Honeymoon Nights--Xena's Scroll


I heard Gabrielle’s voice heading in my direction. I couldn’t help but be pleased at how good she had gotten at tracking. Although I hadn’t tried to hide my tracks, I hadn’t made them obvious either.

When she was walking on the riverbank above me, I pitched a clump of grass up at her to get her attention.

“There you are,” I heard her. It only took her a couple of minutes to find a path down to the bank, and she was soon approaching me. “What are you doing by yourself down here?”

I shrugged, and scooted over, making room for her to sit on the rock beside me. It was beginning to get a bit too noisy for me,” I answered.

She nodded with an understanding smile. “I kinda thought so,” she replied. “But I wanted to make sure everything was okay.”

I threw a piece of twig out into the slow moving river and watched the current pick it up. “Everything’s okay,” I told her. “Go on back to the party. I’ll be up in a little bit.”

I could see out of the corner of my eye that she was studying me closely. We had been through too much for her not to sense when something wasn’t quite right with me, and that’s how the situation was right now.

She didn’t question me, however. “All right, Xena, I’ll see you later.”

I turned my head to return the gentle kiss she offered and watched her climb the riverbank, heading back to the celebration.

I leaned back against the rock cliff wall, and continued to watch the progress of the river, while listening to the sounds above me. I was so lucky that by nature, Gabrielle was a patient, non-demanding soul. I’m sure no one else in the world would put up with me and my moodiness. She would usually urge me to let her know what was bothering me. But she did it with subtlety, sometimes waiting until the situation was over before expressing her curiosity. And if I really didn’t want to talk about it, which was rarely, that was okay with her too.

This was more than likely going to be one of those times.

The sun was slipping down over the horizon, when Gabrielle approached me again. I stood up, uncomfortable that I was sitting in nearly the same position she had left me in.

To her credit, she didn’t seem overly-concerned. “Everyone is getting ready to go,” she told me.

“Okay.” I let her take my hand and lead me to the walkway up the cliff. There were only a few people left, and they were either members of the newly married couple’s family, or were too drunk to find their way home. The bride and groom were long gone, probably off experiencing the pleasures of their honeymoon.

“Are you ready to go?” I asked Gabrielle.

She nodded. “Yeah, let’s go.”

I took her hand as we made the short walk to the inn. “Did you have a good time?” I asked Gabrielle.

She smiled her sweet smile. “Mm hmm…thank you for letting me go.” Her words caused me to feel kind of funny. Especially since Flora was my childhood friend, and Gabs was thanking me for letting me go to her and Diomedes’ wedding.

Once in our room, I shut and locked the door behind us. Gabrielle pulled the curtain shut as I began to remove my armor. “Are you hungry, Xena?” Gabrielle asked me. “I ate at the wedding, but you had already left before they started serving the food.”

“No thanks,” I answered. “I’m just gonna try to get some sleep. We need to get an early start in the morning if we are going to be in Lasad by the end of the week.” The town’s mayor, another old friend of mine, had asked that Gabrielle and I escort his young daughter to Thessaly for a medical treatment for a muscular disease she had. He had been ill, and was too weak to take her himself., and wanted someone he could trust with her life. I owed him more than one favor, so Gabrielle and I decided we’d take on the mission for him.

I stripped down to my shift, and pulled back the covers on the bed. Gabrielle seemed off in her own world, her hand on the lacings of her boots which she had unfastened, but not removed. She was staring at the cold fireplace, facing away from me.

“Are you coming?” I asked.

She blinked and turned toward me. “Yeah,” she answered, pulling the boot off. Within a minute, she was blowing out the candle on her side of the bed, and slipping between the covers. The strange silence that had been building all day was very disconcerting, especially in the quiet room.

I blew out my own candle, and laid down on my side, outstretching my arms toward her. I heard the tiny sound of contentment she made as she rapidly gravitated toward me. I held her close, giving her a short, affectionate kiss, and then closed my eyes readying myself for sleep as she snuggled in close.

The images that had bothered me all afternoon returned to me in sleep. This time, however, my unconscious, sleeping mind couldn’t temper the intensity of the visions, and the dreams were full of stark reality, adding to the level of guilt that had been rising steadily throughout the whole day. And at the same time, the dream was highly arousing to me.

“Xena?…Xena, wake up!” It always took me a minute when Gabrielle woke me from a dream, and this time was no exception. I sat up abruptly, trying to regain my sense of what was and wasn’t reality.

Gabrielle was grinning at me. “Wow, that musta been one hot dream, Xena,” she told me. “You were moaning and writhing in your sleep like you were on the verge of a huge climax. I hated to do it, but you were also pushing me out of bed, so I had to wake you up.”

I took a deep breath, trying again to push the lingering images of my dream out of my head. “Sorry about that,” I told her. “I musta got carried away.”

“Do you remember what you were dreaming?” she asked.

I couldn’t lie to her.


“Was I in it?” she asked with a grin.

“Yep,” I answered. Once again, it wasn’t a lie.

“Want to tell me about it?” she asked then.

She was kneeling beside me on the bed, her hair tousled from sleep, but her eyes bright and wide open. I started to tense up, then made a conscious effort to relax. I grinned and grabbed her shoulders and pushed her down on the bed. “You’re the one who’s a bard,” I told her. “I’m a woman of action.” I slipped a hand up her skirt and grabbed a handful of cunt as I pressed my mouth hard to hers, doing my best to take her breath away.

It effectively quelched anymore questions for a while, at the same time relieving some of the pressure that had built during my dream. Gabrielle responded well to my aggressive actions, giving me no indication that she wasn’t enjoying herself. If anything, her climax at the response to my vigorous finger fucking was more powerful than usual. Sweaty and worn out, we fell asleep again in each other’s arms. Thankfully, the dream didn’t reoccur that night.

I shook Gabrielle awake at sunrise the next morning, and after some playful urging, finally got her alert and out of bed. “We’ll stop downstairs and get some breakfast,” I had to promise her, and having missed supper on the previous day, I was more than glad to keep my promise.

Once again, we didn’t talk much the next morning. Gabrielle was muttering to herself a lot as we traveled which told me she was working on a new scroll. I was grateful, as I was still sorting out conflicting emotions in my head.

Should I tell her what I was going through? I really didn’t know. In some respects, I think she wouldn’t have minded hearing what was on my mind. But at the same time, I thought it could bring up unpleasant memories, and I certainly didn’t want to hurt her unnecessarily…not again.

The wedding yesterday was the first one I had been to in almost two years. It had brought back memories of the last wedding before it, and one of the most miserable days, difficult times of my life.

It was the day Gabrielle had married her betrothed, Perdicus.

At the time, I was already totally head over heels in love with Gabrielle. My depth of emotion had already moved from beyond lust and into love at that point, but I didn’t have the nerve to admit it to her yet. Of course, now I knew she had felt the same way about me, but couldn’t convince herself I could feel the same way. If we could have been more open with our feelings, we could have saved ourselves a whole lot of heartache, on both our parts.

Perdicus had shown up in our camp one night, declaring his love for Gabrielle and proposing to her on the spot. She didn’t answer right away, which should have given me a big clue but I was too thick-headed and jealous to pick up on it. Later, when we were fighting Callisto’s army, the killing got to be too much for Perdicus. He laid down his sword, and told Gabrielle he was going home. The next thing I knew, she was telling me she had accepted his proposal of marriage, and would be going back to Potodeia with him.

He wanted to get married right away (of course), and the very next day, I found myself standing next to Gabrielle in a temple, as a priest married her and Perdicus. Joxer was there as well, and although he was crazy about Gabrielle, he didn’t seem upset at the marriage at all. Perhaps he realized he never really had a chance with her. I refused to believe the same thing about myself.

I would have liked to have hated Perdicus under the circumstances, but couldn’t bring myself to do it. He was a good man, who obviously loved Gabrielle very much. Perhaps it was wishful thinking, but although she obviously cared for him, I didn’t see that she was returning his love to him, at least not the same kind of love. But she WAS standing there, declaring her vows, whether there was the right kind of love or not, and it was all I could do not to lash out and chakram Perdicus and the priest.

I held my tongue and my temper though, somehow, and Gabrielle and Perdicus were quickly married. I had to congratulate her, no matter what I was thinking, and when I saw her lips heading in my direction, it was all I could do not to bend her backward and ravish her mouth with my own. On the contrary, I moved my head slightly, so her lips met just to the side of my mouth. It was a little harder to end the embrace we shared, but she didn’t seem to mind when I clung on to her for a few seconds. The time went all too fast, and Perdicus was taking my beloved’s hand, leading her off toward their honeymoon room. I stood in the temple and watched them go, reality sinking in, before taking off on my own.

I didn’t have any place to go…just away from there. The next town was about ten miles down the road, and I decided it would be a good place to buy some port, and numb some of my pain.

I was on my fourth mug, and had a decent buzz within a half an hour. The other people in the tavern left me alone, and I’m sure the expression on my face, coupled with my posture was the reason for that. I was not to be trifled with today.

It took me a few seconds to realize there some rather loud whispering off to one side of me. My curiosity got the better of me eventually, so I turned to see what was going on. I’m sure I swallowed hard when I saw.

Sitting at a table just a couple spots away from mine, sat a pair of young women. They quit whispering when I caught their eye, purposely keeping my expression dark and brooding. Slowly, I turned my head back away from them, wondering what was going on.

I finished the mug I was working on and decided I’d had enough for now. I didn’t really feel any better, but at least I might be able to get a little sleep that night.

After paying the bartender what I owed, I left the tavern. I had the dinars to get a room upstairs, but figured I would sleep better under the stars tonight.

I was halfway to the stable where Argo was waiting when I realized I was being followed. The port didn’t dull my emotions, but it had certainly dulled my senses. I should have known I was being trailed long before that.

A little concentration told me there were two people trailing me, walking side by side, about ten paces behind me. I knew it would be the two women before I whirled to see what they wanted.

Just to see their reactions, I stopped cold and did a huge backward flip, so I landed directly in front of them. They both jumped, but to their credit, didn’t make a noise.

“Good evening, Ladies,” I said, giving them a feral smile. “Might I inquire why you two lovely ladies seem to have taken such an interest in me?”

They glanced at each other, and the blonde answered, “You’re Xena, the Warrior Princess, aren’t you?”

I crossed my arms. “Possibly,” I answered. “Who wants to know?”

Another shared glance, and the blonde spoke again. “My name is Andrea, and this is Jade.”

I nodded, trying to wait patiently. “We’re originally from Massanaeh, but have just returned from Athens,” Andrea continued. “And we work together. For a long time now, we’ve heard incredible stories about you.”

These two certainty didn’t look like warriors. “What kind of stories?” I asked.

Jade finally spoke. “We worked for Delle,” came her answer.

Delle! The infamous Madame of Athens! I’m sure I couldn’t keep all the surprise from disappearing, as I looked at the two women more closely. Delle was well known for hiring the most beautiful of whores, but these two were strikingly gorgeous and exuded innocence and charm. I just couldn’t picture them working for my old friend. No, if anything, they reminded me of a certain bard…

“What are you doing here?” I asked, holding up my hands to indicate the small town we were in.

“We both loved working for Delle, but hated living in Athens,” Jade answered. Her voice was so low-pitched, I had to really pay attention to hear what she was saying. “So we decided to set up business for ourselves here.”

Praegus was a fairly busy port town, which meant there was a constant supply of sex-starved sailors passing through. A couple of enterprising young beauties like Jade and Andrea could do very well in a town like this.

I nodded at them. “I see…So what does all this have to do with me?”

For what seemed like the hundredth time, they glanced at each other, as though speaking without words. Then simultaneously, they each reached a hand out and put it on one of my forearms. The movement startled me…I suddenly realized they weren’t wanting to hire me for some sort of protection, nor did they want me to join them as a partner. “We’ve both got a lot of experience fucking,” Andrea said, matter-of-factly. “But we’ve heard so many stories about the wild woman you are between the sheets, and we didn’t want to let a chance like that get by us.”

Well, that pretty well answered that question! If the two of them didn’t look so enthusiastic and confident, I’m sure I would have been taken more off guard by Andrea’s blatant declaration.

It had been a long time since I had fucked another woman. The last one had been Fauna at the Amazon village, and I had fucked her out of frustration and jealousy over Gabrielle’s apparent relationship with Ephiny.

Now, my heart was hurting, once again, because of Gabrielle, and I hate to admit it, but I was intrigued by these two. But at the same time, I felt alcohol, lust, anger, and a spurned heart seething into a volatile mixture just below the surface of my skin, and despite their claims, I don’t think Andrea and Jade were aware of what I was really capable of.

I gave the pair a genuine smile. “Your offer is very tempting,” I said slowly. “But I’m afraid I’m going to have to pass. Thanks anyway.”

I pulled my arms free of their hold, and turned to walk away.


I sort of figured it was coming, so I turned, determined to be patient with the two of them. I wasn’t expecting to suddenly find myself holding two armfuls of soft warm blonde, but Andrea had given me no choice.

“What’s the matter, Warrior Princess?” she purred in my ear. “Afraid you’ve lost your touch?”

I chuckled at her obvious ploy, and then felt sharp teeth grab hold of my earlobe, biting down considerably hard. I was surprised by the shocks it sent pulsating through my body.

Jade was suddenly behind me, and I felt her hands creep up my skirt and over the swell of my ass. She grabbed on and squeezed, digging her nails into me.

“Come on, Xena,” I heard her murmur. “It’s on the house, and we promise to give you a night you’ll never forget.”

I tired desperately to disentangle myself from them, but they hung on stubbornly.

“You don’t really want to sleep alone tonight, do you, Xena?” Jade asked.

I thought of Gabrielle sharing a bed with Perdicus, and how I would have to get used to being on my own again. I really didn’t relish the idea, especially this first night, but the blackness in my hears was suddenly more of self-loathing than self-pity. I was too weak to resist.

I grabbed Andrea’s hands, and suddenly had them behind her back. I held them with my left hand, even as I whirled and did the same thing to Jade. They both struggled, but I had a firm hold on them.

“Well, Ladies?” I hissed, my face between theirs. “You said you wanted some wild times with me. I don’t know what stories you heard, but if you want me to fuck you two, you’re going to have to accept some…discipline. I can tell by talking to you that you’re both very dirty girls, and are going to have to be tamed before you can even get a crack at me.”

I heard a mutual moan rise up from them that immediately sent smoke signals right to my pussy. “You have no idea how bad we can be,” Jade whispered, no longer fighting my hold on her.

I chuckled again, knowing the iciness in my voice would give them a promise of things to come. I was suddenly in the mood for the kind of sex I had long thought I was done with. Tonight, however, it was right on the menu, and since they both seemed so eager, I wasn’t going to resist my urges. “We’re going to need some privacy,” I told them…”And…other things.”

“We’ve got that” Andrea replied. “Let us go, and we’ll take you there.”

I noticed a couple of men walking down the other side of the road watching us curiously. They leered at the situation I had the two women in. If anything, it was encouraging to me. “And what if you’re lying?” I sneered. We all knew they weren’t, but I wanted to leave no doubt that I was in charge from here on out. “I’ll tell you what,” I continued. I released Jade’s hands, and gave her a push. She stumbled forward, startled, and then caught her balance. “I’ll hang on to this little cunt while you lead the way, Jade. Try any surprises, and I’ll start breaking fingers.”

“Okay,” Jade nodded, and she took off walking. I followed closely, still holding Andrea’s hands tightly behind her back. I could smell the scent of three very sexually aroused women, even out in the open air.

We walked a small distance to a little house on the outskirts of town. “This is it,” Jade said, opening the gate that led to the small front yard.

“Will there be anyone else in there?” I asked, as we approached the front door.

“No,” Jade answered. “There’s no ship due until tomorrow night. We always arrange our evenings appointments in the tavern, and told our regulars we wouldn’t be available tonight.”

“You didn’t even know for sure I was Xena,” I commented.

“We were almost sure you were,” Andrea spoke up. “And if you weren’t for some reason, just checking out your face and body was enough to inspire Jade and I to want to be alone tonight.”

“Sometimes, having a man just doesn’t do the trick, y’know?” Jade added.

“I know,” I agreed with a wry smile. There were plenty of times in the past when a woman was the only type of lover I wanted in my bed, but to be fair, sometimes only a man was what I desired.

Jade opened the front door of the house, and I finally released Andrea’s hands as I followed Jade inside and then upstairs. Andrea rubbed some feeling into her wrists, but didn’t seem too put out, which, of course, I noted with interest.

The house I was in was poshly decorated and extremely neat and tidy. We had passed by a dining room and a living area, but upstairs, all I saw were five closed doors. I stood at the top of the steps, and looked from Andrea to Jade. “One of you had better be telling me which door,” I admonished, “And quickly.”

Jade smiled calmly. “My bedroom is here,” she indicated a door. “And this is Andrea’s. And these are the rooms we work out of. We like to keep them separate.”

“Don’t blame you,” I agreed. I pointed to the final door at the end of the hallway. “And what’s in here?”

“Why don’t you go look?” Andrea suggested, her voice teasing.

“I will…” I replied, walking the short distance down the hall. I pulled open the door and only had to glimpse into the room for a second or two. I turned back with an expressionless face. I approached the two of them again.

“Let’s get this out of the way right now,” I said. “I’m in the mood to get pretty rough tonight. You two made me that way. And I’m in the mood to dish out a lot of pain, both physically and mentally. It’ll all be worth it, but if you don’t think you can handle it, now’s the time to tell me.”

The blonde and the redhead looked at each other for a minute, then they both looked at me. “Should we address you as Mistress or M’Lord?” Andrea asked me.

That was all I needed to know.

I grabbed Andrea’s arm and gave a shove, pushing her down toward the room. “Do I look like a man to you?” I demanded, shoving her to her knees on the floor.

“No Mistress,” she replied, lowering her eyes. She didn’t move from the position she landed in.

“Very good,” I answered, and I turned to Jade. “Any questions from you?” I asked.

“No mistress.”

“Good,” I gave her a shove and she half landed on Andrea, and like her partner, didn’t move.

What a pair these two were…it would be a switch to have someone so willing to let me dominate them, and just that thought gave me an approach I wanted to use. I strode past the two of them, and checked out the room a bit more as I left them heaving for breath on the floor. There was an armchair on the far side of the room that looked comfortable, so I took a seat. “Get up, both of you.”

They stood and faced me, keeping their eyes lowered. “It’s all right,” I told them, “I want you to look at me. I want you to know who’s humiliating you.”

With a sidelong glance at each other, two lovely faces raised. I saw twin excitement in their expressions.

“Let’s see what I’ve gotten myself into. Undress each other,” I said.

“Yes, Mistress.” They turned to each other, and like a well rehearsed dance, began to remove the clothing of one another. I sat and watched, letting my thighs part slightly so my enflamed cunt could get some much needed air.

What a gorgeous pair they made! Jade was the taller of the two, a tall lithe red head with long curly hair and eyes the color of her name. I highly doubted Jade was her given name, but she exuded the warmth and vibrancy of the stone, and it suited her perfectly. Her skin was pale and dotted with light freckles, making her almost childlike in her innocence until I saw Andrea lower the dress from her and saw the full red capped breasts, and the curvy hips and flat abdomen. She wore some sort of lacy red panties, tied at the side, but I skipped studying them to look on to long slender legs, well toned, and shapely.

I turned my focus to Andrea, as Jade did the same, unfastening the dress that was held by a tie around her neck. Andrea’s hair was dark blonde, hanging a little past her shoulders in waves. Her face was darker complected, with striking blue gray eyes, full sensuous lips, and a strong jaw line. Her smile, which she used a lot, revealed small perfect teeth. As the dress slid from her shoulders, my eyes drank in a solid build, curvy in all the right places, with tan colored nipples standing erect. I felt my pussy gulp when I caught sight of the small gold ring in her left nipple. Her breasts were smaller than Jade’s, but I liked variety, and when I caught sight of her firm muscled thighs, I immediately couldn’t decide which body I found more appealing. I had all night to decide, I told myself.

“Well?” I asked, when they both paused in their efforts and turned to look at me. “I’m not going to have to tell you to finish, am I?”

“No, Mistress,” they said it in unison again, and then I saw Jade reaching for Andrea’s dark blue panties. She purposely moved so she was standing in front of Andrea, blocking my view. It was all right, instead I focused on the graceful shape of Jade’s back and silk covered ass as she wiggled the panties down off Andrea’s body. I saw Andrea kick off her shoes, and when Jade stood again, I was able to see all of Andrea.

Andrea’s mound was shaved clean, leaving me a hint of a delicious slit to stare at. Then she was reaching for the ties at the side of Jade’s underwear. I saw the flash of bright red pubic hair until it was obscured by Andrea’s hand. Then, she was pulling free, and I saw all of the lanky redhead as well.

They took hands and stood in front of me, apparently seeking my approval. They had more than that, and I felt my juices bubble from me, saturating my breeches. Truly, they were two of the most beautiful women I had ever seen.

I had them stand there for a minute, trying to control my physical reaction, and when I had it under control, I spoke again. “Is she wet, Jade?” Jade immediately reached between Andrea’s quivering thighs, and came up with three glistening fingers.

“Very, Mistress,” she replied.

“And is Jade?”

A repeated action, and “Yes, Mistress, Very.”

I nodded my approval. “Go down on each other,” I said, noting their surprise. “Eat each other out, but don’t either one of you dare come.”

They hesitated for about a second, and then were sinking to their knees, and then down on their sides, doing as I bid. I knew this wasn’t new to them, that much was easy to tell. But I wonder how often they had an audience while they did it?

I heard Andrea mumble something, and then they had buried their faces between the other’s thighs, going to work in earnest. From my vantage point, I couldn’t really see much, but the sounds and movements they made were enough to let me know they weren’t holding back. I couldn’t resist running a hand up my inner thigh, and pressing the heel of it into my cunt, pushing hard. My clit pushed back, but I didn’t rub it…it wouldn’t do for me to be the first to come.

I watched them go at it for a couple of minutes, their moans getting louder and more demanding, then stood and went to check out some of the details in the room. In a cabinet off to the right of the door, I hit the jackpot, and I selected the items I wanted. I carried them with me back to the chair, setting them on the table beside it, and resumed my sitting position, noting that Jade had now rolled on top of Andrea, and was riding her face hard.

Removing my weapons and my armor, I threw one leg up over the chair arm, exposing my crotch to the girls, should they choose to look that way. I guess Jade did, for she was suddenly pulling her face from Andrea’s pussy and gasping out loud in my direction. Her face reddened as she realized I had recognized her climax, and then she was pushing her head back toward her task, but I was already on my feet.

“Stop!” I hollered, and walking forward, I lifted Jade’s face from its hiding place. “You came, didn’t you?”

“Just a little,” she answered, fear and passion glazing her eyes.

“After I told you not to.”

”Yes, Mistress, I’m sorry.”

“You should be.” I hauled her off Andrea, who was panting for breath, her eyes bright with excitement.

“How should we punish her, Cunt?” I asked the little blonde.

Her eyes widened as she looked from Jade to me and back to Jade. “You could fuck me in front of her, Mistress,” she said softly.

I laughed out loud. “Nice try, Slut,” I answered. “I think a little more punishment for her and a little less pleasure for you would be more suitable. “

Andrea’s face darkened with a blush, realizing I wasn’t as easy as she thought. I could see her trying hard to keep her gaze focused on my own, but it kept glancing down to my still clothed body.

These girls were no stranger to submission, and the room I was in offered several prime places to restrain them. Thinking ahead though, I ordered Jade to sit in the chair I had vacated. She did so quickly, and didn’t object when I used the conveniently placed cuffs to fasten her hands to the arms of the chair. I picked up a pair of nipple clips, and approached her.

“Your nipples look very sensitive, Jade. Are they?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

I hummed a happy sound, and leaned forward, kissing one of her hardened nipples. I drew it into my mouth, and she began to moan immediately, her hips writhing against the chair. I grinned at her response, knowing she really was hot for me. She yelped when I sunk my teeth in for a second, but I just kept sucking. By the time I was done with both nipples, they were swollen and dripping.

“Your horny little friend tried to get me to fuck her as punishment for you,” I told her. “It was a greedy trick, and she needs to be punished as well. Any suggestions?”

“N-no, Mistress.”

I smiled. “Very wise, Slut. I’m glad to see you can think under pressure.” I pinched one of her throbbing nipples. “And you are feeling pressure, aren’t you, Whore?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

I nodded. “I thought so.” I held the silver clamps, connected by their thin chain in front of her eyes. “I am going to put these on you, and it will be up to you to remove them. But until you do, I am going to flog your traitorous little friend. You will watch it all, and it will be up to you to determine when I stop whipping her. That should make you feel better about her betrayal.” Behind me, I heard Andrea’s alarmed gasp, but right now, I was focused on Jade, whose eyes had darkened to a deep blue. “Are you ready for the clamps?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Good girl…kiss them to show me your gratitude.”

She stretched out her neck, and managed to brush her lips against the dangling clip nearest her, her tongue coming out in an effort to catch it. Her beseeching eyes drew me in, and as she relaxed her head, I followed, my mouth hungry against hers. She opened her mouth against me, and let me plunder the depths willingly.

I broke the kiss before I would have liked to, but I had a punishment to follow through with. I reached up with the first clip, and lightly applied it. Unlike some which would just clamp on at one strength, these had little screws attached, and I just screwed the clip on enough to keep it from slipping from her nipple’s flesh, before applying the other one. I could feel Jade holding her breath, and she finally exhaled noisily when I eventually pulled back.

“You really didn’t think you’d get by that easily, did you?” I asked with a fierce expression, before reaching forward with both hands and tightening the clips simultaneously. Jade’s groan was heartfelt.

I didn’t tighten the clamps as much as I could have, and we both knew it. But it was hard enough for the nipples to bulge from beyond the clip, swelling even more almost instantly. “You have gorgeous tits,” I clucked my tongue, then licked it over the tip of one of her breasts. “One nip of my teeth, and they’d explode.”

She groaned again, but accepted the chain when I put it between her teeth. “You know how to end it, don’t you?” I asked softly.

She nodded slightly, her eyes locked into mine. I could smell a fresh wave of her juices as she shuddered from the fear and the excitement. I grinned again at her, and then turned to my next victim.

Andrea was still on the floor, kneeling now, and I knew that despite my threat, she had been eagerly watching what I did with Jade. Now she seemed to shrink back as I came to stand above her.

“Are you afraid, Cunt?” I asked her.

“Yes, Mistress,” her voice was little more than a squeak, and I could see her arousal slip down her thigh as she stared up at me.

I reached down, and titled her head up to me, making sure we didn’t lose eye contact. “Have you been whipped before?” I asked her.

“Yes, Mistress.”

I nodded, pleased. I could see from her face that this was hard for her, but it’s often difficult to admit the sting of the lash was arousing. “Up on the table, Slut, on your hands and knees.”

There was a big comfortable looking bed in the room, but the low table was just a couple feet from the chair, and would offer Jade a great view of what was going to happen. As Andrea rushed to get into position, I glanced back at my captive redhead. The little bitch was smiling, even with her blood red nipples and the chain to her fate clamped between her white teeth.

I snarled at her, but we both knew it was all part of the act. Turning back to Andrea, I could see she had positioned herself as I asked. I turned back to the items I had picked, and lifted the riding crop. “Perfect,” I murmured.

Andrea had her head turned, and I caught her shudder when she saw the instrument I held. She turned her head back, and lowered it to the table.

“Very good,” I told her. “I’d grip the edge of that table tight, if I were you.” I saw her white knuckle it, and her body tensed itself in anticipation of the first blow. “Not quite yet, my eager slave,” I chuckled, and I ran a gentle hand down over her haunches, before giving a pinch to her clenched buttocks. “Hold this; it’s grown warm in here.” I pushed the handle of the riding crop into her upturned pussy, and smiled at the picture it made. I had both Andrea and Jade’s undivided attention as I reached up and lowered the straps of my battle dress and shift, and then pushed them down under my tits. It pushed my engorged flesh upward, and I heard whimpers from both girls as they took in what I had bared.

“Much better,” I crooned, and I pulled the crop from its holder. I made a show of pulling it up to my face, inhaling the fragrance. “Lovely.”

Jade and Andrea watched wide eyed as I rubbed the soaked handle over my tightened nipples, leaving them glistening in Andrea’s juices. I swear Jade’s eyes changed to pure green when I stepped in front of Andrea, and ordered her to lick them clean.

I arched my back into her hot little mouth, pleased with the enthusiasm with which she attacked the task. Fear or not, these two girls were chomping at the bit to get at my body, and it was only because I was in a self-depreciating mood that I had gone this far without letting them really have at me.

She licked her chops when I pulled away, but I smiled at Andrea wryly. “Hungry little slut,” I chided gently. “Hold on tight now.”

Andrea reared forward and cried out from the first strike of the crop on her luscious ass, not anticipating it so soon. Her dark skin reddened instantly where I struck her, but I knew it wouldn’t last for long. I wasn’t looking to do any permanent damage, just get her attention.

The second blow was on the other globe of her ass, in the identical spot, and she lunged again, but no cry came forward. She obviously knew what was to be expected of her now.

Several more strikes followed, and then I was looking at Jade, curious to see how she was responding. She still had her teeth bared, the chain clutched tightly in her teeth, but she hadn’t moved her head.

I masked my amusement, as I leaned down to whisper in Andrea’s ear. “Looks like Jade isn’t in any hurry to end this,” I whispered, before letting my tongue slide over the pattern of her ear for a second. “What kind of friend is she, anyway? Hmm?”

Andrea shrugged, and I saw a tear slip down her cheek. “A good one, Mistress,” I heard her barely whisper.

I grinned at her, surprised at what a little vixen she was, and moved back toward her ass. I prodded with the crop, and it slipped in between her thighs easily…she was pouring out her desire. “Shall we continue?” I asked, and when no one answered, I lashed her again.

I continued at this for some time, being careful to catch the top of Andrea’s thighs and the crease of her ass from time to time, listening to her moans of pleasure and pain. Jade was still frozen in place, and I saw she had crossed her legs and was squeezing her thighs hard. I’m not sure it was to make herself come or to keep from coming, but either way was acceptable with me. I let the crop come down right on Andrea’s cunt, thrilling at the way it made a squishing noise from landing square in her wetness.

One more strike on her open pussy did the trick. “Oh gods!” I heard Andrea scream, and her legs gave way as she collapsed on the table, humping it as an orgasm overtook her. I watched amazed as she slammed her pussy over and over into the table, crying out indecipherable phrases as she spasmed. Behind me, I heard a growl, and I forced my head to leave the sight of Andrea to see what was going on. Jade’s eyes had rolled back in her head as she lifted her chin, tugging hard at the clamps. One nipple, then the other popped free, and she screamed out her self-caused pain.

“Remarkable,” I said, before taking a step toward the red head, and gently taking the abused nipples between my thumbs and forefingers. I gently rubbed them to get the blood circulating again, knowing this was the most painful part of having them pinched so tightly for so long.

Andrea was hugging the top of the table, breathing raggedly, by the time I returned to her. She looked up at me, and I saw volatile emotions running there. She seemed to be embarrassed that a couple of lashes to her pussy was all it took to make her come. I bent, and gave her a tender kiss on her lips, making sure to rub my tongue over her lips. I was pleased, and wanted her to know it.

“Get up and let Jade free,” I told her, when she was breathing fairly regularly again.

She studied my face for a minute, and then did as I commanded, looking very perplexed. Jade scooted up on the chair a bit, and Andrea stood beside her, both of them looking up expectantly at me.

“How we doing so far, Whores?” I asked, standing across from them with my hands on my hips.

They shared a look, and I saw the tentative smiles form. “Fine, Mistress,” Jade answered…”But..”

“But what?”

Andrea swallowed, and pressed forward, “But what about you, Mistress. We want to bring pleasure to you.”

“What makes you think you haven’t?” I asked. They were both staring at my nipples, but I had the feeling they were thinking about other parts. They were both silent.

“Go get on the bed, you two,” I told them, with a jerk of my head. “On your hands and knees, asses against each other.”

They did as they were told, Jade bending her knees slightly so she was level with Andrea. Zeus, but these two were so willing!

“I like this very much,” I told them as I approached, holding up a long double ended phallus. “Is this a souvenir from Delle’s?”

“Yes, Mistress,” Andrea answered.

“I thought so…” It was made of some material I couldn’t identify which made it flexible in my hands, and the color was as close to flesh colored as I had ever seen on a man or woman-made object.

I knelt beside them, and pushed Jade forward a bit. She did as I commanded, and I reached to slip one end of the phallus inside her. A flash of gold caught my eye. “Well, you two are just full of surprises,” I mused, as I tugged at the gold ring looped through one of her labia. I had never seen that before, and it intrigued me. “Does that bring you pleasure?”

“Yes, Mistress,” she hissed, and I felt a fresh spurt of juices just from my manipulations.

“Hmm…interesting.” I let my fingers release her, and then slid the phallus home. It was fairly wide in girth, but she had no trouble accepting it.

“Now for you,” I murmured, placing my hand on Andrea’s lower back and directing her into position. The other end of the phallus was soon buried deep in her. I leaned back on my heels, and examined my handiwork.

“Very hot, ladies…if you fuck each other good…I’ll show you what your little performance has been doing for me.”

Their asses started working against each other almost immediately, pumping in a rhythm that slapped their flesh together erotically. I knew they were no novice to this either, and something in the teamwork they exhibited made it even better to witness.

“Wiggle that sore ass, Andrea,” I growled, slapping a hand down on the darkest part of her flesh and she did as I said, moving her ass in circles as she fucked backward to meet Jade’s thrusts. They were both gasping for air, their faces buried in the thick quilt they rested on.

“Whichever one of you comes first, gets to undress me and I guess you know better than to try to deceive me,” I chuckled as they redoubled their efforts, tilting their asses upward to gain more friction on their clits. I suspect Jade had the advantage, as I could see more of the phallus rubbing along her elongated clit and adorned labia as it slid in her, and sure enough she was the first to howl out her completion, her thighs shaking with the effort. She lost the meter of her rhythm, and I could see Andrea pushing back hard to try to finish as well.

“Let me help,” I whispered, and I slid a hand beneath the blonde’s jerking body, finding the slippery nub of her clitoris immediately. A couple of tweaks, and she was coming as well, coating my fingers liberally with her juices. She kept her face buried in the quilt, ass up, as once again, she recovered from a mighty orgasm.

I urged them to part, holding the phallus as they did so, and let it fall to the floor beside the bed. I was done with toys…done with discipline…done with domination. I was ready for some attention to my own straining body.

“Jade, I believe I promised you a reward?” I said, my voice husky.

She rose from the bed, smiling brightly, and moved to unfasten the laces of my leathers. Her fingers felt warm and soft against my skin, as the leather gave way and she pulled my dress away. She unfastened my shift, and didn’t hesitate to pull it from my body. I saw Andrea lick her lips with anticipation when I laid back on the bed, and lifted one leg dutifully for Jade to remove my boot. She soon had me barefoot, and she was kneeling at my waist, her hands in the waistband of my breeches. She looked up at me, questioningly.

“Go ahead,” I nodded, and I lifted my ass, baring it all to these two temptresses.

They both knelt before me, trembling with some emotion, that I suspected was pure lust. The scent of my own cunt hit me in a wave, and shamelessly, I ran the fingers of both hands between my folds. “Taste,” I said, holding up a hand to each face.

They sucked me in immediately, blue gray and blue green eyes shutting as they got the first real indication of how successful they had been in turning me on. The erotic pulls on my fingers were too much, and I quickly scooted down on the bed, spreading my thighs wide. “You know what I want, Girls,” I said, my voice shaking with lust. “Take care of me.”

Their eyes popped open, and they bumped heads as they dove for my pussy at the same time. I don’t think either of them ever felt the pain.

“I give up,” I vaguely heard, and I blinked out of my thoughts. I regained my bearings, and turned to see Gabrielle looking up at me, hands on her hips, and an exasperated look on her face.

“What?” I asked, knowing I sounded like an idiot.

“I’ve been asking you for ten minutes if we can stop for lunch, but I give up.”

“Oh, sorry…I was…uh…thinking.”

“You sure were.” She smiled then. “It’s okay, Xena. I’m sorry to interrupt your thinking, but my stomach is starting to protest.”

I returned the smile, loving the way she could tease about her own appetite as much as I could. We were traveling along the edge of a tall cliff, but there was a tree just a couple minutes ahead. “Let’s stop there,” I indicated.


There was no place to hunt or fish nearby, so Gabrielle spread out a lunch of cheese and bread and fruit for us. I took a bite of bread, noticing she was watching me.

“Yes?” I asked.

“You’ve been so quiet ever since the wedding yesterday,” she said finally.

“Have I?”

“Uh huh…I was just wondering…well…if you wanna talk about it, I’m here y’know.”

I swallowed and smiled. “I know. I don’t really know what to tell you though.”

She wrinkled her brow as she chewed thoughtfully. “This really doesn’t have anything to do with Flora and Diomedes, does it?” she continued.

“Not really,” I answered, amazed she’d picked up on that much.

“I didn’t think so.” She stopped eating, and leaned forward. “Will you at least give me a hint what it’s about?”

I reached up and cupped her chin in my hand. “I’m afraid it will hurt you,” I admitted. “And I don’t really want to risk it.”

She nodded with a sweet smile. “Thank you,” she said sweetly, and she leaned in for a quick kiss.

I thought I was off the hook, and grabbed up an apple half, leaning back against the tree that shaded us.

“Does it have something to do with my wedding?” Gabrielle asked then.

I almost choked on the apple half, swallowing too big a bite, but I recovered quickly. “What makes you ask that?” I finally managed.

She shrugged. “I’ve been thinking about it a lot myself,” she answered finally, and when you were dreaming last night, I thought I heard you say Perdicus’s name.”

I smiled at her, “I shoulda known I wouldn’t be able to keep this from you,” I told her. “You’re right, of course.”

She nodded. “So what is it?” she asked. “What do you have to tell me?”

I studied her expression. “Are you sure you want to hear this?” I asked.

“Yes,” she answered. “I made my peace over the situation a long time ago…it sounds like you need to do the same, and maybe I can help you.”

“You made peace?” I echoed. “What in the world did you have to make peace about?”

She sighed. “For marrying someone for all the wrong reasons,” she finally replied.

“Huh?” I hadn’t been expecting this!

She gave me a bittersweet smile. “I’ve made some horrible mistakes before,” she answered, toying with the food on her plate. “But marrying Perdicus was probably the worst I have ever made. I married him for all the wrong reasons, and regretted it immediately. It wasn’t that I didn’t love him, it’s just that I wasn’t IN LOVE with him. I was in love with you, and I’m sure he knew it before the end of our honeymoon night. At one point he asked me if I could talk about anything other than you, and that’s when we were uh…being intimate.”

I didn’t know what to make of that, so I settled for a lame, “Really?”

“Yes,” she answered. “I never wanted him to die, of course, but even as we were discussing a future together, I was thinking of how I could get out of the marriage. I’m sure he knew that.”

“What makes you say that?”

The bittersweet expression returned. “Because he told me so,” she answered.

“When?” I asked, totally amazed by all this.

She sighed, and seemed to be steeling herself, then looked me in the eye. “It was around the time of Illusia, when I was in the Amazon sweat hut…he came to me in a vision, and told me I belonged with you all along. Of course, at the time, I didn’t believe him, but eventually, as time went on, what he said made sense. He thanked me, actually thanked me, for marrying him, but said he knew he wasn’t the one I was destined to live my life out with.”

“What about his death?” I had to ask. “Did he blame either of us for it?”

“No, why should he?” she replied. “That was Callisto’s doing…wasn’t it?” She suddenly looked at me uncomfortably.

“Yes, it was,” I told her. “I got there as soon as I could, but I was too late. You know that. And I was sorry to see him die, truly I was. But…” I squirmed, unsure how to say the rest of my thoughts.

“It’s okay,” she whispered suddenly, putting up two fingers to silence me. “I’m pretty sure I know what you’re trying to say, and I think Perdicus understands. I know I do.”

I nodded, gratefully. “Why didn’t you tell me you had a vision of him?” I asked then. “I would have liked to have known that sooner.”

She sighed again. “At the time it happened, we had so many…problems…between us, that it was the furthest thing from my mind.” I nodded, understanding what she was saying. “And then later, well, it just never came up. The subject is kinda…painful for both of us, I think, and well…” She looked at me helplessly.

“I understand,” I replied. I held my arms open toward her, and she was almost instantly moving in to my embrace. Her soft warm lips met mine in a long, tender kiss.

When we both came up with air, she cuddled more into my lap, and slid a hand under one of the straps of my leathers. “Now, won’t you tell me what’s been on your mind?”

I briefly tried to figure out a way to tell her what my feelings had been the last couple of days, but everything had changed, now that she had told me about Perdicus. I honestly couldn’t see any sense in opening wounds that she had long ago apparently healed. I had some healing of my own to do now.

“It doesn’t matter,” I told her gently. “Will you trust me when I say it really doesn’t matter, now that you’ve told me what happened?”

She narrowed her eyes at me for a minute, but I guess something in my eyes told her I was close to begging. I was…I almost felt silly for what had been bothering me, and I was hoping fervently that she’d drop it.

Her hand was reaching for the fastenings on my breast plate now, and I watched her movements with a curious grin. “I suppose,” she said, “If you can take my mind off it.”

With a growl, I rolled her to her back, determined to do just that.

COMING NEXT WEEK: All Xena and Gabrielle want to do is spend some time alone together, but frustrations set in when they are constantly interrupted.

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