Helicon Bent for Leather--Gabrielle's Scroll

The end of the whip snaked its way through the air, threatening to slice her flesh if I put all the strength I had behind the lash. I had to maintain at least a portion of self-control. This was my lover, after all, whom I was beating.

So much had happened to push me to this point. After we left Helicon, it all seemed to sink in what had taken place. More than half my tribe lay dead on the beach, and we were all that remained of the Amazon nation. During our travel with the Amazons back to their camp, Xena seemed overly-concerned about me. She even sounded troubled back on the beach when she told me I would have to rally the troops again. I think she knew then what was going to happen to me mentally, and at the very end of the fighting, her voice became my conscience. Just as I drew back my sword ready to plunge through the enemy’s chest, she yelled my name, seeming regretfully aware that this kind of situation had no choice but to find me.

“You all right?” she asked, barely taking hold of my arm as we walked behind the group of Amazons. I shook my head yes, but said nothing. I didn’t feel like talking.

“To a strong Amazon nation” kept playing over and over in my mind. So many emotions had stricken me speechless during the last few days. I only walked ahead, stopping with the group whenever it was time to find a meal or just to rest a bit. Once during a stop, I did reach over and place my hand on Xena’s thigh, feeling the need to make a connection with her—to silently communicate that I was still here, still in love with her, but not understanding what was happening to me. I suppose I was afraid, too.

I never got used to the killing. I actually got much better at it even though it bothered my conscience for weeks when it happened. But this time it was different. It’s like I had an appetite for violence. During this war against the Amazons, I found my usual feelings of compassion and goodness had been replaced with something much darker, and that darkness had followed me into our bedroom.

And now here I was…alone with Xena…and I found myself not able to fight against the dark emotions that had overtaken me. Guilt tried to slip in as I let the leather fall against her skin again. Xena had never used her whip on me, and now I had a new respect for her resistance. I felt the need to hurt her and in a sense, felt like I was standing outside my own body as the scene unfolded. When battle lust had overtaken her during our times together, she had only made me mildly uncomfortable. If this was the same battle lust that I was suffering from, I did not feel quite so benevolent.

“Say it!” I screamed at her. “Say you love it when I treat you this way!” I saw her straining against the leather bindings that held her arms and legs spread eagle as she lay face down on the bed. “I’ll make you love it, you fucking bitch!” I yelled, as I threw the whip as hard as I could across the room. I angrily grabbed a handful of hair and yanked her head back, forcing her to look me in the eye.

With my face only a breath away from hers, I stroked over her cheek. I debated whether or not to do what was gnawing at me. Because I was afraid of hurting her, I had been tempted to find one of the other Amazons and disappear with her into the woods, sparing Xena my rage and desire to conquer…but that would never do. I had to hurt the one I loved most, even though I couldn’t understand why. The hunger was overtaking me.

I said nothing and released my grip on her hair and stood up to see a multitude of red lash marks on her back and ass. My stomach felt sick for a moment seeing the monster I had become. I felt no less angry, but now I was angry with myself. I couldn’t believe what I had just done to her and what she had allowed me to put her through these last few minutes. I stood at the end of the bed and looked at her naked body sprawled out like a sacrifice for sin. My sin. She would suffer for what I felt, and if she were willing, she would be my ultimate redemption. I could see she was willing, but did I have the right to demand it of her?

I walked quietly to her and leaned over her lower back from the side of the bed, barely placing my lips on one of the whelps crossing her ass. While this low to her most enticing parts, I thought maybe I was confused when I smelled her essence. How could she be wet with desire after the painful stripes with which I had marked her body?

And then it hit me. Not only was she doing this for me, she was also dealing with her own type of battle lust. For the first time in her experiences as a warrior, she had relinquished her command and authority in the fight with Belleraphon. And during our time on the beach, she had refused to overstep her boundaries with the Amazons and gave full control to me. She took care of the main adversary for us, but I think it may have just gotten her started. Yeah…this might just work nicely for both of us.

I stood up and let my fingers trail through her sopping center. “What’s made you so wet, you whore? You like being whipped, don’t you? Well let’s try a better form of torture…” I let my lips continue trailing down the raised flesh until I could take my tongue and spread her center open. Her body jolted as I tasted her glistening sex, thrusting my tongue hard and slow back and forth from her core. “Ahhhhh…” I heard from deep in her throat.

Taking my hands and spreading her cheeks farther apart, I continued licking her, lapping at her until I felt the trembling start throughout her body. She was already close, but I suddenly had bigger plans for her first cum than this. I’m sure she expected me to lick her to completion, and that’s why I let her go. “I’ll be back…later,” I told her, averting my eyes from hers. I wasn’t sure what I might see there.

I quietly unlatched the door and stepped outside. I saw a door to one of the nearby huts close, knowing they must have heard me screaming at Xena just moments ago. I felt like I could take on every Amazon in the camp. There would certainly be a different outcome if I met Varia in the ring now.

It was still dark in the Amazon Camp, and I had kept Xena up most of the night. I hadn’t intended to go nearly that far with the whip, and I knew then I was still too angry inside to have that kind of weapon in my hand. Did she love me so much that she’d let me treat her that way? I felt I’d let her do the same to me, but it still didn’t justify that kind of treatment.

I sat on the ground beside the hut and looked into the sky. We had returned to the camp early yesterday morning and everyone slept most of the day. The entire group of us was exhausted, mentally defeated and sad for our losses. But we also knew we had fought the fight as best we could. Belleraphon would have killed as many of our tribal members as he could no matter if we fought his men on our land or on his. This slaughter I had witnessed seemed inevitable.

I thought back to yesterday morning when we first arrived here. Everyone quietly and quickly took a bath in the river and headed for their huts, agreeing to meet that night for a memorial for our lost Amazon sisters.

After our bath, Xena followed me into the Queen’s hut, asking, “Are we still going to stay in here? Isn’t Varia now the Queen?”

I shot a look at her that might as well have been loaded with darts. “I guess not…” she answered quietly. I sat down on the side of the bed, suddenly not feeling tired or sleepy. I heard my voice shaking as the anger riled up inside me again. “As long as I’m here, I’m still the Queen and we will stay right here.” I sat there for a couple of seconds, looking into nowhere. “I still can’t believe that bitch was going to kill me.”

I felt Xena’s weight behind me as she climbed onto the bed. Her hand stroked down my back and she whispered, “I know.” And she did. She knew how angry I was, but more deeply how betrayed I felt. Xena once again was the reason I was alive.

She scooted closer to me and had laid down on her side, wrapping her arm around my waist and resting her head in her left hand. It felt good to be held by the woman I loved. It felt good to be safe again. But for the first time, I didn’t know the person existing in my own mind. I knew what I should be feeling. I should be letting Xena take my mind off all the trouble and make love to me until we had both exhausted ourselves. Instead, I was full of rage and bitterness, not wanting any comforting touches or sweet reminders that she was here for me.


I could tell by the tone of her voice that she was going to try and tell me it was okay to be feeling what I was feeling.

“Xena. I don’t want to talk about it! Now please…just leave me alone.”

She studied my reaction for just a moment, then bent down and kissed my thigh with a tiny kiss that spoke more than a multitude of words. She threatened to bring on the tears that were begging me to be released, but I swallowed hard, patted her hand, and stood to leave the hut. “Get some sleep,” I said sternly before walking out the door. Once I stood on the other side of that same door, I muttered to myself, “You’re gonna need it.”

I spent some time in the Amazon training hut, attempting to work out my frustrations, or at least minimize them. I punched the burlap bag filled with sand so many times that my arms were burning and almost numb. Sweat had soaked my hair and covered my body completely and once again, I made my way to the river and had a long swim. I was becoming afraid of what I might be capable of, and Xena was all I could think about. Taking her from behind, licking her over and over till she begged for me to stop…images I don’t care to put on parchment…kept playing in my mind.

I shuffled my very tired body back to the Queen’s hut and saw no one stirring around the camp. The sun was high, and when I closed the door quietly behind me, I saw my beautiful warrior stretched out and looking at me through sleepy eyes. It was strange to be the one awake and battling within myself. She reached out her hand for me, and I went to her side of the bed and sat down.

“Hey,” she said, reaching up to brush back my bangs.


“I’ve been saving your spot…”

I turned my head and looked down at her, giving her all the smile I could muster.

“Thanks.” She was being so supportive and giving me the space she knew I wanted. I debated whether or not to talk to her about all the things running through my mind, but I decided against it. I started removing my boots and clothes, and then slid under the covers, keeping my body out of her embrace. Maybe things would be better when I woke up. It wasn’t her fault that I was dealing with any of this, yet if something didn’t change, she would be involved as much as I was. I didn’t want to take her there, but I felt the choice was out of my hands. We were one flesh, and when things were worse instead of better, we’d both pay.

Screams from the girls were driving me insane, and as I turned to run on the beach, another body was blown to pieces before my eyes. I looked to see blood and flesh splattered on me, and all I could do was try to wipe it off and get away from the dead bodies. This same dream plagued what little sleep I did get, and Xena was there every time to talk me back into reality. In my very exhausted and lethargic state, I did give in and let her hold me as she soothed me back to peaceful sleep.

The next time we awoke, I could tell through the small window that daylight was almost over. Xena and I both rose and got dressed, not exchanging much conversation and feeling the tension that was obviously woven around us. We joined our much smaller group of Amazons for an evening I would not soon forget.

Dusk had settled on the camp and all seemed peaceful around us. Varia kept her distance and I suppose she had more sense than I gave her credit for. Our roles had changed drastically, and it was Xena who was encouraging the girls and trying to lighten the devastation that we all had witnessed.

I felt like a stranger, and watched in silence as part of the tribe constructed what we’d need for a huge fire later that night for the memorial of our lost sisters. Some of the hunters of the tribe provided our dinner and the cooks were preparing the evening meal. I went to the supply hut to find a wineskin and after doing so, disappeared into the woods. Somehow, a social event with all the gang was not in my line of thinking.

I sat by the water for a while, able to hear the music from the camp. The wine was warming me up and making me much more relaxed. After I had drunk most of the wine, I headed back, feeling the need for enjoying Xena’s body growing between my legs with every step. Maybe a good, hard fuck would be enough to settle my cravings. I had been afraid to touch Xena up until now because I couldn’t keep abusive impulses out of my thoughts, but now I was thinking maybe I had more control. As I followed my steps back to the camp, I imagined how good our lovemaking was going to be tonight. I would apologize to Xena for being so evasive the past couple of days and we would be the first couple back to our hut after tonight’s festivities, ready to spend the rest of the night tangled in each other’s arms.

In the distance I saw the fire blazing brightly as several of the tribe danced around the flames. I searched for Xena in the crowd, but didn’t see her. I didn’t think she had come looking for me, because with her skills, she would have found me by now. But now that I looked even harder, where was Varia?

I knew I had spotted her looking at Xena more than once during our hike back to the camp. She was probably fantasizing about how she’d like Xena’s mouth buried in her cunt. That fucking bitch….so help me Gods, if I found her and Xena even talking, I’d beat the shit out of both of them. And I’m sure “Queen Varia” could find plenty of things to talk to Xena about. Right now she was probably perched in some convenient tree aiming at me with her stupid bow and arrow.

My temper grew hotter with each step, and the closer I got to the camp the more furious I became. I knew that if Varia were willing to kill me a few days ago, then hitting on Xena would seem like no big deal to her. And Xena was probably tired of waiting on me to snap out of this. I walked up to Cyane and startled even myself when I began demanding to know where Xena was. She looked very nervous and just stared at me. Looking back, I think I scared the poor girl speechless.

“Qu…Queen Gabrielle…I don’t…” she started stammering.

I cut her off and felt the veins stick out in my neck in tune with my anger. “And where’s Varia? Don’t tell me she’s lending Xena a sleep shift.” With that said, I turned on one heel and headed for our hut. Knowing I would probably regret showing my lack of control in front of some of the tribe, I just forged ahead ready to take action. Varia had better not be sitting anywhere near our hut.

I yanked the door open to find the room was lit with candles, and I saw my warrior stretched out on the bed on her stomach completely naked.

Unfortunately, my romantic mood had quickly come and gone. “Who’s been here?” I demanded, not caring who heard me. It was probably a good thing there was music being played during my ranting. “Who has seen you like this?”

She lifted her head to look at me and answered, “No one.”

“Are you sure? Don’t tell me that Varia decided to call it a night this early, too!” I walked over to the bed and grabbed one of her wrists. “You better not be lying to me. She’s not still hiding in here, is she? Or did she escape out the window?”

“No, Gabrielle. There’s been no one here,” Xena calmly said as I looked around the room including under the bed like a mad woman.

“Then why are you laying there…” I started, but before I could finish my sentence, I saw what was going on. She was offering herself to me, to be whatever she needed to be for me.

“I don’t want your pity, Xena!” I yelled. This act of submission had been what I wanted from her, but I didn’t want her initiating the scene. I needed complete control. I was plenty capable of throwing her down on the bed in this same position whenever I was ready for her. She didn’t have to help me along or leave me a list of instructions on how to fuck her. Of course, the liquor was making me a tad more confident than I would usually be, but I let my angry emotions carry me.

That’s when it all snapped. I would win. Feeling completely outraged, I found Xena’s saddlebag, turning it upside down and emptying its contents on a table across from the bed. “But if you want it rough…I can give it to you, Baby.” I found the leather straps that she carried and proceeded to the bed, grabbing one of her wrists very forcibly and tying it to the footboard. She didn’t put up a fight and never said a word. I’d make her pay for guessing what would be good for me. That’s why I made my weapon of choice her whip. It would get her attention and let her know that I meant business.

And that is what led us to where we were now. I sat in the moonlight outside our hut, feeling torn between hating myself for what I had done to her and curious about her erotic response to the sting of the leather across her skin. I felt that the lashings were too severe, but rather than the pain torturing her, it seemed as if it had excited her.

There was no denying the amount of juices her cunt had produced while I had whipped her. And the way she had squirmed and mewled while my tongue was in her…I focused on those thoughts, and soon felt an answering moisture warm my own crotch. Until now my confusion had not been resolved, but a new knowledge was forming within me…Xena’s silent suffering was more significant now that I knew it was a sexual suffering. She wanted me to fuck her…that’s why she had stretched herself out in the bed in such a submissive pose. She wanted me to work my aggressions out by taking her body, and when I had chosen to lash her instead, it had only worked her to a greater height.

I looked up and barely saw the beautiful moonlight. I stood, brushed off my ass and stepped back inside our hut, observing perfection spread before me. Gods, I loved her. I would die for her, kill for her. But I wanted to take her in such a way that I never had before. I knew that until I did what was in my veins, I’d never be satisfied. But I couldn’t continue hurting her like I had before. At least not in the same way.

I decided to let my dark mood rule and go forward with some of the fantasies I had been fighting against all day. I walked to the table where I had emptied her bag and retrieved the phallus.

Kneeling beside the bed and almost whispering, I told her, “Now would be the time to use the safe word if you are feeling weak…” She slightly moved her head, refusing to give in. In her own way, she was the one being dominant. She would force me to do what was screaming to be released. Confident now that I had read her signals correctly, I threw caution to the wind and took charge again.

I took her face and turned it towards me. “Look at me, Xena.” I brushed my knuckles lightly against the side of her face. “I need to know that you want this. Because I won’t stop once we get started. Do you understand?”

She hesitated just a moment, “I want it.”

I studied her eyes and saw a great hunger and lust within. I suppose her hours of waiting had been a productive time for foreplay. Feeling my clit expand and throb, I was ready to take her body and consume every portion.

For the last test, I met her mouth for the first kiss of the evening. I knew that by her kiss, I could rate her level of excitement. She kissed me strongly, taking control of my mouth even though her body could not touch me. I felt my pulse increase the longer she sucked at my tongue, and knew it was threatening to weaken my dominance. She could still make my knees weak with a kiss like that, and I’m sure she knew it. But I couldn’t let her win. I would win tonight.

Without warning I bit her bottom lip hard enough to bring blood, tearing myself away from her charm and control. “Oh no you don’t…” I told her, stepping back from the bed. “I’ll do the touching for now, and you’ll take whatever I decide to give.”

I started lightly tracing over the numerous lash marks that were deepening in color, feeling her body wince when I stroked over the more tender marks. “These will serve as a reminder of what I will do to you again if you don’t do exactly as I say. Is that perfectly clear?”

“Yes…” she whispered.

I took the back of my hand and slapped her, the side of her face bearing immediate evidence of the blow. “Yes? You obviously like getting hit, don’t you? I would think of all people, Warrior Fucking Princess, you’d know how to answer me! Now let’s try it again.” I could swear she was trying to make me mad.


I smiled at her choice for my title.

“I don’t guess you’d mind if I undressed, would you, Whore? You’ve been lying here this entire time, just waiting for me to fuck you…and here I was starting to worry that I had made you uncomfortable.”

I pulled off my boots and saw her watching my every move. I took my time untying my top and then turned my back to her right before letting it fall to the floor. Taking my breasts in my hands and pushing them together, I let out, “Mmmm, Xena…my nipples are wanting your mouth in the worst way. I think I could come just from your mouth on me…”

I turned around to see her squirming on the bed, and then walked a few steps and knelt on my knees in front of her. “It’s too bad that you can’t get to me, isn’t it?” I continued massaging myself, brushing over my nipples with my thumbs and feeling the effects between my legs. I leaned forward just enough so that her tongue could come out and lick over them, and told her, “Go ahead…see how hard they are.” She quickly obeyed with her tongue, but I pulled away from her before I lost control. She didn’t have to know that.

I heard a slight moan come from her as I stood back up and took off my remaining clothes. I then picked up the phallus from the table and went to stand at the end of the bed again, her face only inches from my body. I raised my left foot and placed it on the mattress beside her head and rubbed the head of the phallus up my slit over and over, quickly saturating it with my juices. “Gods…that feels so good. See what you do to me, Xena? I can just imagine this being your dick and can’t help from pouring with desire.”

I could feel my pussy opening and contracting, and then looked down to see her tongue coming out of her mouth as she licked over her lips. “Oh…would you like to taste what you do to me?”

Her eyes followed my every move, watching the phallus becoming liberally coated with the downpour of wetness coming from my cunt. I slowly inched it towards her face, and as her mouth opened, I placed the head of the phallus beneath her chin, lifting her head up. With my left hand, I buried two of my fingers up my cunt and moved slowly in and out, watching her eyes fill with a wild hunger. Keeping the phallus beneath her chin and keeping her mouth closed, I chuckled, “I bet you would.” She swallowed hard, and I pulled out my fingers and stepped off the bed, proceeding to strap the phallus in place.

I slowly approached my willing recipient and climbed onto the other end of the bed with my knees until I was perched on each side of her thighs. I sat down on the backs of her legs and rubbed my hands over her ass, feeling her squirm beneath my touch. She was pressing her mound into the mattress, obviously searching for release.

“You know…the thought did cross my mind to just fuck myself with our toy and make you watch…but I want to be inside you too bad to let that happen.” I leaned up and kissed her lower back as I let my nipples grind into her ass. I could hear her suppressing her moans, and making her wait only seemed to excite her further. She was waking up the animal in me as I felt her gradually move her hips more and more, taking a chance that I could punish her for moving without permission.

I stretched my body and lay on top of her, letting my erection nestle between her legs. I began rolling my hips slightly forward as I pulled back her hair and whispered in her ear. “I hope you’re ready for me to fill your cunt, because I’m going to fuck you better than you’ve ever had it. Definitely better than any man has ever given it to you. Your pussy is the one I have to have, Xena. You’re the only one who can handle me like this.” Hearing her growl and grind into the bed, I knew she was ready for me.

I could feel her juices coating the front of my cock as my movements became easier and more fluid the more I moved. I sat back up and straddled her thighs one more time, feeling my pussy drip onto the bed from beneath the base of the phallus. I held onto her waist and slid forward, feeling no resistance and hearing only gasps of pleasure from both of us as I began taking her from behind.

I started shoving into her pussy in forceful, hard thrusts. I watched the muscles in her back and shoulders rippling beneath the skin. “You like that don’t you, Bitch?”


“You’re such an easy fuck. But a good one…” I told her. Determined not to change my rhythm, I maintained the slow, grueling pace I had set. I had no plans of letting her come this way, and if she thought I would show her mercy, she had it all wrong. There had to be some sort of torture I could deal her, and not letting her have it completely seemed to be working for me.

I could hear the phallus going flush between our bodies as I buried myself inside her wetness over and over again. I held my weight off her body and watched myself drilling into her.

“You make me want it so bad. You can’t imagine how good your cunt feels wrapped around my dick. But I don’t think it’s enough for me…”

Sweat began popping out on her skin as she groaned her pleasure. I felt a bead of my own roll down the side of my face. I heard the leather bindings stretching as she strained against them, obviously wanting to mature the orgasm that was beginning deep within her. I felt her ass rise to meet my thrusts, threatening to make us both come.

I pulled out of her and backed off her thighs, hearing her whimper. “But I can’t let you come yet. I want you to come for me another way…will you do it for me?”

“Yes…anything you want…”

“I like your enthusiasm. Anything I want? Are you sure, Whore?”

She growled, “Anything…Master.”

“I like that…Master. You’re good.” I reached my hand down between her legs, feeling like I had dipped my hand in a puddle. “I don’t think I’ve ever felt you this wet,” I said, taking plenty of her juices and smearing them around her other entrance. My mouth watered at the sensation of her slick secretions coating my fingers. She was too much.

As my fingers liberally spread her wetness, she moved into my touch. With one finger at a time, I pressed into her smaller opening and felt her accept my stroke. “You want it this way, don’t you? It’s what you’ve wanted from the beginning…”

“Yes…please…” she rasped.

I resumed my position kneeling over her thighs and reached down to guide the phallus into her, feeling the tightness of her opening press the nub of the phallus against my clit even harder. I inched the head of my erection slowly into her body as I pulled on her hips. “Back up on my cock…you’ve already got it wet and most definitely hard.”

She arched her back and turned to look at me for the first time, watching the reaction on my face as she let me penetrate her fully. I reached around under her body and let the top of my hand lie flat on the bed, giving her clit something to grind against as I began pumping into her ass from behind.

“Gods…” I said, watching her take my cock so easily. Like I said before, she was truly the one being dominant. At any time she could have broken free from the leather bindings and turned me over and did with me as she wanted. But my actions must have made her extremely willing to submit to my command.

It started pushing us both over the edge much too quickly, but watching her come like this was the most incredible thing. “…so good…” I heard her say as she threw her hips back against me, taking the entire length of my cock into her depths.

I reached and wrapped her hair around my fist several times, pulling her head back as I continually pumped her. “So good? You mean better than anyone else you’ve fucked?”


“Did Borias ever give it to you this good? You dirty whore…having to get it up the ass to get off…” Her clit was very swollen against my fingertips and with a few more thrusts she started her climb. I stiffened my fingers and let her ride them as she writhed against the bed and beneath me. She was bringing me right along with her. At the very height of our ecstasy, I felt a huge resistance give and then saw the leather straps that held Xena’s wrists snap from the bedposts. I was surprised that she took that long to break them. She tucked her elbows beneath her chest and pressed even harder against me as we both let our passion be known to any Amazons with insomnia.

I let my body lie down once more along her back, still buried inside her. I felt her hand come up and hold the back of my head. “Are you okay?” she asked.

“Me? I think I should be the one asking you that question,” I said, and kissed the side of her face as I gently pulled out of her body. I worked to quickly unfasten her ankles from the headboard. She rolled over onto her back, letting out a slight whimper when the whelps on her back made contact with the bed. I unfastened the harness and started rubbing her wrists and ankles, knowing she had to be extremely uncomfortable from being restrained so long in one position. “Come here,” she said, holding out her arms for me. I reached for the pillows at our feet and moved them to the other end, lifting Xena’s shoulders so I could make her more comfortable.

I felt like I didn’t deserve to be in her embrace, but there was nowhere else I wanted to be. I needed her strength around me again. I had missed her terribly these past few days. But I understood that she had to back away so that I could have rule over the Amazons. There had to be a leader, and I was the unfortunate one. She had once again stayed by my side, this time enduring a lot just for me. Just when I thought I loved her as much as I could, I fell in love deeper than before.

She stretched out her arm, signaling where I should land. I took my place beside her and felt her hand rest on my head. Turning slightly on my side, I laid my foot across her legs, not quite reaching the tops of her ankles.

I leaned up and took her breast in my mouth, nursing it gently and letting my tongue wander around her nipple. My arm was wrapped around her waist, and I let my hand trail slowly across her skin, feeling her hipbone and then her hairline. “Gabrielle….”


I pushed against the inside of her thigh, urging her to spread her legs for me. I placed the heel of my palm on her mound and started grinding slowly and firmly into her. Going back to her breast, I continued sucking her in the same rhythm. My hand was soon sliding on her pussy because of the new flow of juices mixing with the remains of the other. “Come on, Baby…give it to me…” I whispered, kissing gently along her jaw. I sat up and braced my weight on my elbow, reaching behind her to hold her neck in my hand.

Leaning over to kiss her, I stopped just as our lips brushed together. “I love you, and I never want to hurt you,” I told her, just before covering her mouth with mine. Her arms came up to circle around my neck pulling me down next to her body. She pushed her hips up against the pressure I was giving her with my hand, and then drove her tongue into my mouth. Flattening my palm to lie against her center, I pressed hard into her and brought my stiffened fingers up her sex, feeling my middle finger sink into incredible warmth and desire.

“Fuck me, Gabrielle… I want your fingers…I want to feel you inside me…”

I whimpered like a pathetic pup and felt suddenly embarrassed at the ultimate control she had over me. I was at her command, but she always made it feel like it was my idea. She manipulated me into doing exactly what she wanted to begin with, but what an incredible turn on.

Stacking three fingers, I started pushing slowly into her and she lifted her ass off the bed. “Yeah…fuck it…” I told her, raising up to behold my beautiful warrior’s body in action. Putting more power behind my movement inside her, I felt her respond by digging her nails into my back, giving me a tiny replica of the wounds I had inflicted upon her earlier. Strangely, I felt my entire cunt throb at the sensation, and couldn’t wait for her to take me. But I wasn’t ready for this to end, either.

I leaned back down and whispered, “I want to suck you…”

Sucking her breath in, she said, “Yeah…do it.” She started pushing my head down her body, hard enough that my mouth had no choice but to cover her skin the whole way. She was palming the back of my head and I was between her legs and on my knees in an instant, bowing once more to worship my Majestic Beauty.

Still buried inside her, I pressed my lips singly and purposely around her clit, pulling her length out a bit and hearing her respond favorably. Gentle was obviously not the word she was looking for.

I sucked her again, this time letting my mouth slip off and making a sound with my lips. I kissed her lower stomach and the inside of her thighs as I slid my hands beneath her ass. “Picture me sucking your cock, Xena…you know you’d be so hard in my mouth…I want to make it so good for you.”

Going back to her erection, I watched as she closed her eyes and willed herself to me. I hummed my appreciation and did the same, closing my eyes and picturing myself giving her head. I felt a cool stream of wetness coming from my pussy onto my bent legs. Gods, I would come so hard when it was time.

I left my fingers motionless inside her and sucked at her clit, once again feeling her hands coming down to hold my head. Soon she was urging me to suck harder as she pressed me into her. I started moving my fingers inside her again, and soon she was moving her head from side to side, fucking me back with all she had and exploding into my mouth. I licked the remains of her cum until she bid me to stop.

She threw her arm over her eyes and heaved for air. Knowing how parched my mouth was, I hopped up and got her some water, sitting on the side of the bed as she recovered from the ride.

“Damn…I think you’re trying to kill me,” she said, making me laugh out loud.


“I’m serious!” She sat up and handed me the glass. Leaning in for a kiss, she glared through fiery eyes, “Get ready, my little bard.”

I convinced her to get a bit of rest. For a while, I simply held her and let her sleep, thinking back on every detail of this incredible experience. Our love and trust had grown, and for the first time since we had left for Helicon, I felt comfortable in my own skin. Finally I was able to sleep peacefully, and holding my warrior in my arms I knew I had everything I needed. I felt complete.

A couple of hours later, I opened my eyes to see her looking at me and watching me sleep. She looked so beautiful in the very dim candlelight, and I was a bit confused when she told me very quietly, “Thank you.” She thanked me for not being afraid to act on what I had been feeling. I had the opportunity to let her know how much it bothered me when I saw what I had done to her with the whip, but as always, she made me understand much better what had happened to me by telling of her own experiences.

She then demonstrated some more alternate uses of the whip as she loved me over and over with her mouth, bringing me from one intensifying orgasm to the next. When our candles had burned to their ends, leaving us in the remaining darkness of what was left of the night, we were once again wrapped in each other’s embrace, sleeping deeply and contentedly till much later in the day.

We finally appeared out of our hut for a late breakfast, a few of the girls snickering as we sat down at the table. I was feeling a bit embarrassed, not only from what they most likely heard coming from our hut last night, but for how I had allowed myself to act. It was a sign of weakness and I was disappointed in myself. Thankfully, Cyane quickly tried to lighten the moment and began asking Xena’s advice about defense tactics for the village. I looked up to see Varia watching me, and I wondered what was going through her thoughts.

Xena took some of the others with her for a few hours, tutoring and preparing them the best she could. I returned to our hut and began packing our belongings. I saw sunlight enter the room when our door opened, and I turned to see Varia standing in the doorway.

“Got a minute?” she asked.

“Sure,” I said, turning around to face my body towards her, glad I had finished packing our phallus in the saddlebag just seconds before she opened the door.

“About Helicon…” she started.

Gods. I really didn’t want to talk about it. I really didn’t want to talk to her. But I knew I had a responsibility as Queen to hear her out, and to make sure she was ready to assume the role as leaders of the Amazons.

“What I did was wrong. I breached the Sisterhood when I agreed to kill you in exchange for the tribe’s safety.” She paused for a few moments, and barely speaking above a whisper, she said, “Forgive me.”

I looked down at the floor, trying to collect my thoughts, knowing I had the perfect chance to speak my mind. About Helicon, about being Queen…about Xena.

“Varia…I still can’t believe you were going to do it. When I think of leaving the Amazons under your rule, all I can picture is looking back over my shoulder and seeing you ready to fire.”

She started to speak and I interrupted her. “And as furious as I still feel about it, I’m trying to understand and consider your actions.” We stood in silence a few moments. “Varia, I believe you care for your tribe. In the end, that’s the most important thing.”

“I do want to be a good Queen, Gabrielle.”

“I know. Just remember whatever decisions you make affect everyone.” She shook her head in agreement, and I knew it was time to let it go. I could feel the hint of anger and resentment lying close to the surface. She nodded her head in acceptance and turned and walked away.

It wasn’t long until Xena returned, and she seemed surprised to see me all packed up and ready to go. I told her I thought it was time, and I was more than ready to get her in the woods to myself.

We said our goodbyes to the Amazons, and I saw Pat, one of Xena’s favorite Amazons, give Xena a wink. With a hint of a smile, I wondered if I was going to have to kick her ass, too.

We’ve all been through a lot these past few days.

COMING NEXT WEEK: Gabrielle is thrilled to be officiating at an Amazon wedding ceremony, but she and Xena are both dismayed when they learn the vow of chastity they have to take a week before the joining.

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