Got Trust?--Gabrielle's Scroll (Conclusion)

Gods, I didn't realize I had my leg thrown around her neck, but my entire body started drawing tighter, including my core around Xena's fingers. I came so hard, seeing explosions of Greek Fire behind the blindfold. The foreplay had almost turned into the orgasm itself.

I was limp from the extended playtime and intense climax, just lying back and enjoying the feeling that was running through my body. "Are you ready for more?" she seductively asked, and without an answer from me, she startled me by lifting my hips and tilting my center upwards as she raised on her knees slightly. She draped my legs over her shoulders. Not giving me time to respond, she drew her tongue down the length of my opening, all the way to my other opening. It took me by such surprise that I gasped when I felt her tongue somewhere other than my center.

"Remember, you can't ask me to stop…", and I had to focus on what Xena wanted. She would never touch me in a way that I wouldn't like, or never intend to, and I wanted to give myself to her completely. I had always found it almost impossible to let her go there, but she should be able to touch me anywhere, and I yielded it all to her right then and there.

She licked from one entrance to the other, and finally slid her fingers in my vagina. Her tongue was entering my anal opening, and the sensation was incredible. I just let go, and only thought about Xena being inside me, swallowing me, and loving me. I threatened to break free from the restraints on my arms. I could have screamed her name, but controlled myself for fear of everyone in the palace knowing my Warrior Princess had yet once again claimed her prey. I could feel her move forward inside my vagina, and in this position, that certain spot had a whole new feeling. My climax started deeper than ever before, and I could tell this was going to be a welcomed ride. My body uncontrollably began moving in thrusts, trying to reach even harder for her. She could not be close enough to me right now. If I could fit all of her inside me, I would. She was moaning loudly and loving every minute of my liberation.

I was dead. There was no doubt about it. The entire dead weight of my body was lifted as the pillows were gently removed from beneath me. She removed my weak knees from around her neck, and laid me on the bed. I felt her prop her chin on her hands as she rested on my stomach. "You awake up there?" Could I talk yet? Not from permission, but from being paralyzed. She had literally disabled me. But it felt wonderful.

"You can speak now…" she said.

"Thank you, Xena." She knew exactly what I meant by that. I had needed my baby for a very long time like this. Wild and uninhibited love. "I want to make love to you now. Don't you want me to?" I was afraid she was going to keep me blindfolded and restrained. I wanted her body. All of it.

I want you to very much, Gabrielle, but it has to be on my terms."

"Anything you want…" she whispered finally. I was so tempted to tell her what I wanted to do to her, but I decided she was still in control.

"I'm going to take off the blindfold, now. The light will be bright, so don't open your eyes for a few seconds."

Ahhh, there she was. The beautiful woman I loved. I was overcome by emotion, and she leaned in for a kiss, allowing me free course to love her momentarily. I wanted her wrapped in my arms, but apparently she still wanted me this way. "Let me love you Xena…"

"I will, but it has to be on my terms." She straddled me with her bare center, and I immediately felt her warm juices running to mingle with mine. She looked incredible, and I loved her sitting on me. I could feel myself begin to reach for her, and knew this must only be a taste of what it would be like to be inside her. Having the walls of her center contract against my own flesh would be the ultimate feeling. I knew, because I was feeling it. I wanted to drink every ounce she was pouring.

"Not like this…with my mouth…" I wanted her desperately--in every sense of the word. I could just taste her cunt on my mouth, just letting my tongue fuck her to unseen heights.

"Yes, with your mouth," she said, narrowing her eyes, and reaching for her straps. I just watched as she unlaced her clothes and slid her leathers down to her waist. Her breasts were beautiful, and my mouth watered as they pointed themselves to me, inviting me to rest my face between them. They were very full, and her dark nipples were larger and more erect than I had ever seen. I had refrained from making love to her breasts since the baby had been here. It somehow seemed intrusive in a sense, but I had certainly missed my mouth on them, especially knowing how Xena can climax just from sucking her nipples.

She swiveled her hips hard on my mound, and our lips were grinding and sliding against each other. Gods, she was making me wild.

You've been neglecting my breasts, Gabrielle," her breath catching in her throat. "I want your mouth on them."

"But Xena…I don't want to take Eve's-"

Leaning over me and placing her left breast in my mouth, she said "You won't take Eve's meals…there's plenty more where that came from…" My mouth took over, not giving her a chance to talk anymore. "Gods yes, Gabrielle…that's what I want…"

I didn't realize how much I had missed sucking her like this. A new sweetness streamed on my tongue, and I realized milk was coming in my mouth. Eating from Xena's body suddenly had a new pleasure. This was a part of her, and her moans were making me have no doubts that she was enjoying feeding it to me. We simply lost ourselves to everything and made love like there'd be no tomorrow. I felt her body tighten as she began to come. She rubbed herself hard against my mound, making me move with pure want and lust. I sucked her breasts hard, and was lost in the ecstasy of her long body covering mine. She finally went limp and just lay on top of me, her mouth next to my ear.

"Gods, thank you, Gabrielle," she said as she slowly came back to life. I turned my head and we met for another lingering kiss. There were many tastes that were mingling, the evidence that we had most definitely made love here tonight. Freeing me from my confinements, I wrapped my arms around her slender body and rolled her over onto the bed. Removing her leathers, I watched her face, seeing she had found the satisfaction she was looking for. She looked into my eyes, letting me know it was time.

"Let me love you now, Xena…" I said, finally touching her center and returning to her breasts. She was ready for me, and I wouldn't disappoint her.

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