to my cage each morning promptly after breakfast and that was where I would remain until she called for me at night. I had been very fortunate that she had allowed me sleep in her tent each night for nearly a week now. She had ignored me today, though, yet making certain I could see her in action. She had been working with her men on the field again. Xena was very diligent when it came to keeping the performance level top-notch, and the same went for the bedroom. She rode past my cage en route to one of the other tents and acted as if she never knew I existed.

Last night was amazing even though I didn’t get to actually touch her body. She came to me during the night, waking me with her hand clamped securely over my mouth. “Sssshhhh… don’t say a word…I mean it…when I take my hand away, you’d better keep it zipped or I’ll make ya wish ya had.”

I shook my head in agreement. She threw my covers back and I felt her hands on my lower body, but not touching me in that way. It was soon obvious what she wanted, and I think the restraints only made me gush more.

As she lowered herself onto the phallus, I didn’t refrain my hips from pushing upward, settling into a rhythm to move perfectly with her, knowing how she always loved me to fuck her this way and how she loved the control. When she reached back and rested her palms on each of my legs, I could have sworn that we were no longer strangers. It was My Xena that I was making love to. And she seemed comfortable with me. She kept herself quiet for the most part, but plenty wet thanks to the way we both were grinding.

I wanted so much to say, “Touch yourself for me, Xena…”, but I couldn’t risk taking anything away from this moment. There were only a couple of candles burning lowly on the other side of the room. Just enough for me to see the look of pleasure on her face…her mouth opening to breathe in more air…her eyes half-closing as she rolled her hips and dipped down harder on my cock…I refused to blink so that I wouldn’t miss a second of her beauty.

After she found her release, she pulled herself off the phallus and then threw the cover back over me. When she got into bed, she said, “Did that make you wet, Slave?” She chuckled to herself and soon was sleeping soundly. My erection under the cover reminded me of her performance the rest of the night.

Waking myself from my daydream, I watched Xena ride to a certain tent that had me curious. I had noticed that it was guarded at all times, and there was never much action around the area. Soon a young girl was brought out to Xena, and I saw Xena lean down and whisper something to her. She slapped the girl’s ass as she left, both of them playful and smiling. I was ready to fight. She obviously was acquainted with this young girl, and I was now piecing together what this special tent housed. But how could she need anyone else? I guess this would mean I’d be sleeping in my cage tonight. Without love, I was just another fuck for her. But I still kept the alternative in mind. I knew how I felt for her, and that’s what mattered to me.

I was surprised when Xena sent for me earlier than usual. It wasn’t completely dark out yet, and then when Ralston left me in her tent, she wanted me to tell her some of the stories I had offered to tell her the other night.

She was completely cynical and didn’t believe that she ever traveled great distances trying to do good, endeavoring to fight evil with her sword. She let me talk for quite a while, and it was nice for me re-living some of our best memories. But she was clueless. Nothing, not one word, touched her heart or affected her in any positive way.

She had me take my place on the rug beside her bed and she locked me in early for the night, saying she was going to bed.

What I heard when I awoke in the darkness was Xena’s voice, and she was making love to someone in her bed…only a few feet away from me.

“Rollover,” she said, and I heard a female’s voice panting heavily and then their kiss began. Gods what I would give for a heated kiss with Xena. I could hear their mouths sucking hungrily at each other.

“Mmm…yeah…your pussy is sooo wet for me, Xena…” I heard the girl’s voice say as the bed began moving. I stretched my neck as far as possible and could see Xena on top of the girl, humping against her, and then she looked my way. Quickly shutting my eyes, I heard Xena say, “Just shut up and keep sucking my tits.” At least it didn’t sound like Xena felt very romantic, which made it a tad better for me. It was quite difficult hearing her make love with someone else.

They went at it again and again, the girl squealing her pleasure, telling Xena, “Oh, fuck yeah…ride me Xena…harder!” I could see only a portion of their bodies from my angle on the floor, but I could tell Xena had flipped the girl over and had her get on her knees. Xena gripped the girl’s hips and jolted into her from behind, harder and faster.

“Fuck, Xena!”

“Whatsa matter, Baby?” Xena asked, chuckling at her own physical strength. “I thought you wanted me to give it to you hard.”

I managed to see Xena look my way again, and it hit me that she wanted me to hear her with someone else. She let the girl come one last time and it was then that the other slave realized I was being kept beside the bed.

She looked down at me and turned to tell Xena, “It’s the slut you’ve been keeping in the cage,” as if she didn’t know. It was the slave that Xena had talked to earlier today. The girl was pretty enough. She had dark hair and was quite young.

Xena reached down and pulled the blanket away that covered my naked body. “Sit on her face,” she told the young girl.

“Xena…” , the girl began. I was surprised when the girl questioned Xena’s command. It wasn’t that I wanted this to happen, but I wouldn’t advise anyone to stall when it came to fulfilling Xena’s demands.

“Get your fucking pussy down there on that cuntlicker’s face!” Xena yelled, hitting the girls’ face with the back of her hand.

The girl straddled my face, and I looked over to see Xena lying on her stomach on the bed. I had no choice but to let the girl’s cunt lower to my mouth. Xena looked directly into my eyes and said, “Eat her like you did me, Slut,” and then she disappeared for a couple of minutes. Soon I felt her positioning her body between my legs. “And don’t get any ideas about not doing your best or even trying to hurt her. I’m going to be chewing on your cunt, and I wouldn’t think twice about taking a bite right out of it.”

As the young girl’s already soaked cunt settled on my mouth, I felt Xena’s incredible tongue licking up my slit. “Mmmm…” she moaned, and that was enough to get me started.

The girl above me was getting off on the excitement, and I concentrated on feeling Xena’s mouth on me. I knew better than to hold back on my performance with Iman, because Xena was surely taking it all in. It really did feel quite wonderful, and soon I felt something rubbing through my pussy, barely pressing into my hole. Xena had taken the phallus off herself and was proceeding to fuck me with it holding it in her hand.

Nursing at my clit, she took her time with the phallus and moved back and forth inside me, giving it to me a little harder the closer I got. We both could feel the climax building inside me.

She let me come hard, and the slave girl got off on the excitement. However, she became a little too outspoken and ended up being personally escorted out of the tent by Xena. She had left the phallus buried inside me and I assumed she wasn’t finished with me yet.

She was gone for a short while when I heard Iman screaming in the distance. I didn’t know if Xena had struck her with her sword or what she had done to the girl. It made me rather uneasy, and I wondered if Xena would be angry when she returned to me.

The flap to the tent flew back and in came Xena, never stopping until she got to the bed where she sat down and looked at my sprawled body. She waited a couple of minutes before saying anything and just observed me. Finally, she said, “Iman seemed rather impressed by your oral talents, Little Whore.” She took her foot and touched my clit.

I thought maybe she was going to base my punishment on my answers. She asked if I enjoyed my time with Iman. I told her the truth…I had enjoyed my time with her, My Mistress. She said that she didn’t think Iman was my type, but not to worry, because she would not be coming between us again. I wondered if that meant sexually or literally.

When she told me that she gave Iman over to her men, I immediately thought of Kira. Remembering her pleading, her begging…”Please, Gabrielle…don’t do this…” Xena would do the same with me if for any reason I displeased her.

“You ordered them to rape her?” I asked, realizing I had just spoken without being spoken to. In fear, I looked up at her sitting on the edge of bed, noting how pleased she felt with her power and rule.

She dug her toes again through the abundant wetness between my legs, still not removing the phallus inside me.

“What are you thinking, Whore?” She seemed interested in what was going through my mind.

“I’m just wondering if that fate is in store for me as well, My Lord.”

“It could be,” she answered coldly.

She ended the conversation and threw the blanket over me. “Get some sleep, Slave…I’ve got some matters to attend to tomorrow, and you’re going to be back in your cage early.”

I had to accept that I might not be able to change her. If she couldn’t learn to love me and to care for me, I was in serious danger. Still, no matter the danger, I would not try to escape. In her arms was the only place I wanted to be.

In the darkness, I heard Iman scream again very faintly from the other side of the camp, and it brought back Kira’s bruised face back into clear view. She hadn’t deserved what I had done to her. I was only taking my aggression out on her for all the bitterness I felt inside.

Soon I heard Xena’s voice coming from her bed, sounding very sexy. The longer I listened, the more my own cunt heated up; as I’m sure that was her intention. She was touching herself and let me know exactly how wonderful it felt, as if I didn’t know. I had touched her pussy many times and was in complete agreement with her.

She finally finished, making me nearly chew my tongue off before she found fulfillment. “That’s much better,” she said, rolling over to face me. She then took her glistening fingers and put them to my mouth, not having to give the order for me to lick them clean. I hungrily sucked at each digit until all remains of her delicious juices were nowhere to be tasted. It was the best midnight snack I had enjoyed since being here at her camp.

The scent of her sex lingered in the room, and even though I could hear sleep taking over My Lord, my body was far from relaxing. This past week I had been able to put what I had done to Kira out of my mind. Tonight when Xena excused Iman out of the tent and ordered the men to rape her until she gave up the fight, my stomach became sick with remorse. If forced to do it all over again…trying to adjust to Xena’s death…I’m certain I would react the very same way. But Kira crossed my path at exactly the wrong time. And for her mistake, I would forever live with regret.

Of course there was nothing I could do about what had happened. I was still amazed that Xena was alive and wondered exactly what was going on. If she were going to bring herself back, surely she wouldn’t choose to be a stranger to me. Still, I had nothing but thanks to give to whichever higher power was responsible for rekindling her breath of life.

For hours I lay there and entertained a million thoughts. Everything from our life beginning together to our adventures, our fun, our heartaches, our recent separation…I wouldn’t trade my whereabouts right now for anything in the world. Go back to life without her? Absolutely not. If I had to wear manacles the rest of my days just to be in her presence, then throw away the keys right now.

I went to sleep just as morning began.

I woke up and saw Xena looking absolutely stunning in black leather trousers and a black shirt, but going out the door without so much as a grunt to acknowledge my presence. I noticed she left without her weapons and knew she would be returning soon.

The air was cold this morning, and when Xena reentered the tent I could see that it even looked cold outside. I dreaded my stay in the cage, and hoped she would at least be where I could watch her throughout the day. Then the endurance would be well worth it.

I heard her sword as she slid it in place and soon she was at my feet pulling my warm blanket away. I was chilled as soon as the cold air hit my naked body, and she unlocked my bindings and pulled me to my feet. “Get dressed,” she commanded, throwing my clothes to me.

“Put these on too,” I heard her say, and looked up to see her handing me some of her underwear. I couldn’t help smile, and although it was not returned, her action warmed me. My ass was most happy.

“Time to head back to your cage, Slave,” she said coldly. She turned to get something from her desk, and that’s when I momentarily stopped moving or breathing. Turning back to see me frozen where I was standing, she asked, “What’s the matter Slave…forget how to obey me? Now move it.”

My eyes had fixed upon the sword she carried on her back. She was carrying her sword…the sword I found buried beneath the dirt by my own lover’s hands before her brutal murder. I had guarded it with my life since that day, and to see her with it in place, its rightful place, did something to me inside. Because of that sword, my life had been spared time after time, and the woman wielding it was more precious to me than anything I could imagine. Xena had no clue what I had done to the only person who had touched it.

“Forgive me, my Lord…”

She turned me around and nudged me forward, following me out of the tent and back to my cage. “I’m going to be gone until after dark,” I heard her say as she opened the door for me to climb inside. I knew she certainly didn’t need to tell me what her plans were for the day, and for that I was happy. “You behave while I’m gone, and I’ll give you a reward for it. If I hear of you giving my men a hard time, you’ll meet the same fate as Iman.” She locked the door and handed the key to Ralston. She stepped closer to the cage and I stood holding onto the bars, relishing the beauty that stood before me. Her face held a strange look, and for a moment there was a feeling of sadness between us.

I was forced to accept what this Xena was capable of, especially when looking at the lifeless body of the girl I had ate out last night lying pitifully exposed in the center of Xena’s camp. I couldn’t fool myself and think that Xena felt any different about me.

Ralston left two guards in charge, and as Xena rode away the two men wasted no time whispering to one another and looking my way. Oh gods. What had Xena told them to do to me while she was gone?

Giving her plenty of time to travel away from camp, they were approaching my cage, grabbing themselves, saying, “It’s your turn now, Slave Girl…we had such a nice time with that other bitch…too bad she didn’t enjoy it.”

I backed up as far as I could and just waited for the key to give them access to whatever they decided to take. I felt confident that I could put up a fight, but I couldn’t make that choice without knowing what Xena had ordered. She would kill me if they didn’t first.

One of them opened the door and the other one grabbed me, yanking me out of the cage and holding me up against his smelly body with my arms pinned behind me. The other one cut my shirt with the tip of his sword, leaving a thin line of blood as the blade scraped my skin. My breasts were immediately exposed as my shirt flew back.

“Take her down, Onius…I want some of that cunt that our Lord seems to like so much.”

He pulled me backwards and made me lie in the dirt. I couldn’t resist kicking and trying to break free. Once he got me down, he took my arms and held them above my head. He started licking all over my chest while the other guard was unfastening his pants and moving my skirt up over my hips. Tears were streaming down my dirt-covered face and Kira’s screams suddenly haunted my mind. It was severely disgusting and I had rather been killed than be put through this.

I had my eyes closed and was begging them to stop when I felt something wet splatter all over my face. Things were happening so quickly that the next thing I realized the guards were dead and someone was pulling me up by my arm and kneeling beside me on the ground. I felt a hand brush back my hair and opened my eyes only to burst into tears like a sissy girl.

“Oh Xena…I mean…My Lord…, is it really you?” For a few seconds, she took my hands and held them in hers.

“Did they hurt you?”

“No…no…I’m okay.”

Xena seemed to slip into her role of making things better, and not since her murder had I felt this way inside. She completed me and there was no other explanation. Neither of us spoke a word, but for a moment in time things were the way they used to be.

She pulled me to my feet and then straightened my clothes the best she could. She had me hold my sliced shirt together in the middle and told me to stay put. The men were gathering around us, waiting for Ralston to report what had went wrong.

Rain started sprinkling down on us I noticed that it fell harder the more Xena came unglued. Not one movement or sound was made among the ranks as she yelled her questions. “Who is responsible for this?” her voice roared. Even Ralston stood there, looking mortified. Xena would beat him, for sure, and the poor guy wasn’t at fault.

She had him kneel in front of her and then said, “You have been a good faithful soldier, Ralston…for the most part... But you know that I cannot tolerate negligence in the ranks, especially when something like this is concerned. I have said on more than one occasion that the slave was not to be touched by anyone but me, and you have failed to make sure that happened.”

I noticed that she removed her sword and was now lowering it to his head. Before I could gather what she was actually going to do, she pulled it back and beheaded him in front of us all. My stomach couldn’t handle the scene as the memories flooded my vision of that rainy night.

She was barking orders at some of her men, telling them to clean up the mess. She came back to the cage and waited until I stopped heaving before taking my arm and leading me away with her, back to our tent. It oddly felt like “ours”.

She had me to sit down on the bed. It was the first time I had been allowed to even touch the bed, and when she sat down beside me, I almost gasped from surprise. I had to be careful and keep my place around her. I couldn’t assume anything or that she would continue being so merciful to me. But I missed her so much.

Taking my chin gently in her hand, she asked, “What is it, my beautiful little slave?”

There were so many things going on inside my head. I had almost gotten raped, my Warrior had saved me, but this same woman ordered her second in command to die. I had witnessed so much death since being here. “You killed Ralston, My Lord…because of me?”

“Because he didn’t do his job.”

I didn’t say anything, not feeling like I should question her decisions.

“I know it’s harsh…but we are on the brink of beginning a major undertaking that leaves absolutely no room for disobedience or negligence. The men have to know that, and so do you.”

“I understand, My Lord.”

She then made me tell her what happened with the two guards when she left camp this morning

“You hadn’t been gone very long, and most of your men were going about their duties. Some of them had just left for the laps around the woods, and Ralston had taken the rest of the men to the practice field. The only ones who were left were the two guards watching the hostage tent, and the two watching my cage.”

She leaned slightly back on the bed, crossing her long legs and placing her hand behind me to brace her weight. Looking intently into my eyes, she continued listening to my story.

“The two men…approached my cage, leering and making well…crude comments to me. Within a matter of moments, the tall light haired one was opening the door, and they were dragging me out of the cage.”

“Ralston said the day they captured you, you put up a hell of a fight. It took four of my best men to finally bring you down. I know you’ve not been getting a lot of exercise here, but couldn’t you have at least tried to fight back?”

Oh gods. She was going to blame me as well for not defending myself. She might kill me right here and now.

“I wanted to, My Lord…but…”

“But what?”

“But they told me you had ordered it…they told me it was your orders that they take me. I thought I was following orders.”

I saw anger build in her eyes, and she shook her head not wanting to hear what I was saying. “You were going to submit to them, because you thought I wanted it?”

I felt the tears coming again, but they were soon forced back when I realized she was pleased with my willingness to comply with her orders, even though she didn’t order them to rape me. It’s almost as if she felt something for me at that point. But she didn’t let it last long…not long enough, anyway, to let a confession fall from her mouth.

She broke herself away from me and changed the subject, telling me, “I have a needle and thread in here somewhere…Let’s get your clothes sewn up…I’ve still got some matters to tend to among my men.”

I told her I could do it myself, and she left me in the tent and went about her business talking with the men. She shackled me to a center pole in the tent by one wrist only. Things were looking up. She returned not long afterwards and sent me back to my cage.

The time inched by as I waited to see if she would send for me yet again. Today had felt as if we made some significant headway with our relationship, if you could call it that. For me it was as real as ever, but for her, I was still very new. She obviously wasn’t used to any long-termed feelings and I knew I would have to break through that barrier if I were to change her track record. I had accomplished it before, and I wasn’t about to give up now.

The night sky had grown dark. Huddled into a ball and trying to fight the chill of the air, I decided to try and get some sleep. Not long afterwards, Anson came to my cage to deliver my invitation to return to Xena’s tent. I was more than happy that she had sent for me, but each time I entered her tent, I couldn’t help but wonder what the night would hold for me. Would I ever gain a permanent stay in her quarters or would I be carried out as another casualty of her love?

Still, my apprehension never changed the way my heart skipped a beat the first time I would lay eyes on her at the end of a long day. I made my way into her tent and saw her sitting at her desk, working quietly and as usual, ignoring my presence until she was ready to speak. I stood at the end of her bed and waited to find out tonight’s agenda.

Anson had left upon our arrival, and finally Xena turned in her chair and looked at me, her eyes drawing to the new bruises on my legs from this morning’s activities.

She finally stood and walked around me, bending down to rub her hands over the bruises on the backs of my legs. “I thought you said they didn’t hurt you.” Gods, she could say things in such a way that her words would yank at my heart.

I explained that the men had been rough with me, but I hadn’t been hurt. It helped that I had thought she ordered the men to rape me, because my actions proved that I was willing to submit to whatever she commanded. She saw the dedication I could render. Nevertheless, she reminded me that I was nothing to her and that she was most definitely the Master.

She went to her chair and crossed her legs, saying, “Undress for me now, Bitch.” I heeded her demands and peeled off my clothes quickly and quietly. She seemed to enjoy looking at my body, but not knowing exactly what she was thinking behind those beautiful eyes was intimidating.

Then came her second command…“Spread your thighs, Cunt.”

She got up and moved to sit on the end of the bed, pulling my body back a few steps so that she could run her hand between my legs. Her touch made me melt, and she felt the truth I could not hide.

“You’ll find that I reward for good behavior as well as punishing for bad behavior. And you’ve been showing nothing but good behavior the last few days. Are you ready for your reward?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“You’re very tired, Slave…I know you haven’t slept very well since you arrived here. Why don’t you go to bed early, and try to get caught up on some of your sleep?”

I was completely surprised, and while I would have enjoyed a hard fucking from my gorgeous Master, her offer seemed very appealing.

For the first time in the week that I had been her prisoner, she let me sleep without the manacles. It didn’t take long for my body to relax. I was warm and comfortable and able to lie on my side. I looked forward to the new beginning tomorrow she had mentioned. She had given me another spark of hope. Sadly, that spark was very temporary.

Again, I awoke to the sound of another person in Xena’s bed…but this time it was a man’s voice. “Yeah…shit yeah…Xena…that’s good.”

Not being restrained, I quietly peeked over the edge of the bed and saw Xena’s back toward me and a man I had never seen before standing in front of her, getting one hell of a blow job. Gods, I was furious. How could she do this to me? I’m sure she was loving every fucking minute of it, knowing I had to witness it all.

But I had to think about this. “Focus, Gabrielle…come on…” I told myself. That seemed impossible with Xena moaning like it was the most delicious thing she had ever had in her mouth. He was one lucky bastard.

For now.

I tried covering my ears and rolling up into a ball to not hear what was going on beside me. It didn’t make me feel this way when I woke up to hear Xena and Iman getting it on. I don’t know exactly why. But hearing my lover talk to a man this way was getting underneath my skin.

“How long will it take you to get it up again?” I heard her ask. He chuckled, “With those tits of yours? No time at all, I assure you.”

After she made his knees quiver, he followed her over onto the bed, and pushed her legs apart as he returned to his knees and proceeded lapping up all those betraying juices that were seeping from her cunt. I know because I looked beneath the bed.

“Oh yeah, Raab…” she purred, and I could taste her on my lips as I pictured him taking what was mine.

“Gods, Xena, I could live on your pussy juices the rest of my life…” I heard him say, making me roll my eyes with complete disgust. Xena gave what sickeningly sounded close to a giggle, then pulled him on top of her.

I could see and hear the bed begin to move as they let their bodies grind against each other, kissing and rubbing like they were in heat. This Raab guy was Mr. Suave, saying, “Just lay there and relax, Xena…and let me bring you pleasure. I’ve thought about this ever since the first time I laid eyes on you.”

I looked around the edge of the tent for a way of escape. Just knowing Xena was fucking some man was bad enough, but being only an arm’s length away from her and experiencing her body making its climb without me being the one inside her sickened me with disgust.

He grunted and moaned as I listened to her wet pussy take him inside her again and again. Taking her over the edge one more time, she told him, “If I had known you could fuck like this, I would have had you in my bed a long time ago.”

That did it.

Blind with rage, I didn’t give a fuck if she killed me on the spot; I was not going to tolerate this any longer. She had humiliated me in such a way that she might as well have driven a spike through my heart.

Feeling strong, lean, and agile, I sprinted from my sleeping area beside her and joined Xena on the bed, using the only weapon I could find. As he pumped one last time inside her pussy, I quickly put the pinch on him, utilizing what I was finding to be the most important thing Xena ever taught me. He grabbed at his neck and Xena pushed him off her.

“What in the fuck do you think you’re doing?” she yelled, the look on her face clearly shocked by my actions. How could she think I could just lie there and let it keep going on?

“Gods, Xena, I couldn’t stand it anymore!” He was struggling for breath and as his body slowly rolled backwards, I took the heel of my hand and flattened his nose into his skull. In a matter of seconds, his body was lifeless.

It was a very strange moment…sitting on the bed with Xena, both of us naked, my first “pinch” and willful kill, and Xena still not knowing who I was. She looked at Raab’s lifeless body and cock, and then looked at me. I had not one ounce of regret for what I had just done. There came a time when a girl had to take a stand, and this had been it.

She startled me when she placed her hands on my shoulders and pushed me down on the bed, my head facing the footboard. She was breathing almost as heavily as I was, and in her eyes was the most confused look I had seen yet.

“How did you know how to do that?”

What should I say?

COMING NEXT WEEK: Gabrielle considers changing her own way of life, instead of trying to change Xena’s.

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