...In Any World--Xena's Scroll (Conclusion)

The situation spiraled out of control however, when Casesar cut me off, telling me Gabrielle had been arrested as an assassin. He had worked fast, I had only left her an hour or so ago. I immediately realized what the true reason was. He WAS jealous of her and wanted her out of the way. The situation grew even more convoluted after I made a visit with Alti and she revealed more visions to me. I realized Gabrielle and I were predestined to be together, and in an alternate life, our REAL life, we were very much together and in love. Caesar was dead in that life, Alti was dead, and although we were surrounded by many other enemies, we were able to overcome any dangers to remain together.

Now I knew the truth, but Gabrielle didn't, and it made my love for her grow even stronger. I knew our souls were fated to be intertwined, no matter where we were, and knew she felt it too, even if she didn't understand it..

But now, we were trapped in a world I didn't know how to free us from. And Gabrielle was in terrible danger from Caesar and Alti. They both wanted me alone for their own demented plans, and Gabrielle was a constant hindrance to their schemes. As much as it broke my heart to think of separating from her, the best place for her to be right now was in the safety at her own home by the sea. Later, when I had taken care of Caesar and Alti, I'd see her again.

The worst possible scenario that could happen struck. I was able to save Gabrielle from a death at Alti's hands, but at the same time, ended up being arrested by my own army. I never even heard the official charges brought against me, but Caesar could talk a good show, and the men whom I thought were loyal to me were too afraid of him to disobey. I was able to hold them off for a while, but they just kept coming, and eventually, some of their arrows got past my defenses. Just in case the arrows didn't put me in enough agony, I was given a scenic tour of Roman countryside being dragged behind a horse.

It took enough of the fight out of me. I had been weakened too much to think about trying to save my own life. All I cared about was getting Gabrielle away safely. She had a partial knowledge of our real life together, thanks to Alti, and didn't want to leave me, but I did my best to convince her she had to. Like the hero in her play, I would willingly and unhesitantly give up my life to ensure my love was safe.

It would be just a while before I would find out exactly what happened next. I knew Gabrielle was responsible for it somehow. I was crucified, on Caesar's orders, but couldn't remember drawing that last breath on the cross. The next thing I was aware of, I was riding Argo through a misty forest. I was dressed in my leathers, my chakram at my side.

Argos seemed to know where she should be heading, so I let her go, and it was only a moment or two before I saw a familiar figure in the distance. Gabrielle turned around as we approached her.

I pulled Argo to a stop, and for a moment, just took in her bemused, beautiful face. My brain was muddled, not knowing what had happened, and all I could think of was a rather un-witty, "Hey."

She must have been confused too. "Hi," she answered, with a slight toss of her head.

"You brought the world back to us." That was the only thing right now that I was sure of.

"I'm glad," she answered, with a modest shrug, as if it were nothing. "I like this one better."

"Even if you're not a famous playwright?" I couldn't resist asking.

She shrugged again. "Fame," she responded, her voice uncharacteristically expressionless. "Who needs it?"

I reached down and she took my hand, swinging up into the saddle behind me. I caught a bit of a wince at her expression, and wondered where it came from. My body was feeling no ill effects of the injuries of the other world. Once seated behind me, she wiggled into a more comfortable position. "Did you really like my play?"

Ah, so she was proud of her work in the other world. She had a right to be! "It was all right," I replied, fighting back a smile. "Maybe it could have done with a few more fight scenes though."

She snorted. "Everyone's a critic."

I thought I recognized the woods we were in then, when I saw the wildflower field separating us from another thicker forest. I urged Argo to head in that direction. The last thing I remembered about this world was being on a trip to Birchus, with the intent of buying some new quills for Gabrielle. There was a dealer there who sold the finest ones. I pulled Argo to a stop when we were alongside a medium sized stream. "How about we camp here tonight?" I asked hopefully.

This time, I know she winced as she hopped down from Argos's back. "Sounds good to me," she said with a smile. "I'll go get some firewood."

"And I'll get some supper."

It took about twenty minutes for us to complete our tasks, and after another ten, camp was set up. I dressed the rabbits I had killed, and turned them over to Gabrielle so she could work her magic on them. It wasn't long before my mouth was watering from the scent of her cooking. I laid out our bedrolls, and sat back against a fallen log, stretching my legs out in front of me. Gabrielle gave our supper a stir; then sat down next to me on the log. For a moment, we just sat there staring at the fire.

We hadn't spoken for some time now, and then we both spoke at once, making us smile. "You first," I said.

She paused and nodded. "I feel so strange," she said finally. "As if I'm not sure I'm really here. Did I dream what happened?"

"I don't think it was a dream," I answered. "I think it's a what-might-have-been, if things hadn't worked out the way they had."

She nodded again. "I wasn't lying when I said I like this world better. We face dangers every day, but I don't think I could ever felt truly safe in that other world. And I worried for you even more."

"Worried for me?" I smiled at her. "You don't have to worry for me."

She turned then, and laid herself full length on the top of me. My hands immediately came up to curve around her back, letting her know I was glad to have her there. "You were taking such a risk…willing to give up your position to have me with you. Even if Caesar didn't know who I was, he would have been furious."


"Because as you said it yourself, he really did love you. Or at least he thought he did. Of all the difficult feelings I had to deal with there, I think the most difficult one of all was the fact that you were married to him. You belonged to him and not me."

Somehow, that admission really surprised me. Even though I was Caesar's wife, I certainly had never felt like I belonged to him. I felt like I belonged in Rome somehow, but I didn't feel like I was really tied to Caesar, at least not emotionally. "I belong to you," I told her with a smile. "In this world, in any world, I belong to you."

"Oh, Xena…" and then her mouth found mine. Gods, her lips tasted so sweet, and I widened my hips, wrapping my ankles around her lower legs to feel her against me. For a long time, we reconnected, not stopping until Gabrielle pulled her head back. "Our supper is burning."

"Fuck the supper," I growled, rolling us over so I could kiss her some more, but the beast in my belly chose that time to make its presence known, and she pulled away with a giggle.

"Let's eat," she said, wriggling from my grope. "We have the rest of the night to get reacquainted."

I let her go reluctantly, and removed my armor while she dished up the rabbit stew. She was right, I was starved, and I made quick work of my dinner. She did likewise, and she set the dishes by the edge of the stream, not even bothering to wash them, and was in my arms again.

"Do you remember everything from that other world?" she asked me, after another long inspiring kiss.

"Yes, I think I do," I answered, trying not to be too distracted by her golden hair tickling my fingers. I had enjoyed loving her with it long in the other world, but found this short cut so much sexier.

"Do you remember the bedroom? Our bedroom?"

I'm sure my smile was more of a leer than I intended. "Very well," I answered. "More than anything."

Her face held a wondrous expression as she reached up to stroked my face. "You took my virginity," she whispered, as if just now allowing herself to believe that. "I think I've always dreamed of that."

"I know I have," I answered, "I know I was your first woman, but I wanted to be your first…lover."

"You were, in spirit at least," she smiled sweetly. "But now, there is no doubt. That part of the other world is the only one I'm going to think of…the rest hurts too much."

I was amazed at how well I could understand what she was telling me. I thought back to that moment when she had told me she didn't want my fingers to deflower me, she wanted the phallus instead. That meant a lot to me…knowing she wanted to give herself more completely to me than even I dared to think.

My hands were shaky when I reached up, and began removing her shirt. She pulled back enough to give me easy access, and wiggled out of it, so her hard little nipples were right at my mouth's level. With a hungry growl, I pressed her breasts together so I could lave both nipples with my tongue at once. Her head threw back as she gave a little growl of her own. Her fingers wound threw my hair and she had a hold of the back of my neck, pulling me tightly against her, as her lower half began to wiggle hard into my mound.

I nipped a nipple, and then murmured, "Let's get out of these clothes." She nodded, and it became a race to see who could get undressed first. She won, but then again, I had already given her a head start.

Once we were naked, she threw herself on top of me, and I pulled the furs up over us, as the air was growing chilly around us. For a while, we contented ourselves with just kissing, rubbing our bodies against each other as we teased ourselves by not giving in to the passion. One of our hands would occasionally dip into the crotch of the other, but only to gather lubrication to rub some particularly demanding spot.

Gabrielle's fingers came up to trace over my lips, her eyes shining brightly. "I love you," she whispered.

"I love you," I answered in kind, trying with all my might to relay my total sincerity. She seemed to feel the need to say it more often, but I never wanted her to have any doubt that I felt the same way.

"Will you use the phallus?"

Her voice was so soft, I didn't think I'd heard her at first, and then I realized what she wanted. "Of course, I will."

We had more than one to pick from, but when she asked for "the" phallus, I knew the one to which she referred to, the one I had first used with her, that fit her body so perfectly, and gave me untold pleasures when the protrusion at the end of it would press repeatedly into my clit. She reached over and grabbed my saddlebag, and in seconds, was holding the harness up for our inspection.

"I liked that other one," she mused. "The one you used in the other world. It was so perfectly colored with you that it looked like it was a part of you. It wasn't hard to imagine that it was. "

I strapped this one into place, and then ran my hand up and down the length of it a few times, enjoying the pleasure of it pressing into my clit. "I can have one made like it," I told her. "It wouldn't be hard to do."

She was crouching over me now, her fingers grasping the wooden dick firmly, and pulling it away slightly from my cunt. "No," she answered, her voice muffled, against my left inner thigh. "I prefer this one. That way I know you're enjoying it as much as I am."

She had been on the giving end of this one several times, and each time she made love to me with it, it seemed it was even better the next time I wore it. I know it was because she learned the ways the nub felt best against her own clit, and she made sure I was able to experience it to the most against my own.

I rolled us over, so she was laying on her back on the bedroll, and draped the fur up over my shoulders. She never let go of the phallus during the whole movement, and she guided it to the opening at her body, and pulled me forward a few inches. Suddenly, I saw her suck in her breath, and there was a look of pain in her eyes.

"What is it?" I asked alarmed, pulling back slightly. I didn't know how I could have hurt her, but somehow I had.

She was smiling up at me, even with the pain still in her eyes. There was a look of wonder on her face. "I'm sore," she whispered, her voice incredulous. "My body feels like it is still new to this."

I silently thanked whomever was responsible for the most intimate part of our experience to bleed through to this world, as my heart swelled with emotion. My arms wrapped around her shoulders, and I pressed my face into her neck, my body up on all fours. I let the phallus lay along the length of her slit, not wanting to hurt her even further.

She reached between my legs from behind, and I felt her moving the phallus into position. I looked into her face. "I want you," she whispered. "It's a good pain, the kind of pain I will treasure. It will remind me that no matter where we are, it will always be just you and me."

I entered her very gently, and moved slowly, letting her joy overtake the discomfort. It wasn't long before I felt her legs wrapping around my waist, urging me to move harder. I did as she silently bid, and our movements became more frenetic, as we quickly climbed toward our peak. And then we were coming together, crying out our completion, simultaneously.

When we caught our breaths, we were staring into each other's eyes. "I love you," we whispered at the same time, and then smiled at our likeness of minds. I slowly began to move my hips again.

(Coming next week: Gabrielle makes Xena an offer she can't refuse during a snowstorm, which includes telling Xena about her early fantasies of the Warrior Princess.)

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