Dark Remnants--Gabrielle's Scroll

I had never been made love to the way Xena loved me that night. And it all started from the sins of the flesh…jealousy, anger, and bitterness, just to name a few. But lust had its place as well, and had been building stronger by the hour.

It all happened when Xena killed Mephistopheles and had to find a successor to take her place in hell…which happened to be a cocky little archangel named Lucifer. We had agreed on a plan and managed to follow that plan, but the darkness that took each of us over only enhanced the negativity of the entire situation. I can remember the argument being so intense.

"You were practically fucking him on the dance floor, Xena!" She literally wrapped her long, luscious legs around his waist and ground her cunt right into his "abundant pride". She told me to make myself available, so to speak, to Virgil, but was she just trying to center my attention elsewhere…than her center?

"Gabrielle," she said as she put on that cheesy smile, "Gabrielle…Sweetheart…I was just getting his attention. I wouldn't have let it get that far."

I shook my head and felt my nostrils expand. "I don't think so, Xena…Sweetheart." I was so mad. "I saw the looks you were giving him; the way you rubbed your cunt against him…I recognized the technique. Sweet Hera, Xena, I could even smell you from where I was!"

"From where you were…" she said, crossing her arms and looking right through me. "You mean from where you had your arms and legs wrapped around Virgil's firm young body?"

"Yes, as a matter of fact…and I believe those were your orders to me? As I recall, you told me to make it look as good as I could, under the circumstances." Yes, Virgil was certainly a gorgeous young stud, but I had no confusion about my love being for only one person for the rest of my life…and she was making me crazy.

What else was there to say? I was furious, and couldn't help but feel anger towards her. She could have easily went too far and fucked Lucifer. I didn't doubt her love for me, but in this situation, she was thinking more with her cunt than her brain. Her lust for power and dominance seemed to cloud her usual good judgment.

"You have flirted with plenty of people before as part of a plan. But there was a lot more than flirting going on with him. You were dripping for him, and if Michael and Raphael hadn't interrupted when they did…"

"What?!" She was getting angry, too.

"I'm sure you would be able to describe in detail what his cock looked like!" I didn't make myself quite so available to Virgil, and I especially wouldn't do it in Xena's presence. She seemed to have no care for my feelings when she rubbed all over Lucifer with me only feet away from them. She started stepping toward me, getting ready to say something. I knew as mad as I was inside, I'd be better off to put a little space in between us before we both said something we'd regret terribly.

"Stay away from me, Xena." I tried to sound calm.


"I said stay away from me. I'm not in the mood for you right now."

She stood there thinking about what I had just said. I had never said those words to her in all the years we have been together. She acted in total disbelief. "You're serious."


"How long do you intend to keep this up?"

"I don't know…it will be some time before I will feel I can trust you to remain faithful. Good night, Xena."

I turned and walked to my bedroom, and then did a second thing I had never done. Locked the door. I had intentionally separated myself from Xena, and now I was feeling more hurt than mad. But that didn't stop me from wishing she'd break the door down and come ravish me with her love. Hopefully, she'd show up before the night was gone. I needed for her to be her old self again. I heard her walk down the stairs to what was supposed to have been our room tonight. Eve was across the hall from me.

I started a fire in the room and just sat and stared at the flames for a long time. I could go downstairs to her room, but she may not let me in. I had never turned her down before in any way. But it was for the best right now. Our love had endured many things, and this was just another obstacle we would overcome. I covered up with a blanket and slept in the chair in front of the fireplace, my legs thrown over one arm of the chair and my head resting on the opposite side. I didn't want to lie in a bed without Xena beside me.

When I got up the next morning, my back and neck felt the uncomfortable effects of sleeping in a chair. I made my way downstairs to Xena's room and hoped she would allow me to come in for one of her miraculous massages. It felt like it had been days since I had talked to her, and I certainly was ready to be back at her side.

I reached up to knock on her bedroom door and it was partially cracked. I lightly pushed it open and saw that even Xena's saddlebag was gone. By the gods, surely she wouldn't leave me here. I suddenly forgot my aching head and back and went up to Eve's room. I knocked on the door and heard, "Come in." She was just waking up as well.

Trying to sound as calm as possible, I asked her, "Eve…do you know where your mother is? Did she say anything about going somewhere this morning?"

"Uh…I don't think so. Maybe she's just out for a morning ride."

Yeah, that's what I was worried about. She might be so mad at me that she was going to teach me a lesson about locking her out of the bedroom. What a stupid move.

Eve patted the bed beside her and told me, "Sit here for awhile. We never get to talk."

"You're right." I tried to shrug off my worry and choose to spend some quality time with my very grown daughter. "So what do you want to talk about?" I sat up against the headboard and covered up.

"It doesn't matter. Gabrielle…don't be worried about Mother being gone. I realize you two were not on the best of terms last night, but…"

Just how much did she know about Xena and me? She had certainly never acted judgmental towards us. She had to know we were together all the time. I really wanted her to know about us, but I didn't feel that it was fair to Xena for me to make the choice to tell her. Xena would tell her when she felt the time was right.

I decided to steer clear from where this conversation could go. It was obvious that I couldn't stand Xena around Lucifer before it was all over. My jealousy only revealed my love for her and how my heart truly felt.

Quickly changing the subject, I jumped in and said, "Hey, I know…let's get some breakfast. Wonder what's in the cupboard that we can whip up?"

She grinned and then sounded exactly like her mother. "Sounds like a plan…" Was it the gene or the warrior in her to make her so much like Xena at times. Most likely a combination.

We decided to both freshen up and meet downstairs. While we were cooking, she had me tell her the story about when she was born, and about the death of Zeus. She always found it incredible that I delivered her. I did, too.

All day, I watched the door expecting Xena to walk in. I even went outside several times, straining to hear Argo's hoofs running in my direction, returning my lover to me, as quickly as possible.

It was nearly sunset and we had a few visitors at the Inn. Over dinner, they urged me to tell stories, and it almost seemed like Eve was making this whole thing happen. Was she buying time for her mother? I certainly hoped so. I had to keep my thoughts positive, or I would go stark raving crazy with worry. She had been gone all day, and now with the sun setting, would I have to spend another night alone?

I tried to put on my happy face and do the tales justice, while with every mention of Xena my heart sank a little lower. Gods, I missed her so much. I should never have doubted her devotion to me. I was so glad to be feeling like my old self, but I wondered if I had done too much damage last night. When I had the chance to make it up to her, I wouldn't screw it up. I'd make sure of that.

Finally all the guests began leaving, and it was suddenly very quiet again. "Eve…do you think Xena's all right?" I had held it back as long as I could. She came to me and draped her arm over my shoulder. "Sure she is. Now don't be so worried."

I tried to take that as a comforting statement, and we headed up the stairs. There was such a cold draft of air coming down the stairs. We approached the top of the stairs and Eve quickly came out of her room before I entered mine.

"Gabrielle…this is a note from Mother."

My whole body shook with relief. She had been here. But where was she now?

"She told me she noticed the draft in my room, and told me to come downstairs and share her bed. Why don't you go, instead?"

"No…that's all right. If she had wanted me there, she would have left the note in my room." Gods, I couldn't believe she was making me pay this severely. And she was the one who was so involved with Lucifer. I felt mad for the first time today.

I told Eve good night and went to my room, adding more wood to my fire as quickly as I could. I stood there trying to get warm, and then decided to wash my face and get ready for bed again. Maybe tonight I would try sleeping in the bed. What a disappointment.

I removed my weapons and laid them on the table beside the bed and then threw back the covers. My breath immediately caught in my throat over what I saw. A rush of moisture ran to my center, because even if Xena punished me, at least she was going to be using these items on me. She had certainly told Eve what she was up to, or at least had let her daughter know she was going to be gone today. That explained Eve's nonchalant attitude this entire day. These little items must be what she went to buy.

I suddenly felt someone grab me from behind and a hand covered my mouth, while the other arm wrapped around my body, holding me securely in place and making sure I didn't scream. I tried to free myself for the first few seconds because I was caught off guard, but finally the hand released a bit of pressure on my mouth and let me turn my head. It was Xena.

"Hello, Gabrielle…I've been waiting for you for a long time."

She had a wicked grin, and sounded a little too calm. We maintained eye contact and she removed her hand from my mouth, warning me with only a look that I better not make any noise. She still held me tightly next to her, which was bliss in itself, but I was a beginning to feel afraid because I didn't know how much darkness remained in her heart. What if she really did decide to hurt me? There was no way I could fight her. No…these were just ridiculous thoughts and I had to trust that Xena had a plan. Finally I found my voice and asked, "Xena, what are you doing?"

"What am I doing? You mean you don't know? You seem to have in your head that I fucked Lucifer. And even more, you seem to be under the impression that you can just cut me off anytime you feel like it. Do you find that amusing?"

"No, Xena."

She was still squeezing my body tightly with her strong arm wrapped around me. She dug her fingers in hard and asked me, "Are you arguing with me on top of everything else?"

It was one of the few times I was at a loss for words. I could not figure out how she wanted me to reply, and she seemed very hot blooded. Before I could decide on an answer, she yanked me tighter against her and demanded me to speak

"Well?" Are you arguing with me?"

"N-no Xena!"

"I didn't think so," she said, giving me a slight push toward the bed. There were four leather cuffs laying on the sheets. She placed one of the leather cuffs around my one of my wrists. "Keep those eyes staring straight down at the bed." Xena was most definitely in control. She pushed me closer to the bed where my knees were touching the side of the mattress.

She moved to the other side of the bed as I stood perfectly still, almost forgetting to breathe. She grabbed my cuffed wrist and attached it to a chain on the headboard. She came back to my side of the bed and did the same to my other wrist, now moving me onto the bed facing down. "Comfy?" she whispered in my ear as she pressed her long body against my back. "Don't get too comfortable…I don't want you falling asleep on me."

"Never," I responded, feeling myself becoming wetter because of her presence so near to my body. I was weak with desire for my Warrior, and my curiosity over what she had in mind only made me weaker..

She started lightly stroking her hand over my shoulder and down my back, then over my ass but never stopping until she reached my foot. She removed my boot and much to my surprise, placed another cuff on my ankle--spreading my leg far to the right as she fastened the cuff to a chain on the bedpost at the end of the bed. She did the same to my left leg, and made sure she spread my legs far apart. I'm sure she could smell the effects she was having on me. "Gods, Gabrielle…you look like a feast all laid out for me to devour."

I couldn't see her, but only feel her standing at the foot of the bed taking in her newly restrained captive. I finally decided to take a chance and find out how she was really feeling.


"Yes?" Gods, just the way she said that word was incredibly sexy.

"Are you angry with me?"

"Do I have a reason to be?" Gods, why did she always do that?

She knew she had me. "You might."

I felt her hand reach out to massage my leg. "Mmmm…" The moan came from deep within me, and my desire for her was escalating. Her touch reduced me to nothing.

I felt her climb onto the bed between my outstretched thighs, continuing to massage my other leg. "I'm not angry with you," she said, running her hands a little further up my skirt. "I was a little hurt at first, and then I stopped and listened to my heart. I realized the evilness was gone, but the need was still there."

She leaned over my body again, lightly pressing her center into my ass and placed her arms on each side of me, holding her weight on her arms. She pressed the side of her face against mine and spoke into my ear. "What are you longing for?"

"I'm not sure…but after seeing you in that outfit at the party, all I can think of is you dressing that way for me."

I felt her back away from my body and off the bed, and for the first time moved to the head of the bed so that I could see her. By the light of the fireplace, she was the most incredible creature I had ever laid eyes on. My eyes stroked up and down her body. Since my arms and legs were restrained, that's the only way I had of touching her.

She was wearing the long black robe and single black glove. She removed her robe and displayed that incredible outfit only inches from my face. Her scent was rising most deliciously from her lace covered crotch. She ran her sexy gloved hand down her cleavage and then between her legs. "I dressed like this for you at the party…only you, and I'm dressed like this tonight for you again. Now what do you want me to do with you?"

Had I died and gone to the Elysian Fields? "I want you to ravish me, Xena." And I did. I wanted her to take me in any way she wanted, do with me as she wanted, and to just give myself to her completely. I regretted so much how I had acted with her earlier, but now that was behind us and it was make up time. My cunt was pouring.

She knelt beside the bed, and touched me softly along my face and under my chin. "Do you remember our safe word?"

"I remember…Illusia."

She lovingly and gently caressed my face. "You are gorgeous, Little One. Are you afraid of me?"

With a question like that, she must be getting ready to shift into Mistress Mode. From this point forward, all else around us disappeared and the world was ours and ours alone. "Yes, I am."

She wound her fingers strongly through my hair and pulled my head toward her. "You should be," she said, looking like a hungry wolf.

She pressed my head forward to hers with her hand still wound in my hair, closing her mouth over mine. My body went limp despite the restraints I was in as her tongue took control of my mouth. She shocked me back into reality when she firmly squeezed my ass, letting go only long enough to slide her hand underneath my skirt.

She finally drew her head back and looked over my body. I felt her lift up the bottom of my skirt and take in every inch of detail my body displayed.

"Such a beautiful butt…" she said, placing both hands under my skirt and touching me firmly, kneading my flesh in her strong hands.

I wanted her to touch me so badly, but I knew I must wait on what she decided to do with me. However, I couldn't help the lust for her touch building inside me, and with her hands beneath my skirt, my hips began moving against her touch. Then I felt her place a hand beneath my mound.

She sharply pinched my ass and made me fall into her hand, and then she laid her body weight across my back, pinning me against the bed and beneath her. She ran her gloved finger up the length of my sex. "Are you still afraid?"


"You are? Your pussy doesn't seem to be afraid. It's warm and wet."

"I can't help it…"

"What was that?" she asked, pressing harder into my sopping cunt, now with a more demanding voice.


She took her thumb and forefinger and pinched my clit sharply, not letting go. "Now, we can do this two ways…when I ask you a question, you can give me an honest and immediate answer, and I'll respond accordingly. But if you don't answer me honestly and immediately, I'm going to punish you. Did you know punishment by extreme pleasure can be more devastating than punishment through pain?"

"No…I didn't."

"Oh yes, believe me. If I am so inclined, I could tease and torment that beautiful little body of yours until you were begging me to put you out of your misery."


"Easily…now, tell me what you said."

"I said I couldn't help it."

"Couldn't help what?"

"I couldn't help the way my body responds to you."

We were both still dressed, and she had been touching me through my underwear this entire time. I felt her body rub its way down my back and then felt her warm breath between my legs, as if she was taking in my arousal and the scent it was producing. Suddenly, I saw her reach for one of my sais on the nightstand and quickly she cut my panties from me. Xena didn't like anything being in the way when she wanted access.

"Gods, you smell delicious," she husked, and then I felt her remove my ankle cuffs. She was sitting on her bended knees between my legs. There was no way I could see what she was doing, but I felt her roll onto her back and slide her face beneath my dripping core.

"I'm going to eat out your sweet little pussy, Girl," she said rather roughly. "I'm going to lick and suck and chew on it until I've had my fill. And I'm very hungry. Do you understand?"

"Yes" was the only response I could give her. My body had desired her for such a long time, and with her having this absolute control and dominion over my body, the intensity only increased.

She wrapped her arms around my thighs and pulled my hips down onto her face, her tongue probing its way deep inside me at times, and still licking wildly up and down my slit. I felt her nose occasionally seat itself against my clit. She took her hands and helped spread my knees further apart so I could rest my weight more comfortably against the bed. I was securely in her grip…right where I wanted to be.

She had me on my way to reaching an intense orgasm, but suddenly she released her hold on my body and slid out from beneath me. Torture could come in the most unheard of forms. I knew better than to say anything without her giving me permission, so I just watched with wonder at what she had in that creative mind of hers. I hoped it involved a climax for me soon, because my body was protesting loudly the end of her stimulation.

She walked across the room and brought back a chair that was sitting near the fireplace, pulling it directly beside the bed.

"What's the matter, Little Girl?"

"I'm surprised, that's all." I really wish she would let me come at least one good time before she held me off, but this was all part of the game. I knew the reward would be worth the wait.

"There are more pressing matters," she said. "I'm going to turn you over now. You'd better not try to get away."

"I won't." It felt good to lie on my back again, but she reattached me to all four corners of the bed again with the cuffs and chains. She then removed my clothes, leaving me naked and displayed openly for anything she might want to do with me.

"Beautiful," she said admiringly as she scanned up and down my bared body, "but I think you're missing some jewelry."

Gods, what was she reaching for beneath the bed? I saw a thin sparkling chain in her hand, and then realized what it was. Her mouth dove to my breasts as she sucked my nipples in firmly. It felt incredible and my body reacted by arching upward, begging for her touch. However, that unspoken request was ignored. Then I felt my new jewelry being put on both nipples. These clips were much better than the ones she had used before because they weren't as tight. But there was one major difference with this chain.

"By the gods," I whispered in wonder as I watched her pull the length of the chain down my body, leaving one free clip to go only one place. I had never seen one like this before.

"Yes, Little One. Are you ready for it?"

I had no idea what the sensation would be like on my clit, but when she put it on me, I felt a new wave of lust moving through me. It was slightly uncomfortable, yet continually teased me that it could make me feel greater pleasure when the time was right.

"Do you have any clue how much you turn me on?"

"Show me, Xena…please," I panted.

"I will."

What an incredible creature…she seductively ran her hand down her body and untied a lace at her hip, causing the crotch of her outfit to fall free, revealing that sweet cunt that could make me do whatever tricks she desired. And to top it off, she reached for her breasts and pulled them over the tops of her bustier, her nipples hard and erect, my mouth watering and mute.

"Gods, girl, you have no idea what you do to me," she groaned. She leaned over me and took the chain, telling me to open wide. I held the chain between my teeth. "You'll know what to do," she told me. "And I guess it goes without saying you'd better not let go of that chain."

"Look at my pussy, Little Girl," like I needed any coaxing. She lifted her long thighs over each arms of the chair, displaying her sopping flesh just inches from my face. Thank the gods she let me lie on my back. If she wouldn't let me touch her, at least I could have an unobstructed view of my Warrior. "See how hot I am for you."

She then ran her gloved hand over her pussy, and then plunged two fingers inside herself and pumped in and out a few times. I expected the chain to break any minute from the pressure I was biting down with. Watching her fuck herself and seeing her fingers disappear inside that gorgeous cunt was making me willing to beg for any kind of relief she might let me have. Now the use of the chain was making much more sense.

And then her next move would almost be my undoing. How did she think of things like this? I watched in amazement and wonder as she reached for the sai that she had used to free me from my panties. Her luscious tongue came out to lick the handle, and then her eyes met mine.

"Oh…" was I all I could groan. I felt as if I was lying in a puddle of wetness. I don't know who affected whom more. Surely she wasn't going to…

I watched as the handle of my weapon made its way where my tongue longed to be…up the delicious, hot core of my Warrior. "Oh yes," she rasped, her eyes rolling back and her ass scooting down lower in the chair, making herself comfortable for the performance she was about to give. She was really going to do this sitting right in front of me.

"Oh yes, it feels so good…" she said, almost teasing me as she looked at me. She loved the fact that I was her captive, but not more than I loved it. Finally, I began tugging at the chain between my teeth, my own arousal trying to take me over.

"Are you going to come?" she whispered, watching my movements while continually fucking herself with the handle of my sai.

"I'm so close…" My voice shook uncontrollably.

"I know."

Instead, she began to climax forcefully and I could see her glistening juices saturating the hair around her cunt as she thrust her hips wildly, opening her mouth as she cried out her pleasure. Her body calmed somewhat, but I couldn't stand it any longer. I had to speak…permission or not.

"Gods, Xena!…I need you to fuck me now! Please!"

She seemed to know I had waited long enough. "Please?" I whimpered, losing all pride and not caring how weak I sounded to her. Feeling desperate, I needed her to make love to me now. Much to my relief, she stood on shaky legs and strapped our phallus into place and then took her position between my widely spread legs.

She released the cuffs around my ankles, but left the clips in place on my chest and between my legs. She lifted my ass as she pulled me close to her, wrapping my legs around her waist. She ran the tip of the phallus back and forth through my drenched center and then thrust easily forward.

Gods, what bliss. "Oh yes, Xena…that is perfect. Please fuck me…" She moved in and out in a perfect rhythm, making my body respond exactly as she had planned. I was hers and she knew it. I closed my eyes and just savored the feeling of her fucking me, her cock filling me and quickly doing its job to bring me over. Then I felt her tug on the chain as she lifted it upwards, giving my nipples and clit incredible sensation as I began to come. Her name escaped my throat over and over as she fucked me hard. Needless to say, it was perfect. She was perfect.

She pulled out of me, and then gently removed the clips and unlocked the cuffs, rubbing my wrists and trying to make me more comfortable. At this point, my body was feeling nothing but a wonderful numbness, if that's possible. I didn't try to get up because I wasn't sure what her next plan was. I just lay there, very still…watching my lover. I loved her more than she could ever begin to imagine.

She moved from the bed to sit in the chair again. She still hadn't removed the phallus. She held out her arms for me. "Come here my love…straddle me. I'm not done with you yet."

I was still so weak, and she leaned forward and lifted me off the bed and sat me on top of her, my thighs on each side of hers in the chair. She held me close and leaned forward to capture my mouth with hers, her gentleness overwhelming. "Are you ready to ride me?"

"Yes…very ready," I answered. She lifted me up and then guided the phallus inside me as I slid down onto it. "Gods, Baby…you feel so good inside me." I felt her hands on my ass as she helped guide my movements while sitting on her, taking all of her in.

My body seemed to take over as I began grinding into her, knowing how good it felt on her side as well. Her hands were now on my breasts and rubbing my body. It was wonderful being this close to her, our skin touching while we made love. I leaned back just enough to take one of her breasts into my mouth…sucking hard and scraping my teeth against her. Our moans displayed the mutual fulfillment we were both finding.

I pressed myself tightly against her, our nipples rubbing against one another's as we moved and worked to reach the satisfaction we both craved. "Kiss me…" I begged, and our mouths once again sought out the connection we loved to find.

"Come with me," she whispered in my ear, "Let me shoot inside you…" and we both began to come, her hips thrusting upward as mine ground into hers. Sweat was rolling down my back as I felt her nails dig in deep, our unspoken actions needing no words. Eve most likely heard us all the way downstairs, but at this point, I didn't care. It was amazing.

I wrapped my arms around her neck and just rested for a while, her erection still hard inside me. I loved to hold her tight, and to feel her embracing my body was always my need. I finally lifted myself from the length of her and returned to the bed, holding out my arms for her. She quickly unstrapped the phallus and met me, letting me hold her like she always held me. It was nice feeling her silky hair on my breast.

She reached down and pulled the covers up over us. "I love you, Xena. Thank you for wearing that outfit for me." I felt her cheek form into a grin and she gripped me tighter around my waist. With that said, all was right in our world again.

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