Reunions--Xena's Scroll (Part 1)

I will never forget the ache in my heart when I saw Gabrielle's face. I know she could sense, just as I had, that her parents were no longer alive. Lila's expression revealed much.

Just having to face that news was hard enough. But the circumstances of their death had made it much worse, for they had been murdered in cold blood, by some slave trader named Gurkhan. I immediately saw sparks of recognition in Eve's eye. I had to speak to her soon, but my top priority was helping Gabrielle through this.

Expectedly, she was dealing with all the news with a lot of strong emotion. Even more than rescuing her niece from Gurkhan's clutches, she was bent on avenging the death of her parents. I understood that need for vengeance. The gods know I had experienced it enough on my own…but seeing Gabrielle feel the same way was harder to handle.

Her first instinct had told her to run from the house, and I followed her outside, knowing her emotions were overwhelming her, and she was going to need my support. We hadn't been outside more than a few seconds when a vicious storm suddenly pelted us with a cold, hard rain. I tried to urge Gabrielle to escape the whipping wind and stinging rain drops, but she was physically sick, the realization of what had happened to her family making her nauseous. When her stomach calmed somewhat, I lifted her into my arms and carried her into the barn.

Even after we were in the dry safety of the barn, she just stood there and shivered, and I was worried about her. I found a dry blanket and wrapped it around her, then urged her to sit with me We had only been there a few seconds when she began to cry bitterly. I rocked her in my arms, letting her sob out the pain and anger that she was being bombarded with.

After a while, her tears subsided, and she was resting quietly in my embrace. I felt the need to speak, if only to see if she was all right. "We've made some memories in this barn, huh?" I asked lamely.

She pulled from my arms and turned to face me, only to press her body against mine as her lips sought mine out for a long, tender kiss. The kiss went on forever it seemed. Her mouth was working hungrily at mine, her hands stroking up and down my back, and I felt sudden shame as my body betrayed my heart, and was rapidly becoming aroused. I mentally chided myself, thinking she was in my arms to draw strength and comfort from my touch. Only I could give her that, and I was always going to be there for her.

Gabrielle suddenly pulled herself away from me though. "I want you to make love to me, Xena. Right now," she told me, her eyes brimming with both new arousal and old pain.

I looked at her doubtfully, and started to question her, but she shut me up with her lips against mine. She took her hand and pressed it to her damp underwear. There was no doubting she wanted me.

I still wasn't sure if this was the right time for her, but she left me little choice when she held my hand firmly against her, only pulling it back long enough to slip out of her panties. The heat from her cunt made the palm of my hand tingle as I stroked her. Above, we continued the deep, erotic kissing.

Still, I had to be sure…I had a nagging feeling in the back of my brain that I was taking advantage of her grief, and I pulled my mouth free. "Are you sure about this?" I asked.

Her eyes looked hurt. "Don't you want to touch me?" she asked.

"You know I do," I answered, and any hesitation was gone as I cupped my hand over her and slipped three fingers inside her. I began a slow long stroke, my eyes searching hers, doing my best to let her know that she could depend on me for whatever she needed. Even in her most vulnerable state, she was the most enticing creature alive, and I felt the need to slip my other hand to hold her labia apart so I could stroke over her clitoris. I was torn between watching her face and her lower body, so I contented myself with closing my eyes and just feeling her.

I heard her whisper to me that she was close, and then I felt her hand lowering the straps of my leathers, pushing them below my breasts. The warmth of her mouth closed over a nipple, and I moaned inside my throat. Fighting all the emotions she was feeling, the vengeance, the sorrow, the shock, she was seeking comfort from me in more ways than one, and I felt her lips nurse at me like a newborn. It gave me incredibly strong feelings of pride and joy. My heart swelled with love, and in response, my nipple swelled in her mouth.

Gabrielle was groaning steadily now, and I knew she was almost there. She froze for a second, as she was caught up in that rapturous second before her climax started, and then she was coming, a long drawn out groan emitting from her. Her mouth nuzzling my breast was driving me crazy, and I began to wiggle my cunt against her ass cheek, seeking a little stimulation of my own. She came again in tune with me, and our mouths pressed together as we held on tightly to each other.

Eventually, I pulled my fingers from her body, but immediately drew her into my arms, once again trying to let her know I was right here, ready to stand beside her no matter what. I would be content to sit in this barn and hold her forever.

We talked a lot that evening about how we should handle the situation, and I felt a growing concern that my peace loving bard almost seemed more bent on avenging her parents' murder than rescuing her niece. It was a dangerous line of thinking.

Yes, revenge was a path I had followed numerous times, but it was hard for me to see my love trodding that same path. I tried like Tartarus to talk her out of it, but her mind was made up. And once she had her mind set on something, she wouldn't go back on it.

So I agreed to travel with her to Mogador in Northern Africa, where Gurkhan's palace stood. I used the time during the boat trip doing several different things. I gleaned all the information I could from Eve. As close as we had grown in the last few weeks, she was being tightlipped about her association with Gurkhan. I had the feeling I knew why, and Eve's shame was keeping her from telling me everything.

She did give me a lot of details I would need however, and I realized the slave trade Gurkhan was involved in was far more extensive than I thought at first. I realized that Gabrielle was up against more than she knew, and was beginning to feel even worse about the situation she was putting herself in. I was afraid her anger would keep her from forming a cohesive plan to free her niece, and would just endanger herself in the man's clutches.

After much deliberation, I decided what I would do. I hated the course of action I would take, but just couldn't risk losing Gabrielle. Her upset emotional state made her seasickness reappear with a vengeance of its own. I took advantage of her nausea and gave her something to make her feel better. However, I neglected to tell her that the stuff would knock her out totally. When we arrived at Mogador, she would be totally unconscious.

It took little to convince Virgil to come with me, and soon, my plan was ready to be put into motion. But before we did that, I had to make amends with Gabrielle.

I arranged to meet Virgil in a half-hour, then went to see Gabrielle who was asleep in our cabin. She was flat on her back, one hand flung across her forehead. The drug would keep her knocked out, even though her eyes were sensitive to the sunlight in the room. I picked up my bedroll and shook it out, then hung it over the porthole. It made the cabin much darker.

I pulled Gabrielle's boots off, and then pulled the covers up over her. She didn't stir. When she was all settled in, I sat on the bed beside her. My heart felt heavy in my chest, as I stroked her bangs back from her forehead and just drank in her beauty.

I wanted to leave her a note…I truly did. But the truth was, I didn't know what to say to her. I knew when she woke up and found out what happened, she was going to be absolutely furious with me. I had told Eve what was going on, and it was her job to keep Gabrielle on the ship. I warned her that Gabrielle would try a whole myriad of things just to get off the boat. I realized stopping her the way I had gave Gabrielle another reason to get inside Gurkhan's palace…just so she could yell at me.

I sat there beside her for a while, then heard the chimes from the shore of Mogador, signaling we were about to dock. The auctions would begin soon, according to Eve, and it was time for Virgil and I to head to shore. I stroked Gabrielle's cheek one more time, and bent over, pressing my lips to her in a soft kiss. Even in her drug-induced sleep, she responded, her lips moving slightly against mine. When I pulled my head away, I could have sworn I saw the hint of a smile on her face. It should have made me feel better, but it didn't. I was feeling like I had betrayed her already, and this show of love and trust made me feel worse.

I whispered more apologies to her, and told her I loved her one more time, before I left her side.

Getting into Gurkhan's harem wasn't very difficult. I took a look at the other women being auctioned off, and saw a wide variety of looks and nationalities. The women were all beautiful, and many looked terrified, which was, under the circumstances, very understandable. A couple of them, however, looked almost pleased to be there. You can't help but wonder what kind of life they came from to be happy about being here.

When the time came for me to be auctioned off, I put on one of my most haughty stances. I had dealt with Gurkhans in the world before, and knew that a woman could stand out just by having a different attitude. Of course, the fact that I was at least a head taller than all the other women helped me stand out too.

I wasn't really surprised when I fetched the highest price that day, and soon found I had a home in Gurkhan's harem.

Gurkhan was very, very smart, and ran a closely guarded operation. It didn't take long to realize he had several hidden passages outside the walls of my new "home", and he would watch our activities at his leisure. He would be able to go virtually unnoticed to the untrained eye. If I wanted to talk to any of my fellow prisoners, I had to make sure we were unobserved.

I didn't get much time to check out the situation though. In the span of a few hours, I did get an idea of who was cooperative and who wasn't. I also had a run-in with Gurkhan's number one wife, a patrician looking blonde who took an instant dislike to me. Within the span of three minutes, she backhanded me, then kicked me in the face. It didn't exactly hurt, but it took every ounce of will power I had to keep from striking back. I lowered my eyes, fighting the urge to permanently wipe that smirk from her face. I would make sure I took care of that before I left the palace.

I became aware of some of the activities that were common there after dinner that first night. It wouldn't take long for me to grow bored there; Gurkhan didn't seem to provide much in the way of physical exercise. I would have settled for a quick run to loosen my limbs, but there wasn't enough room here. The pool was full of women, just lounging and "soaking", so a swim was out of the question too.

I gave up with a sigh, and settled myself back on the soft bedroll provided for me, folding my hands behind my head. I listened to some of the conversations around me, but there wasn't anything of value being said. So I did the one thing I had been telling myself I shouldn't do. I began to think about Gabrielle.

I figured she was awake by now, and more than likely, Eve had a fight on her hands. Gabrielle could be very assertive at times, and I hoped Eve would be able to convince her not to follow me.

That thought led to others, thoughts of how much it turned me on when Gabrielle got that fiery spark in her eye when she disagreed with me. It seemed like it had been happening more and more often lately; these little arguments, but they were never serious or long lasting. I will admit, sometimes I'd disagree with Gabrielle just to see if I could get her worked up. After a spirited disagreement, we always assured the other we weren't really mad by spending the night loving each other. It didn't matter who won the argument; both of us would end up well-satisfied.

Good thinking, Xena! Now I had images of a naked bard dancing above me, teasing me by just keeping her nipple out of my mouth's reach. I closed my eyes with a slight groan, as I pictured that mischievous look she got on her face right before she did something devious like licking a broad circle around and round my clit, until I was crying out for more contact. Gods, more mistakes; now my lower half was throbbing with a pulsing energy.

I concentrated on regulating my breathing, trying to will my body to calm down. It was only a minute later when I realized my brain wasn't solely responsible for my arousal.

There were two others that had joined the harem at the same time I did. I had found out during that day that the others had been here anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of yeas. All around me, many of the women were pairing off and beginning to touch each other. Clothes were removed and mouths feasted between thighs. There was even a threesome in the far corner of the room. I sat up and took in the scene before me. I could hear moans coming from all directions, and then the cries of completion.

There were a few women who didn't participate including the two who had arrived with me, Yoel, who was from Chin, and a couple of others, who were just watching the unfolding scene. A few of the women approached me, but I just raised my eyebrow, and shook my head, and they backed off with knowing smiles. I know they were thinking I'd be joining them in the future.

The moans and shrieks around me did little to cool my ardor, but all I could think of was Gabrielle. I didn't even consider touching myself. It wouldn't work in this case. Gods, I missed Gabrielle!

I heard a sound that definitely wasn't borne of pleasure, and pinpointed it immediately. It was Milda, a quiet young girl I had spent some time with earlier in the day. She was engaged, and I had encouraged her to keep thinking about her fiancé. She had thanked me profusely, but now I could tell by her horror-stricken eyes that the only thing she was focused on was the unexpected sex occurring all around her.

I had no idea what was going on in her head, but I had the feeling she had led a very sheltered life and had never known anything like this could take place. With a sigh, I ignored the pounding in my own cunt, and got to my feet.

Milda jumped when I sat down next to her, but I tried to give her a reassuring smile. Her brown eyes filled with tears, and then she fell sobbing into my arms. I rocked and crooned to her, thinking how ironic it was for me not to be involved with the orgy around me. I asked Milda to tell me about her fiancé to get her mind off what was happening.

The sex continued long into the night, and I continued to hold Milda even after she had fallen asleep. I watched as many of the women traded partners as casually as if they were at a dance. Candles were pulled out of hiding places and used as phalluses, and more and more threesomes and foursomes formed as the evening continued. Sonata, who had arrived at the same time as Milda and me was drawn from her bedroll and was soon sandwiched between two women. I surreptiously watched, and saw Gurkhan moving around behind the latticework for some time. The tunnel he stood in was too dark for me to tell if he was enjoying the view, but he did nothing to stop the activities. I caught a couple glimpses of golden hair, and knew Sara must be getting an eyeful too.

Morning came, and the women bathed and went about their business as if nothing had happened on the previous night. In the early afternoon, we were allowed to go out into the spacious gardens. There were guards posted all around, but as soon as I saw Nona by herself, I approached her. She had been part of the harem for a long time, and had been the most talkative of all the veterans yesterday.

She was quite eager to talk with me on the condition when I decided to join them, I'd let her be my first partner. I tried to gently let her know I would never be participating, but she didn't seem fazed by that. She smiled and said all newcomers said that, but they all succumbed to the touch of another woman over time.

I asked her if Gurkhan minded, and was told he encouraged it. Being a member of his harem did not mean a woman would be called upon to sleep with Gurkhan. Most of them weren't, and satisfied their lusts for each other.

I mused why Gurkhan would take slaves and not use them for sexual purposes and Nona told me most of his women were viewed as merely possessions…almost like works of art. I wasn't too happy with that but Nona assured me, or at least she thought she was reassuring me, that with my looks, Gurkhan wouldn't be able to keep from calling me to his bed. She confided in me that Sara was threatened by my presence, and I needed to watch my step around her. I suspected that already, and told Nona I'd be careful.

Milda stayed by my side for most of the day. I didn't mind. In a lot of ways, she reminded me of Gabrielle when I had first met her. She grew increasingly tense as we ate the evening meal, but as were finishing, Number One Wife appeared and led us to a different part of the palace. Several of the women went to sit in specific places, and I could see a variety of musical instruments surrounding them. The rest of the harem seated themselves on the floor along the edges of the room, and I did the same, near the entrance. Number One had said something about entertainment, and I was apprehensive as to what that might be. I glance at Gurkhan, surrounded by a group of men who had been making bids for him at the auctions, but my attention was riveted to the door when I heard a familiar voice.

Oh gods, she had used the exact tactics I had used, recruiting Virgil to serve as her slave owner! So many emotions ran through me all at one, I thought my heart would explode. Virgil, in his guise as Superlius was going on and on about the gift he was offering Gurkhan, but I didn't hear. The blood was pounding in my ears.

She refused to look at me, instead keeping her eyes focused on the group of men. I had vaguely heard Virgil say something about her dancing, and Number One accepted on Gurkhan's behalf. The cloak Gabrielle was wearing slipped from her shoulders, and the incredible blue and gold outfit she wore took my breath away. It certainly wasn't Amazon, and if possible, the sheer skirt revealed more than the low cut halter top she wore. She reached up with a flourish, and pulled the veil from her head, revealing the sweet angel face I did NOT want involved with this freak show.

The orchestra began to play, and my bard began to dance. Not once did her eyes meet mine as she wiggled and swayed her body sensuously in time with the music, but I know she didn't do the backbend and walkover right in front of me by accident. I was furious with her for flaunting herself in front of Gurkhan, and couldn't help but feel a rush of jealousy as she continued to bewitch with her seductive rhythm. My anger lessened a bit when I realized what she must have been going through, knowing I was alone in the harem. The feelings had to be similar to what I felt seeing her here. As she continued, I began to relax a bit. I would have to change my plans now, but I admitted to myself that I was so glad to see her!

By the time the dance was coming to an end, I had managed to calm considerably. But then, I saw a flash of silver in the gold chains that formed the back of her top, and suddenly, I saw Gabrielle reaching toward it. Oh Zeus, there were too many guards present, and there would be no way I could protect the harem as spread out as it was. I had to think quickly!

I did the only thing I could think of, and tackled her even as she was diving towards Gurkhan. She was shocked and outraged, and I pled with her to trust me before the room blacked out around me.

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