Open Eyes--Gabrielle's Scroll

There were times when all things went to slow motion…like the times Xena fought the bad guys. I could see her muscles rippling beneath her smooth skin as I observed her movements and the agility with which she fought her opponents. She was even more beautiful with the extreme determination I saw in her eyes. There was never a time she considered losing, and I was almost always overtaken by hero worship at some point in the fight. She was amazing. But then another kind of worship came to mind. The love I held for her was the strongest I had ever known, and I was still surprised at times that she accepted me as her lover. Being with Xena every single day and just living each moment with her was enough to complete my life.

I valued my life a little more since the wound I received during the attack of the Persians. Xena had nursed me back to health faithfully and hadn't been letting me have much of the fighting action, but today was going to be my first real workout. At first, she took them all on. I gradually started going after a few that were sneaking away from the crowd, and saw her watching me while she fought plenty of them at once. It didn't take long to convince them that they had messed with the wrong girls, and I made my way to Xena as we watched them run off like whimpering cowards.

She smiled as I walked to her, quickly asking how I was feeling. We started traveling again toward Pepen and before the afternoon was over, I gave in and sat behind Xena on Argo. I was very tired after our morning brawl with our repentant attackers, and leaning forward and resting my weight against her sure did feel good. I wrapped my arms loosely around her hips and just took a deep breath, enjoying the smell of my baby's leather and having my arms full of Warrior Princess. I actually went to sleep, because the next thing I knew, Xena was helping me off the saddle and giving me the good news that we were ready to get a room. The promise of sleeping in a soft bed with clean, crisp sheets certainly appealed to me, and knowing I would wake up next to a long, sexy, gorgeous lover made me anxious to be locking the door behind us.

We spent a couple of days in Pepen, just resting and enjoying the small city. I finally got to catch up on some scroll writing, and had treated myself to new parchment paper, two new Quills and a bottle of blue ink. We both stayed busy during the day, but met back for dinner and enjoyed eating warm, delicious meals. I felt better than I had in a long time.

Xena had a certain glow about her tonight, and I kept noticing it as we talked about the events of the day. Her eyes were especially beautiful over the candlelight, and I took my foot and brushed against hers under the table. She was telling me about her new friend, Ben, and his boat…but all I could concentrate on was watching her mouth as she talked. I could just feel her tongue licking all over my breasts right before she sucked them into her mouth. I loved hearing that moan she gave whenever she got her first mouthful of Bard chest. And the beautiful thing was it always ended up being quite yummy for both of us before it was all over.


"Huh?" Gods, I hated it when she caught me daydreaming. My stomach all of a sudden felt nervous because I wondered how long she had been talking to me, and what in the world was she asking me.

"I was asking if you were going to finish your dinner or just play in it."

I looked down and saw where I had made a small reservoir with my potatoes, stirring my fork around as I fantasized about Xena making love to me.

"Aren't you feeling well? You're not getting sick on me, are you?"

I reached and grabbed her hand across the table. "Xena…quit worrying! I'm fine. Never felt better…"

She leaned forward, placing her other hand on my knee. "Let me be the judge of that…" she said, squeezing my thigh and licking her tongue over her full lips.

"I can do that." She didn't know how ready I was to let her judge.

We went for a short walk since the night was so beautiful, and when we returned to our room, Xena started undressing. I could feel my pussy lubricating itself with each article of clothing she let drop to the floor. I watched with great excitement realizing Xena was in the mood to make love. I could go for that.

I walked over to her and couldn't resist reaching out to touch her skin. I stood behind her and let my hands graze down both shoulders, feeling her catch her breath when I made contact with her body. I pressed my chest firmly into her back as I brought my hands around to hold her breasts. I brushed my cheek against her back and then kissed her softly all over. I felt her take my hands into hers and urge me to stand in front of her.

I slowly walked around her and saw her gorgeous reflection in the mirror. She then had me face the mirror with me standing in front of her, and I saw and felt her hands begin massaging my shoulders. It didn't take long until her hands found their way down the front of my shirt; searching out my breasts and making my knees want to buckle. Gods, she could make me melt.

I heard her chuckle under her breath as she leaned down to whisper in my ear, "I haven't even started with you…and you're this excited already?"

"I can't help it," I heard myself awkwardly confess. "Touching you just gets me so hot and now you are touching me…"

She didn't seem to mind my current state of semi-incoherency and I felt her untying my shirt and folding back both sides so that my breasts were fully exposed in the mirror. I had been standing there with my eyes closed, just feeling her touching my body and leaning back against her. She wanted me to open my eyes and watch her in the mirror as she touched me. One of her hands caressed my breast and her other hand made its way down to the inside of my skirt. She made everything so exciting for me, especially when we were doing something for the first time.

She continued touching me, drawing me into her trap, knowing I couldn't resist anything she wanted when she got me so worked up. "See how beautiful you are?" she asked. I couldn't agree with her there, but I was certainly glad she found me so attractive. She unfastened my belt and soon I was standing there completely naked, along with my Warrior. She turned me to face her, looking very serious.

"Gabrielle, do you trust me?"

"Yes, Xena." That usually meant one thing, and before she would let me think much about it, she said, "Remember that you do."

"What do you want me to do, Xena?"

She paused for a few seconds, my imagination running wild. "I want you to sit down with your back against the footboard of the bed." Easy enough. We both scooted our naked bodies down against the bed, the full-length mirror still reflecting our total image.

"What now?"

"Just watch in the mirror."

I looked straight ahead and saw her hand stroke over my thigh. "Spread your legs for me." Gods, just her low voice alone was enough to make me wet, but mixed with that statement and hearing the lust coming from her, I was ready for her to take me. She watched as I spread my legs slightly, but didn't move her hand from my thigh.

Then she told me what she wanted, and I immediately felt like I couldn't do it. She never moved her eyes off my body, and told me, "I want you to touch yourself for me."

"I can't do that…"

She couldn't understand why I was so embarrassed, but her touching me and me touching myself was a completely different thing. It was very difficult for me to let go and feel confident enough to give her a show.

"What if I masturbate for you at the same time?"

I listened to her talk, not being able to get the vision of her touching herself out of my head. Maybe that's why it turned her on so much-for me to touch myself. Somehow, it didn't seem to hold the same gratifying pleasure.

I watched as she straightened her leg out and moved it slightly so that I could see her begin to touch herself. She ran her fingers through her wetness and brought them back to her nose, making my mouth water as I watched the erotic tone she was setting. But she didn't stop there. Her narrations of the event were really setting the mood.

"Sometimes I like to tease myself for a long time…"

I sucked her juices from her fingers, desiring her inside me. She had taught me how wonderful it was to be fucked with the phallus, and I never got enough of her inside my body.

"Xena…" I panted, leaning over to suck one of her breasts into my mouth. I felt her fingers run though the back of my hair.

"Yes, My Love?"

"I want you inside me now…making love to me…please…"

She told me not to move and stood up to go to her saddlebag. She quickly made her way back to our rug and as she sat down, I noticed she didn't have the harness with her. I thought she would lay me back on the rug and give it to me hard, but I thought I would ask just in case she had a different idea.

"How do you want me?"

She sat back down against the foot of the bed, and patted the tops of her thighs. "Right here."

That would work. I started straddling her thighs to sit and face her. She kissed me quickly and said, "Facing the other way, Gabrielle."

"Oh…okay." Gods, I felt like an idiot, but she never acted like it bothered her and helped me sit facing the mirror. I was just the perfect height (or lack of) to sit across her lap and still see her beautiful face over my shoulder.

Suddenly, her knees went up and I quickly moved my legs on either side of hers.

"How's this?" she asked, her face holding a great deal of satisfaction with our current position. Her arm was wrapped lightly across my waist as she held me against her. I could feel my juices fully gathered at my opening, ready for her touch.

I looked ahead at the mirror, and saw my body completely open to our viewing pleasure. I noticed that my nipples were as erect as hers was as they rubbed against my back.

"I don't know…" I would rather have been looking at her naked body than mine, but I did love how she was holding me. She began touching me, and I couldn't help but let my eyes close and my head lean against her shoulder. Each time I relaxed, she stopped touching me, and soon I learned that she intended for me to watch each stroke. I kept reminding myself to trust her, and tried to relax into her wonderful touch.

She spread her legs even further apart, spreading me apart even more, but revealing to us both my juices and how they were trickling down. She leaned her head over my shoulder and told me, "Just relax and watch me touch you…"

And right there was where my attitude changed about mirrors. Feeling the Warrior Princess' hands was one thing, but actually watching them as I felt the sensations she sent all over my body was incredible. In the mirror, I could see just enough of her dark hair and gorgeous cunt below my hips, and feeling her hair rub against me was intoxicating in itself. I could feel her hips begin to roll beneath my body as she started touching me, parting my lips and covering her fingers with my desire.

I leaned back against her and watched as she made love to me, and for now that would be only with her hands. She laid the phallus to the side and focused all her attention to my center. "Gabrielle…" I heard her whisper.


"Hold yourself open for me."

I watched as she took her time running her fingers through my pussy, barely penetrating my opening and making me wetter by the second. It's like my voice betrayed my self-control, and I heard myself begging.

"More…please…Xena…" My hips were taking their own lead and moving against her strokes. She went inside me a little farther, knowing she had me literally in the palm of her hand. I watched as she took two of her long fingers and thrust them inside me, making us both gasp with an incredible sensation of desire and satisfaction. I watched as they disappeared inside me, coming back out with a glistening shine of my need for her. She enhanced the mood with her dirty talk…again, knowing exactly what she was doing and how to get what she wanted. Of course, I wanted to give it to her. "Oh, your little pussy is sooo wet," she crooned. "You want to come so bad, don't you?"

She buried her thumb more firmly against my clit with each thrust, encouraging me to continuing climbing and giving her another orgasm to chalk up.

"Yes, My Love…watch yourself come for me…" she rasped, sweat breaking out on both our bodies as the heat generated between us.

My back arched and my nipples pointed firmly upward as I came, still watching her hand shove against mine as I held my lips apart--her fingers burying themselves as deeply as possible inside me. I loved it when she loved fucking me this much. She was as lost as I was.

"Come on, Gabrielle…give it to me…"

And with that, I was enjoying the reward of all the strenuous labor. Her arm was still wrapped tightly around my waist, and she sucked hard on the top of my shoulder as I thrust my hips off her lap, feeling her hand staying inside me as I clenched my muscles tight to hold her inside.

When I finally calmed against her, I leaned back and closed my eyes. "Mmmm Baby…that was so good," I told her.

Kissing the top of my head, she told me, "You are so perfect…your face, your body, your actions, your responses…you are just so perfect."

I didn't know how to respond when she told me things like that. There was no way I could compare in beauty to hers, and it's just something I never considered myself to be. I decided not to let her have time to cool down. We could talk later. "It's your turn, Xena…I want to make love to you now…"

"Just stay put…"I'm not finished with you yet."

She picked up the phallus and held it up in front of my so we both could see it. "Lick it for me, Gabrielle…get it good and wet…"

Oh yeah. Now that I had a little self-control after enjoying such a fabulous trip to the North Star, I wanted to turn her on as much as I could, and when I did have my chance to make love to her, she would want me as much as I wanted her. I put my feelings of embarrassment behind me and concentrated solely on what would turn Xena on, and tried to give her exactly what she wanted. That was a huge part of making love, in my opinion.

I leaned back against her, feeling her nipples scrape into my back. I pushed my hips down hard against her mound and took the head of the phallus into my mouth, licking over the tip with my tongue extended and turning my head so I could lick every angle. I looked into the mirror to see Xena's eyes threatening to close as she watched every move I made. I felt her press upward into my ass as I pushed down on her cunt. I would have went as long as she allowed, but I knew when she was ready for more, she'd let me know.

She finally pulled the phallus away from my mouth, and began to rub it down the length of my body. She positioned her body so that my legs were spread even farther, but the farther she spread her legs, the more pussy I could see…both colors of hair showing clearly in the mirror. "Are you ready for me to fuck you, Gabrielle?"

"I'm ready…" And I was definitely ready to get to the lower level.

She moved the phallus to my pussy, rubbing in a downward stroke and then back up against my lips and clit. I was extremely lubricated from my recent orgasm, and watching her rub the object against me, my legs spread wide, was quite a turn-on. I felt her heart beating hard against my back, and I could hear mine beating. "You want it?" she growled.

"Yes…I want it…"

She bit at my shoulder, bringing blood to the skin. "Tell me what you want, Gabrielle… look me in the eye and tell me what you want me to do to you."

I tried to maintain perfect eye contact. I told her the truth. "I want you to fuck me, Xena…I want you to push the phallus deep inside me and make me come."

She let the phallus go lower, and my opening was threatening to take all of her at once. She ran it back over my clit, pressing into me and making it impossible to resist. I moved my hips from side to side, and finally covered her hands with mine. I couldn't wait any longer. "Please, Xena…please stick your cock in me."

She wasted no time and plunged almost halfway inside me before pulling out, and then shoved it back inside me all the way, her hand even with my cunt.

"Like that?" she asked, looked pleased with herself for making me putty in her hands.

"Oh yeah…just like that…"

I watched her hand move back and forth, pulling the phallus from my pussy and then thrusting it inside me again just before slipping out. Her hand made a noise each time it bumped against my body. She was giving it to me fast and hard, and it felt incredible being this open…in every way.

"Finger your clit…masturbate for me."

There was that word again, but at this point, it only enhanced the moment, and I didn't hesitate to touch myself, and even watch it at the same time. I could see her thrusting her hips upward as she shoved back and forth inside me with the phallus. I felt myself pouring onto her hand as I rubbed over my clit, hearing her say behind me, "That's it, Baby…come for me…"

She held me tightly against her again as she took me to the Elysian Fields once more, telling me she loved me and loved watching me come as my hips bucked against the night air, finding perfect gratification as always from the hand of my lover.

She gave me time to catch my breath, and quietly held me, kissing my neck and brushing my hair back. I couldn't relax completely until I gave her at least one hard orgasm, rewarding her for the perfect love she always made to me. I did trust her, and I loved her with all my heart.

I moved off her lap and urged her to lie down on the rug. Kissing her gently and holding her head in the bend of my arm, I told her, "You make sure you keep those big blue gorgeous eyes open…I'm going to make love to you and I want you to see how beautiful it is to me."

Staying at her side, I kissed my way down her chest and stomach, and then over her mound. I urged her to bend her knees and then sat and looked at her pussy in the mirror. "Now…that is a gorgeous cunt," I told her, taking my fingers and running them through her lips. "And you are so hard, Xena…makes me want to suck your clit."

"Yessss…" she said, giving a pleading look and urging me to keep my promise.

I moved to my knees between her legs and then laid flat on my stomach between her legs. My feet were up against the door, but it only gave me more leverage to move against her. "I want you to watch me eat you, Xena." She reached for a pillow that was lying nearby and tucked it behind her head against the foot of the bed. "Please, Gabrielle…I need your mouth on me now…" She seemed eager to watch me at work, and it was more than my pleasure to give her what she wanted.

I licked slowly up her lips, gathering a mouthful of her juices to savor on my tongue. I loved swallowing her essence and making her body a part of mine. "Gabrielle…I need you inside me…"

"I know…" I told her, and reached for the phallus. "It's still wet with my juices, Xena. Suck it clean for me…"

I leaned up and laid my body between her legs and along her waist and chest. I put the phallus to her mouth and between her lips, moaning her approval of my taste as she eagerly sucked it in. "Gods, Baby…you are so sexy," I whispered, watching with amazement that she could make me horny all over again, even after two such incredible and powerful orgasms. "I want to be inside you, Xena."

I moved back down her body, taking her legs and spreading them farther apart. I firmly sucked her clit and swirled my tongue around it over and over, feeling her body respond to me immediately. I took the phallus and slowly began pushing it inside her as I continued licking her, even down both sides of her pussy as I continually pressed forward inside her. When my hand felt the heat of her center, I pulled back out and heard her favorably responding to me being inside her and sucking her at the same time. I let her hear my pleasure and we let ourselves go…making perfect love and letting nothing interfere with giving each other pleasure to the fullest.

"Xena…Gods, you are incredible…I love you so much…", I told her, never letting my mouth lose contact with her pussy. She responded by placing her hand on the back of my head and pressing me harder into her, and I fucked her even harder with the phallus. She was so close, and I was determined to make this perfect.

Keeping her clit extended from her body with the suction from my mouth, I continually thrust inside her, feeling the resistance growing stronger from her muscles tightening on me and making my fully aware of what I wanted to give her. Once her body began moving against me, it didn't stop until she was thrusting upward strongly with her hips, bringing fresh blood inside my mouth as my lip and teeth collided. I didn't release my hold on her the entire time, and soon my name was being screamed in yet another Inn somewhere in Southern Greece. Us country gals love our women, and we love 'em strong. Just ask Xena.

COMING NEXT WEEK: In the first of a two part scroll, Xena and Gabrielle meet Beowulf, Brunhilda, and others, as Xena heads North to make up for past mistakes. (Based on the Ring Trilogy)

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