Regenesis--Xena's Scroll

“It’s your turn,” I mumbled, not wanting to budge from my current position. It had been months since I had been able to sleep on my stomach, and now, it seemed that was the only position I could sleep comfortably in. Before, I had almost always slept either on my back or my side, which left me able to jump up instantly in case of danger. Thankfully, Gabrielle had taken over the nightwatch duties, at least for the time being.

Eve’s whimpering had been growing increasingly louder, and any second now, I was expecting a wail out of her. Not wanting to alert the entire forest, I gave Gabrielle a nudge.

“Hey…it’s your turn to get up with her,” I said again.

Gabrielle was laying on her side, facing me and finally, I saw one eye peek open. “Those are ‘I’m hungry sounds’”, she informed me, before snuggling even further down into her bedroll.

I sighed, knowing she was right. Still, I would have settled for her to at least carry Eve to me, but no such luck. It wouldn’t have made much sense anyway since Eve was lying to my left and Gabrielle was laying to my right, but an exhausted mother could dream, couldn’t she?

Just as Eve was tuning up to start screaming, I forced myself to get up, and staggered my way the short distance to where she lay cuddled in her own fur. She began to calm the moment I hovered above her.

“I know, I know,” I crooned to her, as I slipped a finger into her diaper. For once, she was dry, and relieved, I pulled her into my arms. I leaned back against the tree we had been sleeping under, and pulled down the left side of the my sleep shift. My nipple was dripping as my body automatically responded to Eve’s cry. In about a half a second, her mouth had latched firmly onto it. I leaned back and closed my eyes, thinking maybe I could catch a little more sleep as she ate. I seemed to be constantly tired lately.

The clouds had been blocking most of the moonlight, but they suddenly parted, making our campsite brighter. Eve made a contented squeaking noise as she continued to suckle and I smiled down at her. Her eyes were partly opened, and I watched amazed when she locked her eyes with mine. For a few seconds, her mouth stopped working and she just looked at me. I had to break out into a wide grin, and bent over and kissed the top of her head. By the time I raised my head again, her mouth was back at work.

“You two make the most striking pair,” I heard Gabrielle’s voice say quietly. She had her head propped up on an elbow, and was watching us.

I gave her a grateful, but sleepy smile. “How can we fail when Eve is half the pair?” I asked.

“Oh, she makes up half of the deal,” Gabrielle replied, suddenly sitting up. “But it wouldn’t be the same without her mama.”

I shrugged, too worn out to argue. Gabrielle, on the other hand, seemed fairly wide awake and now she was kneeling beside me, looking down at the three week old baby. “I just can’t get over that bright blonde hair,” she mused, stroking it.

The truth was, it was probably due to Callisto’s contribution to Eve’s parentage, but I didn’t like to think about that. “She inherited her hair color from you, her other Mama,” I said with a fond smile at my love’s own golden hair.

“But she’s got your nose…and your eyes,” Gabrielle continued.

“And your appetite,” I winked, as I lowered the other part of my shift so Eve could feed from the opposite breast.

I noticed an odd look in Gabrielle’s eye after I made that comment…one I couldn’t quite put my finger on. It wasn’t unhappy exactly, but it wasn’t one of contentment either.

“I was just teasing you,” I told her, with a repentant smile on my face.

“Oh, I know,” she answered, and this time, her smile was genuine. “I was thinking about something else.”

“Wanna talk about it?” I asked her.

“No, it’s no big deal. Besides…it’s late…and it looks like Eve is about done.”

“Until she wakes up hungry again,” I agreed.

Eve’s mouth had stopped moving, and her eyes were closed, but the moment I tried to loosen my nipple from her mouth, she began to suck again. I rolled my eyes at Gabrielle. It was a little game we often played…Eve would pretend to be done nursing and would only resume when I threatened to take the milk away from her.

After three or four rounds of this, she was asleep finally. Gabrielle and I both let out a silent sigh or relief. Gabrielle reached down to take her from me, and we both caught a smell of her at the same time.

“How can she eat and do that at the same time?” Gabrielle asked with a wrinkled-nosed look of disgust. She laid Eve down and loosened her diaper. “Eh!” she exclaimed, her face screwing up even more.

I grinned at her, and climbed back into my bedroll. “Told you it was your turn,” I chuckled at her.

A couple of hours later, when Eve woke me up again, I laid her down between Gabrielle and me. I laid her on her back, and perched myself on my side, holding my nipple between my second and third finger, so Eve would have plenty of room to breathe while she ate.

I was dozing when I realized she was finished, and didn’t put up a fuss when I slipped a finger in her mouth to break the suction. I pulled up the straps of my shift, and slid an arm around my baby so Gabrielle and I wouldn’t turn over on her in our sleep, and drooped back off immediately.

Sometime, after dawn, I became aware of Eve’s mouth rooting for me once again. I moved to accommodate her, muttering, “Darling, I love you with all my heart, but we have really got to talk about you eating more at a feeding so you’re not hungry every two hours.”

Eve reached up with her chubby dimpled hand and laid on my chest, right where my heart was beating. The look she gave me was of total and complete trust and I melted immediately. “Never mind,” I whispered to her. “You eat just as often as you want.”

“This is how Amazons carry their babies,” I was telling Gabrielle a couple days later. “most of the time, they strap the babies to their fronts, but I’m going to try it this way.”

Gabrielle sat on a hollow log, rocking Eve to sleep while I continued to work on the sling. I had made a frame out of some light strong wood, and wrapped it in an old piece of wolf hide we used as a spare blanket. It made a little pouch that Eve could ride in, while strapped to my back.

“It’ll work great when I’m riding Argo,” I told Gabrielle, who was still looking rather skeptical. “It’ll leave my hands free, and Eve will be able to see all around her.”

“It makes sense,” Gabrielle finally agreed. She laid the now sleeping babe down on the blanket. I watched her bend and give my daughter an affectionate kiss. Then she turned back to the fire. “You want some more stew?” she asked me.

“No, I’m stuffed. Save it for my breakfast.”

Gabrielle shook her head at me. “You’re the only person in Greece that would eat fish stew for breakfast.”

“Fish stew is great for any meal,” I informed her. I picked up my sword and walked to the outskirt of our camp opposite of where Eve was sleeping. I started to do some light sword drills.

For the past week or so, I had been doing a little more each day, gradually getting my stiff muscles back in shape. Gabrielle had protested a lot the first couple of nights, afraid I would overdo it, but had given up by now.

I paused, several times, while I was working, and found myself having to adjust. “What’s wrong?” Gabrielle asked, when I had stopped for the third time, cursing under my breath.

“This is like having to learn to fight all over again,” I told her.

“Why?” she asked.

I glanced down at my chest. My stomach and waist were nearly back to their original size, due to the running I was doing everyday. But my breasts, heavy with milk, were much bigger than they were before the pregnancy. My center of gravity had shifted, and I found my usual sword-swings threatening to send me off balance.

Gabrielle’s eyes followed mine, and she nodded her understanding. “When I first started sparring with Lyceus,” I told her, adjusting my stance slightly, “I had to practice using my forward weight to my advantage. Since I have even more forward weight now…” I glanced down again, “I’m just going to have to readjust.”

She had that odd look on her face once more, as she watched me work for a while. It wasn’t long before my sword was feeling awfully heavy in my hands though, and I knew I had better quit for the night. I resheathed my sword.

Eve’s birth had been fairly easy, and although I had healed considerably, it was still going to be a while before I was ready to make love with Gabrielle, or at least to have her make love to me. It was a fact I was pretty well used to by now, and my body seemed resolved to the lack of contact for now, not making me flair up with desire too often, at least not to the point that I had to act on it.

However, there was nothing to keep from loving Gabrielle. She had laid out her bedroll, and had just gotten into bed when I approached her. I knelt down beside her.

“You’ve been awfully quiet the last few days,” I said, reaching down to strike over her collar bone. “What’s been on your mind?”

She smiled sweetly up at me. “I’m okay,” she answered. “I think I’m just a little in awe of watching you and Eve. I can’t think of anything more tranquil than being with you and Eve together.”

I narrowed my eyes, trying to figure out exactly what she was saying. For a long time before Eve’s birth, Gabrielle and I had talked about Eve as “our baby.” It struck me that she had been very loving and attentive the last few weeks, as always, but at the same time, she was going out of her way to keep give Eve and I some space when I was taking care of her. It was especially obvious during bedtime, and now I wondered if Gabrielle felt left out somehow.

“Thank you,” I finally said, shaking myself out of my thoughts. “But I think you should know that every time I see you holding Eve, it takes my breath away. So I know what you are going through.”

She shook her head at me. “It can’t be the same,” she argued. I opened my mouth to protest, but she spoke up first. “I know better than to try to argue with you, but I know what I see. And I thank the gods everyday that I get to see it.”

I felt a flood of warmth in my heart, from the tenderness of the moment and the love that was flowing between us. I realized a lot of things at that very moment…including the fact that Gabrielle didn’t feel left out, she very much felt a part of our family.

I bent over then, and gently pressed my lips to her. We had been sharing gentle kisses like this since Eve’s birth, but I could tell by the intensity of the return kiss, that although Gabrielle was hungry for more, she was holding back. I’m sure she could feel identical emotions in me, as for the first time in a long time, I felt my clit twinge with arousal. It was going to have a wait a while longer though. With a stern move, I took hold of the shoulders I had been caressing, and pressed harder into her mouth, opening my mouth to hers. I heard a little sound escape from the back of her throat, and her lips parted beneath mine, allowing me easy access to her warm, sweet mouth.

Within minutes, I was reaching for the fastenings of her shirt, my hands shaking with denying myself feeling her flesh for so long., I finally managed to loosen the suede material enough to plunge my hand underneath, reaching for the firm flesh.

“Xena,” she moaned, squirming from my touch. “Xena…”

“Hush, My Love,” I whispered in her ear. “Let me touch you.”

“But you aren’t ready,” she managed to force out.

I pulled my lips from her, and let her see the passion in my eyes. “I’m not ready for your touch yet,” I told her, “but that doesn’t mean I can’t touch you.” This time, when I lowered my head, it was so I could kiss and suck at the satiny flesh of her neck. I could feel the floodgates open between my thighs, and it urged me to push both hands under her shirt, stroking over her breasts which were swelling to fill my palms.

“No, Xena,” she began to whimper, thrashing in an effort to get away from me. I pulled back a bit, wondering what the problem was.

“Whatta ya mean ‘no’?” I asked, trying not to pant for breath. “I’m not hurting you, am I?”

“No, it’s not that.” She reached down and used her hands to pull mine away from her body. I wrinkled my brow at her, confused by her actions.

She continued to hold my hands around my wrists, and lifted my hands so she could press her lips against the knuckles of both of them. Then she pressed them to the side of her face. She drew in a long shaky breath.

“Gabrielle?” was all I could say.

“I can’t, Xena,” she answered, her voice almost sounding like a plea. “As much as I want you to make love to me, I just can’t let you, knowing I can’t do the same to you yet.”

“It’s all right,” I smiled gently at her. The feelings of soreness between my legs would keep me from getting too aroused while I was pleasuring her. “I know what you’re saying, and I appreciate it, but I would really like to touch and taste you…please?”

I went for the beseeching look that she was so adept at using herself from time to time. I stroked my fingers over her breasts again; this time over the material of her shirt.

She released my wrists, only to sit up on her bedroll. “Please don’t make me,” she said in the tone I realized I had totally wrong. I never could get that lip tremble down the way she had. “Part of the magic of your making love to me is being able to make love you as well. I just wouldn’t want to only have half the experience…at least not yet.”

I grinned at that, for it dawned on me that her desire for me was still very evident. She was really holding back for my benefit, and it pleased me very much to think of the time when we could both come together in a mutual expression of our love. It was possible we were going to be in for a long dry spell though, and Gabrielle was thinking clearly enough to realize her passion might get the better of her eventually.

“All right,” I finally acquiesced. “But I’m stopping under protest.”

“Noted,” she replied quietly. I sat and continued to look at her as she worried her bottom lip with her teeth, apparently not as confident as she was letting on. Then she suddenly smiled, and held her arms out toward me. I sank into her embrace, still feeling frustrated she wouldn’t let me make love to her. She was demonstrating incredible will power; but if the situation were reversed, I’m not so sure I could have. Slowly, we laid back on the furs, keeping our arms wrapped around each other. It wasn’t the same as being buried in her glistening, soft flesh, but it did help a little.

The next morning, I woke up when I heard the sound of approaching horses. I disentangled myself from Gabrielle, and Eve, who usually ended up sleeping with us every night, and was holding my chakram at the ready. I chuckled when Gabrielle’s and my horses trotted into the camp, and I realized there was no danger. As I approached Argo, she lifted her left front hoof up. I immediately saw the problem, she was just about ready to throw yet another shoe.

“That’s what happens when you run around like a colt on a rocky riverbank,” I admonished her as I stroked over her nuzzled. She nudged me a bit with her shoulder, and I knew what she was saying to me. Since I wasn’t up to really riding her yet, she had to seek her exercise somehow.

“All right, all right,” I told her. “We’ll head to the nearest town and get you some new shoes. “ I turned back to my girls and began the task of getting ready to go.

The nearest town was Eisner, a friendly little village that was less than a day away. Eve seemed to like the carrier I had made for her. It lulled her to sleep almost immediately and even after she was awake later, she still rode quietly, her hands twisted in my hair. Of course, Gabrielle constantly chucking her chin and talking to her had something to do with it as well.

We stopped for lunch, and when it was time to travel again, I told Gabrielle I was going to try to ride Argo for a while.

“Are you sure?” she asked.

“We’ll see, “ I answered, and I cautiously swung myself onto Argo’s back. I couldn’t hide the wince when I first settled into the saddle. I was still more than a little sore there, but it wasn’t anything I couldn’t stand. I settled in, and then smiled down at a worried looking Gabrielle. “Aren’t you going to ride too?” I asked her.

She shook her head with me at a smile, and then lithely lopped on the back of her own horse. “Showoff,” I teased. “Just you wait until I’m all healed. I’ll mount you just like that.”

I know I caught a shudder in her. “Gods, Xena, it’s so hard to wait.”

“Yes, it is,” I agreed with a sigh.

We spent the next three days in Eisner, not because there was a lot to do particularly, but just because having people around us offered more distractions. It wasn’t really that we would think about each other less, or that we would pay less attention to each other; it was more a matter of having to be more discreet when there were so many other people around.

Gabrielle used her time in Eisner to catch up on her scroll writing, which she had gotten behind in over the last few months. She could watch Eve at the same time, and this left me the chance to work with the town militia for a few days. Like so many of the small towns, remotely located, that we encountered, only a few members had ever seen combat, and it was usually quite limited.

I spent a few hours a day, working with the men, at the same time trying to single out the best candidate to serve as the leader when it was time for us to go. It worked out beautifully, for each time we trained, I increased the difficulty of the maneuvers, testing both the men’s bodies and my own. I learned to adjust to the extra weight upstairs, and by the third day was pretty well able to do anything I had been able to do before Eve’s birth. I didn’t let Gabrielle know how quickly I was progressing though, for more than one reason.

I could hear Evie crying from halfway up the stairs to our room. I smiled to myself even as I picked up speed. I liked to tease Gabrielle that Eve inherited her appetite AND her vocal cords from her.

Inside our room, Gabrielle was pacing the floor, holding my squalling daughter. I held out my arms and took Eve from her. Eve quieted momentarily, recognizing me, but when I didn’t lower the straps of my shirt fast enough, began to scream again.

“Shh…shh…” I whispered to her, and offered my nipple to her finally. She grabbed on immediately, and began to suck furiously. I grinned up at Gabrielle.

“That’s a good trick,” Gabrielle quipped. “You should teach me it sometime.”

“Love to,” I leered at her. I lowered the other strap of my shift, and pushed it below the other breast. It had been a warm day, and I desperately needed a bath. But Eve had proven not to be particularly concerned about my perspiration, as long as the milk bar was open.

I sat back against the headboard and propped my feet up on the bed, settling in for a while. “Did you get a lot done?” I asked Gabrielle.

I hid my smile when her gaze was directed at my exposed nipple. I followed her gaze, and saw the drop of milk swelling at the tip of it. What to do…what to do?

Finally, I reached down and brushed my index over my nipple, gathering the milk. Whenever Eve was nursing on one side, the other nipple would often respond by letting down my milk, and as her feeding was overdue, my breasts were left feeling engorged. I held my finger in front of my face, letting the milk run down my finger as I looked past it at my bard.

I could see her throat working as she stared at the finger. Her expression was one of distress. I sucked my finger in, making sure to half-lower my eyes as I did so.

“By the gods, Xena!” It had the desired effect on her, and then some. She shook her head and me, and then was fleeing the room. “I’m going to go order us some supper,” I heard her say, before she shut the door behind her.

I looked down at my now contented daughter, and softly stroked a finger over her cheek. “That worked even better than I could have expected,” I told her with a grin I couldn’t quite get rid of.

Eve filled up fast, and was just heading off to sleep when she hiccupped. The spasms always upset her, so I continued to hold her, rubbing her tiny back until the hiccups subsided. The whole time I was formulating a plan…

Finally, Eve was asleep. I placed her in the crib the inn had provided, and then stripped off my clothes, taking the quickest sponge bath in the known world. I would have liked to wash my hair, but I didn’t want to take the time to get it dry. Remembering a trick I had once heard, I sprinkled some of the powder I used on Eve’s bottom on my hair brush, and went to work, stroking vigorously until my hair was shiny. It would do for now.

Before redressing, I stopped and studied myself in the long looking glass near the water basin. Perhaps there was still a little bit of thickness at my waist, but it was barely discernible. I ran an experimental hand down the length of my body, and felt a shiver go through me. My nipples, swollen and darker than usual from Eve’s birth stood at attention immediately, and I felt the familiar tingle in them. I moved the hand down lower and slid a finger into my slit. There was no pain, and when I brushed a finger over my clit and felt it throb out its pleasure, I knew without a doubt, that I was ready. Now I just had to convince Gabrielle the same thing.

I slipped back into the black leather trousers and shirt I had been wearing the last few months. They weren’t as flattering as my regular leathers, but were more practical while I was pregnant and recovering from the birth. We hadn’t been near a skilled leather worker in some time, and I made a mental note to seek one out as soon as possible. I was ready to get into my battle skirts again.

I hadn’t been dressed for long, when Gabrielle reentered the room. Her eyes moved up and down the length of me, and then she gave me a weak smile. “Sorry about that,” she said.

I gave her a smile and a shrug. “No problem. What did you order for supper?”

Her pink hue grew darker. “I thought it might be nice to eat in the dining room,” she answered.

I thought about teasing her about going downstairs to order supper, but decided against it. “Sounds fine,” I answered. “Are you hungry now, or do you want to let Eve sleep for a while?”

She waved her hand. “Let her sleep for a while,” she replied. She walked closer to where I stood, and I was surprised when she put her hands on my arm and stood on tiptoe, her eyes closing. “Mmm…you smell good.”

“Thank you,” I answered, bending down for a kiss. “You do too.” I’m sure the look in my eye was telling her the scent I was referring to was her own natural one. I opened my mouth to deepen the kiss, but she danced away from me.

“You like to make this as difficult as possible, don’t you?” she asked, giving me that same weak smile.

“Would you expect anything else from me?”

Her smile widened. “Not from you,” she admitted.

The dining room wasn’t too crowded, and Gabrielle and I enjoyed a pleasant meal together. Having a baby with us kept us occupied when there were lapses in the conversation, but my mind was elsewhere. I was ready for my bard’s touch again, but I figured I might have a struggle on my hand, convincing her of that. She had mentioned the time period of waiting six weeks more than once, and it had only been four. Eve was exactly one month old today.

After dinner, I suggested a walk, and Gabrielle agreed. I perched Eve on my shoulder, and we took a stroll through the town, holding hands, but other than that, not making contact. There was a three quarter moon, and the sky was clear, a beautiful night. We visited our horses in the stable, and then turned back toward the inn when Eve began to fuss.

Back in the room, I fed Eve while Gabrielle got ready for bed. I was sitting on the bed again, watching her as she washed her face and arms in the water basin. She had mentioned having a full bath earlier that day.

Eve finished feeding about the time she was ready for bed, and Gabrielle took her from me, giving her a kiss on the forehead before laying her down in the crib. I had shed my shirt before beginning to nurse Eve, and now I was pulling off the half shift I had been wearing underneath.

Gabrielle had been ready to crawl into bed, but now she stopped. “Xena, what are you doing?” she asked, her voice a half moan.

“It’s going to be a warm night,” I answered. “I’m just getting more comfortable.”

“Not that warm,” I heard her mutter. She bent over and gave me a hurried kiss, then laid down on her side, facing away from me. “Good night, Xena.”

“Oh no, you don’t,” I growled, suddenly tired of playing around. I grasped Gabrielle’s shoulder, and turned her so she was laying on her back, blinking up at me with a startled look.

“What’s the matter?” she asked me finally.

“I can’t wait anymore,” I told her simply and I was pulling her up against me, seeking out her mouth with my own.

She melted into my embrace almost immediately, her hands coming up to entwine themselves in the back of my hair. She was pressing the length of her body along mine, and my thighs parted automatically, cradling her between them. I pulled Gabrielle tighter against me, and ravished her mouth with my tongue.

Gabrielle whimpered against my mouth, just as I became aware of the fragrance of our arousal mingling in the air around us. She was desiring me just as much as I wanted her, whether she was aware of it or not.

I continued to kiss her, rubbing my hands first along her back, and then lightly over her sides. When she didn’t move to pull away, I took the initiative and unloosened the laces that held her shirt together. Her tongue was in my mouth now, her fingers tugging gently at my scalp, I’m not even sure she was aware when I pulled her shirt off her.

She became aware though when she felt my hardened nipples pressing into the soft flesh of her breasts, right above her own areolas. She tried to pull back immediately, but I wasn’t going to let her.

“Xena…” her voice held the pleading sound she had used the last time I had tried this, but this time, it wasn’t going to work.

I tore my mouth away from hers. “Gabrielle, it’s time…” I told her, my voice sounding breathy in my own ears.

“Time?” she echoed, looking vaguely perplexed.

“Time,” I repeated…”I can’t wait any longer to touch you.”

“Ah, Xena…” she immediately tried to pull away, but I held on tight. “We shouldn’t have to wait much longer.”

“Hmm…you’ve got that right,” I growled, pressing her down to the bed so I lay on top of her. “Not much longer at all.”

I sucked her bottom lip into my mouth, and gave it a slight nip when she tried to wiggle away from me yet again. “Stop it,” I chided.

She yelped and quieted beneath me, her eyes searching mine. “I never thought my will power would outlast yours,” she whispered. “Can’t you wait a couple more weeks, Xena? I think I can.”

I wanted very much to continue the charade, letting her go on thinking I wasn’t ready for her to be inside me, but something in the vulnerability in her expression kept me from doing that. I rolled halfway off her, and took her hand in mine. “There’s no need to wait, Gabrielle,” I told her. “I’m ready for you now.” I reached down with one hand and unfastened the lacings at the front of my trousers. Then I took her hand, and slid it down inside the pants, placing it at the juncture of my thighs. My underwear was sodden with my juices.

She groaned and pressed her mouth to mine again, as her hand continued to stroke over my center through my breeches. I arched into the pressure, feeling my cunt turn to flames under her tentative touch. She ended the kiss, and was staring into her eyes, her hands never leaving my core.

“I would never forgive either of us if I hurt you,” she said softly.

I wiggled out of my pants and breeches, insane with the need of feeling her fingers on my bare flesh. “It’ll hurt me if you don’t touch me,” I told her simply.

Her eyes widened for a second, and then I saw her lids began to lower, as she finally believed what I was saying. She ran her hand down over my mound, and then I felt just the tips of her fingers slipping between my lips, tickling along the length of me.

I felt goosebumps rise along my skin with the lightness of her touch, and I did my best not to dislodge her fingers as I began to tug at her skirt. Her mouth pulled from mine as she licked along my jawbone, and began to suck at my neck. “I want you naked…now…”I told her.

She giggled at me as I struggled to get her undressed while she was still half under me, but eventually, I succeeded. We took a second to catch our breaths, gazing at each other’s bodies. It had been so long since I allowed myself the rapture of studying, really studying my golden bard’s stunning perfection. I had purposely avoided it, knowing it would make the waiting that much harder.

But now, there was no longer any reason to torment myself, and I felt both my mouth and my pussy water at the sight of her toned curves. My hands came up to take hold of her shoulders, as I rolled on top of her again, pressing my body into hers.

“Gods, you feel good,” I managed to say, as our bodies began to thrust against each other, both trying to gain a more firm contact against the other. Simultaneously, we each slid a thigh against the crotch of the other, and our bodies humped in an effort to build the pressure.

The pleasure escalated fast, and I made myself stop riding her hard muscle to keep from coming too quickly. I had other plans on the agenda first. It’s hard to believe, but my mouth literally ached to touch my favorite spots on her body, and although she groaned when I suddenly pulled my cunt from her leg, she didn’t protest when I pulled backward enough so I could lower my head to her chest. I heard us both sigh when I finally closed my lips around the erect point of one of her nipples.

“Mmm…” I hummed with joy at the taste and feel of her aroused flesh in my mouth, and swirled my tongue repeatedly over it, loving the way she responded by holding my head tighter to her and bending her back so I could take more of her in my mouth.

My fingers found their way to her other nipple, and I gave it some loving attention so it wouldn’t feel left out. Gabrielle continued to press her eager womanhood against my thigh, but from this angle, wasn’t going to be able to gain enough friction to come. She was just teasing…both of us…by her continued actions.

I lifted my head to smile at her, before reversing my hands and mouth, nibbling hungry at her salty flesh. Her own fingers were tracing up and down my shoulders, making beseeching little patterns on me, occasionally digging her nails in a little bit when a tremble overtook her. Her digits lost contact with me when I suddenly began to slide downwards, my tongue licking a path from one breast to the other, and then downward…in increments.

I took my time moving, but eventually, I felt the top of her pubic hair against my chin and tongue. I closed my eyes and inhaled deeply…gods, how had I missed that! She smelled sweet and wild at the same time, and the fragrance grew stronger when I used two of my fingers to part her outer labia. I wiggled downward a little more, and then I was looking directly at her pink core.

At the first dragging of my tongue up the length of her, she half sat up, her body shivering in response. I locked my gaze with hers, and licked again, savoring the tangy juices she was emitting. It’s difficult to explain her expression just then, but I felt my own cunt heave when I saw her lose the battle with keeping her eyes open. Her eyes shut and her mouth opened, as she groaned loud and long.

The more I tasted of her, the more I desired her. I slid my fingers under one of her thighs, and lifted it over my shoulder, so she was spread wide open for me, and I began to lick her harder and faster, moving my whole head with the intensity of my motions. Up above, I could hear Gabrielle’s breathing become shallow and uneven. I began to shorten my strokes, and teased a finger around and around her opening, as I began to focus my tongue on her clit. I shortened my strokes until I was licking her little erection from base to tip, over and over and over again. Meanwhile, I began to lightly dip the tip of my index finger inside her.

Above me, I could hear her making heartfelt whimpers and moans, in tune with the squeezing of her thigh muscle over my shoulder. I suspected she hadn’t pleasured herself during our time of abstinence, judging from the climax that was building in her. My own clit pounded out its desire, and I couldn’t resist reaching between my thighs, and laying my hand, palm up, on the bed. I pressed my clit against the pads just below my fingers, and began to grind against them.

“I’m going to come, Xena…” she often amazed me by being able to speak with clarity when her passion was at its height. I was usually incoherent by this stage, but now wasn’t the time to reflect on that. I plunged my finger inside her pussy, loving her gasp of surprise, and then I pursed my lips and sucked in her clitoris.

I took her off guard, and she gave a short scream before she could stop herself. The scream gave way to a long, languid moan as I continued to nurse her hard bud, loving the feeling of it throbbing against my tongue. Juices poured out of her, over my fingers and on to the bed. As she gradually began to return to Earth, I dove in and drank up all she had produced. By the time her breathing had returned to normal, I was gearing up for more.

She knew I wasn’t done, but it didn’t stop Gabrielle from tangling her fingers in my hair, and tugging me away from her lower half. “Come up here,” she directed, and knowing we had the whole night ahead of us, I let her pull me so I was resting on my arms on either side of her waist. I leaned down and pressed my mouth to hers in a searing kiss.

At first, Gabrielle left her fingers tangled in my hair, and just concentrated on returning the kiss, licking up the taste of her own excitement. Eventually though, I felt her fingers begin to stray, down over my biceps and across my back, and then to my front.

I opened my eyes just to catch her expression when her fingers touched my breasts. My breasts had begun to leak while I was tasting her, and she had to sense the wetness her fingers were encountering wasn’t all perspiration. I was extremely curious to see how she’d handle this.

For now, she just continued to work her mouth against mine, rubbing her fingers all over my nipples, as if she weren’t sure what to do. I sensed she wasn’t sure how I felt about the situation, so I answered the question for her.

Pulling from mouth from hers, I rested my weight on my left arm, and with my right hand, lifted my breast so the nipple was near her still open mouth. One firm squeeze on the nipple sent a stream of breast milk splashing off her tongue.

I quirked a half grin as it took a few seconds to register exactly what had just happened, and then she growled in the back of her throat and yanked me toward her, her mouth hot and wet against me. I was flooded with a series of emotions vying for dominance in my thoughts. The knowledge that she had been desiring this, but wasn’t sure if it would be all right warmed my heart, and then the sheer sensuality of her tongue and teeth suckling me won out. I threw my head back and hissed out the relief at finally feeling her mouth on me again.

She licked and sucked at me until I was squirming for relief. When she bent a knee beside me, I readjusted so I was straddling it, rubbing my demanding pussy up and down the length of it. If she gave me enough time, between the stimulation of her mouth on my breasts and her thigh on my clit, I’d be able to come.

That didn’t seem to be what Gabrielle wanted though, and just when my movements were beginning to get frantic, she pulled her thigh away. I opened my mouth to protest, but she silenced me by pressing two milk covered fingers to my lips.

“I want to be inside you…with the phallus, Xena,” she told me, her eyes boring into mine. “But I have to ask you…Are you sure you’re up to that?”

“Gods, yes,” I answered. “Do it soon…before I explode.”

She smiled patiently, and indicated with her hand that she couldn’t get up to retrieve the saddlebag. I hopped off the bed and retrieved it in a heartbeat.

Kneeling beside her on the bed, I dug through my things until I found the leather strap. I came up holding the phallus and a big grin. “Lean up so I can strap it on.”

Her eyes were riveted to my breasts, but she looked up and finally comprehended what I wanted. As I fastened the harness into place, I found my own eyes glued to her clit, which still protruded from beneath its protective hood, obviously not satisfied with one climax. “Lay back,” I told her, and as she did so, I hurriedly dug through the saddlebag once more.

She did so, and I let the saddlebag drop to the floor, not letting her see what I had retrieved. “Gods, you look so hot like that,” I told her, before bending over to give her a quick kiss. I gave her a kiss on her stomach, just above her navel, and then opened my mouth wide, going down on her wooden cock.

“Mmm…yeah…” I heard her murmur, as I worked my head vigorously up and down the length of the shaft, making sure the end of it was pressed directly into her clit. I didn’t try to mask the slurping noises my enthusiasm created, and if possible, they made us both even hotter. Gabrielle yelped, surprised, when she felt the head of our other phallus pressing at the entrance to her vagina. Once she realized what it was though, she relaxed, bending both knees to give me easy access.

I continued to suck on her dick, pressing the wider phallus rhythmically into her bud, as I gradually worked the thinner phallus inside her body. Her lubrications slickened it instantly, and I was soon going in so deep my fingers were touching her body. I began to thrust regularly, in time with my movements on her clit.

Gabrielle responded heartily, adjusting quickly to my making love to her instead of the other way around. She knew I wouldn’t put it off for long, but for now, I wanted to see her orgasm again before I had my own. She had been so loving, so understanding, and so sacrificing the last few months…well…I felt she was due.

“Oh yeah,” I heard her whisper, as her hips began to rear up to meet the strokes. I added a twisting motion to my wrist, and just held the head of the wider phallus between my teeth, letting her own thrashings dictate the amount of pressure it applied to her clit. In that manner, we worked her to a climax, causing her to muffle her mouth in her own shoulder to keep from making too much noise.

I let the first phallus slide out of my mouth as I continued to ream the narrower one inside her, gradually slowing my movements. I watched her pussy open and close around it, as she began to come down from her peak.

For a moment, she just lay back on the bed, breathing hard, and then she opened her eyes to smile into mine. “That was…intense…” she said. “Thank you.”

I grinned back. “Who said I was finished?” I asked.

“I did…” She giggled at the expression I responded with, then reached down, and taking hold of my wrist, gently pulled out the phallus which was still submerged in her depths. “I’ve got to be inside you, Xena…I can’t wait anymore.”

“The feeling is entirely mutual,” I answered, and I urged her to straighten her legs. I straddled them, once again resting my weight on my arms. Kneeling on either side of her hips, I slowly began to lower myself over the phallus strapped to her midriff.

I know she was watching my face for signs of pain when the phallus began to slide inside me, but she didn’t have to worry about that. As I inched my way downward, I felt nothing but ecstasy fill me.

Once I was all the way seated, I took a deep breath, then leaned forward to claim her lips with my own. I began to slide my cunt back and forth along her body, getting used to the sensation of being filled again. Gabrielle was looking down at the spot where are bodies joined, her face full of love and contentment. I would have liked to have done the same, but it had been too long, and already, my movements were growing erratic. Instead of sliding, I began lifting my hips up and down, fucking myself on her perpetual hardon.

My eyes flew open again, when I felt heat on one of my nipples, and then they fluttered shut as she began to suck, sending erotic tugs downward to my clit. I was being inundated on all fronts, and it made me fuck her hard, my hips slamming down to meet hers. I would have liked to have announced that I was coming, as she had done for me, but when I opened my mouth, a long groan was the only thing I could mutter. She knew the signs anyway, and I felt her skilled fingers pressing into my clit as I began to spasm. A couple of tweaks, and I was a lost cause, bearing down hard on the cock so it pressed equally hard into her clit. It was all I could do to keep from screaming out, as my clit pulsated and throbbed its profound joy to me.

Finally, the waves began to subside, but I remained hovering above Gabrielle, my head lowered as I regained my strength, and thought about what I wanted to do next. I felt Gabrielle raise my head, and I smiled down into her eyes. “I’ve missed that,” I told her.

“So have I,” she replied, before pulling my head in for a kiss. Leaning forward caused the phallus to shift inside me, reminding me of its presence. I carefully rolled over on my side, pulling her with me so we never disengaged. I draped one of my long legs over her thighs, and Gabrielle began to pump her hips immediately. I began the climb again instantly.

We left Eisner the next day, refreshed and happy. Plainus was about a day’s ride to the west of us, and we were headed there so I could get some new leathers. After a few hours of companionable riding, I noticed the sky taking on an eerie green color in the distance. A few minutes later, it became apparent the strange clouds were headed our way.

“Xena?” I heard Gabrielle’s worried voice even as I saw it, a black tail reaching out of the sky.

Considering there hadn’t been a cloud in the sky fifteen minutes ago, I knew that the forming tornado had to be created by the gods. I realized the relaxed atmosphere of the last few days couldn’t last, but even as I urged Gabrielle to follow as I pushed Argo into a gallop, I couldn’t help but wish it could.

COMING NEXT WEEK: Xena’s old friend Flora is getting married, but Xena finds her memory taking her back in time to when a certain bard married Perdicus.

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