Manipulations--Gabrielle's Scroll

It had been much too long since Xena and I had ventured out with our lovemaking. The spontaneity sessions we once enjoyed had been continually delayed because of how busy our lives had become. If I had my way, that was about to change.

We had enjoyed a couple of days with no violence, and Xena had gone hunting to find us something for dinner other than fish. I spread out our bedrolls to get more comfortable and got out a new scroll, trying to decide which level of excitement and which adventure I wanted to write about. It was nearing sunset and looked like it was going to be a beautiful evening.

As I thought through some of our experiences, I also remembered some of the places we had made love, even with people nearby. Some of our best sex was the dangerous kind, and it had been quite some time since we had gone that route. Now was the perfect time to send the signal…so I flipped her bedroll over on the opposite side, and when she came back from her little hunting trip, she'd see that I was ready for further education. Or so I thought.

I waited forever it seemed for her to return. The longer I sat there, the more nervous I felt about what approach she would take. It had been a long while since we had really taken our time to do whatever the mood set. There would be no distractions or interruptions, and we had all night long. I was asking for her dominance and command, and I had to be ready to accept whatever she chose to inflict. I trusted her, yet fear was present. The contradiction only fueled the desire building between my legs.

As I suspected, she appeared out of nowhere, her beauty as always, most astounding. She had definitely picked up on my signal and was in Mistress Mode. She circled our bedrolls, and I hesitantly watched her slow, prowling pace, trying to decide if I was going to get kicked or kissed, and the adrenalin rush had begun.

Initially she went to work humiliating me and making me wonder if I had made the right choice. But after grabbing my chin and barking commands about not breaking eye contact with her unless she said so, she gave me a few seconds of reassurance by bending down and kissing me sweetly on the lips. Taking a few moments to look into my eyes, she brushed my hair back and almost spoke softly, "You remember how to stop this, right?"

It gave me reassurance, but at the same time I was desperately trying to remember rules from the past, not really wanting to set myself up for additional pain. I just wanted to be close to Xena, and to let her take me like she wanted. I loved putting my trust in her, taking me to new levels of ecstasy each time. And I felt like my act of submission would certainly make it extremely enjoyable for her. I wanted her to be so turned on that she could not contain herself any longer.

"Yes, Xena, I remember."

"Good…because that's the ONLY way that I'll stop."

She told me to eat dinner and she'd be back in a little while. The waiting always killed me more than anything, and she knew it. Of course, the anticipation of her touch always found me completely ready for her to be inside me. She knew how to play the game, and I was still beginning to learn.

I considered myself handling her commands pretty well, and my body certainly reacted to the suspense and excitement of it all, but for the first time, I began to find myself wondering if she truly had my best interest at heart. I was used to intensity from her, but tonight, she was being relentless.

We had been at it for a while, when I heard the sound of approaching hooves, and Xena began to tease me about who it could be. She had me tied with leather straps, my body naked and my hands bound above my head to her sword. I was close to panicking, and was extremely relieved; yet still humiliated, when Argo entered our little campsite at Xena's previous instructions. Xena left me bound by the leather straps and went to pat Argo's neck, telling her, "Good girl, Argo."

She sent Argo away again and turned to face me. "Did you like that little game, you fucking whore?", she asked, walking slowly towards me and then standing directly above my naked body. "Did that get your juices flowing even harder, thinking about who might be coming to fuck you? No matter who it was, I would have let them do it, you know. Shit, I would have held you down while they did it."

For the first time, I caught myself wondering if Xena could really mean those hurtful things, and more than the leather straps cutting into my skin, the words hurt much more. The fact that she even used her horse as part of the plan even made it worse. A little voice in the back of my head was telling me it was all part of her manipulations, but still, she didn't give me a hint she didn't mean what she said.

I felt very close to my breaking point, and the tears were coming on quickly. My feelings had been betrayed more than anything and I was working hard to convince myself that I had made a mistake.

"No more, Mistress, no more! I can't take it anymore…please stop torturing me! Please!"

She stood there towering over me, looking confused at my crying. I had no dignity left at this point, so I asked her again. "Please, stop. I'm sorry I asked you for it."

She suddenly stopped the charade and spoke calmly to me. "You know how to stop this, Gabrielle…You have to say the word. I promised you I wouldn't stop unless I heard it."

But gods, if I stopped, I'd feel so unworthy. I had to know that Xena wasn't going to let anything happen that would hurt me in any way. I looked up at her and finally said, "I can't, Mistress. I'm afraid if I say it, you'll think I'm too weak…can't you please just have pity on me and just let me go?…I love you."

"No, Cunt. I won't stop unless you say the word."

I couldn't quit now…Xena's confidence in my love and trust for her would be hurt, and I had to remember that I had asked for this side of her to come out and play. I tried to get a grip on my imagination. "As you wish, Mistress."

Maybe I was kidding myself, but I think my pleas got through to her, at least to a small degree. She wasn't quite as rough with me as we continued on, and it wasn't long before she was taking some of the pressure off me by letting me know she was ready for me to work some of my own magic on her. Slowly, as we continued, she lessened the strain on my body, first unbinding my breasts, and then, after I had joyfully sucked her cunt to orgasm, she released my hands. When she asked me if I was ready to be fucked, my enthusiastic response was genuine.

But gods, she wasn't totally out of the mistress mood yet. She barked for me to get on my hands and knees, and then she tormented me some more, spreading my cheeks and making me tighten up with the thoughts that it might not be my pussy that she fucked. I began to calm down though, when I felt her release my ass and pound her dick into me. A good hard fucking was definitely right on the agenda for both of us.

I was finally releasing the last of my fears, when I felt a cold sensation against the lips her cock was rubbing, even as she continued to fuck me. It was a chain she had removed from her co-conspirator's saddle earlier. Oh gods, was she really going to beat me with it?

"Relax, my little slave," I heard her say quietly behind me. She sensed my rapidly rising apprehension. "Once you get used to this, you're gonna love it."

And as was common for her, she was right. I tried to resist the presence of the chain in my ass at first, but it gave me an incredible sense of fullness that wasn't uncomfortable at all. The sensation of the links moving and shifting inside me added to the movements she was causing in my vagina. And when I told her I was beginning my orgasm, and she prolonged it by removing the chain painstakingly slowly, I don't have the words to express the rapture at the experience, or the excitement level of hearing her own groans behind me.

I was exhausted, physically and mentally when she sat down on the bedroll next to me, but I was afraid to move from my pose…afraid of how she would respond. Then she gave me the sweet smile she reserved just for me, and said, "Come here, My Love," and I knew our adventures were over for this night.

"Thank you, Xena. That was…incredible," I said honestly, after sharing a warm kiss with her. She drew me in to her embrace, and I fell asleep in her arms almost immediately, grateful to have my tender lover back.

She had already been up a while, when I awakened the next morning, and her first words were of concern for me. I told her I was feeling pretty good, and in fact, I was. Yes, I was sore on certain spots of my body, but it wasn't anything severe, and would serve as a constant reminder of what had gotten me that way.

She began to look uneasy and apologize for getting carried away on the previous evening, and I told her the truth…there was no need to apologize. Looking back on it, it was an experience I would cherish.

Our kisses were soft and stirring, but when I reached up to touch her beautiful face, her eyes took in the bruises on my arms, and she began again to apologize to me. I knew now that I needed to come clean on what had happened last night, and tried to explain to her the excitement at being brought right to the edge of my tolerance and humiliation, but not being pushed over the precipice. It was difficult to explain, because I didn't quite get it myself, but I think she at least began to understand.

She asked me about my crying then, and I could tell my tears had almost gotten to her. I filed that away for future reference, and after a bit more talk, she was done talking suddenly seeming to recognize the fact that I was quite naked, and my aroused body was sitting naked on her lap. The only tears that could result from the lovemaking that followed would be tears of sheer happiness.

Later, after we had both redressed, and were ready to start traveling, I asked her the one question that was still nagging at me.

"Xena, I know you had arranged for Argo to come into camp, but what would you do…really…if someone saw me…well…"

She dropped the blanket she had been folding, and turned to face me. "Gabrielle, what we do in private is just for you and me. I would never let someone else enter in to it. You're mine and no one else's."

Some people might get offended at that statement, thinking it was some sort of declaration of ownership, but it just warmed me inside. I think my eyes said it all, but just to be sure, I let my lips and hands have a say as well.

COMING NEXT WEEK: Xena and Gabrielle help a young pregnant woman who has a whole town turned against her.

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