My Lord --Xena's Scroll

(Prologue Scroll)

“Gods be damned, but you excite me, Xena…I’m hard again already.”

I let him kiss me briefly. One thing about Wiran, he could kiss.

However, his performance tonight had been disappointing. I rolled him to his back, and grasped his erection in my hand. “I don’t care how often your meat gets hard,” I replied, with a sneer. “If you don’t keep it up longer this time, it’ll be the last time you get in my cunt.”

He grinned at me. “Oh, I’ll last much longer this time,” he replied, his handsome face confident. I parted my legs on either side of his hips, and he held his prick in his hand as I slid down onto it.

He really did have a wonderfully sized cock. It filled me just enough that I could feel a slight stretch in my vaginal walls, but not so much that I was uncomfortably full. I began sliding my hips up and down, fucking him hard and purposefully.

“Mmm…” we groaned in unison at the way we fit together so perfectly…despite the fact that this was our fourth time tonight. Wiran was one of my favorites for this purpose, but lately, he had been coming way too quickly for me. Oh sure, I could get off if one or the other of us fingered my clit, but that was beside the point. I wanted a man to be able to fuck me long enough to make me come without any other stimuli.

“Oh fuck…you’re so tight…so wet…so fuckin’ hot,” he was moaning, his hips moving in too fast a rhythm for him to maintain control.

Gods…he would just get me to the edge…and then I recognized the tightening of his features that signaled his oncoming orgasm.

“Wiran…”I growled. “Control yourself…”

“I’ll eat you out after this, Xena, I promise…” he answered between groans, as his hips began to pick up speed. I made my tunnel as lax as I could, hoping it would decrease the friction he was feeling, but he felt too good inside me to let me totally relax.

“Your pussy just milks the cum out of my dick…” he groaned his words, and then his hips were spasming out of control as she spurt his seed deep in me, putting me in a worse mood than before we had even started a couple hours ago.

He finished grunting, and kept his hips moving as best he could, but I was so pissed off now, I just rolled off him, letting his limp dick flop lifelessly on the bed. He followed instantly, putting his arms around me, burying his mouth in my neck.

His fingers were between my legs immediately rubbing against my throbbing clit in a persistent rhythm. I mentally shook my head, and then gave him a shove, pushing him to the floor.

“I told you, Wiran,” I barked at him. “You’ve just blown your last chance. I want you out of my camp by dawn, If you aren’t…you won’t have to worry about firing your cock too quickly…cause I’ll castrate ya.’ “

I saw him hesitate a minute, obviously thinking about using his charm to try to get me to give him a second chance. It was the wrong thing to do and he should have known better.

I wrapped a black robe around me and stepped out of the tent, barking for Ralston. I didn’t have to worry about his lack of performance in bed, I HAD castrated him, and he was the best second hand I had. He stood in front of me within 30 seconds.

“My Lord?”

I waved a hand toward my tent. “Get the mess in there cleaned up, immediately.”

“Yes, My Lord.”

I took a quick walk around the camp while he did as I bid. I wasn’t really looking at anyone in particular, but just having me saunter by was enough to make even the most relaxed of my men snap to attention, in more ways than one. I thought about Wiran laying dead in my tent. How would he explain to Cheron that he had been choked on his own dick? It made me chuckle, and then head back to Ralston and my tent. He should be finished by now. It wasn’t the first time he was forced to clean up the remains of a naked man (or woman for that matter) in my bedroom. Like I said, he was the best second hand I had.

Upon my return, he bowed again. “It is done as you ordered, My Lord.”

I dismissed him with a nod, and reentered my tent, removing my robe immediately. Sitting down at the edge of the bed, I looked at the floor and saw that he had indeed removed all traces of Wiran. I took a few minutes to do the same with my own body, washing every vestige of his semen and sweat from my body.

It only took a couple minutes of laying alone in my bed for me to realize that my body was still tensed for something other than sleep. I didn’t even bother dressing in my robe this time, as I stuck my head out of the tent and bellowed for Ralston.

“Yes, My Lord?”

I gave him my most wicked grin. “Go fetch me that little blonde slave we picked up in the last town…the one who claimed to be a bard. I have need of her oral skills.”

He grinned at me because he knew it was expected of him. “Right away, My Lord,” he answered.

(End of Prologue Scroll)

Wiran was compliant enough, but that’s what I was really looking for. In fact, I rarely looked for his kind as a bed partner. I preferred a bit of struggle to my sex, nothing violent necessarily, but it always seemed better to have to work for my goal.

I had been watching the blonde for the last couple of days, pretty well ever since she arrived. She might be short in stature, but she had an impressive set of muscles. It had taken four of my men a good while to subdue her, and none of them were able to escape without injury. They told me she was amazingly strong for her size, and had used leverage to flip either them or herself to her advantage. They also said she had been armed, carrying sai in her boots and some sort of round circular weapon at her waist. I told them to catalogue the weapons and add them to the armory, and I’d check them out later.

While I waited for them to bring the blonde to my tent, I made sure everything was ready to welcome her. Once we got started, I didn’t want to be interrupted.

I heard the sounds of a struggle along with the muffled curses of Ralston and the others a they approached the tent. I was impressed. The girl had been cooped up in a cage for two solid days without any food and very little water. Just enough to keep her from getting too dehydrated. For her to have this much energy was very impressive.

I seated myself on the trunk at the end of the bed, and sat there waiting for my visitor. When I heard Ralston’s “My Lord?” I barked, “Enter!”

He did so, dragging the blonde behind him. Another soldier, Martis, was pushing from behind, and at my nod he gave a hard shove. Since the blonde’s hands were tied behind her back, she went sprawling face first in the dirt.

She sputtered and cursed, and spit dirt out of her mouth, trying to lift her head. A single gesture to Ralston told him what I wanted, and he set his boot on her neck, preventing her from lifting her head. She was allowed to turn it only enough to breathe.

I gave Ralston a nod, and he leaned in closer. “You are now in the presence of our Leader and Our Lord. All the fighting and mouthing off you’ve been doing the last couple of days has been…humorous…but I am giving you fair warning. Don’t try it in front of your Lord. You’ll regret it. Now keep your eyes on the dirt until you’re told otherwise.”

Having given his speech, Ralston looked toward me for approval. I nodded, and he and Martis have left the tent.

The girl did as Ralston had said, keeping her face down on the ground, struggling to breathe out of the corners of her mouth. I stood, and circled her prone body.

There were several bruises on the back of her legs, and one in the area of her kidney that had to be particularly painful, but my men had followed orders and hadn’t overdone it. I could see firm burgeoning biceps flexing against the ropes. Her calf and thigh muscles were just as defined, and I clucked my tongue at the condition of her body. I had chosen wisely.

After I had circled her whole form, and moved to sit on the trunk again. “Raise your head and look at me, Bitch.”

I know I heard a gasp before I even had the sentence out, and then she jerked her head up and stared at me.

“Thank the gods, Xena!” she exclaimed, an expression of joy and recognition on her lovely face. There was no reason for either one, however. She continued to speak. “But…how can you be here…alive? It’s impossible. It’s got to be a trick the gods are playing on me to punish me for Kira.”

All I could do was stare at her, not having any idea what she was talking about. The only thing I knew was…she was the most incredible looking woman I had ever seen.

“What are you babbling about?” I asked her.

She narrowed her eyes and glanced around the tent, as much as she could in this awkward position.

“I got you,” she nodded. “The walls have ears…” Her eyes suddenly filled with tears. “By the gods, Xena, I never thought I’d see you again.”

She had spoken in a very light whisper this time, but something in her confiding tone caused my temper to flare. Where did she get off speaking to me in this way?

I leaned down and my hand to came up to cup her chin.

“You’re new here, Cunt, so I’m going to cut you a little slack. My name IS Xena, but no one is allowed to speak it unless they’ve been given permission. My men know this well, and as soon as I find out who told you my name, I’ll skin him alive as an example to the rest of them.”

“But no one told me-“

I squeezed, putting uncomfortable pressure on her jaw. “Shut up, Cunt,” I snarled. “I’m not finished. If you want to keep those beautiful features intact, you’ve got to learn never to speak in my presence without being spoken to. I will not allow it. When you do speak, you are to address me with respect, and use the proper title…do you know what it is?”

“Yes, My Lord,” she said, almost immediately.

I nodded. “Very good. Despite the fight you put up with my men, I can tell you’re very smart. But it takes more than just brains to survive here. You’ll need strength, courage, and most of all, obedience. If you can keep all that about you, you might survive.”

She was staring at me with such a disconcerting look. I leaned in again. “Did you hear that, Slave?”

“Yes, My Lord.”

Her strained position must have been hurting her back, because she relaxed her head a bit, letting her chin rest on the floor.

I couldn’t believe all the talking we had done, especially when my body was in the shape it was in, but I could sense this captive was very rare, a combination of factors that would sound ridiculous if someone described them to me, but were actually intriguing.

Still…there was such a thing as TOO much talking.

“Do you know why you’re here?” I asked her.

She blinked slowly, but her gaze never wavered. “I think I do, My Lord.”


“To bring you pleasure, My Lord.”

I let a feral smile form on my features. “Told you were smart, Slave,” I said.

I was wearing the same long robe I had worn earlier, and now I crossed my legs, exposing enough thigh to let her know I was naked underneath. I saw her swallow hard, but she didn’t react otherwise.

“You’ve been with other women?” I said, more of a statement than a question really.

She paused a second, then replied in a lowered voice, “Yes, My Lord.”

I nodded, wondering if I had made a mistake. I preferred to take inexperienced women, preferably virgins from both men and women’s touch, but the beauty of this little minx was too much for me to resist.

“You enjoy women?” I asked.

“Yes, My Lord.”

“What about men?”

She blushed a little. “I’ve got more experience with women, My Lord, and I prefer them.”

I nodded at her honesty, my devious mind already at work. If necessary, I could come up with a number of tortures for her based on what she had just told me.

I leaned back, my palms flat on the bed, and spread my legs slightly. I noticed with pleasure that her eyes were rived to my crotch.

“Look at my eyes, Whore,” I said slowly, trying to maintain a shred of patience. If the truth were known, I kind of felt regretful for what I had done to Wiran earlier, as it had left my body somewhat…tense, but I had the feeling that was about to be relieved..

When she obeyed, I continued. “Not more than half an hour ago, I had one of my soldiers in my bed with me. A handsome, virile young man with a lovely nine inch cock. But he pissed me off one too many times, and he ended up dead. Not more than a few feet from where you are, as a matter of fact.”

I caught a slight shudder in her shoulders, which was exactly what I was hoping for.

“I’m telling you this for a reason, Slut,” I continued. “I’ve already been brought to the edge several times tonight, but haven’t reached the pinnacle. That’s put me in an extremely sour state of mind. I want you to alleviate that.”

“Yes, My Lord.”

I allowed a full ten seconds to go by. “Well?” I said finally.

She looked up at me again, and I saw it all sinking in. She now knew I wasn’t going to release her from her bindings, and she would have to figure out a way to reach me in the awkward position she was in.

I allowed a bit of a smile as she managed to use her stomach muscles and upper body strength to move so she was upright on her knees. Very few people would have been able to pull that move off.

She shuffled-crawled the small distance between us, and then rested her head on my thigh, taking a second to catch her breath.

I wound my fingers through the hair on the beck of her neck, and tugged cruelly. “I’m losing patience, Bitch,” I growled, mashing her face into my swollen flesh.

I left my fingers where they were for a while, although it soon become obvious it wasn’t necessary. From the first touch of her mouth on my pussy, she had made a small moan, then began to work her lips urgently against me. It felt as though every inch of my cunt was being sucked on by her siphoning lips. The bliss skyrocketed when she brought her tongue out to get into the act. It seemed to move independently of her lips as it stroked between my labia, down over the entrance to my vagina, and then up over my hardened bud. It was no time at all before I was moving my hips in time with her mouth, bucking upward to meet her on the downstroke. My fingers stopped digging into her scalp, but I didn’t release my hold on her silky tresses.

Her wicked little tongue exerted amazing pressure as she stiffened it, then buried it hard into my clit. The pressure was just what I needed…It was what I had wanted from Wiran. His pistoning cock could have created it, but he could have never been this firm with his own mouth. For her first time with me, the girl was amazing.

The slurping noises she was making just added to my excitement, and my clit felt like it was tightening into a piece of marble. Her tongue stopped its incessant burrowing, and she sucked my clit between her lips.

That was all I could take, and I came hard, my hips spasming roughly to meet her face. She uttered a gasp or two, and I saw her eyes suddenly fill with tears. No doubt, I caught her nose against my pubic bone, making her eyes water. But she didn’t release me, until I had stopped all my movements. Even then, she turned her head and laid her cheek against my thighs, rather complacently.

Despite the strength of my climax, I didn’t like that.

I tightened my fingers in her hair again, and jerked hard. Her head flew back with a hiss of pain.

“No bad, y’ little cuntlicker,” I sneered. “I hope you got your fill of my juices. It’s the only drink you’re gonna have for a while.”

I enjoyed the look of distress that flashed over her pretty face when she realized what I had just said.

I saw her open her mouth to say something, then it snapped shut, probably remembering what I had told her earlier.

“What is it?” I asked her.

She glanced down. “Have I displeased you, My Lord?” I heard her ask.

“Not particularly,” I replied. “Why?”

“You’re putting me back in the cage?”

“Yeah? So?”

She shook her head slightly. “I was hoping I wouldn’t have to go back there.”

I was amazed at her audacity. “Where did you think I would send you?” I asked.

She shook her head again, and tried to look down. I slapped the side of her face hard enough to leave an immediate red imprint o f my hand. “Keep your eyes on mine, you Fucking Whore!” I screamed at her.

“I’m sorry, My Lord!” she sobbed back.

It was a slight breach of protocol, but forgivable under the circumstances.

“That’s better,” I nodded. “Now…if I didn’t send you to the cage, where do you think you should stay?”

Her eyes definitely lost some of their spark. “I thought…maybe…I could stay here with you, My Lord.”

This little slave was unfucking believable! I had been with my share of people who were over-confident, but nothing like this! She maintained the eye contact I demanded, but it was easy to see my reaction made her uncomfortable and more than a little worried.

I pulled my robe shut and crossed my arms over my chest, looking down at her. She knew she had made a mistake, but I don’t know if she knew how costly it would be.

“Turn around,” I told her, my voice deceptively gentle. When she did so, I untied her hands. “Now face me again.”

She obeyed.

“Take off your shirt,” I told her.

She was smart enough to respond immediately, reaching for the ties that held the material in place.

Even in the dim candlelight, it was easy to see the dusky perfection of her hardened nipples. Her breath was coming in uneven deep gulps, and I would swear the tightened little buds quivered under my gaze.

“Now your boots.”

She bent and did the same with her boots.

“The shirt.”

She shimmied her hips slightly as she slipped the suede skirt over her hips.

I’m sure I licked my lips as I looked at the flesh she bared for me, but she was superb. Her full breasts just added perfection to the curvy shape of her waist and hips, and her abs was incredibly taut and well-defined. I felt the urge to run my tongue over them repeatedly.

She was at least six inches shorter than me, but somehow, that only served to make her body appear more compact and powerful. I could tell she was a woman who could handle herself in a fight, and had seen more than a few of them in her time.

She dropped the skirt and stepped out of it, her eyes never wavering. She was now standing before me clad in only her beige colored panties, which barely concealed the treasures between her legs.

“Stand with your legs apart.”

She did as I directed, shivering slightly in the cool night air.

I stood, and slowly circled her again, looking at her from every angle. I couldn’t wait to explore her more fully, but tonight wasn’t the right time.

I reached out, and hooked my fingers in the waistband at the front of her panties. She jumped when I yanked downward, ripping the thin material easily and completely from her.

I smiled wickedly, reveling in the beautiful firm flesh before me.

The golden curls covering her mound gleamed brightly in the dark tent, and I couldn’t resist reaching down and twisting them. She groaned a little, but didn’t change positions.

“Come with me,” I said, and just to make sure she did, I kept my fingers tangled in her pubic hair, leading her in that way over to the corner of the tent, to the right side of the bed.

I could feel the regret and fear radiating from her the minute she saw what was awaiting her. Her mouth flew open to protest, but like before, she seemed to bite back her comments.

“Lie down,” I ordered, and when she didn’t move fast enough, I gave her a shove. She laid down on her back, her eyes begging me not to do this to her.

“I honestly don’t know what you were expecting from me, Whore,” I said, as I fastened one wrist, then the other to the manacles that were chained to one of the thick pole that supported the center of the tent, “but you will soon find out you will never have your way with me. You can cry, plead, seduce, even die for me, and I will still always have my way.”

She didn’t respond as I took her ankles and tied them apart, leaving her sprawled naked on the rug beside the bed. I slipped off my robe, and got ready to climb into bed. My curiosity piqued then, and I paused a second.

“What’s your name, Slave?”

“G-Gabrielle, My Lord.”

She was lying on a thick rug, and I don’t think it was the cold than caused her to shiver just then.

“Gabrielle…lovely name for a lovely girl,” I mused. “Enjoy your night in my tent, Gabrielle.”

I stripped off my robe, and laid down in my warm soft bed, still aware of the slight pulsing in my core. I was almost asleep, when I heard her teeth chattering in the darkness.

“Are you scared or cold, Slave?” I asked irritated.

“Cold, My Lord.” Her voice held no trace of sleepiness.

I sighed, exaggerating it a bit, then took the thick quilt from the end of the bed and dropped it around her.

“Thank you, My Lord,” She whispered.

I grunted a response about not being able to sleep with the noise, and climbed back into bed.

She was in a restless sleep when I got up the next morning. I know her arms and legs had to be deathly uncomfortable from being in the same position all night, but what did I care?

She awoke while I was having my breakfast.

The desk was to against the wall opposite of where I had staked her out, and I looked over my battle plans while I ate. My thoughts began to wander instantly, as I thought about the appearance of the blonde slave, and my own mysterious existence.

It’s difficult to explain, but I had no idea where I had come from. It’s almost as if I had just popped suddenly into existence.

My first conscious memory was of only about four weeks ago. I had awakened in a cave, my body stiff and cold. I had not idea how I had gotten there, or how long I had been there.

Just about the only thing I DID know was my name was Xena, and I had an insatiable hunger for power. Power over not just people, but whole villages…even the world. I also knew I possessed great physical strength, and was skilled with just about any weapon I came across. I also seemed to have the skills of a natural born leader.

I knew that I could easily convince just about anyone to join up with me, through one of several methods. Some I intimidated; some I bribed; some I coerced; and some I seduced. By the end of the first week, I had twenty men serving under me.

We were headed South, out of this cold country and into Greece. Somehow, I knew that Greece was where I was from, and it was the first area I needed to conquer. We camped on the Northern border, and I’ve spent the last three weeks or so training the men. Most of them had seen combat before, but not the ruthless kind of battles I would be leading them into.

A few days ago, I had taken a few of my best soldiers, including Ralston, aside and told them it was time to star stirring up a little trouble. I told Ralston (who claims I castrated him over 35 years ago!) to be on the lookout for lone travelers, particularly women. I wanted them to abduct them, and after a week or so, I’d make my ransom demands. For now though, we were mainly just trying to create a panic in nearby villages.

We had a total of eight hostages in all. Two of them were old men, and the others six were young women, most of them lovely. One of them, a hot little brunette named Imam had demanded to see me, once she had learned who led the men. When I relented, she had begged me to fuck her.

Of course, I had given in to her demands.

Four of the other five hostages were terrified of me and the men, and caused no problems, making little noise. We kept them in a small tent near the center of camp, and I made sure that they were well-guarded, well-fed, and the men didn’t bother them. We were within a two hour ride of a whorehouse, so the men could get their rocks off there.

The eighth hostage was the exception. Whereas Imam was a pleasant diversion for as single night, she quickly wore out my interest by telling me too many times how long she had fantasized about me. It WAS another clue, telling me I was following the same path I had followed before, but as I wrote earlier, I preferred my sex to be a little more challenging and dangerous.

Ralston had come to me three nights ago while I was eating supper. He told me they had seen a blonde woman riding very fast across country. They had given chase, and had finally caught up with her when the horse had stumbled and nearly thrown her. The four of them moved in for the attack. I listened raptly as Ralston admitted what a fight the girl had put up. She had resisted for a good fifteen minutes before finally beginning to wear down, and eventually, they were able to take her. I had chuckled when he told me what a spitfire she was. I had just the place to hold her.

Once again, I KNOW I had been held against my will in the past, by being locked up in a wooden cage that was suspended above the earth. I don’t remember it specifically, I just know that it had happened, and I’m pretty sure it had a long-lasting negative effect on me.

So I had the blonde caged up as soon as she arrived, just out of curiosity. I kept two guards on her at all times, and they reported back regularly to me. For the most part, the blonde behaved, only trying to break free a couple of times.

My men had hinted that they had given her an earful about me, and as instructed, had led her to believe I was a man. It was a practice we had gotten into, and seemed to help give the element of surprise to us. No one expected a woman to wield the kind of power that I had.

That would explain a lot of her surprise when she had first seen me in my tent. But there weans more than surprise…there was still the recognition factor.

She HAD known my name, and although I told her one of my men was to blame, I really didn’t think that.

It was more than just her knowing my name; she had looked at me and knew who I was instantly. She had pain and shock mixed with relief and…something else that I refused to acknowledge. It wasn’t part of my vocabulary.

She was stirring now, and I looked over to see how she responded this morning. She moaned, and then tried to stretch, but the chains binding her made that impossible. She caught my eye after another few seconds, and stopped struggling immediately, frozen, like a rabbit caught in a trap. I saw her nostrils flare slightly, and knew she was smelling my breakfast. There was the sound of her stomach roaring loudly in the still morning air. I looked at the girl who looked absolutely mortified.

“You hiding a bear under that blanket?” I asked.

She shakily shook her head, no doubt wondering if I was trying to be funny. I wasn’t.

I turned so I was completely facing her. “You’re pretty hungry, huh?” I asked.

She nodded. “Yes, My Lord.”

I lifted a biscuit off the plate, and slit it in two, tucking the rest of my egg and ham into it. I held it up in Gabrielle’s direction. “I’m pretty stuffed,” I said amiably. “Would you like to have this?”

I heard the quiet clink of the chain as she shifted a bit. Her eyes were riveted to the biscuit, but I could see the skepticism in their depths.

“Yes, please, My Lord,” she said, her voice so sweet it could rival honey.

I looked at the biscuit and then back at her. “You would, huh? Well, what will you give me for it?”

I heard a small whimper come from her at that. “Well, Slut?” I asked.

Her eyes were huge green limpid pools. “I have nothing to give, My Lord,” she finally said.

I chuckled. “Of course, you do,” I told her. “You just have to use your imagination to come up with something.” She continued to look lost.

After a minute, I asked, “Well, Cunt…did you think of anything?”

“I uh…could tell you a story, My Lord,” she said finally.

That surprised me. I hadn’t been expecting that. “That’s right, you are a bard aren’t you?” I asked.

“Yes, My Lord.”

I shook my head. “That was a good offer,” I said. “But not good enough. I’m in the mood for something a little more….physical.”

She fell silent and motionless.

“Can’t think of anything?”

“No, My Lord.”

I took a sniff of the biscuit, and then took a small bite. “Gods, but that’s good,” I said rolling my eyes slightly. I looked at her with a question in my expression. “Anything?”

“No, My Lord…Maybe…you can suggest something.”

I raised an eyebrow, then chuckled again. “Oh, I’m sure I could.”

I set the biscuit back down on the desk, then reached into one of its drawers for the key to her manacles. A moment later, she was free, but still lying there unmoving, waiting for the circulation to return to her limbs.

“I’ve got it,” I told her, picking up the biscuit again. I waved it under her nose, watching her fingers wiggle involuntarily in response.

She was eyeing me warily, wafting for me to tell her.

I was pretty good at reading people’s likes and dislikes; the things they want and those that they don’t, and I think I had a pretty good handle on this one.

“While you eat this…I want you to finger your cunt…and I want you to cum before you eat the last bite.”

I watched her face turn red as my words sunk in.

“You can handle that, can’t you, Slut?”” I asked her. “I’m sure you’ve had your fingers buried in your hot little nest thousands of times.”

“My…My Lord?”

“Yes, Slave?”

“Wouldn’t it be more pleasurable for you if I were to…use my fingers on you?”

I felt a definite twinge in my clit, just from the thought of that, but also from knowing I was about to dash her hopes.

“Nice try, you little Whore…but I wanna see you fuck yourself.”

She had most of her mobility back by then, and I reached down and grabbed the nearest arm, jerking her upright. “Well, what’s your answer, Slut? Are you hungry enough?”

She looked wistfully at the biscuit in my hand.

“I’m so hungry,” she said in a soft voice. “I need to eat.”

I nodded and slid my hand down her arm to take it by the wrist and pull her to her feet. She swayed unsteadily on the pins and needles sensation.

I shoved the plate that was still on the desk to the floor, making her jump from the noise. Then I picked her up under the armpits and turned with her. I sat her down on the desk. “Perfect,” I said, eyeing her with what I hoped looked like an artist’s flair.

I picked up the biscuit again, and held it out toward her. Just as she reached for it, I jerked it away

She didn’t appear terribly surprised by that, but I heard her stomach protest loudly again.

“Before I give this to you,” I told her, “I wanna make sure that you’re going to keep your word. Start masturbating.”

Her face heated up again, but I watched as she spread her thighs slightly and her right palm pressed into her mound. I saw the slight finger movements that told me she was beginning to do as I commanded.

“Put one leg up on the edge of the desk, you little slag. And the other over the chair. I wanna see some of that pink meat.”

She gave a long shudder of her shoulders, but moved as I directed her.

“Oh yeah,” I moaned in approval, enjoying the sight she was showing me. She was stroking two fingers up and down the length of her slit, adding an inspirational little circular motion when she was over her clitoris. It wasn’t long before I could see drops of moisture glistening on her fingers.

“How’s that feeling, Bitch?” I asked her.

“It feels really nice, My Lord,” she answered, her voice a breathy whisper.

“Mmm…it looks really nice too,” I said, mesmerized by her movements.

She continued for a few minutes, her actions picking up steam. Her eyes were closed, but they flew open as soon as I spoke again.

“Can you eat and do that at the sane time?”

“Yes, My Lord,” her voice squeaked. I saw her eyes were bright with something else this time.

I handed her the biscuit. “Here ya go…you deserve it…but don’t forget what I told you.”

“Yes, My Lord, Cum before I finish the biscuit.”

I sat back on the bed with a satisfied smile, watching her fingers continually fly across her spread cunt. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone’s fingers move so first!

“Gods girl, what you do to me,” I whispered taking in the beauty of her spread legs, her thighs straining with pleasure, her cunt lips swelling and reddening. My own clit twitched and filled with blood, making me desperate to pull my fingers into my own sodden mess, but I resisted.

I could see her pussy gaping open and closed as she pressed her thumb harshly into her clit, at the same time working two fingers in and out of her hole.

I glanced up, and saw she had only eaten a couple bites of the biscuit. Now her eyes were locked into mine, and I saw the self-induced pleasure rapidly escalating.

“Go on, you Dirty Whore,” I urged her. “Come all over your own fingers.”

She grunted once, and then her body galvanized. She rubbed her clitoris even more furiously as she spent herself in front of me.

“That was extremely…well worth the biscuit,” I told her standing up. I’m sure she could see the points of my nipples sticking out through the black shirt I was wearing, and she could probably smell the scent of my passion. I took the biscuit from her hand one more time.

She stared back at me with sad eyes, and I realized she didn’t expect me to let her finish eating. She didn’t resist when I ran my left hand down the valley between her legs, gathering up a handful of her slippery juices.

I held the fingers beneath my nose, inhaling deeply, then rubbed them all over the part of the biscuit she had bitten into. “I’m sure you taste as good as you smell, and I want you to enjoy it as well.”

Her expression didn’t change as I pressed the biscuit back into her left hand.

“Finish eating,” I said, “And then hurry up and get dressed. I’ve got business to tend to and you’ve got to go back to your cage.” I turned back to open my trunk and get out my body armor.

I had six new men that wanted to join my army, and testing them took the better part of the day. Two of them made it; the other four would be carried off by the beasts of the forest by nightfall.

I called all my men together, and told them we’d be on the move by the end of the week. That means we’d have to make sure the new members were ready. They assured me it wouldn’t be a problem.

After I dismissed them, I pulled Ralston aside, and told him a few additional details, I wanted him to take care of. He assured me, as always, that he would take care of it all, and I knew he would.

I had moved the cage to a spot where the little blonde could see the practice field. She watched it all, and every time I looked at her, she was watching me. It was perfect, I told myself…just perfect.

Endon was the camp cook, and this night, I told him to make up a plate for the blonde captive. I hadn’t been trying to starve her to death the last few days. I was just letting her know the extent of my authority over her. Now that she knew I was in charge of everything, I was looking forward to her regaining her strength.

I spent a few hours studying my maps, trying to decide the best order for us to move. Ralston had told me repeatedly that once we begin striking, men would be clamoring to join up with us. He expected the number of men to triple after the first couple of conquests. That meant it would take a lot more food and a lot more uniforms and a lot more space to accommodate them. I planned on getting to Central Greece as soon as possible, and I would set up a permanent base camp there.

I walked to the doorway of the tent, and looked out at the girl…Gabrielle. She was hunkered down in a corner of the cage, trying to avoid the cold rain that was falling. I watched her shiver defiantly, despite her obvious misery.

Her defiance excited me.

I called for Ralston and told him to bring her to my tent again. I was sitting at the desk, playing with my boot dagger when she was brought in. Like the previous night, I had ordered her hands bound behind her back.

I gestured for Ralston to leave, and left my back to her for a few minutes. I pretty well had the maps committed to memory by now, but I wanted to stall a few minutes, letting her anticipation build.

I could hear her behind me, shivering from the cold. She was startled when I abruptly turned to face her.

“Hell of a night, isn’t I?” I asked her.

“Yes, My Lord.”

I smiled slightly to let her know I was pleases she remember her place. Then, I stood, and used the dagger to cut through her bindings. She nodded her gratitude, her eyes cast low.

“Take off your clothes, Whore.”

I watched her do quickly did what I said, never even pausing. She removed her clothes in the same order she had last night, first the shirt, then the boots, then the skirt. Since I had reduced her panties to rags on the previous night, she was wearing no underwear.

I sat back down and watched her with my arms crossed, feigning indifference. Once again, I was struck by the solidarity of her body, highly feminine, yet obviously incredibly strong. I wondered what she had been through to leave her in such prime physical condition Her thighs and calves were more thickly muscled than someone’s who’s trained just to fight. It came from someone who did a lot more walking than riding. And more walking that staying in place. I grinned to myself, knowing that would make her stay in the cage that much harder.

“Turn around, face the bed.”

Damn, what a fine ass! It too was toned and firm, but it had a nice round curve at the bottom which was just right to be held in my hands went I was fucking her…or eating her…or…other things.

“Bend over, Slut, and grab the footboard of the bed.”

I swore her ass cheeks reddened along with her face as she complied.

“Spread your legs, Bitch. I wanna see that pussy again.”

It took about three seconds for me to become pissed off. “Gods, be damned, Slut, when I tell you to spread your legs, you’d better fuckin’ do what I say!” I reached between her slightly parted thighs, and slapped her hard on the left thigh. It quivered and moved further to the left. I slapped the right thigh. She did the same thing. I reached in and gave her an even harder smack on her opened pussy.

She yelped in surprise and pain at that, but didn’t draw her legs back together. I left my hand where it was, my palm pressed into her heated, wet valley. I gave her pussy a firm squeeze, watching her lift slightly on her toes to alleviate some of the pressure.

“What made you hesitate?” I asked, pressing my body into her backside. I pressed my fully clothed body up against her naked one, and spoke directly into her ear, before letting my tongue lick its inner surface. She shivered again, but to her credit, I heard her speak almost immediately.

“I’m…sorry, My Lord…I was afraid.”

I chuckled at that. “Afraid? What were you afraid of?”

“Of…what you planned to do with me, My Lord.”

It was an honest answer. But dead wrong. “I thought you were smart, you little slut,” I hissed, letting my middle finger slide into her cleft, testing her wetness. “You think your trying to keep your legs together is going to keep me from doing what I want with you?”

“No, My Lord.”

“Then why didn’t you pull them apart?”

“It was just a reaction, My Lord. I’m sorry.”

I sunk my teeth into her earlobe, simultaneously digging my fingernail into the flesh right below her clit. “Oh, you will be very sorry, Cunt…don’t you worry about that…”

“Keep your head down, bitch,” I told her, as I removed the manacles that head held her last night and replaced the wrist ones so they were hanging between two of the beams that supported the roof.

I glanced at her from time to time, but she did as I said, not looking up to see what I was doing. I’m sure she recognized the sounds though.

After I had fastened down the ankle manacles, I turned to her, with an evil smile. “Look at me, Slave.”

I saw her swallow as she lifted her head to obey me. Her eyes were full of terror…and something else.

I closed the distance between us with a couple of long sty\rides. “I know you’re very smart, Slut, and that’s why I’m expecting more from you. When I give you an order, I expect it to be followed to the utmost of your ability. Not some half-assed effort like you showed me a few minutes ago. Do you understand?”

“Yes, My Lord.”

“I’m going to punish you, so you’ll continue to understand, but then again, you knew that already, didn’t you, Slave?”

“Yes, My Lord.”

“I thought so.”

I sat down on the edge of the bed, and patted my lap. “Let go of the footboard, and come here, Bitch,” I said.

She did so quickly.

“Lay face down on my lap.”

I caught a flush of color in her cheeks, but she did as I said. I took hold of her tantalizing hips, and positioned her, just as I wanted her.

She lay there draped over my thighs, her head buried in her forearms on the bed. I felt my mouth water at the sight of her taut buttocks thrust upward at me, and ran a hand gently over the left one before giving it a resounding smack with my hand. Then I rubbed it harder, rubbing the pain out. I repeated the action on the right one. She groaned lightly, but didn’t fight me.

“Have you ever been fucked in the ass, Little Bitch?” I asked her then, running my fingers down over the length of her crack, finding a good deal of her moisture had already traveled that far.

“Yes, My Lord, once…”

“Good…it’ll make it easier for you this time.”

I had to stretch to reach the drawer in the bedside table, but the item I wanted was right on top. I held it up in front of the little blonde’s eyes. “Do you know what this is?”

“I think so, My Lord,” she replied immediately, her eyes wide with fear.

“It’s a plug for your ass,” I replied, rubbing it across her cheek and then over her shoulder and down her back. The small wooden phallus was slender than most of my others, with a small golden loop built into the base of it. I moved it back so it was in the vicinity of her mouth. “I’d suggest you get it good and wet…”

She began tonguing it immediately, her mouth making soft wet sounds as she used her saliva to coat the phallus as thoroughly as she could. I continued to hold the phallus, and occasionally, her tongue would brush up against my fingers, causing a warm sensation to spread through my stomach. The memory of her mouth on my cunt last night was vivid, and I was eager for a repeat, but I had other plans first. As she worked on the phallus, I ran my fingers through her wetness, and pulled more of the lubrications to coat her rosebud. After only a few strokes with my fingertips, I was able to slip two fingers into the first knuckle, telling me she was indeed no novice to ass play.

“That’s enough,” I said, pulling the phallus away. “Stick that beautiful ass in the air, and relax.”

She did as I said, lifting her hips off my lap slightly, her musky scent of arousal even more evident to me. I teased the phallus over her asshole for a few minutes, circling the pucker of flesh, and then slowly inserted it in one long twisting motion. The six inch phallus was soon buried in her flesh, the only evidence of it left being a tiny bit of the base, and the golden loop.

I helped her stand up, and loved the expression of discomfort on her face, when she felt the phallus remaining in her bowels. “It’s not designed to hurt you, Slut,” I told her softly. “I just want you to always be aware of its presence.”

I took her hand, and led her to the exact spot I wanted her to stand. “Give me your right arm, Whore,” I said, my voice terse. I saw something flicker in her eyes, but almost immediately, she lifted her hand toward me.

It was only a matter of seconds before I had it secured to the beam, and had done the same with the left. Then I bent to do the same with her ankles, and she was stretched out, X-fashion in the center of my tent.

I stepped back and rubbed a hand over my face, just gazing at the creamy perfection and firm angles of her naked body. Her semi-hard nipples were looking right at me, almost as if defying me to do something to them as well. All right…I was never one to back down from a challenge.

I turned to the bedside table again, and came up with two screw on clamps connected by a thin silver chain. The slave’s eyes spotted them immediately, and I was amazed to see a look of silent resignation on her face. Something told me she’d been through them before too.

“I think your tits can use some jewelry,” I told her, ignoring the signs she was sending, and laying the chain on the bed. I reached up and grasped a nipple in each hand, twisting and pulling and massaging, stretching out the nipple so it would make a good erect bud. I licked my tongue over my lips, nearly drooling at the light rose-colored tips of her breasts…what is it about just having a different color that makes them so enticing?

She moaned in the back of her throat when I leaned in and took the right one between my lips, sucking and nibbling and tasting and teasing us both. I repeated the action on its twin, and when I was done, both nipples were dripping with saliva and hardened into little pebbles of beautiful flesh. “Watch me put them on,” I whispered, and glanced at her enough to make sure her eyes were riveted to the site of the clamps being applied.

I slipped the left one on first, and tightened it a few notches, just enough so it wouldn’t slide back off of her, then repeated the action with the other one. Then, holding one in each hand, I looked down into the slave’s dewy eyes.

“Here we go.”

She bit her lower lip during the first few turns of the screws, but then whimpered a couple of times, as the flesh bulged out beyond the clamp. It was probably more from the sight of the rapidly purpling flesh more than anything,. When I release her, her nipples defied gravity even more than usual than sticking straight out from her chest, the blood trapped in them. I reached in the drawer, and pulled out my next surprise.

“Once again…I want you to be aware that you are at my mercy,” I said softly, yet firmly, as I clipped substantial weights into the holes built into the clamps. The weights weren’t that heavy, I felt that I myself have had to endured much heavier, but it was obviously new to her, and would cause a painful distending of the nipple that wouldn’t numb over time.

“Whoops…didn’t get them on tight enough,” I clucked my tongue when I saw the left clip was slipping, so I readjusted, and tightened the clamp another half-turn. The bitch was squirming all over me by the time I was done, but she looked so hot! I almost wish I could just throw aside my position and just spend a night fucking wildly with her…but not only was that not my style, I’m sure the bitch and my men (should they find out), would perceive it as a weakness.

So rough was always the way for me.

“Now, that’s how you spread your legs,” I told her, enjoying the look of dismay that shadowed her features. I know she was already feeling so uncomfortable, but I had really just started with her.

“Arch your back, Slave.”

Even that proved to be difficult with the wooden rod in her anus, but she managed to do so fairly quickly. The weights now made their full presence known, and she instinctively hunched her back, trying to lessen the load. That lasted only a second though, and she was straightening again. Of course, the fact that I had raised my hand to give the nearest breast a smack probably had something to do with it, but I lowered my hand, pleased to see her maintain such control.

“Hurts, doesn’t it?” I remarked, almost as though I was confiding in her.

“Yes, My Lord.”

“But you’re standing correctly,” I told her. “Legs shoulder width, shoulders back, breasts thrust forward…You think you can stand like that on your own?”

“Yes, My Lord.”

I ran a hand loosely over her back and ass. “I believe you, My Pussy Loving Girl,” I replied. “But I still have to punish you for not moving quickly enough earlier…plus…I think this will help you remember the proper position to stand in.”

I moved to the trunk at the end of the bed, and did a little digging for something. I found it, and turned around with it in my hands, not bothering to hide it from Gabrielle. “Do you know what this is, Slut?”

“No, My Lord,” she stammered, and I could tell by the look on her face that she was very afraid of whatever it was.

It was a series of leather straps, and she probably thought it was a whip, but if she’d looked closer, she’d see that the straps had a couple of buckles on them, which would split flesh wide open if it was used in that way.

“After you stand that way for a while, gravity will start affecting your muscles. Your ass will relax its hold on the phallus,” I replied, “And that phallus has to stay tight in your ass for it to do any good. This helps take care of it.”

She was looking down curiously, as I untwisted the garment, and then buckled it first around her waist. There were two straps that formed a frame along the line of her pubic hair. They joined together on the bridge of flesh that separated her two openings, and there was an opening slit along the leather strap that ran between her buttocks and fastened into the belt strap.

“Comfy?” I asked her.

“Yes, My Lord,” she answered, but her voice wasn’t very convincing.

I squatted down behind her, and slid the ring of the anal phallus through the slit in the leather, then twisted it, and inserted the pin that held it in place. I readjusted the belt a bit, and stepped back. “There, that’s much better.”

I stepped back a few steps, and took in the whole effect. Her arm and leg muscles were flexing against her restraints, and although there was no way she could get free, I liked the way she offered that silent defiance. Her engorged nipples weren’t allowed to swell too much because of the added duty of having to support the weights, and now they appeared dark red and elongated, With her arched back, however, in the position she was maintaining, her breasts herself remained proudly stuck out, somehow forgetting that gravity was a law.

Looking a little closer, I could see a fine sheen of perspiration had broken out over her face and upper chest, She was working hard to keep everything together.

At the same time, another moisture caught my eye. “You little tramp…this is making you drip like an icicle on a warm day. You’re soaked!” I said with a half-laugh, “You’re getting off on this, aren’t you?”

I’m sure her first impulse was to lie to me, as I saw her face turn beet red with embarrassment. She lowered her eyes a little, and mumbled, “Yes, Mistress…I mean, My Lord.”

Mistress? Where did that come from? And why did it feel so right? I got down at my knees at her feet, and ran a hand up the inside of both thighs. Her things quivered beneath my hands, and when I let my tongue just barely brush through her slit, she made a sudden groan, and her whole body shook violently. I have made enough women orgasm to know what was going on.

I dropped her lower body like a stone, hearing her moan loudly in frustration. She really needed to learn how to cover her weaknesses better.

“Well, my randy little slave,” I said with a leer, “I’ve got to go do some scouting…but you’ll be okay here, won’t you?”

Her eyes grew huge and her mouth gaped open.

:”Problem, Slut?” I asked.

After a beat, she spoke. “My Lord? You are going to leave me here alone like this?”

I shrugged. “Sure I am…” I glanced at her again. “Oh…are you worried about my men? Don’t be…I’ve given them strict orders that they are never to touch you, unless they’re given specific instructions from me.” I gave her a false smile, then added. “Of course, while I’m gone, there’s nothing to keep them from coming in and looking at you.” I ran my hand across my crotch. “and would they ever love to get an eyeful of you…all stretched out, your nipples getting a workout, your ass crammed full, eager to do whatever it takes so you can cum. You wouldn’t mind having them look at you, would you, Cunt? Of course, they would probably laugh at how excited you got just from me tying you up.”

I was amazed at her expression. She looks very near to bursting into tears, and I found that funny. “Oh come on,” I said, stepping closer and touching her cheek. “I’ll make sure that you won’t have to look any of them in the eyes.”

She stared at me surprised, and I winked at her, then went back to my magic drawer. When I turned back around, she did start crying. I pulled the black cloth bag over her head making sure I left the bottom loose enough so she could breathe. It would muffle all her senses though, her sight and hearing especially, and let her mind wreak havoc with her.

She hung there, her head low, her breathing shallow, as I patted her on the full ass, and said, and “I’ll be back Don’t go away.”

Once I was outside the tent, I posted Alantidus there with the message that no one was to enter the tent under any circumstances. Fuck, I wasn’t crazy enough to let anyone see Gabrielle like that…but if she wanted to believe I was, I’d use that to my advantage.

I spent an hour or so, sneaking through the forest and checking on the men assigned to watch. It was something I did often, and it helped them stay alert, even though there had been few people in the vicinity of our camp. It wouldn’t be long when watch duty would take on a whole new meaning.

I snuck back in my tent quite a bit later, after dismissing Alantidus, and just watched for a few minutes. Gabrielle was motionless, except for her chest’s movement with her breaths, and her head, if possible, was hanging even lower than when I had left. I smiled to myself, and approached her silently.

There was a quill on the desk, and I grabbed it on the way over. I knelt in front of her, and looked up at her. The juices appeared to have stopped flowing from her quite some time ago, but I was going to get them going again.

I barely touched the feather first to her stomach, and she hitched in her breath, her head moving back and forth. With her arms and legs restrained the way they were, she couldn’t do much more movement than that.

I touched the tip of the feather just below her left breast, and this time she jerked her torso. “Someone there?” she asked, her voice sounding terrified.

I responded by tickling the under side of the other breath. “Who’s there?” she called out, her voice near panic proportion. When I tickled her cleavage, she cried out. “Please tell me who’s there! Is it My Lord? Please tell me it’s My Lord.”

“Relax, Little Girl,” I stood and whispered in her ear. “It’s your Lord. You’ve been suffering a long time…I thought it was time for you to have a little bit of pleasure.”

She let out a long shaky exhalation. I know she wanted to believe me, but was afraid to. I couldn’t blame her.

I stickled the end of the feather over her upper stomach, and let it trail downward to just above her pubic hair. Then I withdrew, and knelt again. This time, I went right for her clit.

“Ungh!” She made some erotic sound in the back of her throat, and her hips jerked away, and then right back to the feather.

“You like that, Little Slut?” I chuckled.

“Oh yes, Mistre—I mean, My Lord.”

“If you want to call me Mistress, go ahead…I rather like that.”

“Oh, thank you, Mistress,” she replied.

“Only when we’re alone though,” I advised her.

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Very good, Slave,” I smiled, and teased her clit again with the feather before abandoning it and pulling the black bag off her head.

She blinked for a minute, adjusting to the dim light in the room. Then she looked down at me. Her eyes were still wet with the tears of not knowing who was in the room with her. But she was smiling now. And I noticed the juices flowing anew between her thighs.

“How are the tits, Slut?”

“They throb, Mistress…it’s been slowly getting worse.”

I nodded, taking in the condition of her now totally purple nipples. “All right, I’m going to release you from the clamps…but lemme warn you, Slave, for a few minutes, you’re going to be more aware of your titties than ever.”

I pulled the weights off first, and then released her nipples one at a time. About thirty seconds after the left clamp came off, she shrieked as the blood began to flow again. I gently took the abused nipple between my fingers, and massaged it, and when she screamed even louder over the second nipple, I did the same thing to it. “Let it out, Slave,” I urged her. “Say what you need to.”

“Oh gods, that hurts so much!” she sobbed out finally. “Oh gods…”

I let her relax for a couple of minutes, knowing for a few minutes, the pain would take any pleasurable sensations away. Then gradually, her breathing began to return to normal, and I felt some of the heat leave her nipples.

“You handled that well, Slut,” I told her. “A lot better than most.”

“Thank you, Mistress.”

I reached into the drawer one more time, and pulled out a nice sized leather-covered phallus. “Here’s your reward…A good fucking at the end of a nice hard dick.”

I watched her reaction carefully, and noticed that her eyes lit up slightly at the sight of the phallus. I rolled it over her cheek, and tickled her lips with it. She parted her lights slightly, and I let the cock slide in. “You ever given a blow job, Slut?” I asked her, curiously.

She pinkened, and released her hold on the dick. “Not to a man,” she whispered, which delighted me.

“I’ve got a harness,” I told her. “It would be too hard to fuck you like this wearing it, but one of these days, I’ll lay you out flat on the bed, and you can demonstrate your skill by giving me head.”

She smiled again. “I’d like that a lot, Mistress,” she said, speaking out of turn. I let it slide though, knowing she had already been through enough rough treatment. It was time for some pleasure.

I rolled the phallus over her neck, and teased it against one nipple, while I laved the other with my tongue. Her back, which had been stretched for hours, arched again, as she pressed deeper into my mouth. I just hissed and pulled away, feeling the need to remind her she was still my slave. The phallus continued its downward journey.

The phallus nestled into her pubic hair, and then slid easily into the slit between her legs. “You keep it up, you’re gonna have a puddle on the floor before long,” I told her. I nudged her clit with the head of the cock, then brushed it across her pussy opening. I peered up at her. “You ever had a cock in both holes at the same time?” I asked her.

“No, Mistress,” she replied.

I nodded. “It’ll take some getting used to, but you’ll like it when you do.” I grinned at her before adding, “You’re going to feel more… aware than ever.”

Pressing the head of the phallus inside her, I felt the resistance of her tight tunnels already. I tried not to get too carried away, not wanting to hurt the delicate membrane that separated them.

“I wanna hear you, Whore,” I muttered up, fascinated at the sight of her tight little pussy swallowing up the cock like it was no problem. Almost instantly, a heartfelt moan hovered above me.

“Yeah…filling both of your holes with my cocks,” I began to chant, working a little rhythm into my thrusting. “You’re feeling so full of hard dick, but it feels so good being stuffed like that, doesn’t it, Whore? Your pussy is screaming out a thank you by covering my hand with your fluids.”

“Mmmm yeah…it’s sooo good, Mistress.”

Her languid tone shot straight to my own clit, and I found my self digging beneath the waistband of my trousers and then below my breeches so I could seek a little relief of my own. My own clit had hardened as much as the phallus I was fucking her with.

“Next time I’ll hold the pussy phallus in place, and fuck the ass one in and out,” I told her. “Or maybe I’ll do them both at the same time…it’s always interesting when you get them moving in a different rhythm. “ Her hips were squirming like crazy above me. “What’s the matter, Whore? You like this?”

“Oh yes, Mistress, I like this a lot…it’s going to make me cum…”

“I want you to come, Slave,” I told her. “I want to see your pussy galvanize as your clit explodes into a thousand pieces. And I want to hear you scream my name…my REAL name.”

I heard her gasp in surprise, and I moved in for the kill, pursing my lips around her tightened clit, and sucking her in. A million things happened at once. Her body froze, then jolted into my mouth and hands with a tremendous slam, and my own cunt pulsated at the same instant. Above me, I heard her screaming out my name at the top of her lungs.

I waited a coupled of minutes before pulling the phallus out of her vagina, and then I was removing the one from her asshole as well. She moaned as it came out, and then sighed a breath of relief. I undid her hands, then her ankles, and she was free to move.

I didn’t speak to her for a while after that, nor did I want to. As much as I enjoyed what just happened, it was bothering me that I enjoyed it so much. I WANTED to bring her ecstasy, maybe even more than I wanted to bring her the pain. And she had accepted everything I dished out, without protesting too much. I shouldn’t have liked that, but gods help me, I did.

I slid off my clothes, and splashed some water on my face, drying my hands on a towel, before turning to face her. “You can sleep on the floor like you did last night, or in your cage, Whore. It’s up to you.”

She didn’t even hesitate. “The floor,” she told me.

Amazed that she’d been restrained for so long, and was willing to go right back to it, I began moving the manacles to the position they had been in last night. She laid down, and I chained her wrists, but didn’t chain her feet. “I’m trusting you to behave, Slut” I told her, and she nodded.

“Thank you, My Lord.”

Later, when I heard her teeth chattering again, I threw the quilt over her, hearing her hushed thanks. She went to sleep almost immediately, leaving me to stay awake for hours, trying to figure out what attracted me so much to her.

COMING NEXT WEEK: Xena continues to break in her new slave in various erotic ways, but there are problems among the ranks of her army.

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