My Lord--Gabrielle's Scroll

Even before I opened my eyes, I felt the intense throbbing beneath my skull. I lifted my head and barely squinted one eye open long enough to tell it was dark outside. My head was swimming and I raised my hand to feel a huge lump swollen on the back of my head. When I brought my hand back around to the front of my face, blood had covered my palm. Feeling nausea swim over me, I rolled to my side and found the floor cool against my face. When I ran my tongue out to moisten my lips, they were dry and cracked. If I could just get a drink of water…

It took me that long to realize things had yet again changed drastically in my haze of anger and grief. I put my present state of weakness out of mind and started assessing my whereabouts, quickly scrambling to my feet and finding myself caged like an animal. I saw two guards talking quietly to one another several feet from my makeshift cell. From where I could see, there were several campfires and large tents covering a fairly large area of land. There was only one small structure to my right, and past that was the forest.

The decision to remain silent seemed like the best move for now. I didn’t want to let the guardsmen see that I was awake. I lay back down in my cage, trying to retrace my moves that caused me to wind up here…wherever “here” was...

“Where is Kira? Wait…I left her at Aphrodite’s temple. I wonder if she is still among the living? Gods, her face looked awful when I lifted her limp body off Argo and carried her inside. She never gained consciousness, and only moaned when I laid her down. She was so bruised and beaten. I hope I hadn’t killed her. What I had done to her emotionally was probably more brutal than the physical abuse.

I ran outside and jumped on Argo, digging in my heels and urging her to run like Tartarus. Outraged and numb at the same time, I rode hard and fast, putting as much distance between me and Truth…the truth of who I had become. I no longer cared about anything, not since Xena had been taken away from me. And since she wasn’t coming back, I had no reason to fill my heart with compassion and goodness. I was bitter and hard. Bitter that Life had lost its meaning. Bitter that my whole world had come crashing down around me. Bitter that I’d never feel her in my arms again.

I entered a huge stretch of woods, never breaking my speed. My eyes stung with tears as I felt I could ride to the edge of the earth and still find no comfort. There were no answers to satisfy all the painful questions and no peace to relieve the unchangeable heaviness that had invaded my heart. I continued urging Argo on as we raced through the woods, wishing the wind could wipe away the layer of filth that covered me.

I remembered seeing something to my left, possibly someone hiding in the dense brush. I turned to look and the last thing I remember is my body being knocked backwards off the horse so quickly that I met the ground with a very heavy landing. I didn’t see anyone in sight, and realized it was some sort of rope or heavy twine stretched tightly between two trees that had ended my ride so abruptly. My head had struck a something very hard, like a rock embedded in the dirt. When I tried to stand up, everything grew dark around me. That was the last thing I remember before waking up somebody’s prisoner. What would happen to me now?”

I certainly had no intention of giving up without a fight. I decided to watch my perimeter and devise a plan to escape. I reached down for my sai and found nothing. My weapons had been taken, which was no surprise. It was more a reflex than anything. The moon seemed to be lowering and daybreak would be on its way. If I could convince the guards that I needed to be let out of the cage for whatever reason, I would take them by surprise and make a run for the woods. Whatever I decided, I should try it while they were sleepy and tired.

Testing the strength of the rods, if I could manage to break only one, I’d be able to slide out of the cage. This might be a better approach. Keeping in mind that the breaking noise was going to draw attention to me, I knew I had to run as fast as I could. If I made it, I could run free. If I didn’t, they would be doing me a favor by putting me out of my misery.

I stood back and kicked sharp and swift, breaking the rod and achieving my goal with surprising ease. I covered as much territory as possible, running as fast as I could and squinting to see my trail. I jumped over obstacles and dismissed the stinging all the cuts and scrapes the small limbs and vines were inflicting to my face. I should have counted on traps set along the way, because when I finally tripped over something about shin high, by the time I regained my footage, four men had their hands on me. Soon they were trying to cover their crotches when they saw that I would go to whatever measure necessary to break free. I punched one of the men and knocked him backwards, but I was outnumbered and overpowered. I felt a sharp kick to my back, forcing me over and then restrained from both sides. Xena would not have been so weak and such a failure. I really was having a bad day.

The sun was hinting its arrival when they carried me back to the camp. They put me in another cell, this time one much more secure. “Keep it up, and you’ll be digging your own grave…” one of the men said as he locked the door to my new home. I sat down in the corner and hugged my knees to my chest, resting my head on my crossed arms. I was so thirsty and hungry. Lost and alone, I went to sleep thinking of Xena holding me close.

I woke up lying on my side curled in a ball, dreaming I heard Xena’s in the distance. I blinked several times and saw that it was nearing sunset and I had slept all day. I hadn’t slept much ever since Xena had been gone, and when I did, the sleep wasn’t restful. Just necessity. Once my body had gotten still and had no other alternatives except sitting still, it took advantage of the time and got some much needed rest.

There were at least eight men stationed around my cell. I overheard some of them snickering about one of their fellow soldiers losing his life in their leader’s tent. The men referred to their leader as their “Lord”. Obviously he was some vicious killer and they were used to violence from him. I didn’t feel that my chances were very good at getting out of this alive, and most likely not unharmed. I kept thinking back at the fear in Kira’s eyes when I had crammed my fingers inside her over and over, seeing the begging in her eyes for me to stop. She had decided there was no use in pleading with me to change my mind, and now it was probably going to be my turn to feel this same fear. If their Lord summoned me to his tent, I was almost sure raping me would be on his agenda before killing me. Or maybe he would just keep me for the rest of my life, taking what was not his whenever he pleased. I only thought my life couldn’t get any worse.

One of the guards came to my cell and offered me a cup of water. I savored the way it felt spilling into my mouth, never realizing how much I would appreciate a drink of water. They still had offered me no food, but I had gotten past being hungry.

I finally lay back down on the floor of the cage, noticing how crisp the night had turned. I was chilled, but there was nothing to cover myself with. I huddled into a ball once more, and tried to ignore the throbbing of my head as I went to sleep, always, visualizing Xena’s body lying beside me. In case my life should cease, I needed to spend all the time I could with her, even if only in my mind.

Some time later, the key turning the lock startled me and I hurriedly stood to my feet, my legs quivering from the fear of what awaited me. They had not offered to let me free from the cage since my arrival, and I knew it was useless to try and break free. If things got too unbearable, I would definitely take my own life instead of living a life of dread. Somehow, that possibility kind of seemed like old news. Knowing I would face every single day without Xena couldn’t be a worse dread.

The man who unlocked the cage was named Ralston. He and another guard quickly had my hands restrained behind my back, tying them uncomfortably tight as I felt the rope burn into my wrists. “Our Lord is ready for you…” Ralston said, leading me by my right arm. The guard following us kept kicking me from behind, pushing me quickly along. Ralston tightened his grip on my arm as I almost stumbled more than once on the way to meet their leader. It had to be at least midnight.

We walked past several displays of artillery and weapons, this obviously being a large sized army. Some of the men were whistling, one of the comments being, “Our Lord is going to get a piece of that sweet little ass…can we be next?” It was disgusting and degrading, but my heart was currently in my throat and seemed to be requiring more attention than the crude comments from the men.

I began to feel more fear the closer we came to their Lord’s tent. I had no clue what awaited me, but I was afraid I had a fair guess. Only once had a man been inside me. The very thought of a nasty, horny warlord rubbing all over me and making me do gods know what sent numbness to my legs, and I stumbled more than once before making it to the doorway of the tent. “Stand up, you little bitch, or you’ll crawl the rest of the way…” Martis said, digging his thick fingers deep into my muscle.

We entered the tent and Martis shoved me hard from behind, sending me sprawling out onto the floor. I got a mouthful of dark, and spit it from the corner of my mouth. A heavy boot landed on my neck, holding me down face first. With my hands tied behind me, I didn’t see what a threat I could possibly be.

Ralston leaned down closer to my ear and reminded me that I was in the presence of their Lord, and not to try anything or I’d regret it. Whether I tried anything or not, I knew I’d regret ever being captured by this army. I felt completely lost. How could Xena feel that it was right to leave me? My life meant nothing without her. Had our love meant so little to her? She sacrificed my life as well as her own.

Suddenly, with nothing spoken, Ralston and Martis left me with their unseen leader. I wondered if there might be other eyes upon me as well. I heard him get up and saw black boots circling my body. He was taking inventory of his new piece of property. I would escape this place, no matter what. If it took falling on a sword to take my own life, then so be it. I would not be made to live this way.

I then heard her voice.

“Raise your head and look at me, bitch.”

Could it be? Was it really her? I quickly raised my head and looked up, not believing my eyes. I was ecstatic. Completely elated. Xena was alive and standing just inches from me, looking as healthy and as gorgeous as ever.

“Thank the gods, Xena! But…how can you be here…alive? It’s impossible. It’s got to be a trick the gods are playing on me to punish me for Kira.”

With a sour scowl, she said, “What are you babbling about?”

I couldn’t figure out why she didn’t act even remotely happy to see me. I looked around the room and tried to see what was causing her to play this role. I had absolutely no problem playing along, and I certainly couldn’t wait to taste those lips and to have her in my embrace again. I’d never let her go.

I couldn’t help but feel extremely emotional. “By the gods, Xena…I never thought I’d see you again.”

Instead of her untying me and pulling me up into her arms, she reached down and grabbed my chin, referring to me as “Cunt” and that I was not allowed to speak her name. I heard myself gulp when I saw the fury in her eyes. Had I possibly been taken back in time to her reign as the Evil Xena? No matter. I would not change anything about this entire setting.

“Do you know why you’re here?” she asked, dryly and not caring if I knew the answer.

The look in her eye wasn’t hard to discern. “I think I do, My Lord.”

She seemed amused that I didn’t assume authority and say simply yes or no. “Why?”

“To bring you pleasure, My Lord.”

Obviously pleased with my response, she nearly caused my heart to jump out of my throat when she sat back on the bed and crossed her legs, her black robe parting just enough to give me a hint of the treasure I knew she concealed. She was wearing nothing beneath the silk, and I could only envy the material resting against her skin.

“You’ve been with other women?”

It was unbelievable that she had no clue who I was. “Yes, My Lord.”

She leaned back and rested her weight on her palms, parting her legs only enough to give me a clear view of her glistening pussy. Gods how I had missed her body. I had nearly been driven mad by my grief. Just trying to get through a day without Xena had been a task of itself.

Snapping me from my thoughts, she commanded, “Look at my eyes, Whore.”

I looked up at her face, still not believing my eyes that she was here, in the flesh.

“Not more than half an hour ago, I had one of my soldiers in my bed with me…but he pissed me off one too many times, and he ended up dead. Not more than a few feet from where you are, as a matter of fact.”

I remembered how she described herself from her past, how that she had no regard for human life and didn’t care who she hurt. She had no recollection of doing any good for anyone, and I was beginning to get a clear picture of this Xena I was meeting for the first time.

“I’m telling you this for a reason, Slut,” she continued. “I’ve already been brought to the edge several times tonight, but haven’t reached the pinnacle. That’s put me in an extremely sour state of mind. I want you to alleviate that.”

It was a much-welcomed punishment. Her orders I would carry out with perfection and gratitude. My heart was pounding heavily in my chest and my usually dry mouth was watering from the anticipation of tasting her for the first time in much too long.

“Well?” she finally said, sounding a bit irritated. I had heard her, but I was waiting for her to untie my hands and maybe help me up from lying face down on the floor.

When I looked up at her again, she made no effort to move her body in any way, and that’s when I realized that she required me to come to her on my own. I would not disappoint My Lord.

I was able to get up without a lot of effort, although I could feel my body weakened by going without food. I made it the few feet to her bed on my knees and when I reached her, I rested my head against her thigh. Gods. What bliss to feel her skin against mine. Still, I wasn’t used to her lack of emotion and love for me. I felt her hand touch the back of my head, but it only took a second for her to grab my hair and place my head where she wanted it, which happened to be perfectly fine with me. “I’m losing patience, Bitch,” she growled. Her cunt was warming my face.

The second I collected her moisture on my mouth, I had no doubt that this was my Xena. Her luscious taste and intoxicating scent were breathing new life into me. Even though my body was kept under control by keeping my hands tied behind my back, I felt a peaceful freedom within.

Losing myself in her essence, I made love to her as I had dreamed night after night, tasting her juices on my tongue and sucking her clit into my mouth. When I felt her body respond to my touch, I completely blocked everything out that had recently destroyed our world. I heard her moan in appreciation of my mouth’s caresses, and felt her spread her legs farther apart, encouraging me to eat of the fruit of the vine that gave me Life. Without it, I was void.

Soon her hips were moving in a rhythm that let me know I was bringing her the satisfaction she had been looking for. I felt confident that I could make love to my Warrior…My Lord… in such a way that she would never want anyone else’s mouth on her other than mine. I would earn the position, no matter what the cost.

I felt her body begin to display the effects of a building climax, and I concentrated on covering her cunt with my mouth, filling her hole with my probing tongue and sucking her clit in firm strokes into my mouth. Her hands were wound in my hair, but now she was grasping with need instead of needing to show her authority. I could feel my sodden crotch threatening to send a stream of wetness down the inside of my thigh.

I would never be able to explain on parchment what tasting her was like this first time. I had accepted that her life and her love had been forever ripped from my fingers, no matter how hard I begged or pleaded or cried or fought. Imagine missing the taste of your lover, missing the luxury of feeling her warm, wet flesh gliding across your lips…. Anguish flooded my heart with every memory, leaving a behind a lingering pain that found no comfort. I had simply been waiting for something or someone to take me out of this world. I had no reason to exist, but now, even if this was the Xena I would serve, I would not complain. Nothing was worse than being without her.

Soon her hips were bucking hard and her pussy was begging for more contact with my mouth. When her body finally calmed, I looked up at her and couldn’t pull back the tears building in my eyes. I wanted to tell her how much I had missed her and how very much I loved her…but I had already caught on that this would not be tolerated. She didn’t feel the same for me, but if she would let me live, I would change her heart. And if I didn’t, I would be grateful to be kept as her slave and bask in whatever love she shared with me.

Without warning, she yanked my head back with a tight grip, and said, ““No bad, y’ little cuntlicker…I hope you got your fill of my juices. It’s the only drink you’re gonna have for a while.”

I remembered my place before speaking, and decided to hold my words.

“What was that?” she asked.

I thought for a moment, and asked, “Have I displeased you, My Lord?”

“Not particularly…why?”

“You’re putting me back in the cage?”

“Yeah? So?”

“I was hoping I wouldn’t have to go back there.” She didn’t understand. I didn’t feel like I could stand being separated from her again…not after discovering she was alive.

“Where did you think I would send you?”

Taking too long to respond, she slapped me hard on the side of my face, yelling, “Keep your eyes on mine, you Fucking Whore!”

“I’m sorry, My Lord!”

Again she asked me where I thought I should stay, if not in the cage.

“I thought…maybe…I could stay here with you, My Lord.”

She stood up, closing her robe and leaving me kneeling in my current position. Towering over me, she sighed heavily as if she were tired of my requests, yet managing to at least give me part of what I wanted. Dragging me to my feet, she ordered, “Turn around.” I felt her untying my hands, and then she instructed me to undress, putting my body on display for her approval.

She circled me, looking at me like purchased property. I had to keep in mind that she had never seen me, at least in her mind. Reaching out and tearing my underwear from me, I was left completely naked. I couldn’t help but gasp at her strength.

“Come with me,” she said, leading me by the hair on my mound. I was hoping this meant she had liked what she saw and was going to allow me to stay.

She led me to the right side of the tent beside her bed. “Lie down,” she ordered, shoving me down to the ground on my back. .

“I honestly don’t know what you were expecting from me, Whore,” she said, fastening my wrists and ankles to various poles. “You will soon find out you will never have your way with me. You can cry, plead, seduce, even die for me, and I will still always have my way.”

Even though my body was spread in every direction, I was happy to be lying on a rug instead of the cold ground. It was also better than being stuck back in that cage. The nights had gotten cold, and tonight it didn’t take long for my naked, uncomfortably restrained body to feel the effects of the temperature.

Surprising me with a question, and not a direct order, she asked, “What’s your name, Slave?”

“Gabrielle, My Lord.”

“Gabrielle…lovely name for a lovely girl….enjoy your night in my tent, Gabrielle.”

She looked down at me as she slipped the robe off her incredible body…again, taking my breath. I had to concentrate on keeping my silence. I couldn’t risk anything that might get me separated from her again. I absolutely could not suffer such pain again.

I couldn’t help my teeth chattering after only a few minutes on the ground. She asked, “Are you scared or cold, Slave?”

“Cold, My Lord.”

She threw her covers back and stood up, taking a blanket from the end of her bed and covering me, touching my heart even if she didn’t mean to. “Thank you, My Lord,” I whispered.

“Don’t thank me…you won’t shut up with the noises and I can’t get any sleep,” she complained, climbing back into her warm bed. When I saw her turn to her side and face away from me, a smile formed on my lips and refused to leave for long hours into the night. I silently thanked whoever was responsible for allowing me to have her back once again. I would adjust however necessary and be exactly what Xena needed me to be.

The first thing Xena said to me the next morning was, “You hiding a bear under that blanket?”

I shook my head no, but I was practically starving at this point. My stomach ached from being so empty. Xena offered me the remains of her breakfast, and I knew then that a price would be required. It was a most embarrassing experience, but I was certain that I detected desire in her eyes as she watched me touch myself. That was all that mattered.

After I obeyed her orders, she placed me back in my cage as she went to the fields to observe her men work on different fighting tactics and drills. She looked my way more than once, and keeping my eyes off her wasn’t an option. This was the first day I actually got to see her in action instead of imagining it in my mind.

The sun was warm and felt so good on my skin. I had to be careful the way I sat since she had taken my underwear. I wasn’t interested in giving any of the guards a private viewing of my privates. Later that evening, clouds began forming and the rain soon followed. The droplets pierced my skin, making me chilled to the bone. I’m not sure how long I sat huddled in a ball in the corner of my cage. At least two hours. I had started shaking and couldn’t stop.

I heard someone approaching my cell and Ralston was unlocking the door in a matter of minutes. “Our Lord has called for you,” he said, and I wondered if he knew more about my future than I did. I realized at any time, Xena could decide to kill me for the simple fact that it pleased her at the moment.

He tied my hands behind my back, and pushed me into Xena’s tent once again. She was sitting at her desk working on some sort of map, never turning around to look at either of us. Soon she lifted her hand and motioned for Ralston to leave.

I stood as motionless as possible in the center of her tent, rain dripping off my clothes and body. She whirled around in her chair and asked, “Hell of a night, isn’t it?”

“Yes, My Lord.”

She stood and approached me. I expected a slap across the face for making a mess on her floor. Instead she circled my body, stopping behind me long enough to slice through the rope tying my wrists together.

“Take off your clothes, Whore.”

I never hesitated and did exactly as she commanded, keeping my head down and becoming completely submissive to her will.

The came a series of commands. Ignoring my embarrassment, I concentrated on pleasing My Lord. “Turn around, face the bed.” “Bend over, Slut, and grab the footboard of the bed.” “Spread your legs, Bitch. I wanna see that pussy again.”

At that point, I had already failed in pleasing her. I didn’t move quickly enough for her, and she made me spread my legs apart until she was happy with what she saw.

For my punishment, she had me lie across her lap. It felt so good to feel her body beneath me…holding me…but any safe thoughts were dismissed when she asked, “Have you ever been fucked in the ass, Little Bitch?”

“Yes, My Lord, once…”

“Good…it’ll make it easier for you this time.”

She put me through more than I had ever experienced, but I was determined to not fail. I would give her no reason to dispose of me.

At one time, she was asking me questions and I mistakenly answered her “Yes, Mistress…I mean, My Lord.” Again, I expected a painful reminder of my error. I was glad to see her kneel in front of my wide-spread, restrained body, seductively rubbing her hands along the inside of my thighs. She slowly approached my pussy and licked up my slit, humming in the back of her throat. It was the long awaited first touch of her mouth on me, and my strength was reduced to nothing. She loved what she was doing to me. Especially when she just turned herself off and left the tent, saying, “I’ve got to go do some scouting…but you’ll be okay here, won’t you?”

She started telling me that the men were ordered not to touch me, but they might want to look at me. I knew she was very capable of allowing that to happen, and even much worse. The humiliation of that thought mixed with the physical discomfort she was inflicting pushed me too far and I couldn’t stop the tears. I hated it when I lost control.

She covered my head in a black silk cloth, telling me not to worry…I wouldn’t have to look them in the eye. She patted my ass and sarcastically said, “I’ll be back Don’t go away.”

I was terrified the first several minutes after she left. My imagination went wild with what she could put me through…but I couldn’t let myself think that way. There were certain traits that Xena had that would remain a part of her no matter what. One of them being greed. She didn’t like sharing her piece of ass with anyone.

I thought I heard someone enter the tent, and soon I felt something touching me very lightly. I had no clue if it was Xena or one of her men, or Xena having one of her men do this.

“Is someone there?” I asked, feeling panic sweep over me.

“Please tell me who’s there! Is it My Lord? Please tell me it’s My Lord.”

“Relax, Little Girl,” I heard her raspy whisper in my ear. “It’s your Lord. You’ve been suffering a long time…I thought it was time for you to have a little bit of pleasure.”

She didn’t immediately uncover my head and continued touching me in places with a feather. Was she really going to let me come? My center moistened drastically at the thought. Gods, I had waited to so long. Dreamed of her touch, wept for her departure.

She quickly uncovered my head, giving me a little time to adjust my eyes to the light and to look at her. She seemed more like herself than ever. She looked beautiful in her black leather trousers.

I watched her reach into her drawer and bring out a phallus. “Here’s your reward…A good fucking at the end of a nice hard dick.”

She wanted to know if I had ever given a blowjob, and I told her, “Not to a man.” That was the truth, and I think she found it humorous. I think I gave her plans for the near future, in which I would be glad to participate.

She continued talking to me, rubbing the phallus over different parts of my body. She saw how wet I was becoming, and soon I watched as she guided the head of the phallus inside me, stretching up to take one of my nipples in her mouth. I let my head fall back and take in all the amazing sensations to my body. Even my spirit felt the reconciliation of our love. I knew that for Xena it couldn’t possibly mean what it meant to me, but she was actually making love to me…not trying to hurt or degrade me.

She allowed me to call out her name, and for that I was the most grateful. Her name forming on my lips and her being there to hear it held more depth than she realized.

When it was over, she sort of disconnected herself from me emotionally, and started readying herself for bed. After washing her face and hands, she took off her clothes. I wondered if she might leave me like this all night, but she immediately came to me and set me free.

She gave me the option of sleeping on the floor again instead of being returned to my cage and I, of course, chose the floor. She told me to lie down and she chained my wrists, but left my feet free. Soon after she blew out the candles, I felt her blanket being draped around my body once more, warming me much more than on the outside. Maybe there was hope.

COMING NEXT WEEK: Xena continues to break in her new slave in various erotic ways, but there are problems among the ranks of her army.

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