Dark Remnants--Xena's Scroll (Conclusion)

I saw her pause for just a second, and then the color in her cheek returned as he mouth closed on my digits. I had to regroup. I know it was Gabrielle laying there facedown on the bed, but somehow, we had moved back in time. Gabrielle was acting so frightened, so naïve, and so convincingly, I felt as if I was truly on the verge of what she asked for, my ravishing her.

"That's enough," I snapped, pulling my hand free. I watched in amusement as her eyes flew open.

"Don't you think you're being selfish?" I asked her. "Maybe I want a taste too."

She looked at me helplessly, obviously not knowing what to say. I just chuckled, and slid my body back down the bed.

I smirked when I noticed Gabrielle was wiggling her upper half against the bed, seeking some contact on her nipples. I smirked even more when I realized I was doing the same thing on the trek down her body. We'd already been together for twenty minutes, and I'll be damned it the only items of clothing gone were my robe and her boots and my desire for flesh on flesh was overwhelming..

Once my body had left hers, I peered upward at the crotch of her underwear. Her panties were a dazzling white, but I could see it wasn't just the shadows that had darkened the material pressed into her core. It was her juices that had soaked through.

I pushed my nose closer, and for a moment, just inhaled her pure, clean scent. Gods, she made me so hot when she was this aroused! I grinned and reached for one of her sais. She must have known what I was doing, and I heard her make a little noise in her throat. I reached forward, and with a couple of snaps of my wrists, her underwear was no more.

"Gods, you smell delicious," I told her, not bothering to disguise the huskiness in my voice. I considered the position of her body, then reached down and unfastened the ankle cuffs. It took a second, and then she drew her legs closer together. I sensed she was going to try to close them all the way, but my body as I sat on bended knees between hers prevented it.

With a quick movement, I rolled over on my back, and put an arm around each thigh. It was easy enough to lift and slide my body up a bit. I was now looking at her glistening cunt, hovering just a tongue's reach above me.

"I'm going to eat out your sweet little pussy, Girl," I snarled. "I'm going to lick and suck and chew on it until I've had my fill. And I'm very hungry. Do you understand?"

"Yes." I heard her voice from a league away, it seemed. All I could concentrate was on the sight of her hardened knob and meaty lips pulsing above me. She was so swollen, her labia looked as if it was glued together, but I knew one lick of my tongue would change that.

A wave of arousal in my own cunt swept through me just then, as I saw a fat drop of her moisture form at the top of her slit. It shimmered and swelled, hanging there for long seconds. I stretched out my tongue, and watched as the drop finally left her, and landed squarely on my tongue.

Gods, it was sweeter than ambrosia, and with a growl, I pulled her down onto my face. I was insane with want, and immediately began to lick wildly at her.

I heard her utter a shrill scream above me, probably caused by the suddenness of my movements. I carefully lowered her knees to rest on either side of my head, and then reached up over the top of her, my hands gripping her ass again. No matter how much she struggled, she wouldn't be able to get away.

I licked hard, swallowing down her copious moisture as I studiously avoided her clit. The loud noises my mouth made had to be reaching her ears, and I heard her groans answering me in unison. My tongue plunged deep into her vagina, and I let my nose press hard against her clit, giving her some pressure but not the kind that would bring her over.

She was pumping out lubrication like a fountain, but the throbbing between my own thighs which had been constant for so long, suddenly began to escalate. I was surrounded by the warm welcome of my love, but it was suddenly imperative that I take care of my own needs, one way or the other.

I continued to stroke her with my tongue, much more languidly now, and I felt the presence of her sai handle pressing against my naked upper arm. I was feeling so wicked tonight, and the moment I thought of it, there was no going back.

I heard her muffled protest as I released her suddenly, and withdrew my touch from hers. I chuckled, as I stood, and moved to the chair near the fireplace. I pulled it until it was beside the bed directly in her line of sight.

After I drew my tongue slowly over my chin, savoring the remains of her juices, I bared my teeth at her. "What's the matter, Little Girl?"

She clamped her mouth shut, and I chuckled at her. She was about to protest my going back on my promise to eat her alive, but thought better. "I'm surprised, that's all," she finally said, remembering my threat that she had better answer me.

"Surprised and disappointed?" I asked.


I nodded approvingly at her honesty. "There are more pressing matters," I told her. "I'm going to turn you over now. You'd better not try to get away."

"I won't." She watched me with huge eyes as I did as I promised, and then I heard her whimper of disappointment as I once again chained her legs wide open. I could see a spot on the sheets beneath her as her fluids continued to bubble out of her. My eyes lit up at that, but I didn't stop it from unfastening her shirt and removing it, then untying her skirt and sliding it from beneath her. She was now totally naked for my probing eyes.

"Beautiful," I clucked, "but I think you're missing some jewelry."

I heard her audible response as I reached for the chain I had hidden beneath the bed. I held it up for her perusal. Almost imperceptibly, I saw her nipples crinkle up as she remembered the clips I had placed on her before. But that chain had been silver, and this one was gold…and it had one other startling difference.

I didn't give her a chance to think about the chain too much, as I dove onto the bed beside her, and sucked the nearest nipple in, pulling as strongly with my mouth as I could. Her body jerked upward toward me, but I denied her any contact except my mouth and fingers on her breast. My other hand found her other nipple, and I grasped it firmly, pinching and twisting at it. She knew what I was doing, causing the blood to rush to those little peaks and making them swell, to better receive the clips.

I growled into her sweet flesh, and humped my enflamed pussy against the side of the mattress…it's demanding need seeming to take over my action. Gods, I had to relieve it soon, or I would do something regretful! When I thought her nipples were hardened enough, I clipped on the first clamp.

"Yes," I heard her hiss as the teeth of the clip sunk in, and her nipple was trapped in its hold. These clips were far less tight than the other chain, and any movement she gave would cause an itchy sensation to burst from them. The other clip was in place now, and I drew back, pulling the chain to its full length down her body.

"By the gods," I heard her epithet as her eyes took in the chain, with its one remaining clip. Her eyes dashed upward to meet mine, and I saw a host of emotions running through her face, above all lust.

"Yes, Little One. Are you ready for it?"

I saw her swallow hard as her eyes closed, but she didn't protest. This clamp was smooth, it didn't have any teeth, and it was far looser than the other, but she would be well aware of its presence. I reached down and gave her clit a gentle pinch, watching it slither from beneath its fleshy protection. Then I applied the final clamp.

"Ungh!" I heard her grunt out and her hips lifted from the bed again, as the little clip did its work. Her hips hunched the air furiously for a few seconds, and I knew from experience that this would only make the sensations intensify. I felt saliva form in my mouth, as I took in the look of my bard, arms, legs, nipples, and clit encased in chains. I had never desired a captive so much.

She caught on quickly that her movements made her desire worse, and she calmed her movements against the bed. Her breath was ragged, but gradually, she opened her eyes and looked up at me. The pleading in her eyes was nearly my undoing. Her mouth worked as if she was going to speak, but she said nothing.

"Do you have any clue how much you turn me on?" I asked her then, my voice sounding surprisingly weak to my own ears.

I had to strain to hear her whispered, "show me," but I heard it. I felt a trickle of juices run down my thigh, and I nodded.

"I will."

Once again, I ran my hand down my body, and then I reached for the tie on my hip. The crotch of the outfit I wore fell free, and I sucked in my breath as the cold air hit my heated flesh. But I wasn't done yet, and I reached inside the bustier, and lifted one breast, then the other, so they were laying on display above the stiff material. My own nipples were swollen and darkened, and I drew a nail of my uncovered hand over one of them. I left goosebumps in my own wake.

"Gods, girl, you have no idea what you do to me," I groaned, as my body tremored. Once again, I had a myriad of options before me, but I couldn't take my mind off what I had thought of earlier. I leaned over her and did two things. I pulled the chain connecting her breasts up and crooned, "Open wide." Her mouth immediately obeyed, and I place the chain between her teeth. "You'll know what to do," I told her. "And I guess it goes without saying you'd better not let go of that chain"

Before releasing the chain, I gave a slight tug, and there was no way she wouldn't know what to do. Her cheeks flushed dark, but she was watching my every move. I grinned at her and sat down in the chair.

"Look at my pussy, Little Girl," I told her, as I lifted my thighs over the arms of the chair, and rested my feet on the bed. There was really no need to say that, her eyes were glued there anyway. "See how hot I am for you."

I ran my gloved hand over my exposed flesh, shivering at the long awaited contact. My clit ached for more, but instead, I plunged two fingers inside myself, moaning loudly as my inner flesh tightened around the digits. Bliss!

I stroked in and out a few times, letting my fingers make erotic slurping noises for Gabrielle's benefit. She was still as a statue, her teeth clenching the chain as her breath forced itself out around it.

My clit swelled painfully more, as I picked up the sai I had used to free Gabrielle from her underwear. I studied it for a moment, and then my tongue came out to lick over the handle.

"Oh…" I heard Gabrielle groan, as I sucked in the ridged handle and thoroughly wet it. The phallic shape had not escaped me, and now, there was no doubting my intentions.

I pressed the handle in the sodden valley between my legs. "Oh yes," I told her, and then I was pressing it in.

My hips bucked of their own accord, and my ass slid down lower in the chair as I penetrated myself fully with the slender, textured handle of her weapon. My vagina clamped down hard, until I felt every glorious ridge as the weapon scraped into me. Gabrielle's eyes were riveted to the sight, and it was no act when I groaned heavily. Gods!

"Oh yes, it feels so good…" I purred, my eyes drinking in the sight of her aroused, restrained body. I watched her mouth working the chain, her head pulling up slightly to tug at all three clips.

"Are you going to come?" I whispered, watching her movements grow even less controlled.

"I'm so close," came the whispered response.

"I know."

I wanted to tease her further with my words, but suddenly the power of speech was gone. I pressed the sai handily to its full depth, and the cold steel of the curve bottom of the weapon pushed into my clit. My body galvanized, as I came, spurting juices onto the chair.

I'm sure I cried out as the intensity of the waves engulfed me, but all I was aware of was a tremendous heat rushing my body, and bursts of color behind my eyelids. I lost all awareness for long seconds, and then my sight gradually returned.

"Gods, Xena!" she was crying out, the chain having been dropped in her passion. "Gods, Xena, I need you to fuck me now! Please!"

My own needs were sated for the moment, and I was irritated at my lack of self-control. It wasn't her fault, although she was the cause. She drove me to far greater heights than I would have thought possible.

"Please…" she was whimpering, her voice desperate, and I suddenly lost my urge to torment her. I pulled my shaking legs from their perch, and stood long enough to strap the phallus into place in its harness.

"Yes…" I heard her hiss again, as I knelt between her legs, and pulled her legs free once again. I didn't release her clit from the clip holding it firmly, as I lifted her pelvis, and moved the tip of the phallus through her aroused flesh. I was able to slide easily deep into her sopping pussy.

I pulled her legs around my waist and began to rock back and forth, savoring the sight of her lips sucking me in as the nub on the phallus pressed rhythmically into my own clit. She sighed deeply, and began to move her hips upward to meet me. She was groaning in her throat over and over, her eyes shut again. I reached down and grabbed the center of the chain, pulling it taut so her nipples and clit were reaching for the ceiling. I heard her cry out once, and then she was coming, her body squirming with intensity beneath the thrusting of my dick. A mewling sound formed in her throat, but it rapidly became a scream of my name as I tugged harder on the chain.

She was panting now, as I reached down and gently released the clips and threw the chain aside. My lust for control had been satisfied, and I suddenly just wanted to love my bard.

I unlocked the cuffs, and rubbed her wrists gently, knowing the circulation had been hindered by her thrashings. She laid unmoving, her eyes watching me warily. No doubt she wondered what I had in store for her now.

I smiled a secret smile, and moved from the bed to sit in the chair again. I winced slightly at the cold dampness I felt beneath my ass, but forgot it quickly, when I held out my arms and said, "Come here my love…straddle me. I'm not done with you yet."

Her legs didn't want to support her, so I leaned forward, and lifted her so she was on my , facing me. Her thighs draped open over mine, and her eyes opened wide with wonder, when she looked down. The phallus lay gleaming against her belly. I grinned at her, and leaned forward to capture her mouth within mine, loving her gently with my tongue and lips. She relaxed again, and began to return the kiss, sensing I was done pretending. I loved the sound she made when my hands came up to capture her nipples, and wondered if she was able to focus on the contrast of one of my bare hands touching her, while the other gloved one did the same.

"Are you ready to ride me?" I asked her, before nipping the nearest earlobe.

"Yes," I heard her answer, and then I lifted her, so she slid down the length of the phallus. We both offered moans as her flesh swallowed up my dick. My hands remained under her ass, as I began to lift her over and over again, causing delicious sensations to shoot through both our cunts. When she began to grind her hips, I stopped the lifting, and let her take over.

She was moving her lower half in circles on me, causing the phallus to do wonderful things to my throbbing clit. My fingers made their way back to her breasts, and I had to suck in a breath when I felt her lean forward so her mouth could find one of my nipples.

Together, we worked toward our fulfillment, our bodies pressed so close together. She drew back her head, and her mouth was searching blindly for mine, as her nipples pressed into mine. My fingers reached up to cradle against the exquisite features of my love.

"Come with me," I whispered, and then my eyes were rolling back in my head. The sensations built, and then I was spilling over into the abyss, Gabrielle tumbling with me. We gasped and shook, and the darkness suddenly gave way to a blinding pure white light. The darkness that was in my soul had already been lifted, and now I felt the darkness in my desires being lifted as well. When I floated back to earth, all I was awareness of the perfection of our love for one another.

She was stroking my face, her eyes peaceful, as if she too, had seen the same thing and came to the same conclusion. Slowly, she lifted herself form the length of me, and then laid down on the bed, holding her arms out to me. I unstrapped the harness, and then joined her, pressing myself into her warm embrace. I pulled the covers up over it, and let her hold me, taking the position she normally did when we slept. Now I knew why she liked it so much. The enveloping heat of her body soothed my exhausted limbs, and I was soon asleep, dreaming of nothing but beauty and serenity and truth.

I only hoped she was dreaming of the same.

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