I Will Never Leave You--Xena's Scroll (Part 1)

"I will never leave you."

Gabrielle had whispered those words to me right before she had fallen asleep in the canopied bed in our bedroom at Aiden's palace. For quite some time I maintained the position I was in, hunched down over her, my hair offering a veil so the only sight I could see was of her pristine features sleeping so easily. She almost always slept well, and I know it's because her conscience was clear. My conscience on the other hand, was feeling a little more soiled than usual.

Finally, with a sigh, I swung my leg back over her, and started to rest against the bed, My butt hit a cold spot where our juices had spilled out on to the bed, and I pulled back immediately with a shiver. Gabrielle's skin was prickling with goosebumps too, and I reluctantly got up, and went to the chair near the fireplace. There was an animal fur draped over the back of it. It was a fur I didn't recognize, but I took it, and laid it out on the black and white bed, then went back to Gabrielle. She made some sort of annoyed noise when I lifted her into my arms, but settled in against me quickly when I carried her to the other bed, and laid her down on the fur. I tried to straighten up, but her arms were still around my neck, and she wouldn't let me go. I had to chuckle when I saw a smile sneaking over her features and realized she wasn't as asleep as I thought she was.

"I need my good night kiss," she whispered, her eyes never opening.

I pressed my mouth close to her ear. "Gods, girl, I've already kissed every inch of your body…can't you get enough?"

"My lips are cold," came the mumbled reply, and I understood. I gave her a long soft kiss, even as her breathing became deep and regular again. When I lifted my head, she was sound asleep again. I wanted to burrow in the warmth beside her, but had an experiment to conduct first. I pulled the fur around her so she would stay warm, and went to sit in the chair I had removed it from.

"Mind shifting matter"…"Find your inner stillness"…"Focus"…Gabrielle had spent as much time as I would let her telling me about what Aiden was trying to teach her. Those phrases seemed to be favorites of his, and I concentrated on them as I stared at my healthy thigh. A nerve twitched, and I deepened my meditation. I could feel it then, the pain returning…and before my eyes…there it was. The cut, stitches intact, slowly opened along the length of my thigh again. I stared at it in joy at what I had accomplished despite Aiden's efforts to thwart me.

Then just as rapidly, the cut disappeared.

Why would it anger me for a throbbing pain to vanish leaving smooth tingling flesh behind? I knew it had to be about will, and with a hitched breath, I had a horribly despairing thought.

If Aiden was able to will my pain from me, could he do the same from Gabrielle? And what did her pain consist of? She didn't have any injuries from the fights we had…but I had seen yesterday that she did harbor some painful things in her mind. What were they?

"Xena…come to bed." I strained my eyes in the darkness, and she was half sitting, her arms reaching out for me. I got up from the chair and went to the bed, laying down and taking her in my arms. She murmured something and relaxed again, but as I held her and stroked her smooth shoulders and back, I couldn't calm enough to sleep.

I kept thinking back to that moment on the previous day, when I saw Gabrielle's face contort with agony and the tears flow. I had cried with her, feeling she was remembering some past incident that was too tragic to bear, but now my brain was demanding over and over again that no matter what it had been, I had to be involved. Gabrielle never knew sadness until I entered her life.

She had said she would never leave me, but now I was wondering if it was really true. I have no doubt she believed her words when she stated them. But how could she be so sure? I was capable of horrible acts, only some of which she knew about, and I had reduced the most determined men in the world to sobbing like babies as I forced them to go back on statements no one else would have ever thought possible. Yes, I have no doubt, if I wanted to, I could MAKE her leave me.

Gods, what was that? I drew her tighter against me, wondering how I could be so insane as to think about proving her wrong just so I could be right. I would be driving away the only thing that ever mattered to me…the goodness to my badness…the beauty to my ugliness…the purity to my blackness. Something about this place drew away my rational thoughts, leaving behind only the thoughts I had when I had been determined to rule the world. It was if the power of this place or the man who created it was trying to erase all the good, gentle thoughts I had when I was around Gabrielle. I had to make a conscious effort to think the good thoughts, whereas before coming here, they were the thoughts constantly on my mind.

This was not good. Not good at all.

I didn't sleep at all that night, my mind too busy with thoughts that seemed to tumble one over the other as I tried to sort out what was going on. One moment, I was worried about Aiden's influence over Gabrielle, and the next moment, I was worried more about what was happening to me. It was as if a great cloak of black material was settling around me, blocking out all of the purity of Gabrielle's light from my eyes. My heart still held nothing but love for her, but now my mind and my body were starting to stray, and it terrified me.

There was sunlight filtering in the room when I nudged her. "I'm going to go to the garden and stretch my muscles," I told her. "Aiden will be calling for you before long."

She mumbled a protest, but I pressed a kiss to her lips and escaped her grasp anyway. I had to get away and work off some of this energy teeming in me.

I went outside and basically went through the same routine as yesterday…sword drills, then a focus on meditation that didn't work. This time, the dark sensations were even harder to fight, and I didn't even bother. I glanced upward at our balcony, and could just see the outline of my bard finally arising from the bed, and stretching her arms toward the ceiling. With a clank, my sword tip hit the ground as I stared.

"Xena, what are you doing?"

"I'm tying you up, Gabrielle. Surely you're smart enough to figure that out!"

"But why, Xena? You don't have to tie me up to make love to me."

I sneered. "I'm not going to make love to you, you cheating little cunt. I'm going to teach you a lesson!"

She struggled against the ropes I had secured her arms with, but it did no good as I grabbed her feet and tied them apart as well. The moment I had found this room…this little "torture dungeon" just down the hall from our room, I knew Aiden had left it for me to find. He understood me very well. He understood my evil heart very well. The rings hanging from the ceiling and attached to the floor would serve very well to restrain Gabrielle as I did what my brain was pushing me to do. Conquer…demand…rule.

She was trembling now, her eyes open wide with fright and realization. "Cheating? I'm not cheating, Xena…I'm just learn-"

"SHUT UP!" I roared, my hand backhanding hard against her luscious pink lips. She obeyed, stunned I had struck her so hard. I smiled as I saw a trickle of blood slide down over her split lip, down her chin and splashing on to her shirt.

The grin never faded as I reached into my cleavage and withdrew the breast dagger. "You'd better hold still, you slut…I like the sight of your blood."

With a few deft movements, her upper half was bared, and she unconsciously arched her back as she wiggled against her bonds. Gods, I liked it when they tried to resist me!

"Xena, what are you doing?"

Reality crashed in on me, as I heard my name, and my eyes cleared. Gabrielle was now leaning over the balcony, looking down at me. I still had my head craned upwards, but the vision I had just experienced had clouded out the sight of her. Now my head cleared, and I was only seeing her golden features glowing in the sunlight.

She had asked me a question. "Nothing, just thinking."

"Come up and have breakfast with me?"

"Okay." She smiled and nodded, and went back inside. My hand went up to my face to wipe over my sweaty brow, and I was shocked to see there was blood on it. It took a second, and realized it was coming from my nose. I hadn't struck it…where had that come from?

My heart rate had calmed when I reentered the bedroom, and she was sitting at a table, with two plates full of food. She caught my expression and asked…"You okay?"

I forced a smile, still confused. "I'm fine," I assured her. "And starved."

But I wasn't…not really. I kept my thoughts on the right track when she was right there with me, but the moment she left me to go to Aiden, they began to overtake me again. Horrible thoughts…evil thoughts…dark thoughts.

Dark was a word that had been used to describe my past a lot…and it was the best word for it. No light entered my world when I had taken the position of conqueror, my only goal to bend the world to my twisted perception. And now my world was Gabrielle, so it only made sense I would focus on bending her to my twisted perception.

I had never truly had a body slave…not in the true sense. Oh sure, there had been slaves whose only duty was to satisfy me sexually, but they were never there against their will. Some people can only get off on being dominated, and I was very careful in choosing the right person to serve me in those purposes. As for Gabrielle, she liked to be dominated…sometimes…but more often than not, she preferred a mutual loving…one in which I took as much as I gave.

But now, my brain filtered back to the room I had seen earlier. Did it really exist? Did I make it up? It didn't matter…for it would suit my purposes perfectly.

"You're hurting me!"

"I know."

There was no need to tie her up now, as my whip had broken her spirit to run. Her ass and back was covered in red welts, some of them welling blood, and I was staring hard at the pattern my whip had created. Her whole backside was covered in a myriad of "X"'s , some large some small, but all of them leaving no doubt who this little bitch belonged to. She had cried at first, then whimpered, and finally grew silent, as I had struck my lash over and over again.

I cut her down from the ropes, and threw her face down on the bed, before picking my next instruments of torture, two phalluses, one thick and one thin. She had laid on her stomach, gasping for air, but didn't resist when I lifted under her, forcing her on her hands and knees.

"You're so wet, you little cunt," I had snarled, fingering her pussy. "Your mouth might have been protesting my whip, but I do believe you enjoyed it."

"Nooo…" she struggled to get away as I plunged the thick phallus in…it was wider than she was used to, and would stretch her to capacity. I left it bulging obscenely from her lips as I moved up toward her head.

"Oh yes," I chuckled, as I abruptly thrust the thinner phallus into her mouth. "Wet it good, slut. A dry prick up your ass will hurt even worse than a wet one."

I don't know what startled me from this fantasy, but I snapped back to reality once again. I felt so dirty. My body was prickling with sensations, and my pussy was awash in juices. I ran a hand over my nipples, and they ached to be touched. Gods, what a dream!

When the vision rushed back to me, I was ashamed…deeply ashamed. I had to cleanse this arousal from me. If I didn't, I was afraid it would keep haunting me until I accomplished what I had envisioned.

I drew a bath, still shaking from the power of the vision.

Oh, this was not good. The next hallucination came when she had found me in the bath, and this time, she was right there in the room with me! How long would it be before I was acting out my darkest fantasies, taking her into my demented world? She would never leave me? Yeah, right. I would MAKE her leave me.

Speaking of leaving, she had left me to finish my bath in solitude, and it didn't take long. Gabrielle said Aiden wanted her to take a break for a few hours, and she was going to take in the gardens I had seemed to enjoy so much. She asked me to join her, but I hadn't promised her. I dressed quickly, and this time, I was looking down on her from the balcony.

"On your back, you dishonest little whore."

"Take it out, Xena, please…"

I laughed at her discomfort. "That little phallus looks so pretty crammed up your ass, Bitch. I'm going to leave it there for a very long time. Now spread those legs so I can look into your cunt. Is his cum up there?"

"Gods, Xena, no…Noooo!" Her cries of denial turned to cries of agony as I shoved my hand inside her, determined to ream her to unconsciousness.

On and on the vision continued, until I was doing things to her I had never done to anyone. My creativity knew no bounds when inspired. I wasn't drawn from the hallucination until I heard the door slam behind me.

I whirled to face her, still fighting for control, and she was standing in the doorway, with her hands on her hips, a determined look on her face. It was almost as if she knew what I was thinking.

I drew myself to my full height, determined that I had to separate us. I couldn't stay with her, knowing I would soon be acting on fantasies I could never forgive myself for. Somewhere in my addled brain, I came up with a compromise. Just a taste of it, just a taste of what I was thinking would be enough to convince her that I was only destined to bring her pain.

I strode to her with purpose, only realizing when I was halfway across the room, that she was moving the same way. "Take your clothes off, Xena. NOW!"

The spark in her eye was one I didn't recognize, and it thrilled me from the inside out. I felt a spurt of juices well from me. THIS was something I hadn't been expecting.

"Do it, Xena…I need you to."

What the hell? I quickly pulled my clothes from my body, and stood in front of her, my nipples tightening from her warm breath so close to them. She looked me up and down. "Gods, you're gorgeous, Woman…lay down on the bed and wait for me."

Once again, I blindly moved to do her bidding, finding the dark thoughts abated for now. Why was that? I laid on the canopied bed, and watched her undress, then move with purpose toward our saddlebags.

I found myself speechless as the object of my torturous fantasies strapped the harness on her body, tightening the straps until the phallus jutted from her midriff. She looked down at it and drew her hand up and down the length, responding with gusto when the nub at the end of it pressed into her clit.

"I was working with Aiden…" she purred, as she moved to the bed. She got up on her knees beside me, and by turning my head, I was looking directly at her wooden dick. "And I got this image…an image that wouldn't go away. It was me…wearing this…fucking you until the only thing you could do was scream out my name. Do you think he can read my mind, Xena? Do you think he knew what I was thinking?"

I swallowed hard. "I don't know," I answered. I licked out with my tongue over the tip of it, and my body poured out more juices onto the bed. I vaguely realized someone had changed the sheets, and knew they had to be aware of what had soaked them the night before. "Do you think he knew?"

Her hand reached out to stroke the side of my face. "I hope so," she said, her eyes boring down into mine. "He's trying to scare me, Xena, trying to tell me that things will get so bad you won't be able to control your dark side anymore. I know my own dark side can't compare to yours, but he's wrong if he thinks I can control mine too."

I tried to make sense of what she was saying, but was unable to in my present condition. All I could think about was the emptiness in my vagina, and how I wanted her to fill it, at the same time filling the hole in my heart. I realized she had no idea what I was going through, which was my fault. I should have tried to explain it, to at least let her know I was fighting it despite the frequency and intensity of my hallucinations. But now…all I could think of was…

"Yes, Gabrielle…fuck me, My Love…"

"Not yet, Xena," she smiled wickedly, and she bent to kiss me…Her soft lips grinding hard against me. I opened my mouth willingly, and let her plunge inside, her own saliva mingling with mine. She sucked on my tongue, and she purposely wiggled her hips, the tip of the phallus striking against a nipple.

She pulled back, her eyes glowing into mine. "Will you suck me, Xena?"

I couldn't answer, only reached down and pulled her up so she was straddling my chest, the length of the phallus laying in the valley between my breasts and the tip of it hovering below my chin. I matched her wicked grin with one of my own, and reached up and pressed my breasts together.

My bard was quick to catch on, and she soon began sliding up and down my ribs, as the head of the phallus entered my mouth. Rather than sucking, I grabbed it with my teeth, making sure she felt the pressure against her clit when she rammed forward. She leaned back and rested her hands on my thighs, and thrust harder.

"Yes…" came the hiss, as her movements continued. She was leaving a wet trail beneath her, which made the sliding easier, and before long, her moaning was coming in time with her thrusts. I couldn't tear my eyes from her face, watching the satisfaction fill her.

She stopped moving abruptly, and I saw her breath raggedly panting. "I don't wanna come like this," she told me, her eyes seeming to regain focus. "Not now."

I grinned like an idiot, pleased with pleasing her. Right now, here, in this bed, with Gabrielle atop me, all I could feel was a desire to bring her what she wanted. It was a great relief to me…the absence of those hurtful thoughts. I bent my legs, and she leaned back against them for a moment, just looking down into my face.

"What is Aiden putting you through?" she asked, gently.

Now was the time I could come clean…she had obviously seen the confusion in my face. I looked deeply into her eyes, seeing all the trust and love for me, and knew I could tell her what I was thinking, and she wouldn't think any worse of me…

And…I couldn't remember what I was battling. My clit was throbbing with want…my pussy was flooding with the desire to feel the phallus…and my heart was so swollen with love and desire that all I knew was my bard wanted to make love to me.

"Love me, Gabrielle," I finally said, and her expression changed again. She smiled sweetly at me, and rolled off of me.

"I'm going to."

One of the things I loved most about Gabrielle, was how sometimes, she would plan ahead how she wanted to take me. She had demonstrated it yesterday morning when waking me up, and now, she obviously had her own vision of what she wanted. She knelt between my splayed legs, and pushed them upwards. "Grab your knees."

I did so immediately, letting the breeze in the room kiss my exposed cunt. I know I was sodden with juices, and felt my pussy gape open and closed as she stared at it. "Gods, that's gorgeous," she whispered, before shoving her face forward into me.

I shuddered with the onslaught of feelings bursting from me. She was making crazy noises, slurping and licking at my swollen flesh. Her head moved back and forth as she rubbed her face into me, seemingly not having the need to breathe.

My hips moved of their own volition…trying to hump into her frantically moving mouth, but she wouldn't hold still long enough. "Gabrielle," I gasped finally, and she drew her head back, her face shiny with my juices.

"Something you wanted, Xena?" she asked, with that wicked grin firmly in place. She startled me again with her sudden movement as she threw herself against my body as her mouth came down on mine.

"Delicious, aren't you?" she asked when I grew distracted with licking my own secretions from her face.

"Mmm…yeah…aren't you planning on fucking me?"

She giggled, and it sounded like pure Elysia to me. "I certainly am," she replied, and she pulled her lower half back only enough to slip into my depths. We both offered a groan of relief as she pressed fully into me.

"Oh yeah…I like this…" She wrapped her arms around me, legs bent and all, and proceeded to move in short quick strokes, Her breath came in pants and soon, she was laying her head against my breast and fucking me for all she was worth.

My clit jerked violently as this position stretched it repeatedly, offering the most incredible stimulation without direct contact. She was gasping for air too as the quick abrupt movements set up a persistent vibration against her own clitoris which would ensure a strong, immediate sense of fulfillment. Her movements were rapidly growing more frantic.

"Gods, Xena, I can't hold back…" her voice trailed off as her lower half spasmed and she grabbed on even tighter to me as her climax overtook her. She continued to hump me, but I was concentrating on watching her experience her orgasm, rather than reaching my own. Her eyes shut as she tried to catch her breath, still resting her weight on me.

She opened them soon, and gave me a rueful smile. "I…uh…I got carried away," she told me.

"And it was beautiful," I assured her, my own breathing fairly regular. "I LIKE it when you get carried away."

"So do I," she admitted. "But it isn't exactly what I promised you, is it?"

I grinned at her. "You're not finished, are you?" I asked, with a raised eyebrow.

Her eyes narrowed at me. "Not even close," she promised, before bending down and catching my lips with hers again.

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