Genesis--Xena's Scroll (Part 1)

Every day I found something new that I'd been taking for granted. At first it was little things like no longer being able to jump five times my own height from a standing position, or being able to outrun Argo over short distances. But now, I was noticing new things daily. One day, I couldn't see my feet when I stood straight up and looked down. The next day, it became a struggle to stand from a sitting position. Then, the night after that, every time I tried to roll over to my right sight, the baby would begin kicking furiously.

I had no way of knowing exactly when the baby was due. When I was pregnant with Solan, I had been able to calculate it within a week or so, starting with the first absence of my monthly. This pregnancy had been very different. With Solan, I had been aware of his presence from the beginning. Somehow, I had been aware of the life growing within me. This baby was much more subtle in making its presence known. For close to a month, I had been feeling tired and out-of-synch somehow, but I never had any reason to suspect I might be pregnant. Especially considering the only person I had been having sex with over the last four and a half years had been Gabrielle. We had been through so much lately, I hadn't even been aware I had missed any of my monthly cycles. Unless there were some new techniques existing, there was no way I could be pregnant.

But the moment the healer had told me I was pregnant, somehow, I knew it was true. All of my symptoms had fallen into place almost immediately; the nausea, the indigestion, the exhaustion. But there was still one big unanswered question. Who was the father? And how did he manage to accomplish his task without touching me.

Telling Gabrielle was going to be very tough. I know I should have told her in private, but my emotional state made me take the coward's way out. I blurted out my news to her, Joxer, and Amarice all at the same time.

The news stunned them all, but Gabrielle the most. She gave me a congratulatory hug, but I could feel her confusion and her worry.

This was going to be a true test of faith, obviously. My story was absolutely incredible and I wouldn't be able to blame Gabrielle if she didn't believe me. I had been absolutely faithful to her, which made my pregnancy impossible. And yet…I was pregnant.

She asked me about Hercules, knowing I still had lingering feelings for him, but it had been well over a year since we had last seen him, and she knew I had told him my heart now and forever belonged to Gabrielle. She asked me about all the gods we had crossed paths with, but that wasn't the answer either. Even Aphrodite, who was known for messing up love spells swore she had no involvement, and we had no reason not to believe her. There was no explanation.

It took a while, but Gabrielle finally gave up trying to figure it out. I had quit worrying over it a long time before that, and was now concentrating on celebrating the new life inside me. It took Gabrielle a while longer, then she was doing the same. She took joy in each new development as I did, and when I referred to the baby as "ours", she beamed with pride. It was "our" baby.

During the last couple of years, Gabrielle had developed her fighting skills to the point that I now considered her a fellow warrior. She could handle herself quite capably in a fight, and I didn't have to keep an eye out for her safety. I did anyway, just because I loved her so much, but I didn't really have to. However, this didn't mean I was ready to let her do my fighting for me, as she seemed to be trying to do now that I was expecting.

She constantly reminded me I was carrying a child within me when we threatened with dangerous circumstances, and I felt like I was constantly battling her to prove to her I was quite capable of insuring my baby wasn't harmed when I fought. I was consciously taking a more defensive position, and I cut down greatly on my acrobatics. Gabrielle and I talked it over more than once, and finally we reached a compromise as I promised not to bite off more than I could chew. I was inclined to do that in the past. As more time passed and my figure became more bulky, I let her take the more aggressive roles in our fights.

And now, I knew I had to be getting close to the time of delivery. The child moved about almost constantly inside me, and seemed to be even more active at night. I was wearing our far more quickly than I used to, and collapsed heavily into the bedroll at night, my eyes often shutting before my head had touched the bedroll. But it was hard to sleep with a tiny someone in your belly, kicking and wiggling.

The baby woke me many nights, and Gabrielle got in the habit of waking with me. She would lay her head on my stomach and tell stories to our babe, and would more often than not, manage to lull it to sleep. She often left her head there as she fell back asleep, and I would stroke her shiny hair until I nodded off myself.

On this particular night though, the baby wouldn't still. Gabrielle had given up on her storytelling for now, and had turned her head so she could look into my eyes. I smiled down into her gaze.

"Thank you," I finally told her, my voice catching with emotion.

"For what?"

I shrugged. "For a million things," I answered. "I would have never made it through this pregnancy without your support and your love."

She beamed at me. "It has been my pleasure," she answered. "Gods, Xena, we've had our share of difficulties the last few month, but every day I love you and our baby a little bit more. It's no effort to take care of the ones you love."

The sweetness in her tone affected me in a number of ways. The constant nagging pain in my lower back was a dull beacon that the birth wasn't far away, and I felt huge and clumsy. But every single day without fail, Gabrielle told me at least once how beautiful the glow of pregnancy made me. I could see in her eyes that she meant what she said, and although I didn't share that opinion, I also didn't doubt she felt that way.

Her eyes were beginning to grow heavy, and I smiled affectionately as she fell asleep, using my swollen stomach as a pillow. I felt a jerking sensation, deep in me, and it occurred repeatedly. I knew my baby had the hiccups again. It was going to be a long time before I slept that night…

So I laid there and thought of all the things Gabrielle had been doing for me. This pregnancy had been much more difficult that my previous one had been. One of the first indications had been my nausea, and that had continued for months. It was especially bad early in the mornings. The first few times Gabrielle had been nearby, she had looked a little green herself, but it wasn't long before she was holding my hair, stroking my sweaty brow, and handing me a waterskin so I could rinse the wretched taste from my mouth.

Then there was my achy back. As my belly grew heavier, the pains in my back grew less dull and more assertive, but all I had to do was give a little moan and my love would take over. The first few months I'd lie on my stomach, and let her wonderfully dexterous fingers massage the pain out of me. Later, when my stomach grew too large for me to lie on it she'd urge me to lay on my side for her magical touch. She would ease the kinks out of my back, and then my moans would change to a deeper tone as she would move her hands round front and start a different type of massage.

Lovemaking became a whole new experience for us. We just added it to the list of other circumstances we had overcome, including various injuries and, at times, a total lack of privacy. There was a difference now. The other times, we were forced to improvise for a day or two. Now, we had at least a couple of months ahead of us.

And to make matters worth, I found my hormonally overloaded body craving sex more frequently than before, and at the same time, it took me longer to reach climax. It was like a cruel joke being played on me, making me desire my little bard's touch more often, and for longer periods of time, only to reach my fulfillment less often. Gabrielle had a big job on her hands trying to keep me sated and comfortable all the time.

But as usual, she rose to the occasion with the skill and devotion only she had. She had long ago become a master of seduction, and now, she demonstrated those skills almost constantly. Rather than undress herself or me quickly, she would stretch it out forever it would seem, until I was squirming and pleading for her touch. She would kiss and lick my body, ignoring my aching cunt until I cried out for her touch. And even when she was fucking me, she was often so gentle, it made me desperate for a firmer touch. All of these techniques were effective in helping me orgasm without having to strain too much, and it was just another one of the things I loved her for..

For my own part, I felt my hunger for her had increased greatly as well. And that was saying a lot, because pleasuring her had already been a major priority in my life. I found I grew more hungry for the taste of her hot little pussy, and more than once buried my face between her thighs for so long, that she had to pull me from her, telling me she couldn't take it anymore.

Circumstances had kept us from loving each other the last few nights, and although my body was demanding rest, I suddenly realized it was demanding something else more. I laid there for a moment, assessing my physical condition. I was a mass of conflicting sensations. Exhaustion, back pain, and a thoroughly aroused cunt were the predominant ones though. I knew I should try to go to sleep, but my restless child was making sure that was an impossibility. Since I was going to be awake for a while, I began focusing on my pulsating clit and throbbing nipples. Sex was often an effective way to lull the baby to sleep.

I was torn between wanting to wake Gabrielle and let her sleep on. She was very tired too, I know, and had mentioned more than once that day how nice it would be to sleep in a real bed. Even now, she had a slight smile in her slumber.

I considered pleasuring myself, knowing Gabrielle would understand if she woke up while I was in the midst. More than likely, she'd join in readily.

She was going to make this rather difficult though. It was hard enough to reach my own center with my swollen abdomen, but with her upper half resting on me, it was nearly impossible. I smiled, baring my teeth in the dark. Just a few months prior, I had been capable of unbelievable contortions of my body, often causing enemies to stop in mid-fight, just to stare at me in amazement.

Now, my clit was crying out for my touch, and I wasn't able to get my hand anywhere near it.

Gabrielle stirred a little bit on top of me, but didn't wake up as I wriggled beneath her. The pressure in my clitoris was becoming overwhelming. In an effort to help alleviate the intense throbbing, I bent my legs and parted my thighs, feeling a little bit of a breeze brushing over my enflamed flesh. It helped…about as much as a wineskin full of water would help on a burning house.

The baby's hiccups had ended, and now she was going through what I had lovingly told Gabrielle were her sword drills. She had watched in bemusement as a tiny fist or foot would make a visible imprint in my flesh, for a heartbeat or two at a time.

I know her own pregnancy had been way too brief and numbing for her to remember much about it. She was full of questions about what I was experiencing, and she asked me if it hurt when the baby moved so violently. I assured her it didn't hurt, but did serve to keep my attention.

I was beginning to feel really miserable as the baby thrashed inside me. Later though, I'd have to thank the little guy (or girl) for his timing; one of his limbs must have poked out and caught Gabrielle in the shoulder.

She made a face, and turned her head to face her attacker. I don't know if she felt the baby again, but I know something else helped wake her up fully. "Poor Baby," I heard her croon back to me. "You can't sleep when you're feeling like this, can you?"

"No," my voice croaked out its response. "I just hated to wake you up."

She turned again to look at me. "You're kidding," she said, her eyes wide in amazement. "Why wouldn't you want to wake me? I'd much rather touch you than sleep anytime." I felt her hand stroke over my inner thigh, and over my pubic mound to emphasize her point.

I gave her a grin. "I'm afraid you'd never get any sleep then," I admitted.

She grinned at me, then, and I felt her hand press a little harder into me. Her eyes seemed to haze over a bit. "You are drenched," she told me. "Are you sure your water didn't break?"

My smile widened. "I'm sure," I replied.

Her eyes were on my breast now, which had swollen even more during the last stages of my pregnancy. My nipples had grown longer and wider, and even laying flat on my back, were prominently visible through my sleep shift. My gaze followed hers, and I saw why they were captivating her attention more than usual. There were dark spots around both of them. I searched my memory and nodded. "It happened before. It's my body getting ready to go into full-time milk production."

Was that a shiver I felt coming from my bard? She clucked her tongue, shaking her head at me. "This I gotta see," she said.

I couldn't help but whimper when she suddenly lifted her head from my body. She was sitting up, then moved to sit on her bent knees between my thighs. She reached for the hem of my shift, and lifted upwards. I lifted my body obligingly, and was soon divested of the underdress. I looked down at my own ungainly girth for a moment, then back up at my bard. She was taking in my almost nude body with a familiar look of adoration and desire. I couldn't understand what she saw that made her so happy. I was beginning to think I would never be able to see my own thighs again.

As if she were reading my mind, she laid both her hands on my stomach, her fingers stroking over it gently. "Gods, Xena, I think every day, you get a little more sexy."

"Every day, there's a little more of me to consider," I chuckled, but my humor rapidly faded when I felt her hands begin a trek down the top of my belly, and towards my nipples. I could see they were glistening with wetness, and that's what her eyes were riveted to. She leaned in to get a closer look.

Gods, she was so near, I could feel her breath blowing on me! I felt a wave of passion start deep in my vagina, and wash upward through my body to center on my nipples which twitched beneath her scrutiny. I felt a wicked joy in reaching down and grasping the nipple nearest her between my thumb and forefinger. I gave it a sudden firm squeeze, and a thin stream of liquid to partially land on her mouth and chin.

The look of surprise on her face was absolutely priceless! I broke into a laugh as her head jerked back, and she took in what had just happened. I saw her tongue tentatively peek out, and then it licked over her lips, taking up all the moisture it could reach. Her mouth tasted for a moment, and then she wrinkled her brow at me.

"It doesn't taste like milk," she said, confused.

"It's not milk," I told her. I squeezed the nipple again, much more gently, so she could see the fluid trickle down my fingers. The substance was milky colored, but very thin, and didn't color my flesh. Gabrielle's eyes were suspiciously wet as she touched my other nipple.

"May I?" she asked, her eyes boring into my own. I could feel the heat radiating off her.

I immediately released my other nipple, and pulled my fingers closer to my mouth. "You'd better," I told her, and then I sucked my own wet fingers into my mouth, showing her it was perfectly all right.

She gave a tentative squeeze, and watched the fluid ooze down her fingers. I was praying silently that she wouldn't torture me, and she didn't. Her perfect little tongue licked up over her fingers and then her mouth was closing in on me, as she tried this new experience.

A moan bubbled out of my throat at the pleasure. Her other hand captured the nipple my own hand had abandoned, and for the next few moments, I had the singular joy of Gabrielle's wondrous oral talents. It helped relieve some of the taut pressure that had built up in my breasts, but in reality, just seemed to move it down lower, until my clit felt like it had swollen as large as one of my nipples. My hands brushed down my sides, but gods, I still had my breeches on! My hands made the trek upward again, and caught in her hair. I pulled insistently, and she reluctantly released me with an audible slurp. "What's the matter?" she asked, clearly annoyed with me. Her face relaxed when she took in my expression.

"I need you inside me," I whispered, but there was really no need. She could read in my face what I was feeling.

"Your wish is my command," she winked, and pulled back enough to grab my offending breeches. She slipped them off me, and her eyes took in the condition of my body. "Poor baby," she said, for the second time that night.

There was no way I'd be able to see the condition of my cunt, but I knew how swollen and dark the flesh must look. It felt as though every drop of blood in my body had rushed to gather there.

"And I thought you were wet up there," Gabrielle murmured, nodding toward my breasts.

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