Got Trust?--Xena's Scroll Part 1

Laying here on a blanket, our daughter between us, I had to smile warmly at my bard. This is the way it's been lately…it seems like we were having more and more trouble getting time to ourselves, and I was missing it terribly. Even Joxer was with us tonight! He slept off to Gabrielle's left, and I couldn't just wake him up and ask him to watch Eve while I took Gabrielle off in the woods and fucked her senseless.

Yes, we stole some time for lovemaking. After Eve was asleep we would often find pleasure with each other, but we couldn't leave the baby alone, and were settling on gentle, quiet climaxes that temporarily satisfied, but left me, at least, still wanting more.

Did Gabrielle miss some of our more passionate sessions? She didn't talk about it, and I know she adored Eve, so perhaps she wouldn't even admit it to herself. She didn't want to make herself feel guilty for wanting to be separated from Eve long enough for us to let our more strenuous passions overtake us. As Eve's birth mother though, I knew it would be good for us emotionally to be separated for a few days, and as she recently began to eat solid food, I knew a few days separated from her mother's breast wouldn't hurt her either.

Even tonight, I couldn't sleep; I was just watching my bard sleep and fantasizing about how I desired to make love to her. When I saw her awake, I fell in love all over again. She was missing me too, and I bid her to come visit my bedroll, so we could share some of our muted passions. We had to hold back, but I didn't allow myself be distracted too much that I couldn't bring her to fulfillment, and she ably did the same to me. It was very, very nice, and offered promises of so much more. We would find a way to get to that more.

I had heard of the unrest in Cleopatra's domain, and suggested we travel there. Gabrielle was all for it, as she had never traveled to the exotic country of Egypt. Amphipolis was along the way, and it was Gabrielle's suggestion that we ask my mother to travel with us. She rubbed a hand up and down my arm, and whispered that Mom could watch Eve for a while, so we could be alone.

Mom was thrilled with the prospect, and so was I. She and Eve adored each other as a grandmother and granddaughter should, and I found myself able to leave Eve with her, so Gabrielle and I could spend some time reconnecting. We had a wonderful two days in Alexandria, and an even more wonderful night, before I got the scroll.

How Cleopatra's scroll reached me so easily is beyond me, but it was very evident she was in great danger. Gabrielle and I had met with her before, but that was before our time together as lovers. I had the feeling Gabrielle had always suspected Cleopatra and I had been more than just friends, especially when Cleopatra herself had flirted with me on our last encounter, and my determination to help out the Queen left no doubts.

Even the new experience of traveling by camel didn't deter my bard as we made our way to Cleopatra's palace at the edge of the Nile. She was relentless in her questioning, wanting to know what I had felt for the gorgeous Queen, and if there were any feelings still left behind. Over and over I reassured her that Cleopatra was now just a friend, and anything that had happened in the past was just a mutual expression of appreciation and lust for the other's bearing and looks, not any feelings of love.

But lust for someone she didn't love was something that never seethed in Gabrielle's veins, and she had a hard time understanding how casual I could be about my past liaisons. I tried to be patient…repeatedly. I told her she was the only one for me…even until my nerves were running thin. I wanted Gabrielle to believe me, and didn't like the insecurity to overcome her.

When we finally arrived at the palace, we were in for some shocking news. Cleopatra was dead, and the murderer had yet to be found. There were two main suspects, and they were both Roman. Gabrielle realized there was no longer any perceived threat to our relationship, and gracefully let me off the hook, but I couldn't forget the way she had hounded me. We learned from Cleopatra's main advisor, a vivacious and beautiful brunette named Shianu, that there were two parties that had just arrived at the palace before us. One was Brutus…a man we had dealt with before and considered a tentative friend. But the other…

Mark Antony. I had heard of this Roman's accomplishments and he was one man worthy of my respect. He was as legendary in the bedroom as he was on the battlefield, and although I had no desire to be unfaithful to Gabrielle, I must admit I had briefly entertained the thought of seeing if he was as remarkable as claimed.

It's ironic that Gabrielle didn't seem to find Antony a threat, as she had Cleopatra. Surely it wasn't because he was a man, but as I told her how I planned on finding out his intentions, she didn't seem to have any hesitance. I ensured the news of Cleopatra's death wouldn't spread, and the only people that knew were her closest advisers, and then would disguise myself as the Queen, and discover what was afoot.

We were able to shake Brutus up a bit, in more ways than one. He had thought we were long dead, and was taken aback by Gabrielle and my good health. We had to convince him that Cleopatra was very much alive, and we were there to make sure she remained safe during the meetings. He seemed to accept that, but any doubts could easily be accounted for by the very fact that Gabrielle and I were there, far away from our usual territory in Greece. But Cleopatra was a native Grecian, and that was enough to convince him.

Antony was another story. I left Gabrielle to get settled in and with instructions to tell Shianu and the others our plans, while I prepared for my first meeting with him. I wanted it to be memorable, and my choice of…attire…did just that. Clothed in nothing but a few strategically placed chains and rolled up in a rug…I got his attention. He surprised me and relieved me by putting me off though…I was moving too fast for him. That pleased me, as I found him very attractive, very attractive indeed, and I was rapidly becoming more interested in how Gabrielle would react to seeing him.

The opportunity arrived soon, as I was taking a bath, in a spacious bathing room decked out with the greatest Egyptian finery. Gabrielle lounged on the pool's edge beside me, as we talked, and she worked the sponge over me in a way that would arouse no suspicion, yet managed to enflame me. When Antony appeared in the doorway, every breath in the room was sucked in and held, including mine. He was gorgeous!

I tried to regain my regal air as I introduced Gabrielle as "Eris". He turned his smile on her, saying, "If I were your hands, Eris, I would be fortunate indeed." He had no idea the import of that statement! But she smiled demurely, and I sensed she wanted to believe there was no pun intended. His eyes had locked into mine again.

I flirted with Antony, as I had earlier, and was well aware of what it was doing to Gabrielle. Her obsession over Cleopatra had sparked something in me, though, and I remembered what had happened when her jealousy had gotten to her before. I wouldn't mind spending a night being conquered by her and the phallus. My body was fairly crying out for it.

The situation complicated quickly, in more ways than one. I continued to play the jealousy game, allowing Antony to seduce me before Gabrielle's eyes. She responded as I expected, a few scathing comments and a growing uneasiness between us. I wanted to milk it for all it was worth, as I was beginning to feel new strong emotions toward her. Irritation was among them, but the most overriding one was the sense that I was going to reassure her in the most dramatic ways possible, until she was limp with newfound confidence.

She rarely left my side in the palace, and I was no dummy as to why that was, but that was fine was me, as I loved having her near me all the time. It was no act when I responded to Antony's touch. He was very charismatic, but at the same time, I knew I would not let our actions go beyond a few touches and whispered words. Gabrielle didn't have the same assurance, and it was driving her crazy. Stretched out on the floor with him, we fed each other fruit in the most delicious ways, and I could feel Gabrielle's astonished eyes burning into the back of my head. I wasn't surprised when she interrupted us, but feigned annoyance, just to watch her react. I shouldn't enjoy teasing my little bard, but gods help me, the making up for it made it all worthwhile!

In the end, I didn't want Antony to have to die. I knew there were very real sparks between us, and he had grown to care for me, despite my deception. I would never act upon any similar feelings I might have toward him, but I didn't let Gabrielle know that. I was hoping she'd remember our long talks after our run-ins with Najara…and the trust that had reasserted itself after those times. It was okay to feel attracted to another, even natural, but it wasn't okay to act upon it. I still felt that way, but intentionally didn't remind Gabrielle.

It was a brutal, bitter fight. Gabrielle was on Brutus's ship, as insurance that "Cleopatra's" fleet wouldn't attack it, and she had to put up the fight of her life. Brutus was angered beyond words, and bent on killing her, but my bard was able to triumph, thanks to her training and her sheer will. I had a struggle of my own on my hands, and it hurt when Antony fell from my sword, proclaiming his love for me. I had used him in more ways than one, and the guilt over it was weighing heavily over me.

Gabrielle and I were both injured inside and out, and we spent a few more days at Cleopatra's palace, healing both types of hurt. We didn't discuss what had happened much, but instead, focused on making sure the Egyptian people would be safe and secure under its new reign. At night we held each other, reexpressing our love for each other with words and a few caresses, but I was beginning to feel frustration set in again. Ironically, this gentleness and tenderness that had existed since Eve's birth was becoming too much for me to bear.

We were to be getting ready to head back to Alexandria and our family the next day, when I finally went to Shianu and told her what I needed. She seemed a little taken aback, but nodded her understanding. She knew Gabrielle and I were lovers, and had went out of her way to ensure our privacy, but what I was asking for was probably a bit much for her.

Gabrielle was out on the balcony of the room we were sharing, watching the setting sun. I approached her from behind, and pressed my front to her back. She shivered, and ran a finger up my arm that had latched around her waist. "Gonna miss Egypt?" I asked, blowing my breath on her neck.

"Sort of," she admitted. "But I'm not going to miss the feelings that I've been having."

"What feelings?"

She paused before she answered. "I don't like this feeling that there may be more here than I can give you."

I hid the smirk that played at my features. "And what's that?"

She turned and looked me in the eye. "Xena, I saw you with Antony. You can't deny you wanted him. He had something that I could never give you. And I don't mean the phallus. What was it, Xena?"

Oh yes, this was going to be perfect. I played along…"Do you really want to know, Gabrielle?"

"Gods, Xena, yes! It's tearing me in two!" The look of pain in her green eyes reached through my haze and I bent her roughly over my arm, molding my body against hers.

"Antony offered me excitement, strength, and…"


"And…the desire for a night of unbridled lust and fulfilled promises."


I could see she was hurt again, and I let her stand, only to pull her tightly against me once more. I lifted, and she automatically put her legs around my waist, so I was supporting her. There was a battle of emotions going on in her, and I was tired of pretenses. "Gabrielle," I whispered in her ear.


"I want you to bring me those things…and you can…if you will let me take control." I nipped my teeth at her earlobe, and licked my way down her jaw line.

"Whatever you want, Xena…I just want to be sure I'm yours."

I chuckled into her neck. "Oh you will be, my little bard. I promise you that." I kissed her hotly, my mouth open and demanding on hers. She responded in kind, and I could feel her confidence begin to rise.

Turning, I laid her on the bed behind us. She reached her hands up to me, but I stood, and authoritated my most commanding presence. "I want you to take a bath, Gabrielle. And wash thoroughly…everywhere. Tonight…I am going to fulfill desires in you that you never even knew existed. When you are finished, dress in one of Eris's gowns, and go to Shianu. She'll tell you where you can find me. Will you do that for me?"

She tremored with excitement. "Yes, Xena."

I had to say it…"I love you, Gabrielle. Will you trust me?"

Her eyes met mine, and she smiled. "I love you, Xena, and yes, with all my heart."

I nodded at her, and then turned on my heel to leave her there. I knew she would follow my instructions, and I went ahead to make sure Shianu had done the same. I warned Shianu that Gabrielle would more than likely be full of questions, but she vowed to keep my secret plans safe. Her patient smile reinforced why Cleopatra had trusted her so, and I was glad she would be helping to rule Egypt.

Shianu had done everything as I had requested, and I felt myself pacing with eagerness until Gabrielle stepped into the room, dressed as I asked. She wore a long light blue gown, and the split up the side flashed expanses of thigh as she moved. I held my breath, entranced by her beauty. She wasn't wearing the black wig she had worn when she was Eris, and I was glad for that. It would leave that delicious neck of hers bared for when I wanted to feast on her flesh there. As she tentatively moved closer, I could smell the light perfume of lavender. She sparkled as she approached me, but I held up a hand. "No. Lie down on the bed, and wait for me."

Her eyes took in the bed and the accessories that adorned it, but she didn't hesitate to do my bidding. Her unflinching gaze met mine, as I took a step forward, and she took in my form. I was dressed in my leathers but went without my armor or boots, and my chakram wasn't at my waist nor was my sword on my back. And instead of my armbands, I had tied two strips of black cloth in their usual place. I saw her eyes resting on them curiously.

I wasn't smiling, as I approached her, and I knew the look in my eyes was telling her I was in full warlord mode at this particular moment. I didn't let that side of me come out very often, but tonight, it was the only thing I could do. I sat on the edge of the bed, and looked at her very sternly.

"I am going to make love to you, Gabrielle, and it is going to excite us both beyond reason. But I have to know that you are willing to let me take you to new heights. I won't be asking you this again, and no matter how much you beg me, I won't stop. I wouldn't have stopped with Antony. Do you understand?"

She nodded, but I could see she was a bit frightened, and I leaned forward, taking her left hand in mine. "I won't hurt you, Gabrielle…I can promise you that. But I will tease you and excite you until you think you're on the verge of losing all control. Do I have your permission to continue?"

She gulped, and then her eyes lowered. "I want you to do whatever you want to, Xena. You have my permission."

I let her feel the fur lined cuff on her left wrist before I continued. "No, Gabrielle…that's not enough. I want to know that you want this too…I don't want you to do this for me."

She nodded, and her eyes rose, this time letting her desire shine through. "I want you Xena. My body is crying out for you to take me. I want you to love me."

That's all I needed…the reassurance that she wanted me wholly. "All right, then," I replied, and I fastened the cuff on her left arm. "You don't have to fasten me do-", I cut her off with a finger to her lips, and growled at her.

"Not another word," I told her harshly. "Not another word from your luscious lips unless I give you permission…or else I'll gag you, do you understand?" She swallowed and nodded, as she realized the darkness of my intensity.

"Good…" I smiled. And turned to her right hand. In seconds it was secured as well, to one of the chains Shianu had discreetly arranged for me.

I pulled away from her then, and let her try out her new bonds. Her arms were outstretched, now locked into the chains that were attached to either side of the headboard, and I could see her biceps working as she tested her restraints. I had left her legs free intentionally, but she didn't undignify herself by letting her lower half squirm too much.

"Gorgeous," I clucked. "It's a shame you won't get to see what I do." I unfastened the black cloth from my left arm, and bent to secure it behind her head, blindfolding her.

"Xena" she protested at this, and gave me the excuse I'd been wanting.

"I told you not to speak," I reminded her, as I pulled the other cloth from my arm. I tied it around her mouth, not tight enough to hurt, but tight enough to make my point. Stepping back, I surveyed her once again, ascertaining her mood. She was effectively silenced and blinded, and I knew it would heighten her other senses. She cocked her head in the direction of me, and uttered not a sound. I chuckled approvingly.

Once again I sat on the bed, this time at her feet. I slipped her right sandal from her foot, and began massaging the sole, easing the tension from her arch. My bard loved a good foot rub, and I felt her let herself relax. She tensed again when I sucked her toes into my mouth, but as I slowly released them one by one until I was sucking strongly on the smallest one, she lay quiet in front of me. I repeated the action on her other foot, and her reactions were nearly identical.

"That's my good girl," I had to whisper, as I began to stroke up over her ankles and calves, pulling my body up along with her. Her silky smooth skin felt wonderful beneath my fingers and tongue, and by the time I reached midthigh, I was gasping as hard for breath as she was.

"This is a beautiful dress, Gabrielle…do you want me to remove it carefully, or take it off the way I really want to?" She mumbled something against the gag, and then whimpered a bit, frustrated.

"Well, if you can't make up your mind…" she jerked her head at the sound of my breast dagger leaving its scabbard, and I hastily widened the gap that the dress already featured. Grabbing the silky material, I ripped it so it lay wide open, lying beneath her.

"Oh, Gabrielle!" I fingered the leg band of the lacey white underwear she was wearing. It looked so delicate on her firm, almost translucent skin. "I definitely can't be ripping these off…I like them very much."

Her head began to twist on the bed, as I lifted her hips and placed two plump pillows beneath her, tilting her mound toward me, and forcing her to bend her legs to support herself. Gods, the sheer possibilities of this position! I paused long enough to slip out of my own damp breeches, before I planted my right hand on her silk covered center, and leaned my head forward near hers.

I could see she was chewing at the gag, and knew it couldn't be comfortable for her. "I will take this off," I promised, slipping a finger underneath it near the corner of her mouth. "If you promise not to ask me any questions. I want to hear your moan and call out your pleasure as I continue…but no other speaking, unless I give you permission. Deal?"

After a second's hesitation, she nodded, and using the dagger again, I cut through the restraint. I flung it aside and watched her tongue come out to lick her dry lips. I took over, and she responded hungrily to my kiss. I let her mouth calm against my own, and purposely left mine gentle so she could catch her breath. Having her splayed out as she was was making my own breathing a little labored, and it gave me the chance to recover too.

But it was a brief respite, and I felt the throbbing in my center begin anew, even more insistent than before. I reached down, and my fingers probed my own wetness, and pressed it to her lips. She eagerly licked them clean. "Taste what you do to me, Gabrielle," I whispered, as I repeated the action one more time. She eagerly did just that.

I fought back a shiver, and pulled away from her head, seating myself between her wide-open legs. I slipped both hands under the waistband of her panties, and she obligingly lifted herself so I could pull them from her body. I hissed my approval, marveling at the perfect beauty of her secret parts, and then an idea struck me. I took the cool, smooth underwear in my fist, and dragged it up through her wetness, gathering up plenty of her sparkling juices. "Open wide," I crooned, and as she did so, I pressed the material into her mouth.

It took her a second to realize what was going on, and I saw her face redden a bit from the impact. She mewled, and tried to push the underwear out with her tongue, and I realized she thought I was going to gag her again. "Suck them clean," I whispered, and felt another wave of excitement hit me when I saw her doing my bidding. Gods, she drove me to such heights! Her cheeks were flushed a dark pink, but she didn't give up until I was satisfied.

"Are you ready for my mouth, Gabrielle?" I whispered as I hovered above her center. I knew she could feel my hot breath against her mound, and her hips involuntarily thrust upwards a bit. She nodded, and I reached up and pulled the panties from her mouth, brushing my knuckles gently against her cheek. "I'm glad…now let's see how good a bath you took..."

I let my fingers trail over her breasts, brushing the erect nipples, but I didn't want to focus my touch there. She had been avoiding my own aching breasts for months, and tonight, I intended to give her a taste of what my neglected breasts did to me. I let my hand linger in her cleavage, then travel across her stomach and as I moved to a more comfortable position on my knees. Propped up the way she was, I could see every inch of the area normally covered by her underwear. The scent of her excitement made my mouth water, and I settled on my knees and stroked the underside of her right thigh. I felt the goosebumps prickle her skin, and then the leg was lifting up over my shoulder on its own accord. I chuckled into the soft flesh of her inner leg, ignoring the urge of her thigh muscle that was telling me to hurry.

"You look so hot this way, my little bard," I whispered to her, seeing her suck in her lower lip at my voice. "You're spread wide open, and I can see your cunt crying out for me to touch it."

She nodded, but refrained from speaking, remembering the rules. "What do you want inside you, Gabrielle? My tongue or my fingers?" She hesitated, and I chuckled again. "You may answer the question."

"Both," she whispered, and then she fell back into silent thrashings of her head. I watched her enchanted for a moment. Some tendrils of hair had worked loose, and they shimmered against the pillow from the candlelight. For the millionth time, I was struck by how innocent and delicate she appeared, but I knew that her looks could be deceiving, and she could be every bit the aggressor if I riled her in the right ways.

"Very well," I whispered back, and I began stroking the length of her, making sure she could hear the sounds of my fingers sloshing through the stream flowing from her. She was so wet, and I suddenly found myself parched. My open mouth suctioned itself to her entire clit and labia, as three of my fingers slid inside her.

She moaned above me, and her hips pressed closer to my face, as I went to work on her, loving her thoroughly with the movements I knew would make her soar fast. I added a fourth finger when I heard her moans turn to groans, and I pulled back my head, stretching out one of her inner lips with my teeth before allowing it to snap back. "Are you ready to come for me so soon, Gabrielle?"

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