Honeymoon Nights--Gabrielle's Scroll

"Where's Xena?" Flora asked, coming up to give me a hug and to thank us for coming to her wedding.

"She's just not comfortable around crowds…you know how Xena is. But I'm sure she plans on telling you goodbye. I'll go and tell her you're almost ready to leave." I could tell when I last saw Xena that she was not enjoying herself. Most of the time, she would at least fake it and act contented to be wherever we were. Something had to be bothering her, and I'd almost bet a thousand dinars that it was the same thing that was bothering me. Weddings brought out the worst in us both it seemed.

Grabbing my arm before I took off to retrieve Xena, Flora said, "No…I think Diomedes is ready to go…just tell her thanks for being here. It really meant a lot that you both came."

With another hug and well wishes, I made my hasty departure to check on my Warrior again.

I found Xena still sitting and studying the water. She looked up to see me approaching and stood up, stretching her stiff muscles and plastering a smile on her sad face. I didn't want to bug her, but I wanted to help her feel better if I could.

"Everyone is getting ready to go," I said, taking her hand before taking another trip back to the wedding party. Almost everyone that we knew was gone, and Xena asked if I was ready to go. I was, and in complete agreement, we headed back to the inn.

I couldn't convince her to eat, and instead she suggested that we just go on to bed early. It worried me that she still remained so quiet and was obviously troubled about something.

As I sat on the side of the bed and unlaced my boots, I kept replaying the days' events and could think of nothing except that maybe Flora's wedding reminded her of my wedding day. Now that I had become Xena's lover, I realized that my marriage to Perdicus was a mistake. I loved her too much, and realized it when all I could think of was Xena being inside me that night instead of him. Now it all seemed like a dream, and I knew that being with Xena was where I meant to be.

"Aren't you coming?" she asked, and I turned around to see her with her arms outstretched ready to hold my body close to hers. A smile easily formed on my lips, and I hurried out of my boots and snuggled in close. After such a long day, it felt so good to finally be right next to her. "I missed you today, Xena."

I felt her kiss the back of my shoulder. "I missed you, too."

I quickly drifted off to sleep, only to be awaked by delicious, powerful thrusts behind me. I couldn't help but get wet from just feeling Xena's body moving against mine, but I realized she was in the middle of some fabulous dream. I sat up in the bed and shook her slightly, being on guard for a defensive punch coming for my nose.

After she woke up, I couldn't help but smile at her. I asked her if I was in the dream, and she said, "Yes." But when I asked her to tell me about it, she decided to get my attention off the subject by planting her hand up my skirt and inside my underwear.

She wasted no time plunging two long fingers inside me, and her aggressiveness was a complete turn on. Between the two of us, we unlaced my top and her mouth quickly covered my left breast. She held nothing back and made her noises quite clear, pushing me further up the climactic ladder. "Yeah, come on Gabrielle…fuck it…" She alternated devouring each of my breasts and then my mouth, shoving her tongue firmly into my mouth and urging me to suck her. I moved my hips against the thrusts of her hand, finding myself right on the verge of exploding, but not quite able to reach it. "You want me to suck you, is that it?"

Actually, I was content with what I was feeling, but now that she mentioned it, why not? Not waiting for an answer, she stayed inside me and sat up on her knees at my side, letting me watch her slowly leaning down to cover my clit with her mouth. Gods, what a vision. Tossing her hair back over her shoulder, I watched as she approached my cunt with an outstretched tongue, ready to lick over my erection in only seconds. Feeling her warm breath nearing my body, I felt fresh juices flood down, coating her fingers even more.

Her mouth slowly went down over the top of my pussy, and I felt her find my hardened clit and begin sucking in, not really in a rhythm yet…just letting me feel her presence. She stopped moving with her fingers and stayed buried inside me as she begin moving her head slightly from side to side, letting her tongue gradually follow my slit from the top down to where her fingers were buried inside me.

I heard myself panting like a pathetic animal, but she had me in such a state of arousal. "Xena…Gods…that's so good…"

"Yes it is…" she hummed, never leaving my sex. I intended not to rush it, and just absorbed all the incredible feelings she was bringing to my body. She was unbelievably skilled in bed, and I was more than glad to help her through workout drills as often as she needed. Without much more coaxing, my climax refused to remain silent and rewarded my body with immense pleasure, my heart with immense love.

We traveled the next day, not talking much of the trip. I knew that Xena would talk to me when she was ready, and if I could refrain from asking her questions that might annoy her, I would. I tried to concentrate on how I wanted to write my next scroll and kept my mind occupied as we traveled.

I noticed the sun was nearing its peak above us and felt my stomach begging for food. I looked over at Xena, walking as if in a trance and extremely deep in thought. "Xena…do you think we can stop for lunch pretty soon?

No response. She had me tuned out completely--which was probably not an uncommon event for her.

"Xena? Hello? Are you in there?"

She still didn't answer, but held Argo's reins loosely in her hand as she walked ahead. I stopped in my tracks and raised my voice a little, trying to get her attention, to no avail. "I give up," I said. I saw her head move as if she was awakened and she turned to look at me. .


"I've been asking you for ten minutes if we can stop for lunch, but I give up."

"Oh, sorry…I was…uh…thinking."

"You sure were…it's okay, Xena. I'm sorry to interrupt your thinking, but my stomach is starting to protest."

With no argument whatsoever, she saw a tree up ahead and said we could stop there. I had stocked our saddlebag during our visit in the last town, and we had a nice little feast without having to eat some sort of poor little animal.

I spread my bedroll out in a nice shaded area under the tree and patted beside me for Xena to take a seat. She stretched out on her side and propped herself on her elbow, watching as I prepared her plate. I looked at her, trying to decide if this was the time to ask what was going on inside her beautiful head.

"Yes?" she asked, catching my stare.

"You've been so quiet ever since the wedding yesterday."

"Have I?"

I decided that opened the door for me to ask the most pressing question. "Does it have anything to do with my wedding?"

The look on her face gave her away. I began telling her that I had been thinking about it again, too. But there was also something I hadn't told her--about how I made peace with Perdicus' spirit while in the Amazon sweat hut. I could see the relief on her face when I explained that both Perdicus and I knew I married him for all the wrong reasons. I think Xena felt somewhat guilty for not arriving in time to defend him against Callisto's attack, and I tried to assure her that his blood was not left on her hands.

"But do you know what the most important part is now, Xena?"

I leaned over and kissed her gently on the forehead.

"What's that?" she asked, smiling up at me.

"That in my heart, I feel as though I'm married to you, and only you, for the rest of our lives."

She was now sitting up and I moved in closer to her, stealing another quick kiss. I asked if she wanted to talk about what had kept her so occupied and silent since Flora's wedding. She told me that she'd rather not talk about it, because it was only the past and she didn't want to hurt me.

Teasing her, I told her I'd not bother her about it if she could think of some other way to take my mind off all the questions, and of course, she had the perfect answer.

Laying me back on the bedroll, she positioned her cunt on my right thigh, moving so that I could soon feel her moisture seeping through the material of her underwear. She kissed me hungrily and I ran my fingers under the edge of her breeches, feeling her arousal coat my fingers immediately.

"I love you a little bit more each and every day," I heard her whispering, as her own fingers were caressing over my calves, and then tickling along the back of my knee. I wiggled my leg, instinctively trying to get away from her teasing fingers, and felt her hand cupping the heat of my mound. She could play me like a lyre, getting my body to move just the way she wanted, often without me even being aware of it..

I felt her hand slide up under the legband of my panties, as she continued to rub herself erotically against me. When her fingers had slipped into the valley between my thighs, she began stroking me in the same rhythm she was riding me. Just like that, she had me climbing to my peak as quickly as she was heading toward her own.

She was ready, and I felt exactly the same way.

COMING NEXT WEEK: All Xena and Gabrielle want to do is spend some time alone together, but frustrations set in when they are constantly interrupted.

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