I Will Never Leave You--Xena's Scroll (Conclusion)

She pulled her body from mine, and urged me to stretch out my legs again, which I did immediately. "You're being very compliant today," she told me.

"All for you, Gabrielle," I murmured, and my eyes closed as I felt her reposition me. She kneeled yet again, and this time, pulled one of my legs straight up against her. By lifting my ass slightly, I was able to bend my knee over her shoulder, and she was naturally drawing her crotch closer to mine.

"Yes, this will do nicely," I heard her whisper, and my breath caught when I felt her sweep a hand over my throbbing center. A finger or two briefly penetrated me, and then I felt the phallus probing inside me once again.

"Very nice," I heard her again, but I was suddenly unable to respond. She had leaned back on her heels, and was thrusting long and hard into me, the whole time her left thumb rubbing and pinching over my clit which had pressed forward to demand her touch. She loved it when my clit swelled like this…she claimed it gave her something to "grab on to," and she certainly had a hold of it now. I'd swear my heart stopped beating when she held my hardon between her first and second finger, and rapidly brushed across it with her thumb. That combined with the fullness of the phallus, drove me rapidly over the edge…."Gods, yes!"

She didn't even give me time to regain my senses before she was moving again, accompanying her thrusts with a twisting motion this time. Her right hand held my leg firmly against her, as she continued to tweak my clit and fuck me with a strength I rarely felt in her. "Give it to me, Xena!" she demanded over and over again. "Give it to me!"

Gods, she was giving it to ME…what did she want? She drove me over the brink again, and a third time, and then I was nearly incoherent. "Gabrielle, no more…Gabrielle…Gabrielle!"

The last cry had come out like a plea and it dawned on me as her movements finally slowed to a stop. She released my leg, and it quivered against her as she laid down on top of me, her mouth seeking mine out once again. She gave me a soft, sweet kiss. "I love you, Xena," she whispered. "You have to believe I will never leave you…you could never do anything that would make me leave."

Gods, she HAD known at least part of my thoughts. She realized I was fighting the feeling that it was inevitable that I COULD drive her away, and my dark side was going through every effort to prove it.

"I believe you," I told her, and I guess I really did. She would never leave me, no matter what I did to her. She loved me, and would always be able to find a justification for my actions, no matter how much they hurt her.

She gave me another kiss, and then stood. I watched her move to the bathroom, and heard some splashing. She was cleaning herself, and when she returned, she was dressed in some different clothes; clothes Aiden had provided so she'd be more comfortable for her training. I was still on the bed, wanting to get up and move, but finding myself unable to.

"I'll see you later, Xena," she purred at me. She threw me a kiss before she left the room, leaving my head spinning.

The afternoon encounter really did help me. The dark feelings returned the moment she left the room, but with them came a bit more clarity…the thought that we all had dark sides, and we couldn't function without them. Now the question became whether or not I could harness the dark side long enough to break Gabrielle free from Aiden's purposes. I would have to use Gar in my plan to help her break free, and reluctantly, I got up to dress. I was going to have to let the dark side take control yet again.

"How could I have been so blind, Xena?"

We were back in the cave, Aiden was dead and Gar had rushed home to try to rebuild his life with his wife and children. Gabrielle and I had made ourselves comfortable in front of a fire, but despite the warmth of our bodies, Gabrielle was left cold by what we had gone through.

"You weren't blind, Gabrielle," I told her gently. "Some of what Aiden said made sense…a lot of what he said made sense. It was hard for me to see what he was really wanting until it was almost too late."

"He kept saying he was bringing me peace…that inner stillness he talked about," she said then. "But every time I was with him, I couldn't keep the painful thoughts from coming. How can I feel inner stillness when I have such memories?"

I slid my fingers through her golden tresses as I held her head to my shoulder. "I think that's the key," I told her. "He could sense what you were feeling while you were feeling it, but he had no key of what had formed you, what had brought us together and what had brought you to him. The negative things you've been through are what makes you the person you are…you were glowing with purity when I first met you, but now…that glow has become dazzling brilliance."

Her smile filled the cave, and my heart. "That's beautiful, Xena" she beamed, and it embarrassed me because I think she really knew what I was feeling.

I didn't back down though. "It's true, Gabrielle. If the sun never rose again, I would never feel covered by darkness. As long as you're beside me."

"Which I will always be."

I drew in a deep breath. "Which you will always be," I echoed slowly, and for the first time, I really allowed myself to believe it. The hallucinations while under Aiden's influence were suddenly clear to me…horrible nightmares that he caused me to have. They weren't desires of mine…no…I could never desire them. They were just images he had planted in my derangement, images designed to make me hate myself so much that I would never allow myself the comfort of knowing Gabrielle truly would never leave me. And now, I was free of them.

"I like you beside me," I whispered, lowering the pitch of my voice so it vibrated against her ear. "But I like you on top of me, too."

I heard her giggle, and she turned so she could wrap her arms around me. "How's your leg?"

"My leg is fine," I said, tapping the healing cut for emphasis. "But I have another gash that needs attention now."

"That was SO bad," she wrinkled her nose at me, but slid down so she was lying between my legs. I shrugged apologetically, as I felt her mouth kiss my lower lips. "It worked," I told her.

"It always does," she answered, before drawing her tongue up the length of me.

Later, the shadows in the cave overtook most of the firelight, and we lay there on our sides, each of us holding the other with one arm. The backs of our other hands were so close they brushed, as our fingers continued to stroke deep inside the other's core. We were both sated, but somehow, had a mutual need not to relinquish this intimate contact.

For a long time, we kissed, each of us languidly stroking the inside of each other's mouths in turn. Sometimes, these kisses would enflame, but now, they were comforting.

She drew her head away, and looked into my eyes. "Do you think it's wrong for me to want to continue to India?" she asked me.

"Not at all," I answered. "I think you still need to find a lot of answers."

She nodded soberly, and I was afraid she was being overwhelmed with thoughts of Aiden again. She had thought she was finding the answers from him, and it was hard to think that she had been wrong.

I drew my hands from her sex, and stroked it softly over her ass, and up her back, until I was threading in the hair at the back of her neck. "Don't let it get to you," I told her, trying to sound sincere, not stern. "For a while, I thought he was totally right too, but he was misguided. We all get misguided sometimes, and it's hard to face it when we do. But we learn from it in the long run, and it makes us better people."

She stared at me in amazement. "How could you think I'm any better after what I went through…after what I put you through?"

I couldn't help it…I thought back to her strapping on the phallus and telling me what she wanted. I don't think she realized the power over me she wielded at that time…or how perfectly it was timed to keep me from doing something I didn't really want to do. "We're alive, and we're together, and I feel closer to you than I have ever have. How could that not make us better?"

She beamed at me again, and I was relieved I had been able to say all the right things that night. The funny thing is, I had just been speaking my heart. Maybe I had more goodness in me than I realized.

"I love you, Gabrielle," I told her. "Now go to sleep…we've got to get going in the morning."

She pressed her lips to mine one final time, then did as I bid. This time, It was mere seconds before I fell asleep along with her.

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