Reunions--Xena's Scroll (Part 2)

Now, I've endured my share of pains. I've been beaten senseless more times than I can recall, and I have broken just about every bone in my body at one time or another. I went through the gauntlet where my own army formed an aisle for me to walk down while they beat me with their fists, clubs, sword hilts, whatever was convenient. They literally beat me within an inch of my life, assuming I would die like everyone who had walked the gauntlet before me. So I was no novice to extreme pain.

Gurkhan's men were very good at what they did. They tortured me for hours, throwing wave after wave of cold water to revive me, only after beating me for extended periods of time. They aimed at my head and upper torso mainly, beating me repeatedly in the same spots. They'd leave me for short periods of time, only to return and begin the beating again. This continued for the better part of twelve hours. I would occasionally lose consciousness, only to be doused with more cold water. Then, the whole pattern would start again.

Gurkhan was so good. He didn't even bother questioning me until I had been in torment for ten hours or so. By then, I should have been totally acceptable to telling him the truth. I know I was beginning to losing track of reality off and on…and being hung upside down while heavily bleeding would do that to you. When Gurkhan finally appeared in the shadows and began interrogating me about my motives, another figure appeared behind him. My eyes were too swollen to blink, and I told myself I had to be hallucinating, but Gabrielle looked so real. I barely heard Gurkhan's questions as I watched her, and she was dancing just for me. I watched amazed as her hips swayed rhythmically to the music only we could hear.

Oh gods, Gurkhan had asked me a question, but I had no idea what it was! All I was aware of was Gabrielle's erotic movements. Gods, I hurt so badly, I didn't know if I'd ever be able to hold her against me again! But all I seemed to be able to think of was being alone with her.

She stopped moving for a moment, and her gaze bore into my soul. She said a single word, "Sara." It took a second to register, and then I realized she was reminding me why we were here. I regained a semblance of focus, and remembered what Gurkhan had asked me. "I want to give myself to the great Gurkhan."

"Are you sure?" he asked me. "No other agenda?"

"Yes, one…"

"I'm listening."

I was playing this by ear, and remembered what Nona had told me. "I want to be Number One Wife."

Gurkhan said something else, but all I was aware of was the fact that Gabrielle had faded from sight, but she had gotten me over the rough spot. Within a half hour, the guards had released me from my bonds, and had half-led, half-dragged me back to the harem.

I limped my way back, and stood in the doorway. I heard the gasps at my condition, but ignored them. The one eye that was still open had located my love. I staggered the few steps to where she sat, and collapsed on her bedroll. Within seconds, I was being held in her arms. Gods, I felt so much better just being in her embrace! She gazed deeply into my eyes, and I could see all her love and devotion reflected in her beautiful green eyes. There was something else there, sorrow and guilt, and I knew I'd have a tough time on my hands convincing her she had nothing to feel guilty about. I knew she would have gone through the same thing for me or a member of my family.

I slept a few hours, and apparently, Gabrielle treated my wounds the whole time. When I finally woke, it was dark in the room. I no longer felt the stiffness and itchiness dried blood caused, but still hurt over every inch of my body. It took me a few seconds to come to awareness. My head was resting on Gabrielle's lap, and she was ever-so-gently stroking the right cheek which was bruised, but not split open. My ears were becoming aware of a sound, and it was the sounds of the women around us pleasuring each other again. The sounds were much more muted than they had been last night, and I vaguely wondered if it was for my benefit. I glanced over at Milda who had moved her bedroll near mine, but she was blessedly asleep.

"How are you feeling?" Gabrielle whispered. If I could have shrugged, I would have, but the best I could manage was a very slight nod.

"I'm going to make it, "I whispered back. "A couple of days, and I'll be good as new."

She nodded with me, then I saw her eyes sparkle in tears, "Oh Xena, I'm so sorry…"

I figured this was coming, and with a great deal of effort, I lifted a hand to silence her. "Don't," I told her. "Please don't. We're here on a mission, and that mission is to get your niece out of her safely. I'd go through much more than this to get her out. So don't feel guilty or try apologizing. It's you who is owed an apology."

She studied my face for long seconds, then nodded. "Neither of us needs to apologize," she whispered. "We both acted out of love." She bent and lightly pressed her lips to mine. I managed a smile, when she pulled away. I shouldn't have been amazed that her kiss didn't hurt at all, in fact, I felt better.

She was still looking close to tears though. "What is it?" I wheezed, feeling my strength quickly waning.

She sighed softly, then said, "Did you talk to the women here?"

"Yeah, I think I talked to them all," I answered.

"So did I," she said sadly. "And none of them even know Sara."

"None of them will admit to knowing her," I corrected. "She's been here a very long time and probably doesn't use that name anymore. And you have to remember these girls are scared to death of Gurkhan. They have no clue who we really are. Until we can gain their trust, they'll continue to deny knowing anything about Sara." I closed my eyes as I finished speaking. The long speech had worn me out.

I opened my left eye a crack, and took a peek at her. To my relief, she was smiling through her tears. "Thank you," she told me. "if it weren't for you, I'd have long ago abandoned all hope."

"How many times have I said that to you?" I mused, before I fell asleep again.

When I woke the next morning, I was surprised to see the harem room virtually empty. I cautiously sat up and looked around me. A couple of feet away, Gabrielle was curled up in a ball, sound asleep. I knew she had stayed up most of last night looking after me, and was glad to see she was getting some rest. I knew she had laid down a distance away from me in fear of hurting me in her sleep. For a few minutes, I just looked at her, knowing how many emotions she had been forced to go through the last few days. The guilt of leaving her behind made itself known again, despite what she had said last night. I had done what I did to spare her, but realized now it had been the wrong way to handle the situation. I would have to figure out some way to get her to forgive me.

I painfully closed the distance between us, and curled up beside her. It was agonizing reaching out to touch her, but the moment my hand made contact with her shoulder, I felt much better. Gabrielle truly was my own personal miracle cure.

I rested and healed all that day, and by the next morning, was feeling the urge to get up and stretch my muscles. Gabrielle and I had slept with our arms wrapped around each other, and twice I had awakened to see Gurkhan spying on us. Not the women in the harem, he was looking at Gabrielle and me. I didn't let on that I saw him, but I was curious as to why he was so focused on the two of us. I had my ideas, and hoped that none in the harem had leaked the fact that we were asking about Sara, It was obvious that Gabrielle and I knew each other very well, and it was too late to try to hide that fact, so I could only hope that Gurkhan was intrigued by the contrasts we offered.

After our midday meal, I was summoned from the harem and Gabrielle and Milda looked alarmed, but I gave them a reassuring nod. I was feeling strong enough to protect myself.

It turned out there was no need for concern. I was led to a small room designed for healing, and my wounds were tended to. The dark-skinned woman who took care of me apparently didn't speak Greek, but she had a skilful gentle touch. I quickly relaxed under her massaging hands.

"How are you feeling?" I looked up to see Kalandra, one of Gurkhan's highest ranking wives standing in the doorway. She had long dark hair and her big hazel eyes were kind.

"Stronger," I answered.

She nodded. The healer urged me to turn over and I did so, not bothering with modesty. I noticed Kalandra's embarrassed look as she made it a point of averting her eyes. The healer continued the massage on my abdominal muscles.

Kalandra was pointedly looking at the floor now. "Gurkhan has noticed you heal quickly," she said. "He wants to know when you'll be completely healed."

I had the feeling I know why she was asking. And it was one of the reasons he was watching us last night. I answered, "A day or two."

She nodded, and left then. I looked up at my silent masseuse, and she just smiled at me. I returned the smile, then relaxed again beneath her touch. I really wanted to tell Gabrielle what I was suspecting, but needed to do it in private. Every time I got her alone though, we were approached by someone, and finally I gave up on telling her for now. Tonight, when we went to bed, I'd let her know what was on my mind.

I suddenly felt the healer's fingers move. She had been working on my thighs, but now her fingers had slipped into the apex at the top of my legs. I know I was moist there, just from my body feeling so comfortable, but I gently took her hand and pulled it away with a shake of my head. She smiled again, and shrugged, and went back to work on my legs. I realized the smile was the same one Nona had used, that slightly smug look that I would soon be changing my tune.

That night, Gabrielle and I pulled our bedrolls next to us in the corner of the room, furthest from the door. I had gently tried to let Milda know that Gabrielle were close, and once she got over the shock of that, I promised her I would continue to keep her from harm's way, and she had seemed to understand that. I urged her to make her bed not far from us, and she did so. She was still far enough away though, that I didn't feel bothered by her closeness. I know Milda still didn't understand how it could be between two women, but she seemed to be more comfortable with it now.

It wasn't long before the sounds started in around us again, this time much more obvious than last night. Gabrielle was settling in against me, when a particularly loud cry sounded out. A series of groans echoed around the room, and Gabrielle lifted her head from her shoulder, her eyes opened wide.

"Is that what I think it is?" she asked me, looking shocked.

I couldn't help but grin at her expression. Surely she should recognize some of those sounds by now. She had made them enough! "That depends," I answered, lightly. "What do you think it is?"

Another cry sounded out closer to me, and Gabrielle was sitting upright. "Oh gods, Xena," she finally managed, her voice a strangled whisper.

I nodded, noting her distress. "I guess I'm used to it now," I told her. I quietly filled her in on what I had learned about the harem. She looked somewhat relieved when I told her Gurkhan hadn't slept with most of the women in the room, but I could tell this could be a long night.

The room around us quieted gradually, and Gabrielle had already laid her head on my shoulder again. I wondered what was going on in her head. She hadn't asked, but I suspected she still felt I was too sore to make love. I could feel the tension in her body, and then the mouth-watering aroma of her arousal wafted up to me. She was being affected by the sounds around us, all right; just as I had been the first night. And in truth, I was feeling affected on this night too. It was difficult not to hear the impassioned sounds and not feel a reaction.

The room was now almost silent. From here and there, a snore could be heard as the women fell asleep. Gabrielle had been so quiet for so long, I figured she had fallen asleep too. I felt her hand, which was out of sight under the covers, begin to creep up under the white wraparound top I was wearing. Looking down, all I could make out in the darkened room was the top of her flaxen hair. I didn't move; instead waiting to see what she was planning.

Her right hand was now beneath the soft material, and her palm was covering the top of my right breast. We both felt my nipple harden against her touch.

She knew I had even been struck there too, and didn't give me the hard squeeze my body craved, but it her touch was enough so I'd know her purpose. I couldn't fight back the little noise that slipped from my throat. Gabrielle heard, and turned her head to lock her eyes with mine. I wasn't prepared for the look of hunger I saw there.

"Hi," she said, stroking softly over my nipple again.

I matched her smile. "Hello there…Couldn't sleep?"

"No…not with all that noise going on around us."

My smile widened into a full-fledged grin. I couldn't help it. I was feeling so much better, and it was a relief to have Gabrielle lying her next to me, and knowing she was unharmed and not angry with me. We were in a room crowded with people, but they were all women and wouldn't judge us for our actions or try to interrupt us. I was suddenly feeling more excited about the situation. The only question was how my healing wounds would respond.

My grin faded, and I tried my best to look innocent. "Noise? I didn't hear any noise…"

She shook her head at me. "Stop it," she said, halfway serious. "Are you feeling up to it?"

"I'm feeling very up to it," I told her. "As long as you're gentle with me. No acrobats tonight."

She scooted up my body a bit. "I can handle that," she said, probably relieved. I knew her propensity for shyness, and was actually rather surprised she wanted to make love here and now. But she had been through an emotional journey of her own, and more than likely, was feeling similar to me. That she wanted to be as close as possible.

Her sweet mouth descended on mine, and the kiss started out slow and gentle. We had been restraining ourselves from showing too much affection here at the palace, and I had missed the warmth of her lips on mine. For a while, our only movements were our lips against each other. Gabrielle still held my breast, but she wasn't applying any undue pressures. Still, just the heat of her touch was enough to cause me to grow damp lower down.

With a slight groan, I acknowledged that I was giving in first, and my hands came up to cup the sides of her face. I opened up my mouth to hers, and she answered immediately, her tongue slipping into me. I tried to keep my own tongue still, but she was on to my wily ways. She pointed her own tongue, and probed the sensitive spots of my mouth, concluding with a long languorous lick over my own tongue. Hers retreated and mine followed, to do the same to her own mouth.

I was pressing my breast rhythmically into her palm, but she released me when my hands began to stroke down over her body. I could feel her tremble beneath my hands, as her body responded to my touch. She was wearing some soft gossamer dress, and the points of her nipples weren't barred from pressing into my fingers. I gave them a squeeze, and heard her breath catch in her throat.

"Touch me, please, Xena," I heard her whisper, and I could once again smell the heady scent of her enflamed cunt. I WAS touching her, but knew she demanded a more direct form of contact, and I didn't hesitate to move my hand down over her sucked in abs and intertwine my fingers with the silken curls I found lower. I pulled my hand slightly, my hand reveling in the heat I could feel radiating from her. "Touch you here?" I asked.

"Lower, My Love," she groaned, and I let one of my fingers slip into the cleft at the top of her cunt. She shuddered, and her thighs parted to allow me to move further.

"Yess…" I heard her hiss, as I let the tip of my index finger skim over her clitoris. She was sopping with moisture, and I easily slipped two fingers inside her, flipping my hand over so I'd have better leverage.

"Tell me what you want," I whispered in her hear, before licking over the delicate structure. I could feel goosebumps rising on her arms and thighs.

"More," she whispered, and she convulsed toward me when I slipped another finger inside, but I just let it rest there, wanting her to elaborate.

"Xena…" she whispered…

I raised an eyebrow and smiled down into her eyes. "Yes?"

"Fuck me, Xena…I need to feel you moving inside me." Her eyes rolled back slightly as I did as she asked, moving my hand in a slow rhythm that allowed me to caress her from the inside.

"Xena…" she whispered again, this time her voice a low growl. "Give me what I want."

That fiery look I had dreamed about was there, and I felt my own cunt clench as I could feel her body doing its best to suck me in deeper. I began to move my hand faster, and my thumb began to lightly stroke her clitoris as I finger fucked her.

"Is that what you want?" I demanded, and all she could do was moan her reply. Her lower half was pressing into my touch, and I could feel her wetness increase as she rapidly scaled the heights of her climax.

"I'm going to come," she whispered, and I was the one who whimpered at her words. Her impending orgasm was obvious, but it always got to me when she announced the fact, as if letting me know she wanted me to share it with her.

"Come for me, My Darling," I whispered, and I began to stroke her clitoris in firm movements, even as I felt her thighs tightening around my hand. She effectively stilled the thrusting movement of my digits, but my thumb continued to torment her quivering clit until she was gasping out her pleasure. As the climax intensified, she muffled her face in the nearest body part, my cleavage.

The position made it difficult for me to continue fucking her, so I just left my fingers inside her and felt her siphoning mouth begin to meander all over my chest. She sucked in a nipple, and began to tenderly nurse at it, her movements telling me she was worried about the condition of my body. The softness of her touch was enflaming me worse than if she had caused a little pain on my bruises, and soon I was moaning her name over and over again.

She suddenly raised her head with a knowing grin. "Tell me what you want," she commanded me, echoing my own statement of mere minutes ago.

Her fulfillment at my touch had aroused me far more than she realized. "Just love me," I managed, and then my head went back as I tried to control my body's movements. I was expecting her to enter me with her fingers at any time, but she surprised me by throwing the cover of the bedroll back, and kneeling between my parted thighs.

"I do love you," she whispered, as she began pulling the skirt I was wearing down over my hips. I lifted my lower half obligingly, and her mouth was pressed to my navel her lips searing my skin. "Let me show you how much." She paused, catching my gaze one more time. "Tell me if it's too much, all right?"

I nodded, and then she was holding my still raised hips up as she plunged her face between my tensed thighs. Thankfully, Gurkhan's men hadn't hurt me there, and soon, I was writhing my shoulders deeper into my bedroll, as my cunt thrust upward into her mouth. She licked up the length of my gash, and made yummy noises in her throat, before she began sucking on me in earnest. When her mouth closed in on my clit, my own body gave a shudder.

A grumbling vibration formed deep within me, and I had to wrench my eyes from watching what she was doing to me. All I could see was the top half of her face, but her eyes held such rapture at what she was doing. As I felt my thighs began to clench as my orgasm rapidly approached, I arched my body even further.

I was startled to find myself eye-to-eye with Gurkhan, who was so close to the latticework I could see his every expression. His eyes shone with lust, and for a moment, he was looking into my own expression. He smiled then, and it was a smile I recognized of lust and determination, and then his eyes traveled down the length of my body, I heard him grunt even as my eyes were clamping shut and my little bard completed her task, bringing me to my long-awaited orgasm.

I now had no doubt what Gurkhan had in store for me, but other matters at hand were more pressing. I bit back my groans of joy as Gabrielle continued to work me with her mouth, her face riding every movement my bucking hips threw at her. When I had stilled finally, she laid her head on my thigh and stroked over my stomach. I know she was resting up for round two. I glanced up and saw that Gurkhan was gone. He had apparently seen all he needed to see.

"Come here, My love," I urged, and my hands reached down to pull her up on top of me. I wrapped my thighs around her, and thanked her with my mouth. I tried to keep my body from responding to my own taste on her lips.

When our mouths had separated, she looked at me concerned. "What is it, Xena?" she asked, wiggling herself into a more comfortable position.

Gods, what a seductress she had become. I could feel her wetness pouring out over my mound, and really had to concentrate on what I needed to speak to her about. I swallowed hard, and then began, "We need to make a plan."

"All right," she replied, and she stopped her lower movements.

"He wants to fuck me, Gabrielle."

I could kick myself for putting it that bluntly, and her look of shock at the statement could have been funny, if not for what was actually being said. Then she seemed to calm, and said sweetly, "I can't blame him for that. At least he has good taste."

I fought back a smile. "Has he told you so, Xena?" she asked then.

"Not directly," I answered her. "But he's given me several signs."

"I have no reason to doubt you," she replied slowly. "What are you going to do about it?"

I sighed. "I'm afraid it's up to you," I replied, regretfully. "I know you are bent on avenging the death of your parents and your brother-in-law. And I know Gurkhan has to be stopped. I can stop him. But the question is, will you let me stop him?"

She knew what I was asking, and she was shaking her head. "No, Xena. I have to be the one to stop him."

I had expected that. "I understand," I told her, and I stroked up her back to let her know I wasn't angry or disappointed in that. "But with the way he's guarded, the only way you'll get your chance is to get at him in his bedchamber."

She nodded again. "That makes sense. How do I get in there?"

I smiled sinisterly. "I can only think of one way."

It took some convincing, but we finally worked out what we would do. The main thing for me was getting her permission to let him touch me, and if necessary, letting him fuck me. I prayed it wouldn't come to that, but if somehow, I wasn't able to convince him to let Gabrielle join us, or I wasn't able to hold him off until she arrived, I had to have her assurance that she wouldn't be angry with me. It certainly wouldn't be the first time I had used my body to achieve an objective, but I had never tested the bonds of our own relationship to this extent.

We made love again, on that dark night, this time by pressing our centers together and rocking against each other. The connection at our pressed together cores radiated outward, until we were left lying in each other's arms satisfied and reassured. I didn't see any signs of Gurkhan the rest of the night, and fervently hoped watching us had inspired him to seek out a climax or two with whomever he desired. I didn't want him denying himself to the point that he couldn't control himself around me when he called for me. I wanted him to have taken the edge off.

Gabrielle was nervous the next day, and even more so when I was chosen to perform for Gurkhan that very night. We spent the afternoon in relative privacy, and she used the provided makeup to cover up my lingering bruises and make me appear more exotic for my dance. When she was done, and I was clothed in yet another sheer dress, I took her in my arms. "When I dance tonight," I told her, "it will be for you and you alone."

She pressed her lips to mine gratefully, and I know she understood what I was saying. I accepted her kiss, and when it ended, she said, "My dance earlier…"

"It was all for me," I told her.


"I know," I replied. "and it's an image I can't get out of my mind. When all this is over, will you dance for me again?"

Her cheeks pinkened in a blush of pleasure. "I would love that," she answered simply.

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