Hostage at Sea--Gabrielle's Scroll

I hated being put on the spot, but that's exactly what Virgil had accomplished. He had asked me to travel with him to Mendes to a poetry contest, and I felt obligated to go. Xena and I both cared a lot for Virgil, especially since he was Joxer's son. I wanted to be there for him, to share in his excitement about writing, but I didn't like the idea of being separated from Xena. I always hated that. It's funny how you never get tired of being with the one you love.

She and I had committed to delivering some important mail to a sheriff in a nearby town, but we decided that Xena would go on without me and I would accompany Virgil to Mendes. I made her promise that she would come back for me as soon as she took care of business. Virgil could have to stay up to two weeks, and there was no way I was going to last that long. I had to put my selfishness behind me for just a few days and do this for him. He seemed to respect my work, and we had bonded by enjoying lots of discussions about writing and some of our favorite authors.

We stood on the other side of Argo trying to say our good-byes as Virgil waited on his horse. Our relationship wasn't open in front of him, but we both suspected he knew that Xena and I were lovers. I held my coat around our face in an attempt to hide us and kissed her softly. "Promise me, Xena, that you'll be back for me in three days…" She smiled down at me, almost seeming amused that I'd doubt her return. "Three days…I promise…Now get going so we can get these three days behind us."

I felt a lump in my throat, and could never resist getting emotional any time we had to spend time apart. Knowing I couldn't make a scene, I quickly said, "I'll miss you…"

"Me too…" she whispered, squeezing my hands and then letting me go so she could mount Argo.

Virgil and I were blessed with fair weather for our travel, and we talked a lot about Joxer and some of the crazy things we had gotten ourselves into. Obviously Joxer had told him a lot about our times together, and definitely a lot about me. I still couldn't get over the fact that Livia had killed him ruthlessly, never blinking an eye for the murder of her mother's dear friend. We stayed away from such depressing topics and just made the best of our trip.

Virgil placed third in the finals of the poetry reading and would definitely be staying on for a couple of weeks. By the second day, I was missing my Warrior very much, and decided to take in a play that night in order to keep my mind off how much longer I had to wait for her to return. I always enjoyed theatre and rarely got to enjoy such a privilege. It was the first time I had seen a Mandones production, and it was well worth the dinars. However, during the performance, I couldn't help but feel warmth grow deep in my sex when I remembered touching Xena beneath a blanket while watching a play in Athens. Gods, she was exciting in every way.

When the play was over and I was walking out of the fenced-in seating area, a young man approached me, looking very worried. I wasn't quite sure why he would single me out, but he seemed sincere in his pleading.

"Excuse me, Miss….I was wondering if you could help me…it's my daughter. She's very sick…her fever is high and she can't seem to stop bleeding from…well…you know what I mean. We are traveling on that ship right over there. I wondered if you might take a look at her."

He pointed to the nearby deck and I could see lanterns outlining the walkway. We started walking in that direction and I asked him, "Why is your sick daughter on the ship? Shouldn't you have brought her to shore?"

"I'm afraid she might be contagious, and there are too many people around Mendes that she could endanger. I'm sorry, but you looked so kind and I couldn't find a doctor…I'm not very good with female problems."

"Okay, but I'll tell you now that I'm no healer. That would be my…'friend's' skills." I didn't know what in the world I would do to help his child, but I didn't feel like I could turn him away. It crossed my mind to be careful in following strangers, but I felt pretty confident that I could defend myself if the need arose.

"Right in here," the young man said, opening a door to a small, darkened cabin. I strained my eyes to look for the child maybe lying on the bed, and no sooner than I realized no one was inside, the door slammed shut behind me and locked from the outside.

My stomach dropped as I figured out that I had been kidnapped, aboard some strange ship with men who could do with me what they wanted. Trying not to let myself panic, I started pounding on the door, bloodying my knuckles in no time. Gods, where was Xena when I desperately needed her?

"Let me out of here!" I yelled, finally getting angry and looking for anything to strike against the door. I didn't want to go the weak route and let the tears fall…yet. I had to think, and think quickly. And with that thought, I felt the ship begin moving away from the port, and fear overtook me. I finally sat down on the bed and looked around the room, searching for an escape.

Barely a minute had passed and I heard the same young man's voice on the other side of the door. I heard several knocks. "Hello in there…"

I stood and went to the door, leaning my head against the wood and wondering what in Tartarus was happening. "I have orders to release you, but you have to give me your word that you won't try to escape. You will be punished if you try to get away. Besides, you're already too far out to sea…you'd never make it."

"Now that's certainly comforting," I quietly spoke to myself.

I didn't respond and just stood still and quiet inside the cabin. I finally heard the crossbar lifting and cool air filled the room. At least the young man seemed respectable. He stuck his head in the doorway and said, "I know you'll be good to your word…the Cap'n said you'd be a good girl."

"Where is the captain?" I asked him.

"Don't you worry about him…Now do you wanna come up on deck and get some fresh air?"

"Does the captain know I get seasick?" Maybe I should just throw up on all of the crewmembers and teach them a lesson about taking people against their will.

"Yep!" I heard another voice approaching, and saw a man almost taking up the entire doorway when he stood beside the young man. I braced myself to be attacked or taken against my will, but instead, he stretched out his hand like he wanted to give me something. "The Cap'n said to give you some of this…"

"Thank you," I said quietly, examining the leaf he laid in my hand. It was the same herb Xena gave me every time we traveled on water, calming my stomach considerably. Did the Captain abduct Xena, too, and she told him I had to have this herb? That would be the only way he'd know I had to have in order to travel without a cleanup crew following me around.

The two men turned to walk away, and I asked them why I had been taken against my will. They kept walking and I stepped out of the cabin into the hallway. "Where are you taking me?" I asked again, and again I got no feedback. I finally walked on deck and leaned over the side of the ship. How did I manage to get myself in these predicaments? I was only trying to be helpful. I watched as the shoreline inched further and further away. It was growing dark and fear began to overtake me. I kept thinking about the herb the man had given me, from the Captain. Could it be possible that Xena knew I was on board?

Another man approached me, saying his name was Al. "The Cap'n said he's ready to see you now."

I stepped back from the side of the ship and turned to face the man. "Where is he?" I asked, looking for any sign of this Captain that everyone seemed to obey. I thought I could see someone standing in the shadows behind the wheel, and Al walked behind me, nudging me in the back. "Hurry up…he don't like to wait…"

My legs felt rubbery at first, mostly from being nervous about what I would face. Xena should be arriving in Mendes tomorrow and hopefully Virgil would tell her when I came up missing. He should be looking the city over for me right now, but that didn't do me very much good for the time being. I began walking and tried to seem confident, not giving the opponent any indication that I was completely terrified. I felt sure I could hold my own for a while, but that wasn't much consolation either.

We stopped as we reached the platform, and Al whispered from behind, "Just do what he says."

I gulped rather loudly, feeling my breath shortening in my chest. When I heard a voice come from the shadows, my body involuntarily flinched. "I'll bet your wondering why you are here," I heard a low voice say. I strained to see who was speaking to me, but all I could see was a tall form. "Aren't you?"


"Any guesses?"

"No, not really."

"Are you sure?"

I shook my head. "Please, can I see you?"

With an amused and very familiar chuckle, the voice said, "Does it bother you not knowing what I look like?"


"Do you want to guess what you're doing here, Melissa?"

Melissa. Melissa? By the gods…it couldn't be…was it?

I had been looking at the unknown figure's feet, noticing black leather boots, leather pants, and as I worked my way up, a very nice silk shirt. The captain wasn't dressed much like a dirty pirate or hired crew obviously.

I stood there in silence, suddenly realizing it really was her! Well hello, Jess!

She had tricked me, that's for sure. And if Xena went to this much trouble to fake my kidnapping and take me away on a ship, knowing how the ocean and my stomach aren't a good combination…she must have a very good plan for us to have some very pleasurable alone time together.

I knew the crewmembers were watching us from different places on the deck, and I decided to never miss a beat with our charade.

I thought of a reason why the Captain would be holding me against my will. Submissively, I lowered my head and quietly answered, "I'm sure it has something to do with my father…how much did he cheat you out of?"

"A whole lot of dinars," she said, taking hold of my chin and lifting my head as if she were angry. "And he cost me my fiancé…a beautiful little girl named Monique."

Monique? Now there was a name to remember. She was that feisty little red head from Delle's who like grabbing Xena's ass every time she had the chance.

"She was so beautiful and sweet," she continued, "but she dropped me like a stone when she found out I had lost most of my fortune. But you know what, Melissa?"

"What?" I darted my eyes to the left to see Al stepping closer, curious as to what the commanding captain would do with me.

"I do believe you're even more beautiful than Monique. I was going to take you, and make some dinars from selling you, but I might just have to keep your for myself. What would you say about that?"

"I'd say you were crazy! My father will never let you get away with this!"

She stepped down off the platform and roughly grabbed my arm, yanking me towards the cabin area. "Come on, Melissa…I want to show you to your cabin. It's getting late." The crew members snickered as their captain pulled me away, knowing I probably had a good, hard fuck coming. I hoped they were right.

She led me down the stairs and showed me where the others slept. "Where do I sleep?" I asked, keeping up our performance in case someone was overhearing our conversation.

"This is your cabin," she said, still holding onto my arm while opening the door to the cabin with the other. She pushed me inside, and stood back to watch my reaction.

"It's rather masculine, isn't it?" I asked, walking around the small room and taking in the decor.

"Well, yeah…you could say that…", I heard her say behind me. Gauging how Xena was dressed, I'd say the masculine description was an understatement. I knew that before this night was over, Jess would make me feel like I'd been rode hard and put away wet.

At first, she didn't offer to step inside the room, so I started to close the door, expecting her to come back later. Just as I closed the door, she placed her boot in the doorway and forced her way into the room, turning to lock the door behind her as she dropped the key down her pants pocket.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm getting ready to go to bed," she said.

"Who do you think you are?" I whined, as she pushed me forcibly, making me stumble toward the middle of the room.

"I'm the one who is making sure no one disturbs us."

We just stood there for a few moments, totally silent and just looking at each other. As soon as I caught a smile forming on my lover's delicious mouth, I ran and jumped into her arms, wrapping my legs around her waist.

"I love you…I love you…I love you!" I told her, kissing her without stopping, taking off her hat and feeling her silky hair against my face as I hugged her tightly. She acted like I was too heavy and stumbled backwards and sat down in a chair, keeping me in her lap. I captured her mouth for a clit-throbbing kiss, making up for the time I had missed my baby and showing her how happy I was that she had surprised me, even though I was so scared at first.

Finally, when I could manage pulling my mouth away from hers, I sat back and asked her, "How did you arrange all this?"

In her very cool, calm and collected way, she reminded me, "I have many skills." She loved using that phrase, knowing it would make me laugh.

"Do the men have any idea what's going on?"

"Not a clue…all they know is I'm a friend of King Melos who owes me a favor or two, and they're to obey my orders as if they were his. I haven't had a bit of trouble with them."

"They don't even know you're a woman?" She had wrapped cloths tightly around her chest and made herself appear flat, and the phallus she was sporting definitely looking real in her leather-covered crotch. I could feel it quite nicely as I sat straddle of her lap.

"Nope…in fact, we spent the last night swapping stories of our conquests in the bedroom."

Her carefree attitude had me intrigued. "Are you planning on keeping up the act? Or are you going to tell them the truth?"

"That's up to you…if you want to keep up the ruse, I'm all for it, but are you ready for the consequences?"

"Consequences?" I was working busily unbuttoning her shirt.

She stood with me still attached to her body, and walked slowly to the bed, laid me back as I started pulling her shirt out of her pants. I bent my knees so that she was lying between my legs.

She put her face directly to mine. "The men think you are here without your permission…they think you're afraid of me, and would never give in to my demands without coercion. Do you want to keep that act up?"

"Do you want to?"

"Very much."

"Me too…very much. But…"

"What is it?" she asked, looking seriously at me.

"What about when we're alone…like now? Do we have to keep pretending the whole time?" I felt her press her hips into me, now smiling with the question I had asked.

"I made sure the walls and door were very thick. Once the door is shut, no one can hear what goes on in here."

"Perfect…" I pulled her shirt off both shoulders and grabbed hold of the material she had wrapped around her chest. "I want you to take this off…now…"

She showed me where she had started the wrap, and I worked as quickly as possible until I could finally see her gorgeous breasts. With only her pants and boots on, she laid her weight back on me, pressing her nipples into mine and bringing with it a gush of moisture between my legs.

I paused one more moment and worked myself free from my own top, wanting to feel our breasts rub against each other, wanting to feel her heavy breath in my ear as she moved on top of me.

"Gods, but that's good," she growled, rubbing herself all over me, her nipples hard against mine. I watched as she placed her mouth over mine, slowly and carefully, easing her tongue inside my mouth and captivating me from that very second on. The connection, softness, and warmth of her mouth on mine made for the perfect kiss.

She started trying to get up to remove the rest of our clothes, but I squeezed even tighter with my thighs, locking her in my grasp and possession.

She broke the kiss and growled, "Gabrielle…"

I raised my hand to her mouth and traced her lips with my finger. "I want to come on your cock, Jess…Captain…"

"That's going to be hard to do, if you don't let me go." She just wasn't getting it. She had been grinding into my cunt this entire time, and I was close to my first orgasm already. And seeing her in the trousers with no shirt was such a turn on for me. Her breasts were at complete attention, and seeing her erection beneath the leather she so handsomely donned was the perfect combination, making my little bard pussy beg for more. And I knew how hot and bothered it would make her…having to leave her clothes on while my naked cunt rubbed against her crotch.

"This is going to be your punishment for kidnapping me and scaring me so badly." I released my grip on her body and let her up as I scooted up to the pillows on the bed. I motioned with my hand for her to join me, and I saw her chest lightly flushed. She started to crawl onto the bed, but paused. I didn't take a breath and waited to see if she was going to comply with my request. She looked at me lying on the pillows, and I bent one knee so that my skirt would lift for her viewing pleasure. It worked. She shook her head, as if talking herself out of whatever she was going to say, and continued her crawl slowly towards me.

When she made it almost to the pillows, I had her stop and reached for her hands. "Help me out of these…" I told her, and holding onto her wrists, I guided her hands up my thighs and to the top of my panties. Before letting go, I made sure to take each palm and press it hard into my sex, drenching my underwear and seeping through the fabric onto her skin. Her mouth opened as she gulped for air, and my cunt opened as it gulped for her.

She locked her fingers into the waistband of my panties and I raised my hips off the bed as she pulled them free. As she was laying her body on top of mine again, I bent my knees and pressed against her ass, whispering, "Come down here, Jess,…let me feel that hard cock of yours." I pushed my hips up and starting humping against her, and I heard her groan in the back of her throat.

"Oh yeah, Jess…fuck me with that cock…" Gods, it was so good. I closed my eyes and sunk back into the pillows, grabbing both hands on each side of her ass and helped guide her hips exactly the way that felt best to me. She knew perfectly how to satisfy my craving, and held her weight off me so she could watch me writhing beneath her. She loved that.

I held nothing back and thoroughly enjoyed how she made my body feel. She threatened to make me lose concentration when she leaned down and told me, "You had better come soon, Little Vixen…because I can't take this much longer." That meant I had done my job well. I came with such intensity, and I suppose that was partly from all the emotional excitement she had brought my way. We were always hot for each other when it had been a few days, but hot wasn't nearly the adjective for this scene.

I stretched my body as I caught my breath; looking up to see a very frustrated Warrior perched above me. But that was okay…I would take care of her soon enough. It was still fun making her wait. "That is so much better," I said, smiling contentedly.

"For you, maybe," she said straightening up to unfasten her pants. She turned around and removed her boots and trousers, revealing her gray men's underwear and very ready erection underneath the fly.

"So sexy," I said, starting to sit up.

"Un huh," she said, pushing me back down. "I've got to even up the score."

She stood beside the bed and placed her foot beside my body. I told her I would be glad to help her even the score, thinking maybe a blow job right about now would be received with pleasure.

I should know that Xena is always going to win. She had my undivided attention as she reached inside her fly and pulled out her cock. My eyes were glued to her new accessory. The memories it made flash in my mind were very sentimental.

I know I looked at it for several seconds before saying a word. I finally broke my stare from her crotch and looked at her face. "Where did you get that? It looks so much like the one from the other world."

She gave me no answer, but instead grabbed her cock with her right hand and began jacking off, repaying me a thousand times over for the ride I took just minutes ago. How could she be so cruel? But what a sight to behold…

She had let her head drop back as she moved her fist over her erection, obviously able to feel the effects of her labor. She looked incredible, standing there beside me, making herself come…but I wanted to play, too.

She looked down suddenly when she felt my hands beneath the phallus. She was literally pouring juices from her cunt, and as I started to snake my fingers inside her, I soon discovered that this phallus had a little extra something on the opposite end. Each time the phallus moved in her hand, it also moved back and forth inside her. I couldn't wait to try it out.

It looked so real, and I could see her watching me. The head of the phallus was only inches from my mouth, and I leaned forward and licked over the end, seeing her body begin to shudder with her reward inching its way into her loins. I moved her hand away and grabbed hold of her cock, sucking the entire head into my mouth, at the same time jacking her off, feeling her thrust forward into my mouth as she came…loudly.

She panted and her chest heaved for some time, and finally removed her fingers from my hair.

"Is there something you want to tell me?" I asked

"Like what?"

"Like when did you grow this uh…appendage? I half expected to see sperm come shooting out of the end of it, Xena!"

"I thought you'd appreciate the realistic look of it…but it's easily removable, I promise."

I explored our new toy, conveniently working my way back into her underwear. I had to make sure what I had felt just minutes ago was for real. She had gotten so wet from our time together so far, and feeling her slick secretions coat even the insides of her thighs made me lick my lips with hunger and desire. I slid my fingers along the leather harness, feeling her hair plastered with the evidence of her arousal. I pulled the phallus slightly away from her body and felt inside her with one finger, discovering how far the opposite end of the phallus went inside her. It wasn't a lot of length, but definitely more than the nub on our other phallus. She watched silently as I gathered all the evidence I needed.

I quickly slid out of the remainder of my clothes and lowered my body back down on the bed. Spreading my legs wide for her, I looked up and asked, "What are you waiting for? Aren't you going to fuck me?" She stepped out of her underwear and with a growl, met me on the bed and I welcomed her inside my body.

She locked both her arms under my shoulders, sliding herself into my depths and biting my neck as she made sure our bodies were touching in every possible place. She set a forceful, steady pace as she drew back her hips and thrust forward into me again and again. The room was filled with the scent of our passion and moans of raw desire. I raised my feet off the bed and opened myself fully to her, giving my body to her and receiving her perfect love. We came together, grabbing handfuls of flesh or sheets or whatever we could find to hold onto. Pure bliss.

She let all of her weight rest on my body, staying buried inside me and nestling her head against mine on the pillows. I reached over and pulled back her soaked hair, stroking her face and planting tiny kisses across her forehead. We rested for awhile that way, and when she finally pulled out of me and laid back on her side of the bed, I was struck with a fabulous idea.

"Xena?" I turned to my side and rested my head in my hand.

"Hmmmm?" She had her arm thrown across her eyes, very possibly thinking about taking a nap.

"Can I try it on?"

She raised her arm and turned her head to look at me, half frowning.

"Try what on?"

"Your boots. No silly…you know what I'm taking about." I reached out and grabbed her cock, still standing erect and in need of some more pussy. "This…"

She looked down at my hand around the phallus, and started grinning. "Sure, if you want."

I wasted no time unfastening it from her body, leaving her stretched out on the bed as she watched me trying to fasten it on myself. I shuddered when the smaller end of the phallus slid easily into me as I snugly secured the harness around my hips. It was still warm and dripping from her own body. She grinned at me, knowing how great it felt.

I smiled wickedly at her as I stroked myself, feeling the incredible sensation it gave my own tunnel. This time, I started crawling up the end of the bed, never breaking eye contact with her. She raised herself up on her elbows, knowing exactly what I wanted. "You said you wanted to try it on…" she said, smiling her half smile.

"That's right. I want to try it on you."

I crawled between her legs, standing on my knees and lifting behind her knees so that her feet were flat on the bed. Stretching my body along hers, I placed my hands on each side of her body and pushed myself up so that I could see my erection meeting her very soaked cunt. I pushed the head of the phallus along her clit, not going inside her yet and just watched myself slide up and down her sex. "Gods, Xena…you make me want to eat you alive." Her breathing picked up and soon her hands were caressing my shoulders and back. "Mmmmm…" she moaned, and I went lower and pushed forward, feeling the walls of her pussy accept me inside.

I laid my body on top of her and felt her arms wrap around my back as she hugged me gently against her. I always found it exciting that she would allow me to mount her, allow me to go inside her, and allow me to bring her to a luscious peak where my name echoed from her lips. I felt her hands inch down and soon grab hold of my ass, pushing me harder into her and letting me know she was ready to get it on.

"You want it harder, Baby?" I asked, snaking my tongue along her ear and sucking her neck with hunger.

"Yessss…fuck me…hard…"

I raised my hips as far back as possible without sliding out of her, and then shoved forward forcefully, and then drawing back and repeating it over and over, increasing the speed of my thrusts. I watched as her breasts jarred with the force of each jolt, and soon we both were coming again, our bodies tangled together-never able to get close enough.

When she let me go, I backed down from her embrace and kissed a trail down her stomach. Not able to ignore her very erect clit, I covered it with my mouth and drew all of her in between my lips, sucking her hard and quickly bringing her to orgasm again. It certainly wasn't as strong as before, but it gave me a wonderful excuse to lick up the mess I had made.

I took my place beside her and we both collapsed for a while. I woke up to her long body nestled behind me, cradling me…but her hands were at work as she seduced me once again. I could not resist her touch, nor did I want to. Her hands had been stroking my ass, and I could feel that she had put the harness back on. She lifted my leg slightly and slid her cock up my slit, waking me up with fiery lust building between my legs. I started rocking my hips back and forth against her erection. Kissing my neck, she whispered, "I want to be inside you again…like this." I felt her hand on my waist, and I moved it in front of me so that she held most of my chest in her large hand. "I want you inside me again…like this."

She moved her hand down my stomach and as she pushed herself inside me from behind, but also started lightly stroking my clit and touching my pussy. "Is that all for me?" she asked, starting to move harder with her strokes. "All for you…" I managed, feeling my eyes want to roll back as she had me climbing once again. She moved the top half of her body to a slant and grabbed my hips, still having me lie on my side. With grunts and moans from each of us, we continued to make love long into the night. When I had came for the last time, she started to move, but I grabbed her hands and told her, "Please…don't move. Stay inside me." And we went to sleep.

The herb must have worn off for awhile, because I kept dreaming I was getting sick on the deck. The next thing I knew, my sweet Warrior was tapping me on the shoulder and telling me to take some more medication. After a long drink of water, I settled back into our wonderful bed and went back to sleep, wrapped in the arms of my lover.

I woke up close to noon, the cabin too warm from being on the wrong side of the ship for a late sleeper. I was sore all over, but a very good kind of sore. What a perfect night we had.

I washed up at the basin and dug through Xena’s saddlebag in search of another herbal leaf. I didn’t want to worry about getting seasick in the middle of one of our performances. I had never felt more ready to pose as Melissa, and to completely submit to Jess’s authority—no matter what the challenge.

I started to leave the cabin and found the door to be locked on the other side. I don’t know why I was surprised, but I was. I first thought about being irritated, but then realized this was all part of the game. Eventually, I would catch on.

I began pounding on the door with my fists, not bothering to scream because of the noise reduction I hoped the room had. If not, the crewmembers would know I wasn’t kept against my will. I rested a minute or so and started back in, hoping someone heard me soon or I would not be a happy sailor. Finally, I heard two responding knocks from the other side and the lock being released. My beautiful Warrior, although in drag, come to my rescue.

She stepped into our room and shut the door behind her. I met for a soft, lasting kiss, and told her, “Good morning, Cap’n.”

“Good morning…I take it you slept well?”

“Mmmm…yeah…very well.”

She smiled down at me and had her hands locked around my lower back. “I’m glad, but don’t let the men know that…they think you hardly slept a wink, trying to keep away from my advances.”

I slapped her playfully on the arm and asked ,”Did you tell them you had your way with me?”

“Of course not. But I did lead them to believe that you were beginning to weaken to my charms…it’s up to you to decide whether or not I was successful.”

“If I got any weaker, you’d kill me, Jess.” She leaned down once more for a kiss, and we left the cabin, knowing it was show time.

Each of the men gave me a cheery morning greeting, trying to keep their glances from turning into stares. It could have been my imagination, but it’s like they knew I had gotten a good fuck last night, and after that, I don’t know what they thought. I didn’t want to know, actually.

I walked back to the rail and waited for Jess’s next move. There would definitely be one, and most likely one I might not be ready for.

She startled me when she flipped from out of nowhere and landed right beside me. I jumped and she grabbed my elbow. “What’s your hurry, My Sweet? Where are you headed?”

“Anywhere that you AREN’T…” I said, acting like a little bitch and trying to pull away from her grip.

She tightened her clutch around my elbow, getting very close to being uncomfortable. “Now, now, Melissa…you don’t want these men to think you’re less than friendly toward me, do you?”

I looked up into her eyes and watched as she pressed my body even closer to the railing. With her mouth next to mine, she warned me, “My men are well-behaved, but if I give them permission, they’d be on you in a second. Which would you rather have…the four of them…or me?”

I knew they could hear her, and the fact was they probably were just waiting for ole Jess to give them the okay to pounce on me. Of course, he would never allow that, but they didn’t know it. She wasn’t giving me much time for a response.

“Well?” she asked angrily, but then let me feel that she was wearing our favorite new toy beneath those leather trousers as she pressed herself into me.

“Please don’t make me…” I weakly begged.

“Don’t make you what?”

“Don’t make me say it…”

“Why not? I think it will do you good to admit it…now tell me…Do you want me…or my crew?” Her hand rested on my breasts as she waited for my reply.

Hmmm…let’s see…dirty, filthy men with bad oral and dental hygiene, or Xena: Warrior Princess, the most beautiful creature on earth.


“Good choice,” she said, invading my mouth with hers.

Literally. She wasn’t kissing me with her usual passion and love…she was grinding her lips hard against my mouth. Surely she wasn’t thinking we were going to actually do it in front of the crew? My eyes widened when it all hit me. By the Gods…

I quickly thought of how to handle this, but there really wasn’t an alternative. Even though I would have preferred that she picked me up kicking and screaming over her shoulder and took me to our private cabin, she wasn’t going that route. She was really testing, and expecting, me to do my part.

She kept pressing me backwards and being rough, so I did the only thing I could do. I opened my mouth and let her tongue inside, and when I had the opportunity, I bit down on her bottom lip…hard. She yanked back and her hand flew to her mouth as she wiped a few drops of blood away.

“Oh…that was a mistake, Melissa,” she said.

“No!” I yelled, as she picked me up and threw me across her shoulder. Actually I thought she was going to do as I wished, and take me back to our cabin and give me the hard pounding she knew I wanted. I played her little game and beat my fists against her back as she carried me away.

And then she really surprised me.

I felt it, heard it, but still didn’t believe it had happened. Not trying to soften the force of her hand, I felt it come across my ass hard. The guys from the crew were snickering and cheering Cap’n Jess on. There enthusiasm made my anger and shame well up even more.

Keeping my voice just loud enough for her to hear, I calmly said, “Xena, I know you just didn’t spank my ass.”

“Uh…yes I did.”

I immediately starting trying to squirm out of her grasp, yelling, “You bastard! How dare you!”

“Like this,” she said confidently, and did it again.

She finally told me, “You hit me, I hit you.” She took off walking again, and I continued to squirm in her arms, hoping soon to be in our cozy little cabin again.

Instead of taking the stairs, she took us behind the cargo area of the deck. She knelt down and gently placed her hand on my back and laid me on the sun-bleached boards.

I looked up and saw her eyes were so clear today. She looked absolutely gorgeous, and was in one of my favorite positions. She was holding her arms stiff as she let herself lay between my legs.

“How are you doing?” she asked, keeping her voice almost a whisper for our privacy.

I knew without a doubt that she planned on taking me right here, where the men would be able to catch glimpses of us. I felt my cheeks color in a blush, but thought of an idea that would give me a little courage. “I think you may need to tie up my hands, Cap’n Jess.”

She wasted no time and reached for her whip, but gave me a quick smile as she tied my hands above my head. “Is this alright?” she asked.

“Gods, yes, Jess. Please…fuck me now…”

She freed me from my top, and I tried looking to my right to see if there was any way the men could see me. I trusted Xena on this, and gave her total control. I watched as she bent down and took my nipples into her mouth, sucking them and circling them with her tongue.

She raised up and started unfastening her pants. Speaking loud enough for the men to hear her, she said, “You’ve teased me a little too much, Melissa…you’ve got to learn a beautiful girl like you can only tease so much, before she gets what’s coming to her.”

“What’s coming to me?” I asked her, clenching her as tightly as I could with the muscles of my thighs.

“A good hard prick between your thighs,” she said, and the men actually cheered for her. I couldn’t help but wonder if she was feeding off the cheers.

I watched as she lifted my skirt and dug her fingers into the top of my panties, yanking them down and over my boots.

She lowered herself onto me again, and braced herself on her left arm as she reached down to pull the phallus from her pants. I couldn’t let myself think about the audience we had just feet away…but of course, when she started sliding it lightly again my cunt, I suddenly didn’t give a damn if they had front row seats.

“Are you a virgin, Melissa?” she sneered.

She jolted forward inside me with one thrust, and stopped, saying, “Nope. You’re not a virgin.”

We exchanged looks for a brief moment, and I pressed my hips upward so she could feel me. “Make love to me…” I whispered, and she leaned down and covered my mouth with hers. I gently sucked in her bottom lip and could feel where I had bitten her earlier. When the kiss ended, I quietly told her, “Yeah…give it to me, Baby. You’re so fucking big…”

It was so uncomfortable being restrained when I wanted my hands tangled in her hair. She fucked me hard and slow, both of us continually groaning with the satisfaction we were finding.

She brought me over, as I knew she would…my chest pressing into her as I arched my back and felt her driving into my pussy. When I caught my breath, I felt her start to pull out of me. I clenched my muscles tight and held her inside of me, suddenly having an excellent idea.

“Relax, Xena,” I whispered. I continued gripping the phallus deep inside me and felt her body back away slightly. It didn’t take long for her to discover how good this could feel on her end. She raised her hips a couple of times and then stopped and smiled down at me. “Fuck it, Baby…I want to watch you come…” I told her, feeling fresh juices dripping from her pussy down to mine around the phallus.

She planted her hands on each side of my body and started her motion. Because of the snug fit of the harness, she didn’t have much room for the small end inside her to move, but I concentrated solely on making this as good as I possibly could for her. I could tell by the flexing of her muscles that she was close. She pumped towards me in short strokes, advancing the rhythm as I watched the flush spread in her cheeks. “That’s it, Xena…you’re so close.” I continued talking to her, just loud enough for she and I to hear.

Suddenly she fell forward, covering my body and muffling her voice in my neck. All was quiet onboard and I’m sure there were four men walking rather oddly on the opposite side of the ship.

I wanted to embrace her tightly as she lay on top of me, but all I could do was tell her what I felt. “Gods, I love you. You absolutely take my breath away.”

She raised her head and gave me a beautiful smile. “Mine too…”

I wiggled my arms now going to sleep above my head. “You can untie me now,” I told her, thinking this milestone in our love life was over. Instead of her showing mercy, she shook her head and started sliding down my body. “What are you doing?” I asked, but her tongue shoving up my sex gave me the answer. She spread my legs wide, licking and sucking and thrusting with her tongue, and when the crew saw my legs go over her shoulders, I used their cheers to hide screaming her name across the ocean.

COMING NEXT WEEK: Emotions run rampant when Xena and Gabrielle meet up with Dahak and deal with the consequences, then Gabrielle decides whether or not to accompany Xena to Chin. Based on Gabrielle’s Hope and The Debt.

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