Helicon Bent For Leather --Xena's Scroll

I think I saw my first spark of it when Gabrielle confronted Varia after her stupid stunt with the bow and arrow. I had to physically restrain Gabrielle, and when I placed my hands on her shoulder, I could feel the anger quaking through her body in great waves. She had every right to be furious, of course, but I had always known Gabrielle to be able to contain her more violent emotions, and I think if I hadn’t been there, she would have killed Varia with her bare hands.

Later, when I could spend a little alone time with her, I told Gabrielle there was something different about her. She told me it was the fact that she was acting as the Queen of the Amazons. That was part of it, I’m sure, but there was something else that had nothing to do with a title. I didn’t push the issue though.

The next day, the situation just continued to worsen. Gabrielle did a commendable job commanding her Amazons, but just like when my army went up against the Horde, her troops didn’t have much of a chance. Only a handful survived, and I know that was going to take a harsh toll on my warrior-bard’s psyche. I just didn’t know how it would manifest itself.

One of the most horrifying moments I’ve ever spent, was when I saw Gabrielle with her sword raised, chasing after a wounded soldier, who was obviously trying to retreat. I screamed out her name in horror, as I realized she was going to kill the terrified soldier, and thank the gods, it snapped her out of it, but the cold chill that ran through my blood with the realization lingered long after that. Seeing my love so blood-thirsty was a sight I would never be able to erase.

Bellaraphon had been defeated, but Gabrielle wanted to escort the Amazons back to camp, and I agreed whole-heartedly. Unfortunately, with the exception of Varia, almost all of the seasoned warriors had been killed, and Gabrielle asked me to help the remaining Amazons set up a scouting regiment so they wouldn’t be attacked unannounced again.

I wasn’t thinking about that however, as I walked along side Gabrielle. I was tossing sidelong glances at her, trying to ascertain what was going through that blonde head of hers. She seemed almost in a daze, walking stiffly, eyes straight ahead, hardly speaking.

I asked her if she was all right, and she nodded wordlessly, but her expression didn’t change. She’d answer any questions directed at her, but didn’t offer any comments freely, and worst of all, wouldn’t look me in the eye. I think that bothered me the worst. I was full of horror from the thought that she might be blaming me for what had happened, and she would have been right. I was beginning to wonder if she hated me because of it.

She may have sensed my apprehension, despite whatever she was going through, because one of the times we had stopped so the Amazons could rest, she came over to sit beside me on a fallen log. After a moment, I felt the gentle pressure of her hand on my thigh. When I dared to look at her face, she was watching me with eyes that were full of love and sadness. I placed my hand on top of hers and gave it a gentle squeeze and we sat like that for a couple of minutes. It helped me a lot…telling me that whatever she was thinking, I wasn’t the cause of her distress.

We stopped frequently due to the injuries of some of the Amazons. Thankfully, none of them were serious, but there were a couple of injured legs that prevented fast traveling. We arrived back at camp early the next morning, and just about everyone mentioned getting a bath, then going straight to their huts to get some sleep. They would be having a memorial service later that night.

I usually didn’t go for the communal bath routine, but considering the circumstances, I didn’t mind there being a group of Amazons already at the river when Gabrielle and I arrived. I had asked her if she wanted to get cleaned up, and she had grunted an affirmative. I wondered if the tribal members were concerned about her silence, but didn’t know any of them well enough to just out and out talk with it. It’s times like this that I really missed Ephiny. We didn’t always see eye to eye on things, but we did both have an over riding concern about Gabrielle, and could talk through difficult situations.

After redressing, we made our way back toward the village. I was a little surprised when I saw Gabrielle heading straight for the Queen’s hut. I asked her how Varia might react to that, and all it earned me was a scathing look, so I shrugged, and followed her inside. Even if it did piss Varia off, there was no doubt that Gabrielle and I could handle her.

Inside the hut, she sat down at the end of the bed, and looked directly at me. “As long as I’m here, I’m still the Queen and we will stay right here.” Made sense to me, and I was kind of sorry I had mentioned it. Then I heard her say in a quiet voice, “I still can’t believe that bitch was going to kill me.”

Puzzled even more about what was bringing on her anti-social behavior, I was still relieved that she seemed to want me in the hut with her. I sat on the bed behind her, and reached out a tentative hand to her spine. It was rigid with tension, but seemed to relax slightly as I whispered, “I know.”

I was missing the feel of her body next to mine, and I decided to risk it, so I laid back on the bed, and kept an arm wrapped around her waist, hoping she’d take the hint and lay down with me. She didn’t, only continued to sit there staring at the blank wall.

This was driving me crazy! “Gabrielle…”

The harshness in her voice was a new tone I had never heard from her. “Xena…I don’t want to talk about it! Now please…just leave me alone.”

Her voice startled me more than her words, but I was the queen of stoicism, so I decided to let it go for now. I gave her a kiss on the nearest bared body part, a thigh, and then tried to relax into the softness of the bed. She surprised me yet again, by suddenly standing, telling me to “get some sleep” before she left the hut.

I was very tempted to follow her, to see where she was going, but something told me she wouldn’t be gone for long, and just wanted to spend some time in complete solitude. I thought long and hard about that….about all the times I had run away from everyone and everything to get my thoughts straightened out, and it brought my concerns to the forefront again. It was never good when I had to get away.

About an hour and a half later, I heard the door of the hut opening again, and she walked in, looking as if she had been racing a tornado. Her eyes looked more serene though, somehow, and I held out a hand toward her. I was pleased when she came to sit beside me on the bed. I told her I was saving her a spot, and was very pleased to see her stand up and undress. I slid under the covers while she was undressing, and she climbed into bed from the opposite side.

I laid down flat on my back, hoping she’d crawl a little closer and use me for a pillow, but she turned on her side facing me, and closed her eyes. It was obvious that she might not hate me, but she still didn’t want me touching her, and that hurt a lot. I tried not to let it bother me too much though, and coaxed myself to try to get a little sleep.

I didn’t get much sleep. Between Gabrielle’s mumbling in her sleep and my concerns over what was going on, I spent most of the time either whispering to her that everything was okay, or telling myself that everything would be okay. When it was finally time to get up, I was almost grateful for the reprieve.

The Amazons were full of questions about the ceremony that night, and unfortunately, I had been through many of them in my lifetime, and was able to answer them. Gabrielle was around for a little while, but she wasn’t offering any help. She mainly wandered around the village campfire and gave every one dirty looks, and I could heard a collective Amazon sigh of relief when she finally disappeared from sight.

Finally, Pat, the oldest and most experienced Amazon made her appearance from her hut, and I was glad to let her take over the duties of getting the village ready for the upcoming ceremony. Pat stood at least a foot shorter than me, but she was wise beyond her years, and commanded the respect of the tribe. She patted my shoulder, and told me to go take care of whatever I needed to take care of.

I knew it would be wrong to spy on Gabrielle, despite the fact that this was the second time today she had just taken off without giving me any indication where she was going. She was certainly free to do just that, but she had never done it before. I decided to make a quick check of the perimeter of the camp, and if I ran into her, well, I was making sure all was secure, wasn’t I?

Varia had yet to make an appearance that evening, and I checked her cabin to see if she was there. She was, and seemed surprised to have me knocking at her door, but I just told her abruptly that the ceremony would be beginning soon, turned on my heel, and walked away from her.

I didn’t see Gabrielle as I wandered the camp, but I did catch a glimpse of blonde hair near the river, so I figured she was there, working out whatever was bothering her.

I took the long way back to the camp. I thought of the times in my life when I felt the need to just get away from every other living soul. There had been a few times…after I had given up Solan, then after the death of Solan…and the times I suffered from battle lust before I could identify what it was.

I stopped cold in my tracks. I don’t know why I had been so thick-headed up until this point, but suddenly, all of the signs were falling into place. Gabrielle’s shaking when I held her back from Varia…her lack of speaking…her not wanting to touch me…her going off by herself. The more I thought about it, the more I understood. It was no wonder that Gabrielle was so withdrawn. I’m a violent person by nature, and my own bouts with battle lust would often find me uncomfortable and cautious after I worked my way through them. If Gabrielle was truly experiencing it, I had NO idea how she would react to the sensations running through her right now.

As I continued my slow circle of the camp though, an idea began to form. The longer I thought about it, the more I liked it. I had suffered from many degrees of blood lust over time, and I would take different approaches to sating it. I thought of the things a willing partner could do to help me out, and one solution stood out to me over and over again.

I quickly headed back to the Queen’s hut.

I hadn’t been in position very long when the door of the hut was flung open. I lifted my head, and just gazed at my lover, standing in the doorway with steam coming out of her ears.

“Who’s been here?” she practically screamed at me. “Who has seen you like this?”

My heart began to pound harder, just from hearing the jealousy in her voice.

“No one,” I finally answered, in as calm a voice as I could muster.

I couldn’t help readjusting my position on the bed as she sauntered over toward me. “Are you sure? Don’t tell me that Varia decided to call it a night this early, too!”

Varia! I knew Gabrielle’s anger was still very much focused on the Amazon warrior, but surely she didn’t think I would- I couldn’t even complete the thought as I felt the fingers of her right hand thrust into my slit. “You’re wet, you whore. She’s not still hiding in here, is she?”

“No. There’s been no one here,” I answered. Gabrielle was tearing her way around the room, looking in every conceivable place for a hiding lover. I took another deep breath, and relaxed my head down upon the bed again, waiting for her to give up.

She did very soon, and turned to face me again. She started to ask me why I was laying here, on the bed, buck naked, but before me, her eyes changed. “I don’t want your pity, Xena!” she barked at me.

That statement puzzled me, for I certainly wasn’t pitying her in any form. I WAS making myself completely available to her, giving her the go ahead to act out however her body and brain were telling her. Even as I watched her, I saw her eyes change again as she seemed to realize this.

She strolled with a purpose to the table near the door, and snatched up my saddlebag, then proceeded to dump all of my belongings onto the table. I felt a tingle in my lower half. I had always expected Gabrielle to treat my belongings with respect, and she obviously felt the total power to defy me.

“But if you want it rough…I can give it to you, Baby.” Now, I was sure she was dealing with battle lust. I had certainly not given any indication that I was looking for anything rough, but she seemed to think I had. I wasn’t going to protest though.

Using some of the leather straps from my saddlebag, she started with my wrists, and I was compliant as she tied first one wrist and then the other to carved footboard of the bed. Then she tied my ankles apart, leaving me face down and spread eagled on the bed. It took only a couple of minutes, and I was restrained, and virtually at her mercy.

Then she turned back to the saddlebag.

I don’t know if she heard the little sound I made when I saw she was holding up my whip. It was coiled in her fist, looking as unnatural as a scroll and quill would in mine. She stared at it for long seconds, and then was slowly approaching me.

Gods, my whip! I couldn’t tear my eyes from my own weapon, half of my brain telling me that she would never strike me with it and the other half screaming for her to do it. In the past, when we had played our darker sex games, I had threatened many times to use my whip on her, but I had never done it in the conventional manner, knowing the incredible damage it was capable of.

I saw her test the whip by striking the bed bedside me with a satisfying snap. Apparently, she wasn’t going to spare me.

I turned my head so I was facing the opposite way against the softness of the bed. My body tensed as it waited for the first lash, and she didn’t disappoint. I heard the swish through the air, and then felt the sting across the middle of my back. I know Gabrielle’s strength, and she was capable of making it harder, but I felt a little relief knowing she was letting up a bit.

The next lash was of the same intensity, and just below the first. I hissed a little, but the pain wasn’t really too bad.

I heard an evil chuckle from Gabrielle, and the next blow fell, much harder and across my ass. I jerked with the pain, effectively taken off-guard this time.

She whipped me for several minutes, varying the power of the strokes and letting them fall at irregular intervals with no set pattern on my flesh. I don’t know if her goal was to make me cry out, but I bit back my reactions to the pain, only allowing a grunt or a groan to burst through my lips occasionally. My midriff moved freely with the blows, and I know it appeared to Gabrielle that I was trying to avoid them. If she had looked more carefully however, she would have seen my pussy was awash with evidence of my excitement. My ass and back were sizzling with sharp pain, but the pain was rapidly traveling straight to my clit to become splashes of arousal. It had been a long time since a whipping had been part of my foreplay.

The blows were falling less frequently now, and I heard small noises escaping her throat with each stroke. A lash hit squarely on the crack of my ass, the tip of the leather snaking into my slit and landing just below my pulsating hardon. My hips bucked off the bed as a stream of juices spurted out of me onto the bed below me. I was so close to a climax, but couldn’t quite achieve it as she began yelling at me. “Say it! Say you love it when I treat you this way!”

Oh, I loved it all right, but I found myself rendered temporarily speechless by the onslaught of sensations. “I’ll make you love it, you fucking bitch,” she snarled then, and I watched in dismay as the whip sailed across the room. I was wondering how I would deal with the sudden absence of pain, when she grabbed my hair and savagely pulled my head backward.

Gods, would my eyes betray the lust I was feeling just then? She was staring right into them, and her hand was gentle as it touched my face. “Now would be the time to use the safe word if you are feeling weak.”

I stubbornly shook my head, seeing her jaw set when I did that. “Very well then.” She gave my head a little push forward when she released me.

She stood behind me, out of my peripheral vision, and I wondered what was to come next. I hope it was me. I certainly wasn’t prepared for the warm softness of her lips touching one of the tenderest wounds on my ass cheek. Then I felt her fingers spreading my cheeks, and knew she was now aware how enflamed the whipping had made me become.

“What’s made you so wet, you whore? You like being whipped, don’t you? Well let’s try a better form of torture…” She had noticed my arousal all right, and it seemed to answer some questions in her mind. I would be forever grateful for my traitorous body and her wise, observant nature.

Yes! I felt her tongue moving downward, inching its way to the spot I needed her most. Her nose brushed against my sphincter as she buried her face deeper, finally allowing the tip of her tongue to make contact with my over-extended clit.

It may be hard to believe, but the pain of my protesting cunt was far worse than the whip marks when she gave me one more generous lick, then abruptly released me. My hips dropped to the bed like a stone.

“I’m going outside for a little bit. We’ll continue this when I get back.”

Now I was the one who wanted to scream out of frustration as she left me alone in my bondage. The throbbing in my clit was a constant reminder as to why my butt was stinging so badly, but in the position I was left in, I couldn’t gain enough purchase by dry (or in my case, very wet) humping the bed quilt. I tugged a bit at the leather straps holding my wrist. They were strong, but I was stronger.

I began to fantasize. I had thought I had detected a shakiness in Gabrielle’s voice right before she had left the hut. I don’t know if she was going outside to regain her dominance or to calm herself, but I know what I hoped she’d be like when she returned.

I laid my hot cheek on the cool material of the bedspread, my eyes closing as I imagined allowing myself to break free of my bonds. I would free myself, and be kneeling by the bed when she reentered.

“How did you get free?” she would demand to know, suddenly furious again.

“My desire to please you gave me the energy to break free,” I would answer. “Please punish me, Mistress, for giving in to the temptation.”

No doubt she would think I was mocking her with my strength, and it would incite her to whip me some more. Maybe this time, I would be on my back, so the leather would strike my stiffened nipples and sopping clit. I shuddered with pleasure of the thought of it.

I was just beginning to imagine her fucking me with the whip handle when she reentered the room.

She knelt beside the bed and urged me to turn my head to face her.

“I need to know you want this, Xena. Because I won’t stop once we get started. Do you understand?”

Well, there it was, laid out in front of me. She must be at least partially aware I wasn’t just doing this for her, but she wanted me to admit it, in effect, giving her my permission. “I want it.”

She leaned in for a kiss, surprising me, but I tried to communicate my level of desire with my mouth. I attempted to devour her with my hunger, and it seemed to incite her own desire to dominate me.

She effectively stopped me by sinking her teeth into my lower lip. I gasped, and she extracted her mouth from mine, making some distance between us. “Oh no, you don’t.” She told me she was the one giving and all I could do was accept it. Her fingers were finding the wounds the whip had left. “These will serve you as a reminder of what I will do to you again, if you don’t do exactly as I say. Is that perfectly clear?”

“Yes,” came my immediate response.

I barely had time to react when I saw her hand flying toward my face and she back-handed me so hard my teeth rattled “Yes?” she shouted. “You obviously like getting hit, don’t you? I would think of all people, Warrior Fucking Princess, you’d know how to answer me. Now…let’s try it again.”

She was playing the same game I had played with my sex slaves many times before. I recognized it and responded quickly. “Yes…Master.” I sometimes demanded she call me “mistress” when I was dominating her, and knew she would probably accept that, but wanted to take it a step further.

She nodded in approval, and for the first time since the whole incident had begun, I saw the hint of a smile on her face. I must have pleased her somehow.

Yes! My clit leapt for joy when I saw her retrieve the phallus and lay it on the bed by my head. She reached for the fastenings of her boots as she continued to verbally berate me. “I don’t guess you’d mind if I undressed, would you, Whore? You’ve been lying here the entire time, just waiting for me to fuck you, and here I was starting to worry that I had made you uncomfortable.”

Just watching her take off her boots was an experience in itself. She locked her eyes with me as she lifted her foot to the bed, just out of reach of my straining head and took her time unlacing and pulling off one, then the other. I watched diligently for a tell-tale shaking of her fingers as she moved, but she was unbelievably steady. It was a good sign.

She kept one of her feet on the bed as she unfastened her shirt, and to my dismay, put both feet on the floor and then turned away from my gaze. Her incredible back was suddenly naked before my eyes, and I drilled my sight into it as I saw her make the unmistakable movements of pressing her breasts from the side, looking down at her own heightened peaks. The throaty tone of her voice shot straight to my clit. “Mmmm, Xena…my nipples are wanting your mouth in the worst way. I think I could come just from your mouth on me…”

The worst way…that’s how I wanted her. In the worst and the best way possible. I always thought it would be difficult to let her see how…needy…I could be at times, but she seemed to be feeding off my discomfort…my silent weeping that she continue this erotic game that I had long dreamed of with her.

She was suddenly at her knees at the end of the bed, and I had to rest my chin on the quilt as I watched her, unable to keep my eyes from following her every movement.

She taunted me, keeping just out of my reach as she played with her own breasts, pressing her thumbs into the tips and moaning slightly. I moaned in tune with her. “Go ahead…see how hard they are…” She leaned in enough so I could just barely graze the tips, and then jerked back, not even letting me ease the want of my mouth to suckle at her. If given my freedom, I would pin her down to the floor and nurse and bite and tease and suck until she had orgasmed from that contact alone.

IF given my freedom…

She stood back up suddenly, and then was stripping the rest of the way. Standing in front of me, she held the phallus for me to see it, before raising her leg again and planting it right beside the bed, displaying her swollen labia and pulsating clit. I was debating whether or not to give her a thorough foot worship when her movements elsewhere demanded I watch. She was rubbing the phallus through her own vulva, and I saw it glisten immediately. “Gods…that feels so good. See what you do to me, Xena? I can just imagine this being your dick and can’t help from pouring with desire.”

I mentally chanted a quick fervent prayer to Aphrodite to bless me with such an appendage, but she wasn’t listening, as usual. Instead, I saw the phallus headed toward my mouth and as it was already gaped open for lack of air and abundance of saliva, I was shocked when the wooden cock bypassed my mouth and instead ended up under my chin. My mouth snapped shut as she used the fragrant piece of wood to force me to raise my head. “Oh…would you like to taste what you do to me?” her voice asked me with that innocent tone that was far more lustful than even a command that I wasn’t to taste her.

My body screamed with protestation as she left the phallus there, working her other hand inside herself, fucking herself. She laughed. “I’ll bet you would.”

I’ll bet I would too, but now she was strapping the phallus where it belonged, snug into her labia and pointed directly at the person whose body was going to be the willing receptacle for whatever she deemed necessary.

She was on the bed, and then straddled my thighs, so the length of our wooden plaything lay along my ass crack. She was touching all over my whelps again, this time not so gently.

Oh Sweet Hera, if she would only let me come a little bit…I wouldn’t even mind if she cut it off short…the pressure in my cunt was threatening to take the blood flow from the rest of my body.

As if hearing my thoughts, she tugged sharply on my hair and spoke. “You know, the thought did cross my mind to just fuck myself with our toy and make you watch…but I want to be inside you too bad to let that happen.” Thank the gods she desired me! I could feel her wetness seep from her pussy, stinging the raw skin of my upper thighs as she ran her lips over my back. Oh gods, if she didn’t fuck me soon, I wouldn’t be responsible for what I did!

She WAS an oracle for I felt the cock began to insinuate itself into my vagina. She was whispering more hot words in my ear, but the blood pounding through my head drowned them out. I hoped it was something about fucking me till I couldn’t walk straight. I pretended it was.

And then she blessedly put me out of my misery and began to fuck me. I groaned with gratitude, not afraid if it would earn me a punishment, as long as her dick continued to ravage me. I raised my hips into the thrusts, letting more noises escape my tortured throat.

“You like that, don’t you, Bitch?”


Gods be damned! She was intentionally drawing out her strokes, not allowing me to go into the rhythm I needed to spill. I felt a scream of utter frustration threaten to break free when she began taunting me again. “Xena…Baby…” Her voice was deceptively soft. “You make me want it sooo bad. You can’t imagine how good your cunt feels wrapped around my dick.”

Oh, I could imagine all right and I was beginning to feel my own battle lust grow as she continued to elude my clit during her movements. I thought again of freeing myself, only this time, I knew I’d take control, roll her over on her ass, and rub my clit against the nearest body part until I had spewed all over her. With desperation, I stretched the lacings to their limit, and forced my ass up against her for more contact.

I heard her words stab through my burning brain. “But I can’t let you come yet.” Unbelievably, she had pulled the phallus from me with a sucking wet sound. “I want you to come for me another way…will you do it for me?”

She had said the magic word “come”. “Yes…anything you want.”

She questioned me again and I repeated it. “Anything…Master.” I didn’t even think twice about calling her that time. I was just referring to her by her title in regards to me at that moment.

The wet sound echoed through the room as she shoved a hand against the swamp of my pussy. I was willing to take just about anything at this point, and was soon made aware of her intentions. She was going to fuck me in the asshole, like the degrading whore I was. “You want it this way, don’t you? It’s what you’ve wanted since the beginning.”

Orgasming was what I had wanted from the beginning, but the idea of being fucked anally would do nicely. “Yes, please!” I answered.

My growl rumbled through my chest as I felt her painstakingly slow entering of my ass. My rectum was offering some resistance, but it wouldn’t be long before it would relax and she would be able to enter me completely. I heard her tell me to back up on her cock, and hurried to do so. “Yes!” the inside of my head screamed.

Oh gods, the degradation of this single act would be my undoing…and my saving. “So good…” I managed through clenched teeth, immediately regretting that I had let it slip. I bit the inside of my cheek hard enough to draw blood, afraid she was going to stop because she knew how much I was reveling in this.

She had heard me, but she seemed to have liked what I had just revealed. “So good? You mean better than anyone else you’ve fucked?”

“Yess…” I automatically hissed out the truth.

“Did Borias ever give it to you this good? You dirty whore…having to get it up the ass to get off…” Oh fuck, how could she know? How could she know the only time I let anyone fuck me in my ass was when I was being the submissive, repenting for some lack in myself and demanding to be humiliating? Gods, how could she know me that well? I fucked against her harder, silently cursing my restraints.

When I pulled away from her dick, my clit would make contact with the flattened and upturned palm of her hand. My hips jerked sporadically, torn between the desire for my clit to spank against her hand and my ass to be violated repeatedly. My climax was hovering before me, and without caring about what the consequences might be, I tumbled over the edge into the abyss, screaming the whole way.

I rode her fingers for all I was worth, vaguely award of her echoing cries behind me. Thrilled that she had found her own release so easily, I gave into the pleasure and relief, forgetting to check my strength, and suddenly, my hands were free. I just pressed them into the bed to help support me, as I arched my back into the sensations.

Gods, my asshole milked her dick for an eternity it seemed as one wave after another cascaded throughout me. It was quite some time before I became aware that she was weighing heavily on me, unmoving.

“Are you okay?” I asked her, touching her neck.

She was more concerned about me, but there was no reason to be. Now that I had finally climaxed, I was feeling nothing but joy.

Well, it did hurt a little bit when I laid on my back, but it was the kind of raw pain that excited me. She was moving to rub some feeling into my bruised wrists, but they weren’t bothering me.

“Come here,” I said gently, ready to pour out my heart to her. She reached for the pillows at my feet, and we snuggled in at the foot of the bed.

The words just fighting to get out a few seconds ago suddenly disappeared as she began to lave my right breast with her tongue. Gods, she wasn’t finished…and I was just beginning to think it was my turn to take control.. “Gabrielle….”


Parting my thighs was as natural as breathing, and became easier than breathing when she began to press the flat of her hand rhythmically into my entire sex, her mouth working my breast in the same tune. I felt my moisture let down again as she whispered something about giving it to her.

When I felt her lips on mine, I realized we hadn’t done much kissing that night, but despite that, she still made me feel so loved. As if she understood, she whispered against my lips, “I love you and I never want to hurt you,” before deepening the kiss. The thoughts warmed me further, and I was searching out her touch with my cunt as I let my tongue express my answer in her mouth.

Her finger was suddenly expressing its own response in my vagina, and I felt a shudder overtake me. “Fuck me, Gabrielle… I want your fingers…I want to feel you inside me…”

Her sudden weakened sob told me my words had struck her own clit, and I felt one finger triple to three as she went to work in earnest. Gods, but did it feel good, and I let my body move freely with the rapture.

I figured my time was limited and was trying to will myself to climax before she was needing me to fulfill her own desires, and she surprised me yet again with her next words, “I want to suck you…”

“Yeah…do it…” I said without thinking, finally knowing that her pleasure was escalating with mine. She was shaking against me as I held her to me, still urging her to move downward and keep her promise.

My hands were lingering on her body, and as if to separate herself from the temptation, she slipped to her knees on the bed beside me, pulling my hips so she was level with my seething womanhood. I closed my eyes when I felt her grab onto my clit with her lips, and then pull it hard, sucking me in. I half hissed, half growled at the sensation.

Her mouth made an erotic pop when she slipped off me this time, and began to move her tongue and mouth along other less volatile, but still very responsive areas. “Picture me sucking your cock, Xena…you know you’d be so hard in my mouth…I want to make it so good for you.”

Cursing Aphrodite’s deafness yet again, but more briefly this time, I just laid back and let her give me head. My clit was cooperating splendidly by swelling to immense proportions, and with each long suck she gave me, I swallowed hard, my mouth futilely trying to say “thank you” and only succeeding in groaning its gratitude.

I tried to let the experience go as long as I could…knowing she was enjoying this too by the little vibrations of the moans in her throat, but I was too close…to ready to give in to her skill. I wound my fingers gently through her hair, and gave her the none-too-subtle signs that I needed to finish, and she responded by nursing harder and urgently fucking me with her fingers.

My hips bucked against her, involuntarily, and then the flood came as my clitoris suddenly expanded and burst, leaving my pussy sucking on her deep moving fingers, tugging rhythmically at her to keep up her movements so I could ride it out. She did just that, and licked up everything my body pumped out until I was too sensitive to be touched anymore. She allowed me to pull her head free, licking over her lips lasciviously, looking pleased with both herself and me.

I continued to lay there, heaving for breath, watching her retrieve a waterskin, which I gulped freely from, before she did the same.

“Damn…I think you’re trying to kill me,” I said, honestly, but happily, and delighted in her laugh.

She continued to smile as she laid back down on the bed, and this time, pulled me against her. Her lips met mine, and I tried not to let my clit respond to the taste of my climax on her lips. I kissed her softly and urgently, letting my hands rub up her sides, letting her know that I wasn’t too tired to return the pleasure. She pulled her head away though, and then was tucking my head under her chin.

“Get some sleep, Xena,” she whispered to me. “There’s plenty of time for loving me in the morning.”

I was puzzled as to why she didn’t seem to want me to make love to her, but I felt her fingers absently rubbing over the raised welts of flesh on my back. She was soothing in her touch, and I realized then that her memories of dark emotions were fighting for precedence in her brain. She had abused me with the whip, owned me with the phallus, and thanked me with her tongue and fingers, but the cycle was new to her, and she had to sort it all out. I allowed her to let me gently rock me to sleep, and knew she’d stay awake a while, trying to figure it all out.

When I had regained my strength, I would help her.

I don’t think I slept that long, but most of the candles had burned out completely. A few continued to flicker, their flames not nearly as bright as before, but bright enough that I could study Gabrielle’s face. In our sleep, we had moved so we both lay on our sides, our arms still holding each other’s torsos. My bent leg had nestled intimately between her still damp thighs, and my face was mere inches from hers.

I heard her breath catch when she opened her eyes, no doubt startled to find my face so near hers, so wide awake, and so blatantly full of love that there was no doubting I had laid awake watching her many times before. Then she smiled, the sweet smile of my only love, and I returned the smile. “Thank you…” I said softly, before giving her a light kiss on the tip of her cute little nose and nuzzling it a bit with mine.

“You’re welcome,” she said automatically. Then, almost as an afterthought, “For what?”

I paused, wanting to jump in this conversation with both feet, but still feeling a slight hesitancy nagging at me. Gabrielle had seen many of my weaknesses, but I was about to confess my greatest weakness of all.

“For not being afraid,” I finally said. “And for being honest and brave enough to act out on what you were feeling.”

Her smile faded then, and almost became a frown. “What was I feeling, Xena?” she asked me seriously. “How could I have desired to hurt the one person who means the world to me?”

“You were feeling full-blown battle lust,” I answered, and she nodded seriously, as if she had suspected that all along. “I always suspected it could happen to you too, despite your pure and gentle nature. I know it’s intimidating and scary, but I was glad I was here for you to get through it.”

Her tender hand came up to cup the side of my face, and she left it there. “It was very scary,” she admitted. “I felt like I was out of control, and there was no way out. Thank you for helping me work through it.”

I half-snorted a laugh, and realized she might take it the wrong way, so I hastily back-tracked. “I was thanking you a minute ago, remember?”

“I remember,” she nodded gently. “But I still don’t know what for.”

My thigh moved gently against her core, loving the way she involuntarily squirmed against my thigh. “It’s difficult to explain,” I replied. “But there are all kinds of symptoms for battle lust.”

“There are?”

I nodded, and then pulled myself so I was half sitting against the footboard of the bed, my still-stinging back caressed by the pillows. Gabrielle followed my movements, not losing contact with my leg, so she was sitting astride me, her face still close to mine.

“There are all kinds…and many of them are much more subtle than the kind you felt last night…sometimes…it’s an overwhelming desire to protect the one you love…sometimes…it’s an overwhelming desire to please the one you love…and sometimes…”

She stopped her erotic writhing on my thigh, peering up at me. “Yes?”

I drew a deep breath. “And sometimes…it’s an overwhelming desire to be under the complete control of the one you love.”

My eyes had been closed as I made this revelation, but now I opened them, to try to gauge how she had responded to that. Her hands were on the top part of my thigh, grasping me lightly, and I felt them dig in a little more firmly.

“Your battle lust made you want me to control you?” she asked finally.

If we were talking about almost anything else, I would have found her expression funny. I felt better getting it out in the open, but it was still very hard.

“It was more than a want. I HAD to have you control me,” I said softly, not ashamed of the way my voice shook slightly. “I let you take control of the situation in Helicon because you were the Queen…it was your duty to lead the Amazons into battle. But it was hard, Gabrielle, hard to relinquish that command I am used to having. And when we arrived back here…my body screamed for me to continue to relinquish that command. I had to submit to your thoughts and desires. Nothing else would have satisfied me.”

“You had to submit to me?” she repeated, after a beat. Her face didn’t try to disguise how hard it was to accept this.

I nodded. “It was my own battle lust that made me do it. I have had these urges before…wanting you to…dominate me…own me...but kept them as part of my fantasies. I didn’t think you’d ever want the same thing…and didn’t want you to do it just to please me…I know it’s confusing…but that’s part of the battle lust too.”

Was it my imagination that she pressed a tiny bit tighter to my thigh? It certainly wasn’t made up when I pulled her bent left leg toward my own crotch a bit, wanting to feel the heat of her flesh in an area that was suddenly throbbing again. “It had to be real…your desire to control me, or my own battle lust wouldn’t have been satisfied,” I added.

She was taking all this in with an open-mouthed look of amazement, but I could see in her eyes that she was understanding far better than I hoped, despite the fact that I wasn’t explaining it very well.

Then I saw her face fall, and I felt my own heart sink. She looked up at me through long lashes, her eyes suspiciously glistening. “But I didn’t just dominate you, Xena. I whipped you…hurt you. Despite all our rougher times, you’ve never taken the lash to me.”

“I’ve dreamed about it, many times,” I finally admitted, gently placing my fist under her chin and lifting her eyes to mine. “Many times…” I paused to inhale a shaky breath, then continued. “I experienced my first inklings to conquer long ago, when I was young and impetuous, and had no one that I loved. It was glorious at the time, once I learned that an intense night of demanding sex with someone or other would sate me. I had no hesitation to hurt whomever I was with, knowing in the end they would orgasm and forget all about the physical pain.

“But the whip…my whip was the one aspect that went beyond my control. It got to the point that I was unable to check my passion…my strength…and I wouldn’t be satisfied until I had split open the person I was torturing…the back…the ass…even the breast. At first, I even got off on that, but then I began to realize that even for me, it was too cruel. My victims would heal…but they would always be scarred, both inside and out…and many of them were in pain to the point that they lost consciousness…and I couldn’t rouse them. I had to feed off their reaction to satisfy my urges. I quickly began to realize that if I wanted the night to continue, I couldn’t hurt them so much. And I wouldn’t allow myself to use the whip anymore…not in that way. I found other ways to work it in, as you know…but not to lash anyone. Instead of controlling the whip, it controlled me.”

“And that’s why you haven’t…”

I nodded, cutting her off. “I must admit,” I told her, “I have dreamed of crisscrossing your body with the handiwork of my whip…if done correctly…as you did…it is a most effective aphrodisiac. But I could no longer trust myself to do it correctly. Not even with you…especially with you.”

I recognized the look of horror in her face, as she thought of the deadly weapon in her own hand…”What if…”

I shook my head, knowing what she was thinking. “For me, it was the whip,” I answered. “For you, it might be something else…or nothing at all. Our basic nature is so different, I would become more aroused on hearing their gasps of pain…you seem to respond more to gasps of…a different nature.”

“Gods help me, but I had to torment you, Xena! I had to make you squirm and beg for me to continue…it’s the only thing that I desired last night…”

“I know…” I answered slowly. I smiled gently at her. “I know…and…it was what I needed. I WAS a whore in my past, Gabrielle. I was willing to do just about anything to get my rocks off, and at times, that included being held down and fucked in ways I would normally only force on others. I needed it last night…your cock in my ass. Gods, did I need it.”

I moaned then, and turned my head slightly as juices rushed from my cunt, saturating the bed and the top of her knee. I took her hand from my thigh and pressed it between my legs. “Feel how wet I am, Gabrielle,” I begged, my voice breathless. “Feel how hot I get just talking about how much I loved the humiliation.”

Her eyes widened as her fingers probed me, and when two of them brushed my quivering erection, I groaned louder and spread my free thigh as far as I could. “Do it,” I whispered in her ear, for her head was now bowed, trying to see what her fingers were encountering, as if she couldn’t believe it was genuine. “Touch me till I come…please…”

Her skilled fingers centered on my clit, grasping its length between her thumb and forefinger. “Your clit is so big…Xena…” she mused incredulously, and I felt her fingers jerking me off in a way I never thought possible, sliding up and down the shaft with increasing speed.

“Gabrielle!” Her name was all I could muster, and I was coming hard, my pussy hole opening and closing on nothing as my pleasure escalated. Gods, it was almost physically painful to come again so soon, and at the same time, the release cleansed me from the shaming secrets I had kept so long. It freed me somehow.

Her own clit was rubbing hard against my thigh as she slid her hips up and down in time with the moving of her fingers. Grateful, she seemed to respond as much to my weakness as I did, I decided I had allowed my own pleasure enough that night, and it was time for me to love my bard.

“C’mere,” I mock growled, suddenly pressing her back so she was lying flat on her back, her head at the proper end of the bed. She giggled at my sudden movement, and then grew serious as I stretched out beside her, and stroked her face with my hand. “My battle lust is sated,” I whispered…”Is yours?”

I heard her sudden intake of breath from my expression, and then she nodded. “Yes.”

“Good.” I let my expression turn even more feral. “Now, I’m feeling just plain lust. How about you?”

“Suddenly, I am too,” she answered.

“I need you to trust me, Gabrielle,” I said then. “Will you?”

“Of course, Xena…always.”

I took her hands in mine. “Good girl.” I stretched her arms out and carefully pressed each hand so she was grasping the designs on the headboard. “Keep your hands there,” I told her, and then I was standing up.

I knew she would do as she was told, but I also caught the glimmer of uncertainty in her eye when I turned back to her, holding up the whip she had used on me last night. I grinned at her expression. “I thought you trusted me.”

I saw her swallow. “I do, Xena…but…”

“Never fear.” I let the softness in my tones wash over her as I bent beside the bed, and grasped first one, then the other of her legs and pulled them together. Starting with the narrow most potentially damaging end of the whip, I wrapped it several times around her ankles, and then widened the coils as I continued to twist the leather, still wet from my body, around her calves and knees and lower thighs. I tucked the handle into the last loop, and stood back to survey my handiwork. Yep…that would do!

I climbed back on the bed and sat cross-legged by her feet. “I hope you have enough will-power not to release yourself,” I told her. “It would be easy enough to do, but I’m trusting that you won’t.”

Her eyes were bright with curiosity and excitement. “I won’t,” she vowed. I maintained my watch on her face, as I picked up her feet, and lowered my mouth to her toes.

“Oh, Xena…” she moaned deeply in her throat, her ass wiggling hard against the bed as I continued to lave every inch of her lower body with my tongue. I had sucked each of her toes individually, dipping between them before moving on to the next one, then brushed my tongue repeatedly over the sensitive soles of her feet, watching with fascination as her giggles from the tickling sensation became more akin to groans of unexpected desire. Her slender ankles were next, and after coating the top of her shins and knees with my saliva, I was sliding my body to the end of hers, and lifting, causing her legs to bend, but not separate.

The muscles in her calves twitched and flexed as I bit delicately at them, before soothing the nips with long strokes of my tongue. The soft flesh behind her knees was even more responsive, and I allowed myself to deeply inhale the fragrance of her womanhood, as it grew stronger in the dark morning air.

Her thighs were twin pillars of firm flesh and smooth skin, soft and hard at the same time, but they too eventually yielded to the persuasion of my tongue, quivering against my mouth and straining to separate so I could relieve some of her internal pressure. I started at the top of both of them, and licked down the outer sides of them, one at a time, stopping when my face met the bed, and then lifted her legs again, this time bending her legs all the way back so she was looking up at her own bound feet, and I was looking at the pink garden of her nectar, wriggling enticingly beneath my gaze.

“Tell me what you want, my little warrior bard,” I husked at her, forcing myself just in time to keep from plunging head first into the delicious valley her thighs had formed. “Tell me what you want me to do…”

There was a pause, and then I heard her own voice, taut with emotions. “I want you to love me, Xena…just love me.”

Satisfied that she had spoken her heart, I pressed my face to the crease where her left thigh met her body, and licked along that sensitive portion of her flesh. I allowed my nose to just brush her swollen outer labia, as I worked my way to the other side and licked the same line on the other thigh.

“Xena…” I heard her beseeching voice from above me. “Xena…please…”

I grinned mindlessly at her words, and then made myself comfortable sitting on the spot her ass had rested against before I had doubled her over. The bed covers were moist there, and that made me moisten them a bit more, my cunt watering out of sympathy. I leaned in, and loosened the wide part of the whip around her thighs, letting them part and then lifted the circle of her bound legs over my neck, lifting her ass completely off the bed. Like it was a feedbag on a starving horse, I eyed the treat before me, and then I began to feast.

She was so soaked with her lubrications that I had to take a few seconds just licking up and down her slit drinking them down so I wouldn’t slip around too much for her to be able to feel me. She groaned from the light touch, and then a short shriek burst forth from her when I abruptly stabbed my tongue in her vagina, shaking my head as I held my tongue rigid. My hair whipped against her inner thighs, and I didn’t fight back the slurping noises that would resound in both of our ears. I wanted her to know how delicious she tasted to my starving mouth.

Eventually, I held my head still, and instead focused on plunging in and out of her undulating tunnel, as the fingers of my right hand began to stroke over her stomach, and down through her pubic hair. I combed through it with my fingers, and then lengthened my movements, until the tip of my index finger was just brushing over the hood of her clit. I gave it a pinch, and heard her suck in her breath, and her feet began to beat a tattoo out on my back. Knowing she was so close, I licked inside her hole harder, and pressed the tip of my index finger into her clit, rubbing it hard. Mere seconds later, I was rewarded by the sounds of her orgasm. Her hips lifted to press even harder into my mouth, tilting her pelvis until she was virtually upside down, her body sending juices flooding into my mouth. I was sloppy about cleaning her up, letting the tangy fluid spill over my lips and down my chin, knowing what seeing that would do to her.

“Oh yes…I needed that…” she was groaning, her hips relaxing in my hands. Her feet stopped kicking my back, and I felt her wiggle slightly, as though expecting me to release her.

“Mmm…so did I,” I murmured against her pussy, then pulled back my head enough to suck on first one inner lip, then the other. She settled back in immediately, and my face tightened in a smile. I pursed my lips, and focused them just above her clitoris, where the labia met, and sucked in and out rapidly.

“By the gods!” I heard her heartfelt reaction to the friction on her clitoris, and I know she was immediately starting her climb again.

My right hand left her cunt long enough to reach to the bed beside me, and come up with the phallus, which I deftly freed from its harness.. I held it up, letting her see what was next.

I grinned at her when I saw her own tongue come out to mirror the actions I took as I licked up and down the length of the phallus, tasting the glaze my own pussy had left on it earlier. It was more a symbolic act than anything…she was plenty lubricated for just about anything I wanted to do with the phallus without wetting it first.

“Xeeennaa…” she drew out my name when I rubbed the tip of the phallus against her anus, which in this position was totally exposed to me. I don’t know if it was a plea to penetrate her there, or a plea not to, but she moaned deeply when I let the phallus slide inside her vagina half way. I changed the angle of my knees, so I was looking down at her core, and began to fuck her in long, slow, even strokes.

I licked over her clit like it was a piece of candy, and began to speak, knowing what it could do to her. “You are so beautiful like this, My Love. Your pussy so open and receptive to my cock…the lips folding in and out with the strokes. I can see your clit standing firm, begging me to suck it. Is that what you want?”

“Suck it…” I heard her echo.

“My mouth is watering for you,” I continued, and then I let my tongue snake out to lick over her clit again, then down to the bulging ring of flesh around the faster moving phallus. “You smell and taste so good…so delicious. I could live off a diet of bard cum alone”

“Unghh!” Despite the awkwardness of her position, she nearly sat upright against the bed, still gripping the headboard in a death grip. I pumped harder into her with the phallus, and circled my tongue repeatedly around her clit, which was rapidly hardening to the point it was difficult to get a fix on.

Entranced by her erotic dance, I fucked the phallus harder into her receptive pussy, and moved my head slightly, so I could lick her collective juices off her asshole. She groaned in her throat, and then her body gave a shudder when I let my pointed tongue slide inside.

“Gods!” Her body froze for a second, then bucked hard against me, allowing my tongue to slide the rest of the way in. I moved it for all it was worth, my own cunt spurting juices as I felt the hard flesh of the phallus through the membrane separating her two orifices. She came again, screaming out her pleasure, and then she was calming, her lungs starving for air.

I was able to recognize the fatigue in her limbs, and gently disentangled myself from her still rigid body. I tenderly lowered her legs to the bed, and removed the whip from her legs, letting it drop to the floor beside the bed. “You can let go now,” I told her softly, reaching up to pry her fingers from the headboard.

“Thank you…for everything, Xena,” she replied, before shaking a little feeling back into her whitened knuckles. “Gods, every time I think you’ve taken me to the limit, you go one further.”

I chuckled, and gratefully accepted the kiss of gratitude she gave me. As the kiss ended, the last candle flickered one last time, and then died, submerging us in darkness. “I think that’s our cue,” I whispered, and wrapped my arms and legs around her, letting her rest her head on my shoulder.

We slept long into the next morning, but then again, so did most of the Amazons, and no one seemed particularly alarmed when we finally appeared. They were still shell-shocked for the most part, dealing with the pain of losing so many of their sisters. I took a few of the warriors and scouted out the nearby terrain with them, showing them where they would have great vantage spots for lookouts, and returned to camp late that afternoon.

When I reentered the Queen’s hut, Gabrielle had our bags packed. “You’re wanting to leave so soon?” I asked, surprised.

She shrugged. “Yes, I’m ready to get away. I had a talk with Varia while you were gone, and I think it’s best if we just get away now.”

I put my arms around her waist. “Are you afraid your lust to hurt is going to flare up again?” I asked with a half smile.

I was just teasing her, but I could see from her expression that she still felt that might be a possibility. Then she shook her head. “No…I just think the sooner Varia begins reigning, the better.”

It made sense, so I nodded, and picked up my saddlebag. We headed out toward the stables.

The Amazons were sorry to see us go so soon, but Gabrielle told them we’d be back soon. They were just as affectionate as ever with her, even after her anti-social behavior during the walk here and last night at the ceremony. But still, I’m sure they were as glad as I was to see she was back to her usual bubbly self.

We said our final goodbyes, and turned to mount our horses. I hopped onto Argo’s saddle, landing hard, and couldn’t help a wince and a groan when my tender striped ass come in contact with the semi-hard surface. I heard a murmur go up from the crowd immediately, and after a few seconds, chanced a look. Most of the Amazons looked to be in a state of shock, and I suddenly realized that many of them must have overheard Gabrielle and my activities last night and had assumed Gabrielle had been the one giving out the screams of submission.

With a grin, I realized what they were assuming, and Gabrielle must have realized too, for she wore a proud expression on her face. I glanced down at the group of women again, and saw Pat was the only one who didn’t look shocked. She winked up at me, and then she was turning to the others, whispering to them.

I chuckled outright then, knowing it wouldn’t be long before the entire Amazon nation knew I had bowed in willing and passionate submission to their queen. Any other day, it might bother me, but not today. I just nodded at Gabrielle, gathered my reins, and urged Argo into a gallop, eager to move on to the next stage.

COMING NEXT WEEK: Gabrielle is thrilled to be officiating at an Amazon wedding ceremony, but she and Xena are both dismayed when they learn the vow of chastity they have to take a week before the joining.

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