Genesis--Xena's Scroll (Conclusion)

"Gabrielle," I warned, my voice growling at her. Without thought or control, my lower half was arching up toward her touch. She smiled at me, and made me wait a moment later as she pulled her sleep shift over her head. I felt my breath catch as I took in the beautiful curves of her firm young body…gods, would I ever feel truly desirable again? And then her hands were reaching under my ass to grab hold of me. I gave a hiss of pure pleasure as she finally lowered her face to my throbbing pussy. "It's about fuckin' time," I told her, without anger. I felt her mouth moved into another smile, and then she went to work on me in earnest.

I offered a groan as I felt her tongue snake between my labia, and with her flattened tongue, she scooped up a good sized dollop of my juices. She swallowed it down, her eyes rolling back slightly as her throat worked. She claimed my flavor had grown sweeter in tune with my pregnancy, but I couldn't taste a difference. Once she had swallowed, she dove back in, her mouth on the length of my slit, forming a suction.

I had asked for her to penetrate me, and knew she would soon. My excitement was too high already though, and if she entered me now, I'd be coming in seconds. We both wanted to feel her deep inside me for a good long while before I climaxed. Gabrielle knew as well as I did that it wouldn't be long before we were forced to abandon this form of lovemaking until my body had sufficient time to heal from the birth of my child.

I bent a leg at the knee, and gave her full access to my center. Despite the fact that her own lips were kissing my lower ones, I felt her tongue begin to stroke over me in firm short strokes. Her nails dug into my ass cheeks as I began to squirm under her tutelage. I heard her make those humming noises in the back of her throat. I swear she enjoyed this almost as much as I did!

Almost. Now all I had become aware of was the intense tingling in my clit, and the fact that I was going to come.

Normally, we'd make eye contact at this point, but there was no way with the heaving mound of my stomach in the way. But there was no doubt she was reading all my signals correctly, because I felt her mouth release the biggest part of my sodden flesh, and she was now focusing solely on my twitching clit. Her lips closed tightly on it, and she sucked harder at me.

"Oh gods," I heard my voice wheeze, as my pleasure soared. "That's it, Gabrielle." My hips left the bed completely as I galvanized with the long-awaited orgasm. Gabrielle easily rode out my bucking hips, and when I finally rested against the bed again, she still licked me, drinking up the fresh juices my body produced. It didn't take long for my passion to begin flaring anew.

I saw Gabrielle's arm reaching around my belly, and assumed she was reaching for my breast again. I was surprised when she continued to hold her hand in the air, wiggling her fingers at me. My own fingers intertwined with hers, and she gave them a squeeze, her thumb stroking up over the top of my hand. I was taken aback by her action, then felt touched that she wanted this connection with me. I lifted my head and bent it forward to press a loving kiss on her knuckles. She gave my hand another squeeze, and then she released it. I knew what was coming, and didn't fight to maintain the contact. There was plenty of time for cuddling later. Right now, all I could think about was feeling my love buried deep inside my flesh.

Her hand leisurely stroked down over my stomach, as it made a return trip to my cunt.

"Are you going to be comfortable like that?" I heard her ask. "Because you are in for a long slow fucking."

I knew what she was asking. It was hard for me to lay in any one position for too long, and she didn't want me to suddenly feel the need to change my position.

The baby was still moving restlessly, but had calmed down considerably. She always seemed to calm somewhat when my bard was making love to me. "I'm fine," I told her.

"All right…" Her voice held a warning tone of some kind, but it certainly wasn't one that would cause me to worry. It was the kind of warning that drew shivers of anticipation from me.

I felt her lips gently kiss my clitoris, and then I felt one of her fingers start in the same place, and then with an agonizingly slow movement, she slid it downward, between my lips until it was just above my entrance. She languidly traced her finger in a circle round and round my opening, driving me insane with lust.

Gods, this was so unfair! I was in no condition to get demanding with her, and as a result, was pretty much at her mercy. "Gabrielle…" I managed in a low tone.

"Hmmm?" Her voice floated up to me.

"Paybacks are a bitch," I reminded her, "And you know how bitchy I can be."

I heard her chuckle at my words. "Point taken," she said, and I felt her index finger skim over my hole. It continued to follow that path, back and forth, just barely dipping in to penetrate. A sweat broke out on my forehead, as for some reason, I let her continue to torture me. I don't know how I was able to lay here so complacent beneath her at first. By now, I should have grabbed her hand and shoved her finger inside me.

The baby kicked then, and brought me back to reality. I was so close to delivery, and I guess the back of my mind was thinking about that. I knew it was very possibly the last opportunity I had to feel in her me for quite some time. I suppose I was allowing her to do this because I wanted to stretch this time out as long as possible.

Her finger was slowly increasing its depth on each subsequent pass. Occasionally, her tongue would lightly brush the tiny hardon of my clit. Just like her finger, it wasn't nearly enough to bring me over; just raise me to a higher peak. Gods, she had gotten too good at this!

There comes a moment in an experience like this, when the mixture of pleasure and pain suddenly shifts, and the teasing becomes more punishing than rewarding. Rarely did it get to that level with us, but I was there now. And Gabrielle, being so in tune with me, seemed to recognize that, and her finger stopped its maddening torture and sunk in to the first knuckle.

Finally! I closed my eyes as she pulled back and plunged in again, slowly at first, then with an increasing tempo. "Thank you," I heard myself whisper.

"Gods, Xena…I don't think I've ever seen you this wet before…" I heard her whisper back.

"I'm wet all over," I managed to say, realizing it was very true. My body had broken out into a sheen of perspiration, and I could feel beads of it roll down my cleavage and the sides of my face. And both my breasts were leaking more of the milky liquid until it trickled down to pool in the cleft between my breast and on the bed on either side of me. And most of all, my pussy was continually flooding with lubrication from the stimulation she was causing. My whole body felt sticky, but it was a good sticky. Gabrielle was plunging her finger in all the way now, and suddenly, the pleasure doubled as she added a second finger. She fucked me in long, even, rhythmic movements, her fingers stretching as far as the could inside me.

My fingers were longer than hers, giving me the ability to stretch mine all the way to the mouth of her womb. But what Gabrielle lacked for in size, she more than adequately made up for in technique.

She employed several different methods when she moved inside me, depending on her needs and mine. Sometimes, it was a straight hard fast plunging with two fingers, usually accompanied by her hot breath blowing in my ears as she whispered what she was doing to me. Sometimes she used three or four fingers, and would twist and turn her hand as it stroked inside me, rubbing against every tiny nerve ending until I was gasping in ecstasy. And sometimes, like tonight, she would use a couple of fingers and make slower thrusts, wiggling her fingers when they were inside me until I became aware of nothing but the groveling between my thighs, coaxing me to move my own hips to aid her movements.

"Yes, My Love, yes!" I couldn't help groaning out, as she continued to fill me. My clit was pounding, and when her lips closed around it, my vaginal muscles began to convulse around her fingers. She stopped thrusting, and just kept wiggling as my climax raced through my body.

My hips collapsed back onto the bed, as I panted to catch my breath, my body singing out its joy to me. Once again, I felt her tongue licking up my cum, stroking boldly over my clitoris which protested from the overestimations by retreating into its hood.

"Thank you," I managed to whisper, hoping she'd catch on that I was sated for now, and didn't think I could take anymore. My clenched pussy muscles released her finally, and I whimpered as her fingers finally slid from me. I felt the heat of her mouth leave me too, and then she was peering at me, over the heaving mound of my belly.

I had to smile at the sight of only her bright green eyes peeking at me. I could just see the top of her nose, and oh Zeus, it was wrinkled in that mischievous way that told me she was grinning playfully at me. She wasn't done yet!

"How are you feeling?" she asked me, her voice taking on a purring tone.

"Wonderful," I told her, hoping she'd take the hint. "If you come up here, I'll show you my gratitude." Once again, I was slightly irritated by the fact that I couldn't simply bend down and pull her into position.

She seemed to consider that, but shook her head at me. "I've got a better idea," she said. She leaned back on her heels, and I could see more of her then.

"Are you sure you don't want to come up here?" I asked, waving my hand at her body to indicate what I wanted. "I'd like to return the favor."

"Unh huh…I've got something else in mind."

I watched her move, and wasn't surprised to feel my arousal begin to renew yet again. It was if my body was preparing itself for the period of time when I wouldn't be able to do this. She slid from between my legs, and got off the bed. "Come here," she said, reaching her hands out for mine.

I let her take them, and pull me up to a sitting position. "Put your feet on the floor," she told me, "And scoot that gorgeous ass way up to the edge of the bed."

I did her bidding, curious as to what she had in mind. She was leaning forward in an instant, her mouth seeking out mine. Her tongue slipped out to trace over my lips before delving inside, to lick at the inside of the mouth. I wasn't surprised to feel even more juices bubble out between my thighs.

She released my lips, and continued to hold onto my head, stroking my shoulders and back. Her eyes were locked into mine. "That was fantastic," she told me, "but I want to see your face when I make you come. I miss that connection with you."

The intensity of her gaze took my breath away. She meant what she said, and it thrilled me to know she didn't feel our lovemaking was truly complete unless we could watch each other respond. I missed it too.

Her hand stole around to my breast and she tweaked a nipple. More fluid leaked out, and he mouth was on me in an instant, sucking strongly at me with her lips. I had only had Solan long enough to nurse him a few times, but I knew his suckling was not anything like this feeling. My clit, which had been hiding mere seconds before, suddenly made its presence known again.

"Please," I pled with her. "Let me touch you too!"

"Nope," she told me with a grin, pulling herself away from me. "Tonight is just for you…I already came twice on my own fingers just from making love to you."

My eyes widened as she offered me proof by waving her fingers under my nose, and I could smell her scent on her fingers. The little minx had brought herself off while she was out of sight! I grabbed her hand and sucked in her fingers, doing my best to cause her some distress down lower.

She jerked her fingers away. "Stop it," she told me, gently. "I told you…tonight is for you."

I wanted to explain to her that making love to her was for me, but she quickly rendered me speechless. She was on her knees in a heartbeat, and her fingers were sliding inside me again, as she reached up toward me. I looked down and there it was, that electric connection between our eyes. I swallowed hard as the pleasure kicked in again, somehow greater than before.

She laid her head against my knee and her eyes glowed at me. "How do you want it this time, Xena?" she asked me. "Hard and fast, soft and slow? Or like this?"

I groaned in my throat as I felt her answer her own question by turning her hand so her palm was facing toward her, and stroking in and out slowly. Her fingers were probing me, and I know what she was searching for…that hidden little button along my front wall that would bring out intense rippling pleasures deep inside me. My hips jerked when her fingers found it.

"Bingo…" I heard her voice from somewhere, but I was having to lean back to support my suddenly leaden body on my arms. She found this spot sometimes when we were making love, but had never concentrated solely on it.

But now…she left her hand still, so only one finger was sliding repeatedly over the little spot inside me. The sensations were incredible…and goosebumps broke out over my body as I felt a warmth building in my pussy that I had never felt before. The slenderness of her fingers allowed her to wiggle her index finger inside me, and before my eyes fluttered shut, I was aware of her curious lustful gaze on her beautiful face. I had no idea what my expression looked like right then, but it seemed to please her.

"Oh gods, Gabrielle!" I heard a voice that had to be mine, but didn't know how I'd managed to say anything as the waves swelled and crashed inside me. I was shivering now, and very near the point where even my arms wouldn't support me any longer. I was debating over whether to just collapse, or lie back slowly in a more dignified manner, when I felt my cunt spasm.

There was a gasp from us both as I began to come yet again, and my cunt contracted and released in deep powerful motions. I felt a wetness splash off her upturned palm onto me, and realized it was from me. I had gushed fluids before, but never in such abundance. That was my last conscious thought before my arms gave way and I fell back against the bed, hard.

"Xena? Love?" She was leaning over me in an instant, and I forced my eyes open to look into her concerned eyes, realizing I had scared her.

"I'm here, Gabrielle," I croaked. "Gods, was that intense!"

She still looked frightened. "I think your water really did break this time," she told me, but I shook my head.

"No, when my water breaks, you'll know it. This was…something else." For a moment, I felt heat flush my cheeks as I thought maybe my bladder had given out, but it was still full, and I knew that wasn't it. It had something to do with that button inside me, but now, I was too tired to analyze it. "Come here," I chuckled, and pulled her to me for a long kiss. She relaxed in my arms, as she realized I wasn't alarmed at what had happened.

"You are SO full of surprises," she told me when our lips parted. Her left hand came up to stroke my sweaty face, even as she was staring at her wet right hand. She cautiously sniffed it, as if she too thought it might be a fluid other than my arousal, and then began to lick her hand clean, causing me to groan all over again from the happy noises she made in her throat.

She finished, and took in my exhausted appearance. Her eyes sparkled with love. "I think for once I've worn you out," she chuckled at me. "You just lay there and go to sleep. I'll get a washcloth and clean you up a bit."

I nodded helplessly, and made myself comfortable on the bed again, as she did as she said she would. I smiled to myself when I felt my sex dance away from her touch. Even that part of me was ready for sleep. The baby had long ago stopped moving within me, and I felt more relaxed than I had for days. Somehow, though, I knew it was the calm before the storm.

"You need to sleep too," I told her. "We don't have many nights with just the two of us together." I didn't tell her that I was feeling a different kind of cramp in my back, and recognized it as the baby having shifted positions in my body. We were trying to make it back to Amphipolis before the birth, but I had the feeling, we wouldn't make it to the next town before the baby came.

She crawled into my embrace, and pulled the covers up over us. I couldn't believe she hadn't let me reciprocate what she did to me during this whole night, and still, she seemed more than satisfied. "I love you, My Little Bard," I whispered, as I felt Morpheus whisking me away.

I'm sure she answered the sentiment, but never heard it. I was already asleep.

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