I Will Never Leave You--Gabrielle's Scroll

Xena hovered over me, her legs still quivering from our most explosive orgasm. Her hair draped over each side of my face as her mouth was only inches from mine. I looked up and smiled at her, but couldn't fight the sleep that was overtaking my body. The next thing I knew she was lifting me from the canopied bed and moving me to the round bed in the middle of the room. She gently laid me down on a warm, soft fur and then tried to step back away from me. I didn't loosen my grasp around her neck and told her, "I still need my goodnight kiss…"

She kissed me softly, warming my lips and sending me back into my comfortable sleep. My body felt so relaxed and satisfied as she pulled the fur up around my body, snuggling me with warmth. However, it was no substitute for my Warrior's tall, warm body cradling me, and I didn't remain asleep very long. I opened my eyes and saw her in the dim light of the room, sitting in the chair beside our bed, appearing to meditate. I sat up and reached for her. "Xena…come to bed."

She didn't hesitate and joined me, causing a smile to be born on my lips. She wrapped me in her arms. "That's much better," I told her. She kissed the top of my head and that's the last thing I remember until sunlight began to peek through our window.

"I'm going to go to the garden and stretch my muscles…Aiden will be calling for you before long, " she told me, kissing me lightly on the lips and pulling herself away from me. I don't think she had slept all night. Her eyes were revealing a look I couldn't quite determine, and she seemed be filled with nervous energy. I would let her go outside for a bit, but decided I would make sure we had breakfast together in an hour or so. I needed to connect with her and see what was going on.

I couldn't go back to sleep the longer I thought about her. I heard her sword swooshing through the air, and finally got up and readied myself for the day. I walked out on the balcony and watched as she furiously fought imaginary foes, the determination and anger on her face coming from somewhere deep within.

"Xena, what are you doing?"

I seemed to have startled her. She was already looking in my direction, but wasn't looking at me. "Uh…nothing, just thinking."

"Come up and have breakfast with me?"


I had went to the kitchen and prepared our plates and then carried them back to our room. I filled a vase with beautiful flowers and waited on Xena to join me. She came in the room, sweaty and wild-eyed.

"You okay?" I asked, growing very concerned about her.

"I'm fine…and starved. Give a minute to wash up?"

"Sure…but hurry before it gets cold." We exchanged smiles, and before long, she joined me at the table, seeming fairly normal compared to what I had seen in the garden just moments before. Maybe she was simply very uncomfortable about me spending so much time with Aiden. I began to feel guilty for wanting to stay, knowing she didn't want to. But the incredible love we had made while we were here had been worth it as far as I was concerned. We would be making our departure soon, and I would try to thank her in every way possible for allowing us to stay.

After our meal, it was time for me to meet Aiden. It would be our last day here, and the breathing and meditating techniques he had showed me were very interesting. However, there were times during these exercises that the extreme pain from the past haunted me and caused my heart to sink before I could stop the thoughts from flooding my conscience. I realized I had harbored deep feelings of guilt for failing as a mother. Reality wasn't always pretty, and Hope's conception, birth and death had all taken place, whether I chose to deal with it or not.

I began questioning Aiden about a person's dark side…concerned that Xena may be dealing with more than I realized. I knew I had certainly encountered some difficult feelings since being here, and maybe she was going through the same thing. I got the impression from him that he didn't want Xena to not find the peacefulness I had found while being here. He said she could overcome her darkness, but if it did start taking over, there would be definite physical and psychological signs revealing the inner battle going on inside her mind.

The more I thought about it, the more I knew I had to get to Xena. I could feel a distinct schism between Aiden and Xena, even from him. I don't know if it was possessiveness over me, or if he didn't like someone with Xena's intuition being on his grounds. I had learned to trust Xena's perceptions a long time ago, and she wasn't impressed by what she had seen since being here. But I also knew that she would continue dealing with difficult things and not tell me, trying to be certain she didn't spoil my time. I couldn't let her go on in pain.

I cut this particular lesson short and returned to our room. I had a new determination that Xena would not feel separated from me in any way, shape or form. We were destined to be together, and I knew how she had tried to leave me in different places just recently…afraid of what I might face if I continued following her.

I slammed the door to our room, not making any pretense about my arrival. I was here with a purpose. I'd be damned if Aiden was going to make my Warrior feel that she was no good for me. She was the only thing good for me. And I loved her more than my own flesh.

She stood and faced me as I stood at the closed door. We both started walking towards each other, and before we met, I commanded her, "Take your clothes off, Xena. NOW!" And then speaking gently from my heart…"Do it, Xena…I need you to."

She didn't hesitate. I think I had followed my instincts at just the right time. She presented her naked body just inches in front of me. I felt like I could devour her chest, seeing her nipples harden by the second. I couldn't keep my eyes off her. From head to toe she was incredible. "Gods, you're gorgeous, Woman…lay down on the bed and wait for me."

Still with no argument, she did as I said. I undressed as she watched each article of clothing drop to the floor. And then I turned to retrieve a special object from our saddlebags.

I strapped on the phallus and let Xena take in my form, with my added attachment, for several seconds. It was time to remove any doubt from her mind that we shouldn't be together. I followed her eyes to their target, which happened to be a very erect phallus just waiting to stake its claim. I looked down at myself, imagining this to be the way my body really was. I stroked myself up and down, watching her mouth open slightly as her eyes revealed her hunger for me. Immediately, my erection grew and new wetness seeped from my core.

I got up on the bed beside Xena, sitting on my knees. "I was working with Aiden…and I got this image…an image that wouldn't go away. It was me…wearing this…fucking you until the only thing you could do was scream out my name. Do you think he can read my mind, Xena? Do you think he knew what I was thinking?"

"I don't know," she answered, and then licked out with my tongue over the tip of my phallus. Oh my gods. She was could diminish me into a pile of mush in seconds. "Do you think he knew?" she asked, looking up at me with those gorgeous eyes.

"I hope so," I said, lightly brushing the side of her face. "He's trying to scare me, Xena, trying to tell me that things will get so bad you won't be able to control your dark side anymore. I know my own dark side can't compare to yours, but he's wrong if he thinks I can control mine too. I don't want to control it right now."

She looked at me, answering my question. "Yes, Gabrielle…fuck me, My Love…"

"Not yet." I smiled and leaned down to kiss her. She opened her mouth and allowed me inside, and I took advantage of the permission. I kissed her with force and sucked her tongue into my mouth like I was giving her head. The tip of the phallus was brushing against her nipple. I felt my own juices streaming down onto my bended legs.

"Will you suck me, Xena?" I had never asked her to do this, and I guess never really considered it. I had done it for her, and knew how much it turned her on to see my mouth on her cock. I was about to find out why.

She reached and pulled me on top of her, her arms laying over each of my thighs as I straddled her chest. I looked down to see the length of the phallus lying between her breasts, almost reaching her mouth. She smiled at me and took her breasts in her hands, pushing them together so that my erection could thrust forward touching not only her mouth, but her beautiful breasts. I was immediately turned on even more, and started thrusting forward as my vagina slid along the soft skin just below her breasts.

She made sure I could feel the resistance against my clit with every thrust, and I soon was lost in the moment. I leaned back and rested my hands on her thighs, and jutted forward harder. I could feel my heart pounding beneath my flesh.

I didn't want to feel inhibited or shy. I wanted to enjoy this, and I definitely wanted Xena to be turned on by it. I looked down to see her mouth over the end of the phallus, her eyes never leaving mine. Even though I was the one moving, I felt that she was the one making love to me. I didn't hold back my moans as let go for a few moments and just enjoyed the sensation. Imagining her mouth over my flesh was enough to bring me over, but I stopped before getting too close. "I don't want to come like this…not now."

She smiled up at me and bent her long legs, letting my body relax against them as I took in the beauty of her face.

"What is Aiden putting you through, Baby?"

She just looked at me with no verbal answer. It was like she wanted to tell me, but right here, right now, we wanted each other and our bond was stronger than ever. I could tell that it was going to be okay, and we would definitely talk about it later. But for now…

"Love me, Gabrielle," she finally said.

"I'm going to," I said, smiling into her eyes as I removed myself from her body momentarily.

I knelt between her legs, and pushed them upwards. "Grab your knees."

She did so right away, and I couldn't keep my eyes off her drenched center. "Gods, that's gorgeous," I said on my rapid descent to her core, not holding anything back as I licked her luscious pussy and sucked her into my mouth. I left my mouth loose and ran it all along her slit, moving my head and just relishing the feeling of her velvety soft cunt coating my mouth with the delicacy of her wetness.

"Gabrielle," she panted, starting to take on that irritated sound in her voice when I didn't give her what she wanted after awhile.

"Something you wanted, Xena? Sorry…I got lost for a moment." I had a smile stretched from ear to ear, and then laid my body on top of her so that our mouths could meet and let her experience her taste on my lips. "Delicious, aren't you?" I could feel the length of the phallus between us.

"Mmm…yeah…aren't you planning on fucking me?" Like I could forget. I couldn't hold back a slight giggle. She was so direct at times.

"I certainly am," I said, and pulled my hips back just enough to slide into her…both of us closing our eyes when our bodies joined. It felt so good to be inside her. That first journey into her depths was always my favorite.

"Oh yeah…I like this…" I wrapped my arms around her bent legs, feeling her hands find their place in my hair and on my shoulders. I fucked her in quick strokes, my own clit begging for more with each thrust. I finally laid my head against her breasts and continued my movements, my tongue finding its way to her enflamed nipples.

"Gods, Xena, I can't hold back…" Just picturing her mouth on me, and then me being inside her cunt and feeling her walls clench tighter and tighter around me as I moved inside her was overtaking the growing sensation of desire between my own legs. I knew that she wouldn't mind if I reached orgasm first, because it turned either of us on even more to watch the other one come. She was getting a good show--that was for sure.

I felt like I exploded inside her, and continued to fuck her as I came with such force. I collapsed on her chest while still inside her, closing my eyes and just regaining my senses. I looked up at her, feeling slightly embarrassed. "I…uh…I got carried away,"

"And it was beautiful. I like it when you get carried away."

"So do I…but it isn't exactly what I promised you, is it?"

She grinned, raising her eyebrow. "You're not finished, are you?"

Through squinted eyes, I looked at her gorgeous face. "Hell no…not even close," and I kissed her again, letting her know I loved her more than anything in the world.

I pulled out of her and leaned back on my knees. I had a thought earlier of how I'd like to get even closer to her. "Straighten your legs out…" I took a couple of minutes to massage her legs. I wanted her body to be totally relaxed and comfortable.

I knelt between her legs again, and pulled one of her legs straight up against my chest and then over my shoulder. I lifted her ass and buried my knee slightly under her, supporting her weight and making sure she could just lie back and enjoy the ride

"Yes, this will do nicely," I whispered. Her pussy was perfectly aligned with my erection and I knew I could make her feel total pleasure when I went inside her again from this position. "I want to touch you first…just for a minute, Xena…"

I wanted to feel all her wetness on my fingers, and I rubbed my hand through her center, letting two of my fingers go inside her. Her clit was very swollen, and I decided I wouldn't ignore it while I made love to her. How could I? I loved it when she was hard.

"Very nice," I rasped, leaning back once more only to move forward and a little upward as I intruded her vagina once again. I held onto her right leg, kissing it and biting her skin as I moved back and forth inside her. I moved her left leg a little further to the side so that I could have perfect access to her clit. "I want to touch you everywhere, Baby…all of you…"

She didn't say anything, but I watched her eyes slowly close shut and her mouth slowly came open as I thrust inside her slow and hard. With my left hand, I held her hardened clit between my fingers and then brushed my thumb over the sensitive skin covering her own erection. In a matter of seconds it seemed she was already climbing toward an incredible orgasm. I watched as her chest heaved and flushed red as the sensation was taking her over. "Gods, yes, Gabrielle…"

She bucked wildly against me, and I never stopped my pace. After her movements calmed somewhat, I never left her center, and couldn't resist starting to pump inside her again. I held her leg firmly against my chest, my nipples brushing against her flesh. It seemed that every part of my body was on fire with want. We made love with a determination, and it was very passionate. I tried to move my hips to accommodate her need, giving her incredible sensations throughout her entire body. She came again, and we stayed in the same position. I continued to touch her clit and ran her wetness over her nipples occasionally, still moving back and forth. "Gods Xena…I love watching myself fuck you…you are so beautiful…" I could see the phallus coated with her wetness, seeing the effects of her desire. "Give it to me, Xena! Come on, Baby…give it to me!"

I think she must have came three or four times, each time stronger than the last. Finally she was telling me, "Gabrielle, no more…Gabrielle…Gabrielle!"

Oh gods. I hope I hadn't hurt her. I stopped my movements and leaned over her, giving her a soft kiss. "Are you okay? I just love you so much. I can't get enough…you have to believe I will never leave you…you could never do anything that would make me leave."

"I believe you," she said, the moment seeming to be frozen in time as we both felt incredible love and commitment.

I kissed her once more, and then got dressed for what would be my last training session with Aiden. I came from the bathroom and saw my beautiful Warrior still lying on the bed, looking more gorgeous and desirable than I ever remembered.

"I'll see you later, Xena," I told her softly, blowing her a kiss before I shut the door behind me. Gods, I loved that woman.

Luckily Xena was always there to save me. I had no idea what Aiden had purposed, trying to drain me of all my substance just to increase his own strength. When it ended, Aiden was dead and all he had created melted away.

"How could I have been so blind, Xena?"

We were back in the cave, and the campfire was warming us once again. Gar had returned home to his family, and for that I was very happy.

"You weren't blind, Gabrielle," she said with comfort in her voice. "Some of what Aiden said made sense…a lot of what he said made sense. It was hard for me to see what he was really wanting until it was almost too late."

Xena opened up probably more than she ever had since our relationship had begun, and told me the most beautiful things. She was so modest when it came to baring her soul. She could bare her naked body much more easily than I could, but baring her soul was another story.

"If the sun never rose again, I would never feel covered by darkness. As long as you're beside me."

"Which I will always be."

"Which you will always be," she said slowly, seeming to allow herself to believe it. I had told her hundreds of times how much I loved her and how I never wanted to be separate from her, but today, she seemed to accept it. There was a lot of peace in her acceptance, and we both felt it

"I like you beside me," she whispered in my ear, "but I like you on top of me, too."

She always made me laugh. We were lying on our warm bedrolls, and I snuggled closer to her and wrapped my arm even more tightly around her waist, feeling her bare skin soft again my arm. "How's your leg?"

"My leg is fine…but I have another gash that needs attention now."

"That was SO bad…" I smiled at her, but took the hint and slid slowly between her legs, softly and warmly kissing her lower lips. "It worked," I heard her say.

"It always does," I replied, lapping my tongue firmly up her slit.

Tonight, I wanted to just love her with my hands and mouth. I took a lot of time and gently caressed her legs, behind her knees, up the back of her thighs, and the smooth skin along her firm stomach. I followed the trail of my hands with my mouth and kissed her everywhere possible, letting her know that I was hers forever and I hoped she would always choose to have me, too.

I kissed her lower lips, running my tongue as deeply inside her as I could. I had no intention of letting her come just yet, and wanted to focus on making her body feel so good. I stretched my body forward, laying my mound directly between her legs and then let my hardened nipples rub along her stomach and ribs as I finally met her mouth for a kiss.

She squeezed her legs tightly around me, and I started moving against her. Our mouths worked so easily against each other as I continued to move against her. Our tongues met with flaming desire, and I then felt her hips begin to move beneath me. She was thrusting upward, so I decided to sit on top of her.

I straddled her hips and started moving in a circular motion. "You want to fuck me, don't you, Baby?"

"Yes…" was her reply. We could do both. I could let her have what she wanted, and I could still touch her. Not moving from her body, I reached for the saddlebag, yet again, and got our phallus and strapped it on her securely. "Do you want me inside you, Gabrielle?" she asked, almost stopping me right before I eased down onto the phallus.

"Why don't you feel for yourself?" I asked, still standing on my knees. I watched as her hand made its way to my center, streaming with my thick juices as she moved her hand between my legs.

"Oh yeah…you want it…", she said, and she guided my hips and slowly moved her cock upward as she helped me sit down on her. I threw back my head and just let her fuck me. She moved very slowly, in and out of my cunt, assuring my level of desire to increase for her with every stroke. "Gods, you feel so good sliding on my cock…"

She had me so wet, and with a tiny bit of persuasion, I would be tumbling toward ecstasy sooner than I wanted. I reached behind me, feeling the phallus and harness covering up most of the places I wanted to touch. I did say most. With a little shifting of materials, I found an easy entrance to her core, and started shoving my fingers inside her as she shoved her erection inside me. With the other end of the phallus touching her clit with every thrust, and my fingers buried deep inside her, she was feeling every bit as good as I was. She reached up and held my breasts in her hands, kneading them and rubbing my nipples as they grew harder and harder. "Can you come for me, Gabrielle?" I could tell she needed for us to come together, enhancing the level of excitement of our orgasms would offer.

"Yes, Baby…I'm ready…" I told her, and with that, we held onto each other tightly, not only filling each other's bodies, but also filling the need for that special connection we both sought. The love we had made the past couple of days had been incredible. There can't seem to be words to describe the intimate pleasure we both found, but the bonding of our souls had been the most beautiful part to me.

We held each other for a long time, sometimes touching, sometimes just kissing. I finally raised up and asked her if she thought it was wrong for us to continue to India. I was having guilty feelings about all the pain she had encountered at Aiden's estate. I had subjected her to that, and I told her I was sorry.

As usual, she made me feel much better by saying exactly the right thing. "We're alive, and we're together, and I feel closer to you than I have ever have. How could that not make us better?"

I just smiled at her, tears welling in my eyes. Sometimes I couldn't believe she loved me. The simple little girl from Potedia, determined to follow the heroic Warrior Princess no matter what the cost, and now seeing she felt the same for me. I had no regrets.

"I love you, Gabrielle," she told me. "Now go to sleep…we've got to get going in the morning."

I kissed her once more and settled in against her chest, being wrapped in her love and more security than I had ever felt before.

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