Hostage at Sea --Xena's Scroll

She pressed her lips to mine one more time, her coat pulled up around her ears to hide the action. “Three days, right…you’ll come and get me in three days…right?”

I smiled patiently at my little bard. “Yes, Gabrielle. As I’ve already promised you fourteen times, I’ll be there to get you in three days.”

“Come on, Gabrielle. We really need to get going.”

Virgil had been waiting, fairly quietly for him, but now he was riding his horse to the other side of Gabrielle’s, the side we were standing beside. I took a step back instinctively, giving Gabrielle a sheepish grin. Although not embarrassed or ashamed to let our friends see we were in love, somehow Virgil was different. I guess it was because he was Joxer’s son. Joxer had always been in love with Gabrielle, despite the fact she didn’t return the same kind of love. Although we had discussed it, we never just told Joxer outright that we were lovers. We cared about him too much to hurt him if we could avoid it. And now…it just didn’t seem right to tell Virgil.

“Good luck to you, Virgil,” I smiled, and offered my forearm to our nervous young friend. “You’re very talented, and I’m sure the judges won’t let that get past them.”

He nodded, but swallowed at the same time. “I hope not,” he replied. “Thank you for letting Gabrielle go with me.”

I winked at Gabrielle. “I didn’t ‘let her go’ at all,” I responded. “Gabrielle is a big girl. She can make her own decisions.”

“Oh yeah, I know.” Virgil didn’t act as if he really cared what I was saying.

Gabrielle was hopping on her horse. She gathered up her reins and then smiled down at me warmly. When Virgil’s back was turned, she held up two fingers, then pressed them to her lips in a kiss, and held them out toward me. I gave her a nod, and a little wave, and watched them ride off.

We had just met up with Virgil yesterday afternoon just outside Fena, and I thought he was going to burst into tears when he saw Gabrielle. After exchanging pleasantries, he had asked to speak with her in private, so she and he had wandered into a restaurant to discuss what was on his mind. When they had returned, she had an uncomfortable look on her face.

I tried to act as if I was really putting myself out by Gabrielle’s going to Mendes with Virgil. He had entered some poetry contest there, and would be required to read his own work at the competition.

At the same time, Gabrielle and I had been planning a trip to Raius to deliver some mail to the town’s lawman. We had recently rounded up several of a gang of outlaws, and by using the pinch, I had gotten the names and descriptions of the rest of the gang, which was heading toward Raius. We planned on arriving there first, to alert the sheriff what was coming.

Gabrielle and I discussed it, and decided we’d have to split up. I didn’t blame her for wanting to help Virgil, and only gave her a little grief over the plan to separate for our missions. I’m pretty sure she knew I was just giving her a hard time.

Then we found out the poetry contest kicked off a series of events that lasted two weeks.

Even my literary bard was taken aback at that news. There were all kinds of readings and seminars to be given, and while Virgil seemed to assume Gabrielle would want to be there for all of it, we were plotting to get her out of Mendes once he had finished competing.

Since my trip would only take a couple of days, Gabrielle decided the best course of action would be for me to arrive in Mendes with some sort of excuse to get her out of there. Virgil would never be the wiser.

The ride to Raius was peaceful, and I spent a lot of time thinking about how I would lure Gabrielle away from Mendes. I was just outside the port town when I got the idea. It was going to take some finagling, but if I pulled it off, it promised to be an event that Gabrielle would never forget.

I delivered the paperwork to the sheriff without any problem, but didn’t accept the drink he offered to buy me. Instead, I headed right back out of town and down the coast toward the next region.

Doing “favors” for others, particularly those in positions of power, had come in handy more than once, but this was the biggest return favor I had ever asked for. However, King Melos owned me several favors, and he cooperated without a lot of extra questions. By midmorning of the second day, I was heading towards Mendes and Gabrielle in record time.

The town was packed, as I had expected, and sorting Gabrielle out of the mess took a little time. I wanted to make sure Virgil was done with his part of the performances too, before I took Gabrielle away, and stopped a couple of passerby’s to ask about it.

The first two didn’t have a clue, but the third told me she was pretty sure Virgil had come in third in the competition. For his first contest, that wasn’t too bad, and I hoped he would realize that.

After doing some careful scouting, I learned there was to be a play written by Mandones to be performed that night. He was one of Gabrielle’s very favorite playwrights, so I pretty well know where to find her later on that evening. I decided to approach her at the conclusion of the play. Despite the fun I had planned for her, I still didn’t want my blonde-haired beauty to miss out on one of her greatest joys in life. Of course, it would also give me a little more time to make sure everything was arranged exactly as I wanted it to be.

There wasn’t going to be much of a moon which was perfect. I wanted to be as clandestine as possible when I put my plan into action.

I kept an eye on the play from my hiding spot near the wharf, keeping the two men who were to help me by my side. When the actors began to take their bows, I told the two appointed ones to go into action.

Just as I directed them, Asher and Dusty went towards the entrance of the theatre, approaching from different angles. Asher spotted Virgil first, and as he moved to stand behind him, I gave the low whistle that signaled he had the right person. A few seconds later, Dusty was walking behind Gabrielle, and I repeated the whistle.

I watched as Asher and Virgil headed off in one direction, and Dusty and Gabrielle were coming my way. I disappeared from sight before she could see me.

From my vantage point behind the stairs on the ship, I could hear Gabrielle and Dusty talking. I had chosen him to lure her on board, because of his fresh freckled face and charming manners of behavior.

“Why is your sick daughter on the ship? Shouldn’t you have brought her to shore?” I heard Gabrielle ask him.

“I’m afraid she might be contagious, and there are too many people around Mendes that she could endanger. I’m sorry, but you looked so kind and I couldn’t find a doctor…I’m not very good with female problems.”

“Okay,” I heard her voice take the tone that pretty well said she believed the centaur dung Dusty was feeding her.

They disappeared into the hull of the ship, and I stood at the stop of the stairs, watching as Al and TD closed in on either side from behind them.

“Right in here,” Dusty was saying, and the moment Gabrielle had taken a step into the cabin, he slammed the door shut. Al and TD had the crossbar in place almost immediately.

As predicted, Gabrielle began pounding on the heavy wooden door immediately, demanding to be let out. I could hear her throwing whatever she could heave at the door, but knew it would hold fast. Asher was back on board now, and I gave him the order to lift the anchor and set sail.

The men knew what they were doing, and we were at sea in a matter of minutes. The noises from below deck continued, although not as frequent or as violent now, and I know Gabrielle was dropping back to try a different strategy.

After another five minutes or so, I told Dusty and Al to go let her out, but not before warning Gabrielle she was too far at sea to do anything about it, and that the captain promised punishment if she tried to escape. I disappeared into another cabin, and pulled the door almost shut, before telling Dusty to proceed. I wasn’t ready for her to see me just yet.

Listening, I could hear Dusty calmly telling Gabrielle exactly what I had told him to say. He refused to unlock the door until she had given him his word that she wouldn’t try to bolt.

Finally, I heard the crossbar being removed and the door being swung open. “I know you’ll be good to your word,” I heard Dusty say. “The Cap’n said you’d be a good girl.”

“Where is the captain?” I heard her ask, her voice shaky with emotions. I was fervently hoping she hadn’t been crying.

“Don’t you worry about him,” Dusty said then. “He’ll be around when he’s ready. Now do you wanna come up on deck and get some fresh air?”

She moaned then. “Does the captain know I get seasick?” she asked.

“Yep!” came Al’s jovial voice. He was a huge bear of a man, with a thick beard and long busy hair. He was scary as Tartarus to look at, but actually gentle as the Elysian Fields. “The Cap’n said to give you some of this…”

The herb was the same one we had been using ever since the time we had freed Verkinix. It did its job well, and kept her stomach from pitching and carrying on.

“Thank you,” I heard her whisper, as she recognized the leaf.

I listened to the sound of their footsteps echoing up the stairs, before opening the cabin door and following from a distance, grateful for my keen sense of hearing.

She was demanding to know why she was there, a natural question. But Dusty and the others didn’t answer. She wanted to know where they were headed. Again, she was met by silence. Frustrated, she stalked off to the far side of the ship, more than likely to regroup and try another tactic.

I stepped out on deck then, and strolled my way over to the crew.

“You did your work very well,” I told them in a lowered voice. “I will make sure King Melos knows about it.”

I started at Gabrielle who had her head down on the railing of the ship, this time very possibly crying. I knew she would be angry at my deception at first, until she knew what it was all about.

“Beg pardon, Cap'n,” TD said then, his deep brown eyes also on Gabrielle’s lithe form. “King Melos is a kind man, and he says you are as well. But I was wondering…are you planning anything untoward with this girl? Cause, well, I for one, would be very willing to help out…”

I had been in the process of wiping a little bit of dust off my clothes, but I froze now and glared at TD. “You were here to do one thing. Pick up the girl and get her back to King Melos’s kingdom. You are not to touch her or talk to her. For that matter, I better not catch you looking at her, or you’re not going to make it back to the kingdom. You got that?”

TD, the youngest of the four men, nodded convulsively, his eyes full of genuine fear. “I’m sorry, Cap’n,” he stammered, his head lowered. “I didn’t mean any disrespect.”

I knew he meant it. “Just don’t let it happen again,” I said in slightly gentler tones. I looked at the other three men who had been watching this exchange in silence. “Do I have to say it goes for all of you too?” I asked.

They shook their heads solemnly. “Okay.” I relented a bit and quirked a grin toward TD. “You can look at her,“ I said. “I’m strict, but I don’t believe in cruel and unusual punishment.”

TD let out a deep breath, and grinned at me. “Aye, aye, Cap’n,” he replied.

The wind and water was loud enough to keep my exchanges with the men from being overheard by Gabrielle. She had lifted her head by now, and was looking out over the water toward the horizon. The slivered moon, was reflected in the water, and if you looked really carefully, you could see tiny dots of star light shining on the water.

There were a few torches that illuminated the deck of the ship, leaving just enough light that the men could see what they were doing. Al and Dusty had the night shift tonight, and TD and Asher excused themselves to go to bed.

Al had taken the wheel, and from the deck where I stood, I could see how bathed in shadows the wheel pedestal was. It would be perfect. Dusty was already on his way to the crow’s nest.

I walked to either side of the ship, and blew out the torches nearest the wheel, and hopped on the platform that held it. “Go get the girl,” I told Al, “and tell her the captain wants to see her.” I watched him climb down the steps and took his place behind the wheel. I couldn’t believe how excited I was at the prospect of how she might react to seeing me.

Al closed the few steps between him and Gabrielle, and I couldn’t quite make out what he was saying to her, but I could she her answering him, apparently calmly. Al said something else, and I saw her glance my way. After a minute, she nodded tentatively, and stepped back from the rail. She glanced my way again, and I’m sure I caught a shudder of fear. I was making sure I was standing back far enough in the shadows that she couldn’t really see me.

Al gave her a gentle prod, and then I saw the absolutely remarkable and incredibly arousing sight of my lover squaring her shoulders and raising her chin as she crossed the deck of the ship. Apparently, she had talked herself into facing the captain, no matter what. I loved her strength and courage, especially in a situation like this.

Al continued to walk slightly behind her as she came to stand before the platform the wheel was on. Her eyes were still lowered, and Al was grinning up at me. I leaned foreyard and gave him a nod, and then waved my hand a bit, indicating I wanted him to back off a little. He whispered one more thing in Gabrielle’s ear before doing as I said and turning and leaving her. I glanced upward and saw Dusty was watching us intently from his place.

“I’ll bet your wondering why you are here,” I said in a low voice.

I saw her jump a bit when I began to speak, and then her head flew up. I’m sure she knew the voice was very familiar. I continued to stay in the shadows, watching her eyes narrow in their attempt to see me. “Aren’t you?” I asked.

“Yes,” she replied, her voice sounding fairly confident.

“Any guesses?” I asked her.

I saw her take a deep breath. “No, not really,” she replied.

“Are you sure?”

She shook her head again. “Please, can I see you?” she asked.

I chuckled in my throat. “Does it bother you not knowing what I look like?”


I tried to control the shaking in my legs as I stepped forward. I stood beside the wheel, directly in front of her.

Slowly, in very little increments, she let her head raise. I saw her take in my shiny black boots and then the tight black leather trousers I wore. Her eyes traversed up over my knees and lingered on my thighs for a second, and then were making their way up to my crotch. This time, her eyes definitely paused. I thrust my hips out just a bit in response, letting her see that I was already prepared for the night ahead.

Eventually, her gaze began moving again, and now she was up to my stomach. I wore a white silk shirt, that fit me rather loosely, and around my waist, I had draped a wide red sash, and her eyes seemed to like that.

I had flattened my breasts by wrapping a long white cloth tightly around my chest. I had wrapped myself carefully, and it allowed me to unbutton the shirt fairly deeply. Her eyes lingered on the vee of brown skin that the shirt exposed, and then she was blinking upward, toward my face.

I wore a wide-brimmed brown leather fedora that I kept pulled down low over my eyes, and with the darkness, I doubt if she could see my face, but her stance had relaxed considerably. She now knew for sure who I was and what I was doing.

Very aware that Al and Dusty were watching our every move, I squatted down so my face was level with hers. I put a finger under her chin, and lifted her head even more. I was very curious to see what emotions would be playing across her features.

There were several…surprise, relief, excitement, anticipation, and pleasure…a great deal of pleasure. I was looking for at least a little bit of anger at what I had put her through, but I didn’t even see a trace of it.

Her gaze was frozen into mine, and for a minute, I forgot what I was supposed to be doing. A little sound coming from Al reminded me.

“Do you want to guess what you’re doing here, Melissa?” I asked her then, letting her know we were going to be playing the same characters we had at Delle’s.

I could see her eyes questioning how to answer. I gave her one of my wickedest smiles, hoping to communicate that I was leaving this part of the story up to her.

She pulled her chin off my fingertips, and lowered her head. “I’m sure it has something to do with my father,” she said. “How much did he cheat you out of?”

Oh, very good, my creative little bard! She had effectively put the ball in my court. I decided to play dirty too.

“A whole lot of dinars,” I crooned. Pointedly lifting her head skyward again, I continued. “And he cost me my fiancé…a beautiful little girl named Monique.”

I saw the sparkle in Gabrielle’s eye that told me she recognized the name. It was one of Delle’s girls who always came on rather strong with me. “She was so beautiful and sweet,” I sighed. “But she dropped me like a stone when she found out I had lost most of my fortune.” I tiled my head back slightly, so she could get a better look at my face. “But you know what, Melissa?”

She swallowed. “What?”

I licked my lips. “I do believe you’re even more beautiful than Monique. I was going to take you, and make some dinars from selling you, but I might just have to keep your for myself. What would you say about that?” I heard the stifled laughter of the two men watching us.

“I’d say you were crazy,” she snapped back. “My father will never let you get away with this!”

Gods, she said it so convincingly, I almost believed her!

I jumped down off the wheel pedestal, taking her by surprise. I nodded over at Al, letting him know it was time for him to take the wheel.

“Come on, Melissa,” I said, taking Gabrielle by the arm. “I want to show you to your cabin. It’s getting late.” I noticed with disdain that although she didn’t jerk her arm away, she was keeping as much distance between us as possible.

I led her through the door and down the stairs to the cabins. “TD and Dusty sleep here,” I told her, pointing to the room she had been locked in across the hall. “That one is Asher and Al’s.”

“Where do I sleep?:” she asked in a timid voice.

I led her a few more steps down the hallway. “This is your cabin,” I told her, indicating the one I had hidden in earlier.

She entered the room, and looked around briefly. Keeping up the ruse, she said. “It’s rather masculine, isn’t it?

“Well, yeah, I guess it is,” I drawled, fighting back a grin.

“Oh well, it’s all right. My father will only take a day or two to find me. I’m sure I can tolerate it that long.”

She started to close the door behind her, but I abruptly stuck a foot in and elbowed my way into the room.

“What are you doing?” she squeaked at me.

“I’m getting ready to go to bed,” I informed her calmly.

“I thought you said this was my bedroom,” she said, almost sounding apologetic.

“I did,” I said, catching her by the arm, and pulling her further into the room with me.

“Who do you think you are?” she shrieked, as I gave her a push and sent her stumbling toward the middle of the room.

I had the door shut and locked from the inside, and stuck the key in one of my pants pockets. I grinned at her. “I’m the one who is making sure no one disturbs us,” I answered.

There was a pregnant silence while we just looked at each other. Then, at almost the same time, we both began to smile. The smiles gradually widened into grins, and finally, she was jumping into my arms.

“I love you…I love you…I love you!” she declared, before covering my face in a barrage of kisses. At the same time, she was pulling the hat off my head and wrapping her thighs around my waist.

I chuckled, pretending to stagger under the weight of my squirming bard, and eventually made my way to the chair closest to me. I sank down into it, keeping her in my lap the whole time.

She wrapped her arms around my neck., her eyes sparkling into mine. Her mouth met mine in a slow lingering kiss. I let my lips part loosely and her tongue dipped between them to rub over my teeth and lick my own tongue. I purposely kept my tongue immobile during the kiss, so I could she how eager she was for all this. If her prodding little tongue was any indication, she was most eager.

She kissed me until he were both breathless, and then suddenly drew her head back, looking curiously at me. “How did you arrange all this?” she asked me.

I smiled, being purposely enigmatic. “I have many skills,” I told her, with a raised eyebrow, and was delighted when she responded by throwing back her head in a giggle. It gave me the excuse to lean forward and nip at her neck with my teeth

. “Mmm…” she held me to her for a minute, and then I became aware she was talking to me again. “Do the men have any idea what’s going on?”

I hated to have to release her soft flesh, but did so, pulling back my head so we could talk.

“Not a clue,” I admitted. “All they know is I’m a friend of King Melos who owes me a favor or two, and they’re to obey my orders as if they were his. I haven’t had a bit of trouble with them.”

She considered that. “They don’t even know you’re a woman?” she finally said.

I glanced down at myself, my shape somewhat altered by the swaddling cloth and tight pants. “Nope…in fact, we spent the last night swapping stories of our conquests in the bedroom.”

She shivered a little bit, but I grinned at her. “Don’t worry,” I whispered. “I didn’t use any names.”

Her fingers had been stealthily creeping up my arms, and were now playing with the collar of my shirt. “Are you planning on keeping up the act?” she asked, trying to sound nonchalant. “Or are you going to tell them the truth?”

I looked down and watched her fingers which were beginning to dip into my shirt, exploring how I had managed to expose so much chest while hiding my cleavage. I reached down and took her hand, placing it on the top button of the white shirt.

“That’s up to you,” I answered finally. “If you want to keep up the ruse, I’m all for it, but are you ready for the consequences?”

“Consequences?” she peeked up at me, her fingers busily at work as she began to unbutton my shirt.

“Yes…” I was suddenly standing, and lowering her to the bed behind her. She kept her legs tightly closed around my hips, and her hands were now widening the gap at the front of my shirt, pulling it from the waistband of my pants. “The men think you are here without your permission…” I purred into her ear. “They think you’re afraid of me, and would never give in to my demands without coercion. Do you want to keep that act up?”

She seemed to give it some deep thought, and then she gave me a smile that would melt the ice of a glacier. “Do you want to?” she asked me.

“Very much.”

“Me too…very much. But…”

I had been ready to press my mouth to her neck again, but lifted my head so I could look into her eyes, wondering what she was about to say.

“What is it?” I asked.

“What about when we’re alone?” she asked me. “Like now? Do we have to keep pretending the whole time?”

I chuckled at her expression. “I made sure the walls and door were very thick,” I answered. “Once the door is shut, no one can hear what goes on in here.”

She grinned at me. “Perfect,” she said, nodding, as though she had expected that sort of answer. Her hands pulled at the top of the cloth that was housing my breasts. “I want you to take this off…now…”

I turned slowly so she could reach for the spot under my arm where I had tied the cloth For the moment, I was willing to let her take control of our actions, loving the look of hunger and lust in her sparkling green eyes. She deftly unfastened the knot, and was working her hands under the cloth to untangle it from my body.

My breasts finally sprang free, and I fell forward, pressing them hard into her own. The first couple of minutes after being released from this type of restraint were always rather shocking, as the blood rushed to fill them again. I wiggled hard against Gabrielle, and breathed deeply a few times, until the sensations began to subside.

I saw then that my movements had caused a few sensations to build in her simultaneously. She was wiggling her fingers between our chests in an effort to release the fastenings of her own shirt. Finally in control of my body again, I lifted myself enough to let her succeed. When her upper half was as naked as mine, I pressed forward again.

Gabrielle’s breath caught her throat when I drilled my hardened nipples down into hers, wiggling my flesh against her. I reached up and caught the tips of both her right nipple and my left between my thumb and forefinger, and rolled them at the same time, our tightened peaks causing delicious friction against the other. I grunted with approval when her hand came up to do the same with our other breasts..

“Gods, but that’s good,” I managed, before lowering my mouth to hers, in a devouring kiss that told me she agreed wholeheartedly. My thighs tightened uncontrollably, and I found my pants to suddenly be making me very uncomfortable. I squirmed in an effort to draw free of her thighs, but she whimpered, and seemed to hold me tighter.

“Gabrielle…” my own voice sounded breathy, but she shook her head at me.

“I want to come on your cock, Jess…Captain…” she whispered.

“That’s going to be hard to do, if you don’t let me go,” I replied lightly, but she was shaking her head again.

“This is going to be your punishment for kidnapping and scaring me so badly.”

Something in the way she spoke the words made a gush of wetness flow from me, even though she was now releasing me with her legs. Her fingers slipped from our nipples, and she tugged at my hand, urging me to release the other side. I did so finally, reluctantly.

I watched silently as she scooted further up the bed, and then reached for my hands, urging them to reach under her skirt. When I had grasped her panties by the waistband in both fists, she lifted her hips, obviously wanting me to remove them. I obliged, wondering if her idea of punishment could possibly involve my licking her pussy to oblivion.

But she stopped me from doing so with her insistent hands that were now holding on to my shoulders. “Come down here, Jess,” she hissed, lowering her right hand to grab hold of my ass, and pull my lower half on top of hers again. “Let me feel that big hard cock of yours.”

It didn’t take long for me to realize what she was up to, and I groaned in the back of my throat when she bent her knees, and pressed her cunt upward toward me. She was going to rub herself to completion on the phallus I was sporting, while I still wore the leather trousers. The thick material would keep me from feeling her wetness, her heat…everything. I’d be able to smell and see her…and not feel her. That was my punishment, and a most effective one too.

She began swiveling her hips insistently against the bulge at my crotch almost immediately…”Oh yeah, Jess…fuck me with that cock…” she moaned, her other hand coming down to find purchase in the other side of my ass. She dug her nails in and directed me to move the way she wanted me to. I acquiesced, turned on by her wanton movements. The phallus moved against me, despite the tightness of my pants. It wouldn’t be enough to bring me to climax, but was sure doing a fine job of building my desire.

“So hard…” she was chanting, her hips losing the rhythm of moving side to side and beginning a more demanding movement of bouncing up and down to meet my thrusting pelvis. “Yesss….”

The scent of her juices filled the air around me, as I did what she willed, , grinding my hips down into her center, I felt my breathing grow more labored. “You had better come soon, Little Vixen,” I told her, before nipping at her ear. “Because I can’t take this much longer.”

As if responding to my command, I saw her eyes roll back slighty as her climax overtook her. She jerked me as tightly as she could to me, and struggled for breath through her parted lips as she orgasmed. Finally she released me and fell back on the bed, a satisfied smile on her lips.

She stretched her arms out above her head, grinning mischievously up at me. “That is so much better,” she husked.

“For you, maybe,” I said, standing up straight long enough to unfasten my pants. Gabrielle’s eyes were fastened on my midriff, and her eyes widened when I revealed gray men’s breeches. The last time I had taken on the role of Jess, they had been white, but they were of the same style.

“So sexy,” she clucked her tongue, and started to sit up on the bed.

“Un huh,” I admonished with a shake of my head. I gently pushed her back on the bed. “I’ve got to even up the score.”

She wrinkled her brow at that, trying to figure out what I was saying. I just grinned wickedly at her, and took a step back from the bed. I lifted my right knee and planted on the bed by her hip.

She licked her lips erotically. “I’ll be glad to help you even it,” she told me.

I chuckled at her. “Oh you will…” I replied vaguely.

Her eyes were glued to my crotch as I reached inside the peehole of the breeches I wore. I heard her gasp slightly when I revealed what I had been hiding. Then her eyes were searching out mine, but I kept mine purposely averted. I had to, or this would be over before it began.

I’m sure she had been expecting to see the phallus we used often in our lovemaking. The one I wore now was of a similar size, but had some important differences.

The most noticeable at first glance was the appearance of it. The phallus we used most was a light beige, with leather straps of a dark brown hue. This phallus was a deep tan, as was its harness, and it matched my own coloring as closely as possible. I wore it down lower than a standard phallus, and there was a very good reason for that. The end closest to my body was carved in the shape of another penis, and right now was situated snuggly in my vagina. Gabrielle couldn’t see that yet, but she seemed taken aback by the coloring

.“Where did you get that?” she asked me finally. “It looks so much like the one from the other world.”

I shrugged, not wanting to talk about it at the present time. Instead, I grabbed the dick by the base with my left hand, and began jacking off with the right.

The phallus wasn’t as long on my end as it was on hers, but since I was still standing with my legs only slightly parted, my body offered a resistance to the end plunging in and out of me which felt divine. It wasn’t long before my breath was coming in pants, an orgasm looming over the horizon. My head dropped back involuntarily as the pleasure of the act began to overwhelm me.

My head jerked forward though, when I felt Gabrielle’s hand on my pussy, underneath the phallus. She was feeling the thrusting movement that the phallus created, along with the wetness which was rapidly soaking the briefs I wore. The material, which had started out as light gray, was quickly becoming dark gray. Her eyes were very close to the head of the phallus, which would pop out of my siphoning fist with every pump, her eyes full of curiosity.

The head of this phallus was carved to mimic a real penis perfectly, and I forced my eyes open just in time to see Gabrielle run her tongue over the slit carved into the head of it. The imagery caught me off guard, and then turned my pussy inside out as I began to come. My thighs grew tight as I groaned out the relief of my climax.

When I was in control of my facilities again, I looked down into the amazed face of my lover. She was staring at the phallus in fascination, and then her eyes were searching out mine.

“Is there something you want to tell me?” she said finally.

Her words and tone confused me slightly. “Like what?” I asked her.

“Like when did you grow this uh…appendage? I half expected to see sperm come shooting out of the end of it, Xena!”

I cocked a grin on my face. “I thought you’d appreciate the realistic look of it,” I said, watching as her hand came out to explore our newest toy. “But it’s easily removable, I promise.”

“You know what the coloring reminds me of, don’t you?” she asked then, her voice quiet.

I did indeed…for the phallus I had taken her virginity with in Caesar’s other world was very similar in color. It was no accident. I nodded slowly.

Gabrielle had a hold of the phallus now, pulling me toward her with one hand while the other disappeared inside my underwear. I felt her fingers searching out the spot where the phallus met my body, and her eyes widened when she realized it was inside me. Then she was laying back on the bed, her legs spread wide.

“What are you waiting for? Aren’t you going to fuck me?”

With a growl, I fell forward, plunging the length of the phallus into her silky depths. My hips began thrusting immediately.

There was an annoying shaft of sunlight beaming in through the porthole, casting its bright light right on my face. I opened one eye slightly, saw what it was, and turned to my side, trying to hide my face in the back of Gabrielle’s neck.

I became aware of two things immediately, a slight whimper from Gabrielle and a painful pinching situation in an area of my body that wasn’t particularly pleasurable. Immediately, I rolled back to the position I had been in on my back.

I glanced down at myself, and saw the phallus still strapped to and imbedded in my body. With a grin, I remembered Gabrielle’s enthusiasm at the receiving end of it, including her pleading with me to leave it on even when we were too exhausted to make love any more. I had skootched up behind her, and still buried within her cunt, we had fallen asleep.

Sometime during the night however, I must have slipped from her body and rolled over on my back. I couldn’t help but grin down at my perpetual hardon, despite the discomfort the straps were causing me. Gabrielle had been fascinated by its design, and spent a good deal of last night exploring and testing its capabilities.

I lifted my hips a bit, and released the harness, pulling the smaller end of the phallus from my slightly sore vaginal opening. After only a few seconds, my body expressed its extreme gratitude when I stretched leisurely. But I heard a small expression of pain from Gabrielle again, and forgot my own condition as I leaned over her.

She was still asleep, but I could see her brow was furrowed in pain, and almost immediately, I recognized what caused it. I was out of bed and digging through my healing kit in no time. I tapped her awake and gave her the herb for seasickness, and then let her drink deeply from the waterskin. She laid back on the bed, smiling gratefully, and immediately, fell back asleep.

I smiled fondly down at Gabrielle, always envious of her ability to sleep so soundly, in almost any situation. Since I was already up though, I knew it would be next to impossible for me to go back to sleep, so I made my way to the wash basin, and rinsed away the remnants of last night adventures with her. Once I was dry, I slipped back into the phallus and harness, my clit instantly coming to attention just from the penetration of the small end.

King Melos had provided me with the clothing I was wearing in my disguise, and this time, I slipped into a black pair of breeches. Like the others, they reached mid-thigh on me, and were unbelievably comfortable, not to mention a turn on for both me and Gabrielle. Next were the socks, which were white with Menos’s royal colors of red and black decorating the top of them. They were thick and warm and made the narrow toed boots he provided me with much more easy to bear.

When I was completely dressed, I leaned over and gave Gabrielle a kiss on her cheek. She smiled slightly, but never woke up, and I left her there alone.

Once out in the hall, I locked the room from the outside, knowing it would serve to add to the illusion of our forced relationship, and then made my way up on deck.

“G’morning, Cap’n,” Al said pleasantly from his place at the wheel.

“G’morning.” I nodded up at Dusty, who returned the gesture form the crow’s nest.

“You’re up early, Cap’n,” Dusty commented, and I saw him give a grin to Al. I knew what he was thinking. I just nodded and grunted non-commitally.

I turned to Al again. “You want to take a break for a while?” I asked. “I’ll man the wheel while you go get some breakfast…drain the trouser serpent…whatever…”

“Aye, Cap’n! Thanks!” We switched places and he immediately walked over to the side of the ship. Even though his back was to me, I could see the unmistakable movements that told me he was urinating into the ocean. It was an action I had become used to the last couple of days, and had even faked a couple of times as to not arouse suspicions about my gender.

“You want some coffee, lad?” Al asked, and received an affirmative from Dusty. “Cap’n?”


Al disappeared below deck to the kitchen.

Dusty was peering over the edge of the crow’s nest toward the wheel. “How did you sleep, Cap’n?” he asked curiously.

I shrugged. “I didn’t get much sleep,” I answered. “It’s hard to close your eyes when you’ve got a wildcat in bed with you.”

I heard his exclamation and didn’t bother to look up. He seemed to be a decent young man, but even decent young men let their imagination run away with them, and I wanted to use that to my advantage.

“We uh…sort of wondered if she’d share your cabin with you,” he said finally.

I nodded. “She didn’t really want to, but I didn’t give her much choice.”

“Whoowee, Cap’n!” he exclaimed. “You do like to live dangerously, don’t you? What are you going to do when the girl’s father shows up, and finds out what you’ve done to his daughter?”

I waved my hand. “Don’t worry about that,” I answered smugly. “By the time he catches up with us, Melissa will be eating out of the palm of my hand. She will be hiding so her father won’t be able to find her.”

“We noticed the way she looked at you,” Asher said then, stepping up on deck. He had obviously just gotten up, and walked bare-chested to the railing, relieving himself. “She might hate your guts, Cap’n, but there’s no doubt your looks appealed to her.” He adjusted himself, and turned around hastily. “No offense about the hating your guts part, Cap’n,” he added, running a hand through his unruly red hair.

I gave him a knowing smile. “I understand what you mean,” I nodded. “Even last night, she found it hard to…resist my charm.”

I motioned that Dusty could come down from the crow’s nest now. It was going to be a gorgeous day, and whoever manned the wheel would be able to watch the seas around us They’d see any approaching ship long before it would get there.

Al was back by then, and Dusty and I took the cups of fresh coffee he offered us. He took his place behind the wheel again, and would remain there until TD showed up to relieve him.

I spent the next couple of hours just talking with the men, as we exchanged stories about our various adventures at sea. Al had been at sea his whole adult life, and we found it interesting to trade tales. Despite my guise as the Captain, I didn’t have to make up any of the stories I told him. I’d spent plenty time in my past at sea.

We were laughing bawdily at some comment or other, when TD finally made his appearance on deck. He nodded a good morning at us, and then said cautiously to me, “I uh…thought you might want to know, Cap’n. The girl is awake, and not too happy to be locked in your cabin. I heard her pounding on the door.”

“Thanks, TD,” I acknowledged, fighting back a grin. I was thrilled that Gabrielle was so willing to play along.

I heard the guffaws and comments of the men as I made my way below deck, but ignored them. Sure enough, as I approached our cabin, I could hear Gabrielle making a great deal of noise by pounding on the door. If she was shouting too, I couldn’t hear her.

I pounded back on the door a couple of times to let her know I was there, and fit the key in the door, turning the knob. I was grinning as I pushed my way into the room, and slammed the door shut behind me.

She had taken a step back, but once she saw it was me, she stepped closer, and reached up to pull my head down to hers. We kissed tenderly, before she said, “Good morning, Cap’n.”

Something in the way she said “Cap’n” made my heartbeat quicken. “Good morning,” I answered. “I take it you slept well?”

“Mmmm…yeah…” She kissed me again. “Very well.”

“I’m glad.” I stroked her cheek. “But don’t let the men know that…they think you hardly slept a wink, trying to keep away from my advances.”

“Xena!” she chided. “Did you tell them you had your way with me?” she asked, almost looking shocked by that.

I winked at her. “I led them to believe that you were beginning to weaken to my charms,” I answered. “It’s up to you to decide whether or not I was successful.”

We spent a few minutes talking, discussing how to act on deck, before I returned to the men. They were all eyeing me curiously, and I just gave them a grin that suggested everything was under control.

We had sailed through a small squall the first day we set out, and I noticed one of our sails was beginning to pull loose from the mast, probably due to the winds we had encountered. I quickly made my way to the top of the mast, and was working on repairing the shift when she appeared on deck.

I heard the crew greet her in their various ways, and she nodded and smiled at them. She made her way to the railing of the ship, hugging her arms around herself. The sun was warm, so she certainly wasn’t cold. I’m sure it was all part of her act as the innocent maiden.

For a moment or two, I looked down at her, loving the way the sunlight glinted off her hair. Just thinking about the beautiful woman who was all mine made my core throb with need, despite the workout Gabrielle had given it last night. I took a moment to regain my composure, then flipped down from the sail to land right beside her.

She predictably jumped and shrieked, and immediately turned to walk away from me. I grabbed her by the elbow though, and pulled her close to me. “What’s your hurry, My Sweet?” I asked, using the voice that I knew sent shivers down her spine. “Where are you headed?”

“Anywhere that you AREN’T…” she said pointedly, and tried to jerk her arm around from my grasp.

I laughed evilly at her, and pulled her closer to me, so my body was pressed against hers. “Now, now, Melissa,” I crooned to her. “You don’t want these men to think you’re less than friendly toward me, do you?”

She glanced around, seemingly torn between fighting me or risking trying to get loose. I still had my body pressed against hers, and now I bent over, so she was forced to bend backwards slightly. My lips hovered above hers. “My men are well-behaved,” I continued, in a voice that the crew could probably overhear. “But if I give them permission, they’d be on you in a second. Which would you rather have…the four of them…or me?”

From her precarious position, I saw her glance around her, and then she was looking at me again. Her facial expression read distress, but I could see the excitement in her eyes. She was enjoying this as much as I was.

“Well?” I demanded, bending her back even further. I wiggled the bulge in my crotch into her for emphasis.

“Please don’t make me…” she whimpered suddenly.

“Don’t make you what?” I demanded.

“Don’t make me say it…”

“Why not? I think it will do you good to admit it…now tell me…” I reached a hand up and stroked it down over her cheek, down her shoulder and across her breasts. She shuddered, and I suspected at least part of it was no act. “Do you want me…or my crew?”

I’m sure my men were waiting with held breath, and I know I heard a collective groan when she finally whispered in reply. “You…”

“Good choice,” I snarled, and I pressed my lips to hers.

Gods, the tension between us was thick, even though we both knew it was all an act! She was not only a fantastic bard, but a fantastic actress, as she seemingly fought my advances by keeping her mouth closed against my pressuring mouth. I took a chance, and began to press my open mouth even harder, grinding her soft lips back over her teeth. I was careful not to hurt her too much, just enough to let her feel me, and let the men see I wasn’t going to take no for an answer.

She resisted my mouth for quite a long time, and then I felt hers melting beneath mine. I made a satisfied noise in my throat, pleased that I had broken her spirit so easily, and then suddenly, I was feeling a very sharp pain.

I released her and pulled back, my hand coming up to wipe at my lower lip. I wasn’t surprised to see she had bitten me, but was slightly shocked to see she had drawn blood. I glanced in her eyes, and any pain I felt instantaneously disappeared. Despite the look of fear on her features, her eyes were full of mischief and challenge.

“That was a mistake, Melissa,” I told her, my voice sounding serious despite the fact that I know my eyes were twinkling in return. It had been a long time since I had been able to embarrass my bard, but she had just given me the opportunity.

“No!” she screamed, as I suddenly grabbed her by the waist and threw her over my shoulder like a bag of grain. I kept an arm wrapped around her lower legs to keep her from kicking me, but that didn’t stop her from pounding her fists into my back as she protested the treatment I was giving her.

I took a deep breath, glancing around at the four pairs of male eyes that were riveted to the scene before them, and with a grimace, I brought the flat of my hand down right on her ass.

She froze for a second, and I know Gabrielle was processing what had just happened, and then she was squirming harder. “You bastard! How dare you!”

“Like this,” I quipped back, spanking her again.

She screeched and hit me a few more times, giving me the excuse to smack her luscious behind again. The men were laughing and making crude comments, by now, which was sure to bring color to Gabrielle’s cheeks…her other set of cheeks. I was bringing enough color to one pair already. “You hit me, I hit you,” I told her, as I stalked off toward the small expense of deck behind the cargo hold.

To prove my point, every time she brought her hand down on my back, I echoed the action with another smack on her ass. Her legs were wiggling fiercely against my chest, and out of curiosity, I loosened my hold on her a little bit. Somehow, I wasn’t surprised when I realized her wiggling was from her trying to press her core harder against my shoulder.

Once I had reached the spot on the deck I had been aiming for, I put a hand behind her back and knelt down, lowering her to the deck. From our vantage point, I knew the men would be able to see whoever was on top, but just barely. It was the perfect setup for us to play.

Gabrielle laid there on her back for just a minute, staring up at me, no doubt trying to catch her breath and see what I was up to. I was resting my weight on my outstretched arms, my hands on either side of her head., my stretched legs being lightly held by the cradle of her thighs.

“How are you doing?” I asked, my voice so low that she would have to strain to hear me.

She shivered, and I watched her hands come up to beat ineffectually at my shoulders. I grabbed her hands in one of mine, and pushed them over her head. As my eyes bore into hers again, she whispered up to me.

“I think you may need to tie up my hands, Cap’n Jess.”

A moan escaped me at her words, and instantly, I was reaching for the whip that was curled on my left hip. I knew we still had an audience when I heard the men make a collective sound almost of protest, but when they saw what I was about, they quieted down.

With a terse smile, I laced Gabrielle’s hands together, then tied them to the bottom rail of the ship.

She accepted the quick kiss I gave her, and then I had to ask. “Is this all right?”

“Gods, yes, Jess. Please…fuck me now…” Her eyes closed as she tried to arch her breasts and cunt toward me at the same time, and did a pretty reasonable job of it. I pushed myself up so I was kneeling between her legs, and unfastened her shirt. The moment her breasts were bared to me, I had my mouth on them, sucking wetly at the flesh. I pressed them both together, and sucked in both nipples simultaneously, loving the whimpers it evoked from her.

“You’ve teased me a little too much, Melissa,” I said, my voice purposely louder. “You’ve got to learn a beautiful girl like you can only tease so much, before she gets what’s coming to her.”

“What’s coming to me?” she asked me.

“A good hard prick between your thighs,” I declared, and I heard the cheers rise up from the men on the far side of the boat.

I gave her nipples one more lingering nip, and then was reaching for the lacings that fastened my pants. Now was the time when the coloring of the phallus would really pay off. With the way it blended in, from a distance, the men would never suspect it wasn’t really a part of me.

I made a show of rubbing my lower half against her belly, but it was just to arouse us both even more. Gabrielle pretended to protest, squirming this way and that, but with her hands bound and my body between her legs, she wasn’t going anywhere. I winked down at her, and reached for the hem of her skirt, making sure I lifted it high enough that the crew could see what I was doing.

Gabrielle was watching every move I made, her eyes huge and full of pleasure. I know she was trusting me not to expose too much in this little exhibition, and I felt a spurt of liquids when I thought about what we were going to do. My fingers tangled in her panties, and lowered them, and the strong scent of her passion told me she was very ready too.

I rested my weight on my left arm, and reached inside the front of my pants, digging through my breeches until I had grabbed hold of the phallus. Was it just my imagination, or was the leather colored object hot to the touch? I pulled it so it stuck out the front of my pants, and stroked my hand up and down a few times. To the crew, it would look like I was making sure I was good and hard. In fact, I was masturbating the cock into the hole buried between my legs.

“Are you a virgin, Melissa?” I asked.

“Ohhh…” Gabrielle replied, and I could see she wasn’t sure what answer I was looking for.

I wasn’t sure at first either, but after running my fingers through her swollen labia and finding her more than adequately lubricated, I held the phallus rigid, and sunk inside her easily. “Nope, you’re not a virgin,” I chuckled, leaving the men to debate whether or not I had deflowered her just then or whether it was my assessment of a preexisting condition.

I took a second to let us catch our breaths, and leaned down to kiss her. Her mouth was opened immediately against me, and she sucked my bottom lip between hers again, This time, instead of biting me, she worked her tongue over and over the tender flesh, as if she was trying to heal me. I let her continue to suck at me as I drew my hips back and gave a half thrust into her.

I wasn’t surprised when her mouth released mine, but it was only so she could whisper to me. “Yeah…give it to me, Baby. You’re so fucking big…”

I immediately began a slow long stroke into her, raising my ass high before plunging into her sodden tunnel. My vaginal muscles clamped down on the smaller end of the phallus, basically holding it in place as I fucked her, my hips gaining in speed and power. I could see Gabrielle fighting the bonds holding her hands, but I was already too far gone to think about untying her. The sounds of my hardon sloshing through her depths rivaled only the sounds she was making in the back of her throat…sounds of satisfaction, and at the same time, frustration that she wasn’t free to touch me.

“Yeah…you are such a hot little thing, Melissa,” I hissed, continuing to drive into her. “Mm…you feel so good on my dick…so wet and hot and…fuck yeah!” I wanted to continue to talk to her, knowing it drove her crazy, but it was suddenly too difficult for me.

She was doing her best to buck upward to meet my strokes, even though her restrained arms pinned her down, and her actions pressed her breasts up toward my face. I smiled mindlessly, and lowered my mouth to her cleavage, dropping to my elbows on either side of her body. My strokes immediately became shorter and quicker, and I grabbed a nipple between my teeth, nursing and nuzzling her.

“Oh, I’m gonna come…” I heard her purr in my ear, and almost before the words had soaked in, she gave out a short scream which gave way to a long, throaty moan. Her eyes closed for a few seconds as she bared her teeth at the pleasure. I watched the beautiful emotions play over her face.

When her breathing returned, I was aware of her eyes locked into mine. “Relax, Xena” she whispered, and then I felt a resistance I hadn’t felt seconds before. She was clamping down her vaginal muscles as hard as she could, doing her best to hold the phallus in place within her, so I could release my own muscle’s hold on it, and ride it to my own completion.

I was amazed by the strength she exhibited as she held the phallus firmly between her thighs. It was much harder to hold a large object immobile than a smaller one, but she was focused on her task, and it wasn’t long before I felt the tickle of my orgasm sneaking through my body. Well aware of my audience, I buried my face in her neck as my body began to spasm, muffling my noises of release.

I gradually came back to reality, and realized Gabrielle was whispering in my ear. “Gods, I love you. You absolutely take my breath away.”

I raised my head, and found a grin for her. “Mine too,” I told her. “but now that I’ve got it back…”

“You can untie me now,” she told me, not realizing I wasn’t done. I just shook my head at her, bent down, gave her a kiss, and then began to slide down her body. “What are you doing?” she asked, sounding alarmed, but her voice trailed off in a languid moan when my motives became obvious. I lifted her legs high, and placed them over my shoulders, once again hearing the men cheer me on.

COMING NEXT WEEK: Emotions run rampant when Xena and Gabrielle meet up with Dahak and deal with the consequences, then Gabrielle decides whether or not to accompany Xena to Chin. Based on Gabrielle’s Hope and The Debt.

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