Manipulations --Xena's Scroll

It had been a gorgeous, sunshiny day . I reflected on the easy conversation I had shared with my bard as I strolled back to camp, carrying the two rabbits I had chakramed for supper. After a diet of nothing but fish for the last week, even I had to admit a change of menu sounded good.

I spotted my love’s bent blonde head as she sat cross-legged on her bedroll, working on a scroll. Our lives had been rather hectic lately, and I know she was way behind on documenting our travels, and was glad she had found a little time to herself.

I approached the clearing quietly, and was just ready to call out a greeting, when I stopped cold in my tracks. Sometimes, things happen when you least expect it. It was one of those occasions.

I backtracked a few steps, not wanting to reveal my presence to her just yet. I silently flipped up on a low tree branch, so I could take in the scene before me once more, just to be sure.

Nope, I hadn’t been wrong. My bedroll was laid out beside Gabrielle’s, but instead of the fur side down and the cloth lining up, she had reversed it. That may not seem significant, but it was. Very.

I felt it all the way to my crotch.

I watched her secretly for a few minutes, my mind a whirlwind of activity. A long time ago, we had discussed using the bedroll as a signal, and we had both mentioned it from time to time, just to make sure we were still agreed on it. I always felt that sooner or later, Gabrielle would use the signal, but I never would have expected it now.

But this was it, and there was no way she would have laid out my bedroll that way by mistake. The conditions were too perfect. Even now, as I watched her, she was looking around nervously, no doubt, wondering when I was going to reappear, and how I was going to react.

I hopped down from my hiding place and made a slow broad circle of the perimeter of the campsite, checking for details that hadn’t mattered until now. Yes, it would work perfectly.

I took a couple more minutes to decide on my best course of action. I probably would have never suspected Gabrielle would be the thinking the way she was right now, but the moment I realized it was true, my body was responding enthusiastically, not doubting her for a minute. No one would have ever been able to convince me that I would be so full of passion for the same lover for over four years; I never would have thought it was possible. In my sordid past, I changed lovers more frequently than I changed my breeches. I grew bored way too quickly, and was constantly on the prowl for someone new to fill my needs.

However, Gabrielle constantly fulfilled my every need, my every want, and my every desire. Countless times, she did so before I was even aware of what I was lacking. She was the perfect lover, sometimes tender; sometimes demanding; sometimes soft; and sometimes hard. She responded to me so well, always willing to let me dictate our lovemaking when I felt the need; yet still not shy about telling me what she wanted. And somehow, telling me what she wanted made me want the same things. I think that was one of the main elements that made my relationship with Gabrielle different than any others I had been through. I was used to a give and take relationship, but I was always the one taking and the other person had to do the giving. It was a long slow road I had to travel before I realized how much pleasure I got from being the giver too.

All these thoughts tumbled through my brain, one after the other, sometimes intertwining., and I felt a pang in my heart when I realized for the billionth time how lucky I was to have her. Gabrielle had gone through so much with me; so many painful tragic experiences, and yet she continued to be my partner willingly in all things. I watched her run her fingers through her short blonde hair as she glanced around her again. From my vantage point, I could she only had a few lines written out on the scroll in front of her. She was obviously just using the quill and parchment as a distraction, although I don’t know if it was to distract me or to distract her.

The warmth of love I was feeling was still there, but now I began to allow hotter emotions to run through me. My eyes narrowed as they drank in the sight of my bard’s radiant glory. She had such an innocence about her, that it made me feel like I was surrounded by sunshine on even the most gloomy of days. She was just the kind of person I would have loved to have broken in my past, just because it would be such a complete breakdown of the type of person I could never be. If I couldn’t be that kind of person, no one should be that way. Gods, what a horrible monster I had been!

She was looking around her again, and I stood still as a sculpture, testing her. I could tell she was sensing my nearness, and wanted to see if she spotted me.

She did, and I saw her own movements stop, as she locked gazes with me. I could see a mixture of emotions play across her face, among them excitement, doubt, and pure sexual hunger. I’m sure she realized why I was remaining nearly concealed in the brush. I decided I couldn’t wait any longer, and I approached her with a slow gait.

She watched my every movement with trepidation, and jumped when I threw the game at her feet. I had already skinned and gutted the hares, and they were ready to be cooked.

“Hi, Xena,” she said with a wary, half-smile.

I grunted a response, and crossed my arms, making a point of it to circle her slowly, looking her up and down. I was careful not to let my face betray my true feelings. Instead, I planted a dissatisfied sneer on my face.

She was looking at me uneasily, as if she didn’t know how to take me. I know what she was struggling with. She wasn’t sure if I had already begun, and was already afraid of making a mistake..

To be honest, I didn’t know if I was ready to begin in earnest, but I was already determined to set the mood.

I stopped circling and stood in front of her. She had her eyes lowered, but starting with my boots, she slowly moved her gaze up my body. I allowed her scrutiny, and my eyes were waiting for hers when she finally reached the top.

She started to lower her questioning eyes, but I reached down and grabbed hold of her chin firmly. “Don’t you dare,” I hissed at her. “Don’t you dare break eye contact unless I tell you to. You got me?”

I saw her swallow convulsively and then she nodded. “I got you.”

“Okay.” I released her chin, and she kept her head held high. Her eyes were sparkling, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on what emotion was causing it.

I bent down further, and gave her an affectionate closed mouthed kiss. Then, I took her chin again, this time, very gently. “Your remember how to stop this, right.”

“Yes, Xena,” she answered, her voice shaky.

“Good,” I replied evenly. “Because that’s the ONLY way that I’ll stop.”

“Yes, Xena.”

I studied her face, trying to figure out what she was thinking. A glimpse down showed me her nipples were completely erect, which meant that more than likely, other parts of her were erect as well.

“Cook yourself some supper, and go ahead and eat,” I told her. “I’ll be back later.”

“Aren’t you going to eat?” she asked, as I turned to leave.

I whirled around on my heel, making her gasp in surprise at my sudden motion. “Did I say I wanted something to eat?” I barked at her.

“No…no, Xena,” she answered, her voice quiet. “I’m sorry.”

I nodded curtly at her, and picked up my saddlebag, then strolled back out of camp.

I was only gone about a half hour or so. I didn’t go far…I just mainly wanted to give us some time apart to heighten the anticipation, and let Gabrielle’s imaginations do some work on her. I dug through my saddlebag, and got a few accessories ready. There was one item I really wished I had, but didn’t have it with me. The more I thought about it though, the more the image was burned in my head. I began to think of a possible substitution, and then an idea occurred to me. I whistled for Argo.

I leaned against a tree, this time making sure Gabrielle couldn’t spot me, and watched her for a few minutes. She had been drying the dishes she had used for her supper. It seemed to be taking her an inordinately long amount of time. Finally, I heard her sigh loudly and she was putting the dishes in the saddlebag. She paced back and forth a couple of times, and I heard another sigh. Then she sat down on her bedroll, first on her knees, then cross-legged, like she was earlier.

I had waited long enough.

I crept silently up behind her and just stood there. She was drawing some pattern on the ground by her bedroll, using her finger, obviously full of nervous energy. There was enough sunlight left for my shadow to darken the ground around her hand. I heard her give a sharp gasp in surprise, and then she stopped her hand movement and straightened her back.

“Get that head down, Slut,” I snarled at her, letting her know the game was on. Without any hesitation, she bent until her forehead was touching the ground in the ultimate show of submission. I felt my cunt gulp as I took in that glorious ass of hers stuck up in the air.

I knelt beside her, and slapped a hand harshly across her butt. I felt the vibration shoot up my arm and straight down to my clit. I suspected she was feeling a similar sensation by the way she shuddered and gasped again.

“I don’t ask for much, do I , Slut?” I asked her, stroking my hand over her lower back and ass. I could feel her whole body shaking and she tensed up each time my hand made contact with her body.

“You are absolutely beautiful, my little whore,” I told her, as if seeing her for the first time. “How can someone as pristine as you be such a bad girl, huh?” I was using a deceptively gentling even voice, and now my hand was stroking over the back of her neck and her silky hair.

She didn’t answer me.

Glad for the excuse, and without pausing, I tightened my fingers in her thick golden mane. I pulled hard on her head, forcing her to lift it to lessen the pressure. Her teeth were clenched and her eyes were nearly shut against the pain. “I think you’ve forgotten the rules, Cunt,” I whispered. “What are you to do when I ask you a question?”

“I’m supposed to answer it,” she squeaked.

I drew an exaggerated sigh, and yanked her even harder by the short hairs on the nape of her neck. “I see I’m going to have to start at square one with you,” I told her. “I was hoping we could start with something more advanced, but…oh well.”

I could see her fighting the urge to look at me in puzzlement.

I let go of her hair and gave her a shove so she went sprawling face first over the bedroll. I was quickly on top op her, my knee pressing into her lower back. I wasn’t trying to hurt her; just asserting my authority and keeping her in place.

I leaned way over so my voice was just beside her ear. I know it would tickle her, but it wasn’t the kind of tickle she’d enjoy. “Now, let’s try this again, Slave,” I hissed, enunciating that last work very clearly. “What do you do when I ask you a question, Slave?”

She hesitated just a second, then ground out, “I answer it, Mistress.”

“Much better,” I crooned, once again, releasing her. I crossed my arms and surveyed her again, noting how hard she was breathing as she continued to hide her face, making herself as unnobtrusive as possible.

I considered all the things I wanted to do with her tonight. Most of them hinged on taking off some clothes. I was still fully dressed in my leathers and battle armor, and my entire body was crying out to be relieved from its confines. My nipples scratched their way to poke out through my shift and rubbed against my leathers. The blood coursing through my veins made me feel like there was heat radiating out of me and my clothes was trapping the fire against my body.

And my pussy was another story in itself. Gods, I hadn’t really done anything yet, and the sensations pounding through my clit was threatening to block out any thoughts my brain tried to process. The material of my breeches was damp and heavy.

But somehow, I resisted the urge to strip down. I knew I would be more intimidating and just plain meaner if I remained dressed for a while, and it would also make that first orgasm for me that much better.

But there was no reason why Gabrielle had to stay dressed. “Roll over on your back, Whore,” I told her, still kneeling by her side.

She hurried to do so, laying her hands flat to her side. Her eyes were closed at first, and she saved herself from a slap in the face just in time by forcing them open. She knew I wanted her to look at me when I took control.

“How are you feeling, Slut?” I asked her.

Her eyes met mine briefly. “I’m scared, Mistress,” she whispered.

I smiled a wicked grin. “Anything else, Slut?” I asked her.

“And…I’m excited, Mistress,” she replied finally. I could see her cringe slightly after she had said that, as though she was afraid I wouldn’t like that.

“Very good, honest answer, Bitch,” I told her. “If you had lied about it, I would have punished you. And you couldn’t lie about it anyway, your mouth might try to, but your body can’t. I can smell your pussy juices from here.”

Her face pinkened a tad, but she remained silent. I leaned over her so my face was an inch above hers. “Are you expecting to enjoy this, you little whore?”

“I don’t know, Mistress,” she answered, looking confused.

I leaned the rest of the way in, and met her mouth in a smothering kiss. Her mouth worked furiously against mine, familiar in the passion, but she had no sooner started to relax into the kiss, when I pulled my head back, hanging on to her bottom lip. I bit her hard enough to draw a bit of blood, and then raised up the rest of the way, releasing her. Any other time, her look of horror and pain would have made me draw her up into my arms in a comforting embrace. I would do whatever I could to protect her and she knew it.

But now, knowing SHE had been the one to initiate my dominant side coming out… now, I liked the dash of crimson on her chin. “Your pleasure always has a price of pain,” I whispered to her. “You need to remember that.”

“Yes, Mistress,” she replied softly, looking a little disconcerted at that. She was no novice at this kind of lovemaking, but each time, I would take her a little bit further down the dark path, and she seemed to just now be remembering that.

I sat back on my heels and continued to look down at her. Despite her strongly muscled body and the fact that I knew she was a capable warrior, when she lay so still, her huge green eyes searching mine, it was easy to see her as the young eager slip of a girl who had followed me from Potodeia. She looked so young; so vulnerable; so tender it made even more moisture bubble out of me. Gods, but she got to me!

Before I got too distracted, I gestured a hand towards my bedroll. “I’m sure you thought it was funny to do that with my fur,” I told her. “That was the pleasure part of the experience. But now it’s time for you to feel the pain that goes along with it. I would have thought that with all we’d been through together, you’d know by now to respect my belongings.”

She started to open he mouth to offer some sort of protest, but I clamped a hand over her mouth. “Don’t even bother, Wench,” I growled at her. “You’re already in such deep shit that anything you say is going to make your punishment worse. You don’t want that, do you?”

Since I had my hand clamped over her mouth, all she could do was shake her head. I quirked a half smile. “Smart answer, Whore,” I growled.

Slowly, I removed my hand from her mouth. She was breathing hard, and her eyes were still registering a slight protestation. I loved it.

“Give me your hands, Gabrielle.”

I held my left hand out toward her, palm up. Gabrielle stared at it, and then her hands were raising slowly, to lay on top of mine. It was yet another show of her submission, and we both knew it.

I closed my hands around her wrists, and pulled them upward, above her head, pressing them into the soft earth above the bedroll. Stretching her arms like this pressed her breasts upward, and I was suddenly looking down at twin points pressing against the thick material of her shirt.

“Mmm…” my mouth closed on the nearest one immediately, nipping insistently with my teeth so I knew she could feel it despite the fabric of her shirt. She made a little “ah” sound, and wiggled her hips a bit, and I smelled her arousal again.

I gave her other breast a similar treatment, slowly increasing the amount of pressure I was applying to her wrists. I doubt she even noticed.

“When it feels good, let me hear it, Cunt,” I whispered before nipping at the erect nipple again.

Almost immediately, I heard a moan issue from her throat, as she expressed her pleasure at the attention I was showing her.

With a wicked smile, I released her, sitting up to lick my lips. “That’s enough of that then,” I chuckled, leaving her to writhe in frustration. I averted looking into her pained face, as I reached down and grabbed a handful of cunt, underwear and all. “Let’s see how you’re feeling elsewhere.”

The heat pouring from the apex of her thighs felt scorching against my hand, telling me that despite her actions, she was very much into this. I gave a firm squeeze and felt my hand become coated with the thick juices that would always give her away. I pulled my hand away and she dropped her hips back to the bedroll, panting openly for breath now.

I held my hand up in the firelight, letting us both see the moisture glistening on it. “You little whore,” I sneered. “You are getting off on this, aren’t you?”

“Yes, Mistress…” she answered, her voice extremely hesitant.

“What a coincidence.” My mouth watered to taste the flavor of her, but instead, I rubbed my hand against her throat, where it could remain so both of us could smell it. The next time I reached down, it was to grab hold of her skirt.

I gotta give my little bard credit. She was putting up a resistance I never thought to see. She kept her hips pressed as tightly as she could to the bedroll, making me work to get the garment off of her. My fingers dug convulsively into her hips, making her relent and then I was stripping the skirt off her, leaving her sculpted thighs and abs totally revealed to me.

“I love it when you fight me, Cunt,” I admitted with a terse smile near her ear, as I grabbed her mound again. I ground my palm hard into the material covered cunt, knowing I was right on the mark when I felt her hardened clit pressing up toward me. I scrubbed my hand hard against her, watching her face carefully, intent only on drawing her to the edge.

“Oh gods, Mistress!” I heard her gasp at the sensation. I doubt if she realized how close she was until she had that direct stimulation on her clitoris, and now, I felt more moisture seeping through the material of her panties. I almost misjudged her, and stopped the rubbing just in time, leaving her to whimper out in frustration.

I chuckled again, and then released her mound, only to shove two fingers into her vagina, my fingers still covered in her underwear. The sodden cloth made a sexy sound as it entered her, and I saw the color flare up in her cheeks as she realized what it was.

“I think you like this, don’t you, my sweet little whore?” I asked her tersely, fucking her with a twisting motion.

“I can’t help it, Mistress,” she moaned. I know she was afraid to give me that answer, thinking I would stop again. But she also knew better than to lie to me.

I plunged into her harder, making sure I was going so deep that the crotch of her panties would pull tightly against her clit, and the signs of a climax were soon looming ominously. Her eyes were begging me to let her come…

“No, Mistress!” she screamed when I removed my hand suddenly. Her hips humped at the air a few times, and then she dropped like a stone, her eyes drinking in my body language. She had given me an order, and when she realized she had done it, she was terrified by my response.

I smiled ferally at her. Her eyes shone with pure terror, and I felt my clit lunge against my own breeches. Gods, I was close to coming without anyone even touching me, and it was all because of the joy of seeing her horrified expression.

“You need to learn to control that tongue, of yours, Cunt,” I told her calmly. “But you know that already, don’t you?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

I nodded and pretended to think. Then I nodded again, and reached for my saddlebag with my free hand. I took out two leather straps and one of my daggers. I made sure she saw the items.

She screamed briefly and cringed as I plunged the dagger toward her head, but I was burying it in the ground just beyond her bedroll. All that remained showing was the golden handle. Then, I wrapped one of the lashes around the handle and over her wrists, securing them there.

“This is a test, Slave,” I told her, not able to disguise just an inkling of shaking in my voice. “If you really try, you could get loose easy enough. I wouldn’t recommend it though, or I’ll get much more creative with another piece of leather.” I patted the whip that lay near my side, and her eyes widened as she drank it in. I know she had sudden mental images of me lashing her. “Do you understand?”

“I understand, Mistress…”

“Good…now let’s get back to where I was.” My fingers stroked over the crotch of her underwear, and I suppressed a shiver when I felt the indentation. The material was still deeply imbedded in her tunnel, her pussy muscles holding it firmly in place. I grinned at her. “That gives me an idea,” I told her happily. I had already thought of it when I pulled out the leather strips, but I wasn’t going to let her know that.

Her eyes were bright with cautious anticipation as I stripped the panties from her body. The leg band caught on one of her boots, so I took the time to remove them too, leaving her totally exposed from the waist down.

She watched speechless as I raised the underwear to my mouth and inhaled deeply, my eyes locked into hers. I turned the material inside out, and my tongue sweeped out to lick over the wettest part.

“Mmm…your pussy juices are delicious, Slut. Would you like a taste?”

Her bottom lip quivered as she forced out her answer. “Yes, pleases, Mistress.”

“Good answer.” I leaned over and shoved my tongue between her lips, letting her suck her own taste from it. She did so willingly, as she had a hundred times in the past.

She didn’t seem quite so comfortable when I shoved the panties in her mouth.

“Suck on this for a while, Cunt,” I told her, using the remaining strap to secure the gag in place. “Maybe that will help teach you to speak without permission.”

I saw the shame rise in her along with the blush, and I felt her thigh brush my knee as she unconsciously parted her legs wider. Humiliated or not, she was getting even more excited.

“I wanna hear you suck, Bitch,” I told her, as I moved my body lower, so I could check out her swollen folds. They had darkened and filled with blood, causing them to press together despite the sprawling of her thighs. Her clit had protruded well beyond its hood, and I could swear it quivered when I looked at it. I heard sounds emanating from above me, and gave her a genuine smile as she did as I had commanded.

“It’s delicious, isn’t it?” I asked her, as if I was sharing some great secret with her. She nodded shakily.

“Yeah, I thought so,” I stated. I trailed my fingers up the inside of her thigh, leaning over her from the side.

“Gods, girl, you’re a swamp down here,” I clucked my tongue. I closed my eyes briefly, and breathed in the strong fragrance of her secretions. When I opened them again, I noticed the dark spot forming on her bedroll. She was pumping out an incredible amount of lubrication. “I’m thirsty, Bitch,” I told her. “Got any ideas what to do about that?”

I saw a gleam of hope spark in her eyes. She nodded again eagerly, and I could see her throat working busily as she swallowed the moisture her mouth had siphoned from her own underwear.

I let my cheeks tighten in a smile, and I reached forward, prying open her lips which had clam shelled their way shut, sealed with her juices. Her hips bucked slightly as the cool night air kissed the engorged flesh. “Gods, girl, I can’t resist,” I admitted, my tongue coming out long before my head had lowered to her slit. A drop of saliva splashed firmly on her clit, but I seriously doubt she was aware of it. It was already soaked in her own fluids.

I gave a long stroke from just below her vaginal opening up and over her clit only to stop at my own fingertips. She shuddered and I heard a soft moan.

“I’m going to slake my thirst,” I whispered up to her, slitting my eyes wickedly. “But by the gods, you hot little bitch, if you dare climax before I give you permission, you will regret it. Do you understand me?”

Tears sprang to her eyes, and I unconsciously felt a tug at my heart when I saw them. I know she was thinking I was asking for the impossible with her in the condition she was in, and it was possible I was. But I wasn’t about to back down on my promise.

“Well, Slave?”

Tentatively, she nodded.

I lowered my head and immediately latched onto her throbbing clit, sucking hard. She moaned hard, and I felt her thighs quivering almost immediately. I was fighting dirty, and she knew it. But she also knew it was beyond her control.

Zeus, but she was wet! I relented a bit and released her clit, licking my tongue up and down through the valley of her center, sucking up her juices only to find more forming rapidly. I would be more than able to quench my thirst…I was afraid it was going to turn into more of an effort to keep from drowning.

I let two fingertips slightly entered her, and she instinctively lunged her hips, sucking them in all the way. She was so slippery, I felt my fingers were ineffectual, so on the next thrust I added one, and then finally a forth, at last reveling in the feeling of her inner muscles grabbing my fingers. I lowered my mouth to her clit again.

I heard her half-choke above me as her body convulsed as she definitely tried to fight back the inevitable. I raised my eyes just enough to see she was able to draw a ragged breath through her nose, and then suddenly she was arching hard off the bedroll, and my mouth was filled with her heated flesh as she pulsated against my mouth. Her orgasm came despite her best efforts to suppress it, and she was suddenly looking distressed as if she couldn’t draw enough air into her panicked lungs.

I reached up and stripped the gag from her mouth, letting her overtaxed lungs draw in fresh air. She yelped when I sank my teeth into her clit and pulled, not hard enough to break the skin, but hard enough to hurt. I opened my mouth wide, and sucked in her whole sex, drinking my fill from her fountain, and then was sitting up beside her again.

“You’re a little cum slut, you realize that I’m sure. You can’t go for five minutes without spasming all over my face.” I wiped at the juices coating my chin, and did my best to appear disgusted at her lack of restraint. Inside, my heart was pounding with rapture. She gave me the excuse I needed.

I wiped my fingers over her lips, and then lowered my mouth to hers, licking them off. She accepted my prodding tongue without hesitation, but I could still feel the fear radiating off of her. When I raised my head I saw why. In her thrashings, she had pulled the dagger loose from the ground, and although her hands were still wound together, they were no longer secured to the ground.

“Oh, Slut…you are in for a double punishment,” I crooned to her, my eyes sparkling with undisguised pleasure and anticipation.

“May I speak, please, My Beautiful Mistress?”

I heard her soft voice ask from behind me. I had pointedly turned my back on her as I got a couple more items ready from the saddlebag. No sense in letting her see all the surprises.

I shrugged…”Sure, Cunt…but don’t expect it to do any good.”

I heard her voice tremble as she said. “I’m so sorry I came, Mistress. I just couldn’t help it with you…you are so perfect.”

I pretended like I hadn’t heard her, and slowly turned around to take a long look at her. “Maybe it’s partially my fault,” I told her. “I forgot how strong your arms are.” I stood and abruptly plunged my sword into the ground, once again, making sure the sharp blade was completely submerged in the earth. “This should make it a little more difficult to get loose,” I told her with a sneer. “Of course, I will be giving you more incentive to want to free yourself.”

She remained completely motionless, and didn’t make a sound as I took her hands and once again, tied them to the handle of one of my weapons, above her head. I saw her eyes glance up at her own hands, and then they were on me.

“You look very hot like that, Slut,” I confided in her, allowing the lust in my own eyes to shine through. “All stretched out like that makes me want to eat you alive.” I saw a small shiver in her form. “But you can’t seem to keep from coming when I do that,” I added, once again, delighting in her fallen expression.

I lifted up my whip, and looked her straight in the eye. “Do you remember what your punishment would be if you pulled yourself loose, Cunt?”

I could almost see her heart leap into her throat. “Yes, Mistress,” she replied, her voice so low, I could barely heard her.

I nodded, then knelt beside her once again, reaching for the ties of her shirt. “Let’s uncover those magnificent tits of yours,” I replied. “I want them to feel the full effect.”

She was visibly trembling as I released her shirt, and pulled the edges back, so her nipples were standing before me. Despite her fearful reaction, her body couldn’t deny her excitement level was still quite high.

“Lovely,” I whispered in her ear, as my hands each sought out a breast and I gave her a firm squeeze. “I love the way your breasts are so full and firm…but I like them even better when I know they’re causing you some discomfort.” I pinched each nipple hard, rolling them between my thumb and forefinger, then lifted the whip again.

She tensed herself, waiting for the blow that never fell.

She had been holding her breath, her eyes clamped shut, but after a few seconds and no movement from me, I saw an eye peek open to look up at me. I was still holding the whip, stroking the length of the leather. Her other eye opened cautiously, and she continued to watch me warily. Her brows furrowed in confusion when I slid the whip beneath her back, and pulled the far end so half was protruding from both sides of her body.

“The lash has many uses, my little slave,” I hissed in her ear, before licking my tongue through the inner shell. It took only a few hand movements, and I had accomplished my purpose, crossing the weapon between each breast and then looping the leather around the base of each mound, drawing it fairly tight. Her breasts darkened immediately from the trapped blood in them, and began to swell even further.

I didn’t tighten the leather as much as I could, and we both knew it, but I knew that it wouldn’t be long before a prickling sensation would begin in each of her nipples and begin to radiate outward. Then, it became just a matter of time before her bound breasts would begin constantly reminding her of her predicament.

I gave her left nipple a tweak. “How’s that, Bitch?” I asked her.

I saw the struggle within. It was so hard to answer a question like that, and she knew I was expecting her to respond. “It’s…painful, Mistress.”

I solemnly looked her in the eye. “I’d think so,” I answered. “Would you have rather me used the whip in a more conventional manner?”

Her bottom lip quivered. “No, Mistress,” she admitted.

I bent over and gave her a long close mouthed kiss. No doubt the tenderness of my lips let her know the real me was still inside somewhere, and I would be aware if I had pushed her too far. We weren’t near at that point yet, though.

I sank back on my heels, and my voice raised a bit. “You are such a whore all tied up like that.” I slapped the top of the nearest thigh. “Spread those legs for your mistress, just like you’re dying to!”

Her thighs parted quickly and my fingers delved once again through the soaked valley between them. She was still radiating great heat and moisture, and I smiled fiercely at her. I pulled my fingers from her pussy, and shoved them between her parted lips, with the single word, “Lick.”

She sucked in my fingers, and ran her tongue frantically over my digits, making me feel the pull clear down to my hardon. If my keen ears hadn’t picked up on the sound of an approaching horse, I would have stripped off my clothes and demanded she pleasure me right then and there.

Her mouth froze on my fingers a moment later, when she heard the unmistakable sound as well. She whimpered against my fingers, squirming against her bindings.

“Do you hear that?” I asked her, chuckling at her expression. “Someone is getting ready to ride into our campsite. What do you think they’re going to do when they see you all staked out on the ground like this? I know what I’d do. I’d be naked and taking advantage of the situation in seconds. It’s obvious a little slut like you is ripe for the taking ”

Her eyes began to frantically search the near darkness of the brush around the campsite, trying to see who was approaching. I slid my fingers from her mouth, and sat back on my heels, continuing to egg her on with my words. “I wonder if it’s a friend or foe?” I mused. “Which would be the worst for you to see? What if it’s Hercules and Iolas, coming to us with some sort of problem for us to help them with? How do you think they’d react to seeing you all stretched out like the slut you are? Do you think they’d ask me for my permission, or just know I’d be only too glad to let them have at you. Or what if it was Joxer? Wouldn’t that be rich? Even he could get lucky with you in your present condition.” The noise was growing even louder as whomever it was drew very close.

I reached down and grabbed hold of the handled end of the whip, and once again, slid it beneath her body. Gabrielle let out a sob as I drew it tight against her ass crack, and threaded it through so the thickest part of the leather lay firmly dividing her inner labia, pressed directly against her most sensitive parts. “Or maybe it’s an enemy,” I continued. “Can you imagine if it was Najara or, gods, even Callisto sneaking up on us? Can you imagine how they would respond to seeing you like this, and with me giving them permission to do whatever they damn well feel like doing?”

The whimpering grew louder, and her eyes were riveted to the direction of the sounds that were almost on us. I could feel her pulse pounding wildly where my lower thigh made contact with her ribs, and she looked very near hysterics.

The brush parted, and I saw Gabrielle’s mouth gape open, either in an effort to scream or to try to breathe, and then she burst into tears. Argo trotted into camp, all alone, obeying my commands to her earlier. I laughed at Gabrielle’s distress, and stood to go pat my horse’s neck.

“Good girl, Argo,” I said softly. I removed the new piece of chain I had cleaned earlier that was still attached to her saddle, and then told my horse politely to get the Tartarus out of here. Wrapping the shiny chain around my left hand, I turned to face my prisoner again.

“Did you like that little game, you fucking whore?” I asked her, sauntering over to stand tall above her. “Did that get your juices flowing even harder, thinking about who might be coming to fuck you? No matter who it was, I would have let them do it, you know. Shit, I would have held you down while they did it” They were all boldfaced lies, but I don’t think she was aware of that. Her mind wouldn’t let her believe the truth…that I would never allow that to happen.

I was suddenly taken aback by the real tears spilling down her cheeks and the stuttering sobs wracking Gabrielle’s body. No matter how intense I had ever gotten with my lovemaking, I had never seen her react this way before, and I couldn’t help feeling a slight pang of guilt.

“No more, Mistress, no more!” she pleaded. “I can’t take it anymore…please stop torturing me! Please!”

I stood there, torn and confused by her actions and her words. I had been with her long enough to recognize real emotional pain in her, and I’m sure that’s what I was witnessing now. She was trembling all over, her engorged breasts quivering with the shaking in her chest, and her teary eyes staring beseechingly up at me. “Please, stop. I’m sorry I asked you for it.”

I was taking an awful chance and I know it, but something was nagging at me. “You know how to stop this, Gabrielle,” I reminded her. “You have to say the word. I promised you I wouldn’t stop unless I heard it.”

She continued to draw deep shaky breaths, her teeth worrying her bottom lip as she continued to stare up at me. “I can’t, Mistress,” she answered, her voice sounding a tiny bit calmer now. “I’m afraid if I say it, you’ll think I’m too weak…can’t you please just have pity on me and just let me go?…I love you.”

Oh what a challenge she offered me! The smug confidence that I had felt up until this moment suddenly began to drain from my body. There was truth in her words, and I was torn between what I should do. My own stubborn will won out though, and I shook my head at her.

“No, Cunt. I won’t stop unless you say the word.”

I couldn’t help but notice the tears had already stopped, and she drew in a deep sigh before slowly nodding her head. “As you wish, Mistress,” she managed.

I was still questioning her pleas as I knelt between her legs, and let the look of her situation sear my brain again. In the back of my mind, I kept telling myself that if she was really that desperate for the game to end, she would say our safe word…Illusia. Surely she knew I wouldn’t think any less of her if she resorted to it. Surely…

I reached down and took the whip handle again, pulling it tightly against her pussy. She squirmed and wiggled, trying to lesson some of the pressure, but didn’t offer anymore verbal protests.

“Fuck the whip, My Dirty Whore,” I demanded. “I wanna see you fuck it right.”

With a sigh of submission, she began to slide her hips up and down, her juices quickly slicking the leather enough to make the going easy. I held the whip taut, but not so tight that it would cut into her delicate flesh. Instead, the sawing motion would create a tremendous friction against her clit and inner lips, and it wasn’t long before her movements became insistent.

I clucked my tongue. “Don’t tell me you’re ready to come already, Slut” I noted, genuinely amazed by how quickly she could change gears.

“I think so, Mistress,” she gasped, her hips sliding up and down the leather convulsively. “May I come, Mistress?”

I had to laugh at her. “Go ahead,” I nodded. “You deserve it.”

Almost immediately she groaned long and loud, and I could see her lips reflexively open and close around the thick leather as she reached her fulfillment. Once again, her hips dropped with a thud, but this time, there was a look of pleasure on her features. And perhaps…a look of relief.

Not wanting her to get too comfortable, I reached out and gave one of her breasts a squeeze, reminding her she was still completely under my power. She squealed in pain, and the half smile on her face rapidly faded.

“Did you forget where you were, Cunt?” I asked her.

“For a little bit, Mistress,” she responded sadly and sincerely.

“That’s what I thought. You’ve come twice already, and you haven’t even bothered to offer your mistress a chance to come as well.”

“Oh gods, I want to make you come, Mistress!” she cried out immediately. “I really, really want to help you come!”

“Oh sure, now you do,” I sneered. “But don’t you think there’s a problem when I’m the one who has to bring it up?”

“Oh gods, I’m sorry, Mistress! I’m so sorry!” she began to babble. “I want to see you reach your peak more than anything!”

“I doubt that,” I smiled, but I loosened the whip from between her thighs, and pulled it away from her cunt. Her breasts were beet red by now, and I decided it was time I released them from their restraints, before I did any lasting damage.

“You’re going to get your wish,” I told her, “but I’m going to set your tits free first. This is going to hurt a bit…” With a few deft movements, I unwrapped the whip from her chest.

She let out a breath of relief when I tossed the whip aside, and then shrieked as the blood flow resumed its normal operation. The sensation of the blood pounding through her was far worse than the actual trapping of the flesh itself. She continued to fight back the screams as the sensations intensified.

I couldn’t help keeping my fingers gentle as I rubbed the enflamed flesh, aiding in her circulation. Her breasts rapidly began to lighten in color, but I knew it would be some time before they were completely back to their normal pink coloring. After a while, she began to breathe normally, and I could see she wasn’t distressed any more.

“How do you want to make me come, Whore?” I asked her, capturing her gaze in mine.

She shrugged. “However you want me to, Mistress,” she whispered in response. “Whatever will bring you the most pleasure.”

That was an invitation I could jump on with all sorts of retorts, but I was finding the need between my legs becoming too great to torment myself or even her in this regard for much longer. I reached for my breastplate, and quickly began to undress.

She watched my every movement, her eyes bright with a familiar lust. I was still perplexed if she had really meant her pleas only moments before, because now, she seemed totally into our lovemaking. I’d have to ask her about that later, but for now…

My armor and boots gone, I reached behind me and unfastened my leathers, not concealing the sigh of relief when I was finally free of its constraints. Gabrielle’s glowing eyes were riveted to my breasts, and I looked down to see what had captivated her gaze. My nipples were hardened into sharpened points, pressing hard against my shift.

I leaned forward on my arms, and pressed my left nipple to her lips. Immediately she answered my call, sucking it in and nursing for all she was worth. Her saliva soaked the beige material of my undergarment, and I smiled down at the dark circle she had left behind when I pressed my other nipple to her mouth. Her tongue laved out immediately to repeat the procedure on this one.

“Bite it, Bitch,” I moaned, unable to help myself. “Let me feel your teeth.”

Immediately, I felt her sharp little teeth nipping at my hardened nipple. She tore her mouth away for just a second. “Like that, Mistress?” she asked me.

“Yeah, just like that,” I growled, pressing my nipple even harder into her mouth. “Scrape it with your teeth.”

Once again, she immediately did as I commanded, and I felt a new river of wetness begin flowing lower down.

I reached down and grasped the hem of my shift, and quickly pulled it off my body, baring myself to her gaze. A few twists, and my breeches where gone as well, leaving me as naked as she was.

“Bend your leg, Cunt,” I ordered tightly, my hand slapping over the outer part of her left thigh, and when she did, I immediately pressed my screaming pussy down onto it. My hips immediately went into action, stroking up and down over her flesh as her mouth settled on my left nipple once again.

“Oh yeah, gonna fuck your leg,” I sang to her, loving the sensation of her firm flesh against my sodden need. Her teeth continued their magic on my nipple, and I felt myself moving even faster, dangerously near the edge already. We both moaned out with disappointment when I wrenched myself from her suddenly.

I slid up her body, until I was straddling her head. “Suck my pussy,” I told her simply, lowering it to her face. “But make it last…”

Immediately, the warmth began to settle over my body, as she used her oral prowess on me. I could feel her lower teeth continuing the scraping movements she had used on my nipple, and then she sucked in one of my labia, her tongue running wildly over the tingling flesh. She had to feel my clit pressing against her nose, but she knew if she wanted to make it last that she had to avoid any real touching there…I was ready to explode at any time.

“Mmm…that’s very good, Slut,” I had to praise, as I felt her tongue snake up into my vagina and she began to root it around inside me with an incredible amount of strength. She was doing a credible job of breathing through her nose as she drove me crazy with her mouth, and I could feel the exhalations on my clit, enticing it to slither out even further from beneath its hood, struggling to reach the source of the warm, promising breeze.

I would have liked to draw this out further, but there was no way. I had gone too long with my body demanding an orgasm. “Make me see stars, you little slut, and I’ll release your hands,” I snarled down, and almost immediately, her lips curled around my hardon.

“Ungh!” I lunged forward on my hands, mashing my crotch tighter into her face when I felt her teeth grabbing hold of the center of my passion. She worked her jaws back and forth, apparently aware that I wanted it just as hard as I had given it to her. She stretched her neck, and I felt her chin pressing against the opening to my vagina, blindly rubbing against me as urgently as I was riding against her.

My inner muscles suddenly constricted and my clit seemed to inflate and burst, and I lunged forward to bury my face in my forearms, trying to force back a scream of pure rapture. My hips continued to spasm against her mouth, as she skillfully used her teeth and lips to draw out my orgasm as long as she possibly could. I saw more than those stars I had hinted at…I saw galaxies.

She was humming contentedly as she continued to stroke me with her tongue, and I heard her groan of disappointment when I pulled my cunt off her face and slid down a bit so it was resting at the gap between her breasts. I looked down into her eyes and gave her an approving nod.

“That was most acceptable, my cunt hungry little slave,” I told her, before reaching for the leather binding her wrists to my sword handle. During her thrashing, she had pulled the lacing tight, but after a few seconds of working with it, I was able to release her. I rubbed over the marks my fingers and the leather had pressed into her flesh, knowing this wouldn’t be nearly as painful as releasing her breasts had been. Still, I gave her a moment to regroup before letting her know what was next.

“You’ve done very well so far, Slave,” I informed her, before slipping off her body. I stroked my fingertips against her soft cheek, and was engulfed in emotion when I saw her smile slightly, obviously pleased with my praise. “Are you ready to be fucked by your mistress?”

“Oh yes, Mistress,” I heard her breathy response. “Yes, please.”

I chuckled at her eagerness, and reached for my saddlebag. Within seconds, I was handing the phallus already encased in its harness over to her.

Her eyes flitted from the wooden dick to my eyes, and I know she was afraid she might make an incorrect assumption. “Put it on me,” I told her, letting her off the hook.

She did so efficiently, her fingers skillfully fastening the lacings that held the phallus firmly against my clit. I felt her fingertips brush over my pussy a couple times, and saw her nervous glance at me. I didn’t respond one way or the other, wondering if she would have the nerve to continue to touch me without my permission.

Apparently, she didn’t want to take a chance, and she laid back on the bedroll after securing me into the harness. I gave her a smile, which she returned. Hers rapidly faded though, when I let mine turn devilish.

“You have five seconds to get on your hands and knees, ass in the air, face down,” I barked at her, and my grin widened again when she made a mad scramble to assume the position.

“Just barely made it, Slut,” I told her, as I moved to my knees behind her. My eyes were captivated by the pale, smooth flesh of her buttocks, and I caressed my hands over them, feeling her start slightly at the contact, then relax into my fingers. I heard her draw a deep sudden breath when I laid my hands flat on either ass cheek, and spread them, exposing all her hidden assets to me.

Starting at the top of her crevice, I flattened my tongue, and licked all the way down, my tongue slipping shallowly into her vagina before sliding out again. Then I repeated the action in reverse, spreading more of her juices upward to make sure her already moist anal opening was soaked. I heard her give a distressed moan, and I knew she thought she knew what was going to happen next. I loved to surprise her.

Reaching between my own legs, I gathered up a handful of my juices and massaged it into the phallus. Then, without ceremony, I was pushing inside her cunt.

“Yes,” I moaned almost immediately setting up a hard rhythm, slapping the front of my thighs against the back of hers. I released her ass for the time being, and placed a hand on either side of her waist, pulling her back as I pushed forward to increase the depth of my strokes. The phallus did its work well, filling her sopping cunt and pressing into my clit in alternating movements. Gabrielle had turned her head slightly to gain some breathing room, and I saw her mouth gape open, her eyes screwed shut as I pounded her pussy.

A climax began to loom way too quickly for me, so I slowed my motions down, and released her hips. I know she heard the clinking noise the chain made when I picked it up, but she also knew better than to look back at me without permission.

I had virtually slowed my fucking to a stop, despite my protesting clit. She shrieked when she felt the coldness of the chain rubbing between her labia, and I’m sure she was aware of what it was she was feeling. I could sense her fear running rampant again though, as her imagination ran away with her when she tried to figure out what I would do with it.

“Relax, my little slave,” I whispered gently, as I took one end of the chain, and began to feed it inside her nether entrance. “Once you get used to this, you’re gonna love it.”

The chain wasn’t thick nor heavy, nor did it need to be. I slowly began to resume my thrusting in her pussy, as I continued to feed the chain into her ass. I had to tighten my lower muscles to keep from coming just from the sight of the golden links disappearing one by one into her little asshole. I left the last six links on the outside of her, to hang down and hit against the skin between her two openings when we moved.

I suddenly dropped to support myself on one hand, so my mouth rested near her exposed ear. “You have any idea how hot you look, Whore? Your ass is stuffed full of chain, and I can hear it clinking when I push my dick inside you. Can you feel it moving around?”

“Yes. Mistress,” she managed to answer.

“Do you like it?” I pressed.

She paused a few seconds, then admitted with a grunt, “Yes, Mistress.”

I grinned at her, but her eyes had rolled back and I don’t think she was aware how much her honesty had pleased me. She was beginning to thrust back against me harder, the chain swinging back and forth so violently, it began to strike against my enlarged clit, shooting sparks of pleasure through me.

“I want you to tell me when you’re getting ready to come,” I growled at her. “Tell me right before you start, you got that, Slut?”

“Mm…yes, Mistress, I’m already close.”

“I know.” I straightened up and grabbed her ass cheeks, spreading her wide again and pistoning my hips forward in an effort to bury myself even deeper within her weeping flesh..

I was climbing fast myself, and I was just beginning to wonder if I was going to lose control and spill before she did, when I heard her moan out, “I’m going to come, Mistress…oh…nooowww!!!…” Her voice rose in intensity when I looped the chain around my right index finger, and began to pull the chain out, a link at a time, in slow even increments, continuing to fuck her the whole time.

“Oh gods, Mistress!” she screeched, and I could feel her pussy muscles clamping down on the phallus, making me work harder to thrust in and out of her. This consequentially, caused the nub at the base of it to bang harder into my clit, and I rapidly felt my leg muscles tightening as my own climax rushed toward me. Watching her asshole open and close around the slender chain was the last straw, and I released the globes of her butt and collapsed heavily against her, my hips instinctively humping her backside to ride out the sensation.

She heard the chain land on the ground to the right of her, and lifted her head to turn and look at it as it lay gleaming in the firelight. I finally regained a hint of my strength, and lifted myself off her a bit. I had to smile at her look of wonderment at the chain. I don’t think she ever would have thought it was capable of delivering such pleasure.

I blinked sweat out of my eyes, and released her, smoothing my hands down over my own shaky thighs. I grunted when I pulled my hips back, hearing the noise my cock made when it slipped from her depths. My legs refused to stop growing more rubbery, and I sat down hard on my ass on Gabrielle’s bedroll.

Gradually, my breathing and heart rate came back to normal, and only then did I notice that Gabrielle was still in her submissive pose. I vaguely wondered if she wanted to continue our lovemaking, but I knew I couldn’t do it any more. I reached down and gently lifted her by the shoulder. The smile I gave her was genuine.

“Come here, My Love,” I said gently, and could see in her eyes that she understood the charade was over.

Her smile warmed my soul as she straightened up and moved into my outstretched arms. “Thank you, Xena. That was…incredible,” she whispered to me, before pressing her lips to mine. The kiss was so tender, it took my breath away, and then she was lowering her head and pressing it against my collarbone. She was asleep within minutes, amazing me as always how quickly she could find slumber.

I woke up at first light, feeling fairly refreshed considering I’d only had about four hours sleep. I disentangled myself from Gabrielle’s sprawled form, and when she murmured in her sleep, stroked my fingers lightly over her hair and upper back until she quieted again. I dressed rapidly, then cleaned up the campsite, leaving no evidence of our adventures last night.

Gabrielle surprised me by waking up an hour later or so. She sat up in her bedroll, rubbing the sleep from her eyes. “G’morning, Xena,” she smiled, before succumbing to a huge yawn.

“Good morning.” I was sitting on a fallen log, plucking a goose I had chakramed earlier that morning. “How ya doin’ this morning?” I asked, trying not to make my study of her too obvious.

She shook out her arms and slowly stood up. “Not too bad,” she said, sounding surprised. “I feel pretty darn good, considering…”

I knew what the “considering” consisted of, and it made me feel a little guilty. “I’m uh…sorry if I got too carried away,” I finally stammered, figuring it was too late for an apology, but still feeling the need.

She walked over and sat down beside me on the log. I swallowed my uneasiness, and faced her.

Her hand came up to gently cup my chin, much as I had done with her yesterday. “There is no need to apologize,” she said softly. “Gods, no need at all. It was incredibly arousing and exciting…just what I was hoping for.”

I narrowed my eyes suspiciously. “You’re serious?” I asked.

“Mm hmm…” Her lips nibbling hungrily at mine did a fine job to help convince me.

I wound my fingers through her hair, and pulled her closer for another kiss, this one borne of sheer gratitude. She was beaming at me when I pulled my head back.

I had to laugh in amazement at her as she wrinkled her nose at me. I was a sucker for that expression, and she knew it. Her hand came up again, to stroke over my lips this time, and I noticed the dark bruises on her wrists.

“Gods, Gabrielle, I am so sorry,” I moaned, taking her wrists in my hands and gently stroking over them with my thumb.

Her smile never faded. “Don’t be, Xena…” she answered softly. “I asked for it, and I have to admit, I was pushing every button I could to get to you.”

I considered that for a minute. “What about when you started crying?” I asked her. “Were you pushing my buttons then?”

“Especially then,” she confided.

I shook my head slightly. “I thought you were really afraid,” I had to say. “I was really hoping you’d say Illusia and get it over with.”

“I was very afraid,” she admitted, confusing me even worse. “But I was afraid of the immediate pain you might bring me. I wasn’t afraid that you would hurt me. Does that make sense?”

“No,” I answered.

She shrugged. “I guess not,” she agreed. “I was so into my role at that moment and I know how you like it when someone resists you…I just let the emotions go and expressed my fears, not what I really wanted.”

I was going to have to think about all this, but right now, I suddenly became aware that Gabrielle was very naked, and sitting in my lap. I bent over and breathed on a nipple, watching it come to life when my breath touched it.

“And what do you want now?” I asked, lowering my voice before extending my tongue, and giving a light lick to the hardening bud.

She just grinned at me, and wrapped her fingers in my hair, drawing my mouth tightly against the nipple. “Do I really have to tell you?” I heard her husk, before I captured her tasty flesh in my mouth.

COMING NEXT WEEK: Xena and Gabrielle help a young pregnant woman who has a whole town turned against her.

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