...In Any World--Gabrielle's Scroll

I was perfectly happy and content, feeling warm and loved. And I loved giving her my love. My mouth nestled between her legs as she hovered over me, enhancing my craving for her touch again. I looked up and saw her hands firmly clutching the headboard as sweat left its damp trail from her breasts down her stomach. I loved feeling of her firm, long body and let my hands massage up her back and then in front to her stomach. I loved watching her. Her face held determination to find sweet release from contact with my mouth. I just let my tongue enjoy the sensations of her hot, wet center, and licked and sucked at her most intimate treasure.

I couldn't keep my eyes off her. I had flattened my tongue and watched as she established a steady rhythm of thrusting forward against it. She finally asked me to go inside her with my fingers.

"Like this?"

"Mmm, yeah, deeper please."

Gods, what an amazing feeling! I was trying to be careful and gentle at first, but she sat down on my fingers, her pussy swallowing them and rendering me speechless, leaving me only with a gasp on my lips.

"Can you…move inside me?"

"Of course, I'm sorry, Xena…" I didn't mean to just sit there like the novice I was. I was so pleased with what I had discovered and was trying to remember exactly how she felt. The experience was so intimate. To actually be inside someone's body, especially Xena's body--the physical connection made the love I felt in my heart even more full.

My movements were slow at first, but she changed her position and moved on all fours, her body taking over as she started fucking my fingers. I finally stopped moving and just stayed inside her, watching as she moved to find perfect fulfillment. I noticed she moaned with every thrust, and felt myself becoming wetter the more vocal she became. Gods, she was sexy.

"Gabrielle…I need to come!"

"What do I need to do, Xena?"

"My clitoris…please suck my clit."

With my fingers inside her, I went directly to the top of her slit and found her erection. I sucked it between my lips and ran my tongue underneath her clit, causing her body to jolt like it had been shocked. With a little more pressure from my mouth, she began moaning out her satisfaction-my mouth never leaving her center.

When her body stilled its movements, she rolled off me and onto her back. I rolled with her and lay between her legs along her body. I kissed her and found it very exciting that she tasted herself on my lips. Her tongue roamed freely inside my mouth. I loved feeling its movements and to feel her sucking my tongue. Each time we shared a kiss, it seemed a little more familiar. Our mouths seemed eager to search one another out.

When the kiss ended, she asked me a question that had been bugging me ever since we met. "How long have we known each other?"

"Huh?" She caught me off guard, surprising me by reading my mind.

"How long have we known each other?"

"We met last night...didn't we?"

She laughed. "Yeah, about six hours ago."

"Six hours…" It had been the most unbelievable, exciting, erotic six hours of my entire life.

I made love to her again with my mouth, realizing I would never tire of this delicacy.

Between sessions, she pulled me up beside her on the bed, asking me how I was feeling. "I feel perfect." And I did. I felt so in love, so fulfilled emotionally, and I had just given my virginity to the Empress of Rome.

"No pain or anything?"

"Maybe just a little bit. I'm just aware that there's something different down there. Do you know what I mean?"

She said that she was a healer and would like to check me out. She told me to scoot down on the bed, and she lay on her stomach between my bent knees. When she touched me, I felt a bit sore.

"Kind of tender, huh?"

"Yeah, I am…I'm sorry." I wanted to give myself to her over and over. She reassured me that I'd be feeling much better in a couple of days and we would be able to make love as often as we liked. But sadness overtook me when I realized I would be leaving before those couple of days got here.

She scooted up my body and held her face just inches from mine. "What's the matter?" she asked.

"I leave day after tomorrow…Caesar only wanted two performances."

"This has nothing to do with Caesar." I could hear the anger and dislike for him in her voice. "This has to do with me and you. Don't you want to stay here with me?"

I felt my heart skip a beat. "More than anything…but is that possible?"

She moved back down on the bed. Sounding completely sure of herself, she said, "I'm the Empress of Rome…I can have anything I want." She kissed me over the tender area, making it feel much better.

"I have an idea," she said, as she moved back up the bed and sat down beside me against the headboard. "Sit up against me."

I moved to sit between her outstretched legs. We were both totally naked, and when I leaned back against her, I could feel her hot center and hair nestling in the back of my lower back. Her hard nipples were scraping against my back, and I felt new wetness rush to my lower lips.

"Comfortable?" she asked.

"Very comfortable," I said, as she wrapped her arms around me and then bent her long legs on either side of me. She pulled me as tightly as she could against her body and then began kissing my neck and shoulder. Goose bumps were rippling over my skin.

"Can I touch you? I promise to be gentle…" she whispered in my ear, licking over my flesh. "I'll stop if you don't like It."

She was massaging my breasts as she sat behind me, both her hands filled as she kneaded my flesh. And then I felt her hips began to move behind me. I could easily envision her fucking me from behind. There was so much I had to learn from her.

"Yes…please touch me…I want you."

Her hands slid down my stomach and then to the insides of my thighs. She parted them a little further and then rubbed her hands lightly over my center. "Move with me…", she said, and I obeyed her command. I followed the movements of my hips to match hers, and felt my center gush with desire for her touch. She finally slid her middle finger down my slit, quickly finding plenty of lubrication for her to move against me. She dipped barely inside me and then brought her finger back up, making sure to keep enough contact with my clit.

"Is that okay, Gabrielle?…You feel so good against my fingers. Does it make you feel good?"

Gods, the things she could say. "Oh yeah…it's perfect…" was all I managed to get out for my response.

"You're hard already," she said as she rubbed against my clit.

"Just for you…" I said, my eyes now staying closed as I wrapped both arms under her knees and pushed my ass back against her thrusts as best I could. I felt so good being in her arms, feeling both her hands all over me. Making love with Xena was more than I could have ever imagined, and now, it was all I could imagine.

I would have been content to lay there in the circle of her strong arms for the rest of my life. My body was still tingling from her skilled fingers, but even though I should have been tired, I found myself wide awake, wanting to know everything about her.

She definitely didn't want to talk about herself though, and kept skillfully changing the subject to my own life. I could never remember anyone ever being so interested in me, and it gave me great pleasure to tell her about myself. She smiled and nodded, and asked many questions along the way.

Besides being a decent writer, I was a very good judge of character, and I could tell she was truly interested in what I had to say. I felt a warmth in my heart whenever she looked at me with those sea blue eyes, and realized I had never felt it before.

I lapsed into silence for a moment, wondering what she was thinking. After a minute, she asked, "Do you think you will be able to feel at home here?"

I thought briefly of my house and the few friends I had back home. Would I miss them? Not as long as I was with her. "I will always feel at home wherever you are," I answered honestly.

She beamed at that, and put her face close to mine, so she could rub her nose against mine. I took the initiative, and pressed my mouth to her for another of those wondrous kisses.

I guess I did fall asleep eventually, because I was a little startled when she woke me the next morning. She told me she wanted to talk to Caesar, and I felt a stab of jealousy rush through me, despite all we'd shared last night. She must have noticed.

"Don't worry," she said, stroking over my cheek. "He's not going to like what I have to say. I'm telling him you're moving to Rome and becoming my official playwright."

I'm sure my eyes widened at that. "You're really going to do it?" I asked.

She had already put her pants on, and was in the middle of replacing her shirt, but she stopped and sat on the bed beside me. "I have every intention of doing it," she told me. "Unless you've changed your mind…"

"No!" I was sitting upright, then grabbed on tight to her. "I mean, there's no way I would change my mind…I just thought maybe I dreamed last night."

Her warm lips against mine were reassuring. "If you dreamed it, so did I," she whispered in that wonderfully low voice of hers. "Because I love you, and we're going to be together forever."

For a long moment, we just held each other, as if to prove that to each other.

Something went very wrong though, for when there was a knock on my door a half hour later, instead of someone arriving to escort me to my new room, instead there were two armed guards, who placed me under arrest. I couldn't even get them to tell me the charges as they led me off to the dungeon of the palace.

The situation spiraled out of control quickly, and I found myself terrified when I was dragged outside to be crucified. Then Xena was there, and somehow, she managed to regain my freedom, but it had an awful cost. I would have to return home, without her. I tried to argue with her, but something in the insistent way she told me to leave was telling me that she was it was a temporary situation, and she was looking out for my safety. I finally agreed, and with one last look, I left.

Somehow, she arranged a horse for me, and I rode away quickly, thinking the sooner I was home, the sooner she would come from me.

There was someone up ahead in the distance, and suddenly, my whole world was spinning before me. I found myself on my knees, struggling for breath, trying desperately to move, but something had me paralyzed. I knew Xena was there though, and she was battling the woman called Alti, who had revealed to me the reason Xena and I were so comfortable together. We were soul mates, destined to always be with each other, as long as we were alive.

Gods, I was trying to so hard to move, to help Xena, but all I could do was gasp for air! She put up a long valiant struggle, but eventually, was just too overwhelmed, and I finally found my voice to cry out with her when I saw the arrows piercing her flesh. I tried to go to her side, but a guard who looked very much like Joxer held me back, and I knew it was the wisest thing to do for now. I watched in horror when she was tied behind a horse, and dragged off over the countryside.

I couldn't believe I had just found her, only to think she was going to be ripped from me again. She was being so gallant, insisting she would go through this crucifixion alone. She meant it too, and it broke my heart to think she was willing to die, just to insure I was safe. I left her alone, but not because I didn't want to see her die. On the contrary, I wanted to see her live.

I knew how to summon the Fates, as Ares had done so in front of me in the past, so I galloped as quickly as I could to the nearest temple, lit the proper candles, and said the proper words. Within seconds, I was standing in front of the foreboding structure that housed the Fates.

I didn't let it intimidate me though, as I pulled open the doors and walked inside.

I was angry, and desperate, and in truth, all I remember is that I threw a torch in the Looms of Time, destroying them. That should have been it, the world should have come to a standstill, but for some reason, I don't think that's what happened.

I was walking, in a woods that looked vaguely familiar. I glanced down and saw that I had my regular clothes on. I had barely had time to figure that out, when I heard a very familiar sound behind me. I turned, and saw Xena approaching on Argo. Gods, I don't know how I had done it, but it must have worked!

She skidded to a stop beside me, and then took a deep breath, before giving me a little nod and that cute little "Hey" greeting she used.

Still baffled, I offered a lame "hi" in return.

"You brought the world back to us," she said then, and I realized she was right.

I told her I liked this one better. "Even if you're not a famous playwright?" she asked me.

I shrugged at her. It's true, I love the idea of being famous, but nothing really matters as long as I'm with her. "Fame, who needs it?"

She reached down for my hand, and I hopped up behind her on the saddle. There was a tightness between my thighs I wasn't used to, and it hurt a bit when I first settled in behind her, but I wasn't concerned about it. I had to find out if she really liked my play.

I felt like I had so much to say to her, yet at the same time, I couldn't think of the right words, as we traveled along, and I was grateful when she suggested we camp for the night. Maybe settling into our regular routine would help.

I felt the pull in between my legs again when I climbed down from Argo, but it wasn't a serious pain, and I figured I must have pulled a muscle or something. Xena didn't seem to be suffering any ill effects of all she'd been through, thank the gods, and I was a little surprised that I was feeling this discomfort.

We set up camp, and after I had started supper, I turned to look at Xena. I figured she was going to explore the area, but she was stretched out against a fallen log, looking as if she was waiting for me.

Why was I suddenly feeling so awkward? I couldn't figure it out, but apparently, she was feeling much the same way. We sat there in silence for some time, and then I opened my mouth to speak at the same time she did. She smiled at me, and then urged me to go first.

I wondered if I had dreamed what had happened, but she didn't think so. The way she described it, it was if we were in another time, where things had happened in a different order than they did in this world.

I understood what she was saying, and told her, "I wasn't lying when I said I like this world better. We face dangers every day, but I don't think I could ever felt truly safe in that other world. And I worried for you even more."

"Worried for me?" she was smiling at me bemused. "You don't have to worry for me."

I knew that, but it wasn't enough. I couldn't stand being separated from her any longer, so I climbed on top of her, so I could stretch my body out over hers. "You were taking such a risk…willing to give up your position to have me with you. Even if Caesar didn't know who I was, he would have been furious."


"Because as you said it yourself, he really did love you. Or at least he thought he did. Of all the difficult feelings I had to deal with there, I think the most difficult one of all was the fact that you were married to him. You belonged to him and not me."

I wouldn't do it now, but later, I would tell her how jealous I had felt in the other world, thinking that she and Caesar had been together so long. Just the thought of the two of them in bed together was enough to make my blood boil.

Any residual anger faded quickly though, when I heard her whisper, "I belong to you. In this world…in any world…I belong to you."

It was the perfect response, and I suddenly found I couldn't keep my lips off hers anymore. Her mouth opened against mine, and I felt her wrapping herself around my body. We fit together perfectly.

Gods, I was so hot, I felt like I was on fire. No, that was the rabbit that was on fire. "Xena, our supper is burning."

"Fuck the supper," she purred, and I was perfectly willing to do that, especially when she took control of the kiss, rolling me to my back. I had to giggle though, when I heard her stomach give out a loud protest at her negligence.

I escaped her grasp, promising her we had the rest of the night to hold each other.

We ate quickly, and I wasted no time in moving into her arms again. I could never get tired of laying here like this. And now I wanted to ask her if what we had experienced felt as real to her as it did to me.

"You took my virginity," I said, touching her face. Her skin was so creamy soft. "I think I've always dreamed of that."

She thrilled me when she replied, "I know I have. I know I was your first woman, but I wanted to be your first…lover."

"You were, in spirit at least," I told her. And it was true. What I had experienced with Perdicus…well…it didn't count really. I cared about him…but I loved Xena. "But now, there is no doubt. That part of the other world is the only one I'm going to think of…the rest hurts too much."

Ah, finally, I had said the right words to entice her to begin undressing me. I shimmied out of my shirt, and then shamelessly arched my back, pressing my breasts toward her face. Would she go for the right one or the left one first? She surprised me by pressing my breasts together and licking over both of my nipples simultaneously, Gods, what bliss! I arched my back even more, finding purchase in her thick hair as I scratched the itch between my legs against her crotch.

She released my breasts suggesting we get undressed, and I offered no argument. The night air was freezing, but I didn't care as I stretched myself out along her again. I felt her pull the fur of the bedroll up over us, and instantly went from being cold to hot.

Gods, her skin felt so good to me! I touched her everywhere I could reach…caressing her shoulders and arms, her thighs, her back…and felt her doing the same to me. Her eyes were closed, and she had such a sweet smile on her face. I had to touch that smile. "I love you," I reminded her.

"I love you," she immediately answered, and as always, the knowledge of that enflamed me. I suddenly had the voracious need to feel her inside me. "Will you use the phallus?" I asked her.

She answered yes, so I reached over, and took it out of her saddlebag, holding it so we could both see it for a minute. I could plainly see the one she had used to taken my virginity in my mind's eye. "I liked that other one," I told her, as I rolled off her so she could strap this one into place. "The one you used in the other world. It was so perfectly colored with you that it looked like it was a part of you. It wasn't hard to imagine that it was. "

Once she had it positioned, I watched her stroke the phallus, knowing what it would do to her own erection underneath it. "I can have one made like it," she told me. "It wouldn't be hard to do."

Gods, my cunt actually gulped with need. But I squatted down, so I could smell her arousal, and at the same time, tormented her a little by pulling the wooden member away from her clit. "I prefer this one. I know you can enjoy it as much as I do."

I could have straddled her and ridden her to ecstasy, but for some reason, I wanted her on top of me this time, and I was grateful when she moved me under the fur so she was above me. She held the cock in her hand, teasing me by rubbing it lightly against my clit and down my slit, then pressed forward a little bit.

I was shocked when I felt pain at her entrance, a pain I didn't expect, and I caught my breath.

"What is it?" she was asking me immediately, withdrawing.

I was still throbbing with pain, but I suddenly recognized its cause, and the joy raced through me. "I'm sore," I told her. "My body feels like it is still new to this."

When Xena realized what I was telling her, her own face melted in a warm expression of love and understanding. She continued to straddle me, her face buried in my neck, but she didn't try to go inside me again.

I know she was holding back so she wouldn't hurt me, but this wasn't what I wanted at all. I stroked my hand over the perfect curve of her ass, and then reached between her legs to grab the phallus, pushing it slightly inside me. "I want you," I told her. "It's a good pain, the kind of pain I will treasure. It will remind me that no matter where we are, it will always be just you and me."

She didn't argue with me, and kept her movements gentle, as my body adjusted to her presence. It didn't take long for the tenderness to fade into pure pleasure, and I was pushing her to fuck me harder. She did as I desired, and her eyes closed as her mouth opened as she felt the nub do its work against her clit. One of her hands came down to capture my own clit between a thumb and forefinger, and she tweaked me in rhythm with her stroking hips. Her expression tightened into a sexy grimace as her climax began, and I was in total rapture just from gazing at her beauty, as I began to come too. We fell back to earth, with my love still deeply embedded in me.

For the second time that night, we spoke at the same time. "I love you." Even as she began to move again, she continued to smile, and I dug my nails into her backside, offering scratches over her firm flesh as it flexed beneath my fingers. I knew it would urge her to move faster and harder, and it did, and the little bit of soreness I felt just continued to fuel my passion. She was the only one I would ever want this with, and from now on, she was the only one who had ever had me.

Her back was arching into the movement as she half sat up, and reached beneath my thighs. She lifted a hand under each one, spreading me wider, and I felt the phallus stretch my entrance even more. It pulled at the covering on my clit in the same rhythm, driving me crazy.

"Your cock is sooo good," I told her, meaning every word of it. "It fills me so perfectly." I realized I had said that in the other world, and I meant it here as much as I had there. It was if the gods had designed us to perfectly complement each other.

"Gabrielle…" she was panting above me, and I could see the sweat that was running down her face. "Oh gods, Gabrielle, I'm going to come again already…" She half groaned it out, and then she collapsed on me, her hips continuing to hump me for all she was worth as she reached her fulfillment. Her grunts of pleasure were driving me to the edge, and when her mouth closed over my nipple to suck me hotly, I met her in the heavens, my breath being stolen with the intensity of the climax. Eventually, we stopped moving against each other, and she remained like she was, crouched over me. Our lips met in a searing kiss, and then she started to pull away.

"Don't," I protested, wrapping my legs around the back of her thighs to keep her inside me. I pressed at her shoulders, and she moved on to her back, so I was sitting on her. I leaned down for a kiss, and then moved my head down toward her hardened nipples. "I'm not going to want to stop for a good long time," I warned her, before closing a mouth over one of her nipples.

"I love you," I heard her say again, before we began to move in earnest once more.

(Coming next week: Gabrielle makes Xena an offer she can't refuse during a snowstorm, which includes telling Xena about her early fantasies of the Warrior Princess.)

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