Got Trust?--Gabrielle's Scroll (Part 1)

I woke up from dreaming that Xena was beneath me, but not in that way. I missed her serving as most of my bedroll almost as much as our passionate, erotic lovemaking. I wouldn't ask for things to be different…we now have a baby, and she is the most important thing to us. Our love as a family is beautiful. But the privacy and reward it offers by being able to let go is a fringe benefit that wasn't included in the infant package.

"Can't sleep?" I heard as I was looking at Eve. Xena turned on her side towards me and propped herself up on her elbow. She looked so beautiful in the moonlight and from the faint light of the fire. I did the same, and smiled at her. "Well, I could probably be sleeping better if a certain warrior princess was spooning me, but I'm okay." She patted the small space beside her, and pointed to me, turning over her wrist. "Come here for a while," she said, as she motioned with her index finger. "What about Joxer?" I asked, looking behind me to see if he was still sleeping. Of course, the snoring made it pretty obvious. "I said come here." Obeyance would work.

We usually didn't take chances like this, but I was beginning to think Xena missed having me beside her almost as much as I missed being there. But, I was not going to miss an opportunity to enjoy being held by her if she offered. She wouldn't tell me to come if she didn't want me to.

I threw back my covers, and crawled very slowly to her. She just looked at me, but the heat was climbing beneath her blankets. "Cold?" she asked, as she turned back her blanket for me to join her. I settled in against her, immediately feeling so much more content. "Mmmmm, this is nice and warm. And the blanket is nice, too." She chuckled softly and pulled me even tighter. We were both facing the baby, and she untucked her hand from my waist and began rubbing my stomach. She breathed heavily into my ear, which always sent chills all the way to my core. If she didn't stop, Joxer just might wake up to quite a show.

I turned my head to the side and she met me with her mouth. She captured my lips hungrily, and we were lost to the world. It felt so good to be this close to her, being able to smell her, and to taste her mouth in mine. I turned to face her, and threw my left leg over her side. Grinding myself into her, she moved her thigh so it could serve as comfort to the ache I needed to relieve. "We shouldn't be doing this," I whispered, and she said, "It's okay. I can do four things at once." I wanted her more than I wanted to worry, so I let her stand guard and began rubbing my hands all over her body.

She was sleeping in her leathers, but I managed to make her bottomless. She was so wet as I began to touch her, but she turned me on my back and began touching my mound in slow, hard stokes. I had already soaked through my underwear, and she whispered, "You might as well take these off." "Xena!" I gasped, and she pulled them down and removed my skirt. "Now where was I?" She ran a finger throw my juices, and brought her hand up to my mouth, tracing my lips. I opened my mouth and lightly began licking my tongue along her finger. Her mouth was opening, like she was mirroring my movements. I looked up directly in her eyes, and sucked her finger in my mouth…very slowly, very hard, and then I returned her hand to my center. "Touch me, Xena…"

She spread my legs apart and I arched myself towards her. I couldn't hold my hips still, because the need to feel her inside me was driving me crazy. I needed her all the way. Staying propped up on her elbow, she bent her head down and kissed me, while she touched me everywhere, spreading my wetness and making me open with desire. "Inside me, please…" I whispered against her mouth, and she didn't hesitate. Two fingers were taken in, and she moaned unexpectedly against my mouth, and pulled back a little, refocusing to be sure she watched for both Eve and Joxer. She let me know she wanted me to trust her, and continued moving inside me back and forth with her hand, and then kissed me deeply. I could have managed an orgasm right then, but she pulled her hand out of me. "Not yet." My frown would soon change back to closing my eyes.

She started touching my breasts through my leather top, but Xena did not like anything to be in her way. She removed my top, and then laid me back down. "That's much better," she smiled, and scooted down just a shade. Capturing my breasts one at a time into her free hand, she started driving me insane with her mouth. It been a while since we had been able to just let go, and trying to hold back was making me wild with excitement. Being completely naked against her body, clothed or not, was doing the trick.

She sucked my nipples in her warm mouth, her tongue lapping around my breasts. Her touch was breathtaking for me. She trailed her hand down my stomach, lightly gliding the back of it down my side. She returned to touching me, but didn't go inside me for quite some time. She used her middle finger to rub directly down my center, dividing my lips, the wetness dripping down me. She kissed my neck and rubbed her nose in my hair, then started whispering exactly what I wanted to hear.

"Are you ready to come for me, Baby? Come on, Gabrielle…" I was moving my hips trying to make her move inside me. "No…tell me when you're ready, and I'm going to fuck you hard." She knew there was no need for me to tell her, because I would come right now with her coaxing.

She kept her movements steady and firm, and as she rubbed down my center, she came back up and rubbed hard against my clit. "You're hard, baby." I could feel it start to mount. Her breathing was turning me on as much as anything, and I could only envision her sitting on my face right now, as I drank freely from her fountain. This made me want her inside me even more, and my orgasm grew quickly. "Now, Xena, fuck me…" She turned her hand over so that her thumb could reach my clitoris, and shoved three fingers deep inside me. She let her head fall back and the look of pleasure was all over her face. I moved wildly against her hand as I came, and I reached up and grabbed her neck. "I want your mouth in mine," I told her as I claimed her mouth, finishing my orgasm with more than just her name on my lips.

She didn't want to stop moving inside me, but I stopped her. "My turn…I said as I sat up and quickly moved her to her back." She started to say something, but there was no way I was going to miss touching her. I threw the covers over my head and started sucking in her entire center. I bent her legs up and held her ankles firmly with my hands. She was mine for the next few minutes, and even though it might be brief, I went to work reminding her how much I adored making love to her. Gods, she tasted so good, her clear juices ample and running down my chin.

I shifted my position a little and went inside her with my fingers. I suddenly felt her hands in my hair, and for a split second, I wondered if the baby or Joxer was stirring, but she began massaging my head, signaling that this was very good and to continue my bidding. She opened her legs wider, and pushed my head harder into her mound. I had four fingers shoving inside her, and I sucked very hard on her clit, pulling it firmly in my mouth and wrapping my tongue around it from underneath as best as I could. Her hips began moving more and more, and I could feel the walls of her core tighten down on my hand. I circled her clit, even licking down her lips. When I felt her body sit up and heard her suppressing a scream, I sucked her fully in, and rode her thrusts out until they were nothing but quivers.

I remained insider her a bit longer, and as I pulled my hand away, I kissed her on the insides of her thighs, rubbing my hands under her backside, loving her while I could.

My hair was sweat-soaked from being under the covers, and when I crawled back up beside her, her eyes met mine for a loving look of satisfaction. She brushed my bangs to the side and pulled me up to lie on her shoulder. "Thank you," we both whispered at the same time, and started laughing at thinking so much alike. We just laid there in the silence of the night, enjoying the sweet release and love we made.

I dressed quickly under the covers and moved to go back to my bedroll. She stopped me. "Wait…I've wanted to ask you something." I just looked at her and waited to hear what was on her mind. She had been thinking of traveling somewhere . "Really? Where?"

"How would you like to visit Egypt?" I was surprised, but happily said yes. Seeing the Nile and experiencing such different culture would be fascinating. "Sounds like a plan," I said, as I bent down and gave her one more kiss before going to drift off for a night of peaceful sleep. I didn't want to leave her side, but it wouldn't always be this way.

"Xena, since we are taking a trip, maybe we should go through Amphipolis and invite your mom to travel along with us. She could enjoy the time with Eve, and that would give us some privacy and we could pick up where we left off here tonight."

"We'll talk about it in the morning." She always had to keep me waiting, but she always made it worth the wait. I knew that meant yes, so I blew her a kiss, put another blanket on Eve, and snuggled in my warm covers--satiating the scent and fragrance of my warrior princess.

Once we had reached Alexandria with Cyrene, Xena received a scroll requesting help from Cleopatra. The Warrior Princess seemed to have had her taste of the Egyptian Elite, to which I was not surprised. I have met her once before, but Xena's lovers didn't bother me quite so much. From the first time I touched Xena, my curiosity about other lovers has risen. I wonder if she was a different kind of lover in her past. She's conquered every territory from here to Chin. Xena's list of Slain by the Sword reaches nowhere near the list of Slain by her Essence. Once again, my insecurity crept in and I couldn't help but wonder what she saw in me. I had no doubt of my love for her. It is my greatest skill. Being with Xena was my life. Whatever it required.

Along the way to Egypt, I know I questioned her too much, because Xena's answers were becoming shorter, like her patience. I was thinking much more about the Queen requesting a night of passion with Xena than I was the journey we were making on camels. I felt really bad for my insecurities when we arrived at Cleopatra's palace and found that she had been murdered.

Acting as Cleopatra's right-hand girl, I was afforded the comfort of being by her side as much as possible. Not that I didn't trust her. I didn't trust him-Mark Antony. He had skills of persuasion and charisma. Quite a gorgeous man, he exerted such self-control and confidence. The power drew Xena like a Goddess to Ambrosia. It seemed that my gut instincts were going to be on the line after all. I didn't consider him as threatening as Cleopatra, but when Xena slipped back into Warrior Mode, she could feast alone from the satisfaction obtained from seducing him. She would win not only on the battlefield, but in the bedroom as well. How could she not be attracted to him?

I never realized Xena's taste for strawberries. Funny, we had never eaten them together. Maybe that would change. Should I give her the chance to offer me the pleasure of being fed the fruit of paradise, and strawberries, too? I can only imagine how tasty dribbled honey would be, especially if feasting from the breasts of the Warrior Princess. What a chore to lick it completely off her skin. Such a strenuous workout would bring on some wonderful sleep. I couldn't help but interrupt this make-out session Xena and Antony were having. She was pushing my buttons in very way, and I had taken all I could stand. I felt daggers from her eyes, and she explained that she knew what she was doing. That's what I was afraid of. I felt like I could go all night, loving her forcefully, and yet yielding my body to her authority. I certainly couldn't stand someone else touching her.

Brutus was one of the suspects in the murder. The look of shock on his face when he realized he had been conned by Xena seemed well deserved. I encountered the most severe fight in my career on the ship with Brutus. Killing him left me feeling so…numb. My entire body could feel nothing when I saw the blade intrude his body. Everything went to a standstill-no sound--the silence deafening. But it was he or I. I had to do what I had to do.

Thinking all these things at once, I looked out over the balcony, the warm wind blowing lightly as the sun was setting. "Gonna miss Egypt?" Gods, her voice ran through me like an ache. She stood close behind me and wrapped her arm around my waste. What would I do if she started losing interest? Was being around a man such as Mark Antony offering more for her needs? It was driving me nuts. Her breath on the back of my neck was making me want to forget my worries and take her to bed. I'd show her I was a capable ally.

Sort of, but I'm not going to miss the feelings that I've been having."

"What feelings?"

I thought for a minute before answering. "I don't like this feeling that there may be more here than I can give you."

Thinking she was going to agree with my suspicion and fear, she surprised me by saying she wanted me. She said that I could be the one to share the desire she had for a night of unbridled lust and fulfilled promises. She picked me up and carried me to the bed. I was incredibly relieved for the first time in days, and needing to be loved by my warrior desperately. "Whatever you want, Xena…I just want to be sure I'm yours." She determinedly said, "Oh you will be, my little bard. I promise you that."

Her mouth took control of mine and all was forgotten. Still holding me, the only thing I could sense was the fire between us. How could I ever doubt? It was the most amazing feeling to be in love with Xena. When we overcame a difficult time like this, the quality of our time together was pure bliss. Nobody could take away what we shared, and she could feel my complete trust and confidence in her, and in her love for me. I was hers. Feeling it was even better.

She turned and laid me on the bed. I reached my arms for her to come lie on top of me, but she resisted. She told me to take a bath, and to dress in one of Eris' gowns. It sounded as if tonight was going to filled with something we've both needed. "Will you trust me?" When she asked me that, I always knew something new was waiting to be discovered.

While I was in the bath, I reached down and felt of myself. I closed my eyes and tried to feel what Xena feels when she touches me there. Just thinking about her hand on me brought instant wetness. I could have easily continued to touch myself, but I wanted to save every bit of desire and lust for Xena's touch. I loved to completely surrender my body to her. Her touch allowed me to lose myself to everything around us, and then only she and I existed.

Shianu helped me get dressed. She seemed a little shy around me, and I realized she knew Xena's plans for the evening. I chose a light-blue gown, revealing most of my leg through a slit. When I entered our room, Xena was standing near the opened doorway to the balcony. She watched my every move as I walked near her, and she held up her hand and stopped me. "No. Lie down on the bed and wait for me." I looked at the bed and saw some sort of hand restraints attached to the headboard. I looked back at Xena, and she was wearing her leathers, but no weapons. She had a strip of black cloth tied to each upper arm, and I thought that was odd.

She had a certain look on her face, like she was stalking her prey. Her presence was one of authority, and I could tell that tonight would be about my submission. Would I let her have full control of my body; did I trust her and anything she wanted to do to me? Of course I did. I found it completely stimulating to give her dominance. She loved me perfectly.

"I am going to make love to you, Gabrielle, and it is going to excite us both beyond reason. But I have to know that you are willing to let me take you to new heights. I won't be asking you this again, and no matter how much you beg me, I won't stop. I wouldn't have stopped with Antony. Do you understand?"

I nodded yes, and she leaned forward, taking her left hand in mine. "I won't hurt you, Gabrielle…I can promise you that. But I will tease you and excite you until you think you're on the verge of losing all control. Do I have your permission to continue?"

"I want you to do whatever you want to, Xena. You have my permission."

She put on left handcuff around my wrist. "No, Gabrielle…that's not enough. I want to know that you want this too…I don't want you to do this for me."

I told her that my body wanted her, and I wanted her to make love to me. That was what she needed to hear. And I meant it. I was already streaming with wetness as she put my other wrist in the right handcuff. I had never been restrained in this way. She told me to hush, and she would gag me if I didn't stop trying to talk.

She stepped back and looked at me. I didn't know quite how to feel. I was certainly helpless with my arms. I was very glad she left my legs free. Then she removed one of the pieces of cloth and told me it would be a shame that I wouldn't get to see what she was going to do to me. Not thinking before I spoke, I knew I had stepped right into her trap. She tied the other piece of cloth around my mouth. I felt unable to protect myself, but I realized this was the humility that Xena wanted. I had to trust her, because she wouldn't do anything to me that I wouldn't enjoy. Once I got over the shock, I'd love it.

I felt her sit at the foot of the bed. She removed my sandal and started massaging my foot. The fact that she chose familiar things to start with made me more at ease. She knew how much I loved a foot massage from her strong hands, and she was giving me this to earn my trust. She startled me when she started sucking my toes, but the sensation and also not being able to anticipate her next move was causing my center throb with anticipation.

I felt her move along side me on the bed, her tongue and caresses finding their way up my body. Knowing that Xena was enjoying this control over my body, I couldn't help but feel even more excited. My breathing was hard and sporadic. "This is a beautiful dress, Gabrielle…do you want me to remove it carefully, or take it off the way I really want to?" I tried to speak against the gag in my mouth. I was trying to tell her that Eris wouldn't appreciate her gown being cut, but I realized she couldn't understand me. She wasn't really interested in my response, anyway. This was just as exciting for Xena as it was for me.

"Well, if you can't make up your mind…" I heard her breast dagger leaving its scabbard, and then the blade lightly graced my skin as she slit the dress up past my waist. I felt her hands grab the material and rip it. "There now…much better…", her voice obviously approving of what she saw. It was quite stimulating to hear the desire in her voice, but it placed a tiny element of fear in me. We hadn't had a lot of privacy and opportunity to just let go since Eve's birth, and considering all the emotion we had both experienced the past few days, it was all rising to the surface.

I had chosen some beautiful white underwear that I knew would bring my Warrior Princess to me…my own little trap. When she saw them, she ran her fingers beneath the lacy edges, only adding more moisture to my already flooded center.

I felt her lift my lower half and lay me back down on soft pillows. This was the first time we were in this position, and my imagination was running rampant. What was she going to do? I drew my breath quickly in when she rested her hand very securely on my crotch. Barely moving, she applied heavy pressure, making my underwear soak up some of my own juices. Her body soon hovered over me to the side, and my excitement was mounting by the second. "I will take this off," she whispered, slipping a finger underneath the cloth restraining my mouth. "If you promise not to ask me any questions. I want to hear your moan and call out your pleasure as I continue…but no other speaking, unless I give you permission. Deal?" I shook my head yes, but heard the dagger leave it's scabbard again as the blade sliced the material covering my mouth.

My mouth was dry, and I was trying to gain control of my breathing. My heart was beating so fast, but I wanted to seem in control. I didn't want Xena to think I was afraid. This game of the unknown was testing my trust, but knowing it would strengthen it in the end. I felt her mouth capture mine, and immediately I settled down, the caresses of her tongue putting me into a trance with every lick. She was being so gentle, yet in complete command. Xena was not as much on words, but the actions she would choose to convince my trust were worth more than anything spoken. Gods, I loved her.

I felt her slick fingers on my mouth, and recognized the sweet drug that dominated my life. "Taste what you do to me, Gabrielle." She almost drove me insane with that move, and I wildly sucked every finger. Suddenly, I felt afraid there would be more material in my mouth, and I wanted so much to be free to speak while Xena made love to me. I wanted to tell her everything she did to me, knowing it would only enhance the incredible orgasms we would be reaching. Making love in a palace, surrounded by wealth and the ultimate beauty of my lover, I couldn't have felt more fulfilled. I had to concentrate on not speaking, and it was becoming increasingly more difficult.

She urged me to hold myself up as she pulled the underwear from me. Here we go, I thought to myself. I felt something rub between my legs, not her hands, and then heard, "Open wide." My eyes flew open with shock behind the black material. Oh gods, she was full of surprises tonight. When she told me to suck them clean, I gave her exactly what she wanted, although I had never done this before. I decided she should see my tongue and the movements my mouth could offer her own body go to work against her own little plan. I could surprise her as well.

"Are you ready for my mouth, Gabrielle?" Oh gods, was I ready. She would have a hard time holding onto me through all the wetness she had caused to come down. She had complete control over me. There was no doubt. I was finally beginning to understand her command about taking a good bath. I had to trust her.

She interrupted my thoughts when I felt her hand lightly graze down my body. She usually would spend more time on my breasts, but tonight she had barely touched me. Was she more focused on other areas? Feeling her hot breath over my center as she spread my legs apart, she told me, ""You look so hot this way, my little bard." Gods, she was about to send me over the edge just talking to me. "You're spread wide open, and I can see your cunt crying out for me to touch it." I could sense the sexuality in her voice even more with the blindfold on. Her voice seemed to vibrate against my clit.

"What do you want inside you, Gabrielle? My tongue or my fingers?" Could I answer? I didn't want to be gagged. "You may answer the question."

"Both", I panted. I didn't think she could fill me enough tonight. Taking her own sweet time, I finally laid my head back and painfully waited on her next move. She ran her fingers through my wetness, dividing my lips. When I felt the warmth of her mouth over my entire center, I suddenly ascended to the Heavens. Her mouth was so soft inside, and she licked me through my entire length. Settling on sucking my clit, I felt her go inside me with her fingers, pumping in solid movements. She wasn't going to make me wait to come, and I wasn't so sure that I could.

"Are you ready to come for me so soon, Gabrielle?"

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