Reunions--Gabrielle's Scroll (Part 1)

"I want vengeance!" The truth had no need to hide. My parents were not only dead… they had been murdered, and I could not possibly let the untimely ending of their lives find closure without some type of fight from me. Their choices had been taken from them, and I would do the same to this man Lila called Gurkhan. The fact that he still had possession of her daughter, Sara, drove me even harder to do what I had to do.

The rain seemed to come out of nowhere. Xena had followed me as I stormed outside as the realization hit me of what Lila had just said. I could only tremble, and my mind would not stop racing with thoughts. I possibly could have made a difference…it was the same feelings Xena had surely encountered finding out about Cyrene's death. How ironic that we had been afforded the privilege of saving the lives of so many…yet our dear parents were not included in those numbers.

I walked madly and blindly for the barn, but became so sick I stopped and fell to my hands and knees; my stomach feeling like it had taken a severe punch. The rain was cold and stung my skin, and all I could do was bury my knees and hands in the mud until I felt better. I felt her hands around my waist as she met me near the ground.

"Gabrielle…come on, let me get you back inside!" She nearly had to yell because it was raining so hard.

"No! Just leave me alone!" I thought about the instant anger that was inside me, and how I couldn't take it out on the person whom I loved most in the world. We stayed on the ground just a moment or two longer, and I got a grip on my emotions. "I can't move yet…just let me stay here a minute." I had never felt such fury and sickening remorse, especially at the same time. My stomach could only heave, and the nausea wouldn't go away. Gods, I was so sick.

She didn't listen to me and hooked her arm around my waist and pulled me up. She ran with me in her arms to the barn, setting me down just long enough to find a lantern. She quickly arranged us a warm place to relax on some dry hay and blankets as I stood paralyzed, not able to do anything but feel numb. She brought a dry blanket and wrapped it around me, holding me steady as she guided me to where we would spend the next couple of hours. "Sweetheart…"

The minute her voice pierced the silence, I started crying. I hadn't felt this hurt in such a long time. It was the kind of irreversible event that had occurred and left you with no control whatsoever. Accepting it was all that was left.

"Xena, I will kill him. If it's the last thing I do." She didn't say a word. Instead, we sat in the stillness and listened to the rain.

After awhile, she said, "We've made some memories in this barn, huh?"

I had been leaning against her, perfectly encircled in her strong arm. I turned my head to look at her beautiful face. "Yeah. We certainly have."

I got up and turned to face her sitting on my knees. "I love you so much, Xena." I wrapped my arms around her neck and let my body mold into hers. I felt her take one of the blankets and wrap around us. I moved my head back and for a brief moment looked into her eyes, letting her know I completely belonged to her. I slowly went to her mouth for a kiss, and even though we were still damp and chilled from the rain, our lips were very warm. It felt so good to touch her mouth with mine.

My body weight finally succumbed to her invitation to sit in her lap, yet our mouths never parted. She knew exactly what I wanted, and that was to be connected to her, both emotionally and physically. Just like the times I wanted her to stay inside me after we had made love, now I wanted her tongue inside my mouth, staking its claim and feeling its way wherever it chose. She kissed with such intensity and her unspoken emotion fully revealed her love and commitment to me…to our lives together. She was such a huge part of me. This was one time words had no place in our world.

I pulled away for a moment. "I want you to make love to me, Xena. Right now."

"But Gabrielle…I don't think…"

I hushed her by kissing her again, and I took her hand and pressed it into my crotch.

"Please…I've got to feel you inside me…now."

She just held me and looked startled, wondering if I was truly coherent and was this really the right time.

I took her hand under my skirt and held onto it as I started pulling off my underwear. I didn't really understand it myself, but being as close to her right now was what I needed more than anything. "Fuck me, Baby…"

She bent down her head and began kissing me, stopping all movement as soon as her lips sealed over mine. I opened my mouth for her and felt her tongue make its way inside, hearing her moan deeply from her chest. I could hear it quite clearly, sitting so close in this position. Her hand began stroking me, bringing down my juices in abundance. The emotion we felt was so deep and so serious. Her mouth never left mine, and I pushed my hips upward as I spread my legs further apart and positioned my feet steadily on the ground. I felt her hand move along the inside of my thighs, stroking my legs in such sensitive areas.

She whispered in my ear, "Are you sure about this?"

"Don't you want to touch me?"

"You know I do. I'm here for you, and I just want to do what you need me to do."

"Then fuck me." I took her hand and rubbed it through my wetness, parting my lips and exposing the desire I had for her. It was a different kind of desire and one I had never felt so strongly. It wasn't about lust or deprivation…it was about becoming One. The core of my soul ached unexplainably and only Xena could give me any comfort.

She knew. She knew perfectly what she needed to do, and she began filling me with herself. Not only with her hand, but making true love to me in such a way that with every thrust of her hand, she was giving me her own strength and love…her very essence. "Just let it all go and think of me fucking you, Gabrielle. Think of how much I love you."

She held me tightly against her body, her left arm cradling me and finally making its way underneath my skirt. She fucked me in long, hard strokes, and with her left hand, she parted the top of my slit and began stroking my clit. I rocked back and forth, taking her in and begging for more. I hurriedly reached up and brought down the leather strap off her shoulder, exposing her breast as I hungrily began sucking her in. "Gods, Xena…I'm so close…"

I could tell by the way she was breathing that she, too, was riding it with me. This would be one of those times I would make her come by sucking her breast. "I know you are… I want to make you come perfectly. I want to fuck you exactly the way you want it."

"You do. You are perfect." Gods, I loved looking at this woman while she made love to me.

I returned to sucking her nipple and in just a few seconds, started climaxing with such force. It was then I felt Xena's lower half begin to move against me. I pressed my ass hard into her cunt, and as she stayed inside me, we both began to come. I went to her mouth and we both swallowed the others' cry of pleasure, yet raw, naked love.

When our bodies stopped moving, she finally pulled out of me. I relaxed against her chest and she covered us more completely with the blanket. I almost broke out crying as I came, but fought it back because I didn't want Xena to be confused in any manner. I lay against her chest and let the tears roll, trying not to move. I felt like I understood the word "bittersweet" better than most. Grief had found its way to me once again.

We both sensed it was past time of our return to the house. The rain had stopped, and we stood and got redressed a little more neatly. I didn't know what to say, and I wasn't sure how to feel. Right now, I just lost myself to the thought of being loved by my Warrior Princess. With her, I could somehow manage whatever came my way.

The following morning I spent an hour or so talking with Lila alone before we left. She had been through so much, and with no one by her side to help carry the load. I had so much respect for her integrity. I hugged her goodbye and told her, "I'll bring Sara home to you." I hoped I was right.

The journey to Gurkhan's palace was one of the worst. I hadn't slept very well and my stomach was already queasy on its own. The motion of the waves topped it off. I knew that Eve doubted my ability, and we spoke briefly as I tried to keep my mind off my stomach and focus on what I had to become--willing to kill in cold blood. Xena gave me one of her remedies for seasickness and sat on the side of the bed with me until I went to sleep. Why I didn't see what she was up to is beyond me. I suppose the misery of my body weakened my better judgment.

"Xena, I don't want to go to sleep. When you have to wake me up, I'll be so groggy."

"Close your eyes, Gabrielle. You'll be okay. Just rest for awhile."

I swallowed hard and felt tears fall backwards down my neck. I was so afraid. Everything that I had worked so hard to become, trying to pick up on every skilled movement I could while watching Xena all these years, learning from her to think what the enemy thought, to always be a step ahead-now it was time to test it all. But even if I lost my life, I couldn't go on living not at least trying to do something to save the only other surviving member of Lila's family and mine. I realized my parents were gone and I couldn't change it. But I could attempt to even the score.

I closed my eyes and laid the back of my hand over my forehead. I felt Xena's knuckle brush down the side of my face and she laid her hand on my stomach. Only minutes later, I was asleep and unaware of anything going on around me.

The next thing I knew, I was opening my eyes and Eve was sitting by the bed, watching me. I felt much better, and the rest was certainly what I needed. Suddenly, a pain struck my entire body when I realized Xena wasn't there. "Eve, where's your mother?"

I expected Xena to fight beside me, but I didn't expect her to leave me behind. I knew she did it trying to spare my life. But I couldn't let her be alone inside that harem, and I would find a way inside. I would die with her if necessary.

Virgil and I successfully entered the palace using the same routes he and Xena had used. I had an opportunity to dance for the great Gurkhan, the bastard that would die by my hand. I searched the room for Xena first, and then for anyone that might resemble my niece, Sara. There were several wives, but the Number One Wife gave me his okay to perform.

I had to move to the target area and still watch all around me at the same time. I spotted Xena, and my heart was so relieved to see her alive and looking well. I was terrified, but I was determined to get revenge. I considered myself skillfully hiding a small dagger between my shoulders in the beads of my top. Suddenly Xena's bodyweight was on top of me pinning me down and taking the dagger from me. "Trust me" is the last thing I heard before being knocked out.

When I came to, a young girl was sitting by my side. She looked very frightened, but for some reason choosing to stay close to me. I sat up, holding the back of my head where I had such a headache. "Xena told me to make sure you were all right."

"When? When did you talk to her?"

"When you started to dance. She seemed to have a plan, and told me that you were her friend and that we should watch out for each other. My name's Milda."

I looked around the room and saw so many beautiful young women. I wondered where Gurkhan's men had taken Xena. What a stupid idea I had…not the idea, but I should have known that Xena would catch on and change the plan. Yet I knew if it had not been for her I wouldn't be alive right now. She constantly saved me. I just hoped she would be okay. I knew she would stay strong as long as she had hope that I was holding it together. I made up my mind to wait with confidence that she would return to me. It was either that or go crazy with worry about what they would do to her. I couldn't stand the thought of them laying one hand on her, but at this point I had no control and could only pray that she knew my every thought was of her.

It was hard to tell what time it was, but some of the women started pairing off and seeming to get ready for bed. But I think sleep wasn't exactly the first item on tonight's menu. I don't guess I thought about how they had their sexual needs met. Obviously some of them had been here for several years. And Sara was one of them if she was still alive.

Milda and I arranged our sleeping areas fairly close. We could protect each other from being hit on at least. I was embarrassed by the sounds, but it didn't take long for me to think of having Xena vibrating her low moans into my cunt as she licked me slowly up and down.

There was no way I could go to sleep. I was by the wall anyway, so I started doing some pushups and then stomach exercises, trying to spend the time and trying to keep my blood pumping elsewhere than just between my legs. I was desperately worried about Xena. I missed her even more. She had to be okay. How could feel so many things at once? The one thing I knew for sure…my existence was only for her. Without her, I had no reason. Whatever the matter.

Every moment was marked with apparitions of her soul, and I began to regret desperately that I was the one enduring no physical pain while the one I loved was being put through horrible punishment, most likely. I wanted to be near her.

Eventually I dozed off to sleep, but it was nearing dawn by then. Later that morning, I tried talking with the other girls, asking if anyone knew Sara, but constantly watching my back because Gurkhan was obviously a very dangerous man.

Finally…she stood at the doorway. But the condition of her face and body were horrendous. I stood frozen as the guards released her and she stumbled her way in a path to me, finding some pillows to break her fall. I hurried to her side to hold her in my arms. I could hardly stand to look at her, but I couldn't take my eyes off her either. I felt as if a boulder had been lifted from my heart just to feel her breathing. I had her back and I didn't plan on ever having to endure such pain again. Either of us.

I held her much of the time as she slept and nursed her wounds, trying to be very gentle. I fully appreciated just being able to watch her resting peacefully. I'm sure Milda figured out by now where my heart and dedication lied. But she didn't seem judgmental. After a few hours, she woke up and I was letting her head rest in my lap. There were still others awake…their moans of pleasure traded for sleep.

"How are you feeling?" She seemed to be in pain, but never complained.

"I'm going to make it. A couple of days, and I'll be good as new."

I told her I was sorry…I felt totally responsible for the condition of her body right now. She told me not to feel guilty, and that we were here in a mission to find and rescue Sara. There wasn't much time until she was worn out from trying to talk, but I felt completely relieved to have had a conversation with her, and to know she was going to be okay.

I finally had gotten sleepy, so I decided to lay down and get a nap. It wasn't that far from daylight again. I didn't want to risk hitting Xena in my sleep, so I moved a little further away, but plenty close enough to hear even a whimper from her. But when I woke up, I felt the warmth of her body behind me.

The next night, we were able to sleep closely together, and I rested wonderfully. I was so exhausted from losing sleep, and just the fact that Xena was feeling better and healing nicely was such a relief to me. Xena was asked to go into another room the following day, but it was for the Healer to tend to Xena's wounds.

That night, I pulled our bedrolls together in a corner of the room. When everyone started settling in for the night, the noises and moans started appearing again all around us. By this point, I was feeling very horny for my lover's touch. We still hadn't been able to be together since she had been taken prisoner, and I desperately wanted to feel her skin against mine, her body moving in rhythms that would make mine react perfectly with hers.

I laid my head on her shoulder, trying to get sleepy and let Xena recover a little longer before I touched her. I wouldn't hurt her physically for anything, and I didn't want to seem selfish. I was trying to control my breathing, because I knew Xena could most likely feel my heart beating hard against her breast if she was awake.

We lay there a long time, and almost everyone around us was asleep. Finally I decided I could at least very, very gently touch her, trying not to wake her. I just needed to make a connection. The cover was over us anyway, so I let my hand trail up to find its way underneath the white top she was now wearing. I gently laid my hand across her breast, immediately feeling her nipple become erect against my palm and I knew then she was awake as well. I was very light with my touch, because she had been beaten almost over her entire body.

I heard a slight, soft moan from my lover's voice, and the sound alone made new wetness flow between my legs. I looked up to lock eyes with her. "Hi."

She smiled beautifully. "Hello there…Couldn't sleep?"

"No…not with all that noise going on around us."

"Noise? I didn't hear any noise…"

"Stop it." She knew exactly what I wanted and I was sensing I just might get it. "Are you feeling up to it?"

"I'm feeling very up to it…as long as you're gentle with me. No acrobats tonight."

"I can handle that," I said as I moved up just a little so I could whisper in her ear. "Xena…I want you…"

I leaned over her face and kissed her very slowly and tenderly. I ran my tongue along her lips just enough to wet them for her…and to let her know I wish it were her pussy I was licking like this. She knew my thoughts. But I had to let her make the first move. I had to know she felt okay with this. Not only with her wounds…but in the presence of these strange women.

She was pressing her breast against my hand, and I wanted so much to take her nipple into my mouth and make love to her chest. But when I felt her hands start moving down my body, and I suddenly lost my train of thought. I was putty in her hands.

"Touch me, please, Xena," I whispered, and she laid me back as I felt her hand stroke down my stomach and then found its place between my legs. "Touch you here?" she asked, knowing she was making me crazy for her.

"Lower, My Love," and I felt of her fingers slip into the cleft at the top of my cunt. I moved my thighs further apart, inviting her to take as much as she wanted.

She slid two fingers inside me. "Yess…" I couldn't help but hiss. It felt like it had been forever since she touched me.

"Tell me what you want," she whispered in my ear, turning me on even more.

"More," I whispered. She inserted a third finger, but stayed completely still inside me. Gods, she was driving me wild. I had to be careful or I could give her new bruises tonight.

"Xena…" I whispered…hearing my pitiful voice begging for her touch.

She loved this. She raised an eyebrow and smiled down into my eyes. "Yes?"

"Fuck me, Xena…I need to feel you moving inside me." She started moving in and out of me in slow, smooth movements. It felt so good. "Just let me feel you inside, Gabrielle. I've missed you."

Finally, I had held off as long as I could. "Xena…give me what I want."

She began fucking me harder, touching my clit with every stroke-driving me to the point of climaxing just any moment.

"Is that what you want?" I pushed myself harder into her hand, only finding a moan for my answer, but my body telling everything she needed to know.

As I came, I buried my face in her cleavage, her body coming closer to covering my body the longer she fucked me. My mouth couldn't resist sucking all over her breasts as she stayed deep inside me as I came. I was conscious of her injuries, but feeling her response to my mouth. I heard my name escape her lips, and knew it was time.

I propped up on my elbow and looked into her eyes, smiling with happiness. "Now, tell me what you want…"

"Just love me," she said softly, and that I was all I needed to hear. I sat up and threw back the covers. I took my place between her thighs, her knees raised on each side of me like columns to a temple's entrance. And how I desired to worship…

"I do love you," I said, as I began pulling the skirt she was wearing down over her hips. I could smell her delicious scent ascending like a sacred vapor. When I removed her skirt, I leaned over her and placed my mouth on her stomach, dipping my tongue into her navel. "Let me show you how much." I looked at her once more. "Tell me if it's too much, all right?"

I flattened my tongue and licked up her sex, over and over, feeling her juices coat my tongue thickly. I drank her in as she moved her hips in an upward position, meeting my mouth with perfect, erotic rhythm.

I finally began sucking her clit. "Mmmm, Baby…you are so hard for me already. Does that mean you want my mouth right here?" I looked into her eyes as my mouth covered her clit again, molding my tongue around it and sucking her in forcefully.

Her body began to arch and I prepared myself to enjoy the ride. She stilled for a moment, but never stopped my mouth and tongue taking over every part of her pussy. I felt her body begin to vibrate and soon she was responding to my love.

When her body relaxed, I rested my head on her thigh and caressed her stomach, kissing her center one more time.

"Come here, My Love," she said, and I looked up to see her hands reaching down to pull me on top of her. She kissed me deeply, sucking her juices off my tongue and mouth.

"What is it, Xena?" I made sure my mound rested against hers, my wetness leaking down onto her.

She looked very serious. "We need to make a plan."

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