Open Eyes --Xena's Scroll

I gave a spirited war cry and flipped into the middle of the three thugs closest to me. As if they were one person, they each took a step back, no doubt startled by my sudden movement.

The fight had been going on for a while, and I’m sure our opponents thought they had the advantage at some points, but they were wrong. I had been toying with them the whole time, basically using them both as combat practice for Gabrielle, as well as to see how her energy level was holding up.

She was doing very well on her own, and indeed, had been telling me that she was fully recovered from the poisoned arrow wound she had received from the Persian army. We had been on the road for six hours straight today, and when the would-be muggers attacked, my first thought was of telling Gabrielle to get on Argo and get out of here, leaving the fight to me.

But after only a moment or two, I realized these bumbling thieves weren’t able to offer much of a challenge, and Gabrielle had already jumped into the battle with both feet, so I let her continue while I kept an eye on her. It didn’t take long for me to realize she was almost as strong as ever.

Now, however, the fight had gone on long enough, and even I was getting bored with the lacking offense the men were offering. After I had jumped into the middle of the three of them, I swept around in a large circle, using the flat side of my sword to send the enemies’ swords flying through the air. I took another leap, and caught one of their swords, then used it to deflect the other two toward the remaining two thugs. They too, suddenly found themselves without weapons.

“Let’s get out of here!” one of the creeps finally called out. He had been standing with his arm raised, ready to strike at Gabrielle, when he suddenly found himself weaponless. Gabrielle struck sideways with her staff, and caught him squarely across the face, busting his nose. Blood poured from his face.

The rest of the gang seemed to like the idea of leaving, and they were soon high-tailing it out of there.

Gabrielle and I drew close together as we watched the men run away, now defenseless. I resheathed my sword, then gathered up their scroungy weapons. I carried them the few yards to the river bank we were near, and tossed the swords as far as I could into the water. I turned back to Gabrielle, sliding my hands together to get the stench of the men off them.

She was watching my hand movements, with an odd look in her eye. It was a mixture of wistfulness, and something else. I prided myself on reading her moods, but was taken aback when I wasn’t able to do it this time.

“Are you okay?” I asked her, when I had caught her gaze.

“Sure,” she answered, standing up tall to straighten out her back a little. “It felt good to do a little damage again.”

I had to smile at her enthusiasm. She was so quick to sympathize with the down-trodden, but when it came time to dish out a little…offense, she was all for that too.

“Ready to get to Pepen?” I asked her, taking Argo’s reins, and giving my horse a pat.

“Yep,” She grinned at me, then walked over to stand beside me.

As we walked, I kept glimpsing at her. She had been holding my hand for a while, but despite that, she seemed a million miles away. She had a bemused smile on her face, so whatever she was thinking, it was pretty good.

I pulled her arm so it was wrapped around my back. That got her attention. “What’s on you mind?” I asked her.

She shrugged, and then flashed me one of her dazzling smiles. “Just thinking…”she answered enigmatically.

“Just thinking? Thinking about what?”

She blushed then, not the pink blush that covered her cheeks when I said something that shocked her or when she blurted out and said something that embarrassed her. Her cheeks almost instantly turned a very dark red, telling me whatever was on her mind, it must be REALLY good. “Well?” I asked.

“I was just thinking about the last time we stayed in an inn,” I finally heard her say.

It didn’t take long for me to figure out what she was alluding to. It had been only about a week ago when we stayed in the little room in Retivius. Gabrielle had just gotten over the danger point in her battle with the poisoned arrow, but I was fighting a battle of my own. After pretty well taking on the Persian army single-handedly, I found myself suffering from the most severe battle lust I had experienced since I had turned my life around to good. I know it was the relief of defeating the army coupled with the joy in knowing that Gabrielle was going to be all right that brought it on. And despite the fact that it stemmed from my love for her, my lust made me demand her in a more aggressive way than usual. For the first time with her, I strapped a phallus in a harness and fucked her for hours with it. At first, she was a little trepidacious of my new appendage, but it wasn’t long before she was as into it as I was. Since then, I wasn’t hesitant to bring out the phallus during our lovemaking, and Gabrielle was becoming far less uncomfortable to ask for it.

“Do you remember that night, Xena?” she asked then, her face still red, but of a slightly lesser hue.

“Oh yeah, I remember it well,” I answered, giving her hand a little squeeze.

She smiled shyly up at me. “I have to admit…it started out as one of the most shocking nights of my life…but ended up being one of the most exciting. Who would have thought a piece of wood could be that…pleasurable?”

I nodded, understanding. “It’s not just the piece of wood…” I told her. “It's the people taking advantage of it too.”

She pinkened up a bit again, and nodded her agreement. We walked a couple more moments, and then she said, “You’ve worn a lot of them over the years, haven’t you, Xena?”

It could have been an accusatory question, but I don’t really think she intended it that way. “A few,” I answered honestly.

She nodded, thoughtfully. “Does it ever make you feel…uncomfortable?” she asked finally.

“Uncomfortable? How?” Somehow, from the way she was squirming, I don’t think she mean physically uncomfortable.

“I dunno,” she said in an uneasy voice. “I was watching you in the fight and you are so comfortable with your own body. You are always one hundred percent in control of all your movements and nothing ever seems to be forced or unnatural for you. And that’s how you are when you wear the phallus. I know it’s made of wood, but when you wear it, it seems to become a part of you.”

I wasn’t sure where she was going with all this. “It feels like it becomes a part of me,” I replied. “I guess there’s a small part of me that envies men and what they can do with their bodies, but when I strap on the phallus, they don’t have anything on me. Zeus, I’ve got it better…I don’t have to worry about getting you pregnant.”

That made Gabrielle giggle, a sound I could never get enough of.

A while later, she spoke again. “So has there ever been a time?”

“A time?” I echoed, already forgetting the question. “A time for what?”

“A time when you haven’t felt comfortable with your body…the way it works when you call upon it?”

I gave that question some real thought, wondering what exactly she was getting at. “Yeah,” I finally sighed. “I wasn’t terribly comfortable in my own skin when I was bent on conquering the world. It got so bad that I didn’t want a mirror in my command tent. I loathed myself so much that I couldn’t stand to look at my own reflection, so I had all the mirrors removed.”

I’d imagine my answer took her by surprise, but she nodded that she understood.

“Why are you asking about this?” I had to know.

She shrugged. “I dunno. I guess it’s because I was out of action for so long. I spent a lot of time just watching you while I was, and realized all over again how beautiful everything is about you.”

Her mood had gone from ebullient just a couple of minutes ago to rather melancholy now, and I wondered if it was getting close to time for her monthly cycle. She would often go through rather drastic mood swings during that time.

Argo had been walking between us, taking turns nuzzling us for some strokes, but now I made it a point to change my horse’s reins to the other hand so I could slide an arm around Gabrielle’s shoulder. “You wanna talk about beautiful?” I asked her. “Let’s talk about a gorgeous blonde-haired girl who was willing once again to give her life to save the lives of people she didn’t even know.”

She was protesting before I had even finished the statement. “That’s not what I’m talking about,” She said.

“Then what are you talking about, Gabrielle?”

She looked up at me with a shrug and that adorable nose-wrinkled grin. “Never mind, Xena,” she answered. “I really don’t know what I’m thinking of. If I figure it out, I’ll let you know.”

I gave her an exaggerated eye roll, but didn’t push the issue. More than likely, if it was important, she’d bring it up again later.

It was dark by the time we arrived in Pepen, and Gabrielle was definitely feeling the effect of the long day. Later in the afternoon, she had gladly ridden behind me on Argo, which was a big clue. On a beautiful day like this, usually I had to coax her with some treat to get her to ride.

I could feel her head resting against my back after a half hour or so. “Sleepy?” I asked her over my shoulder.

“Mmm hmmm…” came the drowsy reply.

I stuck to the flat paths to make the going as smooth as I could for her and I noticed Argo was stepping rather lightly too. She knew as well as I did that Gabrielle still needed as much rest as she could get.

The night sounds of Pepen as we entered the city were enough to cause Gabrielle to stir and eventually wake up. “I’ll get us a room,” she told me, sliding down from Argo’s back.

I hopped down as well, and got a hold of Gabrielle’s arm just in time. “You’re getting us a room in a public bath house?” I asked her with a grin.

Sleepy green eyes popped open as Gabrielle realized she was indeed headed into the wrong building. “Whoops!” she said charmingly and she made a u-turn toward the building plainly marked as an inn.

“We’ll give the bathhouse a try later!” I called after her before she disappeared into the inn.

I got Argo settled in at the stable, and went to the inn to find Gabrielle. She was waiting for me at a small table near the steps, her heavy head propped up on an arm. p>

“Hey, Baby,” I husked, setting my saddlebag on the table and sitting down beside her. She peeked one eye open, and slowly turned her head to look at me. I leaned in and leered at her. “Wanna come upstairs and share my bed with me?”

Her other eye opened a bit. “What’ll it cost me?” she asked.

I licked my tongue over my top lip and noticed both of her eyes were wide open now. “It'll cost you your heart, “ I told her, letting her off the hook.

Her face lit up with a smile. “That’s lovely,” she told me. “And I’ll gladly pay the price.” I grinned at her, and picked up our saddlebags. “Come on…”

We made it into our room without interruption, and Gabrielle stood up on her tiptoes to give me a kiss, before falling face down on the bed. I sighed and reached for her boots, not wanting to wake up with heel marks in my ass again.

We were in Pepen waiting for a package which was coming by ship from Gaul. The package contained payment for King Gregor who had sent several of his men in defense of an attack in Southern Gaul. Since Gregor was an old friend of both Gabrielle and mine, and Gabrielle was dying to see her young namesake, young Prince Gabriel, I agreed to be the messenger girl.

I think Gabrielle would have been perfectly happy to stay in Pepen indefinitely, the way she was carrying on about the library the town held. It was larger than most, but while she was content to spend her day with her nose stuck in a scroll, I was bored after about ten minutes. I drove Gabrielle crazy for a while, but after making my way to the bay, I found out some boat races were about to be held and had found a way to enjoy spending the rest of the day.

My bard and I met up again at suppertimes, and shared a meal in the inn’s darkened dining room. It was mutton, which I wasn’t overly fond of, but I made up for it by having a large piece of chocolate cake for dessert. Gabrielle, of course, finished my main course, and had her own piece of cake, enjoying both with great enthusiasm.

We went out for a walk after dinner, as we often did when we visited a new town. We liked to explore individually, but there was something to be said about searching out the hidden treasures together as well. I was pleased when Gabrielle took my out-stretched hand. Occasionally, we’d enter a town that wouldn’t approve of such behavior, but like most of the port towns we encountered, the people of Pepen didn’t seem to find us out of the unusual.

Strolling down near the dock, I pointed out to Gabrielle the boat that my new friend Ben and I had used to win the final race that day. Ben’s usual partner had been hurt earlier in the day while tying off a sail, so I volunteered to fill in. Ben hadn’t hesitated to accept and I had enjoyed it tremendously.

“Ben said I could use his boat whenever I wanted,” I told Gabrielle, trying to disguise my grin

“The key word is he told ‘you’ that ‘you’ could use the boat whenever ‘you’ wanted,” Gabrielle replied with a laugh. “If a big boat makes me seasick, imagine what a small boat would do to me.”

I chuckled at her feigned look of horror. “Good thinking,” I said, leading her away from the dock and back toward the inn.

It was still relatively early for me to think about going to bed when we returned to our room. I had learned that the boat we were waiting on should be in Pepen some time tomorrow afternoon. That gave Gabrielle plenty of time to sleep in the next morning, even if I kept her up late tonight. It made me smile as I felt my entire body wash over in warmth. I began scheming.

We had both taken baths before going to supper, but I started to strip the moment we entered the room. Gabrielle sat on the edge of the bed, and swung her feet, watching me curiously.

“Are you going to bed this early?” she asked me finally.

“Nope,” I replied, not turning to face her.

I could almost hear her answer my grin with one of my own. “You gonna take another bath?” she asked me.

“Nope again,” I answered, lowering my leathers from my body.

“Okay…” she paused a minute. “Are you gonna do your laundry?”

“Nun huh.” I undid the lacings at the front of my shift, knowing she could see every movement my shoulders made.

“No more guesses?” I said, opening my shift enough so I could slip it down off my shoulders.

I heard her stand and approach me. There was a full-length mirror on the back of the door, and I watched as each of her hands hovered over a shoulder for just a second, and then lowered so just the fingertips were brushing over me. I still had my hands wrapped up in the shift, and it was bunched now at my lower back. Her hands flattened so her palms were caressing me, and then they were sliding forward over the top part of my chest. All I could see of her head in the mirror was the top of her bright blonde head peeking up beyond my shoulder blade. So I focused my gaze on her fingers, which were now reaching down even further. I watched with narrowed eyes as her fingertips just managed to graze the tip of my areolas. I heard her breathing quicken when she recognized the wrinkled flesh beneath her digits, but she wasn’t tall enough to reach anymore of me in that position.

I dropped the material of the shift, and reached up with my fingers to intertwine with her own. Together, we bent our elbows and her hands slid down my biceps until she was reaching around my waist from the back. My eyes were riveted to the sight of her small hands cupping and covering my nipples. She began to move her hands in small circles over the aroused buds, and I felt her tongue come out to lick at the expanse of my back nearest her mouth. I could feel her pressing her still-clothed body into my naked one, and could feel her hardened nipples prickle against my back.

I let go of one of her hands so I could pull her around to stand in front of me. Putting my hands on her shoulders, I turned her, so she was now standing with her back to me, and I had my hands resting on her slender shoulders, reversing our positions of just a moment ago..

For a minute, I just concentrated on relaxing her a bit, slightly digging my fingers into her shoulder muscles. I felt her tense at first, as if she didn’t know what I was planning, then gradually, she began to loosen up.

When I thought she was relaxed enough, I began to move my hands lower. They slipped under the top of her shirt, and now I was feeling the roughened skin of HER excited areolas. I reached lower, and her stiffened nipples were pressing into my fingers. Gabrielle’s head began to loll back, her breathing erratic. I smiled down at her, then nipped her on the neck, causing her to shiver.

“I haven’t even started with you,” I whispered, before taking her ear and giving it a nibble. “And you’re this excited already?”

“I can’t help it,” I heard her gasp out. “Touching you just gets me so hot and now you are touching me…”

“Hmmm…I think I’d better help you cool off then,” I whispered, before catching her earlobe in my teeth again. This time I held on and pulled slightly, before sucking in the flesh, and running my tongue over it.

“Gods,” was all she said, as she continued to stand complacently in front of me. I let my tongue slip inside the shell of her ear, as I reached for the ties on the front of her shirt.

Once I had her shirt unfastened, I pulled it back so it hung loosely from her shoulders, leaving her upper half bared before my eyes in the mirror. My hands could almost contain her whole breasts, and somehow it served to give her an even more innocent look in the reflection. That is, until I looked up at her face, and saw the lust-filled pout of her mouth and her tightly shut eyelids. “Open your eyes, Sweetheart,” I purred in her pinkened ear.

She did after a moment, glancing around in puzzlement and my eyes caught hers in the mirror. I watched her totally freeze, and then I gave her a big smile, making sure to show her all my teeth.

My left hand continued to pleasure her breasts alternately but the right one began to meander. It was stroking over her ribs and abs, and then began dipping into her skirt.

Her green eyes lowered to watch my hand disappear beneath the waistband, and I saw them close completely again.

“Oh no, that will never do,” I lowered my voice speaking directly into her ear. “I want you to watch me make love to you…so you can see why I gain so much pleasure from it.”

Her eyes blinked open in surprise at me. “That would be impossible,” she told me. “I go through enough pleasure that I don’t think I could stand anymore.”

“Sure you can,” I said lightly, pulling my hand from her skirt. “You can do anything if you put your mind to it.”

She looked doubtful, as her gaze caught and held with mine again. “Now, watch my hands,” I whispered, and I let my eyes do the same thing. It was an entrancing sight, the way her nipples poked out between my second and third fingers as I stroked the satiny skin of her breast. And my right hand was lower again, this time working at her belt buckle. Adept at this, it didn’t take long for me to loosen her skirt and then it was sliding down her hips.

I gave a long luxurious lick over her shoulder and across the back of her neck. My head looked at her reflection over her other shoulder. “See how beautiful you are?” I asked her.

She didn’t answer at first, then I saw her swallow and say, “I see how beautiful your touching me is.”

Zeus, but she was stubborn! Once I had figured out what she had been trying to say to me yesterday, I became determined to show her the innate loveliness that she possessed. I wanted her to view herself through the same vision I saw her. But even now, I could see her lids growing heavy again, as she watched what I was doing. This wasn’t going to work.

I got a wicked idea then, and once it was planted, it began to grow. My teeth came out to gleam again, but not in a warm smile this time. It was in the feral manner of a predator seeking its quarry.

But she didn’t see it. Her eyes had rolled completely shut again. I didn’t push her to open them as I released her breasts and relieved her of her underwear. I quickly did the same with my own.

When we were both naked, I gave her a little prodding in her lower back. Reluctantly, she opened her eyes.

Since I had completely released her, she was able to turn and face me. Her eyes were open the second she was in front of me.

I reached out a hand, and stroked the side of her divine face. “Gabrielle, do you trust me?”

“Yes, Xena,” she replied, with no hesitation. No doubt her brain was remembering the last time we were in an inn, and my asking her that same question repeatedly. It was a reassurance I had to have, before I could continue.

I nodded, expecting that. “Remember that you do,” I told her gently.

She cocked her head at me slightly. “What do you want me to do, Xena?” she asked me in a totally submissive tone.

I tried not to let her voice and mannerisms affect me that much, but I felt my pussy muscles clench involuntarily. The little girl voice she was using was a new one on me in the bedroom, and I promised myself to get to know it better…but later.

“I want you to sit down with your back against the footboard of the bed.”

That seemed to intrigue her even more, but I held her hand, and she lowered herself to sit as I had asked. She stretched her legs out on the floor, and demurely crossed them at the ankles. Then she was looking up at me expectantly.

My warm smile returned and my own legs were just a little shaky as I moved to sit beside her also at the foot of the bed. I stretched one leg out, and left the other bent, grateful that there was a large thick rug to keep us warm.

“What now?” Gabrielle asked, turning to look at me.

“Just watch in the mirror,” I said, lifting a hand to gently turn her head.

“Spread your legs for me,” I told her as I gently stroked over her outer thigh. She did so immediately, and I know it was because she was expecting to move my fingers between them. Instead, I kept my fingers on the side of her hip.

“Gabrielle…” I said slowly, after taking a deep breath. “I would really like you to do something for me.”

“What would you like, Xena?”

Gods, that voice was too much! I took a deep swallow, before lowering my eyes pointedly at her center. Her eyes followed mine, and quickly looked up at me again. My eyes never left her golden curls.

“I want you to touch yourself for me.”

I could have predicted her immediate reaction. Her legs snapped shut, and she straightened herself against the end of the bed. Her face was as crimson red as it had been during our talk yesterday..

“I can’t do that,” she moaned. She suddenly looked miserable.

“Why not?” I asked. “Don’t tell me you’ve never done it before, because I know better.”

If possible, her face darkened even more with the rush of blood. “I’m not going to deny it,” she said. I noticed her eyes were no longer on the mirror, but on the floor at the end of her feet. “But…I can’t.”

“Why can’t you?” I pressed. “Why can’t you when you know I really, really want to see it?”

She was shaking her head, fighting all the childhood stigmas. “I just couldn’t…it would be too embarrassing…”

I shook my head back at her a bit. “I don’t get it…you like me to touch you…”

“Well, yeah, that’s…different.”

“I don’t see how,” I reasoned. “It’s fingers busy at work in a pussy.” Gods, if her color were any indication, her face might explode at any moment. “What difference does it make who the fingers belong to?”

“It makes all the difference,” came the retort, but she didn’t go on to explain herself.

I knew she was going to resist my little experiment, but I didn’t know how much. I would have loved to sit here and discuss the subject all night, but my body was beginning to call out a serious need to orgasm. I glanced down at myself, half-expecting to see a puddle forming beneath my ass.

I decided it was time to get right to the point.

“What if I masturbate for you at the same time?”

She quivered at my choice of words, and I took note of that. She was very skilled with her own choice of vocabulary at impassioned moments, often taking my breath away with her words. But I had made my own mental list of words that seemed to affect her in the most interesting ways. “Masturbate” had just shot to the top of the list.

“Well, how about it?”

I could see she was torn with the desire to see me and her own embarrassment. It was time for a little visual encouragement to go along with my words.

“Everyone has their own style,” I told her, as if instructing her how to use a new weapon. I fought back a grin, as I realized that in a sense, that’s exactly what I was doing. “And most people don’t always do it the same way…”

As I spoke, I let my fingers crawl off her thigh and make their way to my own leg. I made a point of watching my reflection in the mirror, knowing Gabrielle would eventually feel the urge to do the same. My thigh muscles were tight and hard beneath my fingertips, as I let my straightened leg fall open to the left a little bit. In the mirror, I could see my pubic hair already glistening with my arousal.

I allowed my right hand to ruffle through the dark curls, gathering up some of the moisture. Gabrielle watched as I brought my fingers up to my nose and inhaled deeply, then began to massage the juices into my right nipple. The tingling nerve endings in my breast responded by shooting sparks down my belly, toward the area my left hand was creeping toward.

“Sometimes I like to tease myself for a long time,” I continued, repeating the action on the other nipple. My left hand was now gently stroking over my pubic mound softly. “Especially if I’m caught up in a really good fantasy…I’ll use a very light stroke to make myself crazy…knowing that when I finally come, it’ll be even better.” I groaned a little for emphasis. “Do you ever do that?”

I saw her swallow, and then she nodded, her eyes riveted to the fingers on my breasts. “Sometimes I do that,” I went on,” but it’s become more difficult lately because I always fantasize about you. When I’m imagining what we do together, my desire starts out so strong, that teasing myself is sheer torture…not that I mind a little torment…but I’m just too weak.”

I gave my nipple an extra hard pinch, and with a wicked smile, bent my head and stuck out my tongue. I gave a long lingering lick over the point, shuddering at the taste of my own juices, and the desire to have her tongue do the same thing to me.

“Some women go right for their own cunts…and ignore their breasts…but I usually can’t resist squeezing them, and pinching my nipples, sometimes so hard it makes me gasp.” I repeated the licking on the other nipple. “And sometimes I spend even more time there, feeling everything I do to my nipples shoot straight to my clit. Do you know what I mean?”

Again, she nodded, and I noticed her breath was becoming even more ragged.

“If I have time, I like to stroke over my body, avoiding the one area that cries out the most. The anticipation and denying myself just makes it so much better when I finally give in Don’t you agree?”

“I’m not sure…”

“But you do know what I’m talking about, don’t you?”

She nodded.

“How are you feeling, Gabrielle?” I asked her then. “Is your body crying out to be touched?”

She shrugged, but I caught the shiver in her body that betrayed her nonchalance. “Is yours?” she asked.

“Oh yeah…it is…” I moaned back. “My clit is so full of blood it pounds with each beat of my heart, and I can feel the juices bubbling out of me, making my lips slide slickly against each other with each breath. It’s not going to take much to bring me over.”

My right hand had been stealthily creeping down over my stomach, and now it was meeting my other at the top of my mons veneris. “I want my fingers to go lower…to pleasure my throbbing pussy until I spasm on my own fingers…”

“I want that too…” she whispered, her eyes bright with anticipation.

“Mmm…then your own fingers better get busy…”

I suppose it might be considered cruel, but my goal was really to get her to appreciate what I found so beautiful about her body. Her fingers which had been slowly kneading her thighs twitched, but didn’t move.

“Don’t be shy, Gabrielle…” I told her. “Please…you said you trusted me.”

“I do…” she said a little louder, as though she were trying to encourage herself to be bolder.

“Then touch yourself for me.”

To encourage her, I scooted down a little bit, and allowed my bent knee to loll outward, leaving both thighs spread apart a considerable amount. Gabrielle’s eyes were staring at my glistening cunt in the mirror now, and I saw the tip of her tongue come out to lick over her lips.

I extended my index finger, and starting at the opening to my vagina, slowly dragged the finger up between my labia and over my clit. “Mmm…that feels so good…” I groaned. I wasn’t lying.

“Mmm…” I heard Gabrielle echo, and then I saw her legs seemed to relax a tiny bit. She had been holding them tightly together.

“My clit is so swollen,” I continued, rubbing my finger up and down the side of it. “I’d really like to make myself come.”

“And I’d like to see it,” she responded, her cheeks pinkening with the admission.

“Would you?” I asked, using my left hand to hold my labia open, giving her an even more intimate view of my pussy.


“Then let me see you touch yourself.”

She sighed deeply, obviously on the horns of a dilemma. “Please, Gabrielle,” I whimpered, letting my head fall so it was resting on my right shoulder. “I need to come sooo bad and I can only come when I see you touching yourself.”

She knew I didn’t HAVE to see her obey me to climax, but she knew I was stubborn enough to keep myself from coming until I had achieved my goal. Slowly, her thighs began to part.

She didn’t spread her legs enough for me to be able to see much of her womanhood, but it was a start. I watched as her right hand rested on her mons veneris, and then I saw her middle finger moving downward.

Like a hot knife slicing through butter, I saw her finger separate her cleft, and sink into her cunt. There was no doubt that she was fully lubricated.

I held my breath and watched. After a couple of seconds, I saw her legs part a bit more, and the finger moved up and down the length of her slit a couple of times. I saw her thighs clench involuntarily.

“How does it feel?” I asked her.

Her eyes darted from staring at the reflection of my cunt to her own. I saw another finger join the first and heard her breath catch before she answered. “I’m soaking wet…and swollen…and oh!” I saw her stomach muscles dance as she scooted down lower, and her questing digits began to move with more purpose.

“Yes…” I hissed softly, my eyes captured by the eroticism of her movements. When I saw she was watching my own hand again, I resumed stroking the shaft of my clit, occasionally dipping a finger or two downward to gather up some of my fluids and spreading them higher.

“Are you close to coming?” I asked her, although it was obvious that she was.

“Yes, Xena…are you?”

“I’m almost there…will you come with me, Gabrielle?”

It was a question we often asked of the other, as we delayed or hurried our own peak to coincide with the other’s, but this was a first for us, since we were mutually masturbating. She nodded shakily, and I saw her fingers picking up speed, and just dipping into her entrance before stretching all the way to the top of her vee again. My erection had hardened to the point I couldn’t get a firm hold on it, so I adjusted my fingers so they were rubbing up and down either side of it. My heart was pounding furiously.

“Oh, Gods, Xena…I can’t hold back!” she shrieked, and then her thighs convulsed open, and I saw her fingers disappearing all the way inside her pussy, her palm rubbing firmly against her clit. I watched as she rubbed herself firmly, and then allowed my own pleasure to overtake me.

I grunted out my pleasure, catching her gaze in the mirror as her climax continued to build, and the connection between our eyes made the orgasm intensify beyond even my expectations. I could never remember having such a strong climax at my own urging, no matter what the fantasy.

Finally, our bodies began to come down, and our shoulders relaxed back against the bed. I resisted the urge to wipe the film of perspiration that had popped out on my forehead. Instead, I released my labia with my left hand, and reached over toward Gabrielle. She took my outstretched hand, and I gave it a squeeze, before raising it toward her mouth.

“Taste how delicious you are,” and she obeyed, her tongue coming out to lick over her fingers and mine. This was another act that she was very shy about at one time, but had eventually learned to overcome.

Eventually though, she was concentrating more seriously on my fingers than her own, and I know she was tasting the juices that had coated my fingers while I held myself open. I pulled my hand away with a sly smile.

“Was that so bad?” I asked.

“No…not with you beside me,” she answered finally.

I nodded, and eventually slid my right hand from my body. I started to bring the fingers to my mouth, but she grabbed my hand, and pulled them to her own lips. After a few seconds of licking and sucking, she released my hand, only to reach behind my head and pull my mouth toward hers. I opened my mouth immediately, and savored the taste of our juices combined on her lips and tongue.

Our mouths caressed the other’s for some time, and I felt the rest of Gabrielle’s tension rapidly disappearing. She took my hands and pressed them to her breasts, urging me to take a hold. “Xena…” I heard her whisper when our mouths separated.

“Yes, My Love?” I asked, rubbing my palms over her tightened peaks.

“I want you inside me now…making love to me…please…”

I smiled gently at her. “Don’t move,” I said, and I stood up long enough to retrieve my saddlebag. By the time I sat beside her again, I was holding the phallus.

I’m sure she noticed I didn’t hold the harness that usually accompanied the phallus, but she didn’t say anything. “How do you want me?” she asked.

Leaning back against the foot of the bed again, I stretched out my legs. “Right here,” I said, patting the top of my thighs.

I saw her glance from where I was patting up to my face, and down to my thighs again, but she didn’t argue as she started to straddle my thighs, facing me.

I leaned forward long enough to collect a kiss, then grasped her by the shoulders. “Facing the other way, Gabrielle,” I said gently.

“Huh?” she was saying, even as she allowed me to turn her on my lap. In a matter of seconds, she was leaning back against my chest, her legs stretched out on top of mine.

“Xena!” she half giggled, half shrieked when I suddenly lifted my knees, bending my legs. She had no choice but to either let her legs fall inside or outside my rising thighs.

Luckily, she made the right move, and her own legs parted so they were on either side of mine. I left my legs bent just enough so she could rest her feet on the floor on either side of me.

Grateful for my height, I leaned my head in so my chin was resting lightly on her right shoulder. “How’s this?” I asked.

I was holding her too tightly to allow her to turn her head to see me, so she looked at me in the mirror. I watched her eyes start at my face, and slowly scan downward, taking in her arched back and thrusting nipples, and then her parted thighs, her pelvis slightly titled toward her reflection.

“I don’t know…” I heard her soft reply.

“All right,” I chuckled, before nipping her collar bone. “We’ll give you time to make up your mind.”

My hands moved around her waist, and I stroked over her defined abdominals as my fingers made their way up to the soft underside of her breasts. I felt her head become heavy against my shoulder, and looking up, I could see that she had closed her eyes, and was relaxing into my touch. I pulled my hands from her body immediately.

“Huh?” She opened her eyes, staring at me in the mirror.

The second her eyes were open, my fingers took up their place again at her breasts. I cupped them in the palm of my hands, lifting them upward before stroking over her nipples with my thumbs.

As her eyes rolled shut again, I once again released her.

“What are you doing?” she asked, this time, her face and voice not hiding the irritation she was feeling. She tried to lift herself off me, but I wrapped an arm around her stomach, and held her fast. She suddenly caught on to what I was doing. “Oh, no…” I heard her groan.

“Oh, yes,” I nodded. “Your lesson isn’t over tonight. As long as those bright green eyes stay open and focused on what I’m doing to you, I’ll continue. Close them, and I’ll stop, no matter what I’m in the middle of.”

“That will be so hard…” she protested.

“But well worth the effort,” I promised her solemnly. “When you truly see yourself in the mirror, you’ll find your pleasure increased immensely.”

She looked dubious, but took a deep breath. “I’ll try,” she said.

“I can’t ask for anymore than that,” I told her, and I left my mouth open to suck wetly at the flesh of her shoulder while my hands resumed their work on her breasts.

I half-watched her eyes, half-studied the flesh my mouth was caressing as we continued. Gabrielle’s nipples tightened into pebbles of flesh, and I had to use a firm tweak to get my fingers to find purchase in them. Her head lolled back again, and her eyes narrowed to mere slits, but she was watching my hands in the mirror, good to her word.

“Your breasts are so firm and full in my hands,” I purred in my ear. “I love the way they swell and lean into my touch, telling me you like the way my hands feel on you.”

“I love the way your hands feel,” she confirmed with a moan. “Nothing feels better than your hands on me…”

“Nothing?” I asked, with a slight smile. My right hand left her long enough to pick up the phallus again. I held it up so she could see it in the mirror.

She smiled back at me with a shrug…”You’re going to have to help me decide,” she said with a giggle.

I let my smile widen, glad that she was feeling less nervous about the situation. “My pleasure,” I told her, sincerely.

We both watched with bated breath as I continued to work one nipple with one hand, while I teased the phallus along its twin with my other hand. There was something extremely sensual about seeing the wooden object rubbing along the tip of her beautiful breast, and I felt a shiver of pleasure when Gabrielle playfully lowered her head to nip at the object. My ass wiggled beneath her, and as my thighs parted wider, it forced her own to do the same. Any sense of mischief rapidly disappeared from her as she was inundated with the smell of our arousal, in combination with the sight of her own pussy opening up like a flower before our eyes.

I watched in the mirror as she pointedly averted her eyes from herself, for just a minute, and then gradually, allowed her gaze to return. A bit of a smile curved my lips My bard never did pass up the opportunity to appreciate beauty.

I made myself more comfortable, and laid the phallus back down on the rug beside me again. My left hand continued to wander over her breasts and stomach, but my right hand had a more delicious goal in mind. It made its way directly to the source of her femininity, and I began to rub over her mound, just letting my fingers barely graze her wetness.

“Xeeennaa…” I heard her murmur my name in a sexy breathy tone.

“Yes, Gabrielle, what is it?”

“Please…haven’t you teased me enough tonight?”

I chuckled in response. “I can never tease you enough,” I admitted, but I relented, and let my forefinger sink between her outer labia, testing the waters. As I suspected, she was hot and wet and getting hotter and wetter by the moment.

I spread my legs more, which caused her to do the same, and I heard her gasp as her swollen inner lips gave way and the night air breezed over her. In the mirror, we both watched as I moved my finger lower on the downstroke, lightly pressing into her vaginal opening before retreating and moving upward to stop just below the seat of her pleasure. Her moisture made my fingers glitter in the candlelight.

“Gabrielle…” I purred in her ear.


I licked over her earlobe. “Hold yourself open for me.”

The tips of her ears pinkened, but she obeyed me immediately, her right hand reaching down to hold open her inner lips. “Good girl,” I rasped, and then I began to lightly penetrate her with the tip of my finger, letting the ball of my thumb begin to just barely touch the tip of her enflamed clitoris as I moved.

“More…please…Xena…” I heard her manage, and she began to move her hips in synchronization with my finger, trying to pull my finger deeper within her. I watched her wanton movements in the mirror, as she was doing, and rewarded her by letting my finger slip in to the second knuckle. The pad of my thumb was touching her a bit more firmly, and I felt the little organ pulsate against me.

My own clit began to throb more heavily in sympathy with the movements she was making, which were beginning to take on a quality of desperation. I relented, and began to enter her with two fingers, feeling her liquids squish erotically around them. “Oh, your little pussy is sooo wet,” I crooned. “You want to come so bad, don’t you?”

“Yes…” her voice trailed off in a hiss, as I began to dig my thumb into her clit a little harder, even as my fingers were sliding all the way inside her silken tunnel.

“Yes, My Love…watch yourself come for me…”

I was proud of the way she was able to force her eyes to stay open as the rapture overcame her. Her hips whipped off my lap as she arched hard into my hand, and I nearly came myself just from seeing her cunt open and close on my fingers as the contractions swept through her. She grunted out my name in a long impassioned tone, but to her credit, her eyes never left the source of her pleasure. A few seconds later, her lower body dropped to land on my lap again, shivering with the aftershocks.

I gave her a moment to calm down, noting her eyelids were extremely heavy, but still she kept her eyes open for me. She was staring at my face in the mirror, her eyes shining with love and gratitude. Her fingers which had released her labia were now caressing over the back of my hand.

“You are so perfect,” I told her, and I meant it. “Your face, your body, your actions, your responses…you are just so perfect.”

She shrugged slightly, with a chagrined smile, and then both her hands were stroking over my thighs. “It’s your turn, Xena…” she whispered. “I want to make love to you now…”

“Just stay put,” I said gently, holding her down with my hand pressed against her mound. “I’m not finished with you yet.”

I loved the way her eyes widened when I held the phallus up so she could see it in the mirror. “Lick it for me, Gabrielle…get it good and wet…”

Her head came back to rest on my shoulder blade, as she gave a little whimper, but dutifully opened her mouth and began to tongue the end of the phallus. I watched her work in the mirror, and began to dip the dick inside her mouth, being mindful not to go to deep. When I pulled it out of her mouth completely, her tongue would follow, urging me to reenter her oral cavity. Gods, I scratched my demanding nipples along her back, and did my best to rub my clit onto her ass, but she was driving me crazy!

Finally, I pulled the phallus away from her mouth, and began to lightly roll it down the length of her body.

I scooted down a bit, bringing my thighs up even higher, and splaying her legs as wide apart as they could comfortably go. “Are you ready for me to fuck you, Gabrielle?” I asked in her ear, before sucking her earlobe into my mouth. I was ready to switch gears, and wanted Gabrielle to know it.

“I’m ready…” I heard her answer.

We both watched in the mirror as the phallus insinuated itself lower, until the head of it was rubbing over her mound and down over her plump outer labia, first up one side, then down the other. “You want it?” I growled.

“Yes…I want it…”

I nipped on her shoulder with my teeth, making her start at the sensation. “Tell me what you want, Gabrielle…” I urged. “Look me in the eye and tell me what you want me to do to you.”

I saw her swallow, but she raised her head slightly, and stared right into my eyes. “I want you to fuck me, Xena…I want you to push the phallus deep inside me and make me come.”

I grinned ferally, and the phallus slipped lower, until it was pressing into her clitoris. I wiggled it a bit, letting her feel the pressure. She squirmed on my lap, and one of her hands came down to cover mine.

“Please, Xena,” she asked my reflection. “Please stick your cock in me.”

I snarled in pleasure, and did as she asked, plunging the phallus halfway into her vagina, making her cry out from the surprise. I withdrew and thrust again, and began a strong, firm rhythm, twisting the phallus so it drilled into her depths.

“Like that?”

“Oh yeah…just like that…”

The wooden dick was eventually going so deep that my fingers would meet with her body when it was all the way inside her, and I could feel her juices overflow her slit, and run down my hand. She was making little noises in the back of her throat, riding my hand for all she was worth, the whole time, her eyes staring hard at the sight in front of her.

“Oh gods…” I couldn’t control my own moan as I felt her cum begin to drip onto the top of my thighs, eventually trickling down to mingle with the abundance of moisture my body was pushing out. Her ass bouncing up and down on my mound jiggled my clit incessantly, and I knew it wouldn’t be long before my body was demanding she work her magic on it.

“Finger your clit,” I husked directly in Gabrielle’s ear. “Masturbate for me.”

I watched the blood rush to her cheeks at the use of that particular word again, but she seemed to be aware of what I was going through. Her right hand moved instantly to her center, and in the mirror, I could see her tweaking and rubbing her clit furiously. I don’t know what was more exciting, the view of her fingers busily jacking herself off or the site of the phallus disappearing and reappearing in her pussy, the ring of muscle at her entrance protruding when I withdrew, as if it didn’t want to let go.

“I’m coming, Xena!” she announced a moment later, and I stopped the thrusting, leaving the phallus buried inside her while her fingers skillfully worked her clitoris to prolong the climax. She lost her fight to keep her eyes open, as her head flailed back, her mouth gasping for air. Her total surrender to pleasure was one I knew I’d be replaying in my head often.

Finally, her body calmed down, her breathing returned to normal, and her eyes opened again. I pulled the phallus from her cunt, and was torn between the desire to lick her ambrosia from it, and shoving it inside my own throbbing need, despite the fact that I still had a bard on my lap. As if understanding my dilemma, Gabrielle pulled herself off my legs, and then tugged at my feet, wanting me to lie down completely.

She leaned over and kissed me, then smiled down at me. “You make sure you keep those big blue gorgeous eyes open,” she told me saucily. “I’m going to make love to you and I want you to see how beautiful it is to me.”

I nodded with a grin as I felt her fingers blessedly zero in on my heated core.

COMING NEXT WEEK: In the first of a two part scroll, Xena and Gabrielle meet Beowulf, Brunhilda, and others, as Xena heads North to make up for past mistakes. (Based on the Ring Trilogy)

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