Genesis--Gabrielle's Scroll



How could she be pregnant? Other than for a few hours in a city here and there, I had never left her side. Although…I would have to say I did fuck her pretty good at times, but I don't think my thrusts behind our phallus did the trick. Someone, or something, had obviously gotten to her instead of me. Considering the gods we knew, anything was possible.

So there we were…standing in a stable in the presence of Amarice and Joxer, and there I was…hearing unbelievable news coming from the mouth of my lover. What was I to do? We had just become a two-horse family that day. Considering the company we were in, I was very limited with how I could react. I finally shook myself, trying to collect my senses and gave her a big hug, but still wondering how this had happened.

Surely she wouldn't betray our love in that way. I couldn't begin to imagine touching someone else now that Xena was my lover. It has been almost five years, so I would safely assume us to be life partners, no less. But maybe she felt the need for a man and just didn't have the heart to tell me. It would kill me, that's for sure. But I still wouldn't leave her if she had slept with someone else. She meant too much to me, and as long as she would have me…I would be hers. I just wanted to know the truth, and I had to believe it when she said it was as much of a surprise for her as it was for me

It took me awhile, but I finally adjusted to the news. Every day that Xena's stomach grew a little larger, I grew a little more excited. Especially after Callisto and Eli's revelation to us, I knew this child was going to be extra special. It had to be born of goodness and tranquility. Much unlike the conception and birth of my child.

I never mentioned it to her, but it killed me inside to remember the shock and agony of my experience with pregnancy and how it ultimately changed the world. A new form of evil was born through me, something I never could have imagined to happen in my life. What had I done to deserve it? At least if I was going to be impregnated by a horrible darkness, at least let me keep my baby. And let the child be filled with goodness. I had to daily discipline myself to accept I could not change the past. I had a beautiful, intelligent, sexy woman whom I loved with my entire being…and we were having a baby. Our own child to love and teach, which would be the manifest token of the love we shared.

I tried my best to take care of her. She needed much more rest, and definitely more to eat. So between fighting the bad guys and keeping my Baby (and new baby) full and satisfied, I was usually quite exhausted by the time we hit the bedroll each night. Of course, it was my pleasure. Nothing gave me greater contentment than to express my love and dedication to Xena and our baby by my actions and protection.

Her stomach seemed to be growing quite a bit lately. I also enjoyed her breasts finding such fullness. Her nipples had also enlarged, and seemed to send a constant invitation to my mouth for frequent visits. Thank the gods that Xena welcomed my every visit. Much to my surprise, she wanted me to make love to her almost every night. What a dreaded torture!

So many nights when we would lie down, the baby decided to protest. I guess she liked traveling better than resting. The motion of Argo's steady, slow gait was actually very soothing. Argo even sensed Xena's need for pampering and paced more smoothly than usual. We'd sometimes ride side-by-side for long periods of time, holding hands or with me rubbing her back or stomach. My horse had come along at precisely the right time. I called him Buck most of the time. Argo didn't seem to mind the company, either.

This particular afternoon we were riding along, and I know Xena had to be exhausted and uncomfortable. I reached over for her hand and brought it up to my mouth and kissed it very gently. "What was that for?" she asked, smiling at me. "Xena, you are so beautiful. And I love you more today than yesterday. And I'll love you even more tomorrow. Remember…I have the gift of prophecy, so I know this to be a fact." I didn't release her hand for a long time and we continued riding along, silent, yet filled with love for one another.

We were heading for Amphipolis, because there was no doubt the baby was going to be born soon. About an hour before sunset, we stopped at a small, quiet Inn so that I could make Xena as comfortable as possible. And the gods knew how I loved sleeping in a real bed instead of in the forest. We hadn't covered as much territory as planned, but were doing the best we could.

I took care of getting our room and went ahead and got a warm bath ready for Xena. She was unpacking our saddlebags onto a table on the other side of the room. "Xena, why don't you go ahead start relaxing in the bath and I'll go downstairs and get us something to eat."

"Sounds like a plan…"

I went over and helped her finish unpacking our things and then helped her undress. "I think the baby has grown since this morning," I said, smiling at her and watching her look down her own stomach and fully agree. "It looks so…heavy."

She smiled at me. "It is…and that water looks very inviting." I helped her into the tub and lit a couple of candles, setting a calm mood for our evening and trying to make the environment peaceful.

I bent down and kissed her, patted her stomach, and walked down the stairs with a smile on my face. I mean…how much more could our lives change? From the day we had met, my life had become filled with so many experiences. Just living day after day with Xena:Warrior Princess was an incredible experience on its own. But she had allowed me to really become a part of her world.

I placed our order and sat at a corner table, just thinking of Xena and how incredibly much I loved her. I remember at first how she sort of held me off…she wouldn't allow me to get too close to her, neither she to me. I didn't exactly understand why. I thought maybe that's how Warriors were; not the overly friendly type. But there was a certain quality about Xena deep within, and only when I had the opportunity to go through so many things with her did I see the truth.

She accepted the challenge of her calling. Plain and simple. And she did it with excellence. That was the beautiful thing and the part I admired so much. She had been hurt many, many times in her soul, and possibly if there had been someone there for her to lean upon, just maybe she would not have felt to the need to follow such a dark path.

Pain and loss affects us all differently, and with Xena, it made her angry and willing to hurt before she could be hurt. I had no doubt that our paths crossed for the very reason of us loving each other. Our balance was a much-needed element in each of our lives. I saw how hard she worked at fighting for those who couldn't fight for themselves. Protecting the innocent and yet sparing so many of the ones she would have normally killed within seconds had it been years earlier was what I saw in her fighting. She had made such improvements with her life, and I had ultimate respect for her. I was probably as much in awe of Xena as Minya. And so lucky to be loved by her.

The Innkeeper motioned that my order was ready, and I carried our plates back upstairs. I opened the door and saw that she had already gotten out of the tub. "Xena, be careful and don't fall…" Why did I sound so much like my mother at times like this? "Are you sure you're okay?"

"I'm fine, Gabrielle. I'm not an invalid, remember..." She was slipping into her sleep shift and sitting on the edge of the bed. I sat down our plates on the table and returned to the bed, leaning in for a kiss, and her mouth captured mine and kept me there for quite some time. I rubbed my hand over her stomach, and when our mouths separated, I leaned down and kissed her stomach, too.

"Seems like our little warrior is restless again tonight," I said, feeling the movement just beneath my hand. "Maybe she wants to hear a story." Xena just smiled at me. She looked very exhausted, and so was I. We enjoyed our very warm meal and then she lay on the bed and watched as I took a quick dip in the tub.

I dried off and slipped into my sleep shift as well, and met her by crawling from the foot of the bed up beside her on the pillows. "Hi," I said, smiling at her as I wrapped my arm over to her other shoulder, pulling her close to me. It felt as if it were our first day in love.

"Hey there, yourself," she answered, and I scooted down a little further so I could rest my head on her stomach. That seemed to be our nightly ritual these past few months. I loved laying my head on her stomach. In some way, it felt as if I was protecting it even before she breathed her first breath. I liked the idea of the baby sleeping between us. She seemed exceptionally active tonight, and I didn't think playing the role of Bard was going to help tonight one bit.

I began lightly massaging her stomach and then started telling the baby a story.

"Let's see…which story for tonight? How about….'I sing the song of Xena and Gabrielle, and their endless, enduring love that stretched farther than the Heavens…'" I felt Xena's hand on the back of my head, stroking my hair. "That's my favorite story," I heard her whisper softly. I raised my head and turned to look up at her. Her smile was so peaceful. What a beautiful picture.

"Thank you," she said.

"For what?" I couldn't help from smiling at her.

"For a million things…I would have never made it through this pregnancy without your support and your love."

"It has been my pleasure." I don't think I had ever spoken anything more true. "Gods, Xena, we've had our share of difficulties the last few month, but every day I love you and our baby a little bit more. It's no effort to take care of the ones you love."

I laid my head back down on her stomach and tried very hard to keep my eyes open, but it was no use. Sleep carried me away as I rested in the arms of my Love.

I don't know how long I had been asleep, but our little warrior let me know her mom was awake and I needed to be awake with her. I felt selfish for going to sleep so suddenly and made my way up to the top of Xena's body.

"Poor baby," I told her…"You can't sleep when you're feeling like this, can you? Why didn't you wake me before now?" I ran my hand across her stomach, but felt there was something else she needed from me. Oddly enough, we hadn't made love the past few nights and while I always yearned for my lover's touch, I didn't want to initiate lovemaking with her because I didn't want her doing anything just for me. I could wait, as difficult as it was.

"I hated to wake you…you were resting so peacefully."

"You're kidding…why wouldn't you want to wake me? I'd much rather touch you than sleep anytime." I ran my hand back and forth over the inside of her thigh. She had bent her knees obviously trying to find some relief. Then I let my hand rest on her mound.

"I'm afraid you'd never get any sleep then." We laughed a little. She knew how much I adored sleeping, but there was nothing more important to me than keeping her as comfortable as possible, wherever the ache may lay.

I pressed my hand into her a little more firmly. "Gods, Xena, you are drenched…are you sure your water didn't break?"

"I'm sure." Her smirk let me know it was pure desire. Worked for me.

I sat up and looked more closely at her. The thin material of her shift revealed her swollen nipples, but there seemed to be wet spots around each breast. She read my mind and saw my curiosity. "It happened before. It's my body getting ready to go into full-time milk production."

"Really? Wow. This I gotta see." It was amazing what the body did to prepare for the arrival of another tiny human.

I threw back the sheet and moved down between her legs and sat on my bended knees. I lifted up her shift and urged her to let me remove it. She was now lying in only her breeches, but I sat back and just adored her for a moment. Her huge, swollen stomach and enlarged breasts only enticed me more. I laid my hands on her stomach and gently caressed her. "Gods, Xena, I think every day, you get a little more sexy."

"Every day, there's a little more of me to love," she chuckled, but I heard nothing else as my hands had already started their journey to her breasts and the strange wetness around her nipples.

I leaned closely over her, trying to see by the light of candles. She took one of her nipples in her hand and squeezed, pointing towards my face and a stream of liquid landed on my mouth and chin. It took be by such surprise that I jumped. It was quite funny, actually, and I was embarrassed by my reaction.

Without hesitation, my tongue came out to taste this product from her body, and it didn't really taste like anything. "It doesn't taste like milk."

"It's not milk," she said. She showed me the milky-colored liquid as she squeezed gently again.

"May I?" She knew what I was asking.

"You'd better," she said, turning me on by the command in her voice. She let me know it wasn't hurting her in any way, and I was so intrigued by this new world I was entering with her.

She silently watched as I hovered over her and gently took a nipple between my fingers and squeezed lightly, watching the fluid trickle over my fingers. I didn't let it go to waste and licked it off, but then went straight to her breast with my mouth, seeing if I could coax not only the liquid from her nipples, but more liquid down lower. I could feel my own center moisten increasingly with each passing moment.

Her moan of gratitude gave me complete freedom to continue this exploration. I nursed at her, trying to be tender, but when I felt her hand winding in my hair, I increased the pressure from my mouth. Finally, she pulled my head back. "What's the matter?" I asked. I thought she was enjoying this. But then when I saw the look in her eye…I realized she needed more.

"I need you inside me."

Gods, what she did to my cunt when she said things like that. It was the pleading within the command from her voice--the gentleness mixed with raw lust. "Your wish is my command."

She lifted her hips as I removed her breeches. I stood up on my knees and pulled my shift over my head, baring my naked body for her. My own nipples seemed larger than normal, and I'm sure I knew who was responsible for that. She made me reach for her in more ways than one.

I turned to throw our clothing on the dresser behind me and I happen to look behind me and saw that a mirror was at the perfect height for me to see us making love. "Xena…did you notice?"

"Notice what?" I think she was a little preoccupied and feeling awkward lying there naked. She was stunning to behold. But I knew she would really love watching the back of my head as it obeyed her desires…buried between her legs. "Look on the wall in front of you…"

I didn't give her time to respond, but I raised her ass and lowered my mouth so that her pussy made timely and perfect contact with my tongue. I had never seen her that wet before, and still wondered if maybe she was confused about her water breaking. I lifted my head and said, "Poor baby…and I thought you were wet up there."

"Gabrielle," she growled. I couldn't resist smiling at her as held my position between her thighs, peering over her very large stomach. I continued to hold her ass off the bed and lowered my mouth to take care of my Warrior. I heard her say above me, "It's about fuckin' time…" My smile couldn't be held back.

I loved the sweetness that flowed from her core. I told her I thought she had tasted even sweeter since the pregnancy. I slowly ran my tongue along her slit and penetrated her enough to lap up some of those wonderful juices.

My tongue stroked over her lips in short movements. It seemed that it was harder for her to reach orgasm now, but her excitement was increased. I tried not to stay in any one spot for too long, because tormenting her wasn't an option at this stage. I had missed our playful lovemaking, and knew we were most likely experiencing some of our last sessions for a while because of the nearing birth of our child. Whatever she allowed me to do, I savored each and every moment. And I ultimately wanted to bring her incredible release. I rubbed the back of her thighs and just enjoyed my place in the world this evening.

I could feel her clit tighten, and I began sucking her into my mouth. Her breathing rapidly increased, and I pulled back just long enough to say, "Come on, Baby…shoot it in my mouth…"

"Oh gods," I heard her voice wheeze. "That's it, Gabrielle." Her hips thrust forward and I just held her ass in my hands as she came. I continued licking her tremendous amount of juices even after she came, and could tell she was ready for another hit.

I loved to lock eyes with Xena when she came, or when I did, for that matter. However, with her stomach becoming a visual obstacle, I found another way to connect with her. I reached my hand around her belly and toward her, waiting for her hand to meet mine. I wiggled my fingers in the air for a signal, and then felt her fingers lace with mine. I squeezed her hand firmly and let a moan out of my throat. I felt her sweetly kiss my knuckles, and warmth filled me. The warmth of true love…not having to talk for communication. These were some of the true gems of our love. Truly, truly special.

I pulled my mouth away for a moment and asked, "Are you going to be comfortable like that?" I asked her. "Because you are in for a long slow fucking."

"I'm fine." I knew her body could grow uncomfortable laying in one position too long.

"All right…"

I kissed her clit very softly and with one finger, traced down her lips and stopped just before dipping into her pussy. With no hurried movements, I slowly began circling her opening, feeling it expand and wanting me inside. I knew this would drive her crazy, but the building anticipation would help her orgasm be stronger, and also ensure she could reach it.

It didn't take long for her to let me know she didn't need much of this kind of touching. "Gabrielle…"


"Paybacks are a bitch…and you know how bitchy I can be."

She made me laugh. "Point taken."

I barely moved back and forth inside her. I would be able to feel her body tell me when to go further. I brushed over her erect clit every few seconds, but not in any certain rhythm. She had me so worked up, and dragging this out was killing me. I finally had to reach between my own legs with my free hand and go inside myself.

I could tell she was ready for more, and closer to climaxing. I penetrated her a little more deeply, and then started stroking her a bit faster. I heard her sigh of relief. "Thank you," she whispered.

"Gods, Xena…I don't think I've ever seen you this wet before…" I whispered back.

"I'm wet all over." And she was right. Even her legs were sticky with a light sweat. At first I was a little worried, but she seemed to be responding nicely to my touch, so I went inside her with the entire length of my finger. Her hips started meeting my thrusts, so I added a second finger, to which I got her audible response.

"Yes, My Love, yes!" I dove in to suck her hardened clit between my lips, tickling the end of it with my tongue, and suddenly felt her walls pinch my fingers tightly as she began her ascent. I stopped thrusting inside her and just moved my fingers instead, continually sucking her clit while we both came from my fingers. Just different hands.

"Thank you," she whispered between her heaving breaths. I licked up the remaining juices from her center and slowly removed my fingers from inside her. I sat up to look at my beautiful lover.

"How are you feeling?" I asked. I think she knew I was especially enjoying this tonight.

"Wonderful…if you come up here, I'll show you my gratitude."

It was much easier for Xena to love me if I rode out my desire for her on her mouth and tongue. But tonight, I wanted her to be completely and perfectly sated. I thought about it, but shook my head at her.

"No, I've got a better idea…"

I removed myself from between her legs and got off the bed and stood on the floor beside the bed. "Come here," I said, holding my hands out for her to take them.

Looking slightly confused, she held out her hands, and helped her twist towards the side of the bed, pulling her into a sitting position. "Put your feet on the floor…and scoot that gorgeous ass way up to the edge of the bed."

I stood there between her legs, and she pulled me close to her, just holding me and hugging me tightly for a few moments. I could feel my center start to drip down my thigh. There was no way I was going to get out of this scene without coming very hard and very good.

I wrapped my arms around her neck and rubbed her back for a while. Finally, we shared a wonderful kiss. I licked over her warm lips and felt her mouth open slightly, and took the initiative to go inside and let my tongue make contact with every little inch of her mouth, caressing her tongue with my own, while rubbing my hands all over her body.

"Xena…I want to see your face when I make you come. I miss that connection with you." I looked deeply into her eyes by the light of the fire, and just took in her beauty.

"I know…I miss it, too."

Her agreeing gave me her permission, so I carried on.

I stood back and leaned my head down and took her breast in my mouth, sucking strongly and feeling the liquid come out to coat the inside of my mouth.

"Please…let me touch you too!" She rubbed her hands around my ass, making it very hard to decline her offer.

"Nope," I grinned as I pulled away from her chest. "Tonight is just for you…I already came twice on my own fingers just from making love to you."

I waved the evidence beneath her nose, and she quickly snatched my hand into her mouth, sucking each finger desperately as if she had never tasted my wetness. It was good to see she still hungered for me.

"Stop it," I said, moving my fingers out of her mouth. "I told you…tonight is for you." Besides, she was going to have me flat on my back if she didn't stop, but she didn't have to know that.

I knelt on the floor between her spread thighs…becoming almost eye-level with her cunt. I laid my head against her knee, looking up at her and yet able to touch her easily from this position. "How do you want it this time, Xena? Hard and fast, soft and slow? Or like this?"

I let my palm face toward me and began stroking gently back and forth inside her pussy. I tried to be careful as I searched for the spot I knew would bring her over the edge in a matter of seconds. And there it was. Her hips jerked when I located the perfect place inside her.


I left my hand still and used only my index finger to slide over that wonderful, perfect little spot inside her. She somehow pushed her hips more forward to me, and with my free hand, I reached up and wound my fingers in her hair. I never closed my eyes, and took in every frame of her beauty. Seeing her naked body sitting above me as I rested my head on her leg, leaned back and feeling the sensations I was bringing deep within her, was an overwhelming, remarkable sight of beauty.

"Oh gods, Gabrielle!"

The feeling of her contracting cunt on my finger was amazing, and the wetness that gushed from her center into my palm was like a wave. I could feel the bed quivering from her arms holding her own weight, and she fell back against the bed and just lay very still, her mouth opening and gasping for air.

"Xena? Love?" I was leaning over her immediately, scared to death I had done something to hurt her. I brushed her sweat-soaked hair back from her face. She finally opened her eyes and looked at me.

"I'm here, Gabrielle…Gods, was that intense!"

I wanted to think everything was okay, but I had never felt her cum into my hand so heavily. "I think your water really did break this time." "No, when my water breaks, you'll know it. This was…something else." I just watched as she regained control and made sure she was all right

"Come here," she chuckled, and pulled me to her for a long kiss. I finally relaxed in the arms of my very pregnant Warrior.

"You are SO full of surprises. I think for once I've worn you out." I couldn't help but smile at her. I helped her get situated back in the bed and straighten the covers. "You just lay there and go to sleep. I'll get a washcloth and clean you up a bit."

I retrieved a warm washcloth and started with her face, washing the sticky sweat that had formed over her entire body, and washed her thoroughly. Finally, I finished wiping between her legs, noticing her wince. "Sorry…I know that's cold by now." I helped her dress back into her sleep shift and got her a drink of water.

"You need to sleep too, Gabrielle," she said. "We don't have many nights with just the two of us together." She was right. Our lives were in for an extreme change, but one that I welcomed. I couldn't wait to hold our baby in my arms, while Xena held me in hers.

I crawled into her embrace, and pulled the covers up over us. "I love you, My Little Bard," she whispered, total exhaustion speaking loud and clear.

"Xena…there's no way you know how much I love you."

Somehow, I think she was asleep before the words left my tongue. I smiled and joined her for sweet dreams. I had the perfect two-horse, one-baby family.

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