Regenesis--Gabrielle's Scroll

I could hear the baby starting to wake up. I had finally started dozing and my body felt heavy with exhaustion. I hadn’t quite adjusted to the new non-sleeping schedule.

Since Eve’s arrival, I felt like a load had been lifted from my shoulders…only to be replaced by an even bigger one. I had continually worried about Xena throughout the pregnancy, mostly due to our encounter with Alti. I was extremely relieved to see that the baby was born healthy, normal and beautiful. It stirred up heavy feelings for me because of Hope, but I never shared them with Xena. I didn’t want to ruin the happy moments with her new daughter. She had certainly suffered enough from losing Solan, and yet again I had to put those thoughts out of my mind.

I would sometimes look at Xena as she nursed Eve, in awe of her beauty, and thankfully still with her. We had been through so much…more than I could ever write. Scrolls would fail to hold the experiences and emotions we had shared. It seemed that our love had solidified and could withstand anything. Now my constant worry was keeping our little family safe. I was happy to take on the responsibility and determined not to fail. No one could comprehend the way I loved her.

“Hey…it’s your turn to get up with her again…”

I felt her nudging me, but I was so sleepy. Taking on the night watch had really taken its toll on me. Xena was gracious and let me sleep as long as possible in the mornings, but it seemed that I was extra aware of our surroundings since the baby had joined us. “Those are ‘I’m hungry sounds’, Xena…” No matter how much I was willing to do for my girls, I couldn’t give Eve any nourishment.

I felt Xena get up, saying something about figuring out how to rig up a feeding system. I snuggled down into the warm blanket, wanting so much to sleep but feeling guilty that Xena was awake with the baby by herself. I finally sat up on my elbow and saw Xena leaning up against a tree, smiling at Eve and looking gorgeous in the moonlight. I felt my clit harden, which had been happening quite a bit lately.

I got up and joined them, kneeling beside Xena and rubbing Eve’s tiny forehead. “She’s so beautiful…” I felt tears sting my eyes, overcome by the emotion sweeping through me. I would love to lay Xena down and love her the rest of the night. I kept my head down, pretending to look at the baby.

“I wish I could tell you how I feel inside…” I said, barely able to hear my own voice. “You will…” she said, urging me to look at her. “You’ll show me when we’re able to make love again.” With that, she turned and lowered her head and stopped right before meeting my lips. I looked past her eyes and connected with her perfectly, our minds and emotions absolute. Then her lips met mine.

We traveled slowly the next few days, enjoying the calm environment and finding it necessary to stop much more frequently because of the baby. One of the afternoons Xena spent making a carrier for Eve. She was demonstrating how she could strap Eve on her back and have her hands free. Of course, it worked perfectly and Eve enjoyed the comfort of the seat.

Argo stood in need of a new shoe, and Xena and I were both ready to enjoy the comforts of a room for a few days. I was thankful we were going to be spending a few days in Eisner. It would give me something to occupy my attention towards rather than my throbbing sex, but I had serious doubts that anything could make me forget.

I volunteered in the afternoons to watch Eve so that Xena could spend time working out and have some time for herself. I enjoyed catching up on some of my writing, and always enjoyed holding the baby and just watching her sleep--until she got hungry, and then that sweet little face wasn’t quite so pleasant. This was my third afternoon and every day had gone well, but today it was past feeding time.

I heard Xena coming up the stairs, glad for the rescue. Eve had to be the luckiest human on earth…Xena immediately took her from me, lowered her straps and exposed her yummy, full breasts, offering Eve a feast. I was nearing starvation. I watched as she fed the baby, feeling guilty for being a little envious of the child. But by the gods, I had waited so long, and to torment me beyond belief, she reached down and gathered a drop of milk from the other breast, holding her fingers in front of her face and pretending to watch the milk drip down her finger. She knew exactly what she was doing, like making things drip elsewhere on her bard. When she sucked her finger in her mouth, I thought I would faint. Things got dark around me and glitter splashed before my eyes. The main sensation I had was trapped between my legs.

“By the gods, Xena! Are you trying to kill me?” It almost pissed me off. She had to know how hard it was to wait. “I’m going to go order us some supper…” I shut the door behind me quietly and stood there for a moment, taking a deep breath and feeling a smile take over my lips. It would be well worth the wait.

With every step I took down the stairs, I almost feared my lust was running down my leg. I could tell I was drenched, and having Xena inside me was all I could imagine. But no matter how much I desired her, I would not risk hurting her in any way. I had to trust her to let me know when her body was ready, but I also didn’t want to persuade her to hurry.

I stood at the bar and looked over the menu, realizing how horny I had become. When I couldn’t concentrate on food, something had to be terribly demanding of my attention. And she happened to be just a floor above me. I decided to go upstairs and ask Xena if she would like to eat in the dining room. I told the owner I’d be back, and made my way up the stairs. I walked into see Xena standing in front of the mirror, looking freshened up and as always, beautiful. “Sorry about that,” I told her.

“No problem.” She smiled, acting perfectly innocent. “What did you order for supper?”

My nipples hardened when I watched her mouth. Just thinking of her tongue licking all around my breasts, and then holding them in her hands as she sucked my nipples firmly between her teeth almost made my knees buckle. My mouth was suddenly very dry. “I thought it might be nice to eat in the dining room.”

She had just gotten the baby asleep and Eve was lying on the bed. “Gabrielle? Are you feeling all right?” She approached me, holding my arms with each of her hands. There was something so alluring about her…her lips kept demanding my attention. They were so full and red. I couldn’t help from imagining her dark, swollen nipples behind her clothes. I was just about to imagine her throbbing, reaching pussy, but she shook me slightly. “Gabrielle? What’s wrong with you?”

“Nothing. I’m fine.” I wanted to throw her across the bed and feel her legs wrapped around me as I shoved myself inside her, but couldn’t tell her the truth. I didn’t want her making love before her body was truly ready. I smiled up at her, trying to get my mind off my body’s urgings. “I’m starving, aren’t you? It’s going to be great having something besides fish stew.”

She didn’t seem to completely trust my answer, but I tiptoed and kissed her quickly on the lips. “Come on,” I told her, taking her hand in mine. She picked up Eve and we headed down the stairs.

After dinner and a relaxing stroll around the city, Eve let us know it was time to go back to the room. I had to go through the torture of trying to ignore her nursing hungrily at Xena’s delicious nipple while I washed up for bed.

As Eve was drifting off to sleep, I took her from Xena’s arms and lay her down in the crib. I stayed bent over the crib and held my hand on her chest until I knew she was fast asleep. I loved this child so much, and her mother was the most important thing in my life.

I turned to see Xena sitting on the bed, now naked from the waist up. “Xena, what are you doing?”

“It’s going to be a warm night…I’m just getting more comfortable.”

“Not that warm,” I muttered under my breath. She seemed to be tempting me on purpose. I had told her that I didn’t want her to touch me until it could be mutual. Maybe she thought she could persuade me to change my mind. I bent over and gave her a quick kiss and got in bed, pulling up the covers and turning on my side, away from Xena. “Good night, Xena.”

I felt a strong hand on my shoulder at the same time I heard, “Oh no, you don’t!” Xena pulled me over onto my back, looking up at flames in her eyes.

“What’s the matter?”

“I can’t wait anymore,” she said, pulling me up against her body, her mouth covering mine in a dominant kiss of passion.

She hadn’t kissed me this way since Eve’s birth, and I was lost immediately in utter passion and desire. I had missed her strength, and she held my body tightly in her strong embrace, while her tongue took control of my mouth. I heard myself whimper like a weakling, but at the time, that’s all I could be.

Her hands were all over me, and I felt her begin untying the laces at the back of my top. Oh how I had waited for her to take me and to touch me this way. My nipples were literally aching from being so hard, and when I first felt her flesh against mine, our breasts pressed together, I gasped at the sensation and how my arousal grew. But I didn’t want her doing this just for me.

“Xena…” I tried to talk against her lips, and she grew impatient and tore away from my mouth.

“Gabrielle, it’s time…”


“Time…I can’t wait any longer to touch you.”

I tried pulling away from her, so we could rationalize our thoughts and be completely sure. “Xena…we shouldn’t have to wait much longer.”

“Hmm…you’ve got that right,” she growled, pressing me down to the bed so that she lay completely on top of me “Not much longer at all.”

The more I tried to squirm and wiggle away from her, she pressed herself even harder against me. Finally she bit my bottom lip. “Stop it,” she said.

We both stopped all movement and just lay there looking into each other’s eyes. “I never thought my willpower would outlast yours. Can’t you wait a couple more weeks, Xena? I think I can.”

I was being honest, but I knew it was going to be even more difficult now that we had gotten so worked up from just a kiss. She finally rolled off me a little, and took my hand in hers. “There’s no need to wait, Gabrielle…I’m ready for you now.”

Truly, music to my ears. By the gods, I don’t think I could resist her now even I wanted to. She ran her hand down her stomach and unlaced her pants, and then took my hand and slid it down the inside of her pants. My eyes closed slowly and my mouth opened, realizing how much I had missed touching her.

I then took control and pressed my mouth firmly against hers, scooting closer to her and lightly stroking over her mound as I stayed on the outside of her underwear. The fabric was soaked with her arousal, and the scent of this woman was making me insane with desire. My groans into her mouth as we kissed and sucked at each other’s tongues seemed to be awakening the passion within her as well. I felt it on my fingers. Our nipples bore into each other’s chests and my hips begin moving, desiring to feel her sex against mine. I knew we were going to make love tonight, and I wanted it to be perfect.

I ended the kiss, and pulled my head back a little, taking this moment very seriously and meaning the words I said. “I would never forgive either of us if I hurt you.”

She looked at me a couple of seconds, and began wiggling out of her remaining clothes, her voice raspy and shaking. “It’ll hurt me if you don’t touch me.” She turned to face me once more, stretching her now naked body out beside me. I let my hand trail down her stomach and then through her very wet pussy, feeling my chest heave when her juices covered my fingertips. I let my fingers lightly move along her slit and felt her lips give way. She was opening for my touch, and it felt incredible.

I had forgotten about still wearing my skirt, but she hadn’t. Her left hand was under my waistband trying to remove it from me, and with a little perseverance, she successfully stripped me naked, seeming extremely pleased as she looked up and down my body. “It’s been a long time…” I told her. “Yes it has…” she replied, before rolling me completely over and covering my body with hers.

She bent and covered my nipples with her mouth, one by one, making my back arch into her touch and asking for her to suck me harder. Her thigh was between my legs and I easily slid up and down her firm muscle, making my want for her even greater. I enjoyed holding her in my arms, rubbing over her back and then down to her ass. I pressed her more firmly against me, and then I felt her start to move down my body.

I watched as she licked across my chest, going from one breast to the other and then she started licking a trail down my stomach. I wound my fingers in her hair, letting her have her way with me.

I finally felt her hot breath against my pussy, and as she scooted down the bed, she took her hands and gently parted my legs so that she could look at my core. I could feel myself open wide, begging for her to fill me. “Mmmmmm….” she moaned, as she licked her tongue slowly up the length of my sex. It felt so good, and I sat partially up and locked eyes with her. Her eyes were full of desire, and she continued to swirl her tongue around my enflamed pussy as we maintained eye contact. She was seducing me with no thought of a fight from me. Without speaking, I leaned back on the bed and let her do whatever she wanted, completely melting into her touch and feeling the incredible effects of her love.

I felt her lift one of my thighs over her shoulder, spreading me open even farther. She began licking me fast and hard, not holding anything back and fully intending on making me scream in a matter of seconds. I could feel myself climbing already, and then when I felt her finger start circling around my opening, I wanted to feel her thrust inside me.

“Xena….I’m going to come….” I told her, lifting up my head to look down at her. She then hungrily sucked at my clit and thrust inside me, sending me over the edge with such force. My hips bucked hard against the bed and against her mouth, but she never left contact with me until she felt my body go limp.

After a minute or so of regaining my bearings, I tugged at her and told her, “Come up here…” I wanted her close to me, and she obliged by climbing up my body and resting her weight on her arms on either side of my waist. She leaned down and kissed me tenderly, but the heat was turning up quickly.

It had been a long time since I had tasted myself on her lips. I licked over her mouth, down her chin, and then went back to her mouth urging her to take my tongue and suck it inside her mouth. Her mouth felt so good on mine, and I began massaging her shoulders and then let my hands make their way down her body. Her body felt incredible to have given birth just a month ago.

I had waited forever it seemed to touch her breasts, and as my hands made their way from her back to her front, I felt moisture on each of her nipples. Her breasts were so full and even heavy as she hovered over me, and my mouth watered to taste them. I was a little uncomfortable and uncertain about if she wanted my mouth on her chest, and she ended our kiss, seeming to read my uncertainty. She raised up and lifted one of her breasts and squeezed a bit of milk into my mouth.

For a few seconds I didn’t know how to react, but I could see that she was letting me know everything was okay, smiling at me and seeming amused at the look on my face. She wanted my mouth on her just as much as I wanted to taste her. I wasted no time reaching for her and pulled her nipple into my mouth, relishing the moment and loving the response from her body. She tasted so good, and felt even better in my mouth. I felt her hips moving back and forth, and I raised my thigh so that she could rub herself up and down my leg. I could tell that she was making successful contact and her breathing was becoming quicker, but I had other ideas in mind for this first orgasm.

I pulled my leg down and brought her with me. She looked down at me, slightly frustrated because she was getting close.

“I want to be inside you…with the phallus, Xena. Are you up to that? I have to know the truth.”

“Gods, yes…Do it soon…before I explode.”

I couldn’t very well move with her on top of me, and motioned that we needed to saddlebag. She hopped off me, and then returned to the bed, telling me, “Lean up so I can strap it on.”

Gods, how exciting. And to see her naked body was still something I had to adjust to. Her breasts kept demanding my attention, but she was about to get more of it elsewhere. “Lay back,” she said, breaking me from my trance. This wasn’t exactly what I had in mind, but I knew we had all night, and I wanted her to be happy with this “first time” of making love again.

“Gods, you look so hot like that,” she said, still standing beside the bed and looking down at the phallus protruding from my mound. She bent over and kissed me, then moved down and kissed my stomach as she climbed onto the bed. I watched as she opened her mouth and covered my cock, making noises in her throat as she moved her head up and down sucking me in. She grabbed hold of the phallus with her hand as she continued to suck, pressing it into my clit and demanding that my juices pour out like a fountain. I could feel my entire center become saturated with slick secretions.

“Mmm…yeah…” I heard myself moan, getting lost in the pleasure she was bringing to my body. She was always a perfect lover, knowing exactly how to touch me. I was startled when I felt something going inside my pussy, and then I realized she had gotten the other phallus and was pushing it inside me little by little. I bent my knees and took it all, feeling her fingers against my pussy as she started moving faster and shoving the second phallus deep inside me.

“Oh yeah,” I whispered, my hips moving more frantically against her thrusts. She was still giving me head, and I laid my hand on the back of her head, stroking her silky hair as she sucked me deep inside her mouth. I wanted to watch her as much as possible, because the very vision of how she was making love to me was something I never wanted to forget. However, the effect of her talent was making it extremely difficult to continue watching. I finally closed my eyes and rode out my pleasure, feeling incredibly grateful that she chose to love me and to spend her life with me.

Again, I recovered from an incredible orgasm, and looked up to see her watching me. “That was…intense. Thank you.”

She smiled down at me, and said, “Who said I was finished?”

“I did…” I told her, looking down seeing her holding onto the phallus that was still inside me. I reached for her wrist and we both pulled out the phallus. “I’ve got to be inside you, Xena…I can’t wait anymore.”

“The feeling is entirely mutual,” she answered, and pushed down on both my knees, causing my legs to straighten out on the bed. She straddled me, once again resting her weight on her arms. She knelt on each side of my hips, and without saying a word, slowly began to lower herself over the phallus strapped to my midriff. I watched carefully as she sat down on the length of phallus, because if this was going to cause her any pain whatsoever, I didn’t want to go through with it. But her face revealed nothing but pleasure, and when she was sitting completely on top of me, she leaned down and captured my lips with hers. I felt her hands come up to cover my breasts, and then she began sliding her hips back and forth, moaning with ultimate pleasure.

I couldn’t help but raise my head and watch where her pussy was grinding into me, my erection filling her core. I loved the way she moved her body, fucking me, kneading my breasts in her hands…I placed my hands on each side of her hips and began moving my own hips in a circular motion beneath her, seeing the look of gratification on her face.

I had been lying on two pillows, and I leaned up slightly and took one of her enticing breasts into my mouth again, hearing her gasp when she felt my mouth on her. I let my tongue lick over her large nipples, feeling even more secretions of milk leaking into my mouth. She was now wildly fucking me, and I reached for her clit, wanting to give her ultimate satisfaction any way I could. I held the top of her lips apart, having no problem finding her hardened clit and taking her slick juices and jacking off her clit as she rode me hard for quite some time.

As her body slowed its movements, I watched her carefully, making sure she was going to be all right after such an intense fucking. She remained hovering above me and when she caught her breath and regained control of her body, she smiled down at me and simply said, “I’ve missed that.”

“So have I,” I said, pulling her head down for a kiss. She rolled to her side, pulling me with her so that I didn’t slide out of her and then draped her leg over my thigh. I looked at her for a couple of seconds and knew she still wanted me. I was in the perfect position to thrust inside her, gently and slowly at first, but when I was certain she wanted more, I took the initiative to roll her over so that I could make love to her the way I wanted.

“Are you sure this isn’t hurting you, Baby?” I asked, wanting to give it to her hard, but afraid to assume it was okay. I remained plunged deep inside her, sucking on her neck and feeling the lust for my Warrior returning even stronger than before. “I’m sure, Gabrielle…now make love to me…”

I pulled back my hips until the head of the phallus threatened to slide out of her, and pushed back deeply into her, feeling her pussy tighten around me. “Gods, Xena…you feel incredible…”

I felt her hands on my back and then they were pressing into my ass, urging me to continue what I had started. I readjusted my body so I could sit on my knees and pull her closer to me. And just as I had dreamed, she locked her legs around my back. I looked down at our bodies connecting, flooding once again with juices down the inside of my legs.

I watched her as I made love to her, my heart overflowing with a million emotions. Her body looked amazing, and as I thrust into her, her hands came up to hold her own breasts, her fingertips damp from her leaking nipples. She opened her eyes and caught me looking at her, and as I continued to move back and forth inside her, she reached forward and put her fingers to my mouth, now watching me as I hungrily sucked the moisture away.

It had definitely been worth the wait.

COMING NEXT WEEK: Xena’s old friend Flora is getting married, but Xena finds her memory taking her back in time to when a certain bard married Perdicus.

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