Dark Remnants--Xena's Scroll (Part 1)

"You were practically fucking him on the dance floor, Xena!" Gabrielle declared angrily, her eyes hurling daggers at me.

Gods, she turned me on when she had that fire in her eyes! I know her anger was very real, but I couldn't share in it. Right now, other feelings were demanding attention. Namely, my dark lust

"Gabrielle," I tried to smile as I reasoned with her, but I'm sure the grin looked forced, as it only seemed to infuriate her further. "Gabrielle…Sweetheart…I was just getting his attention. I wouldn't have let it get that far."

She was still shaking her head. "I don't think so, Xena…Sweetheart," she replied through clenched teeth, mocking my own words. "I saw the looks you were giving him; the way you rubbed your cunt against him…I recognized the technique. Sweet Hera, Xena, I could even smell you from where I was!"

I crossed my arms and glared at her. "From where you were…" I repeated slowly. "You mean from where you had your arms and legs wrapped around Virgil's firm young body?" Two could play this game.

"Yes, as a matter of fact," she replied smugly. "And I believe it was at your insistence that I do so. As I recall, you told me to make it look as good as I could, under the circumstances."

She sure had a good memory! That's exactly the way I had put it!

She put her hands on her hips, and stood there fuming at me. I returned the stare, and we were speechless for a minute. The she finally spoke. "The portal to Hell is closed, Xena, and for a while, I felt my heart returning to normal. But now…I'm not so sure. I never stopped feeling love for you; but I don't think I've ever felt such anger toward you. I wouldn't have minded it if you had just flirted with Lucifer. You have flirted with plenty of people before as part of a plan. But there was a lot more than flirting going on with him. You were dripping for him, and if Michael and Raphael hadn't interrupted when they did…"

"What?" I growled before I could stop myself.

"I'm sure you would be able to describe in detail what his cock looked like!" she retorted angrily.

I felt a flash of heat between my thighs. I had seen her jealous before, but never like this. What she was saying wasn't exactly true, but I could tell she believed her own words. And that belief reddened her cheeks and made her chest heave at me. Gods, she was gorgeous!

I took a step toward her, but she stepped back quickly, one of her hands rising in protest.

"Stay away from me, Xena," she said softly.

I stopped in midstep. "Huh?"

"I said stay away from me. I'm not in the mood for you right now." Her green eyes flashed with determination.

It took a minute for her words to penetrate the fog that was surrounding me. "You're serious," I finally said.

"Yes," she replied. Her voice definitely sounded definite.

I narrowed my eyes at her. "How long do you intend to keep this up?"

She shrugged, then gave me an infuriating grin. "I don't know," she answered. "It will be some time before I will feel I can trust you to remain faithful. Good night, Xena."

I watched in amazement and anger as she walked into a bedroom she had obviously already gotten ready for herself. She shut the door pointedly, and I heard the sound of the door being locked. We both knew it wouldn't keep me out if I really wanted in. But it was the principle of the thing. I knew exactly what she was doing. She was challenging me, pitting my will power against her resistance.

I headed back to my own bedroom which was on the bottom floor.. With a petulant scowl, I thought of how it was supposed to be "our bedroom". So much for that!

I sat down on the bed with a sigh. I don't know how things had managed to get so out of hand. The dark shadows that had clouded my thoughts had finally been lifted like a curtain from my heart. I had fought to maintain a semblance of my identity, just enough that I could escape my commitment of ruling in Hell, but even now, with the threat gone, I still felt the evil influence..

Yeah, that was the mess I had gotten myself into. I have many skills, and taking command is one of them. However, this was a command I was definitely not interested in obtaining.

It really was wrong how I got caught up in the trap. I had basically saved the world, I can modestly say. With Gabrielle and my daughter Eve's help, I had killed Mephistopheles and kept Hell's gates from opening wide enough to spill him into the real world. But there was a catch, of course. Whoever killed Mephistopheles was destined to take his place as Supreme Commander of Hell.

It had to be Mephistopheles himself that came up with this one. Either that, or Michael's God must have determined only someone more cunning and wicked than Mephistopheles could dethrone him. I don't exactly think I qualified as that, but I was certainly able to take care of him.

And I had absolutely no intention of ruling Hell. But it wasn't just a matter of telling Michael I was turning the job down. It was at a loss until Lucifer showed up.

Lucifer was yet another archangel; one I hadn't met before. I noticed right away that there was something different about him. He had an aloof quality, similar to Michael's, only there was more to it than that. He held his head aloft and slowly scanned up and down my body. He made it obvious that he liked what he saw, and I suddenly had my line of attack.

I hadn't counted on the evil effects of Hell creeping up into the world though. Until a ruler took Mephistopheles' place in the bowels of the earth, the portal would remain open, and demonic bloodlusts were constantly radiating from the crack in my Mom's backyard. I was constantly feeling the effects, and they were growing stronger. It was evident that I wasn't the only one feeling differently. The only person who seemingly wasn't affected was Eve.

Chaos was breaking out all around us. People would argue and break into fights over stupid things. Violence and crime were running rampant. Just walking down the street, one would see fistfights, duels, and couples rolling around like the proverbial crazed weasels. No one had been seriously hurt yet, as Amphipolis wasn't known for producing fighters, with the exception of me. I suspected it was just a matter of time. With each hour it seemed, I felt the urges in my own body grow stronger.

It took some time for me to figure out what was happening, as I was having trouble concentrating, but it seemed to me that whatever people secretly lusted after most were being amplified over and over again until it took over their general demeanor. I suppose because I have enough violence in my life, that the urge to fight wasn't what was growing in me. It was the lust for dominination of those around me that was building rapidly. The more I seduced Lucifer with talks of ruling with him, the more the idea actually appealed to me.

So Gabrielle had been partially right when she accused me of wanting to fuck Lucifer. He had rubbed up against me enough for me to know that he had a semi-erection most of the time. It would take very little coaxing for me to have him saluting me at his full attention.

But despite the lust palpitating in me, I was managing to resist him thus far. Yes, I kissed him a few times, but it was all for the cause, and I was doing my damndest not to allow it to go any farther. Gabrielle didn't have any proof of that, though, and she was suffering from her own dark urges as well. It definitely brought out the jealous side in my bard. She had been after me the moment I expressed the slightest interest in Lucifer.

I had found her jealously amusing when I was under the spell, but now that I was freed, I had expected Gabrielle's jealousy to go away as well. When it didn't, I must admit I was caught somewhat off-guard.

Now I was sitting alone at the edge of the huge canopied bed, wondering what my next move should be.

I pulled off my body armor, and stretched out on the bed as my mind worked. I think I know what Gabrielle expected me to do. Now that Lucifer and his kingdom was once again trapped deep within the earth, I know Gabrielle was probably thinking my primal instincts had calmed, and I would come to her on bended knee, begging for forgiveness. She loved it when I would do that, and would stroke my lowered head, telling her she forgave me.

It wasn't that I was embarrassed or uncomfortable to take that route this time. Nor was I opposed to resorting to it, if some of my other plans didn't work. But despite the fact that the black growth had disappeared from my heart, it had left its legacy within me. I absently ran a hand up my inner thigh and over the crotch of my breeches. I was soaked, as I had been ever since Lucifer had made his first appearance. I closed my eyes, and images danced in the darkness, images of Gabrielle on her knees, begging for forgiveness. Why did I always fantasize about her ass and back being stripped from the lash of my whip? I had never whipped her when I dominated her, and I don't think I ever would. I've done it many times in my sordid past, whipping some of my conquests till the blood flowed. Gods, I could remember coating my body in it, licking at the raw wounds as I fucked the victim senseless. I mentally shook my head and consciously forced the vision of a whip ravaged bard from my head. I would always spare her that pain.

Immediately, other visions began to appear. A slow smile eased across my features. Yes, there were many ways I could get the kind of response my enflamed body was demanding. Less physically marking ways, but still just as effective. I continued to stroke my arousal as I schemed. I wasn't going to bring myself off, just tease myself until it was time to act.

I didn't sleep that much that night. Among several other reasons was the sheer fact that I missed my Gabrielle. It was hard enough when we had to leave the other while on the road, but another matter entirely knowing she was in the same structure I was, but wasn't sharing my bed.

I got up with the sun the next morning, and had ridden off on Argo long before Gabrielle would awaken. I had a couple of items to locate, and although I could probably find them in Amphipolis, I went to the next town to buy them. The Amphipolitans made it their policy to be nosey with me, and I didn't want them to know what I was buying. And more importantly, traveling to the next town would take me the better part of the day. I was rather hoping Gabrielle might wonder where I had disappeared to and how long I would be gone and what I was doing. I thought it would be good for her to worry.

The sun had gone down by the time I returned to my mother's inn. The wind had picked up and the night air was cold, and I could see the warm glow from the dining room. As I got closer, I could hear raucous laughter. I peeked in a window, and sure enough, three was my bard entertaining the crowd with one of her tales. One thing for sure, she didn't seem to be worried in the least about my absence.

I watched from the outside for a couple minutes, being careful to stay out of sight. Actually, finding Gabrielle barding was perfect. She would be there for some time, as storytelling was her favorite activity. Well…one of her favorite activities…

Stealthily, I made my way to the back of the inn, and leapt up to the windowsill of Gabrielle's room. Mom didn't put locks on her windows, and within seconds, I was inside the room. I rubbed my hands together to bring some warmth into them as I checked out the setup of the room.

It took me a few minutes to get things the way I wanted them. Then I had to sneak across the hall so I could sabotage Eve's room. We had managed to clean up a couple of the rooms in the inn, and Eve had stayed in one last night, while Gabrielle had occupied the other. The master suite, which was the one I had, was downstairs, and we had cleaned it up first.

Eve's door was open, and after I entered, I took no time to shove the cracked window frame the rest of the way loose, and I grabbed the window and hid it down the hall a few doors. Eve had stuffed some towels in the cracks to fight the cold air, but there was no way she could fix the huge hole in the wall this night.

I laid out the piece of parchment I had readied while in Gabrielle's room:

Dear Eve,

I noticed your room had quite a draft. I'll get that fixed tomorrow.

For tonight, just sleep in my room with me. I don't really want Gabrielle to know I'm here, but could use your company.


I had lied in the note, but I thought Eve would forgive me. In my own room, I had left another note telling her I wanted some time alone with Gabrielle, to make things up to her, and that I was sorry I had deceived her. I was afraid she would try to bunk with Gabrielle if I hadn't urged her otherwise. I already had the feeling my perceptive daughter suspected the true nature of my relationship with Gabrielle. She knew we were soul mates, but we had kept our sexual relationship private around her. And even if she did know Gabrielle and I shared more than just our souls, there was know way I would want my daughter to know what was going to transpire that night. Some things, I don't think she could ever accept.

I crept to the top of the steps, to see if the crowd had thinned any. Thankfully, it had, and the lamps were burning down low, signaling the night was almost over. Gabrielle was nearing the end of her tale of Cecrops, so I crept back to her bedroom.

I focused on the sounds of the people leaving the inn. They were all complimentary to Gabrielle's storytelling, and it took a while. I realized with a snicker that I was lightly stroking over my cunt again. It was throbbing strongly, but either I was growing used to it, or my body was tempering itself, knowing it was going to be a while before I allowed it release, as the need wasn't quite overwhelming yet. Still, my breeches were sodden…and cold.

Finally, I heard footsteps on the stairs, and knew the time was there. I heard Gabrielle and Eve talking about the cold draft in the hallway. It was only a moment before they were discussing the note. I heard Eve laughingly suggest Gabrielle share my bed rather than her, and heard Gabrielle's indignant reply. She was still angry with me, apparently. I grinned in the dark. Good…I wanted her mad.

I heard Gabrielle and Eve wish each other a good night, and then Eve padding down the hall to the stairs. Gabrielle entered her room. The missing window in the other room had lowered the temperature considerably in this one as well. I saw Gabrielle pull the door shut and walk directly across the room to add more wood to the waning fire. The glow the fire provided the only light in the room. I was standing in the shadows of the far corner my body rigidly still. I watched Gabrielle wrap her arms around herself, as she continued to stand in front of the fireplace. I was a little surprised to hear her give a long sigh, and then she was turning toward the dresser. She retrieved the shallow basin on it, then poured a bit of water in it from the pitcher near the fireplace.

She washed her face and hands quickly, then pulled her sais from her boots. Laying on the bedside table within easy reach, as I had taught her, she pulled back the covers.

I heard her breath catch in her throat as the items I had laid out made their appearance known to her. She took a step back, and I was out of my hiding place, grabbing her from behind. One hand went up to cover her mouth, the other wrapping around her arms and upper body.

I felt her struggle mightily, and let her head move just enough to see it was me. She relaxed then, and stared at me puzzled.

I grinned savagely, giving her an inkling of what was going on. "Hello, Gabrielle," I snarled in her ear. "I've been waiting for you for a long time."

Slowly, I released her mouth, my eyes warning her to watch her tone. I didn't release my other arm around her body though, and all she could see of me was my face, which was peering over her shoulder at her. "Xena, what are you doing?" she asked, sounding frightened.

I narrowed my eyes at her. "What am I doing?" I echoed. "You seem to have in your head that I fucked Lucifer. And even more, you seem to be under the impression that you can just cut me off anytime you feel like it. You even seem to find it amusing."

"No, Xena," she protested, and I saw the first look of unease in the green depths of her eyes. Any anger that she was feeling was fading fast, now being replaced by a feeling of regret as to what she might have brought out in me.

I tightened the grip of my fingers digging into her arm. "Are you arguing with me on top of everything else?" I asked, my voice full of amazement.

For a second, the only sound in the room was of her labored breathing. I could have sworn I could have heard her brain racing for the proper response. I know she was totally confused as to my motives. But for now, that's the way I wanted her.

I pulled back my head, so she couldn't see me anymore. I was fighting back a triumphant grin and didn't want her to be aware of it if it forced it's way through. "Well?" I barked at her. "Are you arguing with me?"

"N-no Xena!"

I snorted. "I didn't think so." I gave her a slight push toward the bed, and reached for one of the leather cuffs laying there. I easily snapped it around her right wrist. One more step and the front of her knees were touching the bed. I released her and gave her another push. "Keep those eyes staring straight down at the bed," I told her. She didn't move a muscle as I crossed to the other side, and reached for the arm with the cuff. In a moment, the cuff was attached to the chain I had already installed on the headboard.

I crossed the room again, and lifted her head so it was pointing toward her cuffed hand, away from me. She was being very quiet. I lifted her other arm, and attached the second cuff, then chained it to the headboard.

I leaned in and whispered in her uncovered ear, "Comfy?"

She didn't answer. I reached down and brushed over her ear and cheek with the back of my hand. "Are you comfortable?" I asked her again, still gently.

"Yes, Xena" she answered softly, and I heard her suck in her breath and saw her cringe slightly. Suddenly, I realized why she acted that way. She was totally taken by surprise by my dominating appearance, usually she had at least some indication the mistress in me was ready to attack. She wasn't sure if she should be calling me "Mistress" as I demanded she sometimes do.

I stroked her cheek again. "Don't get too comfortable," I told her. "I don't want you falling asleep on me."

"Never," she whispered back, and again there was the hitch in her breath.

Slowly, I stroked my hand over her shoulder, down her back, and over the sweet swell of her ass. I felt her buttocks clench under my touch, but I continued on, down the back of her thighs and calves, and then I had a hand on her foot. I lifted, and slid her boot free. Then, before letting her foot rest again, I slid one of the newly purchased cuffs around the ankle, and fastened it in place, to one of the bedposts. I heard her gasp as I slid her leg way to the right as I did so. I repeated the action on her other foot, spreading that leg to the left. Her thighs were splayed open, and I stood and surveyed my handiwork. "Gods, Gabrielle," I moaned to her. "You look like a feast all laid out for me to devour."

I saw her shiver then, and didn't know if it was from the chill in the air, or something else. She was still fully dressed, save her boots, and the scent of our desire was filling the room, intoxicating my senses.

"Xena?" I heard her tentative voice, and it shook me out of my reverie.

"Yes?" I drawled out the word, and saw her shiver again. This time, I knew it wasn't from the cold.

"Are you angry with me?" she asked.

A smile graced my features from the tone in her voice. It was a natural question, given the circumstances.

"Do I have a reason to be?" I asked her.

I heard her sigh out her frustration. It drove her crazy when I answered her questions with more questions. That's why I was doing it.

I saw her shoulders draw up slightly. "You might," she finally said.

I glanced down at my hands, seeing my fingers were curled into talons. I was itching to make contact with her. I was still at the foot of the bed, so I reached for the closest body part, a leg.

"Mmm," she purred in the back of her throat when I began to massage her ankle and calf. Even tied out like she was, she responded to me sensually.

I climbed on the bed between her stretched thighss, and massaged the other calf and lower thigh, hearing another rumble of pleasure from her.

"I'm not angry with you," I told her as I began to stroke a little higher. "I was a little hurt at first, and then I stopped and listened to my heart. I realized the evilness was gone, but the need was still there."

I could see her nodding, despite her position. "That's exactly it!" she exclaimed, as if she had just now realized it.

I leaned up on my arms, and pressed my cheek against hers. Her skin was so baby soft. "What are you longing for?" I whispered softly.

Her face subtly pushed upward to me. "I'm not sure," she finally whispered. "But after seeing you in that outfit at the party, all I can think of is you dressing that way for me."

I felt a warmth sweep through my body. My bard had claimed to be an oracle on more than one occasion, and this time, I realized it was true. I lifted myself off her and the bed, and slowly circled it. She responded the moment I came into her field of vision. I heard a deep moan.

I stood tall before her, my hands on my hips, looking down at her. When I had worn this outfit before, I had felt every eye at the party upon me, most of all, my little bard's. Gabrielle swallowed visibly as eyes slowly moved up and down my body.

I glanced down at my own garb, once again becoming aware of the power of this outfit. The long sleeved, body covering robe was made of a sheer black material that did nothing to hide what was underneath, the black bustier and the single black glove. I locked eyes with her, as I slowly pulled the cloak from my body, leaving my breasts thrust upward and my lace covered crotch inches from her. Then I wrenched my eyes from her, and slowly drew my gloved hand down my chest, through my cleavage, and down lower to sweep between my legs. My thighs quivered at my body's response, but I forced myself to lock eyes with her again. "I dressed like this for you at the party…only you," I admitted. "and I'm dressed like this tonight for you again. Now what do you want me to do with you?"

Her eyes never wavered. "I want you to ravish me," she answered, her eyes glowing deeply into mine.

Gods, her choice of words often affected me, and "ravish" was one of the greatest ever! She could have used "rape", "dominate" or some other more abrupt word, but she chose the word "ravish" for a reason. It brought up images of pirates taking a young woman as a sexual hostage and army captains stealing a young woman away from a village and robbing her of her chastity. Been there, done that. And looking down at my golden-haired love tied spread eagled to a bed with that "fuck me" expression in her eyes, I was going to be there and do that again.

I felt my eyelids grow heavy as I knelt beside the bed, within a hairsbreadth of her beautiful face. He sweet breath was raggedly blowing into my face, and I hope she didn't notice the way my gloved hand trembled with I reached for her. I touched her under he chin, and lifted her head, eyeing her with a critical look. "Do you remember our safe word?" I asked her, letting her know I wanted to continue.

"I remember," she whispered back, before swallowing hard. She was aware of the power of the safe word, "Illusia"…once she spoke it, all we were working toward would end then and there. But it gave her the security of knowing that the real me was always one word away..

I nodded, and then the feral expression was back. "You are gorgeous, Little One. Are you afraid of me?"

I saw her eyes widen as she took in my speech and mannerisms, and I'm sure she realized what game was afoot. "Yes, I am," she whispered. I don't know if she was doing it on purpose, but her voice really sounded like a scared little girl.

Winding my fingers through her hair, I suddenly pulled her head toward me. She whimpered at the strain I was putting on her. "You should be," I told her, letting her see the hunger in my eyes.

I pressed my head forward, and let the hand in her hair push her head toward me. My mouth closed over hers, and I sucked her lips between mine. I nibbled on them, and licked over and over again, and then pressed my tongue between her lips. For a moment, she hesitated, and then I felt her lips part softly. I delved inside immediately, stroking and tasting her oral cavity.

Her eyes had fluttered closed, and I could see she had relaxed some under my gentle touch. I'd have to do something about that. I reached down and grabbed a big handful of her butt, squeezing hard. She squirmed under that, and when I released her only long enough to slide unde her skirt, she squirmed some more. My moth was still attached to hers, but I managed a smile. I finally drew back my head.

I lifted the bottom of her skirt up, and just appreciated the view for a moment. She was wearing white panties, and in the position she was in, they had bunched up tight beneath her. As a result, they molded tightly against her ass, showing me all of its finer points.

"Such a beautiful butt…" I clucked my tongue, and grabbed it again, this time with both hands. I kneaded her flesh as one would handle bread dough, but her firm flesh was far less yielding. And far more appetizing.

She was lifting her hips slightly from the bed, and I snaked one of her hands underneath her.

My hand was now cupping her mound, and if she let her hips fall back, she would be resting fully on my hand. In the awkward position she was in, she wouldn't be able to keep her hips raised for long. I gave the right globe of her ass a sharp pinch, and she fell right into my trap. The moment I felt my finger nestle intimately in the cleft of her cunt, I pounced on her, lowering myself across her back so she couldn't escape me.

I slowly pulled my finger up the length of her slit, feeling her quiver at the touch of the silky glove on the silky cloth of her underwear. "Are you still afraid?" I chuckled.

"Yes," I heard her squeak.

"You are? Your pussy doesn't seem to be afraid. It's warm and wet."

I heard her whine something. "What was that?" I asked, pressing harder into her sopping cunt.

"Nothing," she whispered back.

That wouldn't do at all. I probed quickly, and my thumb and forefinger closed in on her elusive little clit. I gave it a sharp pinch, similar to the one I had given her ass. She yelped and wiggled as much as she could, considering her bound position. "Now, we can do this two ways," I said slowly, "When I ask you a question, you can give me an honest and immediate answer, and I'll respond accordingly. If , however, you don't answer me honestly and immediately, I'm going to punish you. Did you know punishment by extreme pleasure can be more devastating than punishment through pain?"

"No, I didn't," she answered quickly.

"Oh yes, believe me. If I am so inclined, I could tease and torment that beautiful little body of yours until you were begging me to put you out of your misery."


"Easily," I told her casually. "Now, tell me what you said."

"I said, I couldn't help it," she repeated. I had heard her the first time, but wanted to see her reaction to my threats.

"Couldn't help what?" I repeated, once again knowing the answer, but wanting to see her respond.

The one cheek I could see had darkened in a charming blush. "I couldn't help the way my body responds to you," she answered.

I shook my head solemnly at her. "I know you can't," I answered. "But by the end of the night it won't be just this (I pressed hard in to her sex), crying out for me. It will be this too." I abruptly removed my hand from beneath her, and hooked two fingers into her slightly opened mouth. I had been grasping her through her panties, but enough of her secretions have soaked through to saturate my glove. She was tasting herself. "Whatta ya think?" I asked her. "You think you'll be crying our for more by the end of the night?"

She vehemently shook her head. "No!"

I felt my eyes light with pleasure. "A challenge!" I told her. "I love a challenge." I pressed my fingers more fully into her mouth. "Suck…" I told her.

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