...In Any World--Xena's Scroll (Part 1)

She was a very quick learner. I clutched the carved headboard of the bed in my secret bedroom, and tried to concentrate on not resting too heavily on Gabrielle's amazing mouth. It was difficult. I know she had never done this before, but her soft eager mouth was proving she had a natural skill for this. She kept her head perfectly still, only moving her lips and tongue against my swollen cunt. I'd feel her tongue lick slightly over my clit, causing my erection to reach out toward her, only to find her tongue had wondered elsewhere. Sometimes, I felt short quick lapping movements, against my labia, causing a warm vibration to pierce my soul. Then her tongue would relax, and I'd feel her lips sucking in my own. This had the effect of causing my eyes to roll back in my head from the sheer pleasure of it. It was as if she had become a part of me, embedded in my flesh and heart.

I felt her tongue dip inside my vagina, and my body jolted forward, without any conscious thought. I hadn't meant too, but I had jerked free of her mouth.

"Have I done something wrong?" she asked, and I noticed she sounded out of breath.

"No…gods…no…" I replied, reaching a hand down to stroke her forehead. "You have no idea how excited you have me right now."

She smiled at me, looking relieved. "You've got me pretty excited too," she replied. "I can't believe how sweet you taste…and the textures…" Her hands were reaching up, and she encircled my waist, pulling me back onto her face.

Gods, the girl was inventive! This time, she stuck her tongue out, flattening it, and urging me to slide back and forth over it. My body was shaking violently now, and I groaned with each thrust, feeling my vaginal opening clenching as it sought out more penetration.

It took me a couple tries to get her name out…"Gabrielle!"

"Mmm…" she licked over me one more time, and then ceased moving me, holding me so close I could feel her hot breath washing over me. "Yes?"

"Inside…please…"I managed to say. "I need your fingers inside me." Almost immediately, one of her hands left its place on my hip, and I felt it touching my outer pussy. I tried to maintain control as I felt her tracing over my folds.

Then…mercifully…I felt her mouth press to me again, as two of her fingers slid lower.

"Like this?" I heard her ask, as she entered me with her fingertips.

"Mmm, yeah, deeper please." I was amazed I was still coherent at this state. I had been on the edge for so long.

I felt her fingers slip further into me, and my hips moved automatically to press down harder on her fingers. We both gasped as my pussy engulfed the length of her fingers.

I growled in the back of my throat, and felt her tongue delicately licking at the edges of my opening, her tongue curiously prodding me as if to test how far I was being stretched.

"Can you…move inside me?" I asked, through gritted teeth. Now was not the time for a tentative exploration of my body.

The answer was a muffled response, as she had once again placed her mouth fully against me. I felt her fingers pull out of me halfway and then they were slowly pushing forward again.

By the gods, she was gonna kill me! I needed a brisk fucking and I needed it now. My brain didn't seem to be capable of expressing what I needed, so I let my body do the talking. I released the headboard, and my outstretched arms rested at either side of her head. In this position, I was able to gain some leverage and I began to plunge repeatedly onto her fingers, grunting out my relief.

I thrust firmly against her, but was careful not to become overzealous with my actions. I didn't want to startle or even hurt her. I bent my neck and peered down at her. Her eyes were narrowed to slits, and when I pulled upward a bit, I could see a half smile on her face. She wasn't attempting to move her fingers in rhythm with my hip thrusts. Instead, she just held them still, and let me dictate the movement.

A groan caught in my throat as I felt my cunt tighten even further. I should have climaxed a long time ago, but for some reason, my body wasn't cooperating. Instead it was keeping me hovering in that excruciatingly pleasant state of tense arousal far past the length of time that was healthy for me.

"Gabrielle…I need to come!" I was shocked to hear the begging tone in my voice, even though I was feeling it in my heart.

She pulled her head away to look me in the eye. "What do I need to do, Xena?" she asked me.

"My clitoris," I gasped, still hunching her hand. "Please suck my clit." I silently prayed that despite her limited sexual experience, she would have enough knowledge of anatomy to know what I was part I was referring to.

Blessedly, she did. I felt the sweet warmth of her mouth close over my hyper-extended clit, and she began to suck. Immediately, the sensations rushed through me, the toe-curling, breath-stealing, all-powerful orgasm my body had been demanding. I could no longer fuck her fingers, and instead I tensed my thighs, holding myself rigid above her. I didn't want to crush her with my body weight. Instead, I suspended myself above her, on shaky hands and knees, and raised my head and grunted out pure rapture to the heavens.

Finally, the sensations abated, and I opened my eyes as awareness slipped back over me. I rolled off Gabrielle finally, and she didn't let go of my waist, and rolled over with me. She was beaming at me.

"I don't know what just happened," she said, "But whatever it was, it was the most exciting thing I've ever been a part of. Gods, Xena, you are the most captivating person I've ever seen." She went up on her elbows above me, and then slowly licked her tongue all over her lips. They were shiny from my juices. "And your taste…"

"Let me have some," I said pointedly, and was pleased that she caught on immediately, and moved her mouth over mine. She opened her mouth quickly, and I licked the inside of her cheeks and over her tongue. Gradually, the kiss deepened even further, and her hands were winding in my hair again. She seemed to really like doing that, and I was a sucker for having my hair played with. When I felt her fingers begin lightly scratching over my scalp, I moaned my pleasure. If she kept that up, she'd find a big puddle of Empress laying next to her.

We broke the kiss so we could breathe, and all of a sudden, my breath was caught in my throat again. My hands came up to cup either side of her face, and I felt my heart pounding as I stared into her eyes.

"What is it?" she asked, alarmed.

"How long have we known each other?"


"How long have we known each other?" It was a direct easy question, but took her off guard. Finally, she said, "We met last night." After a pause she added, "Didn't we?"

I chuckled. "Yeah, about six hours ago."

Her eyes widened at that. "Six hours…" she echoed.

"Yeah." My thumbs stroked over her cheekbones. "Why do I feel like I've known you forever?"

"I feel it too," she answered almost immediately. "The moment I saw you in that balcony, you were all I could see. And it was like I knew every detail of your face. I suppose I could have known your face from paintings, but no two are exactly the same. And when I saw you again, I had all the details just right…every last one of them." She removed one of her hands from my hair, and began tracing over each feature. "Your strong chin, your luscious full lips, your perfect white teeth, that fine patrician nose, those amazingly high cheekbones, that silky black hair, and those translucent blue eyes. No one could ever get the color of your eyes just right." She had wrinkled her brow as she studied me, and suddenly exclaimed, "I've got it!"

I was feeling the heat rise in my lower half again, under her studious gaze. She certainly seemed to be liking what she was seeing. "Got what?" I finally asked.

It was a second before she answered me. "The color of your eyes. I've been trying to figure out how to describe them. I finally figured it out." I remained silent, waiting for her to continue. "I told you I live in a vineyard by the sea. I have a small house that's high up on a cliff. On bright sunny days, I go out and sit on the cliff to watch the sea. It's so clear, I feel as if I can see leagues below the surface. And it's such a bright blue, even brighter than the sky…" Her voice trailed off for a moment, as we gazed at each other. "I now know the sea mimics your eyes."

"I love you!" I blurted out, before I could stop myself. This time I felt the heat of a blush covering my own cheeks. Yes, it was true, but I hardly believed I had just busted out with it like some besotted schoolboy.

After a minute, I got up the courage to look her in the eye. I was half-expecting to see a smug grin or a smirk on her face. Instead, I was shocked to see there were tears in her eyes, and her bottom lip was quivering. "What's wrong?" I asked, collecting a tear on each thumb.

Her head was shaking slightly from side to side. "I've loved you from the beginning," I heard her whisper, "But I was too afraid to tell you. I hoped I could have a night with you, but…"

I put a hand under her chin, so I could look into her emerald eyes. "But what?"

More tears seeped down her cheeks. "I never dreamed you'd love me in return. I guess I never allowed myself to."

Something in her words stirred my heart. I knew whatever I was feeling was reciprocated by her, and I pulled her into a tight embrace. Like a puzzle piece, her body fit perfectly against mine. It was only a matter of time before our mouths were pressed together again.

Gabrielle grew bold, and I wasn't about to object when I felt her mouth leave mine. Her tongue came out to lick over my chin, and she buried her face in the crease of my neck. I felt sharp teeth give me a little nibble, and then my hands were finding purchase in HER hair this time. I weighed out the tresses with my fingers. Her hair was very fine and silky soft, yet felt heavy against my fingers.

In increments, she was sliding lower down my body, her tongue never losing contact with my skin. I felt a flush of fire where her fingers touched me, and then the icy coolness when that part of my body was deserted for another, and she left a damp reminder of where she'd been. She softly stroked her tongue over the top of my right breast, and then I felt her breath on my areola before her mouth closed on my nipple. We both moaned at the same time when she began to suck.

"That feels wonderful," I told her, as I slithered further down on the bed, making myself more comfortable. She was stretched out beside me, and I was half on my side. Her hand was kneading my left breast as he mouth pleasured the right one. Fresh moans bubbled up when her mouth and hand traded positions.

Gods, her mouth was so gentle, unsure, yet fulfilling at the same time. Every tug on her mouth at my nipple shot a line of sparks directly to my clit, which was swelling steadily, as if my orgasm of a few minutes ago hadn't happened at all. I let my thighs part a little, and the scent of my desire wafted up to my nose. It only turned me on more.

Perhaps she smelled it too, for she suddenly released my swollen nipple. "I want to taste you again, Xena," she said.

I nodded shakily, and my eyes rolled back as Gabrielle's treacherous tongue snaked out again and she resumed her trek. She licked the underside of my breast, and then her tongue languidly stroked over the ridge of each of my ribs. She lingered when she got to my navel, her tongue sliding in and out of it. Once again, it felt like she was treating my clit like it was the lollipop, despite the fact she wasn't touching it.

Eventually, she began moving downward again. I let my legs part even further, and rolled fully on my back, eager to feel her mouth on me again. She had her tongue traveling through my moistened curls, and we laughed when they tickled her nose and made her sneeze.

She sobered immediately though, and moved her body, so she was reclining between my thighs. I held my breath in anticipation of her first touch. She licked up the length of my lips, and over my clit, then peered at me above my pubis. "Thank you for letting me do this," she said.

Unbelievable. "You're welcome," I answered, with a wave of my hand and a smile that told her the gratitude was all mine. Her eyes blazed into mine one last time, before I saw her lids closing and she was lowering her mouth to my cunt.

Her fingers almost instantly went to join her tongue this time. As I said before, she was an unbelievably quick learner. I felt a finger drawing circles around the base of my clit, and the tip of her tongue lightly tapping the tip of it. The finger was broadening its circle until it was stroking over and between my lips. Each time it moved a fraction of an inch lower, until finally, it was stroking around and over the opening of my vagina. I groaned out loud, when I felt her tongue begin to lick up over the shaft of my clit. Her fingers skimmed over my hole a few more times, and then I felt her move barely inside, as I had done with her.

"Please, Gabrielle," I whimpered, before I could stop myself. "Please…don't tease me."

Her answer was to move her head lower, and I felt her curious tongue entering me. Her finger replaced her tongue at the top of my womanhood. It stroked me lightly, as her tongue continued its exploration inside me. I reached down and caressed over her flaxen hair, letting her know I was appreciating her efforts.

I did good for a while, just letting her acquaint herself with my body. She made these delicious little noises in her throat that told me she was enjoying herself. Gradually though, I couldn't hold back anymore, and my pussy began to grind against her questing fingers and tongue. Her tongue was going as far inside me as it could, but my movements rewarded me with more pressure on my firm bundle of nerves. My clit began to sing out its gratitude.

"I'm going to come, Gabrielle," I growled in my throat. I guess she heard me, because I felt even more pressure on my clit, and her tongue, which had been stabbing in and out of me regularly, stayed inside me, stretched to the fullest. She wiggled around, tasting the inside of me. The sensation of her tongue rooting inside me was incredibly hot, and it's the last conscious thought I had as I flew over the peak.

"Gabrielle…" I groaned out her name, my lower half jerking toward her, instinctively trying to draw out the contact. Gabrielle did a fine job of riding out my uneven movements, even as her tongue lost its place in my body.

"Mmm…" a long throaty hum purred from deep within me, as my breathing and heartbeat returned to normal, but I could feel her continue to lick up my juices.

It had been nearly two months since I had last had sex, and I didn't even have time for touching myself during last month's campaign, and now, these two climaxes had been so intense, I had to have a breather. Gabrielle seemed perfectly content to stay curled between my thighs, but her persistent tongue wasn't going to give my clitoris a break. I sat upright, and gently lifted her mouth from my center. She looked a little disappointed.

"I could do that for the rest of my life," she said with a wry smile, as I pulled her up into a sitting position next to me. I curled an arm around her.

"You're very good at that," I told her. "Excellent. But you might be too good."

"Too good?" she echoed, looking a little alarmed.

I quirked a grin at her. "Yeah…" I answered. "I think you'll learn you can only take so much of that kind of pleasure before it starts to become something else."

She considered that, then looked kind of proud of herself which caused me to smile. "Hey…" I said gently. "How are you feeling?"

"I feel perfect," she said with a shrug, like that explained it all.

"No pain or anything?"

She shut her eyes and shook her head. "Maybe just a little bit. I'm just aware that there's something different down there. Do you know what I mean?"

I nodded, because I did. It was often like that with a new sexual experience. "I'd like to check you out," I told her then, "Make sure everything's okay down there."

She blushed. The funny thing is, I really did want to check her out. "I'm a healer," I told her. "Honest."

She suddenly threw back her head with a delighted laugh. "I don't care if you're a healer or not," she grinned. "I just want you down there."

I chuckled at her, thrilled beyond measure at her words. "Scoot that beautiful ass down," I told her, and when she had, I knelt between her legs. I urged her to bend her knees, and she slid even lower.

There were streaks of dried blood on her inner thighs, but not a lot. I remember when I had lost my own virginity so long ago, I had bled for two days afterward. I laid down on my stomach, in a position similar to the one she had taken with me. I reached out, and slid a hand under both thighs, lifting her hips from the bed.

"Xena!??!" I heard her voice go up an octave as I moved her. "What are you doing?"

I tried to look at her seriously. "I'm trying to see you in a better light."

Gabrielle nodded, but I heard the moan when I lightly ran my index finger over the entrance to her vagina. The moan wasn't of pleasure.

"Kind of tender, huh?" I asked, withdrawing my finger.

"Yeah, I am," she answered, her voice sounding disappointed. "I'm sorry."

"Don't be sorry!" I exclaimed, amazed at that. "Gods, Gabrielle. It's a testament to your trust and faith in me."

"Yes," she replied. "I know what you're saying. And you're right. It's just…"


"Well, I wanted to do it again."

She surprised me with that, and I beamed at her. "Don't worry," I told her. "In a couple of days, you'll be all healed up, and we'll be able to do it all you want."

The sad look on her face urged me to lower her hips. I planted an arm on either side of her, and leaned in so my face was close to hers. "What's the matter?" I asked her.

"I leave day after tomorrow," she said. "Caesar only wanted two performances."

"This has nothing to do with Caesar," I responded, trying only barely to disguise the hatred in my voice. "This had to do with me and you. Don't you want to stay here with me?"

"More than anything," came her wistful reply. But her expression grew unsure again. "Is it possible?"

I laughed easily, and moved back down her body. I lifted her butt from the bed again, and eyed the delectable area before me.

"I'm the Empress of Rome," I answered. "I can have anything I want." I placed a chaste kiss on her golden pubic hair, then a not-so-chaste kiss on the area below it.

An hour later, our bodies were sexually exhausted, but we continued to lie in the warm bed in the secluded room, too excited to sleep. At first, it was difficult to coax her to talk about herself, but as the night went on, Gabrielle began to see how truly interested I was in her what she told me. I longed to experience the quiet life she told me about, maybe even more than she longed to live in a big city like Rome. She lived near a seaport, so anytime she needed inspiration for her work, she would just go to town and take in the people.

She spoke of her home life so fondly, I felt the need to ask her. "Do you think you will be able to feel at home here?"

Her answer warmed my heart. "I will always feel at home wherever you are." I hugged her close, and nuzzled her nose, never feeling more contented with my own life.

In the early morning, I nudged her awake, and told her it was time to return to her own room. I had an appointment with Caesar that morning, in which I would be telling him Rome would have its own official playwright. If he could appoint Alti without my approval, then I could certainly appoint Gabrielle. Then once she had moved into the city, I would tell him I would no longer be sleeping in his bedchambers. He would have to accept it, or I would threaten to expose some of his more scandalous secrets. I didn't give a fuck what the people thought of my bedroom activities, but Caesar did. If that didn't work…well…it wasn't an issue. I'd find a way to be with Gabrielle.

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